10 Things You Might Not Know

Hi, Siestas! I think I’ve got a fun one! I saw this idea in one of those complimentary airline magazines and showed it to Michelle (who was sitting right next to me) with great enthusiasm and said, “I’m going to do this with the Siestas!” to which she dryly said, “Great, Ma’am.” (I adore her. To say that she has whiplash after going from Washington D.C. to Living Proof Ministries is the understatement of the year. She really doesn’t want to talk a lot about mascara and would not be caught stone-cold-dead in a pair of Capri pants. And never in her entire life has she had to keep a small bottle of anointing oil in her brief case…just in case her boss calls for it. She has also never before had a boss request a photo-shopped picture of herself on a Spiderman costume. A post for another time.)

I’m sorry. I have a little ADD this morning. Back to my idea. It’s not very original but I think it will be a blast. As we’re getting to know one another here in Siestaville, let’s hit the fast forward button. What are 10 things – right off the top of your head – that we would only know about you if we knew you really well? 10 random things ranging anywhere on your personal map that make you a tad distinctive? Or just plain weird? Think quickly. Don’t go for deep. Go for quirky. Don’t try to put them in any kind of order and don’t make them long. Just start typing. I’ll go first to give you the idea.

1. I have an addiction to Ziploc bags.
2. I hate wet socks worse than almost anything.
3. I was the only baby out of 5 born to my mother with no anesthesia. She never forgot it.
4. I wore braces for 12 years. I still often sleep in a retainer.
5. I am a read-aholic. I read over others’ shoulders. I walk the aisle on airplanes to see what others are reading. I read what’s laying on people’s desks during meetings while they think I’m listening.
6. I love Black music.
7. I need slices of cakes and pies to be cut neatly with a sharp knife and not gouged out with a fork. (Nearly just got a shiver at the thought.)
8. My children call me “Doodle.” I no longer remember why. Sometimes just “The Doods.”
9. I am a very slow driver.
10. I’m a go-girl. I love the rush of taking off in an airplane. I smile almost every time.

OK, Siestas! What about you? What are 10 quirky things we might not know?


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  1. 951
    Ramona says:

    1. I love Dr. Pepper and peanut M&M's when I am on a road trip.

    2. I love the warm wind on my face in the summer.

    3. I adore doing my bible study on my deck in the summer.

    4. I just turned 50- but can't admit that I am "In my 50's" I JUST turned 50…. (in June)

    5. Even the very smell of onions makes me GAG….and don't even think about the CRUNCH of one stray onion that may fall on a ordered pizza. BLAHHHHHHK!

    6. I love the smell of a campfire.

    7. I love the sound of cicadas in the summer.

    8. Having my feet massaged feels so good to me that I almost throw up.

    9. I teach and if I could, I would do a road trip from June 10 until August 20th (with my Dr. Pepper and peanut M&Ms)

    10. I only drink Dr. Pepper and eat M & M's when I am on a road trip.

  2. 952
    Meredith says:

    1. I just put in my retainer after reading about yours.
    2. Milk is my beverage of choice and I drink it with anything: fish, pizza, etc.
    3. I once drove a car backwards through the drive through because my driver's side window was broken. It was pointed out to me later that I could have just opened my driver's side door. Never once occurred to me.
    4. I broke both bones in my right arm in the fourth grade after jumping off a filing cabinet in my room claiming that I could do a triple axle – just watch!! πŸ™‚
    5. I love to read, but will not open a book cover all the way. I cannot stand to have the pages or cover creased.
    6. I adore the spring & tulips!!
    7. I never went to a movie in a theater until I was 18 on my way to Christian college.
    8. I totaled a car when I was 12. No joke.
    9. Though the orthodontist said I really didn't need them, I got braces my sophomore year of high school because I was afraid they might move later.
    10. I had a summer job in which I was told I would plant flowers. I ended up weedeating the whole summer.

  3. 953
    Teri~Facedown says:

    Oh yay!

    1. I love Dove DARK chocolate.

    2. I have an unhealthy addiction to scrapbook paper-but don't scrapbook often because I'm too busy!

    3. I named my dog after the TV show Gilmore Girls. (We call her GiGi for short!)

    4.I'm very passionate about EVERYTHING! (Drama much?)

    5. I talk too much!

    6. I'm fiercely loyal.

    7. I love my friends very much and never hesitate to tell them!

    8. My heart beats for teenagers–I just want to make a difference in their lives.

    9. My husband of 15 years rocks my world!

    10. I'm coming out of a hard season of terrible ministry hurts–but am getting my mojo back from sitting at Jesus' feet and letting Him heal me!

