10 Things You Might Not Know

Hi, Siestas! I think I’ve got a fun one! I saw this idea in one of those complimentary airline magazines and showed it to Michelle (who was sitting right next to me) with great enthusiasm and said, “I’m going to do this with the Siestas!” to which she dryly said, “Great, Ma’am.” (I adore her. To say that she has whiplash after going from Washington D.C. to Living Proof Ministries is the understatement of the year. She really doesn’t want to talk a lot about mascara and would not be caught stone-cold-dead in a pair of Capri pants. And never in her entire life has she had to keep a small bottle of anointing oil in her brief case…just in case her boss calls for it. She has also never before had a boss request a photo-shopped picture of herself on a Spiderman costume. A post for another time.)

I’m sorry. I have a little ADD this morning. Back to my idea. It’s not very original but I think it will be a blast. As we’re getting to know one another here in Siestaville, let’s hit the fast forward button. What are 10 things – right off the top of your head – that we would only know about you if we knew you really well? 10 random things ranging anywhere on your personal map that make you a tad distinctive? Or just plain weird? Think quickly. Don’t go for deep. Go for quirky. Don’t try to put them in any kind of order and don’t make them long. Just start typing. I’ll go first to give you the idea.

1. I have an addiction to Ziploc bags.
2. I hate wet socks worse than almost anything.
3. I was the only baby out of 5 born to my mother with no anesthesia. She never forgot it.
4. I wore braces for 12 years. I still often sleep in a retainer.
5. I am a read-aholic. I read over others’ shoulders. I walk the aisle on airplanes to see what others are reading. I read what’s laying on people’s desks during meetings while they think I’m listening.
6. I love Black music.
7. I need slices of cakes and pies to be cut neatly with a sharp knife and not gouged out with a fork. (Nearly just got a shiver at the thought.)
8. My children call me “Doodle.” I no longer remember why. Sometimes just “The Doods.”
9. I am a very slow driver.
10. I’m a go-girl. I love the rush of taking off in an airplane. I smile almost every time.

OK, Siestas! What about you? What are 10 quirky things we might not know?


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  1. 1001
    God'sGirlzROCk! says:

    1. I'm a chocoholic!!!
    2. Caffiene Junkie.. Starbucks is my BFF
    3. OCD with the color P-I-N-K!
    4. Hopeless Insomniac (ok enough with my addictions! Seriously!)
    5. I always start at the end of a magazine and flip through backwards
    6. I can pick things up with my toes
    7. I LOVE to celebrate Birthdays (except for mine HA).
    8. Eeyore is my alter-ego.. pessimistically optimistic!
    9. Crazy about giraffes
    10. Dream of riding the teacups at Disney World.. Ambitious, I know ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 1002
    Sarah B. says:

    1. I like to put Greek Seasoning on dill pickles.
    2. I'm addicted to online blog giveaways (I just won a car seat last week!)
    3. I love reading books, even worse, I love BUYING books.
    4. I'm a bit like a Roman Candle, I start a new project with all guns blazin' and after about two weeks I fizzle out.
    5. Just about everything on the planet gives me gas (I know, I know, TMI)
    6. I avoid doing the dishes at all costs.
    7. I think I could eat a sno cone everyday.
    8. I like Star Trek
    9. I know almost every word to the movie Beauty and the Beast.
    10. I am a tea junkie

  3. 1003
    God'sGirlzROCk! says:

    I know it's only ten, but I HAVE to add 1 more:

    11. OBSESSED with pens.. and I covet other people's pens too (shame on me I know!)

  4. 1004
    Debbie says:

    1. I am descended from 6 passengers who came to this country on the Mayflower.

    2. Creativity has always been lifeblood to me.

    3. My dad taught me to snow ski when I was 6 and I learned to water ski when I was 8.

    4. I detest being cold.

    5. My first car was a '65 Mustang.

    6. I was the second-ever female Honda driver at Young Life's Woodleaf (California)in the mid-70's.

    7. I have had 11 pregnancies (4 live births, 7 miscarriages).

    8. I prayed for my brother for 37 years and he recently came to the Lord.

    9. In 2002, our family had our last name changed.

    10. I love sewing, gardening and anything to do with photos.

  5. 1005
    praisinyahweh says:

    1. I once ditched school and went to the beach, feel asleep, and woke up with a sunburn that would not lie.

    2. I really love peanut butter and red onion sandwiches.

    3. I struggle with pride that is spawned from perfectionism and simple pride in doing a good job, and telling the difference between the two.

