Siesta Summer Bible Study 2014: Launch and Registration!

Welcome everybody! This is our first gathering for Children of the Day and we are incredibly blessed to have you along! If you’re just now hearing about it, we’d love for you to join us! You’ll find it most helpful to begin by reading this previous post that includes our approach, our summer Bible study schedule and many other specifics: (SSBS 2014 Info post) All you need to participate is the workbook entitled Children of the Day. We only officially “gather” here on the blog every two weeks because summers are so busy.  On each of those 5 Tuesdays (starting today), you’ll find a video I’ve prepared for you with instructions for that day. I’ll also remind you to do the next 2 weeks of Bible study before our next gathering. View it personally if you are going solo or, if you’re joining in with others, with your small group. I’ll always put the bare bones of that gathering’s instructions in print in the post as well (as you’ll see below) in case you have any trouble viewing the video. Here’s your first one!



Basic written instructions in case you have trouble with the video:

Register for our summer Bible study by simply leaving a comment to this post per instructions below. Of course, you can take part without registering but you’ll get much more out of it if you fully participate. It not only increases accountability. It stirs up a sense of belonging and fellowship which is so important to us here in this blog community. 


Here’s what we’d love for you to supply in your registration comment today: (Try to limit yourself to this information so it will be easy to read and count.)


1. Your NAME.


2. Your CITY.


3. Whether you’re going SOLO or in tandem with a small group. If you’re in a small group, share approximately how many are in your group and where you are planning to meet.


4. Share in a sentence or two why you could really stand to be in Bible study this summer. Maybe it’s that you’ve never been in one before. We would be elated! Or maybe it’s been a long time. If so, this is a great time and place to come back home to the heart of Jesus. Maybe you’re just hoping to get to know Christ a little better. Or, perhaps you’re interested in particular subject matter that appears on the pages of 1st or 2nd Thessalonians. On the other hand, maybe you especially need to be in the Scriptures because you have extenuating circumstances that could really challenge you this summer. What’s motivating you to get into the Scriptures with us this summer? There are no wrong answers!


5. BONUS question (optional):  WHAT IS A QUIRK OF YOURS?? Come on, now! Tell us!

If you’re meeting with a small group, share your answers to questions 4 and 5.


I will pitch out a memory verse each week for anybody who wants to participate:

 Week 1 Memory Verse:

 1 Thessalonians 1:4 The NET Bible: We know, brothers and sisters loved by God, that He has chosen you.


Week 2 Memory Verse:

1 Thessalonians 2:8 The NET Bible: …with such affection for you we were happy to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become dear to us.



Do WEEKS ONE AND TWO of your homework before our next gathering in two weeks! If you’re watching the OPTIONAL video teaching sessions, you will want to watch Session 1 this week before you start your homework and Session 2 before you start your second week of homework. Here is the link: Children Of The Day Sessions


Don’t feel pressured to go to the added expense. All you need to participate in the summer study is the workbook. 


I am so honored to serve you and study with you this summer! Can’t wait to see your names and locations! So much love to you, Sisters! We joyfully embrace each one of you. 



5,040 Responses to “Siesta Summer Bible Study 2014: Launch and Registration!”

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  1. 4701
    Annette Bragg says:

    1. Annette Bragg
    2.Springfield, Ohio
    3. Group of 2
    4. Moving this summer too new town. Need to embrace the challenge and pray for new neighbors .
    5. I love math. My friends call me math girl.

  2. 4702
    Mary says:

    1) Mary
    2) Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
    3) Solo
    4) really want to get back to Bible study
    5) intend to be a somewhat shy, extrovert!

  3. 4703
    Kelli Smith says:

    1.Kelli Smith
    2. McKinney, Texas
    3. With friends from church, school, and neighborhood
    4. 2 different women asked me to do Children of the Day study this summer. I’d felt a prompting from the Holy Spirit to jump out there and lead one, hosting it at my home. I saw on your blog that you were also doing this one, I knew then, that I needed to obey God’s calling- threw it out on social media for those who might be interested, and we’ve got 15 women, from all walks of life! Some have done several BM studies, and we have one that this is her very first Bible study! Excited to see what God has in store for our Facebook group! We meet at my house every other week!
    4.I’ve got many food quirks, but one is that I can’t eat chicken strips unless they are straight- no curved strips or thing hanging from them! Weird but true!

  4. 4704
    Mindy says:

    1. Mindy
    2. Plainsboro, NJ
    3. With one very dear friend at our homes
    4. The past school year has been frantic & very stressful and I need to get back to regular study!
    5. I HAVE to read and study things in the right order – Bible studies, book series, etc. Can get a bit tiresome at times!