  4. 954
    JULIE says:

    1. I am obsessed with my middle name: Kathlyn & will write it on any & every thing that requires my signature.

    2. I sleep on the couch even though I have a perfectly good & clean bed.

    3. I LOVE taking pictures. I am a first year Kindergarten teacher, & I've taken well over 1000 pictures of my students from various events & activities.

    4. I hate wearing make-up. All I do every morning is curl my eyelashes.

    5. I cannot replace my Bible. I've had it since 6th grade (11 years) & it's full of highlights & notes & I just can't part with it. I've bought several different versions in the past few years, but I never use them.

    6. The year I got that Bible in #5, I took a razor to my eyebrows (the middle space in between) & I'm still dealing with the aftermath.

    7. I bought a lawn mower this year & refuse to use it.

    8. I cannot keep my desk at school clean to save my life. My car & my house are the same way… yet I'm a perfectionist?

    9. I lose my retainer all the time. I couldn't tell you where it is right now. I had to wear braces for 5 years, which is a long time these days.

    10. I used to jam out to Reba McEntire in my room at an age when I should have been listening to boy bands.

  5. 955
    Anonymous says:

    1. I TOTALLY love the 80s!
    2. I hate it when people tail-gate me when I'm driving…
    3. Today I yelled at a man driving a big truck who was tail-gating me.
    4. I was raised in a single-parent home – just my dad and I.
    5. Dads like mine are amazing, but they're still not Moms.
    6. I think Hello Kitty is really cute.
    7. I have double jointed thumbs and can bend them all the ways backwards.
    8. I love dill pickles.
    9. I love reading books I buy at The Dollar Tree – I'm currently reading one about President Gerald Ford and another one about Natalee Holloway.
    10. I'm way messier than my sweet husband – Lord bless that man for putting up with my messes!

  6. 956
    Anonymous says:

    1) I have never had a headache
    2) I deeply dislike applesauce
    3) I love the smell of horse sweat
    4) I have been coloring my hair since I was 13 (my aunt is a hairstylist)
    6) I love the sound of crickets in the summer
    7) I stop in the middle of the street to pick up pennies.
    8) I think stale popcorn is delicious
    9) I wish I had a southern accent
    10) I continually chew Big Red gum even though I burn my tongue when I chew too much (I just can't stop) πŸ™‚

  7. 957
    Anonymous says:

    1. I love Gain laundry detergent.
    2. I know more about football than most guys.
    3. I am six feet tall which I love now but hated when I was in the 3rd. grade (not kidding).
    4. Played sports since I was four and have had my knees reconstructed and have a bad back at age 33.
    5. I love fashion and Broadway and follow the blogs of people in that industry.
    6. I worked in TV News for a long time and have a list of ways I don't want to die since I've seen the footage of the aftermath.
    7. When I become interested in something I have to know everything about it.
    8. It took me ten years to get rid of my addiction of Coca-Cola, which I did with sweet tea (yeah, I know).
    9. I LOVED Barbara Mandrell when I was little (weird, I know). A lady started talking to me at a store last week and it was Barbara Mandrell. I lost my ability to speak for a moment.
    10. Been unemployed for a LONG time. In the middle of the night in January I saw my dream job was open. I applied never expecting to hear from them. They called the next day and after seven interviews I am going to New York City tomorrow as a finalist. And I'm a little scared.


  8. 958
    DBK says:

    1. My first job was tour guide at Graceland. I didn't even like Elvis! (sorry!)
    2. I can talk to almost anyone about almost anything.
    3. I have sneezed 21 times in a row, and that's just when they started counting.
    4. I love to cook, but hate to clean the dishes I mess up.
    5. I didn't have a cavity until I was 25 years old.
    6. My mom wouldn't let me do anything to my hair when I was growning up(she told me it would ruin it), so I was 30 before I highlighted/colored my hair.
    7. I married my high school sweetheart, and we've been together half of my life.
    8. I love the fall, especially the smell of the southern air when leaves are being burned.
    9. I love pets, but I am very allergic to them. When I was young I would pet our animals and then swell up and have to take a Benadryl and go to bed.
    10. I had a Canadian goose as a pet when I was little… It's name was lucky b/c it fell out of a tree in our yard and was almost eaten by our cat before we saved it and raised it. We thought it was a duck until it matured. My mom made Mexican cornbread for her every afternoon. She ate so much cornbread that she was too fat to fly!