    4. I love the made for TV movies on Lifetime when I am sick.

    5. I imagine myself waltzing with God when I am singing a worship song with a three quarter beat … and have actually done it when I am alone.

    6. I would love to be like Martha Stewart and create so many beautiful things.

    7. I want to write a children's book about a mommy having cancer … that mommies can use to explain cancer to children in a way that they can understand it.

    8. I am writing a book about schwa e for elementary school kids.

    9. I know what a schwa e is.

    10. I would rather shower before I go to bed than when I wake up.

  6. 1006
    Julie Marler (Mammy) says:

    1. I am a very messy -but very GOOD cook!
    2. I have major sleep issues. Had this almost my entire life but it's just getting worse and worse.
    3. I will eat almost anything. Can't think of anything food I do not like.
    4. I love to eat out.
    5. I hate to clean house – but cannot stand a dirty house.
    6. I love to sleep late (probably because of #2)
    7. I LOVE to travel with my husband!
    8. I did not have a traffic ticket until I was 50 yrs old.
    9. I love Fall! I love fall food, fall colors, fall temps!
    10. I hate to shop!

  7. 1007
    Donita says:

    1. I'll answer to almost any unusual name that starts with a D
    2. I'll usually answer to my sister's name as well
    3. I was born at the same hospital where my 2 boys were born
    4. Recently I have become annoyed at spending grocery money on beverages
    5. What I love about kids books: when the author also illustrates a book, when a book says "The End"
    6. What I didn't know until I became a mom: I have favorite illustrators
    7. I do not exist on Facebook (do I really exist then?)
    8. I have a box of kleenex in every room of the house
    9. My husband and I are doing P90X (exercise program) together
    10. God keeps prompting me to buy books for people

  8. 1008
    Meli n Pat says:

    1. I would choose cheese over chocolate anyday
    2. I've hunted caribou, black bear, whitetail deer, turkey, and pheasant successfully
    3. I don't like salmon
    4. I never buy jewelry, only get it as a gift
    5. I have horrible feet
    6. I only wash my hair twice a week
    7. I LOVE Latin music!
    8. Red is my color
    9. for no reason, 24 is my favorite number
    10.I'm addicted to budgets

    Love you all!
    Melissa, Kenai, Alaska!

  9. 1009
    Laurie says:

    1. I love to nibble.
    2. I am writing a book.
    3. I love movies
    4. The sight of laundry draped over furniture makes me want to cry (and sometimes I do when I look at the efforts of my husband "helping" me).
    5. I was a UPS driver.
    6. I sleep in my clothes more than I care to admit…just too much trouble putting on pj's.
    7. I was a chronic liar as a child and stole candy. (Jesus has dealt with that.)
    8. I like complete quiet. No music.
    9. I smile at memories of running, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey. I felt alive.
    10. I am a cabin/lake/mountain girl, not a beach girl.

  10. 1010
    Candi says:

    I can't wait to read through all these!!

    Here's my list:
    1. I have situs inversus totalis: my innards are all out of place (heart's on the right, liver's on the left, etc.).

    2. In the 70s, I watched James Robison revivals on TV with my folks. Now, I subscribe to Life Today's video podcast.

    3. My husband and I have a 5-year-thing going: I'm 5 years older than he is; we dated for five years before we got married (although he proposed marriage on our first date); our only child was born five years after we got married; we've moved to a different city every five years of our life together.

    4. I love, love, love Chick-Fil-A! (We've eaten there three times in the last 10 days.)

    5. I saw an ivory-billed woodpecker once. Really.

    6. My daughter and I have "Sneaky School" (which looks a lot like unschooling).

    7. I love, love, love Cairn terriers. Mine is named Roscoe.

    8. I'm an avid geneaologist and an enthusiastic bird-watcher.

    9. When I was growing up, I often went to sleep lying on the living room floor in between the stereo speakers, with Bill Gaither Trio albums playing one after another. (Thanks, Pop!!)

    10. I want to visit Scotland some day.

    This is fun!

