10 Things You Might Not Know

Hi, Siestas! I think I’ve got a fun one! I saw this idea in one of those complimentary airline magazines and showed it to Michelle (who was sitting right next to me) with great enthusiasm and said, “I’m going to do this with the Siestas!” to which she dryly said, “Great, Ma’am.” (I adore her. To say that she has whiplash after going from Washington D.C. to Living Proof Ministries is the understatement of the year. She really doesn’t want to talk a lot about mascara and would not be caught stone-cold-dead in a pair of Capri pants. And never in her entire life has she had to keep a small bottle of anointing oil in her brief case…just in case her boss calls for it. She has also never before had a boss request a photo-shopped picture of herself on a Spiderman costume. A post for another time.)

I’m sorry. I have a little ADD this morning. Back to my idea. It’s not very original but I think it will be a blast. As we’re getting to know one another here in Siestaville, let’s hit the fast forward button. What are 10 things – right off the top of your head – that we would only know about you if we knew you really well? 10 random things ranging anywhere on your personal map that make you a tad distinctive? Or just plain weird? Think quickly. Don’t go for deep. Go for quirky. Don’t try to put them in any kind of order and don’t make them long. Just start typing. I’ll go first to give you the idea.

1. I have an addiction to Ziploc bags.
2. I hate wet socks worse than almost anything.
3. I was the only baby out of 5 born to my mother with no anesthesia. She never forgot it.
4. I wore braces for 12 years. I still often sleep in a retainer.
5. I am a read-aholic. I read over others’ shoulders. I walk the aisle on airplanes to see what others are reading. I read what’s laying on people’s desks during meetings while they think I’m listening.
6. I love Black music.
7. I need slices of cakes and pies to be cut neatly with a sharp knife and not gouged out with a fork. (Nearly just got a shiver at the thought.)
8. My children call me “Doodle.” I no longer remember why. Sometimes just “The Doods.”
9. I am a very slow driver.
10. I’m a go-girl. I love the rush of taking off in an airplane. I smile almost every time.

OK, Siestas! What about you? What are 10 quirky things we might not know?


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  1. 801
    Jessica C. says:

    1) I'm a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan.
    2) I eat oysters out of the can
    3) My best friends call me JED.
    4) My four best friends and I have been together for well over 10 years now.
    5) The thought of wearing shorts in public makes me cringe.
    6) I've watched pro wrestling for as long as I can remember.
    7) I love onion and extra cheese pizza!
    8) I met my husband online.
    9) When I get home for the night, the first thing I do is get into my pajamas.
    10) I grew up around a restaurant.

  2. 802
    Sandy says:

    1.I have two very special friends that I have known since I was 5 years old.
    2. I am an avid reader.
    3. I love to study.
    4. I despise clutter of any kind.
    5. I tend to baby my grown boys.
    6. I love camping.
    7. I love my black lab.(no back talk from her)
    8. I can hardly wait to become a grandmother(slthough my kids say that I need to wait a while longer)
    9. I couldn't give a hoot about fashion.
    10. Although I love spending time with people, I really do need my alone time.

  3. 803
    Julie says:

    I love this post . . .

    1. While eating m&ms I bit the shell of and then let the chocolate melt in my mouth.
    2. I rarely wear socks . . . being barefoot at home makes me happy.
    3. Our toilet paper MUST go over and not under.
    4. I know how to build VW Bug engines from start to finish . . . and they run.
    5. My nickname is JuJu and is on my license plate.
    6. I loathe the sound of someone clicking their nails.
    7. I love to write with pencils.
    8. I am a homebody and love it.
    9. I am a Mom to five kids – one girl and four boys.
    10. I LOVE talking to my Mom on the telephone each weekday morning – my morning isn't right if I don't.

