Siesta Summer Bible Study 2014: Launch and Registration!

Welcome everybody! This is our first gathering for Children of the Day and we are incredibly blessed to have you along! If you’re just now hearing about it, we’d love for you to join us! You’ll find it most helpful to begin by reading this previous post that includes our approach, our summer Bible study schedule and many other specifics: (SSBS 2014 Info post) All you need to participate is the workbook entitled Children of the Day. We only officially “gather” here on the blog every two weeks because summers are so busy.  On each of those 5 Tuesdays (starting today), you’ll find a video I’ve prepared for you with instructions for that day. I’ll also remind you to do the next 2 weeks of Bible study before our next gathering. View it personally if you are going solo or, if you’re joining in with others, with your small group. I’ll always put the bare bones of that gathering’s instructions in print in the post as well (as you’ll see below) in case you have any trouble viewing the video. Here’s your first one!



Basic written instructions in case you have trouble with the video:

Register for our summer Bible study by simply leaving a comment to this post per instructions below. Of course, you can take part without registering but you’ll get much more out of it if you fully participate. It not only increases accountability. It stirs up a sense of belonging and fellowship which is so important to us here in this blog community. 


Here’s what we’d love for you to supply in your registration comment today: (Try to limit yourself to this information so it will be easy to read and count.)


1. Your NAME.


2. Your CITY.


3. Whether you’re going SOLO or in tandem with a small group. If you’re in a small group, share approximately how many are in your group and where you are planning to meet.


4. Share in a sentence or two why you could really stand to be in Bible study this summer. Maybe it’s that you’ve never been in one before. We would be elated! Or maybe it’s been a long time. If so, this is a great time and place to come back home to the heart of Jesus. Maybe you’re just hoping to get to know Christ a little better. Or, perhaps you’re interested in particular subject matter that appears on the pages of 1st or 2nd Thessalonians. On the other hand, maybe you especially need to be in the Scriptures because you have extenuating circumstances that could really challenge you this summer. What’s motivating you to get into the Scriptures with us this summer? There are no wrong answers!


5. BONUS question (optional):  WHAT IS A QUIRK OF YOURS?? Come on, now! Tell us!

If you’re meeting with a small group, share your answers to questions 4 and 5.


I will pitch out a memory verse each week for anybody who wants to participate:

 Week 1 Memory Verse:

 1 Thessalonians 1:4 The NET Bible: We know, brothers and sisters loved by God, that He has chosen you.


Week 2 Memory Verse:

1 Thessalonians 2:8 The NET Bible: …with such affection for you we were happy to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become dear to us.



Do WEEKS ONE AND TWO of your homework before our next gathering in two weeks! If you’re watching the OPTIONAL video teaching sessions, you will want to watch Session 1 this week before you start your homework and Session 2 before you start your second week of homework. Here is the link: Children Of The Day Sessions


Don’t feel pressured to go to the added expense. All you need to participate in the summer study is the workbook. 


I am so honored to serve you and study with you this summer! Can’t wait to see your names and locations! So much love to you, Sisters! We joyfully embrace each one of you. 



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  1. 4551
    Lauri Newlin says:

    1. Lauri
    2. Fair Grove, Missouri
    3. Semi-solo, possibly an on-line/facebook group of friends
    4. I have just left my wonderful job as a women’s minister at a church to spend more time with family – but I have been SO looking forward to this study. My kids are home for the summer so this works out wonderfully on line.
    5. Pick only ONE quirk? Ok – almost every coffee cup I own has some form of aqua blue involved.

  2. 4552
    Lynne says:

    Attempting a small women’s study group with my church ladies. Getting a late start.

  3. 4553
    April Mullen says:

    April Mullen
    Spring Hope, NC
    Difficult season in life–caring for elderly parent in my home with dementia

    I drink milk from a paper cup but other drinks from a glass only!

