Siesta Summer Bible Study 2014: Launch and Registration!

Welcome everybody! This is our first gathering for Children of the Day and we are incredibly blessed to have you along! If you’re just now hearing about it, we’d love for you to join us! You’ll find it most helpful to begin by reading this previous post that includes our approach, our summer Bible study schedule and many other specifics: (SSBS 2014 Info post) All you need to participate is the workbook entitled Children of the Day. We only officially “gather” here on the blog every two weeks because summers are so busy.  On each of those 5 Tuesdays (starting today), you’ll find a video I’ve prepared for you with instructions for that day. I’ll also remind you to do the next 2 weeks of Bible study before our next gathering. View it personally if you are going solo or, if you’re joining in with others, with your small group. I’ll always put the bare bones of that gathering’s instructions in print in the post as well (as you’ll see below) in case you have any trouble viewing the video. Here’s your first one!



Basic written instructions in case you have trouble with the video:

Register for our summer Bible study by simply leaving a comment to this post per instructions below. Of course, you can take part without registering but you’ll get much more out of it if you fully participate. It not only increases accountability. It stirs up a sense of belonging and fellowship which is so important to us here in this blog community. 


Here’s what we’d love for you to supply in your registration comment today: (Try to limit yourself to this information so it will be easy to read and count.)


1. Your NAME.


2. Your CITY.


3. Whether you’re going SOLO or in tandem with a small group. If you’re in a small group, share approximately how many are in your group and where you are planning to meet.


4. Share in a sentence or two why you could really stand to be in Bible study this summer. Maybe it’s that you’ve never been in one before. We would be elated! Or maybe it’s been a long time. If so, this is a great time and place to come back home to the heart of Jesus. Maybe you’re just hoping to get to know Christ a little better. Or, perhaps you’re interested in particular subject matter that appears on the pages of 1st or 2nd Thessalonians. On the other hand, maybe you especially need to be in the Scriptures because you have extenuating circumstances that could really challenge you this summer. What’s motivating you to get into the Scriptures with us this summer? There are no wrong answers!


5. BONUS question (optional):  WHAT IS A QUIRK OF YOURS?? Come on, now! Tell us!

If you’re meeting with a small group, share your answers to questions 4 and 5.


I will pitch out a memory verse each week for anybody who wants to participate:

 Week 1 Memory Verse:

 1 Thessalonians 1:4 The NET Bible: We know, brothers and sisters loved by God, that He has chosen you.


Week 2 Memory Verse:

1 Thessalonians 2:8 The NET Bible: …with such affection for you we were happy to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become dear to us.



Do WEEKS ONE AND TWO of your homework before our next gathering in two weeks! If you’re watching the OPTIONAL video teaching sessions, you will want to watch Session 1 this week before you start your homework and Session 2 before you start your second week of homework. Here is the link: Children Of The Day Sessions


Don’t feel pressured to go to the added expense. All you need to participate in the summer study is the workbook. 


I am so honored to serve you and study with you this summer! Can’t wait to see your names and locations! So much love to you, Sisters! We joyfully embrace each one of you. 



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  1. 4451
    Meredith says:

    1. Meredith
    2. Bethesda, Maryland
    3. Solo
    4. I just finished the Breaking Free study and want to be intentional about daily study of God’s word.
    5. I am 29 years old and still love glitter makeup

  2. 4452
    Julie says:

    LaGrange, KY
    Long distance group with my best friend.
    I’m a part time working mom with two small boys. I need the accountability and structure to keep me in the Word!

  3. 4453
    Dama says:

    just to be in the word….

    I do not have anything weird so it makes me think everything is weird about me.

  4. 4454
    Charlotte Gott says:

    I live near Charlotte, N.C. (Clover, SC) I am solo. I have done many of Beth’s Bible studies (and others) and I am doing this one because it (1) keeps me in the Word (2) helps me feel purposeful! (3) and I am always hungry to learn. And, yes, I have had some challenges this year. Quirk? I am tired of hearing others’ cell phones whistle at me.