  4. 804
    Sepik-Meri Katie says:

    1. i love (love!) jumping off high (50-60 feet)things into the water
    2. i can't stand a 2-day old dishrag
    3. i laugh really loud wherever i am
    4. i love babies -moreso ones that i know ๐Ÿ™‚
    5. i have been able to live a dream in papua new guinea… seeing God dramatically change lives before my eyes and i cry about it all the time
    6. i have a battery acid tattoo from my bushy tribal sisters in christ
    7. i drive pretty fast (sorry mama B ๐Ÿ˜‰
    8. my coffee in the morning is almost a sacred thing
    9. i love deeply those sweet and precious people the Lord has graced me with in my life
    10. i run barefoot all over the green earth outside, but i can't stand to be without flipflops or slippers in the house -i can't have debris sticking to my feet! ๐Ÿ™‚

    that was fun ๐Ÿ˜€ love ya'll

  5. 805
    Anonymous says:

    1. I like driving on the interstate with my music blaring.
    2. I have an addiction-BOOKS!
    3. I love green grass, trees covered in leaves, flowers blooming…winter, not so much.
    4. Kids do say the cutest things and I love talking to them.
    5. I chat with salespeople.
    6. I've always loved blue, stars, and the moon.
    7. Scared silly of snakes.
    8. I do not like suspense or being on edge while reading or watching something.
    9. I don't like All-American food like hotdogs, bacon, sausage, hamburger, steak, COFFEE.
    10. I ask too many questions, but how else do I learn?

    Blessings to each of you dear siestas!

  6. 806
    Joni says:

    1. I can't sleep with my bedroom door or closet doors open.
    2. I alphabetize everything.
    3. I am a neat freak. My motto is "a place for everything and everything in its place".
    4. I love anything and everything from the 40's and 50's.
    5. I love Elvis Presley and I Love Lucy.
    6. I don't have cable or satellite. I can only watch movies, which doesn't happen very often.
    7. My clothes are organized by color.
    8. I love hot weather and absolutely despise the cold!
    9. My favorite smell is sunscreen.
    10. I am always 10-15 minutes early to wherever I'm supposed to be.

  7. 807
    Beth says:

    1. I love to be the first one to dip the peanut butter out of the brand new jar.
    2. I love curled up Lay's potato chips.
    3. I could live off of french fries!
    4. I cannot stand cold feet.
    5. I love the smell of Tide.
    6. Cupcake is my very favorite word in the English language.
    7. I love to read.
    8. I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer when I was nine.
    9. I was in the clown ministry when I was in high school.
    10. I don't know how to drive a stick shift.

  8. 808
    Chesney says:

    1. all my pens and pencils HAVE to be in the drawer/bag with all the tops facing up.

    2. I love worship dance!

    3. Jesus and I go on dates…as soon as i finish this comment we are going to dinner together ๐Ÿ˜‰

    4. I arrange my shirts in rainbow order…even the ones folded in my closet.

    5. I love to go fishing, and camping, and hiking, as long as I can be cute while I do it.

    6. I eat chicken tenders and french fries at every single resturauant that I go to.

    7. I want to be a bible study teacher like my mom, and Beth someday!

    8. I got my braces off a week ago, and love my new teeth. But beautiful teeth are a false positive too, because they wont make you secure either.

    9. I carry giant purses and wear giant sunglasses.

    10. my friend who was an exchange student from Korea didnt know Jesus, and so all i ever talked to her about was Him, and I told her all about what I learned about Him from Beth Moore…she accepted Jesus, is now on fire for Him, and calls me " Little Beth" ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. 809
    Barbra says:

    1. I love to read, read while I'm walking, read while I drive…
    2. which leads me to … one of my dreams is to own a bookstore someday, the name of which will be Chapters (my friend Carmen, came up with that name like 15 years ago)
    3. I have zero patience for "girl drama", and yet God gave me 3 daughters! hmmm….
    4. I'm a word nerd.. I admit it… I enjoy proofreading!
    5. I hate housecleaning, yet get really stressed and grouchy when my house is a wreck (one of my financial goals is to be able to afford a housekeeper).
    6. I really enjoy throwing things away; for instance, I threw out my sofa to make room for our Christmas tree (it was coming apart anyway)
    7. I hate my toenails
    8. I dumpster dive
    9. I'm 38 years old and my hair has been almost totally gray since 25 (I've been coloring it since about then!)
    10. I love to dance, especially ballroom. My husband took me to a real Victorian ball for our 10th anniversary!

