Life Essentials Study Bible – A Giveaway

(Drum Roll Please!)

According to our random drawing, the lucky winner is…Gail Denlinger! (Comment posted on March 15, 2012 at 6:40 am.)

Gail, if you would please email me at [email protected] with your mailing address, we will get this Bible in your hands as soon as possible. Congratulations, Sister! Y’all check back next week for another fun giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend!


Update: Comments are now closed. Ladies, y’all are SO incredibly fun. And might I add serious about your Bibles and Bible translations. Praise the Lord! Check back tomorrow morning for the fun announcement of our lucky winner! And while I have your attention, our Siesta Mama actually gets up to speak at the conference for the first time in about 2 1/2 hours (It’s already Friday there). Your prayers would be so appreciated! See you in the morning!

Good Wednesday afternoon, Siestas!

By now you may have seen on twitter (if you’re a twitter user) that Beth and Amanda made it safely to Sydney! Jet lag is no joke there because in case you were wondering, Australia is 16 hours ahead of us. I kept joking that they were flying into the future. Whoa! You honestly would not waste a prayer on them as Beth and the team prepares to minister to the folks attending the Colour Conference. They are so pumped, but it doesn’t come without sacrifice and a lot of work. If you’ve not already been praying, start praying now because since they’re almost a day ahead of us, the conference begins sooner than later!

Anyway, we didn’t want the blog to suffer while our Siesta Mama was gone, so I’m here to do our first fun giveaway! (Yes, we’re doing another one next week. I know you’re pumped!)

I don’t know about you, but I love getting a new Bible.

In fact, just this past Sunday at church I was thinking it was time to put my old one aside and start searching for a new one. True story. I don’t know how much longer it will actually survive as it is literally falling apart (I don’t say that because I’m so spiritual, but more so to prove to you how old it is) and I don’t feel like digging out the duct tape to repair this one. (You know you’ve done it before, too!) Since I’m a creature of habit, I tend to stick with the same study Bible time after time, but I’m feeling kind of rogue and might venture out this time into the land of the unknown.

As much as I love getting a new Bible, there is a certain degree of separation that is hard to part from my old Bible. We’ve been through a lot. And I love looking back at all I’ve underlined and marked up. But I suppose a new season calls for a new Bible.

Anyway, I know you’re probably wondering why I’m going on and on about my Bible, and maybe I’ve convinced you that you need a new one to, to which I’ll say you’ve landed in the right place!

We have a really fun giveaway that I think you’ll like.

Recently our sweet Beth received a Life Essentials Study Bible (“The First Multi-Media Study Bible”) with her name engraved on the front. For those who are curious, the translation is the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). Here’s the deal, if our Siesta Mama hadn’t just purchased a new Bible for herself just prior to receiving this one, she would have kept it for herself. It was such a kind gesture from the publisher, but she really wanted to gift it to one our Siestas!

Besides this being a study Bible, it has some other really neat tools that I’ve personally been playing with to make myself familiar with it the past few days.

With our technology changing and updating as quickly as newborn babies change outfits everyday, it’s no shock to me that this Bible has a new addition to it that can be used with your smart phone.

If you look at the front cover (pictured above), and inside the Bible (there’s a little peek below), you’ll see a bar code looking symbol. That nifty little symbol we refer to as a QR code. If you own a smart phone, you can download a free QR Reader app, and then all you do is use that application to scan the bar code to find out more information about that particular item. All throughout this Bible are hundreds of QR codes that take you to a website to find out more information about that particular scripture. How fun is that? You certainly don’t need a smart phone to win this Bible, but that’s just a little bonus for those of you that do own one.

So, who is interested? Listen, if it weren’t for you, Siestas, I would have already claimed it for myself.

Here’s how it will work:

1) Leave a comment with your first and last name. If you don’t leave both, you won’t be eligible for the drawing!

2) For fun, if you’re into this kind of thing, go ahead and tell us in brief your favorite Bible. Shout out to all the Precious Moment’s Bible owners out there! I’m pretty sure I still have that one stowed away somewhere safe. What joy!

