10 Things You Might Not Know

Hi, Siestas! I think I’ve got a fun one! I saw this idea in one of those complimentary airline magazines and showed it to Michelle (who was sitting right next to me) with great enthusiasm and said, “I’m going to do this with the Siestas!” to which she dryly said, “Great, Ma’am.” (I adore her. To say that she has whiplash after going from Washington D.C. to Living Proof Ministries is the understatement of the year. She really doesn’t want to talk a lot about mascara and would not be caught stone-cold-dead in a pair of Capri pants. And never in her entire life has she had to keep a small bottle of anointing oil in her brief case…just in case her boss calls for it. She has also never before had a boss request a photo-shopped picture of herself on a Spiderman costume. A post for another time.)

I’m sorry. I have a little ADD this morning. Back to my idea. It’s not very original but I think it will be a blast. As we’re getting to know one another here in Siestaville, let’s hit the fast forward button. What are 10 things – right off the top of your head – that we would only know about you if we knew you really well? 10 random things ranging anywhere on your personal map that make you a tad distinctive? Or just plain weird? Think quickly. Don’t go for deep. Go for quirky. Don’t try to put them in any kind of order and don’t make them long. Just start typing. I’ll go first to give you the idea.

1. I have an addiction to Ziploc bags.
2. I hate wet socks worse than almost anything.
3. I was the only baby out of 5 born to my mother with no anesthesia. She never forgot it.
4. I wore braces for 12 years. I still often sleep in a retainer.
5. I am a read-aholic. I read over others’ shoulders. I walk the aisle on airplanes to see what others are reading. I read what’s laying on people’s desks during meetings while they think I’m listening.
6. I love Black music.
7. I need slices of cakes and pies to be cut neatly with a sharp knife and not gouged out with a fork. (Nearly just got a shiver at the thought.)
8. My children call me “Doodle.” I no longer remember why. Sometimes just “The Doods.”
9. I am a very slow driver.
10. I’m a go-girl. I love the rush of taking off in an airplane. I smile almost every time.

OK, Siestas! What about you? What are 10 quirky things we might not know?


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  1. 101
    Anonymous says:

    1. love to get lost.
    2. when Im hungry for a snack, I go for a piece of bread.(bad, I know)
    3. i dont know exactly where all the books in the bible are, when someone says "turn to…" I look to see where everyone else is turning.
    4.i sometimes would rather shop alone.
    5. i drive too slow too.
    6. i love brown clothes in the fall.
    7. i sometimes wear the same bra two days in a row.
    8. i dont like to lay on the beach, i think its boring.
    9. im not a reader, i have to make myself read.
    10. a sunny day can change my whole outlook on life!
    *P.S. Im only anonymous because its too hard to set up a google account !

  2. 102
    Lynette says:

    1. I love to read a good mystery novel
    2. I drink cinnamon hazelnut coffee every morning and it has to be in my stainless steele Starbucks travel mug or I get upset!
    3. I don't drive in big cities, it makes me have panic attacks.
    4. My husband and my dad are both ministers of music.
    5. I can use both hands to write.
    6. Lived in Tallahassee, FL for three years and had 2 babies while there.
    7. My first surgery ever was an emergency C-section with my second child.
    8. My husband calls me lover in public all the time.
    9. My favorite drink from Starbucks is a venti iced carmel macchiatto (not sure on the spelling, sorry).
    10. I love warm weather not cold. Moving from Florida to Illinois has been a challenge for me.

  3. 103
    Teresa says:

    1. I love details.
    2. I wanted to be an airline stewardess when I was a young girl.
    3. I am a pen freak. Love to buy all kinds of ink pens.
    4. I love to read.
    5. Give me a massage and I'm the happiest woman on earth.
    6. love to watch people dance.
    7. intelligent people fasinate me.
    8. cannot match colors very well
    9. hate to empty the dishwasher
    10. love southern writers

  4. 104
    thetaskathand says:

    1. I'm pregnant!!!! With #1..and surprised at how much it's changed my desire/will to eat…anything.
    2. I'm a missionary in Peru, hence my baby will be Peruvian/American.
    3. I, however, am Canadian/American. My husband is the only "pure-blooded" American in our family.
    4. I speak English with a funky accent because I've lived in Canada, the northeast, the midwest, and South America.
    5. I hate spiders.
    6. I love calendars and organizational tools…slightly obsessed.
    7. I'm a PK, but I try desperately to hide that fact, even though I'm almost 30, just because of how people stereotype.
    8. I love fog; which is good because it's foggy here in Lima during the winter more often than it's sunny.
    9. My house is still only 1/4 furnished and we've lived here a year.
    10. I miss Cadbury eggs at Easter.