  5. 4705
    Sandra Vines says:

    1. Sandra Vines

    2. Cypress, Texas

    3. Small Group

    4. Stay connected to my Christ following sisters and learn more about His word!

    5. My quirk: Very picky when ordering at ANY restaurant!

  6. 4706
    Sarah Yendrey says:

    1. Sarah Yendrey
    2. Livermore, CA
    3. Solo
    4. I haven’t done a biblestudy in 9 years, since having my 4 children. It’s time to do something for me!
    5. When it comes time to sweep all my hard floors, I open up the front and back doors and use the leaf blower! That is a time saver! HA!

  7. 4707
    Jessica says:

    1. Ingrid
    2. Houston, TX
    3. Most likely with my mom when I can. I doubt I’d be able to do this solo especially with 2 toddlers destroying the house. 🙂
    4. I’m really needing to focus on God’s truth and draw closer to Him amongst the storms. Feeling limited in so many different ways and waiting on God to come through is hard because very soon life is going to get more hectic, especially with baby #3 coming very soon!
    5. I love my curly hair

  8. 4708
    Lori says:

    1. Lori
    2. Wichita, KS
    3. Solo
    4. It’s been a long time since I did an indepth study. My husband and I are moving to Oklahoma this week after many years of living here. I have been praying for our journey and church, I believe this study will help me in the weeks ahead to stay draw closer to the Lord as many things will be so new.
    5. Quirk: Every thing has it’s place many times with a label on it… ask my family :-). I don’t always achieve that but imagine my quirk and the little city of boxes that I have created in our move.


  9. 4709
    Angie says:

    1. Angie
    2. Jacksonville, FL
    3. Solo
    4. I feel run down from the past school year. I’m pleading with Jesus to reignite my desire to depend on Him this summer!
    5. I’m a creature of habit and always eat the same thing when I go out to eat because I know it will be good…I’m not adventurous to try new things.

  10. 4710
    Rita says:

    1. Rita

    2. The Woodlands, Texas

    3. Studying with my daughter in Round Rock, Texas and my mother in Ada, Oklahoma. Our first bible study together!

    4. I want to have the best summer ever!

    5. Dessert first! My favorite snack: chocolate moon pie, hot’n spicy Baken-ets fried pork skins and diet Dr. Pepper. For you Texas travelers, Buccee’s is the place to find them.

  11. 4711
    Jeanne Burns says:

    1. Jeanne
    2. Southaven, MS
    3. Solo
    4. I’ve never done a bible study and wanted to participate.
    5. I always count stairs.

  12. 4712
    Sharon Woods says:

    2422 Ronald Rd. box106


    Helps me with devotion time

  13. 4713
    Cathi says:

    1. Cathi
    2. Solo
    3. Louisville, KY
    4. My last study ended(we did James) and we’re off until the fall, so I wanted to keep something going:)
    5. Only meal I will eat and mix everything together is stuffed peppers, corn & mashed potatoes- has to be those three things- all other meals-items should not touch:)

  14. 4714
    Leslie P says:

    1. Leslie P.
    2. Beaverton OR
    3. Small group
    4. Fellowship with women

  15. 4715
    Michelle says:

    1. Michelle
    2. Riverview, Florida
    3. Flying solo
    4. God wants me to study more so I can have wisdom and discernment especially for our ministry.
    5. Quirk: I cannot stand for drawers and cabinets to be left partially open, weird huh?

  16. 4716
    Tami says:

    1. Tami
    2. Pacific Palisades
    3. solo
    4. a difficult season
    5. I drink water with lemon all day, straight from my pitcher.

  17. 4717
    Valerie says:

    1. Valerie
    2. Germany/Netherlands border
    3. Group of 3
    4. My life is full of so many activities right now that I have not been making enough time for God. I’m hoping this study will help me re-focus on Him.
    5. I’ve never been to NY.

  18. 4718
    Karla Lysak says:


    I am from Steinbach, MB, Canada. I am starting out solo in this study, but in a few weeks I will be meeting with my small group to do a session together in my home.

    I want to do this study over the summer because I often slack in my devotions over the summer and I need to keep a routine. As well, I will be meeting up with my small group in a few weeks and this will have an aspect of accountability for all of us(we are currently taking the summer off from meeting, officially).