  10. 810
    Sharon says:

    Valerie, at 6:15pm March 24,
    I have to have a full cup of coffee, my husband will call the server back to fill it to the brim. It make me feel weird to have 2/3 of a cup.
    Beth, I can pick one from every post and it describes me… I feel united!!!

  11. 811
    Carolyn says:

    1. I helped start a school.
    2. I had a baby at 27 weeks.
    3. I have a job I love.
    4. I don't like to travel, but married someone who is always planning the next trip!
    5. I love routines, even if mine are sometimes disorderly!
    6. I gave up TV about 4 years ago and have never regretted it!
    7. I probably now spend too much time on my computer!
    8. I miss the South. I am a southerner transplanted to the midwest, and it's cold here!
    9. I love Christian music.
    10. Some of my favorite foods are chewy sweet tarts, artichokes, chocolate mints, Chick-fil-A.

  12. 812
    Jen says:

    1. I met Steven Curtis Chapman after a concert when I was 16. I waited outside his tour bus until he gave up on my cousin and I leaving and came out to meet us. Such a nice guy.

    2. I love to blog. I named it "squishygirl" because…well,my mom has always said I'm squishy.(come visit me! http://www.squishygirl.com)
    3. I LOVE anything sweet. It's a problem. See #2.

    4.I'm obsessed with the Twilight books.

    5.Haven't had to color the hair yet at 29, but the greys are multiplying.

    6.I teach 3rd grade and love it.

    7.I have 3 cats that are like children

    8. I LOVE white chocolate anything.

    9. I never eat the last bite of anything. I never noticed this until an ex boyfriend told me in highschool. Husband noticed as well.

    10. I wish I sang well. I love to sing but I'll never have a record deal..let's put it that way.

  13. 813
    Alta says:

    1.I have never liked my first name Alta
    2.I love clean sheets
    3.I bird watch
    4.I love my front porch
    5.I read everything(i know why to much)
    6.I love bright colors & prints
    7.I accessorize every outfit
    8.I love Jesus and serving Him
    9.Love to pray and ask God big")
    10.I love it when He answers BIG")

  14. 814
    Anonymous says:

    1) I am a readaholic, read everything, everywhere, upside down, backwards, sidways, doesn't matter, boxes of cereal, movie tickets (the whole thing) you name it!
    2) I love just about anything Israeli or Hebrew
    3) my desk is a disaster, horrible and if seen alone you would think for sure I was an incurable hoarder
    4) I have YEARS of notebooks and journals saved
    5)I was a really bad and rebellious teen
    6) I love to read cookbooks more than I love to cook
    7) I listen to foreign music I cannot understand and LOVE it
    8) I love corn dogs with mustard almost as much as a steak dinner
    9) I used to want to be a lady wrestler (no joke)
    10) Although I am the furthest thing from a perfect saint I cannot remember when I did not love the Lord, even in my youngest memories (3 or 4)

  15. 815
    Hawksnest says:

    1. I have a huge fear of spiders.
    2. I often forget how old I am.
    3. I hate exercise.
    4. I love making people laugh.
    5. I would rather clean toilets than be a greeter at church.
    6. I love to travel.
    7. My favorite thing is watching it snow.
    8. I am a reality tv freak.
    9. I am constantly losing my keys, cell phone, purse, etc.
    10. I drink Pepsi with breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. 816
    joyrob3 says:

    I'm addicted to the smell of Baby Magic (partially explains the five little ones)

    My children and I find the Mo Willems children's books absolutely hysterical–we randomly quote lines throughout the day

    When we were expecting our fourth child, we got a pair (Ireland and Solomon)

    I don't like any feet to touch me

    We have lived in 7 different houses in 10 years of marriage (yes, the military)

    Because of aforementioned oddity, my 8 year old couldn't remember where she was born

    we have two dogs, Buddy and Henry

    i love watching my children play at the beach

    i would have soooooo loved to see Beth and Francine Rivers (two of my favorites as well)

    i absolutely laugh my head off at my five (and their dad) beauties

  17. 817
    Katy says:

    1. I'm 22 years old and my favorite thing to do is play with Play-Doh.
    2. I love Dr. Pepper.
    3. I'm gaining both a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law in the span of three weeks (two weddings…eek!)
    4. I do not enjoy watching movies, but once it's over I usually like the story line.
    5. I can't usually read more than about 6 pages without dozing off. (not good for grad school :/)
    6. My family and friends call me Bug, and the kids I work with call me Miss Bug.
    7. I put ro-tel in most recipes.
    8. My life was change in the summer 2007 after spending two months living and working in Camden, NJ.
    9. I enjoy creating things for other people (painting canvas, picture frames, etc.).
    10. I still remember my cheerleading competition dance from when I was 13 years old. Sometimes at night (when I'm delirious) I perform it for my room mates.

