Thanksgiving 2014 Giveaway!

Congratulations to you both! Below are names of our 2 winners drawn using  If you see your name and comment number below, please watch today for an email from LPM.  Reply with your mailing address just as quickly as possible so we can get your goodies in your hands.  It was a great pleasure reading all the entry comments and encouragement. Happy Thanksgiving!

#2365 – Kimberly Beasley
#2394 – Elizabeth White


Thanksgiving is just days away, Sisters! Since this particular holiday, like no other on our annual calendar, centers almost entirely around a meal, it brings a whole passel of us to the kitchen.  So, your friends here at Living Proof thought we would have some fun with you by wrapping up a few fabulous items for the family feast.

We have prepared two identical baskets, enabling us to do a random drawing of TWO WINNERS among the commenters to this post. That’s all you have to do to enter. Just leave one comment and on Thursday morning, we’ll close the comments and draw our two winners and announce their names at the top of this post.

The goodies from these baskets contain items from the two largest kitchen stores in Houston: Williams-Sonoma and Sur la Table.  When it comes to cooking, it doesn’t get better than that. [You will see each item in a separate picture so you can get a good look at them.]  I so hope the baskets end up in the hands of a couple of women who could really stand to feel a little extra-special right now or perhaps are on such a tight budget that these items would feel like a fantastic splurge. I’m looking today for entries of some women who’d slap the table with joy over ending up with these. You are all so loved and esteemed here at Living Proof and you are valuable beyond price or description to the Kingdom of Christ.





2,863 Responses to “Thanksgiving 2014 Giveaway!”

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  1. 2601
    Melissa Jahnigen says:

    What a blessing!

  2. 2602
    Mary says:

    I had the opportunity to see Beth Moore in Biloxi, Ms this year and it was powerful. We are now doing Children of the Day! #hungryfortheword #thanksgivingintheheart

  3. 2603
    Molly says:

    I’m thankful for the whole Living Proof ministry at Thanksgiving!

  4. 2604
    Sarah Collison says:

    So fun! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. And I am forever grateful for this ministry and the impact it has had on my faith journey. Thank you for all you ladies do! ♡

  5. 2605
    Beth McCarthy says:

    thank you for the wonderful giveaway! My mom would love this!

  6. 2606
    Stephanie Knight says:

    Nice to see a Thanksgiving happy since Christmas trees are already going up everywhere!

  7. 2607
    Julie Waag says:

    So thankful for your ministry! God is working through you!

  8. 2608
    Becky Hardy says:

    Would love to win!!! 🙂

  9. 2609
    Ladonna Garbison says:

    What a beautiful basket!!! Would be sooo fun to have! Having all my kids home for Thanksgiving!

  10. 2610
    Darla jesser says:

    Thanksgiving is my favorite! Probably because I was born on Thanksgiving 53 years ago this year. My 4 older brothers(yes, I was the only girl) always have called me the “turkey of the family!” Yes- I love them anyway!:)

  11. 2611
    Patty Wulf says:

    God is so good! He has blessed me with two beautiful children, and two wonderful grandkids. I’m thankful everyday that I can support them!
    Thank you for your blog, it encourages me everyday.

  12. 2612
    Lois says:

    May we all remember our many blessing with gratitude not only the Thanksgiving time, but every day.

  13. 2613
    Michelle Deavenport says:

    I would love to share this beautiful basket with my sister. She lost her daughter a few months ago.

  14. 2614
    Sue moore says:

    What a wonderful treat for Thanksgiving! It is beautiful and it would be a honor to win. God bless each one of you and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. 2615
    Sheila Stas says:

    Beth, thank you for serving the Lord and blessing us with your studies. I would love to win this basket for my daughter. My oldest daughter just found out a couple of weeks ago that she has Type 1 Diabetes. She is 26 years old and loves to bake. She is learning to change her recipes and I think this would be such an encouraging gift for her! Thank you!

  16. 2616
    Diane Wilson says:

    blessed beyond measure and would submit Jenny, a mother of 4 with 2 year old triplets for this blessing!

  17. 2617
    Linda says:

    What a blessing this ministry is. These baskets are great prize!

  18. 2618
    Karen Mathis says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. What with all the Christmas decorations already displayed everywhere, they just give us a chance to tell those complaining that we love celebrating the birth of our Jesus all the time, before and after Thanksgiving.

  19. 2619
    Theresa Lohr says:

    Ladies group at my church just finished Children of the Day. WOW is all we can say! Also love the simucasts! Thanking God for you and your ministry.

  20. 2620
    Betty Clark says:

    The gifts look fabulous! How fun!

  21. 2621
    Jean Gross says:

    Bless you Beth & Lifeway Ministries, such a blessing to so many. May God continue to use you and those who work at Lifeway in mighty ways.