Ready? Set? Sound off in the comments! We’ll leave the comments open until 3:30 on Thursday afternoon (CST) and then we’ll do a random drawing and post the winner at the top of this post later that day. That means you will have a little over 24 hours to enter, so be on the lookout to see if your name appears!

Although I don’t want to assume everyone is on spring break, I would imagine most of you are, so if that’s the case, we so hope you’re enjoying every minute of it. And if you don’t get that luxury, I’m praying the Lord delights you where you’re at and gives you an extra dose of rest.

We love y’all!


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  1. 1451
    Debbie in CA says:

    Debbie Atwood
    My favorite by far is the Life Application Bible,MKJV. I am on my second one and this one is about ready to fall apart!

  2. 1452
    Tabitha Wheeler says:

    Tabitha Wheeler

    Right now my favorite verse is Ps. 16:11
    “In Your presence is fullness of joy.”

  3. 1453
    Bonnie Geminden says:

    We just finished Beth’s “Living Beyond Yourself” study last night. We were greatly challenged and blessed! We are going to wrap it up with a Jeopardy style question/review time. I have more recently been using the ESV Study Bible.

  4. 1454
    Melanie Pierce says:

    My name is Melanie Pierce and I was so excited to see this post. My favourite Bible is my newest one…a compact NIV Study Bible. Still carry it around in its box to keep it going as long as possible. However, I’ve been wanting to get the Holman Christian Standard translation for some time now.

  5. 1455

    Jenifer Smith – My favorite Bible is more about the ACTUAL Bible rather than the version, which is NIV (I use YouVersion Bible App to study a variety of other versions as well) – My favorite is the Bible I have used for the past 3 years of my life. I have wept more tears over that one than any other in my life and God has spoken to me through it more than any other time in my life. On the most difficult nights, I would sleep with my arm wrapped around it for comfort as it was the closest I could get to actually having my arms around my Savior.

  6. 1456
    Jill Whitmore says:

    i only have a KJV Bible, and would love a new study Bible. ! Thanks !! <3

  7. 1457
    Dee Dee says:

    Dee Dee Thornton
    “Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right,whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.” Philippians 4:8
    This is my filter for everything!!

  8. 1458
    Janice Parent says:

    My favorite at this moment is the Inspirational Bible (by Max Lucado)

  9. 1459
    Teresa Glenn says:

    Teresa Glenn

  10. 1460
    Sandra Loewen says:

    Sandra Loewen ~ my favourite Bible is my NASB ~ I do enjoy reading several translations while studying a passage ~ I have never tried HCSB …

  11. 1461
    Elaine Bready says:

    My carry-along NIV has broken free from it’s spine, but it has so many notes and underlinings that I don’t want to give it up to be repaired. As a young mother 28 years ago and turning back to Christ, I loved the Life Application Living Bible. I needed it’s straightforward plain speaking message, and the notes taught me much. Later I moved to the NIV version of the same Bible. When I am visiting my Mother sometimes I read her English Bible. The language is beautiful. I also keep the NIV Bible by Tecarta on my IPhone, and The Message by my bed. I desperately need God’s word for me close at hand at all times! Thank you for your dedication to ministering to women of all ages around the globe.

    Elaine Bready

  12. 1462
    Carrie in Spokane says:

    My favorite bible is my NIV study bible I got in college from my husband (then boyfriend)!

  13. 1463
    Brea Burelle says:

    My favorite bible is a NIV 1984 Thinline. I have had this bible for over 20 years. It is very worn and I have been looking at purchasing a new bible for the last 6 months, but have been struggling as to which version to purchase. I have memorized most of my verses out this bible, highlighted good portions of the scriptures and made notes in the margins. Before the NIV I used a brown KJV during my teen years. I still have this bible and it is falling apart.

    Brea Burelle

  14. 1464
    TAMMY VICTOR says:

    My favorite Bible is the Life Application NKJV. I have been thinking it was time for a new one! This is a great idea.

  15. 1465
    Dee Dee says:

    O I’m sorry I thought you said favorite Bible verse.Need stronger readers! I like my ESV study Bible. Trying to get out of my NIV study Bible comfort zone. This Dee Dee.

