Thanksgiving 2014 Giveaway!

Congratulations to you both! Below are names of our 2 winners drawn using  If you see your name and comment number below, please watch today for an email from LPM.  Reply with your mailing address just as quickly as possible so we can get your goodies in your hands.  It was a great pleasure reading all the entry comments and encouragement. Happy Thanksgiving!

#2365 – Kimberly Beasley
#2394 – Elizabeth White


Thanksgiving is just days away, Sisters! Since this particular holiday, like no other on our annual calendar, centers almost entirely around a meal, it brings a whole passel of us to the kitchen.  So, your friends here at Living Proof thought we would have some fun with you by wrapping up a few fabulous items for the family feast.

We have prepared two identical baskets, enabling us to do a random drawing of TWO WINNERS among the commenters to this post. That’s all you have to do to enter. Just leave one comment and on Thursday morning, we’ll close the comments and draw our two winners and announce their names at the top of this post.

The goodies from these baskets contain items from the two largest kitchen stores in Houston: Williams-Sonoma and Sur la Table.  When it comes to cooking, it doesn’t get better than that. [You will see each item in a separate picture so you can get a good look at them.]  I so hope the baskets end up in the hands of a couple of women who could really stand to feel a little extra-special right now or perhaps are on such a tight budget that these items would feel like a fantastic splurge. I’m looking today for entries of some women who’d slap the table with joy over ending up with these. You are all so loved and esteemed here at Living Proof and you are valuable beyond price or description to the Kingdom of Christ.





2,863 Responses to “Thanksgiving 2014 Giveaway!”

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  1. 2501
    Mary McInnes says:

    That’s a great way to start the holiday season! Thanks so much.

  2. 2502
    Michelle B. says:

    Blessings to you and your staff. What an awesome idea!

  3. 2503
    Cathy Enoch says:

    His love endures forever!!!

  4. 2504
    Lori rife says:

    Would love this gift ! You insure me!!

  5. 2505

    Wonderful! I am thankful for you all. Thank you for thinking of us.

  6. 2506

    Thank you so much for all you do, Beth Moore and LPM – your ministry has shaped the lives of so many women and those whom they influence. May the Lord refresh and bless you each as you continue to bring Him glory!


  7. 2507
    Jennie Freeman says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your generosity and thank you for being such a huge blessing to all of us. May God continue to bless you as you bless so many women around the world.

    Grateful for Him and you!

  8. 2508

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  9. 2509
    Gail says:

    Just finished The Children of the Day Bible Study – God used your study in a mighty way in our church group. Thank you Sister Loved by God.

  10. 2510
    Sue. Dawson says:

    What a wonderful idea God bless!

  11. 2511
    Tiffany Spangler says:

    I just finished Children of the Day and I think you are wonderful!!

  12. 2512
    Jaime Campbell says:


  13. 2513
    Evie Clausen says:

    I’m so excited to have all of my children home for Thanksgiving this year….and a few more 🙂

  14. 2514
    Margaret Reighn says:

    Ephesians 3:20 Now unto Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all we ask for or think, according to the power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever Amen!
    Thank you for sharing all that God has given you and passing it on to all of and many generations to come…. I know that we have loved your studies and because of them and being in his word.. I have come to really know the living Christ Jesus..
    Thank You!!

  15. 2515
    Melissa Kaul says:

    Wow, how wonderful! What a blessing it has been for me to find living proof ministries!

  16. 2516
    Lynda LeVan says:

    These are so nice! If I win one, I might actually want to cook Thanksgicing.

  17. 2517
    Melissa Synnott says:

    I would LOVE to win this basket! I heart Living Proof Ministries!

  18. 2518
    Yvonne Garrett says:

    Love spending time with family and giving thanks to God for all of it!

  19. 2519
    Michelle Moody says:

    Hi Beth!!
    I love your ministries!!! I just finished Breaking Free (updated) along with 2 sister friends. I cannot begin to tell you how much it has changed my life. Right after the holidays we plan to start Children of the Day and I am so excited!! I love your giveaway proving once again how God has blessed you with a spirit of giving… Thank you for allowing God to use you to help others!!
    Sisters in Christ,

  20. 2520
    Christine O. says:

    There have been many ups and downs this year. My highest was getting to see Beth live in Hershey, PA. The lowest was the sudden death of my father. My mom now lives with us and my sister’s family is truly just getting by. I would love to be able to give them one of these baskets. Thank you for all that you do through out the year.

