LPL Stockton Ticket Giveaway For You and a Guest!

Good Monday morning, Ladies!

It is a big week here at LPM! As if our kick-off tomorrow of the Siesta Summer Bible Study isn’t enough, we are also so very excited about this weekend’s Living Proof Live in Stockton, CA!   Beth is hard at her studies, but we want to remind you about our new ticket giveaway initiative. We are still experimenting how best to do our giveaways, so we thank you for your patience during this transition.  Our desire and ongoing emphasis this year is toward those who may not know Christ at all, or maybe have never been discipled in His Word.  Young, old, friend, or family, we welcome them.  If while inviting them to attend, you yourself also need a ticket, then we by all means want to help you go.

Personal invitations are huge! Do not be discouraged if the friend or family member you asked declines your invite. No discouragement! Keep looking for open doors and open hearts and keep pressing on in prayer. As Believer’s, pointing others to Jesus is our job, and our joy; to tell those who don’t know about Jesus, or simply get them somewhere they will undoubtedly hear about Him. We are praying and believing for salvations this year!

With five days until the event, we still have some tickets for Stockton we would love to give away. And we will do so until the last one is accounted for.  If you aren’t near Stockton, keep in mind upcoming LPL’s near you: 2014 Schedule   Just call and ask for Kimberly here at the ministry, and she will get you set up: 1-888-700-1999

If you need a refresher on our new emphasis this year, or for some reason you missed it, just click here.

We love y’all so much!


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  1. 51
    amanda hamlton says:

    1-amanda Hamilton
    2-corryton, tn
    3-small group/Carla’s house
    4-going through a divorce and my daughter is having a lot of health problems. Struggling spiritually more than ever before.
    5-I love to make up stories in my head but I cant’ ever seem to have enough discipline to write them down.

  2. 52
    Nancy says:

    I’m at the session and it’s freezing cold. Too much a/c. Also music too loud and piercing. Instant headache.

  3. 53
    Becky Sauve' says:


    Lancaster, CA


    Need this
    Life is so upside down

  4. 54
    Jennifer Baker says:

    1. Jennifer
    2. Lewisville, TX
    3. SOLO
    4. Just got out of a theological training program for a year at my church. That type of studying made the Bible VERY academic. Feeling very detached from the Lord…needing me some JESUS!
    5. quirk- tooo toooo many to list! LOL 😉 I have to have EXTRA ICE whenever I order a drink. I LOVE COLD DRINKS…especially DR PEPPER & SWEET TEA!

  5. 55
    Donna says:

    1. Donna
    2. Fruit Hts., Utah
    3. Solo
    4. I have recently moved here. It was an uprooting of deep family and community roots. I am seeking His will for my service for His kingdom in this place. I also need to refresh and renew.

  6. 56
    Linda says:

    Aurora, CO
    It’s been a while since I’ve been part of a Bible study

  7. 57
    Elisa Zacharias says:


    Westland, Michigan


    I need to stay in the word.
    Just finished Breaking Free.

  8. 58
    Mollie Laqua says:

    1.Mollie Laqua

    2.San Angelo, Texas

    3.Small group in our Pastor and Pastor’s wife’s home.

    4.It has been a long time since I have done one of Beth’s studies and they always make an impact on me as they are life changing.

    5.One quirk about me is that I never use a key to grade math tests, I always take the test with my students so that I know what things are difficult, which things are unclear based on how I taught them, and which things need more work. I love math and my family agree that is a quirk all in itself.

  9. 59
    Madge Williams says:

    1. Madge Williams

    2. Marietta, GA

    3. Solo, but trying to gather a friends, neighbors as in past summers

    4. LOVE summer siesta studies. Helps us STAY focused on Jesus and the rich Word.

  10. 60
    Donna says:

    Donna from Athens, Georgia:

    1. My additions:
    my headache minus hindrance=closeness to Christ in His Passion. This became a reality during a season of several months where I had severe migraines every day. Only resting in Christ’s wounds and the comfort of His mother sustained me and I believe, eventually healed me. I still get headaches but not like that.

    my anxiety minus hindrance=dependence on God’s power

    2. The ones that speak most to me:
    anxiety minus hindrance= God’s power. Takes the pressure off me to be perfect on my own.
    injustice minus hindrance=room for God’s wrath. God is the Judge, not me, and he is more merciful than I ever could be. I keep trying to hang onto injustices with difficulty both in forgiveness and in trusting God with loved ones who have hurt me; strangely, I try to protect them from Him, maybe because I’m afraid of my own anger.

    Week Four: It was hard to pick a particular day. I was drawn to the idea, even though I’d read it before I never thought about it–that I won’t miss the Second Coming! I guess I thought, if I’m dead, I’d miss the big excitement and my resurrection would be later….I know it shouldn’t matter, but this was a great thought! I also picture the Lord gently raising me in a personal way, so I guess I wouldn’t want to miss that either. Silly me!

  11. 61
    Donna says:

    oops–posted under the wrong day–I’ll move it.

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