Siesta Summer Bible Study 2014: Launch and Registration!

Welcome everybody! This is our first gathering for Children of the Day and we are incredibly blessed to have you along! If you’re just now hearing about it, we’d love for you to join us! You’ll find it most helpful to begin by reading this previous post that includes our approach, our summer Bible study schedule and many other specifics: (SSBS 2014 Info post) All you need to participate is the workbook entitled Children of the Day. We only officially “gather” here on the blog every two weeks because summers are so busy.  On each of those 5 Tuesdays (starting today), you’ll find a video I’ve prepared for you with instructions for that day. I’ll also remind you to do the next 2 weeks of Bible study before our next gathering. View it personally if you are going solo or, if you’re joining in with others, with your small group. I’ll always put the bare bones of that gathering’s instructions in print in the post as well (as you’ll see below) in case you have any trouble viewing the video. Here’s your first one!



Basic written instructions in case you have trouble with the video:

Register for our summer Bible study by simply leaving a comment to this post per instructions below. Of course, you can take part without registering but you’ll get much more out of it if you fully participate. It not only increases accountability. It stirs up a sense of belonging and fellowship which is so important to us here in this blog community. 


Here’s what we’d love for you to supply in your registration comment today: (Try to limit yourself to this information so it will be easy to read and count.)


1. Your NAME.


2. Your CITY.


3. Whether you’re going SOLO or in tandem with a small group. If you’re in a small group, share approximately how many are in your group and where you are planning to meet.


4. Share in a sentence or two why you could really stand to be in Bible study this summer. Maybe it’s that you’ve never been in one before. We would be elated! Or maybe it’s been a long time. If so, this is a great time and place to come back home to the heart of Jesus. Maybe you’re just hoping to get to know Christ a little better. Or, perhaps you’re interested in particular subject matter that appears on the pages of 1st or 2nd Thessalonians. On the other hand, maybe you especially need to be in the Scriptures because you have extenuating circumstances that could really challenge you this summer. What’s motivating you to get into the Scriptures with us this summer? There are no wrong answers!


5. BONUS question (optional):  WHAT IS A QUIRK OF YOURS?? Come on, now! Tell us!

If you’re meeting with a small group, share your answers to questions 4 and 5.


I will pitch out a memory verse each week for anybody who wants to participate:

 Week 1 Memory Verse:

 1 Thessalonians 1:4 The NET Bible: We know, brothers and sisters loved by God, that He has chosen you.


Week 2 Memory Verse:

1 Thessalonians 2:8 The NET Bible: …with such affection for you we were happy to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become dear to us.



Do WEEKS ONE AND TWO of your homework before our next gathering in two weeks! If you’re watching the OPTIONAL video teaching sessions, you will want to watch Session 1 this week before you start your homework and Session 2 before you start your second week of homework. Here is the link: Children Of The Day Sessions


Don’t feel pressured to go to the added expense. All you need to participate in the summer study is the workbook. 


I am so honored to serve you and study with you this summer! Can’t wait to see your names and locations! So much love to you, Sisters! We joyfully embrace each one of you. 



5,040 Responses to “Siesta Summer Bible Study 2014: Launch and Registration!”

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  1. 4651
    Cindy Walker says:

    1. Cindy Walker
    2. Beaumont, TX
    3. Solo
    4. I have barely been able to keep up with the necessities going on in my household lately and have not had nearly as much time to study my Bible as I want (or to catch up on my emails, such as the one from LPM letting me know when this study was beginning, which is why I am late starting)! I appreciate being part of this group.
    5. I make lists all the time on a regular 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper, but I draw three lines down the page to make four columns and then fold the paper in half so that I have eight sections on each side to make lists or notes in separate categories!

  2. 4652
    Julie says:

    1.) Julie
    2.)Beaverton, OR
    3.)Small group of 8-10
    4.)I wanted to do a study with my college daughter!
    5.)I talk to my dogs all day like they are my children.