  9. 959
    Debbie G. says:

    1) I love to read.
    2) I'm a clutz. My nickname as a kid was "Twinkle Toes"
    3) Due to #2, my dad made me be in a beauty pagent as a teen. I came in 3rd runner up
    4) I'm a widow
    5) I only eat M&Ms grouped by color
    6) I will be 49 years old for the "first" time this year
    7) I use to be a clown
    8) Due to #7, I have a unicycle
    9) Due to #6, I don't ride it anymore
    10) I'm a recovering alcoholic with 27+ years sobriety

    Thanks – that was fun!
    Debbie G., Jacksonville, FL

  10. 960
    Teri says:

    1) I absolutely hate traveling an interstate. I love to get a paper map and follow the backroads to get to my destination so that I can go through all the quaint little towns along the way.
    2) I love moving to new places and would ideally love to move every three or four years just to experience living in a different place.
    3) I once went to the health club to lay out by the pool, and when I took off my bathing suit cover-up, I looked down only to discover that I had my tankini top on, but I still had my white bikini panties on.
    4) The first time I ever saw a dog with one of those huge surgery collars on, I thought the dog had been in a ditch somewhere and stuck its head in a lamp shade. SERIOUSLY!!!
    5) I dream of living in the mountains in a house with a big, deep front porch with a great swing!
    6) I'm terrible about understand song lyrics. I'm constantly singing the wrong words to songs, and my kids constantly tease me about it.
    7) I'm nuts about New York City πŸ™‚
    8) I secretly want to marry George Bush (only if Laura dies, of course).
    9) One of my pet peeves is seeing a girl with a tank top on and her colored bra straps hanging out.
    10) I'm incredibly adventurous.

  11. 961
    k and c's mom says:

    Hmmmmmm. Do you think we like talking about ourselves? As I'm posting there are about 950 comments already. That's almost 9500 things you might not know!
    1. I love lavender scent in bath products and dryer sheets.
    2. I still need help turning my Ipod off and on.
    3. I wake up at 5 am without the alarm. Every day.
    4. I love fall, early morning, and really blue skies.
    5.I want to go on an Alaskan cruise.
    6. I need a pedicure but I'm very ticklish so I always put it off for too long.
    7. I love flavored coffee. HEB San Antonio blend is the best.
    8. I am very loyal.
    9. I have great friends.
    10. I'm tired of driving a mommy van–and all the kids have left the nest.

  12. 962
    lavonda says:

    I am totally laughing with MomofEleven…I do that too! Put things on my list that I've already done just so I can cross them out… πŸ™‚

  13. 963
    Audrey says:

    1. I clean my plate, everytime.
    2. I hate early morning showers.
    3. Don't wake me up with a beep.
    4. Don't wake me up with a light.
    5. Wake me up with soft music.
    6. I just erased the "real" number 6.
    7. I bait my own hook.
    8. I butcher and process my man's venison – no, I don't eat it, but my guys do – almost everyday.
    9. I count all the time.
    10. There is always a song in my head (right now…the Communion Hymn by Keith Getty).

  14. 964
    sillygirltree says:

    1)When my husband drives, I am only allowed to say β€œbrake lights.”
    2)I take a bath every night.
    3)Sometimes my mind works too fast for my mouth and it makes me very confused.
    4)I love riding bikes – just like a kid.
    5)I have worn glasses since second grade. Upon walking out of the shop with my first pair I declared to my momma: β€œThe trees have leaves!” – Promptly making her cry.
    6)I love long car rides.
    7)I cannot remember song lyrics, but love to sing. If you cut the radio off mid verse – I will be embarrassed.
    8)I am fussy about my handwritting
    9)I like butter, salt and pepper on my rice and have only recently discovered how strange that is.
    10)I have a hard time making up my mind…

  15. 965
    Dorinda Peyton says:

    1. I never lived in the south but have a southern drawl when I'm tired.
    2. I wore the exact same lipstick every day for the last ten years, until it was discontinued.
    3. I was seriously sad when I saw it was discontinues but have found a decent replacement.
    4. I don't do mornings.
    5. God wakes me at 5:30a.m. to hang with him despite my many rants about not doing mornings.
    6. I love to read.
    7. I have to make myself finish most books. That last chapter is so hard for some reason.
    8. I LOVE sweet tea!
    9. I hate to do my hair but like it big so I do it anyway.
    10. I'm a photographer and intentionally sit where whomever I'm speaking with is in the good light because I CANNOT listen to a word someone says if they're in bad light!

  16. 966
    Kara says:

    1. Love being the only person watching a movie (at the theater).

    2. Love shows about weddings (Platinum Weddings;)

    3. Met Hulk Hogan and Michael J. Fox when I was a kid.

    4. To me, a meal isn't a meal without some kind of dessert, preferably chocolate.

    5. Clap when I laugh when I'm thoroughly amused by something.

    6. Was named Ms. Wheelchair Ohio in 2000.

    7. When left to my own thoughts, I can be laughing histerically about something. Glad this happens mostly when I'm by myself.

    8. Not much of a make-up person, ironically I sell Avon. Good thing it basically sells itself.

    9. First concert was the Monkees. At that time, I didn't know about opening bands and thought we'd gotten jipped. We left, walked around, got elephant ears. We went into a horse barn. While petting one it sneezed on my food. Suddenly we heard the Monkees start singing so we snuck back into the concert for a little while. It was interesting night to say the least.