    • 4454.1
      Jane says:

      Hey there
      I am near Charlotte also. Just across the Buster Boyd bridge from you. If I can encourage you in any way, let me know!

  5. 4455
    Cheryl Graves says:

    name: Cheryl Graves
    city: Katy
    going solo
    miss my school year Bible study, need to get in the Word over the summer b/c hard almost impossible to find a summer study! Having difficult stuff going on and need encouragement
    quirk: I like to read magazines like a book, cover to cover. never just flipping through. 🙂

  6. 4456
    Pene Gilmore says:

    Holly Springs, NC
    Studying with a group by sharing on a Facebook secret group!
    I spend so much time preparing for I project that I seldom get it finished!

  7. 4457
    Tina Peavey says:

    2)Clayton, NC
    3)Going Solo
    4) God is taking me and my husband of 26 years on yet another journey. Feel a summer study will keep me in the scripture as we listen for his plan for us.
    5)I I have so many quirks… is that I have to have the tassels on my rugs always straight, fixed that one. My new rugs have no tassels!!! Ha!!

  8. 4458
    Pam says:

    Olathe (Kansas)
    Participating w/my friend and life long BM T nite bible stdy gal in Houston TX. Miss her so much-thought this would be a great way for us to rekindle those T nite memories and spend some time in the Word this summer. Connecting across the miles In His Name!! Thank You Beth-so excited about this study!!

  9. 4459
    Rebecca says:

    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Rebecca. Some call me Becca, I answer to just about anything. I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I am doing this study solo but have invited my mom to do it solo as well. So, I am sure I will be discussing it with her quite a bit. I am so happy you are providing this study for the summer. I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and was not ready to jump into one that I have to go to. This one is perfect. I am also a Master’s student, so the freedom of time is great. I am not sure what a quirk of mine is…I would have to ask my husband to tell me a few :). I am a worry wort about a lot of situations and am constantly reminding myself that God is in control and I need not worry!

    Can’t wait to get to study with you guys!!

  10. 4460
    Lindsay Sloas says:

    1. Lindsay

    2. Ridgecrest, NC

    3. Solo

    4. I’ve never done a Beth Moore study before, but I’ve heard they are great and wanted to try this.

    5. I can blow a balloon up with my nose.

  11. 4461
    Lindsay Sloas says:

    1. Lindsay

    2. Ridgecrest, NC

    3. Solo

    4. I’ve never done a Beth Moore study before, but I’ve heard they are great and wanted to try this.

    5. I can blow up a balloon with my nose.

  12. 4462
    Ellen H. says:

    1. Ellen
    2. Albuquerque, New Mexico
    3. I facilitate a small group (currently 8) in my living room each Thursday – we are called the ABQ Siestas and this is our 8th study to do together!
    4. I am so excited to do this Bible study this summer with my small group and all the Siestas throughout the world on this blog so we can stay focused in the Word together and hold each other accountable (Prov 27:17).
    5. My quirk: I recently discovered on a long road trip that I have an affinity for truck stop coffee!

    • 4462.1
      Tami K. Hastings says:

      Thank you, Ellen, for allowing me to join your group, for leading us and for opening your comfortable home. P.S. I love truck stop coffee, too. 🙂

  13. 4463
    Linda says:

    1. Linda

    2. Post Falls, ID

    3. Solo

    4. I’m about to finish Breaking Free, and recently saw you speak in Spokane … I’m a new Christian as of July 14, 2013 and will be baptized on July 4, 2014…. and I’m late getting here – I’m 61 years old! So I’m trying to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can. I haven’t read through the Thessalonian books since I was saved and would like to learn more from you.