  5. 105
    Kaila says:

    1. i'm a pastor's kid and honestly at some point in my life i've fit every label that goes with them.
    2. i'm halfway through my MA in counseling and think it would be fun to use it in a pediatric hospital
    3. i'm 23 years old and have had 4 heart surgeries since i was 21
    4. i LOVE traveling and was planning on spending the rest of my life in West Africa or the Middle East, but God had other plans
    5. i have a cat named Spice who thinks she's a dog and eats absolutely everything in site…you'll see little bites out of pretty much everything in my house because of her
    6. i'm a neat freak when i have a roommate, but not at all if i don't have to be
    7. i'm a major introvert when i'm in the states, but not at all when i'm over seas
    8. i'm a dare devil and will try absolutely anything at least 3 or 4 times!
    9. the only bone i've ever broken is my nose, and i had to have reconstructive surgery on it at age 9 (it was on the side of my face instead of the front)
    10. right now you can hardly walk in my office because we are working on details for our Global Missions Celebration at church and i have (75) 14"x14" boxes put together and stacked 6 high in it…quite overwhelming!

  6. 106
    Kim Jacobson, Fargo, ND says:

    1. I like soft comfy bedding
    2. I hate excercise but I am doing it anyways
    3. I prefer sweats and a ponytail
    4. I love being at the lake
    5. I like painting walls
    6. I cry when others cry
    7. I can pick things up with my toes.
    8. I don't like clutter
    9. I look at peoples book shelves when I am at their house.
    10. I have to eat my ice cream fast before it melts

  7. 107
    Myriam says:

    1. Totally addicted to books.
    2. I love peanut butter
    3. Haven't had coffee in 20 years
    4. I am a bit disorganized and I don't like it. I put things in order but not for long.
    5. My car tends to be messy sometimes but I blame it on my 10 year.
    7. At 37, I have a LOT of gray hair
    8. I am shy. Don't like to speak in front of a group of people.
    9.I sleep with socks on all year long except summer.
    10. I am addicted to my laptop.


  8. 108
    Snow White says:

    1. I'm fascinated with the eiffel tower.
    2. My parents took my names from my grandmothers – Susan Marie – but it could have been -Ella Pearl- can't you just hear somebody like Minnie Pearl saying that.
    3. I love to buy stickers and scrapbook paper.
    4. I am a Diet Coke snob – has to have ice and a straw and only come from certain places.
    5. I love chocolate cake.
    6. I have to have real butter.
    7. I have always wanted to own a truck with a roll bar attached.
    8. There are always piles around me – but I know where everything still is.
    9. Still can't believe I'm a Pastor's Wife.
    10. Can't believe that I am able to get convicted every week by my husband's sermons. (God has a sense of humor.)

  9. 109
    Stephanie says:

    Can you put a McLinky up??

  10. 110
    Isaac's Mom says:

    1. I LOVE Pink!!!!
    2. I do not like a mess of any kind…it makes me crazy.
    3. I love elephants – collect them
    4. I am an adopted child and have 2 adopted children of my own.
    5. I play the violin and love all kinds of music.
    6. I have a need for speed!! The faster the better. (makes my husband crazy)
    7. I am a strong woman but very much a girly girl.
    8. I adore babies and old people.
    9. I love the great outdoors, trees, mountains, oceans, sand etc. all of it.
    10. I love dogs – have 5 chiweenies!! Esther and the royal family. Jayboy, Thatch, Jibby and my Sophia.

  11. 111
    Karen says:

    1. i love fun napkins, paper, folders, etc
    2. i do my Bible Study in pencil.
    3. i love to cook and am addicted to Food Network
    4. i have a fetish for nicknames..those closest to me all have random, make no sense names!
    5. i applied to be on Survivor! thank you Lord i wasn't chosen! (it was a turning 40 thing)
    6. Now i am turning 50…YIKES!!
    7. i have been to Kenya 4 times
    8. i am a weather junkie
    9. i love to read
    10. i abhor beef stroganoff

  12. 112
    Cheryl says:

    This is soooo funny! I can just see Ga. Jan singing the Natl. Anthem in her car!!! LOL

    1. I love black music too! Kirk Franklin rules and my kids love him too!
    2.I can't put an extinguished match in the trash until I dip it in water.
    3. I love to read and I'm a fast reader.
    4. I love roller coasters.
    5. I'm a spelling enthusiast. Seeing misspelled words on signs, church newsletters, etc. drive me crazy!
    6. Mu husband is a terrible speller, opposites DO attract.
    7. I have an irrational fear of alligators.
    8. I love chips and salsa.
    9. I cannot keep my van clean.
    10. I like a little coffee with my cream. And no I didn't get that backwards!