    10. Went on my first weekend alone about a year ago. Would like to do it more often.

  17. 967
    Susan says:

    1.I used to be a perfectionist, but you should see my house now!
    2.I love the smell of puppy breath.
    3.I like cold, gray, wintery days.
    4.I love to hear it thunder.
    5.I don't care that my hair is gray.
    6.I like to ride my horse.
    7.I am a good listener.
    8.I am not afraid to speak my mind.
    9.I love to stay in hotels.
    10.I will never drive a car again – only SUV's or trucks with 4 wheel drive.

  18. 968
    donna says:

    1. I love adventure, and love to travel.
    2. I take a bath every night before i go to bed and often stay in the tub reading long after the water has turned cold.
    3. I was robbed at gun point when i was 16 yrs old while working at a grocery store.
    4. I love to watch my boys play soccer.
    5. I love color in my house.
    6. My oldest son turned 24 yrs old today πŸ™‚
    7. My youngest son is in a wheelchair, he gets upset when people look at him, sometimes i tell him to stick his tongue out at them when they stare at him (sorry but sometimes people are so rude)
    8. I Drink silver needle white tea with blackberrie honey in it every morning.
    9. I love the mountains and the ocean.
    10. I once competed in a rollerskating competition. a Long time ago. but i still love to rollerskate.

  19. 969
    Sheri ID says:

    1. I like things symetrical and even
    2. I wear flip flops almost all year, in Idaho
    3. My husband and I are adopting from Rwanda, hopefully this year, been waiting for word for over four months
    4. An elk totaled my vw bug in high school
    5. I love spreadsheets
    6. I text, a lot, no phone calls
    7. I love the mountains in Co
    8. I was baptised in a Mexico river on a mission trip
    9. I do not understand fashion, hair, makeup; my poor daughters
    10. I can't eat any popcorn until the movie has started, not the previews or credits, but actual dialogue

  20. 970
    JMatt says:

    1. I still love snowball fights.
    2. I don't like things set at
    3. Making koomla(a Norwegian dish)
    with my mom rocks.
    4. My favorite color is royal
    5. I love reading books.
    6. Coffee…need I say more!
    7. I like the NFL as much as my
    husband does.
    8. I love candles.
    9. I usually have to "hurry" so I
    am not late.
    10. I love technology.

  21. 971
    Color me blingy! says:

    1. I have never shaved my legs. Don't have to because of some strange family thing. My mom and grandma were the same way.

    2. Strangers will tell me their life stories and then after about 15 minutes of talking they will ask, "Do I know you?"

    3. God has gifted me with an eye for color. I work in a paint store, but it started when I was very young. I can look at a wall or building or particular space (even when just framed in) and know EXACTLY what color it needs to be. Definelty a God thing!

    4. I am brutely honest.

    5. My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.

    6. My friends would describe me as a loyal person.

    7. Is aware of the fact that probably no one here will read this.

    8. Is in the process of writing a book….please be praying for that.

    9. I realize after having teenagers that this is why some animals eat their young!

    10. Wouldn't do it all over again if given the chance. I know that following Jesus is a moment by moment decision and I love that fact about Him!

  22. 972
    Kathy D. says:

    1. I separate small paper clips from the big ones.
    2. I have a terrible singing voice, but say a solo of "Oklahoma" in grade school. They must have been desperate!
    3. I have flipped over the handle bars on a mountain bike twice.
    4. I stand on my tippe toes when I put on makeup.
    5. I love warm cobbler and ice cream.
    6. I drive 60 miles round trip to work.
    7. I was not born in Texas, but got here as fast as I could.
    8. I like to exercise.
    9. We got 6 inches of snow twice this year.
    10. My husband is the best!

  23. 973
    Ivy says:

    1.i live on lonesome road. no, i'm not kiddin, i am serious.
    2. i cannot stand a dirty car.
    3. i love to read. anything. well, amost anything.
    4. i went to the same Christian school kindergarten until i graduated.
    5. i want to adopt. a lot.
    6. i get extremely nervous before a test. its ridiculous.
    7. i drive an hour to college everyday and then drive an hour back.
    8. i was named after my grandfather.
    9. my sister is my best friend.
    10. i am known as meals on wheels and miss charity. yes, it can get awkward.


  24. 974
    Anonymous says:

    1. Many years ago in high school, a friend and I took a school bus for a drive around the school parking lot- couldn't get it out of first gear!!
    2. I'm scared of most animals
    3. I love the fall
    4. I love my nieces and nephews
    5. My mother-in-law doens't like me
    6. I had twin sons that died
    7. I love being in a classroom
    8. I love Mexican food
    9. I have a phobia of mice


  25. 975
    Virginia says:

    Ten things? Oh man. That's hard, I'm a live-out-loud kind of girl. I say things I haven't even thought of yet. But here goes….