  18. 818
    Terri Mike Toman says:

    1. My middle name is Mike
    2. I love being alone
    3. I love helping people
    4. My husband and I playfully banter all day
    5. I would dance at church during worship if I could
    6. I decorate in threes, three pictures, three vases, etc
    7. I will do almost anything before cleaning house
    8. I am crazy in love with my husband of 25 years
    9. My daughter is one of my heroes
    10. I am a graphic artist wannabe

  19. 819
    dolphineyes77 says:

    1. I am incredibly OCD about my kitchen…it has to be clean at all times!
    2. I would never make a good stay at home mom.
    3. The reason for number 2 is because I enjoy having a zillion balls in the air to juggle…ADHD at its best!
    4. My first cat we named Meow, and my first dog we named Barkley. Unique, eh?
    5. My favorite sound is the sound your car makes when it goes over a bridge thats over water.
    6. My second daughter had open heart surgery when she was 3 months old. That was the closest I've ever been to God in my relationship with Him.
    7. I am madly in love with my husband even though he drives me crazy most days ๐Ÿ˜‰
    8. I am an outdoor freak. I love nothing more than taking a good book and sitting under a tree.
    9. I love to read!
    10. I'm a new seista…under a year old, but loving my new sisterhood ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. 820
    Terri Lynn says:

    To: Linda (Sewfordough)11:30 AM, dear sister, thank you so much for being obedient to the Lord in responding to my post about losing my mom this week. That was my "bediddlie" from God. See your name "Linda" was also my sister's name whom I lost when she was 8 and i was 9. and your "sewfordough" represents my mom and grandmother, who sewed making dolls to make a living for the last 20 years before they passed. So in commenting you allowed my Savior to gently tell me how much he understands my sorrow, and he loves me. So your post means more to me than I can possibly put into words. Thank you, and I praise Him! Thank you Beth for this opportunity! I really needed this.

    Terri Lynn
    North Carolina

  21. 821
    Candy says:

    1. i adore polka dots
    2. i drive like a banshee
    3. fav color is orange
    4. twinkies are the best!
    5. i can't stand celery
    6. i put salt on everything
    7. i have super human hearing
    8. i always carry a book with me
    9. i only own one purse
    10. i am super nosey

  22. 822
    Anonymous says:

    1. I don't like anyone (husband included) to touch my feet.

    2. I can't stand it when someone reads over my shoulder.

    3. "Organized" is my middle name.

    4. I can't go to sleep if the house is a mess.

    5. I don't own a cell phone and hate talking on the phone.

    6. I despise shoe shopping.

    7. I met my husband on a blind date.

    8. I live for chocolate.

    9. I'm scared of dogs. After you've been chased by one and growled at, that happens.

    10. My husband is a better cook than I am.

  23. 823
    Bethany says:

    1.) if i had it my way, i would wear flip flops every single day
    2.) i love the smell of paper right after it comes off the copy machine, and the smell of new books (oh and new shoes too!)
    3.) i've never had a broken bone
    4.) i've never had braces (my teeth are naturally straight)
    5.) when i was little, all i wanted to be when i grew up was a "check out lady" (cashier) i was fascinated with the scanner
    6.) i played with barbie dolls up until 7th grade
    7.) i cant wear smell good lip gloss because i will purse my lips all day to try and smell the lip gloss
    8.) i count my steps (side effect of marching band in high school)
    9.) i hate sitting with my back to the door, especially in restaurants
    10.) I want to adopt a African baby

  24. 824
    Slightly Befuddled says:

