LPL Stockton Recap

Good Monday morning, ladies! I have a feeling most of you are starting out your first week of summer. Well, those of you with kiddos at home. I can imagine y’all spending days poolside, at splash parks, in the movie theater, hiking, crafting and all manner of things you mamas are creative enough to come up with to fill the long, sometimes exciting and sometimes not-so-exciting days.

Beth starts Camp Bibby today with her two loves, Jackson and Annabeth, so I doubt we’ll hear much from her as she has her hands FULL this entire week. She has the week off, so we won’t see much of her, either. Feel free to send up a prayer on her behalf for an extra dose of energy this week, especially after serving at an LPL this past weekend! She’s the best!

I purposefully left the blog a little quiet last week so most of you could get caught up on our Siesta Summer Bible study kick-off. Y’all, we have over 4,000 of you participating with us this summer! And those are just the ones that actually “registered” on the blog. You kept me on my toes last week!

Hopefully this week we’ll have just as much fun here as Jackson and Annabeth are having at Camp Bibby. I’ll do my best to serve y’all and keep you entertained. Grin.

In the meantime, here is this weekend’s recap from Stockton, California. Rich did a fantastic job, as usual. Be blessed, my friends!

Living Proof Live | Stockton from LifeWay Women on Vimeo.


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  1. 1
    Melissa says:

    It was an amazing event; I’m still processing all that I heard, praising God for perfect timing! It was a special surprise to see Christine Caine and hear her speak for a few minutes- thank you for posting the recap video. I’m praying for Mississippi!!!!

  2. 2
    Gem says:

    Hi, this is Sarah. Hey Linsee, sounds like you have two great kids, or am I confusing them with someone else?

    Are you on Facebook too? I’m glad Beth is taking a break. She’s got so much energy, people might forget she’s just human and needs to have fun too.

  3. 3
    Julie L. says:

    God is already speaking through Children of the Day and it’s only week 1. I hope Beth has an amazing week off and the week holds blessings for you too. God is good!

  4. 4
    Darla says:

    I am loving the bible study! Beth you truly have God’s hand on you as you study and write the lessons. You make the Word come to life and make a sometimes very hard to understand bible understandable. Thank you for being a doer. I missed the first Tuesday and was wondering if the class that you download are played on Tues? Thank you for filling up my summer with learning more about my Heavenly Father!! Love your sister, Darla

  5. 5
    Valerie says:

    Thank you for the recap, it was an amazing weekend! The Spirit moved mightily!! A huge thanks to everyone involved in putting it together. <3

  6. 6
    Tessa Oestman says:

    Will the link to Session 2 video go up today? I am enjoying this study so much!!!

  7. 7
    Natalie H says:

    Oh wow! What a fabulous time of encouragement, exhorting and ADVANCING!! Beth had a timely message for me (us) and I believe everyone left there with joy in their step knowing that God was in the place giving us a mandate the His promises are bigger than the giants! My courage tank is filled to the brim!! Thank you, Jesus!

  8. 8
    Amy Kemp says:

    My first Beth Moore conference. I am HOOKED! What an amazing weekend . I am praying for God to show me the giant in the midst of a bad family rift so that we can start to ADANCE. I know there is a promise of restoration for my family, that the land God has for us is filled with sweet milk and honey. Please make a CD of the weekend available.

    • 8.1
      Justine Martinez says:

      Amen Sister! I’m on fire now, haven’t been able to stop talking about it!

      Lord I just lift Amy’s family up to you right now and ask for the restoration she seeks. I know your Word tells us to pray as if it’s already been given with praise and thanksgiving. And I offer that up now in eager anticipation of your great plan for Amy’s family. In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Amen.

      Love you Mama Kemp!

  9. 9
    meg. says:

    It was such a great two days… I’m still processing and pondering over my notes. Thanks, Beth — amazing wisdom, words, advice, and encouragement.

  10. 10
    LINDA CORBIN says:

    I am new at this. I signed up for the Siesta Summer Bible study. I thought Beth was to send video of the class? I can’t find it. On this site, all downloads give me music w/ no picture. Can someone help me. I want to get this class. I did purchase the study book.
    Thank you.

    • 10.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Linda, it’s not really a class as much as it is an interactive study on the blog. Every other week we’ll post a video/instructions/questions that correspond with the previous weeks homework from the workbook. The teaching sessions, which are completely optional, can be found through the LifeWay link we provided. Does that make sense? If you look at the posts before and after this one, that might help you out!

  11. 11
    Crystal Dunlap says:

    It was my eighth time seeing Beth and the best LPL ever I have attended and that’s saying a lot as they have all been great! I had the privilege and absolute joy of serving as City Coordinator. It was one of the very best experiences of my entire life. I am forever changed. It was such a blessing to serve God’s women and I thank Him for allowing me to be part of the journey.

    Lindsee, a lot of women are contacting our Facebook page and asking for Beth’s closing prayer at the end. I bet you knew this was coming:-).

    To God be the Glory!!

  12. 12
    Donna says:

    I encourage you all to get to LPL if you can… It is beyond anything you can imagine! The teaching, the worship, and being in fellowship with 5,000 other women (and a few brave men) is just an incredible, spiritual, blessed, reviving experience. It makes me think of times Peter spoke to the thousands and hearts were won for the kingdom. Beautiful!

    Beth you always amaze and bless me (us) so much! My courage tank is filling up, even days after LPL! My friend and I left Stockton so encouraged and ready to get up and over our walls! I was especially touched by the women who stood in the audience and spoke. Your prayers over all of us were such a blessing. I was probably five feet away from you and Mikyla who spoke first about cancer, and when you had us stand up and prayed for healing. I felt such a release and a joy from the Holy Spirit… THANK YOU! It was truly a Spirit-filled event from beginning to end. Thank you to all who had a part in the ADVANCE of the Kingdom! Hope you didn’t get stuck in all that traffic going to Sac! We were praying!

  13. 13
    Debra says:

    What an uplifting time in Stockton. 5000 sisters and a few brothers too! Awesome! That was my first time seeing Beth in person and then a bonus! Christine Caine…loved it.

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