    1. I despise tea
    2. I hate vegetables
    3. I wanted to be a police officer in NYC
    4. I wanted to be a truck driver and drive a cattle truck.
    5. because I liked the smell, okay?!
    (whew half done…)
    6. At one time I could sit on my hair.
    7. My eyes tend to glaze over when someone talks to me about details for longer than 30 seconds.
    8. I can be rather wordy
    9. I live 10 miles from where I grew up.
    10. I can read 1800+ words a minute and comprehend most of it.

    There that wasn't so bad.

  26. 976
    angela says:

    1. i love love love pizza
    2. i dont like to talk on the phone
    3. i say iam going to get up at 8:00am but never get up before 9:00am
    4. i work 2nd shift
    5. i love to spend time with my husband children and grandchildren
    6. i have crazy dreams and love sharing them
    7. i love a good laugh with my best friend jungle jane
    8. i love to cook
    9. i love watching cooking shows
    10. iam not a very good cook

  27. 977
    Holly says:

    1. I play my children's nintendo DS and gameboys–and I beat the games when I play.
    2. Love puzzles, crosswords and logic problems.
    3. On the personality tests I am always opposite–the otter and the beaver.
    4. People think I'm a nurturer, but I am not naturally a nurturing person.
    5. If I sit on my hands, I fall quickly asleep.
    6. We had infertility problems for 7 years before the Lord gave us four children in 8 years.
    7. I like to doodle when I'm on the phone.
    8. My brain is always going in a thousand directions when I'm talking with someone–have to work on focus.
    9. My mom misspelled my middle name Raequel, because the nurse told her how to spell it.
    10. God speaks to me in word pictures.

  28. 978
    Color me blingy! says:

    1. I have NEVER shaved my legs. Don't have to due to a strange family trait. My mom and grandma never have either. Yes, I have to shave my underarms! πŸ™‚

    2. I am brutely honest.

    3. A word that discribes me well is "loyal".

    4. I have a God-given gift for choosing color. I work at a paint store, but from a young age, God gave me this gift of being able to look at a space and KNOW what color would look the best there. Even in a home/building that is in the frame stage. Go ahead and ask me for help but remember my answer from # 2 before you ask! LOL!

    5. I cannot run our family's TV remote without assistance.

    6. Currently in the process of writing a book….please pray about this!

    7. When there is a need for a leader among a group, everyone looks at me becasue I am bossy….er ummmm I mean because I can deligate well. Haha!

    8. After having teenagers, I now understand why some animals eat their young.

    9. Realizes that raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree.

    10. I am secretly wondering if any of you all are afraid of me now.

  29. 979
    Anonymous says:

    1.Gave up sugar,dairy, caffine and no longer eat anything that had a face!

    2.My GPS is my best friend

    3.I like things that are soft. Sleep with a little soft baby blanket.

    4. Love to do windows…can't stand to look out of dirty windows

    5.Love the smell of certain types of plastic, it reminds me of a new babydoll from childhood.

    6.I talk to myself a lot (outloud) and yes, even answer myself.

    7. I was at the side of my brother, father, mother and husband as they left this life and went into Glory.

    8.I am double jointed in my elbows and love to gross my family out with how weird it looks!

    9.I drink carrot juice and barley max 4 times a day.

    10. I prefer to make love with my husband in the early mornings, just before dawn. Ps…I have the best husband in the world!

  30. 980
    Anonymous says:

    1. I was stung by a bee between my boobs (can I say that?!)
    2. A few months later I was stung by a wasp on my butt (in a tanning bed) – I'm allergic to bees !!!!
    2. I love Werther's Hard candy
    3. I can't wear the kind of flipflops that go between your toes – it drives me crazy!!
    4. I eat ketchup on green beans
    5. My clothes have to be hung up by colors in my closet
    6. I have ready glasses in every room of the house
    7. I have to go to sleep with some sort of noise (fan, TV, etc.)
    8. Cannot go to sleep in pitch dark place/room
    9. I love the combination of a cherry coke and a fig newton
    10. I love Word Find Puzzles

  31. 981
    WisGalinOkee says:

    This is FUN.

    1. The teacher in me is wondering 'why' there are 900+ comments to read and enjoy but there are not 900+ comments on the harder assignments.

    2. The procrastinator and 'real' person in me says "who cares!" Let them post whatever and whenever they want!

    3. As a kid, as an Easter gift, I got the Osmonds's THE Plan record and before my sister woke up, I wrote on it 'to chelly with love,Donny' and convinced my sister and 3 brothers at the time that it was a signed copy!