  3. 4653
    Tina Adams says:

    1. Tina

    2. Jonesboro, AR

    3. Small Group

    4. My sweet sister-in-law invited me to join her and a group of her church friends for this Bible Study. I am truly enjoying this new experience in my life.

    5. All the clothes in my closet are hung according to their color/s.

  4. 4654
    Annessa Beaman says:

    Annessa Beaman
    New Bern, NC
    Small group
    My mom called me to tell me about the opportunity to participate. I called some friends here in New Bern, ordered our books and am excited about the study.
    I am super particular about my things being put back exactly how they were found. (My oldest is notorious for “borrowing” my hairbrush and never putting it back where she found it.)

  5. 4655
    Nancy Boore says:

    1. Nancy
    2. Girard, KS
    3. Small Group in neighborhood.
    4. My motivation is to draw closer to Him. Summer is a time without routine and it is really easy to get out of the habit of committing to devotional time. I desire to be close to Him more and more!
    5. I cannot stand anyone in my family wearing wrinkles! We even have a steamer instead of an iron to keep all our clothes wrinkle-free!

  6. 4656
    Debra says:

    1)Debra 2)Macon, GA 3)Solo Study 4)Looking for an opportunity to connect with others while endeavoring to know the Redemptive Savior in a more intimate meaningful way! 4)I do believe that ice cream is simply better when it has started melting. So yummy!

  7. 4657
    Mary Ann says:

    1) Mary Ann
    2) Newburgh NY
    3) Solo
    4) I have always been interested in the bible, and this is a great way to really get into it and study it. I so need the word on a daily (hourly) basis to exist. I have never done a bible study like this one.
    5)I prefer regular plates and glasses to paper or plastic.

  8. 4658
    Sherilin says:

    1. Sherilin
    2. Carlisle, PA
    3. Solo
    4. I went to the Hershey, PA Living Proof Live and it changed my life. My husband is an Army ROTC instructor, so the acronym for the sessions resonated! I have been a Christian for many years, but that weekend fired me up and I knew I needed to be in God’s Word much more than I had been. I am working through the daily study book about David, but also wanted to dive into this study as well. Thank you for this study!!!!
    5. Something quirky? I like the strings on my tennis shoes tucked into the laces at the toes. When they flop around, it drives me crazy! 🙂

  9. 4659
    Hannah says:

    Port Huron, MI
    I wanted to do the study to learn more about 1 Thessalonians and I enjoy having extra time to study the Bible in the summertime.

    I love pulled pork sandwiches, but I can’t stand it when the bread gets soggy, so I always ask for my bread separate from my pulled pork. This way I can put little pulled pork on my sandwich at a time.

  10. 4660
    Lisa Bolling says:

    Hi!! I am Lisa from Kingsport Tennessee!!
    I am doing this solo and I’m very excited!
    My quirk is that I iron everything! I can’t stand wrinkled clothes. haha!

  11. 4661
    Karen Velzen says:

    1. Karen
    2. Byron Center, MI
    3. Solo but at same time as my sister
    4. I need more than a quick fix of scripture in a daily devotional! I need God with His substance for spiritual nourishment!
    5. Quirk? I try to keep my grown kids guessing about my mental stability, my quirks, and what I might try next!

  12. 4662
    Catherine Plumb says:

    1. Catherine Plumb
    2. Phoenix, AZ
    3. With my Tres Dias sisters
    4. To draw closer to God and maintain my walk despite the fact that I am going through a time when God seems to be silent.
    5. I am a lawyer and a black belt in karate, but the most nonaggressive person you even want to meet. I can’t even stand to debate issues with my own family.

  13. 4663
    Patti G says:

    Patti G

    La Porte


    I feel lost without being in a study of
    some area in the Word.

    I love to watch for old furniture
    people set out on the street to see
    if there are any possible treasures!
    Drives my husband crazy – and I mean that.