  16. 1466
    Ruth Burton says:

    I’ve never used a Holman translation. I hope to be the one to try it!

  17. 1467
    Susan Rodgers says:

    My favorite Bible is the New American Standard.
    I have had it for so many years, and love to go back through it and read all my notes from past sermon’s. It too is duct taped! But , I still love it! My favorite Book of the Bible is Ruth!
    What a story of love, obiedence and God’s provision!

  18. 1468
    Billie Green says:

    Thinking about my favorite Bible…the only Bible that I’ve had that was mine, at least that I can remember was a New King James Bible. The other 2 Bibles that I’ve had were my sisters that she gave me (because she had another one) and I took over my husband’s old one since he never used it. He now has another one.

  19. 1469
    Ashley says:

    Ashley Phelps

    My current Bible is a NKJV “Johnny Mac” Study Bible…but I’d pass him over quick for a B. Moore HCSB! 🙂

  20. 1470
    Brenda Johnson says:

    My favorite Bible is my new King James that I have had since the 1980s so needless to say it needs replacing! What a thrill it would be to win a new Bible.

  21. 1471
    Cathy Nabors says:

    My favorite and I have been using for years is 2 version bible. One side KJV, other side Amplified. I love the amplified cause its a language I can understand….lol

  22. 1472
    Nancy Berry says:

    My favorite bible is my grandma Berry’s black leather King James Version; after my grandmother passed my aunt was giving all of her things away to Goodwill. I took all 27 boxes home and went through them one by one over a two year period. My favorite find was my grandmothers bible and a little notebook with my grandfathers record keeping of his tithe and offerings for a year. They had so little in earthly possessions but what a great inheritance to fan through my grandma’s bible and see her handwritten notes or bookmarks in her favorite passages. Priceless!

  23. 1473
    Debby James says:

    My favorite Bible is one given to me by my Husband…I love the King James Version so that is what I most use
    Debby James.

  24. 1474
    Amy says:

    Amy Patton – My favorite is my NIV study Bible. It was given to me by the church were I attended youth (and many a VBS when I was little) when I graduated from high school in 1993. Turns out they can’t get rid of me, I’m on staff as the Ministry Assistant and my husband is the Youth Director.

  25. 1475
    Cindy Gillis says:

    My favorite Bible is The Amplified Bible.

  26. 1476
    Karlys says:

    Karlys Fortner
    My favorite for a long time was Life Application, NIV, but lately I have been moving over to the ESV Study Bible and the NET.

    Thank you for all you do.

  27. 1477
    Andrea Cook says:

    My favorite Bible is a HOT pink and orange NIV Bible that’s been glued and taped together. 🙂

  28. 1478
    Dolly King says:

    Dolly King

    I became intrigued with the Holman Bible as it was used, I believe by Beth and Melissa both, during the study of James.

    My favorite Bible is the Cambridge KJV but I also enjoy the ESV and NASB.

  29. 1479
    Melissa says:

    Melissa Driscoll: My favorite study Bible is The Life Application Bible, NIV. It has coffee stains and some tear stains, hardback, no book tabs, no red letter and yet it has been with me since the 80’s. Not that I’m not Bible poor, because what a blessing that I have so many but this one feels like home. With the James study I find that I’m using my YouVersion app and that is a fabulous new diddy.

  30. 1480
    Kristine McNamara says:

    Kristine McNamara ~ My favorite bible is the NIV I was given by a friend on my 16th birthday.

  31. 1481
    dora justman says:

    i enjoy the NIV sprinkled with the Living Bible (THE WAY)
    and follow up with The Message for extra vantage points…

    my home has New King James versions in each room…one is my first REAL bible that fell apart, the other is my dear, precious mother in-law’s (who is in Heaven)and the rest belonged to my little daughters… who got their Precious Moments and their teenage age versions with side notes and comments personalized for their needs during their life phases…i guess now that i’m old i can add the new “techy” one….my daughters will be proud

  32. 1482
    Kathy Hildebrandt says:

    I love looking at children’s bibles in the bookstore – I saw a Berenstain Bears one. I almost bought it for myself!! Would love to toss my hate in the ring for the bible giveaway – what a generous offer. Thanks!
    Kathy Hildebrandt

  33. 1483
    Jeannette Henry says:

    My favorite Bible is a Large print NIV 1984 edition.
    Marked up with my colored pencils.