    Candi in Northern Virginia

  11. 1011
    Anonymous says:

    1) My 2nd born had to twirl my hair to go to sleep each night – miss that.
    2) always thought I'd have girls – have two boys. Wouldn't trade em.
    3) Love cold caffiene-free Mtn. Dew out of a can. Only indulge occasionally.
    4) When getting gas, have to stop on an even number.
    5) Never watched American idol until end of last year when our home town boy, Kris Allen, was winning!
    6) I'm a daddy's girl and had nicknames like "ring tail tooter" and "daddy's lil wheel hause". Don't know what either of those are but I knew they were terms of endearment.
    7) Love the smell of old cotton sheets, new magazines, fresh cut grass, and especially love to smell Play-Doh.
    8) Can't funtion without my list.
    9) I am not a morning person but wish I were. Don't like to talk when I first get up.
    10) I am getting more OCD as I get older – like reading this blog when I should be in bed! So fun though ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. 1012
    Anonymous says:

    1. i like to wear unmatching earrings. esp. long and dangling one one side and a post on the other.
    2. i dislike people who are rude to cashiers..
    3. major procrastinator
    4. love the snow, hate the snow
    5. i am a jewelry fanatic..
    6. i love texting
    7. i am hooked on facebook (major addiction)
    8. i do not like to get spaghetti in front of anyone
    9. i love to learn new things
    10. i let said new things intimidate me.

    berryville, ar

  13. 1013
    Hannah says:

    1. I hate the word "moist"…it's disgusting. *shudder*
    2. I am an always-Astros fan. Any season…no matter how bad. I love them.
    3. I don't talk to people before 10am….really. I just don't.
    4. the inside of my car is always immaculate….my room…not so much
    5. windows rolled down. music on. sunglasses. driving. alone. is my favorite
    6. I could probably quote Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, and Anne the Continuing Story…in their entirety…with different voices and everything
    7. books are my comfort thing ๐Ÿ™‚
    8. I can't ride a bike
    9. my big sister is my favorite.
    10. I hate….HATE for the bottoms of my jeans to get wet

  14. 1014
    bigdogmom says:

    1. I hate being late
    2. I can not stand the sound of a fork scraping against a plate
    3. I talk to myself and often get caught doing it then say I am praying
    4. You never know when I might burst out singing a silly song from Veggietales.
    5. I put potato chips on my sandwhiches
    6. My house is a mess
    7. I won a Mexican Riveria Cruise from a local coffee shop
    8. I pace when I talk on the phone
    9. I have three of the most adorable grand daughters in the world.
    10. I rearended a bus(really, I did).

  15. 1015
    Go-Between says:

    1. I too, have no middle name but two first names.
    2. I really disliked being called just Mary instead of MaryKay and actually prefer MK.
    3. I always read the last chapter first when I get a new book.
    4. I always read the acknowledgments, forward, and preface in any book I read.
    5. I collect books and love the smell of old ones.
    6. I lived in an orphanage.
    7. Each of my girls were due on March 17th and each one was a bonafide miracle.
    8. I had my last miracle (girl) at age 46.
    9. I love playing scrabble.
    10. I think I am addicted to sun.

  16. 1016
    Buldamari says:

    1. I adore music

    2. My friends tell me I am the closest thing to OCD without actually being OCD…

    3. Before falling asleep I have to watch the clock turn. If it is 10:31 I must see it turn to 10:32 so I know what part of the minute I am in, if I miss it I have to wait for it to turn again.

    4. I love to dance when I am home alone, but get really embarrassed if anyone sees me.

    5. I am an adrenaline junky

    6. Hate fish, yogurt, and bananas but I want so much to like them.

    7. Hate going to the doctor more then anything.

    8 My grandparents attended Haile Selassie 80th birthday party. (Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930-1974)

    9. I have the same birthday as Haile Selassie, which makes me feel connected to my grandparentโ€™s history.

    10. I love any type of art form… books, painting, music, film… I love it all


  17. 1017
    Stonefox says:

    1. I'm an expert toilet jiggler.
    2. I have super sonic hearing.
    3. I have faulty sense of smell, maybe because I currently have an infected hair follicle in my nostril? Okay, that is completely disgusting.
    4.Phil Vischer is the one who gave me an infected hair follicle.
    5. I live in Taiwan.
    6. I had a mole on my hiney (Dr. cut it off during one of my deliveries. I think it grossed her out.)
    7. I used to be able to milk a cow.
    8. I'm allergic to bleach. (TOUGH!!)
    9. I'm accustomed to picking weavils out of our rice and flour.
    10. I'm nicknamed "Glutes" "Legs" and other body parts by my crazy, loving husband.