    So looking to April 24. I'll be at FBCW, it's my former home church!

  13. 113
    Anonymous says:

    1. I love super sharp Mirado Black Warrior pencils…for crossword puzzles, math, Bible study…everything.
    2. I graduated with a degree in Chemical Engr. over 30 years ago…worked in an oil refinery in Philadelphia while in college.
    3. I was born on Dec. 24
    4. Love to read…have stacks in several rooms.
    5. I neeeeed to be the first one to open the pages of a new magazine adressed to me….love the new page crinkle.
    6. Memorized scripture for the first time last year in honor of my 50th birthday.
    7. I wish I lived in a house with a vista view…mountain,lake,ocean.
    8. Love coffee…especially first cup of the day.
    9. I love to be ouside…walking, working, talking,sitting….
    10. The kitchen must be clean and straight to relax!
    Jen in Exton

  14. 114
    Dot says:

    1.) After 10 years I finally chopped 18" of hair and still wear it in the same style as before
    2.) My favorite food is ice cream
    3.) My nursing baby is very sensitive to dairy so no ice cream for me ๐Ÿ™
    4.) I wish Wacoal made a nursing bra
    5.) My name is Katie but everyone calls me Dot, a nickname that's stuck since preschool
    6.) I was a vegetarian for 8 years
    7.) I don't like poor grammar or misspelled words
    8.) I want to home school my girls but am terrified of messing up
    9.) I love watching airplanes fly, hate being in them
    10.) My knees crack every time I bend them

  15. 115
    Misty says:

    1. I do not like numbers that are not divisible by 5 and will listen to a TV that is too loud or too quietly to reduce my stress
    2. On January 4th, 2010 I went in for surgery only to find out I was pregnant with #2
    3. It took nine years to get pregnant with baby #2
    4. I was named after my great-grandmother and a misty day, hence my name – Misty Jane
    5. I want to live in a clutter-free home, but everyone always buys me knick-knacks :/
    6. My husband and I knew each other since 8th grade, never dated in school, got married 2 years after we graduated, and people we went to school with thought we had always been together
    7. My husband is not perfect…but he's perfect for me (God is so good! ๐Ÿ™‚
    8. My son tells me constantly that he loves me – and then says it again (I figure he's 10 and one day I won't be able to pry it out of him, so I LOVE it!)
    9. I have lost 30 pounds since last September and am even losing weight in my pregnancy – my doc is excited about this because I had a LOT to lose and I am losing slowly and in a healthful way
    10. My mother-in-law is probably my best friend (after my husband) and has been like a mother to me since I was introduced to her…I am so very truly blessed.

  16. 116
    Anonymous says:

    1. I love towels straight from the dryer.
    2. I rearrange movies at Blockbuster and books at the book store.
    3. I am the most introverted extrovert ever…panic each time I have to speak to others but you would never know it because I hide it so well.
    4. Long to journal and have dozens of journals that I have "started" and can't seem to stick through. Maybe I just like the books?
    5. Am addicited to Bibles, will buy one everytime I am at the bookstore if my husband will let me.
    6. I am a city girl married to a country boy and I LOVE IT!!!
    7. Secretly wish that when I had married my husband 3 years ago and we "blended" our family that we could have had one little red headed, blue eyed baby girl together. Even in our 40's.
    8. LONG to travel the world…just don't have the money for it.
    9. Would love to own a book store in a house in small country town and serve the people coffee and allow them to stay for hours.
    10. Love my children and husband more than life itself. ๐Ÿ™‚ They make me so happy!!!


  17. 117
    Sharon says:

    1. Love to read Christian fiction.
    2. Do not like to cook and/or clean.
    3. I love to spend time with my whole family.
    4. Most of the time, messiness doesn't bother me.
    5. I love to drive big vehicles(pickups, etc.)
    6. Every time a new bible translation comes out, I have to buy one.
    7. My best friend calls me "freshie" because I don't dress like the Grandmother I am.
    8. I cannot just let a phone ring and not know who is calling…have to answer it.
    9. Summer and fall are my favorite seasons.
    10. My husband and I have been married 30 years this year.