    1, I own two of my own guns and am a pretty decent shot

    2, I have an addiction to paper, fabric, and old books, just to mention a few

    3, I exaggerated an injury in 9th grade to get out of recital (and never told anyone)

    4, I still get homesick for Europe (where I grew up), and am my happiest there

    5, I have all sorts of ambitions but never attempt them because I'm afraid to fail

    6, I'm afraid I won't ever be able to have children, but dont' tell anyone

    7, I love the look of eggplant but HATE the taste

    8, I love the motion of writing and will copy something down just to write, even if I don't need the information

    9, I hate war movies, but love war documentaries

    10, I may be shy and quiet, but I get intense when it comes to politics

    Hard to get started, but once i got going I could have come up with 30 ๐Ÿ™‚ What a fun post

  25. 825
    Bitsy says:

    1. I am totally into making music happen – teaching, playing, writing, singing, directing.
    2. I am addicted to sweet tea,no lemon.
    3. I love to read, though I seldom have the time to do it.
    4. I am not at all domesticated.
    5. I can do calligraphy.
    6. My nickname (Bitsy) was given to me at birth (I was a preemie), and I never outgrew it.
    7. I am a summertime kinda girl.
    8. I love watching college and professional sports. (Most of my musician friends cringe at this.)
    9. I don't like scary or violent movies.
    10. I found my first grey hair when I was sixteen years old.

  26. 826
    Joanna Weiss says:

    1. I hate clutter (my husband normally asks if I've thrown something away before he will even look for it)
    2. I don't have much of a sense of humor
    3. Dirty laundry drives me crazy! I love an empty laundry basket.
    4. I like more ice cream than the apple pie.
    5. I have a huge sweet tooth
    6. I weigh myself every morning
    7. I have two color of pants in my closet (khaki and black)
    8. I LOVE Shoes!
    9. I haven't had time to get my haircut in about 6 months – it's very long
    10. Never colored my hair.

  27. 827
    Leigh Ann says:

    1. I lived and breathed basketball until I graduated from high school.
    2. I got married when I was 18. (the month after I graduated).
    3. Nobody was impressed that I could dribble well anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚
    4. Still married to the same (preacher) guy — 26 yrs later!
    5. If I didn't color my hair I'd be totally gray.
    6. I can't stand to fold towels that aren't hot from the dryer.
    7. I HAVE to hold a certain pen in my hand when I teach Sunday School.
    8. I think a good book is better than a good movie / tv show anytime.
    9. I love the way I feel after a long run.
    10. Coffee is ALWAYS the perfect drink.

  28. 828
    KaTe says:

    1. i love anything sports-related (playing or watching).
    2. i absolutely love the mountains.
    3. i was perfectly happy being an average skier until i tore my acl; now, i'm a terrible (but learning) snowboarder.
    4. i rarely cry.
    5. things that might make me cry: dramatic sports stories or heart-warming stories about military members.
    6. i am haunted by a layup that i missed in a high school basketball playoff game during my senior year. my team lost by 1 point.
    7. i love my friends.
    8. i was afraid of kids until i got a job as a 4th grade teacher.
    9. i love to read but rarely make time to do it.
    10. i like numbers that are a multiple of 5, then numbers ending in 2 and 7 (in that order).

    God bless!
    -Colorado Springs

  29. 829
    Anonymous says:

    Not a top ten list but a little help for the siestas in need. Underwear? GAP body
    Bras? Natori at Nordstroms
    a little pricey but worth every penny. Did I really just type this?
    Shopping blessings to you all

  30. 830
    Bridgett says:

    1. I collect lambs/sheep and have over 300.
    2. I collect salt & pepper shakers. I can't remember the count on those.
    3. I sleep all night on my couch about 1/3 of the time.
    4. My middle name, Alena, is from a girl my dad knew when he was in service in Italy. And my mom let him use it. He won't tell me about her.
    5. My youngest niece's middle name is my middle name.
    6. I always listen to an audiobook in the car.
    7. Anytime one of my students has a 16th birthday, I sing 16 candles to them – male or female.
    8. My house is "The Shepherd's Cottage".
    9. I got a cat in January and have not told any of my family because they said they wouldn't come and visit if I got one. (I have boarded her twice when they did come and removed all evidence.)
    10. I love to watch tv. I even like infommercials.