  18. 1018
    fiona lynne says:

    1. I reeeeeally enjoy doing laundry
    2. My husband is a better cook than me…
    3. I don't speak either of the native languages of the country I live in (Belgium)
    4. I am an exceptional gift-buyer
    5. I am still reading wedding blogs six months after getting married
    6. Every single thought in my head shows itself on my face
    7. I love the smell of the butcher's shop
    8. I bulk buy chocolate chips every time I go home coz you can't buy them here
    9. I have sensitive teeth
    10. My sister also calls me Doodle for an unknown reason

  19. 1019
    Lynn says:

    1. I'm legally blind. (and blonde)
    2. Married my ski instructor 18 years ago.
    3. Love buffalo wings.
    4. Make my own kefir.
    5. Know 100+ Russian words.
    6. Have a 95 year old dog. (in dog years.)
    7. Love playing Mah Jongg
    8. Have had 5 foreign exchange students.
    9. love to cook Chicken Piccata
    10. Am a 12th generation American!

  20. 1020
    StrivingforFaith says:

    1. Not a morning person, more productive at night.

    2. Can't stand for my food to touch, and a picky eater.

    3. Fast Driver

    4. Fall is my favorite time of the year

    5. My daughter is now a professional actress at age 16 and finishing high school this year.

    6. I have a fabulous church family

    7. I had to close my office last year due to my health, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, thyroid cancer, etc..

    8. I don't make my bed often.

    9. I am OCD over everything else. I have a place for everything and I want things organized.

    10. My wonderful husband and daughter are both night people as well, but they are procrastinators!!!

    Spencer, Indiana

  21. 1021
    Cheri says:

    1. I cannot sleep in an unmade bed~~it is the first thing I do when I wake in the morning.
    2. I've never had a cigarette in my life.
    3. Clutter drives me mad!
    4. I have an inner Marilyn Monroe, but too old to find the zipper to let her out.
    5. I constantly have cold feet & hands.
    6. I'm addicted (truly!)to Hobby Lobby & Michael's Crafts.
    7. I appear extroverted, when in fact love solitude and being alone.
    8. I fantasize winning the lottery, being a fabulous dancer, and losing 20 pounds.
    9. I am a time fanatic~~I will actually get an upset stomach if I am late for something.
    10. I cannot stand phone conversations~~please EM or text!

  22. 1022
    Denese says:

    1.I love the soundtrack of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, especially โ€œImpossible; It's Possible!โ€
    2.Played with Barbie dolls till I was thirteen years old…made clothes, furniture, the whole nine yards.
    3.The peanut butter sauce at Friendly's…yeah, I think about it…
    4.Will not wear uncomfortable shoes.
    5.The perfect summer accessory…ankle bracelet.
    6.Dolce and Gabanna's โ€œLight Blueโ€ absolutely sends me…practically puts me in a trance! lol
    7.Every outfits starts with jeans : ) Love 'em
    8.Cleaning must be a game (no kids at home)!
    9.The whole house could be messy, stovetop is clean.
    10. Intense…can make almost anything complicated or difficult.

  23. 1023
    Nicole says:

    1. I usually say too much
    2. Im getting to know Jesus more more deeply
    3. I drive to the the middle of nowhere everyday to teach preschool
    4. Right now, Im suffering from a broken heart ๐Ÿ™
    5. St. Patty's day is my fave because everything is GREEEEEEEN!
    6.I will eat just about anything
    7. My job has been cut due to funding
    8. I love road trips
    9. I know Jesus will heal my heart and provide a job!

  24. 1024
    heartheldhigh says:

    1. I do not like my house to be messy (but right now it is.)
    2. Easter is my favorite holiday.
    3. I detest emptying the dishwasher.
    4. I love opening a new tube of toothpaste.
    5. I have the most precious 5 year old boy in the world.
    6. I am a single mama.
    7. My biggest hobby is reading.
    8. I smile a lot. I even one a prize for "smiling the most" at summercamp as a kid.
    9. I love to pray with my sisters.
    10. I don't watch TV.

  25. 1025
    Tricia says:

    1. Numbers and Letters have certain colors in my mind.
    2. Used to love flying, now I am clausterphobic and dreading my next flight.
    3. Trying to give up pop (soda), all kinds.
    4. My husband proposed in Paris, France.
    5. I went to college/grad school in France for about 15 months.
    6. Think forks and knives are male and spoons are female, as a child I loaded the dishwasher with this in mind.
    7. Kept my maiden name and added my husbands last name.
    8. Amazed at how much my 3 children look alike, so adorable at that!
    9. Consider Kleenex fancy (inlieu of using tp).
    10. Yesterday was the first day in years that I did not do hair and make up (actually felt good about it).