    5. Quirk – I would rather walk to and from church than get a ride. It is only a mile from here. I took rides during winter storms and at night (I don’t own a car) but now that there’s more sunshine at night and warmer weather, I really want to walk. My friends here don’t understand how much I love doing this. I’m always so filled with joy after a church service, a walk home is incredibly peaceful.

  14. 4464
    Lyn says:

    Crete NE

    Going solo

    I have been rapped up in too much drama and need to refocus.

    Quirk=my dishes need to be put away so all the patterns that match are together or it can drive me nuts.

  15. 4465
    Angie says:

    Weston, MO
    Leading a class in the Fall. The simulcast is kicking off our study. 🙂
    Quirk: I can’t stand when people whistle. :/

  16. 4466
    Bree says:

    1. Bree
    2. Virginia
    3. solo
    4. Been too long since my last bible study; I’ve done past Beth Moore
    studies and loved them!
    5. I love talking in accents – I read to my kids with a British accent, Cajun accent, etc!

  17. 4467
    Candace says:

    1. Candace
    2. Wahpeton, ND
    3. Solo
    4. We are about to embark on our second journey through adoption, and there is nothing like getting in the word to prepare you for the ups and downs as well as being tuned in to hear His voice. Looking forward to this study!!

  18. 4468
    Kristi Wager says:

    1. Kristi
    2. Spring, TX
    3. With a small group. Meeting at Starbucks and we did a Facebook group.
    4. Needing to get closer to God. I’ve been a little dry for about two years. I never seem to finish a study, so I’m excited this is online and I can follow it better and not miss out.
    5. I don’t know….

    • 4468.1
      Marilyn Brown says:

      Marilyn Brown
      Columbia, S. C.
      to keep me in the word for the summer
      there is nothing weird about me. right!!!! lol

  19. 4469
    Cindy Wooldridge says:

    1. Cindy Wooldridge
    2. Houston , Texas
    3. With a group of 2, meeting through text and internet.
    4. shared with this friend Tuesday nights. She has moved and this is our way of staying connected in so many ways.
    5. Leaving keys in the door.

  20. 4470
    lynda rickey says:

    Beth, Sorry I am so late.
    1. Lynda Rickey
    2. Ocala, FL
    3. Solo this summer
    4. I need to have a structured format to keep me motivated.
    5. I absolutely cannot eat food that is not the “right” color. No green eggs and ham, blue frosting, etc.

  21. 4471
    Melanie Lane says:

    1. Melanie Lane


    3. With a small group. We are meeting at a house

    4. Keeps me in the Word during the summer.

  22. 4472
    Katherine Yap says:

    Meeting with small group in Sarnia, Ontario. Need to be encouraged in the Lord and to encourage others while building Christian relationships with other women.

  23. 4473
    Sarah Stuyvesant says:

    1. Sarah

    2. Ashtabula, OH

    3. Solo!

    4. I need to do a Bible study this summer to keep me accountable and to have a break from the beautiful ‘noise’ of my children!

    5 In a house with a husband, 2 dogs, and 3 kids (5, 3, and 6 months), my house is never completely clean and organized. However, at the end of the day, if my pillows on my couch are square and straight and not thrown all over the floor… house feels put together! Haha….I have no idea why I feel that way!

    Thank you, Beth….looking forward to another great study. This is my first time going solo for one of your studies and I am looking forward to being more introspective and listening for what God will have me take away from this!

  24. 4474
    Mindi says:

    1. Mindi
    2. Silvis, IL
    3. Going solo
    4.I’m looking forward to a structured study to help with consistency in my personal study.
    5. I like my cereal soggy.

  25. 4475
    Yolanda says:


    Albuquerque, NM

    I’m doing the study with the ABQ Siestas, There are about 8 of us meeting weekly.

    I haven’t done a formal study like this in several years, and i am much more consistent when I am accountable to a group and when I have a specific lesson to do. I’m so excited!