  31. 831
    Kelli says:

    Love how God made us all so unique..and knows all of these individual things about us.

    1. If I could only eat one thing the rest of my life, it would be chocolate.
    2. I would move to Peru tomorrow if I could.
    3. I love to fall asleep to the sound of rain.
    4. I adore, I mean adore, babies.
    5. I wish I were Latina.
    6. I want to write a book.
    7. I fall off my couch laughing when I watch Steel Magnolias or Home Alone 2.every time.
    8. I had never been pulled over until last week-for having a headlight out.
    9. I want to have a dozen kids.
    10. Sometimes my eyes are green and sometimes hazel.

  32. 832
    Angela says:

    this is too much fun!
    1. i don't like cooked fruit pies
    2. i look in people's houses when we drive by at night
    3. my children are boys and my dogs are girls
    4. love slippers & fuzzy socks (i have more of them than shoes)
    5. love to watch it snow
    6. i was almost named mercedes
    7. i was a latch-key kid
    8. love zip loc bags
    9. i don't wear make up
    10. i have no hair/clothing/decorating skills what so ever

  33. 833
    Julie says:

    First of all, welcome to Tucson! Woo hoo!
    1. Snapping my fingers makes me nauseous. ( I know, weird(
    2. My mom was a nun.
    3. I the faint smell of bleach in my newly cleaned sheets.
    4. I pick a new perfume or scent for each trip or adventure in my life so I can have a scent memory.
    5. This is not my natural hair color. ( shhhh….)
    6. I have a range of comfort in terms of temperature that is between 65 and 75 degrees.
    7. Everytime I read the Pottery Barn catalog, I rearrange or redecorate something in my house.
    8. I dream of being an anthropologie store designer.
    9. I have seen the silver tree on the slopes of Lions Head in Cape Town, SA and it is otherworldy beautiful.
    10. I must wear socks in bed or I get a sore throat by morning.
    Julie B. Tucson, AZ

  34. 834
    Anonymous says:

    1. i wear a clean pair of socks each night to bed
    2. i love potato chips and whip cream
    3. i talk to my dolls
    4. i love sunsets
    5. i love puppets
    6. i doodle obsessively
    7. i love watching the waltons on tv
    8. i love the ocean
    9. i hate loud noises
    10. i love red cherries and olives

  35. 835
    Anonymous says:

    1. i wear a clean pair of socks each night to bed
    2. i love potato chips and whip cream
    3. i talk to my dolls
    4. i love sunsets
    5. i love puppets
    6. i doodle obsessively
    7. i love watching the waltons on tv
    8. i love the ocean
    9. i hate loud noises
    10. i love red cherries and olives

  36. 836
    Kelly says:

    1. I drink coffee, green tea and water all day long.
    2. I'm a messy person, but clean
    3. I "only" sleep at my home, I'm never home otherwise
    4. I love to play
    5. My restaurants name is "Kooky Mookys"
    6. I love the hot humid heat that the south provides
    7. I've never had a ticket in my life
    8. I have to have my lipstick on (addicted to moisture)
    9. I love to wake up early before anyone else and spend time with myself and the Lord
    10. I have NO sense of fashion or decorating skills

  37. 837
    Anonymous says:

    1. i cant look at myself in the mirror when i am away from home
    2. i am afraid of the dark
    3. i love hot weather
    4. i use up at least 3 bars of soap every three days
    5. i put ketchup on everything
    6. i am afraid of storms
    7. i dont like driving over bridges
    8. all of my stuffed animals are in the closet
    9.i dont like open closets at night
    10. i dont like the sound of balloons poppping

  38. 838
    mommathieszen says:

    1. I don't like feet and toes
    2. I can't stand slimy textured foods
    3. All of my food has to be separated on my plate and heaven forbid any type of juices touch my bread–soggy is a no, no
    4. I dance like crazy when only my kids are at home, but if my husband walks in I stop out of embarrassment
    5. In high school two of my friends and I used to streak outside my house at 2:45 a.m. (Wow, did I type that for the world to see!?!)
    6. I like to lick dull knives after using them (like after peanut butter)–my hubby says that's weird
    7. I like checking things off of my to-do list and have been known to actually write something on it that I had just done just to then check it off–so sad
    8. My daughter looks eerily like I did when I was 4.
    9. I love to stomp on crunchy leaves and will go out of my way on a walk if I see one just waiting to be crushed
    10. I can't wait to be done with nursing bras : )