  21. 2521
    Marcy Larance says:

    Thanks so much for doing this give away. Awesome how
    you are always giving. Love you & your ministry.

  22. 2522
    Janis Bailey says:

    So thankful for your ministry, and what it has meant in my life!!

  23. 2523
    Barbara says:

    God will find the perfect home in which to place these wonderful ingredients. What a gracious gift from 2 of my favorite stores!

  24. 2524
    Darlene Starr says:

    I have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving: two new grandbabies, three wonderful daughters-in-law, making on my changed salary, living in a glory-filled place, supportive, beautiful friends but our empty chair is because of the loss of our oldest son. Died from cancer in February and keeping my eyes on thankfulness has been key to stopping the worst of the grief. I say everyday, thank you Lord for not letting go of me.

  25. 2525
    Denise Jarrett says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the give away. I would love to win.

  26. 2526
    Sandra Johnson says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your staff. Enjoy your ministry. I am thankful !!! Thank you

  27. 2527
    Candy says:

    Love Thanksgiving and I’d LOVE to have one of these baskets. I just spent the last 9 weeks with you Beth doing the “Children of the Day” bible study with a group of ladies at my church. I’m missing you already! Can’t wait to see what God does in all our lives. You blessed us with your teaching; we are THANKFUL for you!

  28. 2528
    Michelle Hales says:

    What a lovely prize!

  29. 2529
    Pam Burkham says:

    I am so overjoyed that you are highlighting Thanksgiving because it is a holiday that has been forgotten – it is between Halloween and Christmas which have become money makers.
    I am so thankful for my Savior, for my Pastors, for folks like you Beth and the Living Proof Ladies who share the gospel and of course for my family.
    My husband and I will be hosting extended and close family for our second year and the goodies would be appreciated.
    You are Loved.

  30. 2530
    Sue says:


  31. 2531
    Marie says:

    Feeling very thankful this year.. My husband has been battling cancer for 2years and it is taking its toll. Feeling thankful to have him with us this year, and for all of the blessings God has showered us with. Praying that these baskets will be sent to Gods intended recipients.

  32. 2532
    Donna McClure says:

    Beth, I love your ministry and your teachings. You have help me gain a deeper walk with our LORD JESUS. I pray you and your family have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

  33. 2533
    Nicole Tomberlin says:

    Beautiful baskets and such a thoughtful gesture! Jesus bless you and your staff!

  34. 2534
    Jessie H says:

    Just finished your Children of the Day study tonight! Thank you for your teachings!

  35. 2535
    Darla Lair says:

    WOW, all those goodies!Thanksgiving blessings for sure

  36. 2536
    Annette Miller says:

    What a thoughtful and generous gift. Happy early Thanksgiving. God bless you!

  37. 2537
    Kristen F. says:

    I love Thanksgiving!

  38. 2538
    Katie Rodriguez says:

    Particularly thankful for the work God has done through Beth! I’m a brand new Christian and participating in my first bible study learning about the fruit of the spirit <3 never have I felt so thankful as I do this blessed year! Praise Jesus for all He has done!!

  39. 2539
    sylvia says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  40. 2540
    Donna says:

    What a great gift! I always enjoy time with family and cooking together.

  41. 2541
    Andrea says:

    Comment! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  42. 2542
    Jane Smith says:

    Thankful for your ministry!

  43. 2543
    Nicole Jones says:

    What a special gift for Thanksgiving!

  44. 2544
    Angela Gibbons says:

    That stuffing looks awsome!!

  45. 2545
    Cynthia Love says:

    Thank you LPM! Happy Thanksgiving!

  46. 2546
    Gaylene Carpenter says:

    This is just like you- so very sweet. This year has been a rough year emotionally and physically, however, God is good and has blessed me over and over again. I am forever thankful for His forgiveness, love, and grace, all so undeserved.

  47. 2547
    Elaine Till says:

    This year my family has so much to be thankful for ,had alot of ups and downs ,and heartbreak but God is good and will see us through! I’m wishing you and yours a blessed thanksgiving !

  48. 2548
    Linda Kowalski says:

    Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family giving thanks for all the blessings that God has bestowed on us over the year. LPM is such a blessing, with a heart for reaching the lost. God truly has blessed this ministry.

  49. 2549
    Marilyn Russell says:

    What an amazing giveaway! Thanks so much for this chance!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  50. 2550
    Amy Pettigrew says:

    Would love the basket! Please enter me! Thanks