  18. 118
    Sherri M - NH says:

    1. Birds scare me big time!
    2. I don't know how to swim (but started taking A lesson last summer)
    3. I always thought I was a city girl until I moved to the country.
    4. I love the sound of peepers in spring.
    5. I wear makeup almost everyday.
    6. I have a serious obsession with being organized but I don't ever see it happening!
    7. I love watching the ocean.
    8. I'm married to a police officer and I love to drive fast!
    9. I sing all the time (it's only a joyful NOISE).
    10. I believe you can never have to many shoes.

  19. 119
    Beth.. One Blessed Nana says:

    1. I am a perfectionist to the extent it borders on OCD.

    2. I also refuse to think of OCD as a disorder – it's just the best way to be!

    3. I rewrote my scripture memory cards 4 times before finally printing them on the computer and laminating them. Totally serious…

    4. I am addicted to plastic storage tubs.

    5. I HATE to fly – literally scares me to death.

    6.I don't like elevators AT ALL (Yolanda know this! Ha!)

    7.I LOVE my coffee anytime of the day.

    8. I read my bible at least 3 hours a day and would read it all day if I could.

    9. I love being a pastor's wife.

    10. I won't eat fish or anything that swims… or anything that thinks it MIGHT swim…

    In Him,
    Beth Herring

  20. 120
    Lisa says:

    1. I can stay up all night reading a great book, and still get up and act "normal" the next day.
    2. I am an organizer who has to have one little place( my desk) a little messy.
    3. I love to mix my foods together.
    4. I talk all the time, but not much on the phone.
    5. My boys all think I'm a neat freak because I can't stand dirty socks and their messy rooms so I shut their doors.
    6. There isn't a flower I don't love! Can't pick a favorite.
    7. I won't even walk the dog without mascara on.
    8. I miss the Midwest and seasons.(Deep South Texas just has hot and hotter)
    9. I can cry at a TV commercial.
    10. My life is truly blessed with awesome family and friends who love me even in my weirdness!

    Edinburg, TX

  21. 121
    Melanie says:

    1. I love the smell of makeup. Smelling it makes me feel prettier.
    2. I can only go to sleep at "whole" times, i.e. 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45.
    3. I don't think I could live without nail polish. Okay, I really could, but I wouldn't like it.
    4. I really don't like the outdoors, but have yet to find an indoor route to the mall.
    5. Exception to number 4: a few years ago I found out I LOVE saltwater fishing. And I'm really good at it, too, with my carefully applied makeup and polished nails. ๐Ÿ™‚
    6. At last count I have 23 chronic diseases, and sometimes I wonder if I'll live to see 35.
    7. My mom is my best friend on earth. I have lots of friends, but she's my very best one.
    8. I have extremely vivid dreams.
    9. Since a run of potent immunosuppressant drugs, my hair will no longer hold a curl. ???
    10. I can't type if somebody's watching me. Like at all.

  22. 122
    Anastasia says:

    1. I was a street performer in Paris
    2. I shined shoes to earn money to move there
    3. I drive too fast
    4. I was born in Tokyo Japan
    5 I have moved probably 60 times in my life
    6. I have been freed from compulsive overeating for 19 years
    7. My favorite flowers are tulips
    8. My favorit activity is holding sleeping babies
    9. I rarely sleep past 5am
    10 Oh no 10 already…. must be spiritual…I am in Bible College!

  23. 123
    Jariza says:

    1. Have a hands and feet fetish and now passed it on to my 2 girls and hubby. First thing I look at on a person=)
    2. I love to read, I seriously get giddy on the inside when I get some time to read a good book.
    3. When my husband drives sometimes as we drive by billboards I begin to type in my head, I know WEIRD=)
    4. I was born premature I believe less than 3 lbs.
    5. I appear very outgoing and friendly but am shy and hate to have to start up conversation with someone I don't know. Feel inadequate.
    6. I am anal about things matching.
    7. I'm known for accidentally forgetting an ingredient in my baking recipes because I do everything so quick=)
    8. I love to do bills (write checks) and work with numbers.
    9.I love to smell baby's breath when they open up their little mouths and yawn, they need to bottle up that scent for real.
    10. I love ballroom dancing, picture myself doing it in my head but not sure the body will cooperate. lol

  24. 124
    Kara says:

    1. Sassy, single & (somewhat) satisfied!
    2. World's biggest & best UNC fan!
    3. Fell through a curtain during middle school play onto the stage.
    4. Love music of (almost) any kind.
    5. My mom is my best friend.
    6. My passion is making Heaven more full someday because I taught children.
    7. I AM FREE!
    8. I've never had a speeding ticket.
    9. I work for a non-profit that works with persons who have developmental disabilities, and LOVE every minute of it!
    10. Never more fully alive than when I'm praising God!