  22. 2622
    Robin Burcham says:

    i just finished leading “So Long Insecurity” with a lovely group of ladies. What a joy to enter this season with a new perspective and just in time for the holidays,lots of triggers to overcome with fresh “ammunition”!! You’re a blessing!!

  23. 2623
    Vickie says:

    Love all of these! What a blessing they would be!

  24. 2624
    Carisa H. says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. 2625
    Lainee says:

    Love LPM. 20 plus years of working with college women, and seeing them have a hunger for the word. Thankful for your ministry.

  26. 2626
    Debbie Petzold says:

    You are such a blessing to so many! How grateful I am for LPM!

  27. 2627
    Elizabeth says:

    Such a blessing this ministry is!!!

  28. 2628
    Kelli smith says:

    I would love a basket!!!

  29. 2629
    Cindy says:

    Awesome!!!! Love those stores and would love to win one of these baskets. Grateful & appreciative for all your hard work & dedication. I love your studies & I done several over the years. You always challenge me to “dig deeper!”

    P.S. I got to see you speak in person for the “1st” time in San Diego in October 2014. I was gifted a ticket from a good friend who was unable to attend. What a gift it turned out to be! I had such a breakthrough in my “Spirit” that weekend. Felt the presence of the Holy Spirit stronger that weekend than I had in a really long time. Softened places in my heart that had been hardened for a long time. I stood up to have prayer for my marriage & things have been changing in that area too. I’m at a greater place of peace than I have been in a very long time. “A new symphony is playing in my heart these days” <3

  30. 2630
    Barb says:

    i have grown spiritually listening to Beth Moore. I just finished her new study, Children of the Day. What a great study. Thank you for sharing your love for The Lord with us and all the revelation knowledge He has blessed you with through your study of His word Blessings to you and your family

  31. 2631
    Janie says:

    What a blessing this would be!

  32. 2632
    Cathy Schafer says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for YOU!!!

  33. 2633
    Anita Hammond says:

    When I was 18 years old my brother died the day before Thanksgiving. Friends and family shared their love in a way I’ll never forget! God is so good! He always sends us what/who we need at the perfect time.

  34. 2634
    Angie says:

    Thankful for you and your ministry as you pour into our lives on a daily basis so we can be filled with him! God is good! Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving! Would be a delight to win the basket! ❤

  35. 2635
    Tina Thunell says:

    i just finished the Mercy Triumphs study last night. It resonates. Thank you for using your gifts to bless us.

  36. 2636
    Amy says:

    You have helped me realize all this time the hole I felt in my heart was really Him and the indescribable peace you helped me find by forging a fulfilling relationship with Him was life changing. Words cannot express gratitude to you. And although the baskets are beautiful I am just very thankful for this journey you have helped me on. Happy Thanksging 🙂

  37. 2637
    Kirsten C says:

    What sweet blessings!! Love Thanksgiving for it’s bringing together of people around a table. Laughter and love abounds!!

  38. 2638
    Carla leathers says:

    thanks so much for your ministry. I would love your basket.

  39. 2639
    Karen Massey says:

    The Williams-Sonoma store, that we had to drive 1.5 hours to, closed!! I loved going to that store!

  40. 2640
    Elisa Gordy says:

    oh how great that would be!!

  41. 2641
    Sarah says:

    I like the whole basket but the turkey has won my current vote of “isn’t that the cutest thing!” Amazed that Thanksgiving is already here and thankful that God has brought us this far through the year safely!

  42. 2642
    Lesa says:

    love this idea. We alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas with our children and grandchildren, and this is our year for Thanksgiving. Makes me focus on this holiday instead of breezing by it to get to Christmas! Thank you, LPM!,,,

  43. 2643
    carla dieter says:

    So greatful for your service. Thanks and blessings ..

  44. 2644
    Tricia says:

    Simply grateful for all your work, conferences, publications. Happy Thanksgiving.

  45. 2645
    Teresa says:

    I would love to win but I want more than anything to let you know how the Lord has spoken to me through your ministry. I am a work in progress but God has taught me so much through the Scriptures and I’ve come to understand His love through some powerful lessons I’ve learned in your studies. Many blessings to my sisters in Christ.

  46. 2646
    Jane Reynolds says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! This would blesss a young mom serving her first Thanksgiving dinner!! Thank you for all your kingdom work.

  47. 2647
    Julie Wilson says:

    Oh my heart, some delightful stuff there!! Some to grace my table and some to gift to others 😉 😉

    Thankful for how God provides (even if I’m not the winner)

  48. 2648
    Amy Richardson says:

    You are all so much fun I wish I could just hug you!

  49. 2649
    Melissa says:

    Love this ministry. All you ladies Rock! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  50. 2650
    Jen Puckett says:

    Absolutely loving you children of the day study. So grateful for transparency and balancing it with grace as to not leave us “stuck” in the details. Your passion for Christ and for women’s ministry is contagious! Thank you for walking it out day after day, not an easy journey to have walked through for you, but dear Beth, undone by His grace all over you!