  34. 1484
    Kim Fraser says:

    I have a NIV life application Bible. I love the comments at the bottom. I would love a study Bible.

  35. 1485
    Tammy Adkins says:

    My name is Tammy Adkins, and my favorite Bible is my old, worn out, mauve colored Student Study Bible that I’ve had since the early 90’s.

  36. 1486
    Christine Murray says:

    This is not answering your question, but I just wanted to let you know that I have an old friend, Penny Kemp, who lives in Australia. She is a new Christian and doesn’t have any real support in her walk. She’s hoping to go to hear Beth this weekend. Please pray she can! Thank you!

  37. 1487
    Teri Fulton says:

    Teri Fulton -my favorite bible is my NIV Life Application bible.

  38. 1488
    ginger cornelius says:

    Ginger Cornelius My favorite Bible is the Key Word Study Bible. I love having the original meaning of words right at my finger tips.

  39. 1489
    Laura McKinney says:

    Laura McKinney

    My favorite Bible is my Life Application Study Bible (NIV) that I had covered in buffalo skin on a trip to Africa – love the feel of the “real” leather! Me and that Bible have literally been all over the world together.

  40. 1490
    Dean says:

    My name is Dean Jones. My favorite Bible is my NIV that was given to me as a gift several years ago.

  41. 1491
    Margot says:

    Margot Martinez – My favorite Bible is a small KJV my Grandparents gave me when I was a little girl.

  42. 1492
    Cheryl Davis says:

    My favorite bible is the NAS Study Bible. Someone told me once that I should use and write in at least 3 bibles so that I would have one to give to each of my children, since they know I treasure God’s word and I have done that. Of course it has been over a long number of years, when I first became a Christian up through today! Blessings,

  43. 1493
    Mary Zdunek says:

    I have many different translations of the Bible and they all call to me in a special way. But the one that is really special was my red picture Bible I had as a child. The pictures were so real (not cartoony) and I used to stare at those pictures and imagine I was right in that scene, living it. My favorite was the picture of Jesus with the little children, and I imagined I was that little girl in the picture, resting her head on Jesus’ shoulder.

  44. 1494
    Mitzi White says:

    I would love to have this Bible. Not only would I get a new Bible but then I’ll have to get a smartphone to read the thingee. Currently I use the ESV Reformation Study Bible and I love it! my name: Mitzi White also known as Grandmamitz. 🙂

  45. 1495
    Annette Baal says:

    My favourite Bible is a black Nelson NKJV that I bought in 1986. It is so great. I call it my “Comfortable Bible,” because it just feels so good in my hands. Naturally it is even better when it is open in my hands! Thank You Jesus that You are the Living Word and You have given us Your written word!

  46. 1496
    Jessica Claxton says:

    I love my ESV journal Bible – it’s so pretty and pink and leaves lots of room to write. It’s not a study bible, though, so I would love to win this one!

  47. 1497
    Joy Hicks says:

    My favorite Bible is my Mother’s Bible. It was given to me after her death. I am so impressed at her notes and the things she had inside her Bible to keep her in communion with God. I go to it when I need that extra hug and I feel her presence as I experience God’s presence anew! It is a Life Application Bible but the translation is not what makes it special–it’s the many nuggets of gold written in my Mother’s hand!When I do my Bible Study, I have several Bibles handy to help me understand God’s Word to me.

  48. 1498
    Dana Stevenson says:

    Dana Stevenson

    I still love my Thompson Chain!

  49. 1499
    Amy Botello says:

    Amy Botello

    My favorite Bible has been the Amplified Bible; such beautiful words! I hope and pray, pray, pray I win!!

  50. 1500
    Christie Nichols says:

    I love the NLT to read and the NIV to study. My daughter covered my NLT with leopard print duct tape to spiffy it up a bit!