  26. 1026
    Deborah J. says:

    1. I love boxes – can't stand to get rid of any, especially fun ones.
    2. I love my little conure parrot like crazy…and I think everyone thinks I am (crazy that is).
    3. I love to work in my gardens and flower pots – as my husband says "playing in the dirt".
    4. I can't stand things unorganized and messy…so it MUST be love that my husband and I are still together after 12 years!
    5. I love walking through fallen leaves and hearing them crunch.
    6. I love lights…twinkly lights, lamps, stars, fireworks…I think it's an addiction.
    7. I like having small feet (size 5.5 or 6).
    8. I LOVE rain…and rain and cold is even better. I NEVER get tired of rain, even multiple, multiple days of it. I would have loved it if it had rained on my wedding day (it didn't).
    9. I have a watch fetish…it was the only thing I asked for on my 6th birthday (once I learned to tell time)…and I am never without one.
    10. I also have a pen fetish…I am very particular about what I write with…and I guard my pens zealously from those who will use them and walk off!!

    What fun!

  27. 1027
    Cindy says:

    1. When bored as a kid, my best friend and I would sit on the corner with our heads down and mouths open to see who would drool first…..
    2. Got a speeding ticket 2 weeks after getting my license (1 mile from home)
    3. I love flip flops – must have painted toenails to wear them though.
    4. I don't like other people's feet – don't like looking at them or don't want them to touch me.
    5. If bored at a ballgame, meeting, or any gathering, I will start memorizing things in the room and play them back in my head.
    6. I have to purposefully not correct people when they end the sentence or question with a preposition (i.e. "where's it at"?
    7. My dad calls me "sargent" (and I'm not the olders – I'm the middle child)
    8. Sometimes I type out words with my hands when hearing a song or someone talking.
    9. The first thing I take off when getting home is my bra.
    10. Never raised my hands to worship until my first Beth Moore conference in Greenville, SC (between listening to Beth and Travis – the hands just go up!!)

  28. 1028
    ellen says:

    1. i have a major fetish for baby names
    2. my husband calls me "baba" after a greek dish, babaghanoush
    3. i love walking down the school/office supply aisle
    4. i can't stand to journal in anything other than a moleskine
    5. i was voted the most likely to climb mount everest my senior year in high school
    6. i fell 60 feet climbing and shattered my back
    7. i have a bucket list that i review every year on my birthday
    8. i lovingly refer to martha stewart just as "martha" like i actually know her
    9. my sister and i plan on having a crafting empire together
    10. i like to sleep with a rain soundtrack in the background

  29. 1029
    Barbie says:

    1. I love frogs of any kind — live ones, stuffed ones, ceramic ones, etc.
    2. I was born two years before the Barbie doll was first manufactured.
    3. My middle name (before marriage) was Lucile. One 'l' in the middle, please, not two.
    4. I broke my left arm in the second grade, and continued to use that hand to write — pencils fit nicely in the hole of the cast. ๐Ÿ™‚
    5. I am "little sis" to two very over-achieving siblings.
    6. I would rather be . . . . . fishing, traipsing through the woods, any of those "country" things . . . . .
    7. I met my husband on a blind date. First and only one. I fell hard and never looked back.
    8. I always said I would never dye my hair. Ha ha.
    9. I do not like to eat tomatoes or eggs.
    10. I have a CWP (in order to carry my Bersa 380). ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. 1030
    Kathy B says:

    Well, rats! I didn't read this until this morning, thinking how bright and early I would be starting our new assignment for SLI. Yes, the teacher's pet has arrived:
    1. I love paper, scissors and glue
    2. I love bread; actually carbs of an nature, but bread most especially.
    3. I dislike cooking. Or maybe it just dislikes me ๐Ÿ™‚
    4. Is housework really necessary? Couldn't I just go play with the glue?
    5. I'm a nerd. Or so my teens have dubbed me. Doesn't everyone read encyclopedias from time to time–you know, the ones with pictures?
    6. I'm a recovering Pharisee…eew
    7. My creativity and mess seem to go hand in hand.
    8. I'm longwinded. Big surprise
    9. My three kids have picked up a nasty habit of sarcasm, and I'd like to know who's responsible!
    10. After 20yrs of marriage I actually think my husband is cuter than ever–he's starting to make me look bad. Sounds like insecurity to me.
    Kathy B

  31. 1031
    Anonymous says:

    1. I talk to myself all the time and, yes, answer myself.
    2. I drive fast.
    3. I am also addicted to true crime shows…don't care a thing about fictionalized ones…got to be true. Don't know why, either.
    4. I hate olives. Hate the sight of olives.
    5. Swore I would never color my hair. Now I cannot stand to see my roots.
    6. Love to read…especially true murder. Guess I keep trying to figure out why people would do that.
    7. I love the thought of being organized. Just not the journey of getting there.
    8. I love music of all kinds, but especially from the '40s.
    9. I love getting old.
    10. I love the thought of Jesus dying for me. I'm so unworthy.