    4. Wanting to be accepted — I went to school after ELVIS was on some network TV show and I told my whole elementary class that my Aunt was sitting in the front row of that famous concert and got his scarf !

    5. I CAN go to sleep with clutter around and dirty dishes in the sink.

    6. I have 'pulled out' and helped several baby calves come into this world when I was a 'farm girl'.

    7. I too have a pen fetish — I have TOO many different types and always try the latest or newest one from Paper Mate!

    8. I used to 'hide' the plastic bread bags I used to put my feet into (then into the shoes) back as a kid so I would always have 'warm' toes in the barn instead of having wet or frozen toes.

    9. I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters and I named the 'baby' when I was in college – Brittan!

    10. I tend to think I 'overquote' or over obsess about Beth Moore and have to confess and watch myself. But the past two years have been 'my earthquake' and only God's word and HIS direction through her bible studies have kept me from filing for divorce, wanting to hurt myself, and other such 'depression' issues. And, last night — I TOO slept with scripture taped to my forhead — as I AM not going to be defeated!

    Okeechobee, FL

  32. 982
    Anonymous says:

    1. i have to sleep to the sound of a fan…i even travel with one!
    2. i cannot sleep with socks on..eww
    3. i haven't had a coke in 12 years, but i used to drink them all the time and i could only drink it with ice and in a cup
    4. i have to have extra pillows to sleep…one on each side
    5. i love to read
    6. i am a slowwwwww texter
    7. i talk way faster than i text

    8. i love sushi
    9. i think it is gross when men have long finger nails or anyone has long toe nails
    10. i have to take off my makeup and brush my teeth every night before i go to bed or i can't sleep

    i just noticed many of mine have to do with sleep…my friends make fun of my night time rituals as they call them! πŸ™‚ this was fun!!!
    dana j

  33. 983
    Pam says:

    1. I am addicted to Avon chap stick
    2. My friends and a few relitives call me Pammie
    3. I love the ocean a lot
    4. I don't like to wear shoes
    5. I love fresh tomatoes out of the garden
    6. I love rock and roll
    7. I like to do random acts of kindness with out anyone knowing it
    8. I don't like fish
    9. I drive fast πŸ™‚
    10. I like fun fun fun

    Campbellsburg, In

  34. 984
    Anonymous says:

    1. I have never learned to ride a bicycle
    2. I was born with straight hair and now it's naturally curly due to chemo
    3. It drives me crazy to see food on peoples lips
    4. I can't go to sleep unless everything is in it's proper place
    5. I take a shower to clean off before I take a bath
    6. I can't think of anything I like more than to slip into a bed freshly made with clean sheets
    7. I love all music except Rap
    8. I love to read an entire book in one day, there's a sense of accomplishment in it for me that's just WAHOO!
    9. I'm a woman who has never dreamed of a beautful wedding, instead a beautiful marriage
    10. My right leg is shorter than my left

    Linda, Indio, CA

  35. 985
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    1. I love odd nail polish colors!
    2. I am horrible at doing hair. Good thing I have naturally good hair! God only knows why He gave me two daughters! I get so frustrated trying to give them good hair do's and myself too!
    3. I hate cleaning. My house is a disaster. I have been known to watch at least a clip of "hoarders" cause it makes me feel better about my house!
    4. I love to collect mugs.
    5. I absolutely loved college and wish I could go back. I keep reminding myself it won't be the same. I now have three kids, so I can't run around at night like I did before.
    6. My husband is a professional Boy Scout, so as much as I like airconditioning I frequently find myself out in the woods.
    7. I'm a hockey mom. No, not my son, my tomboy daughter. She's crazy, what can I say!
    8. I'm way too easy on my kids and am pretending right now that I don't hear them when they're supposed to be asleep.
    9. I want to write bible studies just like our siesta mama.
    10. I have never believed the people who say that I don't need every shade of lipstick and every shade of nailpolish ever created. It's all I can do not to buy them all! The idea of starving my children in favor of lipstick and nailpolish always stops me!

    Hey, I just realized I'm not totally boring!
    Shellie P.

  36. 986
    AbbyLane says:

    1. i have a birth mark on my TONGUE
    2. i can eat a whole jar of pickles in one sitting
    3. cain and able just fell out of my Bible. i need a new cover.
    4. sometimes i secretly wish i was from texas
    5. when i see a piece of glitter on the street, i make up elaborate stories about all the people's shoes it has been stuck to and what country it originated in.
    6. i like to fold people's toilet paper into a triangle like a hotel bathroom (used to be a housekeeper)
    7. i worked at a chocolate factory for over 2 years in college, and LOST weight while there.
    8. i love those soup spoons that are REALLY circular
    9. i have a girl crush on meryl streep and kate winslet
    10. i once ate a cup full of 'abc' (already been chewed) marshmellows for $20 at a church choir event cause i needed gas money to get home