  39. 839
    Sarah says:

    1. I held the "flexed arm hang" record in middle school for several years. I tell people about this often because it is my one and only athletic accomplishment.
    2. I hate to fly. I'm completely phobic and have nightmares about it frequently.
    3. I also hate heights. Why? I'm afraid I might jump. My husband thinks this is completely irrational.
    4. I married my high school sweetheart.
    5. I hate the word "ointment".
    6. I love the smell of playdough.
    7. I have to put lotion on my feet at night before I go to bed and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to re-apply.
    8. I planted my first garden last year and can't wait to do it again this year.
    9. I spend months on my Christmas cards each year.
    10. I'm a news junkie. I read multiple news websites many times each day.

  40. 840
    Michelle and Jenn says:

    1. I have a phobia of bananas
    2. God has a sense of humor…My little 19 month loves bananas:)ANd likes to smush it on his highchair
    3. I adore bright clothes
    4. My clothes hardly ever match!
    5. I am not an athlete….But I ran a marathon at Disney world
    6. I set a record in the marathon…Running in 20 degree weather in Florida:) The water turned to ice
    7.I once ate 50 peppers in a row dipped in hot sauce for a contest
    8.I love to eat:)
    9.I LOVE coffee…but mostly the creamer that goes in it
    10. I used to dream of being the first Christian female famous white rapper:)

  41. 841
    Marie says:

    1. I don't love my dog the way I love my family, but I like her really really a lot.
    2. I eat leftovers for breakfast.
    3. I like to buy blank journals, but I'm afraid of writing in them.
    4. I loved being pregnant.
    5. When I gave birth to my first child, it was the first time I actually felt like a real woman.
    6. I'm very particular about the pillow I sleep on. My current favorite is the Cervo-Comfort Pillow.
    7. My son makes fun of me, because I laugh at my own jokes.
    8. I bawled my eyes out during "Malcolm X" and "Born on the Fourth of July".
    9. I can cook or bake anything.
    10. I can't sleep if my feet are cold.

  42. 842
    Cindy says:

    1. I like almost anything heart shaped or with a heart on it.
    2. I hate the way my feet look and won't wear sandals or flip flops.
    3. I don't like soggy, mushy food and won't eat things like gravy on bread, ice cream on cake, strawberries on my shortcake.
    4. I want to move to Texas, my son lives there.
    5. I don't like to eat at night. It is hard for me to eat after 6pm.
    6. I love chocolate.
    7. I love to read.
    8. I love to sing but you wouldn't want to hear me sing.
    9. My real name is Cindy and I don't like it when people assume it is Cynthia and call me that.
    10. I hate snakes.

  43. 843
    Diane says:

    1. I have never, ever blogged before. Ever!
    2. I love driving my crew cab truck.
    3. A total hockey fanatic.
    4. I have worn glasses since I was 14 months old.
    5. Love hiking in the Canadian Rockies – summer or winter.
    6. My smallest baby was over 10lbs at birth.
    7. Summer is my favourite season.
    8. I hate wearing socks – in the summer that is.
    9. My kitchen is my favourite room in the house.
    10. My three kids amaze me every day.

  44. 844
    tinabea says:

    1. I'm super-organized at work, and all my coworkers would be shocked to discover what an unorganized pig I am at home.
    2. I can't sleep with my feet under the covers. They have to be poking out.
    3. I love sour cream so much that sometimes I look around my house for things to put it on, just so I have an excuse to eat it.
    4. I avoid washing my blue jeans at all costs, even though I wear them nearly every day.
    5. I'm running my first 5K this Saturday and I'm NO WHERE NEAR PREPARED.
    6. My husband always lets me drive.
    7. In 1996, I was eating dinner in a Mexican restaurant when Clint Eastwood came in to eat. I tried hard not to stare.
    8. One of my favorite things is the smell of beef cooking.
    9. I couldn't help my 4th grade son with his homework tonight because I didn't have a clue how to do it!
    10. I was already an aunt three times over on the day I was born. I now have 16 great nieces and nephews and I'm not 40 yet.