  25. 125
    Anonymous says:

    1. I am so jealous of the woman who never has to shave her legs!
    2 When I leave the house I always have to double and triple check that the iron, stove, straightener, or whatever is indeed OFF. It drives my husband crazy.
    3. I love to read.
    4. I am a home body.
    5. I love leading Bible Study.
    6. I hate to sweat hence I don't like to exercise but know I should.
    7. I wear a mouthguard at night because I am wearing my teeth and jaw out and get headaches if I don't.
    8. Stories about dust mites living in our pillows etc. give me the shivers but who can afford replacing them all the time?
    9. I love summer.
    10. When I am cooking no one ever pays attention to the fire alarm going off.

    Toronto, Canada

  26. 126
    kelaughter says:

    1. I love to read.
    2. I have the best husband ever.
    3. I do not like tomatoes in my spaghetti sauce (or anywhere else for that matter, unless they are raw and cold on a sandwich, no cooked ones).
    4. I love to hear my boys laugh.
    5. I love to watch my oldest play baseball.
    6. I love to read blogs, I check in everyday.
    7. I am addicted to Biggest Loser and Extreme Home Makeover.
    8. I am always scared that I did not close the garage door when I backed out. I have even gone back to check when I was 10 minutes down the road already.
    9. I do not like my job, really want to work at my church or be a stay at home mom.
    10. I absolutely hate snakes, even talking about them will give me nightmares.

  27. 127
    Lauren Thomas says:

    1. I'm a ridiculously picky eater. I prefer to think of myself as a starch-atarian.
    2. I'm a realist. My husband is a dreamer. He affectionately calls me "the dream crusher"
    3. I hate it when people say things like "Lauren and I's house…" – it is very wrong! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    4. I have a fetish with ink pens. My favorites are those from doctor's offices.
    5. I am definitely a morning person. When it gets dark, I'm ready for bed.
    6. I'm a photographer and I see everything as if I was looking through a camera!
    7. I'll do anything cheesy for a good picture.
    8. I also have a fetish for lists, gray socks, and office supplies.
    9. I desperately want a baby.
    10.I love hugs. But they have to be real hugs. I hate it when people give those fake, light-touching hugs. I want to be squeezed like you mean it!

  28. 128
    Deneen says:

    1. Like so many others, I ADORE reading. I read the shampoo bottle in the shower……I love it that much.
    2. One of my favorite smells is coffee but cannot stand the taste.
    3. I am of the firm opinion that black jelly beans are evil and refer to them as satan poop.
    4. I will eat anything in the seafood family except fish.
    5. I will tell you I do not have a favorite color but if something comes in the color orange I will pick it first.
    6. I think the whole orange thing is because I think the Lady Vols are the bestest.
    7. The number of times I have watched the many versions of "Pride and Prejudice" goes beyond ridiculous.
    8. I cannot write with a pen that does not have its cap on. And yes, I have that whole pen fetish thing too.
    9. I think condiment cups are one of man's greatest ideas. Condiments are not to be willy-nilly all over the plate-they must be contained.
    10. I love every single word of the Bible-God has blessed me with such a love for the Word. Every syllable is just music to me.

  29. 129
    Angie Hernandez-Torres says:

    1. I love my children
    2. I am all goofy, laugh at everything
    3. Love to decorate and redecorate my house
    4. Love to cook… and to eat
    5. Love Music (all kinds)
    6. Love to read kids books
    7. Very organized
    8. Dancing is my thing!
    9. Watch HGTV channel all the time
    10. Don't wear makeup… natural!

  30. 130
    Laura Smith says:

    1.My brother was born on my 3rd birthday.
    2.Backed into my mom's car twice!
    3.I read magazines back to front.
    4.I LOVE to clean my house.
    5.My husband likes for me to make lists for him!
    6.I sleep with 5 pillows.
    7.I love to sit on the beach all day (9am-6pm).
    8.I love packing for trips…hate unpacking.
    9.Love my porch swing.
    10.New socks make me happy.