  37. 987
    {Thirty} Little Piggies says:

    1. I thought I was destined to be a "boy mom" but God knew otherwise and recently completed my heart with a baby girl.
    2. I would clean all day long if my kids would let me. I ADORE an obscenely clean house.
    3. I wear earrings even with PJs because I look cuter.
    4. I have 7 books on my nightstand and I am in the middle of reading all of them.
    5. I have a love affair with the comma, I use it way too often in writing.
    6. I dropped a piece of my favorite brownie on the kitchen floor the other day and gave it to my son to eat and then ate his instead. He never knew the difference and it was probably clean enough!
    7. I am happiest when I am wearing pink or in a pink room.
    8. I DREAD pulling the plug up from a full bathtub or sink-just grosses me out!
    9. I don't have a single close girlfriend. Not one.
    10. I desperately wish I had a single close girlfriend, a really, really good friend.

  38. 988
    Chanda says:

    1. I am a middle child.
    2. I love containers, any shape and size.
    3. I love being single.
    4. I have an addiction for babies and children.
    5. I wear socks to bed always.
    6. I love to cook and bake anytime.
    7. I am not organized, nor am I prissy.
    8. I was delivered in 4 hours.
    9. I absolutely love the body of the church.
    10. I love candy!

  39. 989
    Anonymous says:

    1. In 5th grade, my bowling team placed first in our league because our handicap was huge because we were the worst bowlers in the league.
    2. When I was a junior in high school, I pierced my nose. My dad said, "take it our or move out." I took it out, but I still want one.
    3. Thanks to FlyLady, I am a recovering procrastinating perfectionist.
    4. I would do almost anything for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a strong cup of black coffee.
    5. My family knows where I am, like in a building for example, because I laugh loudly. Once my husband knew I arrived at a carnival because he heard me before he saw me.
    6. My cell phone is a Razor. It's not very "smart." I have been able to get a new phone for over 3 years.
    7. It's hard for me to text or write on my facebook statues. I usually use up all the characters because I use too many words to try and explain myself.
    8. If I could, I would be a professional student. I would audit classes at a university and learn all there is to learn.
    9. I participated and succeeded in NaNoWriMo November of 2009.
    10. This summer I am training for my first triathalon sprint.

    Stl Maries, ID

  40. 990
    Sandee says:

    1. I love my kids and so want to be better them I am and am so aware of how broken I am.
    2. I love making…knitting, sewing,…making…gotta be creating sometihng.
    3. I am not good with money.
    4. I hate tv channels, but love movies.
    5. I love lace and camaflauge pants…together.
    6. I wish I lived on a farm married to a loving farmer.
    7. I love to bake, but my kids don't love to eat baked goods
    8. If I led another life….I would have been an orphanage worker in a third world country.
    9. I believe in prayer….although I do not understand it ONE BIT.
    10. pink sheets and flannel pjs are just about the best thing, with a book on a rainy day.

  41. 991
    Karen C says:

    1) I think in music…especially when someone says a few lines that is in a song i feel i must sign the song, to myself because this is not one of my gifts!

    2) I am a clean freak

    3) I wish I would love to read all the time, I tell myself I do it is not working

    4) I have serious bad A D D

    5) I wake up signing a song

    6) I could dance everywhere I go if I wouldn't look crazy!

    7) when i retire i am going to take up painting and piano

    8) I love long earred bunnies decorating and flowers

    9) I plan to start a wedding planner business any day now

    10) I could be a travel junkie i love to go anywhere any time and i love new york

  42. 992
    Anonymous says:

    1. I'm a licensed plumber
    2. I hate to go to parties where it is catered by Costco.
    3. I hate to go backwards or upside down.
    4. Never eat donuts after 9:00 a.m.
    5. I lie about my shoe size
    6. I hate a dirty car
    7. I'm afraid of big waves.
    8. I hate work
    9. I hate to read the newspaper
    10. I think flowers are a waste of money.

  43. 993
    Auntie Pam says:

    1) I am a very, very caring person.
    2) I love to create with fabric and sew for others.
    3) I adore the just the lemon part of lemon merrange pie!
    4) I am very organized except for my sewing room and car, right now.
    5) I hate to diet, just love me as God made me
    6) I love and can really grow under Beth Moore's teaching style.
    7) I love to hold sleeping babies and rock them for hours.
    8) Enjoy learning new sewing or craft skills and then teaching others.
    9)I LOVE A SLIGHT COOOL BREEZE (I live in the dessert of So Calif)
    10)My Lord is my closeest and bestest friend and confodont.