  32. 1032
    Tammy says:

    1. You do not want to tickle my feet. I will hurt you ๐Ÿ™‚
    2. Love being around family.
    3. I don't like to be alone.
    4. A day of shopping is not my idea of fun (sorry Beth!)
    5. Love amusement parks. So fun!
    6. I leave cabinet doors open.
    7. Hate that I'm overweight.
    8. Love being around other women.
    9. Crazy about my kids.
    10.Addicted to facebook. (oh that feels good. First step is admitting it, right?)

  33. 1033
    Kris says:

    1. I love looking in people's houses when I'm walking at night and their lights are on.

    2. I love quality paper products (paper towel, tissue, tp)

    3. If I smell eggs cooking I can't eat them.

    4. I love a clean house

    5. I love dessert more than any other part of the meal.

    6. I do not let anyone sit on my sheets with clothes that have been sitting out in public.

    7. I do not like the way lotion or sunscreen feels on my hands….makes me want to vomit.

    8. I don't like to cook, but I'm good at it

    9. I want to adopt a little brown boy

    10. I ran track in high school, but can barely run to the mailbox now.

  34. 1034
    ChattieKathy says:

    1. I live in a "musical" in my head…always have a song to go with my circumstances.
    2. I love pizza.
    3. I didn't drink coffee until I was 40!
    4. I'm an only child…hated every minute of it.
    5. I gave my driver's ed teacher whiplash the first time behind the wheel.
    6. I only passed my drivers license test because the guy liked me.
    7. I won a local beauty pageant when I was 18.
    9. I LOVE the Caribbean…especially on a cruise ship!
    10. I avoid paying bills, and then end up with "late fees".

  35. 1035
    Anonymous says:

    1. I'm just as gray haired at 53 as I was at 40….VERY!
    2. Cooking and feeding someone is my love language and watching people eat my good food is as good for me as most anything.
    3. My husband and I read books together about things we don't talk about to anyone else.
    4. I have had 6 kids all individually weighing more than 10 pounds.. Three were over 11 pounds,
    5. I lived to tell about #4.
    6. I have a vision of my kids and theirs and theirs all shining with the Light of God in their eyes.
    7. I have an ugly laugh face and a REALLY ugly cry face. However, I do both frequently.
    8. I love having my nails done.
    9. Today is my mother's birthday.
    10. I find it amazing that the bird outside my window right now is singing like crazy and it is 32 degrees out there. ( I'm waiting for that warmer weather.)

  36. 1036
    Wonder Woman says:

    1. I use a pink highlighter in my Bible.

    2. I am NOT a morning person, but when forced to get up early I love it and pray that God will change me. He has said no.

    3. I do my best and most creative stuff after 10pm.

    4. In 19 years of marriage, I have had seven long distance moves. 13 if you count the cross town ones. I think it has been a blast.

    5. I get a little crazy if I haven't cleaned out every closet in the house twice a year. Hate clutter.

    6. I love authentisity, can't stand anything fake.

    7. I think Gladware is the best invention.

    8. Fall is my favorite.

    9. Pretend I don't understand paper work so that my hubby will do it. He loves it anyway!

    10. I blame the fact that I can't do flat hair on the fact that I am only 5 feet tall. I need that extra inch! (I know one inch seams flat to you Texans!)

  37. 1037
    mommy2boys says:

    1. I would love to have 6 children but my nerves only allow for 2.
    2. I eat no condiments of any sort – no may, ketchup or mustard.
    3. I was born with 12 digits (thankfully my mother had the doctor "remove" the extra 2 fingers when I was 2 days old)! You can only see a very faint bump on each of my pinky fingers as proof- and they are hyper-sensitive to the touch…ewww, I know!
    4. I had beautiful straigt hair before babies – after babies, it is wavy and bumpy in a weird way (not in a tousled model-look way).
    5. I met my husband 20 years ago, when I was 15, married him when I was 25, and we have been married for 10 years…I am 35 and have known my husband for more than half my life…I love that.
    6. I love being the only girl in a house full of boys (I have 2 boys ages 5 and 2).
    7. I detest cold coffee!
    8. I am picky about my food – I order everything "on the side" – my husband says I am the most complicated food customer!
    9. I homeschool my 5 year old and I am amazed that I taught him to read…how did that happen?
    10. I love to read…I used to read a book a week – but since my boys have come along, that is a luxury that I often go without.