  31. 131
    Faran says:

    1. I can whistle louder than anyone I know – it's obnoxiously loud and very handy for calling children in from playing outside
    2. I'll almost never turn down a piece of pizza or sushi
    3. My sister is my best friend (much to the amazement of people who knew us in high school)
    4. I once caught a 32.5 lb King Salmon
    5. I am an adrenaline junkie in need of a fix
    6. I never knew my children would make me laugh so much
    7. I am pretty good at cooking healthy foods that taste good
    8. I love to scuba dive
    9. I love that I know my husband so well that I can tell he's tired by the songs he sings or noises he makes
    10. I feel unfinished if I leave the house without perfume on. I just love the smell throughout the day.

  32. 132
    amylovesred says:

    1. I prefer my fries with salt and extra pepper, no ketchup (unless its Whataburger because their's is extra awesome).
    2. I love to organize…anything.
    3. I enjoy doing laundry.
    4. If bargain shopping were an olympic sport, I'd fall somewhere between a silver or gold medal.
    5. I was named after Amy in Little Women.
    6. Sometimes, I like to put on makeup at 10pm or whenever I'm bored, just beacause. It's usually when I have nowhere to go, ut I like it and its fun.
    7. I don't even get the mail without my face on.
    8. I only sleep on Sateen sheets (at home).
    9. I just turned 30.
    10. I still would choose grilled cheese, cheese pizza, and mac & cheese anyday…just like a 5 yr. old.

    Amy G
    Addison, TX

  33. 133
    Cheryl Barker says:

    1. I eat shortcake made with Splenda for breakfast every morning, along with a few bites of chicken for some protein. Weird, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚
    2. I played the trumpet in high school.
    3. I'm 54 and still don't need to color my hair. Thank You, Lord!
    4. I keep chocolate in my purse at all times.
    5. My youngest daughter calls me Smurky.
    6. When I sit down in the evening to relax, I rub my feet together sometimes like a cricket. My dad does the same thing ๐Ÿ™‚
    7. My fingers are double-jointed.
    8. I am fiercely competitive. I refer to myself as Shark when playing games ๐Ÿ™‚
    9. I am totally craft-challenged.
    10. My two favorite drinking glasses are old tupperware ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. 134
    Lindsay says:

    1. I have to have coffee to get me going in the morning.
    2. The beach is probably my favorite place to be of all time.
    3. I love to be outside.
    4. I love going deep sea fishing and hunting with my daddy and much bigger than me younger brother.
    5. I have an obsession with shoes (especially heels).
    6. I am always on the go I can't stand to just sit around.
    7. I love to travel and see new places (hopefully Europe next summer!?!).
    8. I absolutely love to read.
    9. I love sitting around a fire with people I love.
    10. My family makes some of the best homemade pizzas ever. We have a brick pizza oven and we make the dough and sauce ourselves.

  35. 135
    Christi says:

    1. my perfume "matches" my clothes
    2. I want to retire and move to Italy
    3. I hate sand, but I love looking at the beach
    4. I love a good cup of Earl Grey
    5. I never make my bed (it's a waste of time)
    6. I love to buy new purses! My 9 yr old son says I have a problem
    7. My feet have to be out of the covers at night
    8. I think socks are evil
    9. Kiki is my nickname, but my daddy has always called me Big Kick
    10. I LOVE to sing. No, i'm not any good except in the car and the shower.

  36. 136
    Anonymous says:

    1. Today is our 26th Wedding Anniversary. 2. On our 24th I thought it was our 25th. Very bad! 3. I absolutely love the sunsets and sunrises. 4. I pray about everything. 5. I always wanted my own clothing design company. 6. I am overcoming major insecurity. :)7. I love the beach. 8. For my husband on our anniversary I am exercising more. Even he doesn't know this. 9. I think I can cook. 10. If I could have a party every day for someone I would.
    Sandy in Holiday

  37. 137
    Anonymous says:

    1. I am 35 have never coloured my hair – mostly because I am scared
    2. I never wanted kids before I had five
    3. I love casual Canada
    4. I would wear a suit and 4 inch heels, plus full make-up everyday if I wouldn't weird out my neighbors
    5. My dream gift for when my last kid finishes college? – a Porsche, for me.
    6. I am terrified of Mom groups, mostly because I am happy to talk politics, international finance and social policy – I can't stand talking diapers
    7. My friends love me despite #6 – they take me running to shut me up
    8. I am too competitive- I will never, ever volunteer to coach any team that doesn't want to win. Sorry 6 year olds
    9. I love driving my huuge SUV and still can't parallel park it
    10. If no other adult is around, I do summersaults with my boys