  14. 4664
    Lori says:

    1. Lori
    2. San Antonio, TX
    3. Small group at church (12-15
    4. The school year is was so busy I didn’t make time for Bible study & I NEED this time back in my life. The timing & length are perfect.
    5. I am the freak in my family that follows everyone around closing cabinets and drawers, turning off lights, and muting TV commercials.

  15. 4665
    Cindy Childers says:

    Cindy Childers & Terah Biggs

    NYC, NY & Whidbey Island, WA

    Military Wives and Friends stationed across the country from one another 🙂

    Wanting and needing a great refreshment from God. 9 moves in 13 years and 3 kids are a full plate. But so thankful that God has never left me for even a moment.

    I didn’t know what quirk I had so I asked my husband and he said, “You go to bed at 9 and wake up at 5” (He’s a night owl)

  16. 4666
    Debbie says:

    1. Debbie
    2. Woodstock, GA
    3. solo
    4. Beth’s studies always seem to ignite in me a passion for God’s Word. Her desire to learn more about scripture is contagious. When I noticed this summer session was available, I immediately wanted to register even though I’m starting late.
    5. I can’t start reading a new novel until I finish reading the current one (even if I don’t like it)

  17. 4667
    Janice says:

    1. Janice
    2. Lone Tree, CO
    3. Solo
    4. I have found myself a little out of my comfort zone from a recent move from NM. In my frantic search for a home church, place to do ministry and find friends/sisters in Christ, I keep hearing the Lord calling me closer to Him. This study could not have come a more perfect time! Thank You Jesus!
    5. I like to line my peanut butter M & M’s up by color before eating them – drives my co-workers crazy! 🙂

  18. 4668
    Cindy Wall says:

    Love being in the Word and digging deeper

  19. 4669
    Resa says:

    1. Resa Eastwood
    2. Raymore, MO (Kansas City)
    3. Solo
    4. I am dry and need to draw closer to Him!
    5. I always carry a vintage handkerchief in my pocket or purse instead of kleenex! I just love the embroidery and patterns and sense of connection with a time when little things were beautiful.

  20. 4670
    Ava Baker says:

    I love to learn more of God’s scripture under Beth’s instruction.

  21. 4671
    Kim says:

    1. Kim
    2. Braselton, GA
    3. Solo
    4. Helps keep me accountable to be in the Word daily and truly studying and getting to know Him.
    5. My spices are in alphabetical order, my clothes are hung in color order, but I have a ‘to-do’ pile in every room of the house.

  22. 4672
    Sara Seale says:

    1. Sara Seale
    2. Kingston, OK
    3. Solo
    4. I have been out of study for awhile, since we changed to a new church that is new itself and doesn’t have a women’s ministry. It’s time i start relying on myself and not just doing what’s convenient.
    5. Quirky? I am a homeschool mom of 3 and I talk to my children in terrible accents with made up personalities. It keeps them interested!

  23. 4673
    Haylea Williams says:

    Would love to join this study!! Is it to late?

  24. 4674
    Debbie Phillips says:

    1. Debbie Phillips
    2. Liberty Hill, TX
    3. all on on my own
    4. I need to get back into daily time with the Lord.
    5. My quirk: I am a pretty shy person in a social gathering, but if you put me in front of a crowd of kids, I will pretty much say or do anything. 😉

  25. 4675
    Beth Fields says:

    1. Beth Fields
    2. Columbus, Ohio
    3. Solo (but many other friends going solo and discussing together during our busy summers!)
    4. What’s motivating me to get into the scriptures this summer… JESUS! I would not be here without His saving power in my life. His word sustains me!!
    5. My quirk… I am a germaphobe and might have sprayed my sick hubby with sanitizing spray, in his mouth while he was sleeping (it was all natural and ingestible ;). He did wake up waving his hands in the air wondering what was going on!:)

  26. 4676
    Lora Taylor says:

    I had back surgery on June 10 and thought the timing of the study was perfect for my recovery time. I have gotten behind bc of pain but will catch up and keep going.