  44. 994
    angie says:

    1. I love reality shows where the contestants come to the show with an incredibly honed talent

    2. I love funny or moving commercials

    3. I think a man who uses a thermos is sexy

    4. I enjoy watching golf on tv

    5. I've never had a speeding ticket, but talked my way out of 4

    6. I was 32 before a grown woman, my sister-in-law, said out loud she thought she was pretty. And she is, I had just never heard anyone I knew think she was.

    7. I wrap gifts extremely well.

    8. I move our furniture often.

    9. I can touch my nose with my tongue and put my entire fist in my mouth.

    10. My husband is "shut-up" good looking.

  45. 995
    Ashton says:

    1. I wore a head brace because my teeth were so bucked from 5th to 6th and then wore braces til 11th. I wore my retainer for a few years but since I have lost it
    2. I sucked my thumb til I was 10 years old!
    3. My nickname is Alli. I've been called, Allibug, Allitown and allicat.
    4. Sometimes on the fly I can make up little rhyming songs about whatever is going on with whomever.
    5. I've never liked okra and only tolerate it in soup.
    6. I've never pierced my ears and still won't.
    7. I love playing games on pogo.
    8. I can't stand seeing the toilet paper hanging under the roll and not over the roll.
    9. I am fast walker.
    10. I can't stand drinking milk. Never liked it as a kid.

  46. 996
    Lindsey says:

    1. I think most cereal is best when it's had time to get really soggy. My friends strongly disagree.
    2. I do not eat or drink after anyone that I wouldn’t willingly French kiss.
    3. I'm an artsy girly girl, but somehow, I don't enjoy shopping.
    4. I was one of those people who saw Titanic 13 times in theaters!
    5. I have a ridiculous fear of bugs, and once missed a college class because of a cricket between me and my dorm room door… not kidding.
    6. Although I dread the actual flight, I totally love the atmosphere in airports!
    7. Winter is by far my favorite season – LOVE it.
    8. Love ballroom dancing, and wish more (straight) men knew how to lead.
    9. I am a choco-holic and love all things sweet and sugary!
    10. I hate the word "chuckle." Just hate it.


  47. 997
    Ashton says:

    1. I wore a head brace because my teeth were so bucked from 5th to 6th and then wore braces til 11th. I wore my retainer for a few years but since I have lost it
    2. I sucked my thumb til I was 10 years old!
    3. My nickname is Alli. I've been called, Allibug, Allitown and allicat.
    4. Sometimes on the fly I can make up little rhyming songs about whatever is going on with whomever.
    5. I've never liked okra and only tolerate it in soup.
    6. I've never pierced my ears and still won't.
    7. I love playing games on pogo.
    8. I can't stand seeing the toilet paper hanging under the roll and not over the roll.
    9. I am fast walker.
    10. I can't stand drinking milk. Never liked it as a kid.

  48. 998
    Lisa says:

    1. I can't stand for my food to touch on my plate and I eat one thing at a time.
    2. I have 6 children.
    3. John Wayne has been my favorite male on the planet since I was 5!
    4. I am a great shot with any gun you put in my hand.
    5. I start a conversation and often jump out of a sentence into a completely different topic.
    6. My Mother died 5 years ago and I still miss her everyday…
    7. I love to read and so do 4 out of my 6 children.
    8. My two oldest children have been to Iraq and back..and there is not a better feeling in the world (Not even birth) that compares to seeing them come down through that gate….
    9. I love naps…
    10. I am a 911 operator and it's the best job in the world…

  49. 999
    Heather in CA says:

    1. I am very outgoing
    2. I will talk to ANYONE!
    3. I am extemely lonely, my friends keep moving away!
    4. I β™₯ teacups but prefer a mug.
    5. I HATE ham.
    6. I'd rather eat at McDonalds than a really fancy restaurant.
    7. I have boob envy (just being honest!)
    8. I have straight teeth envy, stopped wearing a retainer the second someone made fun of me in high school! Thanks Kim Garcia!
    9. Fall asleep "spooning" my husband every night and can't sleep without him.
    10. Loves to sing….too bad only God LOVES to hear me! lol

  50. 1000
    Cheryl says:

    1) Reading & music are vital to my life, like breathing.
    2) My Dad called me "Diddin Doll", he said it was the name I gave to my baby dolls when I was little. I miss being called Diddin Doll.
    3) I learned to sew at 9 and use to make all my own clothes.
    4) When I was a teenager it took 5 different people to teach me to crochet.
    5) I have a lead foot and what my family calls natural cop radar.
    6) My favorite TV show of all time is MASH and I can still watch it everyday and laugh like crazy.
    7) I hate snakes, frogs and turles. If I have a nightmare one of these is usually in it.
    8) I don't like cookies unless they are homemade, never have.
    9)I collect pens, have since I was in Jr. High. Love to write with nice pens and fun colors.
    10)I could eat chocolate for breakfast everyday.

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