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A Little Blog FAQ

You can always find a good balance of fun and serious on this blog, but every now and then, you’ll find a little business (or maybe we should label it housekeeping) mixed in, and today is one of those days.

The beauty of SSMT is that we’re all memorizing scripture together and holding each other accountable and we have a ton of new siestas joining us! God alone be praised. However, if you are new to the blog, or joining in SSMT for the first time, I can see how you could get a little overwhelmed or stressed out if you’re unclear how to navigate the blog. My inbox is currently flooded with emails regarding all things blog FAQ.  So in one fell swoop, I’m hoping to help each of us out.

To our veterans, if you see a question I failed to mention, feel free to chime in on the comments. And to our new friends, I hope this post will be both informative and encouraging to you!

How do I join SSMT?

I am so glad you asked! We are so glad you desire to be a part and we invite you to join us! To “sign up” all you need to do is enter the scripture you’re committing to memory on the 1st and 15th of every month on our blog. At the end of the year, that will total 24 verses. You are welcome to enter your first verse on January 1st by clicking here.

Or, you are welcome to hop in on the next SSMT post. They will always be titled “2013 Siesta Scripture Memory Team: Verse ___”

Also, by clicking on this link, you can retrieve every SSMT post so far. You can also find this link on the right hand side column under “Links” labeled, “Siesta Scripture Memory Team 2013”.

How do I leave a comment?

To post a comment, scroll down until you find the post you want to comment on, click on the little brown box to the right hand side that states the number of comments on that post so far, then go to the end of that post (after any other comments that show) to “LEAVE A REPLY”. You will see 4 boxes: Name (required), Mail (email address), Website (NOT REQUIRED), then the final box is where you type in your comment. Click “SUBMIT COMMENT”. When you click “Submit Comment”, you should see a message that says “Comment awaiting moderation.” This means that you did everything right, and now you are just waiting on one of us to approve your comment. No need to worry if your comment doesn’t immediately show up. During SSMT, if you could give us at least 12 – 24 hours to moderate comments, that would be so helpful.

How do I sign up for the SSMT Celebration in January?

Great question! We ARE having a SSMT celebration next January, however, details and registration for that will come towards the end of this year. So until then, all you have to worry about is memorizing and entering your scripture in on the blog.

Can I log my SSMT verse for a friend and me?

Our goal here for SSMT is to just be an encouragement and have a little accountability with our sisters, and a few brave brothers. With that said, if you’re friend has no access to the Internet and cannot login on her own, you are certainly welcome to do that for her. However, please do it under two different logins, not under the same comment. Does that make sense? We wouldn’t want anything to hinder anybody from joining in.

I can’t find my comment, did I do something wrong?

I can’t imagine searching through thousands of comments to find my exact one, however, I totally understand that you would because I’d be the same way. Grin. By far the easiest way to find your verse is to note the time you submitted it.  (Adjust your time to our Central Standard Time.) Just know that once you press “submit comment”, you will see the message saying your comment is awaiting moderation. Rest assured, you’ve done it right! Now you just get to wait on us. That is the message you want to see after you submit!  Also, because I’ve been asked, there is no way to receive a message that your comment has been approved. This is where you’ll have to practice a little bit of faith!

How do I subscribe to get the blog delivered to my email?

If you go the blog homepage, which you are currently on if you’re reading this, look to the right hand side column, and you’ll see a button that says “Receive this feed via email”, click on that and it will take you through the very easy process of getting this blog emailed to you each time there is a new post.

I recently got a new email address. Can you cancel my old email address and have the blog sent to my new one?

Your email is not stored with Living Proof, so if you would like to change the address that your LPM Blog RSS feed comes to, you will need to click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of your RSS feed email, and then re-subscribe with your new email. (See previous question.)

Is replying to the RSS feed email the same as leaving a comment?

I absolutely see what you’re saying here, but unfortunately, it is not. If you get the blog post sent to your email account, you have to personally click on the title of that post so it can take you to the live blog post itself and leave a comment that way. I typically get about 100 replies to RSS feeds in my email inbox, and I have a feeling that might be why some of you are having trouble finding your comment among the thousands. If you replied to an email, your verse was not received. Unfortunately, your comment is most likely floating out somewhere in the cyber world. If you are new to this and you hear this one thing, I think it will make both of our lives a thrill! I know how confusing it can get.