  38. 138
    Shareen says:

    Okay, here goes off the top of my head.
    1. My nieces call me JuJu.
    2. I love to write. I write all day long, even if I don't have anything to write on. My best writing is done while I'm vacuuming. I'll write pages and pages in my head.
    3.I love spring flowers.
    4.I'm 50 and can't believe it!
    5.I still get excited about my next venture.
    6.My husband is shocked at my insecurities.
    7.My mother is my angel on Earth.
    8.Running is one of my favorite things to do.
    9.I'm reading five books right now – love to read.
    10.Flea marketing is the dreamiest way to spend a day.

  39. 139
    Tara G. says:

    1. I hate peas.
    2. I love falling asleep cuddling with my man.
    3. I can't stand whining.
    4. My favorite time of day to have my quiet time is when it's early, dark, and no one else is awake.
    5. I like to "watch" the lights on a Christmas tree.
    6. I do not like the smell of lavender.
    7. I'm 36 and have never had any hair color.
    8. I would love to take ballet.
    9. I don't like to mop.
    10. For me, reading is like dessert.

  40. 140
    Julie says:

    1. I love to read
    2. I read all the time, while I'm cooking, ironing, folding clothes, and yes even when I'm driving.
    3. I like to drive fast.
    4. I hate bras.
    5. My house is extremely cluttered and I can't seem to do anything about it.
    6. I adore a cold can coke. It makes me happy!
    7. I can't stand to have dirty clothes in my house, I wash all the time.
    8. All the clothes in my closet(and everyone else's) have to be facing the same direction.
    9. I love my husband.
    10. When I'm driving I sing loudly and pretend that I'm singing on a stage. ( I think that makes me strange!)

  41. 141
    Anonymous says:

    1. Addicted to paper towels…stockpile them!
    2. Addicted to ziplocs, too!
    3. Haven't owned a dress or skirt in years.
    4. Obsessed w/ jackets, coats & flip flops…all colors & styles. A girl can't have too many!
    5. Can't smell! Seriously.
    6. Hated my maiden name. Begged to have a name change! Kids made fun of it all through school.
    7. Addicted to exclamations marks…lots of dots/periods & smiley faces! ๐Ÿ™‚
    8. A conscientious back seat driver in the front seat or to those driving behind…and yes, even those passing me!
    9. Wore braces for 3 years in my 50's.
    10. Must warm my coffee cup & thermal coffee pot before using!
    Must sign this anonymous until I finish my new book…so long insecurity!

  42. 142
    Doris says:

    1. I have withdrawal symptoms when I don't have a book within my reach – at all times.
    2. I have a fettish for sunglasses and candles.
    3.My daughter calls me a "gift shop junkie" because I can always find something to buy in any gift shop!
    4. My Bible always travels with me, along with commentaries, Bible studies, etc. My husband drags that big bag of books everywhere we go.
    5. I'm the peacemaker in my family and spend a great deal of my time being a referee and confidant between husband and kids.
    6. I NEVER let anything sit on a counter for longer than a few minutes in my house. You lay it down, it disappears within minutes! Drives my family crazy.
    7. I'm a bit obcessed with putting on the brakes from aging right now – that over 50 thing.
    8. I'm a "jr." – I was named after my mom and have Jr. on my birth certificate! A bit unusual for a girl.
    9. After 25 years I still can look at my husband and go "ga ga"!
    10. I adore gourmet cooking exercises on Saturday afternoons.

  43. 143
    Rebecca says:

    1. I was adopted at 6 weeks old.
    2. I just had my first manicure and pedicure last week, and I LOVED IT!
    3. I was captain of the danceline in high school. That is the closest I ever came to being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.
    4. My son just started walking last week! Pray for me.
    5. I only started drinking coffee about 4 years ago because of a home Bible study. Now I'm totally addicted! I even got my best friend addicted!
    6. I am pretty much obsessed with Facebook.
    7. I have had the same best friend since I was 5.
    8. My husband and I are leaving tomorrow for a weekend get-a-way, and believe me, WE NEED IT!
    9. I love to scrapbook, but I don't get to much because of my one-year-old.
    10. I have my second ever speaking engagement next month! I'm so pumped!