  27. 4677
    Karin says:

    2. West Palm Beach FL
    3. w/ MOPS friend
    4. Really want to keep growing even during the Summer and it is convenient for our schedule.
    5. Quirk- I like to wear socks around my house even when it is hot during the summer. I will take socks to a friends house too.

  28. 4678
    linda morrison says:

    Love Beth’s Bible studies…..looking forward to this o n e.

  29. 4679
    Cindi Humphrey says:

    Cindi Humphrey
    Originally started this with prayer team at HFBC when Beth started but had to drop out when an injury occurred to my eye.
    My quirk is I love Trolli Crawlers (the candy, sweet and sour). Now trying to break free of this “quirk”.

  30. 4680
    Kristin H says:

    I am going SOLO

    I am doing the bible study for many reasons.
    I need it; I love love love Beth Moore; I am wanting to dig deeper into the Bible.

    Too many quirks to list all but … All of the closets in my house are organized by color

  31. 4681
    Marsha Hodges says:

    1. Marsha Hodges
    2. Midland, Tx
    3. Solo
    4. Seasons in my life are changing…while I should have been welcoming the change, I wasn’t. I have no idea what/where this new season will be and am looking for a fresh Word & direction. I NEED this study.
    5. a) I always risk spilling my Starbucks coffee in order to line up the lid’s spout with the cups logo, and the seam on the sleeve must be on the opposite side of the cup.
    b) I’m addicted to ChapStick and always apply it in a way that keeps the top perfectly flat.

  32. 4682
    robin says:

    1.Robin Higgins
    2.Tulsa, OK
    3.a small group of 3 ladies
    4.starting to get weary of ministry want to be FED so I can feed properly, whole heartedly.
    5.I have been knowing to be so tired that i’ll go to sleep in my JEANS, yes I said it, JEANS…now my kids sometimes sleep in their clothes, YIKES, this is embarrassing..

  33. 4683
    LindsayN22 says:

    1) Lindsay
    2) Bangor, Maine
    3) Solo
    4) I usually do a study at least a few times a year to keep me accountable and excited about God’s Word.
    5) I would choose a chain restaurant over a local, independent eatery any day. I love the consistency and reliable quality that comes with a chain (I know, very strange).

  34. 4684
    Amy Tunks says:

    1. Amy Tunks

    2. Berkley, MI

    3. With one other friend through weekly phone conversations

    4. My church just closed and I really need something to make sure I’m in the Word until we find our new church. In addition, we just had our first child five months ago and he keeps me pretty busy which sometimes causes me to not get in the Word like I would want to. So this will give me extra motivation to be studying.

    5. When I eat, I don’t want any of my food touching each other. 🙂

  35. 4685
    Melissa says:

    Greenville Ohio
    to stay connected family issues
    My qirk I have to complete all the studies before I can move on to the next week

  36. 4686
    Tiphanie says:

    1. Tiphanie (yes with a ph)
    2. Centerton AR.
    3. Small group with friends on facebook meeting occasionally.
    4. I love Beth Moore studies and need something through the summer to keep me going.
    5. If I walk in to an unorganized place I start thinking of ways I could organize it and better ways to set up the space. Drives me crazy bc I tend to daydream deep into the thoughts but never getting the chance to do it. Overwhelming! I wish I had the automatic permission to organize any chaotic space without question 🙂

  37. 4687
    Sunday says:

    1. Sunday
    2. Grand Prairie, TX
    3. Small Group, meeting at Starbucks or in home
    4. Major life loss, need to hear from God and deepen my relationship and faith
    5. I have to go to sleep at the same time as my husband, wether it’s an early night or after a guys night out. I don’t sleep well when he’s not by my side:)

  38. 4688
    Barbara Horn says:

    1. Barbara Horn
    2. Cypress, CA
    3. Solo
    4. I need a plan/guidance/schedule and accountability to be in God’s Word daily.
    5. Can’t think of a quirk at the moment.