How can I download the SSMT app?

You can click and find the app here for all Apple products.

And click here to download for all Android users.

You can also download them using your phone or by searching “BethMooreLPM”.

What do I need to do to qualify for the SSMT Celebration next January?

To qualify for the celebration next January, Beth has asked us to log in to share our verse on the blog the 1st & 15th of every month, a minimum of 21 out of 24 times throughout the year. You are welcome to go back and post your verses to each week. We are very encouraged by you all!

I think that’s a wrap, folks! Thank you for being patient and gracious with us. We consider it a great privilege to love and serve you all. Seriously. Feel free to leave any question I might have not addressed in the comments. That way if someone has the same question as you have, we can all read it!

Oh, and just for fun, as I was about to publish this post, I decided to share a picture with y’all I snapped on Tuesday before Bible study. I happened to be the only one in the sanctuary for about ten minutes and it felt like the calm before the storm. The blog has felt a little bit like that this week, eh? A little quiet? We do apologize. But know that while it may be quiet, we’re thinking of you guys 24/7.

We love y’all so much.


Blogging 101

Good Thursday afternoon, Siestas! I’m not sure if this week has flown by for the rest of you like it has here, but whew, the fact that it’s near the end of the week and close to the end of May is slightly insane. Time really does fly when you’re having fun, or just flat busy. Grin.

I know this may be the most boring post of your entire reading career, but lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails and questions on the blog about this here blog and I thought we were due for a little blogging 101. This just means we have some new readers, which is exciting, so bear with me as I try to clearly answer some of your basic questions so we’re all on the same page!

1. How do I become a Siesta?

We are far from exclusive around here, which means, there is nothing you need to do to become a Siesta. If you read this blog, consider yourself a Siesta. However, if you want to get more involved by commenting and adding to the conversation, feel free to keep reading to learn how to do just that. Many of you have asked where the term siesta came about, and here is the back story: “Isn’t “siesta” the Spanish word for nap? Yes! Then why are our LPM blog readers called siestas? One time Beth typed out the word “sistas,” referring to our blog readers, and her spell checker wanted her to change it to “siestas.” The name stuck! You can read about it here. If you read this blog, consider yourself a siesta! It’s just another word for sister.”

2. I got a new email address, can you please update your contact so I get the blog emailed to my new address?

Unfortunately, your email is not stored through Living Proof. You originally signed up through our RSS feed, and we have no control over that. If you got a new email address, please re-subscribe with your new address and you should be good to go.

3. I get your blogs emailed to me, but it doesn’t tell me who the author of that post is. Can you please make this more clear?

That is a great question! Since the RSS feed does not provide an author name at the top of the post in your email, the easiest thing for you to do is to click on the link to that particular post, and the author’s name of that post should be under each title.

4. If I “reply” to a blog post that has been emailed to me through the RSS feed, does that mean I’m leaving a comment on the blog?

Although that seems ideal, it actually does not work that way. If you hit “reply”, you are simply sending an email to the blog. To leave a comment, see the next question. This will help both of us out!

5. How do I leave a comment?

I’m so glad you asked! Each blog post has a title, under each title there is a little brown box that has a number in it. That is where you leave a comment.

Step 1) Simply click on the brown box and it will take you to the current comments.

Step 2) Scroll to the bottom of the comments page, and you will see a box that says, “Leave a Reply”.

Step 3) Under that there is a box for your name, an email address, and a website. You do not have to have a website to comment, only your name and email address are required. Once you’ve filled out the appropriate boxes, type your comment in the empty box provided, then hit the little button that says “Submit Comment”.