  4. 4554
    Michelle Bahret says:

    1. Michelle Bahret

    2. Carver, MA

    3. Solo

    4. Our church takes a break on small groups during the summer, so I want to be part of bible study to be in the word every day and feel connected. I almost didn’t sign up because it seemed late to be joining, but I felt relieved to see others are still signing up now too. I will catch up on the homework!

    5. I am picky about journals and pens. I love to find journals with a Scripture theme that fits the season in my life. And I love a writer’s type pen that glides along the paper.

  5. 4555
    Rebecca says:

    1)Rebecca Black 2) Bad Windsheim3)Skype Siestas group, about 4 of us 4)I wanted to do this study to be closer to my sisters-in-law, and also to turn closer to the Lord and His Word during my husband’s trip. 5)I usually refer to my husband as “Husband” and my son as “Boy”.

  6. 4556
    Lisa Thomas says:

    Lisa Thomas
    Trussville, AL
    Summertime with kids at home…need some refreshment in God’s word!
    I love to scare/startle people but I hate to be scared.

  7. 4557
    Trina says:

    Tandem w/ small group.
    Hoping to grow more & evangelize.

  8. 4558
    Sue Jollymore says:

    1. Sue Jollymore

    2. Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

    3. Small group of 4 ladies

    4. We have been doing study together for several years and we love your studies, Beth.

    5. Quirk: I hate to waste and I get much pleasure out of using up all leftovers in my fridge. I will plan my menus from what I have, so that I don’t throw anything out.

  9. 4559
    Janice Stump says:

    1. Janice Stump
    2. Houston, TX
    3. Group – 16 friends – at LPM office
    4. This study has been calling my name!
    5. I can’t sneeze just once – it goes on and on (quietly).

  10. 4560
    Janice Stump says:

    1. Janice Stump
    2. Houston, TX
    3. Group – 16 friends – at LPM office
    4. This study has been calling my name!
    5. I can’t sneeze just once – usually in multiples of 4-8

  11. 4561
    Kristen says:

    1. Kristen

    2. Stettler, Alberta


    4. Church takes a break during summer and I love these bible studies!

    5. I love stickers and adding them to any notes or letters

  12. 4562
    Leaneta Eilers says:

    1. Leaneta

    2. Humble, TX

    3. Atascocita/Summerwood Girls

    4. Wanted to be able to do a study with my teenage daughters. A summer bible study like this is perfect.

    5. I have a list of every single book/audio book I have read/listened to since August 1978. I am currently listening to 1,410.

  13. 4563
    Lynda says:

    I need to get back in HIS word and I love Beth Moore studies
    I can’t go to bed wih dirty feet, wash before bed every night

  14. 4564
    Betty Schubert says:

    1. Betty Schubert
    2. Bay City, MI USA
    3. Solo
    4. I participate in a women’s bible study throughout the year but we break for summer and I miss the in depth study of God’s word during this time.
    5. I make a list of things to accomplish each morning. It helps me organize the day and there is satisfaction in crossing items off the list. The quirky part is that sometimes I realize I did extra chores and will then add it to the list just so I can cross them off.

  15. 4565
    Heidi says:

    SWFL ~ Cape Coral
    Neighborhood group meeting in homes
    Eager to engage with neighbors from various churches in the Scriptures.
    Delicate & Hardy~ growing up in WY with agricultural roots, I have few aversions to the outdoors; yet, I also have a super empathetic eyes whereby I ache tenderly for others enduring challenges.

  16. 4566
    Cindy Miller says:

    1. Cindy Miller
    2. Winston-Salem, NC
    3. Small group – 2 – our homes
    4. We needed a Beth study…we have done numerous ones in the past …. and both having some difficult changes in life… needed God’s word for the summer months!
    5. Love drinking my coffee in the morning & not talking to anyone before my 2nd coffee…except the Lord….

  17. 4567
    Angelita Pedelty says:

    1. Angelita Pedelty

    2. Olivet,Mi

    3. Solo

    4. There are several reasons why I’d like to participate in this bible study. The two biggest reasons are that I have not done a bible study in quite a while and it will be nice to be able to participate in this. Secondly, I’m feeling the need to study God’s word and seek direction in my life; hopefully this provides an opportunity for that.