  26. 4476
    Lisa Stoneback says:

    4.I want to spend focused time with God this summer and not just snack on Him. Really chew on the Word!
    5. I have a shoe collecting issue,haha! I mean really, how many pairs of flip flops does a girl need??? 😀

  27. 4477
    Jill Carter says:

    1. Jilly con queso
    2. Hockley, Tx
    3. Group at LPM office
    4. God invited me through some sweet sisters in Him
    5. I play a goofy game when God and I walk in our neighborhood… Each time a car passes me I reverse directions:)

  28. 4478
    Kathy Carpenter says:

    1. Kathy Carpenter
    2. Sylacauga, Alabama
    3. Solo
    4. I desire to know HIM more…and His Word!
    5. Quirk–I cannot go to sleep unless I rub my feet together and I REALLY don’t like my food to touch (sectioned plates are from God!!!)

  29. 4479
    Barbara Wyatt says:

    Woodland CA
    Going Solo
    It’s been a few years since I was in a Bible Study. Knew I wasn’t going to be in a traditional study (meet in person weekly) anytime soon due to my job.
    My quirk. I will forgo drinking coffee unless it is Starbucks Sumatra. Well, if it isn’t Sumatra then I’m not sure it’s coffee!

  30. 4480
    Ashley McEvoy says:

    1. Ashley McEvoy
    2. Tyrone, GA
    3. Solo. 🙂
    4. I need consistent quiet time and usually only make that happen when I am actually doing a study.
    5. I could go to bed every night at 8:00 if it were possible. But it’s not possible. I need a lot of sleep. 🙂

  31. 4481
    Tiffany Rowland says:

    1. Tiffany Rowland
    2. Summerville, SC
    3. Solo
    4. I have just gone back full time and need to be intentional about staying in bible study. I thirst for it to be part of my daily routine.
    5. Since I was young and the saying was “if you step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back”, I do not like stepping on cracks on the sidewalk.

  32. 4482
    karen froment says:

    1. Karen
    2. Rhode Island
    3. solo
    4. Love Bible Study!
    5. I drink my hot coffee extra cream no sugar
    I drink my iced coffee extra cream with sugar
    I drink my hot tea with lemon and no sugar
    I drink my iced tea with a sweetner (not sugar) 🙂

  33. 4483
    Jeanette says:

    Jeanette from Coral Springs Meeting with small group. So excited to grow in relationship with God.

  34. 4484
    Alyssa says:

    1)Alyssa D.
    2) Rocky Mount, NC
    3)Solo at home in my “pretty chair” 🙂
    4)As a ministry wife, feeling dry and struggling w/frustrations of ministry. I have 4 active kids and struggle to find time to sit down and study God’s Word, hoping I can set a good routine up this summer that will carry me forward in the fall.
    5)I have an extreme awareness and aversion to ungroomed eyebrows! 🙂 Drives me crazy and makes me want to carry tweezers around with me to help people out!

  35. 4485
    Crystal Frank says:

    1. Crystal
    2. Livonia (Detroit), Michigan
    3. Solo
    4. God calling me to put my kiddos back in public school. Needing to trust Him daily to lead our family. Want this summer to be very INTENTIONAL about spending time with Jesus!
    5.I love to read…will finish a whole book in a day. I speed read…skip large parts of the book if I don’t NEED that part make sense:-).

  36. 4486
    Joyce Parr Britt says:

    I want to join this group. I do not know exactly how to leave a comment to join.


  37. 4487
    Pam Houston says:

    Pam Houston
    From Buena Park presently en route to Alaska!
    Because I need to fly up above it all and shine like a child of the day!
    My hubby makes me my breakfast every day, even here in the motorhome, but I must have salsa to make them taste the way I love….ummm love me some salsa! And studying Gods Word with my siestas!

  38. 4488
    Linda H says:

    1. Linda H
    2. Buckeye, Az
    3. Solo
    4. It has been a year since doing a Bible study. Need to get back in God’s word and to hear His voice as I go through a rough season.
    5. I love Beth your early morning coffee quirk..that is mine and made me smile to know I am not alone!!