Step 4) Once you’ve submitted your comment, it will show up as you’ve typed it out, and out to the side it will say, “Awaiting moderation”. If you see that, you have correctly submitted your comment which means that now either Beth or myself will publish it once we read and approve it. We try to moderate comments in a timely manner, but thank you so much for being patient with us! We moderate them to both eliminate spam, and any unrelated comments or questions. Please know as hard as we try to read every comment, we reserve the right to moderate without reading, especially if we have 500 waiting to be moderated. If you have something that you do not want shared on the world wide web, please be careful when posting, even if you write “please do not publish this comment”, we may not catch it in time. The best way to share something privately is through our contact page here. That is the most appropriate and efficient way to get questions answered and for private matters to stay private matters.

6. How do I sign up for the Summer Bible study?

Tuesday, June 26, will be our official launch day. By then you should have your group assembled and workbooks purchased.  You will sign up by simply commenting and answering a few fun questions about your group.

7. Is there a way I can search for an old blog post?

If you look to the right of the blog, in the right hand column under the “Welcome to the blog of Living Proof Ministries” there is a search bar, there you can type in the blog you are looking for and it should bring up a variety of blogs that match your search.

8. How do I receive the blog in my email inbox?

If you’re looking on the right column again, there is a link that says, “Receive feed via email”, simply click on that and it will  take you to a feed-burner page where you’ll insert your email address. Then you should be good to go!

9. The blog posts seem to take a while to get to my inbox, is there a way I can get it faster so I don’t miss out on the Q&A’s or the giveaways?

This is so common and I am so sorry! I realize you are getting the blog to delivered to your email so that you don’t have to check the blog daily, but we have no control over when you get your blog post from the time we published it. Since it comes through a 3rd party feedburner, the timing of it actually depends on your internet provider and when their server information is updated. This may be the reason your neighbor gets it within an hour while you don’t receive it until that night. Again, so sorry there is nothing we can do for you!

Congrats on making it through the entire post. I hope it was somewhat helpful. We love y’all and want to serve you well!


All Things Social Media

Good afternoon, Siestas!

I have a few housekeeping items that I wanted to share with all of you so I hopped on real quick.

Oh, but before I get into the details, could you please give the Lord some praise with us? We woke up to 50-degree weather this morning and it was glorious. We’ve been waiting for this day since March. In fact, we were so thrilled we ate lunch outside today. Thank you, Lord!

First off, we are all up in social media’s business. Doesn’t that make you so happy? Never do I want social media to replace my real life, face-to-face friendships, but let’s be honest, the times are changing and social media is big deal. Of course, we here on the blog are well aware of social media because well, that’s exactly what this blog is. Grin.

Secondly, as you can see we are having a few blog formatting issues. A few of you have brought it to our attention and we just want you to know that we’re working on it. Please be patient with us as we fix this minimal issue. We know it makes commenting a little more difficult because of where everything is placed, but know that we still have commenting capabilities, you just have to search a little harder for it. Y’all are always so sweet to bring things to our attention that we may not see right away!

Thirdly, and I’m not sure why we haven’t said anything up until now, but we have an official Living Proof Ministries facebook page. Can I get an amen? If you’re on facebook and want to join us just click here and “Like” our page. How easy is that? So far we’re just posting status updates and pictures, but it’s been fun learning all things “pages” on facebook. Help us spread the word and share the love.

Fourthly, thanks to our third item, we have now created a SSMTC event on our facebook page. Because we know the vast majority of you are traveling from all over the U.S., we decided this might be an easier way to connect with other Siestas coming from your state as opposed to putting your information out there on the blog. Please know that by “attending” this on facebook, does not mean you are registered. We still need you to register for the celebration on our website by clicking here, but this will be a wonderful avenue of connection with other Siestas. You have all the privacy control you want on facebook. Aren’t you so thankful for that? Click here to see the invite and attend! Yay, facebook events!

Fifth, and lastly, we now have a twitter account for Siestaville. Y’all, seriously, we’re going all out over here. So, if you have twitter and want to join in on the fun, just simply follow @Siestaville. Easy peasy! This account will be both fun and informative.

Well, ladies, that’s all I’ve got for today. Whew!

With all of that said, don’t forget to hug someone today. Or tell them you love them. Face to face. It’s just different and unexpected in this media crazed world. We love y’all!