  19. 4719
    Ann says:

    Signing up for summer Bible study

    1. Ann
    2. Lees’s Summit, Missouri
    3. Small group meeting in one of our homes
    4. I have been away from formal Bible Study for a year due to competing demands on my time from my five small children and my husband who travels a lot for work. I feel like I need a fresh Word!
    5. I vacuum my kitchen at least 3 times a day because I truly cannot stand crumbs on my floors. (It is like shoveling snow in a blizzard, because I live with 5 small kids.).

  20. 4720
    Amber Hoyt says:

    1. Amber

    2.Carmel, Indiana

    3. I am studying alone, but Jesus is with me!

    4. I need to have someone keep me accountable to be in God’s word.

    5. I like to eat 1 bite from all food I cook, even my kids sandwiches. Just a bite!

    • 4720.1
      Karen says:

      Oh, Carmel, Indiana. I had never heard of that city until my manager moved there a few years ago. Now, it’s close to my heart … but I have never been there. Just wanted to say hello. I am also solo and just getting started today.

  21. 4721

    1. Shonna Slayton
    2. Phoenix, AZ
    3. Solo
    4. I’m late to the party this summer. My debut novel was published this month and I’m getting exhausted by my own publicity 😉 Time to dig deep into the Word.
    5. I like to collect vintage diaries. Hope this doesn’t mean I’m too nosey.

  22. 4722
    Becky says:

    Roanoke, va
    Small group here are two of us who will gather.
    I need some healing
    I always have to be right…but I know I’m not.

  23. 4723
    Karla Dickinson says:

    Sumter, SC
    I love Summer Siesta Bible Study! It gives me the discipline of staying in the Word when I could so easily be distracted.

  24. 4724
    valerie fowler says:

    I just want to get closer to Jesus

  25. 4725
    valerie fowler says:

    I’m from Boise Idaho
    I’m going Solo
    I really just want to become more Christlike but to become more Christlike, I need to know what Christ was like.
    My quirk… Loose teeth freak me out? 🙂 Really. My children have not ever been allowed to show me their loose teeth. GAH. There is no tooth fairy. We have a tooth gnome 🙂

  26. 4726
    Sylvia says:

    Fort Smith, AR
    Small Group-Collage Office Workers-4
    Want to spend time in bible Study with co-workers for the summer.
    I only drink milk from a cold glass–no plastic-no acrylic–just glass 🙂

  27. 4727
    Seanna steward says:

    I’m also studying alone but looking so forward to this.

  28. 4728
    Alicia says:

    1. Alicia
    2. Newmarket,ON, Canada
    3. Solo
    4. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a bible study. I find it difficult to find time since my son came along. It’s time.

  29. 4729
    Pamela Nichols says:


    Suwanee, GA

    Group of women

    Renewal of the mind. To stay close to God and spiritual sisters.

    Too many to sort through.

  30. 4730
    Maribeth says:

    Jackson, MS
    Solo here and leading group doing video study at work during lunch
    I always need to be in scripture always crazy things going on in life and I better stay grounded in His word!
    I always carry a bag around with reading materials even though I now have enough to read on my phone!

  31. 4731
    Jackie says:


    Knoxville, TN

    solo or with my daughter

    Been a long time since I have participated in a study.

    Trying to fix everything for everyone, silly since I have my own things that need fixing

  32. 4732
    Lindsay Crownhart says:

    1. Lindsay Crownhart
    2. Minneapolis, MN
    3. Solo, thanks to a far away friend telling me about it!
    4. I quit my job because I am going to have a baby. What a better way to prepare for motherhood than digging in the Word?!
    5. I am very particular about where things go… yet am quite messy at the same time.

  33. 4733
    Ina Neeleman says:

    Ina Neeleman

    Johannesburg South Africa


    I know I’m late – but the COTD workbook is not available in SA, so a pastor of my church brought me one from San Antonio!

    Started this morning with my winter Bible Study!

  34. 4734
    Anna Yoder says:

    Elkhart IN
    So thankful for a summer study, keeps me going

  35. 4735
    Sandy says:

    1. Sandy

    2. WI

    3. Personal study

    4.It has been awhile since I have done one of Beth’s studies. I am hungry for Jesus’ presence and want to seek His face.

    5. I hate clutter. I am a recovering perfectionist.

  36. 4736
    Trisha Maggio says:

    1. Trisha Maggio

    2. Lake Charles, Louisiana

    3. Solo

    4. I love to study the Word of God!!

    5. Not closing cabinet doors after I open them makes total since to me. My logic is I might need something else from the cabinet. Drives my husband crazy!! 🙂

  37. 4737
    Robin says:

    I am doing this Bible Study with my sisters who live in separate cities. I am starting today because I just finished a Bible Study with my Women’s Ministry Team at my church. I wasn’t sure what study I was going to do until my Women’s group began another session in August. Now,I am excited that I can do this one with my sisters in July. Thanks for making this possible!