    5. Quirks of mine, hmm… Which one do I pick? I don’t drink a lot of pop but if I have 20oz bottle, I NEVER finish the last 1/4 of it and don’t really know why.

  18. 4568
    Laura says:

    1. Laura
    2. Panama City, FL
    3. Solo
    4. Need HIM and to know more of His Word.
    5. I pinch with my toes!

  19. 4569
    Vicky says:

    1. Vicky
    2. Middletown, DE
    3. Individual, but I do have a friend signed up as well.
    4. Beth Moore studies are my favorite. I haven’t done
    One for several years. My therapist recently resigned
    From the practice, a very painful experience. I decided to turn
    To the Great Healer.
    5. Quirks? Not enough time or space.

  20. 4570
    margaret says:

    Margaret Santos
    Centennial, CO
    Independently w/4 galpals all over US.
    CotD…Will be my constant focus as I pack to move from CO to FL (Air Force family). Praising God as my husband agreed to drive out after LPM Denver.
    Quirk…must be in control of everything but yet cant control myself.

  21. 4571
    Jenny Francis says:

    Charlotte, NC


    in the midst of heavy warfare, need to get back to consistently being in God’s Word

    I cannot sleep without my ceiling fan on.

    • 4571.1
      Lisa says:

      I just wanted to say good morning neighbor and hopefully offer some encouragement! Knowing you are in warfare is hard but also good at least knowing you have somewhere you can run to. I am in a similar area of my life knowing I need to get back to the word and excited about this opportunity. I have entered into a relationship which already has had some challenges and I need my focus right because the devil tries to put his foot in the door… If I can help pray or just be a sounding board, I would love to offer that to you. Have a wonderful day!

  22. 4572
    Tyra says:

    1. Tyra Sias

    2. Houston, TX/Atlanta, GA

    3. Small group

    4. Had the opportunity to be at the Children of the Day study last year and it was such a blessing; happy to be apart of it again. And I need some Word!

    5. I don’t like white, mushy foods. Mashed potatoes, oatmeal, grits, cottage cheese! Although I do love ice cream!

  23. 4573
    Glenda Jensen says:

    A sister from work told me about the study and sent me the link today! I am sooo excited to get a workbook and get started! I haven’t been in a study for a while. I’ve always loved women’s studies and hearing from other sisters.
    One quirk??? LOL I have purple eyelashes for my MINI Cooper! 🙂

    • 4573.1
      Glenda Jensen says:

      Oh!!! I am from Waco, TX…I work graveyard shift and the brain cells don’t always fire when they’re supposed to. 🙂

  24. 4574
    Katie Daft says:

    1. Katie Daft
    2. Enterprise, WV
    3. Group of 17 ladies!
    4. I’ve been wanting to do a study for a while and this caught my attention. Also I thought this would be a great way to meet other ladies in the church I attend!
    5. My quirk- In certain situations when I’m nervous or scared I get this weird little chuckle!

  25. 4575
    Marie says:

    1. Marie
    2. Minneapolis, mn
    3. Solo
    4. I love God, and am looking for a little direction in my devotions. I’ve been thinking and thinking about this study in my quiet moments…so, here I am.
    5. I am a thrift store junkie, and will NEVER pay full price for anything.

  26. 4576
    Brenda McEntyre says:

    2.Independence, Ky.
    4.Want to learn more, have not been in such a Bible study before
    5.I love paper & rubber stamps! I make cards & have a hard time passing up a sale of these items!

  27. 4577
    Brenda Schiele says:

    Going solo

  28. 4578
    Lisa says:

    1. Lisa
    2. Horse Shoe, NC
    3. Solo may try to add a daughter or friend…
    4. Am in a relationship, falling in love… having many overpowering emotions and want/need God’s guidance.
    5. I rebel often against order but tend to like my cakes/brownies/casseroles cut into in an orderly fashion, straight lines…. no detouring…

  29. 4579
    Donna Pingry says:

    Townsend TN


  30. 4580
    Jo says:

    2.Wilmington, N.C.
    4.To get me in God’s word and hear His directions for me
    5.I have a sweet tea addiction. Is that a quirk, or just Southern?