  39. 4489
    Diane says:

    Mobile, AL
    Excited to study God’s Word on line since class not available this summer at home church.

  40. 4490
    Desiree Whittaker says:

    1. Desiree Whittaker
    2. Lewiston, Idaho
    3. Small group – about 11 or so in different homes (today will be our 2nd week so getting a late chime in on here)
    4. ANYTIME I have an opportunity for a Bible Study, I do. Our last one was last summer and I’ve been wanting to do another one for months now.
    5. I have a VERY specific way on how I load my dishwasher…even placement of bowls, cups and plates so when I unload it, I’m unloading items on the right into cabinets on the right or items on the left to cabinets on the left. If someone is helping me load it or has loaded it, I generally leave it but when I am doing it, it has to be this way.

  41. 4491
    Fonda says:

    2.Biloxi, MS
    4.Bible Study group breaks during the summer

  42. 4492
    Sheba says:

    Hi there,
    Signed up last week and just received my book.I know I am begining late but I am very excited to be on this summer journey with you all. When I first came on the site and was looking around there was a link to a worksheet for the video answers that I could copy. I now cannot find them. Can you help please?

  43. 4493
    Becky says:

    Helena, AL
    I desire to be intentional about Bible study over the summer with the desire to strengthn my faith

  44. 4494
    Dawn Kornelson says:

    2.)Airdrie Alberta, Canada
    3.)In a small group (8). Meeting in the home of one of our group members “Summer Sweethearts”
    4.)Bible studies seem to be the one way that I remain regimented in and stay connected to God. Summer comes and routine falls to the wayside. My desire is to be well versed & know God’s word, enough that I am comfortable and able to share with non-believers,especially family,the truth.
    5.) I hate peas…. BUT.. I love Pea Soup !!

  45. 4495
    Karen says:

    1. Karen
    2. Greenville, SC
    3. With a Facebook group
    4. I enjoy Beth’s studies so much. It’s a special treat to do one this summer. Especially a NEW one.
    5. I don’t like going to movie theaters that much because sitting in one spot for that long is tedious to me. I prefer plays because they have intermission &, of course, watching at home where I can break up a movie over days.

  46. 4496
    Dawn Truex says:

    1. Dawn
    2. West Monroe, LA (Duck Dynasty Country…LOL)
    3. My daughter & I
    4. My last BS was James. I, also, lost my job in May & I especially now need to stay in scripture more than ever. Plus now I have extra time!
    5. I color coordinate my closet.

  47. 4497
    Susan says:

    1. Susan
    2. Clever, MO
    3. Solo
    4. Summers actually allow me more time for studying Gods word.

  48. 4498
    Christy Willis says:

    1. Christy
    2. Cowpens, SC
    3. We have 5 20 somethings and 2 forty somethings leading. We are meeting at my home every two weeks for dinner.
    4. I want to study God’s Word while mentoring and learning from a group of young ladies in my community.
    5. I have to organize my groceries on the conveyer belt at the store by categories. lol

  49. 4499
    Karen T. says:

    1. Karen
    2. Colleyville TX (suburb of Ft. Worth)
    3. Solo kinda my sweet sisters of faith are far away in Cypress TX
    4. Needing to get my priorities straight!!
    5. Quirk…….I’m a freak about my laundry !!!! I won’t let anyone do it for me. It has to be done just a certain way. Towels folded a certain way most clothing is partially dried and hung to finish drying. My daddy was the same way and I adopted his method to laundry.

  50. 4500
    Tami K. Hastings says:

    1. Tami

    2. Albuquerque, New Mexico

    3. With a small group (ABQ Siestas) at our leader’s home

    4. Haven’t been in a structured Bible study since James (my first Beth Moore study). I love to study God’s word and I need to connect with other women.

    5. I love to ride the bus to and from work!

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