  38. 1038
    Salina says:

    1. I see the world through the lens of a camera.
    2. I had a wonderful grandma who said words like "zink (sink), scheen (machine), and youngins" (children)
    3. I make an Easter basket every year for my dog Rocky ๐Ÿ™‚
    4. While in a library I rearrange books to their "correct" spot (can you say OCD)
    5. Not sure which I like better – music or books.
    6. I write weekly devotions and send them out through email & post on blog.
    7. I've always wanted to be an FBI agent.
    8. I LOVE praline and pecan ice cream.
    9. The 1st thing I notice about someone is their hair.
    10. I love the University of Kentucky Wildcats! (I work UK)

    Salina – Kentucky

  39. 1039
    Christine Murray says:

    1. I prefer to wake up early, before everyone else does (unfortunately, I have a 4 year old son who likes the same thing!)
    2. At dinner, I usually eat "around" my plate – that is, I need to finish 1 item before moving on to the next.
    3. If I don't wear socks, my whole body temperature is off and my hands are cold. (what's that about?)
    4. I love every season, except summer
    5. It took us 9 years to get pregnant with my oldest child.
    6. I love the tv show "Chuck."
    7. I LOVE being engrossed in a good book, but I don't do it often because I lose too much sleep when I do.
    8. I have been in 5 car accidents, none of which have been my fault.
    9. I am overcoming insecurity
    10. I am realizing I am God's beloved!

  40. 1040
    Terri says:

    1. I want to have a neat home, but some how I cant manage it.
    2. I love every season, especially winter and spring.
    3. I love magazines, especially Southern Living.
    4.I love to smile at people and see how they react.
    5. My family makes me smile most of the time.
    6. I have known my best friend since we were 6 years old and she is my cousin.
    7.My husband is also by best friend( so I have 2 best friends).
    8.I am a hoarder and a purger( depends on my mood).
    9. My doggies are my other babies.
    10. I love CHUCK and The BIG BANG and sometimes I am not sure why.

  41. 1041
    Michelle says:

    1. I have to have my dollar bills in descending order, all facing in the same directions and the bills that are most worn put towards the front so I can get rid of them.
    2. I was my maternal grandmothers "favorite" grandchild
    3. I come from a long line of priests-father's side.
    4. I hate it when my kids lock my car when it is in the garage
    5. I save change in my car, my kids even exchange change for cash. I think of this money as extra to be used for something not budgeted for
    6. I have my own "stash" of money that I have accumulated over the years from overtime at work and birthday gifts. I use this money to do something special that does not have to come from home finances
    7. I find home decorating very overwhelming
    8. I was glad to be the thinnest one in my family-for a time!
    9. My father in law called me "dolly girl"-it made me feel so special and still makes me smile
    10. My middle name is Elsie, as in the cow. I try now to let people know!!!

  42. 1042
    Judy from NC says:

    1.I can't play the piano but I used to play a saxaphone in high school.
    2. I love to read maps and plot out roadtrips.
    3.I am an actress in community theatre and won two best actress awards last year.
    4.I decorate my home in themes to match each month's holidays etc.
    5.I am not sentimental.
    6.I organize my closet by color, including shoes and this is a biggy.
    7.I have no concept of date ranges of historical events. Just can't keep it straight.
    8.I mainly only read self-help books (so the Bible and SLI are on the top of the list of course.)
    9. I have been on a diet all my life (but fall off the wagon!)
    10.I wear full makeup every day and have loved it since early teens.

  43. 1043
    llife-amongtheflowers.blogspot.com says:

    1. I LOVE mornings
    2. I do not know how to manage my blog.
    3. I have been trying to lose 30 pounds for 30 years
    4. I do not have a "would-bear-my heart-and-soul-to" best friend
    5. I want one
    6. I like to clean house
    7. One canned diet drink can last me ALL day (my husband is amazed by this)
    8. He still makes me laugh after thirty one years
    9. I am a T J Maxx addict
    10. I would rather write than type

  44. 1044
    Anonymous says:

    1. I got a job at a chicken factory and left after one day.
    2. I am a morning person but don't like to talk to others in the morning.
    3. I love to sit and listen to the ocean.
    4. I love Coke Zero, but limit myself to a 20 oz bottle a day.
    5. I love to travel.
    6. But I also love to come home.
    7. I love living alone.
    8. I wish I was more bold about sharing the gospel with my family.
    9. I am secretly addicted to the antics of the WWE.
    10. I have no clue about makeup.