  31. 4581
    Ericka Martin says:

    1. Ericka Martin
    2. Sudbury Ontario
    3. small group
    4. I need a bible study plan for the summer.

  32. 4582
    Kristy says:

    1. Kristy
    2. Charlotte, NC
    3. solo
    4. Summer’s here, kids are home & God’s been calling me to dwell more in his word.
    5. I love to organize my closet:)

  33. 4583
    Rebecca says:

    1. Sue, Rhonda, Casey, Rebecca, Sarah

    2. East Texas (Hallsville, Gilmer, Lone Star, Simms)

    3. Group – Mother and 4 Daughters 🙂

    4. Sue – To remind myself of the struggles of the early Christians to help a loved one
    Rhonda – My legs are shaky. I need to be reminded of the solid rock on which I stand
    Casey – We meet every summer for the past few years. Our group is a little different because we are all family – a mom and 4 daughters. It is very encouraging to share your faith not only with women but with family and I learn something new each time.
    Rebecca – I have been through a horrendous time in my marriage and I need healing.

    5. Sue – a fondness for Praying Mantises.
    Rhonda – I won’t drink after anyone, including my husband & my kids.
    Casey – I will not get out of bed on the wrong side – literally….. and will not sleep with the closet door open.
    Rebecca – I’m not a fan of chocolate.

  34. 4584
    Candis says:

    1. Candis Oswalt
    2. South Bend IN
    3. Solo
    4. Love to study God’s Word. Want to be in a group if only on line. Am a Evangelist who continually seeks to learn more of God and Love Beth’s teachings.
    5. I am a control freak.

  35. 4585
    Katie Arnold says:

    1. Katie Arnold
    2. Troy, VA
    3. Hosting a group of 15 ladies in my home–small group through my church, but ministering to others locally.
    4. Have been doing the Siesta Summer Bible study since it started!
    5. We met last week and shared our quirks. Fun times!

  36. 4586
    Shannon says:

    1. Shannon
    2. Raleigh
    3. Solo
    4. Just wanting to learn more about my Heavenly Father and I have been to Thessaloniki years ago
    5. Perfectionist
    FYI = completed 1st week still working on week 2

  37. 4587
    Beverly says:

    1.Beverly MacCollum
    2.Pinnacle NC
    4.seasons of my life seem to be moving quickly keeping in God’s word helps me as I am growing older and gives me a freshness to every new day
    5.i love to talk on the phone with the speaker phone on and not just holding the phone up to my ear

  38. 4588
    Catherine says:

    1. Kinston Summer Siestas
    2. Kinston,NC
    3. 15 ladies (all ages) meeting in a home;
    4. All excited to be a part of this summer series; several have done a Beth Moore study, most have been a part of a Bible Study;
    5. We found out that we all have interesting quirks!

  39. 4589
    Lorene says:

    1. Lorene

    2. Sarnia, Ontario Canada

    3. With a small group at a different home every other week.

    4. This is my first opportunity in a long time to be a part of a small group Bible study. I also appreciate the opportunity to get to know the gals participating in a relaxed setting.

    5.Quirk – It takes me a long time to settle into a relaxed position in bed – tossing and turning, tossing and turning —


  40. 4590
    Lorene says:

    1. Lorene

    2. Sarnia, Ontario Canada

    3. With a small group at a different home every other week.

    4. This is my first opportunity in a long time to be a part of a small group Bible study. I also appreciate the opportunity to get to know the gals participating.

    5.Quirk – It takes me a long time to settle into a relaxed position in bed – tossing and turning, tossing and turning —

  41. 4591
    Alison McCown says:

    1. Alison McCown
    2. Cypress, TX
    3. Small group – 4 ladies
    4. I’ve done Beth’s studies for years, but a couple of the girls have never done an in-depth Bible study. 🙂
    5. I love to color code my life . . . from closets to my Christmas spreadsheet.