  38. 4738
    Karen says:

    1. Karen
    2. Los Altos, CA
    3. Solo – but I have a friend in Atlanta who I will talk to every couple of weeks (she’s in a group there)
    4. Just learning about the study. My spiritual life has been like a the desert for the past few months. =(
    5. I love to organize. If I could label every item in my house, it would by like paradise to me.

  39. 4739
    Cayce Hanley says:

    1. Cayce Hanley
    2. Fayetteville, AR
    3. Solo
    4. Bible study is part of my summer break refreshing, refilling my cup for the next school year
    5. I take a lot of pleasure out of putting things in ‘rainbow order’

  40. 4740
    Jeanette Revie says:

    1.Jeanette Revie

    2. Blenheim, Ontario, Canada

    3. Solo

    4. I’m a pastor’s wife with 4 children and I have found myself becoming so busy that my spirit is feeling weakened and parched. I am in need of some serious refreshment and prayer!

    5. I’m a serious sci-fi/fantasy fiction addict! Maybe it’s a subconscious desire to disappear in a fantastic realm of unimaginable possibilities?

  41. 4741
    Monica Parson says:

    1. Monica Parson
    2. New Concord, Ohio
    4. Pastors wife, mother of 4, work full time as a nurse I tend to spend so much time serving others that at times I get so exhausted and discouraged spiritually. Need a spiritual quenching and saw this bible study. A true answer to prayers
    5. My family would reply….I cannot rest well at night if there are dirty dishes

  42. 4742
    Rebecca Ortiz says:

    1. Rebecca Ortiz

    2. Corona del Mar, CA

    3. Group (my sisters)

    4. Need to be filled with the Spirit and Scripture for encouragement and fuel

    5. I love ketchup on my tacos which my dad and husband think is disgusting

  43. 4743
    Gayle says:

    1) Gayle

    2)Galesburg IL


    4)Staying close to the Lord Almighty… These are really trying times, and very draining. I need fellowship, and the Word says, “Then those who feared the LORD talked with each other, and the LORD listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the LORD and honored his name.” ~Malachi 3:16 🙂 I need His blessings.

    5)A quirk: I love to throw dinners -because I love to cook. I have ladies nights at my house for close friends because we don’t seem to get together otherwise, and we all love it.

  44. 4744
    Karen Davis says:

    1. Karen Davis
    2. San Diego, CA
    3. Solo
    4. I love personal bible study and I’m growing in Christ daily. I feel like a sponge when it comes to soaking up the word of God.
    5. My cabinets have to be in order! Plates with plates, plastic with plastic, labels facing front and assorted according to type of food.

  45. 4745
    Debbi says:

    It’s been awhile since my last Beth mores study, looking forward to it

  46. 4746
    Paula says:

    1. Paula
    2. Washington State
    3. Solo
    4. My group is taking a break for the summer and I need to be in a study so I stay in the Word.
    5. I have a serious tea addiction, so I appreciate Beth’s idea to come to God first before that first cup!

  47. 4747
    Laura says:

    1. Laura
    2. Colorado Springs, CO
    3. Solo
    4. I love Beth Moore and her studies, however, I’ve not gotten a chance to get to a bible study group in the past year due to the craziness of two kids and also doing a Moms group that does a few book studies here and there. I hope and pray to keep up with this over the summer!!
    5. I LOVE the Beth Moore homework! (I think it has something to do with how I learn and process information!)
    I smile at people all the time because I need to see it from people!! 🙂

  48. 4748
    Tina Bickett says:

    1.Tina Bickett
    2.Joplin Missouri
    4.To learn more of God’s word and use it more in my daily life. More intimate relationship with Christ
    5.To say what you mean and mean what you say.

  49. 4749
    Michelle Jubran says:

    1. Michelle Jubran

    2. Knoxville, TN

    3. Solo when I miss my Local study group which consists of approximately 70 people

  50. 4750
    Shirley Daniel says:

    Salinas CA
    Ready to dive in. Need to immerse myself in the Word.
    Quirk? I wasn’t a fan of ‘change’ of any kind until a good friend did a makeover on my bedroom, then my bathroom. Now I’m eagerly embracing change and can’t wait to work on my living room and guest room.

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