  45. 845
    Anonymous says:

    1. i hate going to sleep and dreaming
    2. i have no memory of my past
    3. i love marshmallows and i can eat an entire bag
    4. l hate bears
    5. i was always interested in knowing and seeing jesus
    6.i dared myself to write on this blog after finding it
    7. i love cats and dogs
    8. i keep tons of tubes of lotion all over my bedroom
    9. i like reading childrens books
    10. i love to write

  46. 846
    Evie says:

    1. I love cold catfish with coffee in the a.m.

    2. My 83 y.o. mom lives with us.

    3. I don't like anyone touching my food.

    4. I love to read (try to read 2 books a month).

    5. I have a large CD, DVD, Books) collection.

    6. Love to bargain shop; refuse to pay full price for anything!

    7. Love popcorn with lemon & hot sauce.

    8. Enjoy going to concerts by myself (going to Hillsong United) next month ๐Ÿ™‚

    9. Go fishing with my husband…love to quail hunt!!

    10. Addicted to watching AMW and PBS.

  47. 847
    Tisah says:

    1. I have to have things in sequential/numeric order.
    2. I love 365-day caldendars.
    3. If I lived in a different time it would be during colonial days.
    4. I am a Glenn Beck fan.
    5. I will sometimes sleep with one foot out from under the covers.
    6. I won't answer the phone if it says "Unknown number"
    7. I call my son "Buddy" and my daughter "Baby Girl".
    8. I always wrap a paper towel or napkin around my tea glass if I'm not done drinking my tea.
    9. I wear sunglasses year round.
    10. I change out the clothes in my closet the weekends closest to April 15 and October 15.

  48. 848
    Missy says:

    1. I have a Yorkie named Brinkley and he is my only child. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    2. I have celiac disease (can't eat gluten: wheat, barley, oats, rye).
    3. My hair doesn't bother me on my neck until I get home. As soon as I step through the door, it HAS to go up in a ponytail, and I cannot sleep with my hair on back of my neck. It has to be pulled up.
    4. I sleep on the couch 5 out of 7 nights (always thinking I will just "nap" there for a few minutes).
    5. I hate coffee! I just heard you gasp, Beth! ๐Ÿ˜€
    6. I'm a home health nurse and love seeing patients in their homes.
    7. I love to fish.
    8. My nickname is Mimi and I was called that WAY before grandmothers started using that name!
    9. I'm in love with my iPhone.
    10. I'm 42 and have never been married. Still desiring the "right" one but very content!

    This was fun!!
    Sumter, SC

  49. 849
    Carolyn from Atlanta says:

    1. I love the sound of leaves rustling under my feet on ao cool crisp fall day.
    2. I am addicted to coffee and like the smell as much as the taste.
    3. I hate to put my hands into cold dirty dish water.
    4. I would choose the mountains over the beach.
    5. I love dogs.
    6. I like even numbers.
    7. I love reading maps and planning trips.
    8. I met Georgia Jan at Beth's book signing in Peachtree City, Georgia and have corresponded with her on Facebook. She's fun too!
    9. My favorite junky snack is potato chips, dill pickles, and sharp cheddar cheese.
    10. I doodle all the time.

  50. 850
    ny2wa says:

    1. I love any flower that smells good.
    2. I can rarely pass by any flower without trying to see if it smells good (can be embarrasing in the city)
    3. I live on a sailboat.
    4. My right ear sticks straight out.
    5. I have a scar on my nose from where a setting hen pecked me when I tried to get the eggs out from under her when I was a child.
    6. I read even when I'm brushing my teeth.
    7. I had my ID checked until I was 25. Then, by 45, cashiers were asking if I was eligible for the senior discount!
    8. I would rather have a job picking berries than be working in an office.
    9. I was constantly in trouble as a child for hiding out so I could read rather than do chores.
    10. I never wanted to get married nor have children, then I became a Christian and God changed all that!

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