  39. 4689
    Jean Mowery says:


    Murrieta, California

    Solo…unless I find others to join in.

    I enjoy participating in Bible studies all year long. Also, it is already too hot outside to do anything but stay indoors!!

    I am a “child at heart” and enjoy many things other women my age would not. My daughter calls me “Benjimina Button”! Haha

    I hope, that though I am beginning a little late, that I am not too late to join in!

  40. 4690
    Sandra says:

    Name: Sandra
    Location: Southern Illinois
    Method: Solo
    Reason: I’ve never done a Beth Moore Bible Study–nor done an online Bible study. However, I have felt led to participate in this one, and although a late arrival, I’m ready to go.
    Quirk: I give my car names and drive them a long time. It becomes a trusted, old friend who’s seen me through many ups and downs over the course of our travel together. The current car I drive is Grace, both for the Lord’s amazing Grace and my mother’s middle name. She went home to Heaven this past year.

  41. 4691
    Ingrid says:

    1. Ingrid
    2. Houston
    3. SOLO or my with my daughter. My daughter and I will most likely meet up at one of our homes and/or social media.
    4. I need the study because it has been it’s been a long time since I have done any bible studies and this is a great time and place to come back home to the heart of Jesus. I also have been a bit discourage lately.
    5. One of a is that I like my ice cream microwaved.

  42. 4692
    Ann says:

    1. Ann

    2. Colorado Springs, CO

    3. Solo- invited a few friends, but so far that hasn’t worked out

    4. I have been out of bible study for awhile because of my work schedule. I have been struggling a bit with my personal quiet time. I have a teenage son and aging parents with a lot of pressures on myself and our marriage. I know that I need to stay grounded in the word of God and am eager to hear what God has to say to me.

    5. I love to read- to the point that it is hard for me to go somewhere without a book or something to read, just in case I have some downtime.

  43. 4693
    Cheryl says:

    1. Cheryl
    2. Manchester, CT
    3. Solo
    4. Need to stay close to the Lord going through a very difficult time.
    5. I won’t eat blue M&M’s…when they first came out with the blue ones the commercial showed the other colors holding their breath to turn blue. I guess it freaked me out. Who knows but I can’t eat one. lol

  44. 4694
    Kristin says:

    California, Ky
    Love love love Beth Moore Bible Studies. I want to dig more into the Word
    Quirk? Too many to mention. Must ask my husband and kids;)

  45. 4695
    Debbie says:

    1. Debbie
    2. Sydney, Australia
    3. This is the first time I have participated in any bible study

  46. 4696
    Carol says:

    1. Carol
    2. Clarendon Hills,Il
    3. solo
    4. It has been a long time since i have been in a Bible and have been searching for one. Also going thru some really tough times right now.
    5. Love to dip french fries in my vanilla frosty or shake,

  47. 4697
    Samantha says:

    Not doing bsf this summer want to keep studying

  48. 4698
    Abigail says:

    1. Abigail
    2. Tracy California
    3. Small group with my mom and 2 older sisters. We plan to meet on google hang out in our different locations (California, Arkansas, and Oklahoma!).
    4. I want to do another in depth study before my first baby arrives in August- plus it will keep me busy through these last two months of pregnancy! And it’s a great opportunity to study with my mom and sisters even though we live many miles apart.
    5. Not sure if this is a quirk- but I don’t like potatoes. They are just disgusting.

  49. 4699
    Sam says:


  50. 4700
    Muril says:

    1. Muril

    2. Vinton,VA

    3. Solo (but a special friend may join solo and we will discuss together).

    4. Quirk: I wear tank tops all year long because of hot-flashes(layer in the winter). I cannot stand not being able to cool down quickly. I also go barefoot all the time at home and my poor heels tell the tale. 😉

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