  45. 1045
    Anna says:

    1. I worry about EVERYTHING. (Scripture memory verse #2: Matt. 6:34)
    2. I grind my teeth in my sleep – although it's probably not a little known fact. I'm pretty sure even my neighbors can hear it.
    3. All of my fingers are double jointed except for my left thumb.
    4. I've wanted a tatoo for about 8 years now, but can't make myself do it. (eek – my mom probably just read that)
    5. My personality is a carbon copy of my daddy.
    6. My older brother and sister's names both start with "J", mine starts with "A". "A" for accident? Most likely – but I wouldn't change it for anything.
    7. I love reading while outdoors.
    8. I'm addicted to list writing.
    9. I despise a messy kitchen.
    10. I keep everyone's secrets but my own.

    Houston, TX

  46. 1046
    Lee Ann says:

    1. Taco Bell is my favorite restaurant in the world
    2. Weigh my self every morning
    3. Canโ€™t go to bed until every thing is in its place, every dish is washed, every pillow is neat on the couch
    4. OCD organizer
    5. Obsessed with journals, paper and good ink pens
    6. Hate sorting the home mail
    7. Love to watch my farmer husband walk from the shop to the house at night
    8. Love the feel of a comfortable pair of jeans
    9. Really like to cook, clean and do laundry
    10. Hope heaven has a huge library since reading anything is my passion

  47. 1047
    Caren says:

    1. almost died when I was a week old…nurses told my parents to take my belongings home since I wouldn't be surviving. (can you imagine?)
    2. I could eat pizza everyday
    3. on the hunt for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe
    4. I like my ducks in a row but they don't seem to stay there
    5. chocolate IS medicinal
    6. love vintage postcards from my hometown
    7. childhood nickname was Termite
    8. love to people watch in airports. Wonder what their story is…
    9. wanted to be a court reporter
    10. my foods on a plate can't touch and usually eat all of one item before moving on to next.

  48. 1048
    Judy from NC says:

    May I just squeeze in one comment about this post? It reminds me of a game we three sisters play on roadtrips called "I've never" and we each take a turn saying something we've never done and it is amazing what we all learn about each other that way. Thanks, Beth for giving us such fun things to do on this blog that increase our closeness to all the Siestas.

  49. 1049
    Kristen says:

    1. I love to bake anything sweet. Its quite an addiction.
    2. I have 3 kids and I always say the 3rd one "served her purpose" of being a girl. (I would have loved a 3rd boy too though!)
    3. I will look at someone else's card in a game if they aren't holding them up high enough. I just can't help it.
    4. My kitchen table is always dirty.
    5. My 1st baby is going to school next year and I'm excited and kind of sad.
    6. After being prego or having a kid under one for 5 years straight I am finally back to myself.
    7. My ear has fluid in it and the doctor said the body would re-absorb it anywhere from 1 week to 4 months?????ewwww
    8. I need to get the kids dressed, but am doing this instead.
    9. I'm totally appreciating my husband more after a fun round of rainy golf yesterday.
    10. I just love reading all things Siestas!!!!

  50. 1050
    Melissa says:

    1. I wish I could spend every minute of my day reading my Bible, doing Bible studies, listening to Christian music and praying. I hate that I transcribe for a living and can't get paid to do God's work.
    2. I hate being overweight, but I hate exercising even more; hence my big jeans.
    3. I love pizza, burgers, fries, and Mexican food; again, hence my big jeans.
    4. If I leave the house without my IPod, I will turn around and go get it, no matter how far back I have to go.
    5. I love high heels of at least 3 inches, the color pink, great hair/make-up, and my "nails", but grew up a tomboy who HATED pink and frills!
    6. In the car, I will add up all the numbers of the license plates until it's down to one digit. For example, DAT 492 is 4+9+2=15, 1+5=6, 6 is the magic number.
    7. At a movie, I must eat heavily buttered/salted popcorn, then an entire container of Sour Jacks, all with a Diet. MUST!
    8. I hate being called Missy. It sounds like the name of a petite blonde; I'm a tall brunette. My husband calls me Missy and I bite my tongue constantly!
    9. When the lights are off, the switch MUST be down.
    10. I wish Beth Moore was my big sister. I could ask her questions about the LORD and get beauty tips all in one girlfried!

    It's been fun getting to know everyone!

    St. Mary's County, MD

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