  44. 144
    Marion says:

    1. My daughter did my highlights last night (1st time ever) and it was the most awful thing to have my hair pulled through tiny little holes. End result was fabulous though.

    2. I love wearing my cowgirl boots & jeans.

    3. My favorite snack is yogurt covered pretzels.

    4. My house must be clean. Not polished & dusted clean every day, just neat and orderly or I'm nuts.

    5. I never fold my underwear…they just get thrown in a drawer.

    6. My favorite years are when we lived in Germany.

    7. I did some commercials when I was a kid. Tony the Tiger, Pringles, etc.

    8. I avoid difficult things.

    9. If I was rich, I'd spend money on weekly massages. Maybe even daily!

    10. I love LOVE. Romance, sappy movies, all that mushy stuff between a man and woman. Makes me cry.

    Married, 40's
    Round Hill, VA

  45. 145
    Marita says:

    1. I am a color pencil fiene.
    2. I love to eat icing by itself.
    3. Study of religious thought is my passion.
    4. I love to travel…anywhere.
    5. I love to read.
    6. I stare at people constantly.
    7. I listen to other peoples conversation in public.
    8. I always like to be the first to greet when I see the greeter at Wal-Mart.
    9. To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite movie of all time.
    10. I use a mascara that Melissa recommended on a previous post on this blog. Thanks Melissa!


  46. 146
    Tara is: says:

    1. I love ducks and have 3 for pets in my backyard
    2. we live in the historic district and our neighbors may or may not appreciate said pets.
    3. When my kids fall down for doing something stupid I have a REALLY hard time being nice to them while they're crying. (this literally *just* happened to my 22 mo old)
    4. My hair has at one point or another been every color of the rainbow…once even all at the same time!
    5. I hate drama, but tend to be dramatic myself.
    6. I try to start every day with a cup of coffee and my bible–it makes my day go better!
    7. I spent $350 on a bike I have ridden 2x in 2 years.
    8. I'm on a mission to sell nearly everything we own.
    9. I drive a mini van and the punk-rawk former me LIKES it. lol
    10. I would be a missionary in a minute, but I like our light fixtures and hot showers…God forgive me!

  47. 147
    Tiffany M. says:

    I love the fun of this, but can't begin without acknowledging that Jesus truly is my Cornerstone and the Source of who I am. Just doesn't feel right. Ok now-

    1. I don't own a pair of pants.
    2. I graduated with a vocal degree, then didn't sing a note for over 10 yrs. Not in the car, not in the shower-nada.
    3. My cake and ice-cream cannot touch-separate bowl and plate please.
    4. "Smell" is my strongest sense. My memories are all defined by smell in fact.
    5. I HATE to be late-to the point that I'd rather not go at all.
    6. I love to cook (so why don't I?)
    7. I (the non-pant-wearer) had a job in college that required I drive a forklift!!
    8. My 2 favorite beverages are Coca Cola and Cherry KoolAid. I don't dig Cherry Coke however.
    9. I cannot sleep with the bedroom door open.
    10. Broccoli is my favorite vegetable.

    Tiffany M.

  48. 148
    Tara G. says:

    ok, I'm roaring over the comment that the big hair must be organized!

  49. 149
    sharon says:

    1. will not share a drink with anyone

    2. have to sleep with all my clothes right down to socks

    3. have a had time believing God loves

    4. scared to death of darkness

    5. have to sleep with lights on every night

    6. talk to my dog kiss him

    7. love chocolate

    8. married the most amazing man

    9. cry over sad shows and good ones too

    10. scare of heights

  50. 150
    GlowinGirl says:

    1. I hate wet socks too!!
    2. And I'm a read-a-holic too!! I'll even read the back of a shampoo bottle when I'm rinsing my hair.
    3. I'm scared of dogs, wolves, spiders, snakes and mice.
    4. I backed into my dad's truck when I was a teen and their garage last month. I haven't told them yet because I keep forgetting. (Mom, do you read this?)
    5. I once drove my car over 85 mph down a country road and scared myself silly. I won't do it again. But I still drive fast. (oh, please, Mom, don't read this.)
    6. I love cheese, onion, mustard and pickle sandwiches — tomatoes optional.
    7. I love showers, not baths.
    8. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. Who cares what's inside?
    9. I "discovered" blogging a few months ago and am now addicted.
    10. I want to be a dolphin trainer when I grow up. Or a cowgirl.

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