  42. 4592
    Melissa says:

    1. Melissa
    2. Somerset County, PA
    3. Solo, or possibly with my cousin
    4. Just came out of doing David as a spring study at church, and in this season of life, I need to keep watering with the Word
    5. I set an alarm to remind me to start lunch/dinner preparations- not that I ever forget to eat!

  43. 4593

    I know we are late to the party, but wanted to get our group registered with you all as well! We will be 2 weeks behind everyone else, but we will be doing the study right along with you! 🙂

    1. Jenifer Smith

    2. Lutz, FL

    3. Small Group – 3 of us (myself, my sweet Aunt and precious cousin who is home from the summer from college) – will be meeting on Thursday evenings in my home.

    4. I desperately need Bible Study this summer because, well, I’m always desperate for it, but particularly because I recently lost my job and had some huge life dreams shattered as a result. I could become BITTER or press into Jesus and let Him make me BETTER because of it, and that is what I am going to fight for! I need a huge dose of Jesus and His Word to help me get there!

    5. Quirk of mine – I LOVE lots of lemon in my water and lots of lime on my food but I despise the opposite – isn’t that weird? 🙂

  44. 4594
    Pam Bryant says:

    1.Pam Bryant
    2.Kountze, Tx./College Station
    living mostly in College Station at the moment,husband working here and I’ve officially met one young lady at Lifeway.
    4.I like to put my groceries in a certain order on the check out counter.

  45. 4595
    Laurie says:

    1) Laurie
    2) Tabernacle, NJ
    3) solo
    4) My church was offering a book club for the summer and I feel I need some good ole Beth Moore teaching! 🙂
    5) My quirk is that I am pretty quiet yet when I am studying the word I tend to open up and share freely!

  46. 4596
    Lisa says:

    1.Lisa Kramp

    2.Crawfordsville, Indiana

    3.Small group of friends in each others homes

    4. Our church small group takes the summer off and I want to continue the discipline and structure of staying in God’s word.

    5. I have to have a purple pen to write with for my studies and its a certain one from Target. I have several just in case pens too.

  47. 4597
    Gwen says:

    1. Gwen
    2. Beaverton, Oregon
    3. GROUP! Meeting at my house OOOPS! I’m leading and hosting and we started LAST Tuesday, and here I am myself finally doing what you asked of us.
    4. I didn’t join a formal study this past year but missed it… I have loved doing Beth’s studies in the past. As an educator I am thrilled this is “first week of summer vacation” and get to share this “summer siesta” with Beth and friends as we study the Word.
    5. A quirk (I have many)… I don’t like ice in my water…even when it’s summertime. I prefer room temp or even warmish water. Not because of my teeth or anything. Just ‘cuz. 😉

  48. 4598
    Denise Glaude says:

    1) Denise
    2) Leesburg Florida
    3) Women’s Bible Café online
    4) I am excited to be in a Bible Study during the summer because I am a High School Math Teacher and the school year is so busy I rarely get to be involved in one. I and many of my friends are going through many trials right now and I hope to involve them also.
    5) Quirks … I have so many … I hat it when I find out people have lied to me … is that a quirk? It is what is evident right now in my life .. dealing with people I work with who are Christians outright lying to me.

  49. 4599
    Stephanie Jo says:

    Stephanie Jo

    Crane Oregon

    Solo, asked a friend to join…hope she’ll join in!

    Im dry and in need of a gushing of His Spirt, to find unspeakable joy in His presence

  50. 4600
    Suzanne says:

    1. Suzanne
    2. Tenaha, TX
    3. Solo
    4. As much as I hate to say, I am here to reclaim what was once mine. I feel as though I have lost ground, spiritually speaking. I want the refreshing wind of the Holy Spirit blowing over my heart, my home, my family, my marriage, and my priorities.
    5. Limiting myself to one quirk, mine would be driving barefoot. Can’t seem to drive a vehicle with shoes on.

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