It’s Time for Another Giveaway!

Update: The comments are now closed! I’ll see you tomorrow morning as we reveal our TEN winners. Have a great day, ladies!


Happy middle-of-the-week to each of you!

It is a beautiful day here in Houston! It’s almost perfect spring weather, which is a compete treat especially compared to the weather we’ve endured recently. It’s either been really hot and humid (shocker!), or really nasty thunderstorms. In fact, yesterday was 100% chance of rain all day and it did just that. The best part about the rainy days at LPM are our shoes; three of us chose to trade in our typical work shoes for rain boots yesterday and it was a cute sight, if I do say so myself. We were giddy. Y’all, it really is the small things. I hope wherever you are, despite your weather or circumstances, you’re able to find delight in something as small as rain boots, silly or small as they may seem.

Anyway, can you believe it’s already been a week since our last giveaway? All of the sudden I realized today was the day to reveal our next fun giveaway so my fingers went to typing. It snuck up on me!

Do y’all remember (and I bet you do because it happened to be a pretty popular post and you also happen to have a sharp memory), when our Siesta Mama asked you to share with each other something really random that you love? That particular day she was gushing over her Bible atlas and felt the urgent need to share with you the joy it brings her. I distinctly remember her telling me she was posting a fun, random blog that day so that I could be watching for comments, and watch for comments I did! Y’all didn’t just come through; y’all went above and beyond with over one thousand comments or something fun like that. We were really tickled! Needless to say, people are passionate about things they love.

To refresh your memory, here is a picture of the Bible atlas.

To make a really long story short (I know, I love words), B&H Publishing Group was really generous and sent us ten Holman Bible Atlases to give away on our blog, just like the one she gushed over! Y’all, how kind was that? So, today not just one, but ten of you will be receiving this amazing Bible atlas.

This is the box of atlases sitting in my office.

For a chance to win here is what you need to do:

1) Make sure your comment has your first and last name.
2) Please comment only one time to give everyone a fair chance.
3) For fun, and you don’t have to do this to win, but it would be really fun to hear, if you could give away one book to anybody, what would it be?
4) Lastly, your comment on this post automatically enters you into this contest. So if you are not interested in winning a Bible atlas, please hold your comments until after the winner is selected. This will help us as we randomly select our winners. Thank you so much!

That’s all ladies! We’ll keep comments open for 24 hours and close the giveaway at 4:00 EST Thursday afternoon.

Also, like I’ve stated before, Australia is 16 hours ahead of Houston time, so when Beth and Amanda wake up it’ll be time to start the second conference. I know for a fact Beth and the team would covet each of your prayers as they labor with joy to teach God’s Word and share His gospel with this next group of ladies. If you’ve been following them on twitter, it’s been obvious that God has blessed their time there. In fact, I saw that they got to feed kangaroos. How fun is that? I’m with you, though, I can’t wait to hear and read all about it upon their return. Let’s pray they end strong in Jesus name!

Alright, ladies, time to hear from you! Be sure to check back Friday morning as I reveal our winners!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


1,590 Responses to “It’s Time for Another Giveaway!”

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  1. 1001
    Kelsey Noll says:

    Kelsey Noll

    I would give away “Power of a Praying Wife” and “Power of a Praying Woman” by Stormie Omartian. They are powerful books about learning to use the power of prayer in allowing God to transform your life and your marriage.

  2. 1002
    Suzy says:

    Suzy Edwards – Atlanta

    First of all – you need to post a picture of all those cute boots you all wore yesterday! Don’t tease us like that without showing us how cute you all were!

    Second of all, asking me to give away a book is like asking me to cut off an arm. I do have a Kindle – but I LOVE my books!

    But just for fun (seriously) if I were to give away a book to someone, I think it might be Redeeming Love by Francene Rivers, with a card inside telling them to read the true love story in scripture – that there IS really someone who can love them like that.

  3. 1003
    Leah Crawford says:

    Beliving God and Breaking Free by Beth Moore.

  4. 1004
    Judy Smith says:

    My name is Judy Winsett Smith. Thank you for the opportunity to enter and win this book. I would give away the Bible – the most important book we will ever read.

  5. 1005
    Cara says:

    What a fun giveaway! The book I’d give away is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

    Cara Kriz

  6. 1006
    Clarice Flanders says:

    LOVE Ann Spangler’s Praying the Hebrew Names of God – life-changing for me – God has provided us with numerous names of Himself in His Word to meet all of needs. Glory to Him that He is our Jehovah Jireh, our great provider even within His very names!!!

  7. 1007

    Well, other than the bible which would be my first choice, hands down, it would have to be “Not a Fan”. Such a thought-provoking book and so meaningful! I would love to receive a bible atlas. Thanks for all you do!

  8. 1008
    Erin Mauney says:

    Erin Mauney
    I would give out Angela Thomas’ Prayers for Your Baby Boy. As we are expecting our first child, a son, in just a few weeks. This book is a blessing and would want any expectant mommy to have it.

  9. 1009
    Paula Gooderum says:

    I absolutely love my Holman Bible Atlas, and if I’m a winner I want to give this to Steph, a friend in my Bible Study group who was just asking about tools for Bible Study! 🙂

  10. 1010
    Kim Iverson says:

    I would give away my favorite daily devotional book, Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young. This is book is special to me because my 21 year old son discovered how powerful it was when he and several other friends were on a mission trip in Africa last summer. This book along with his bible empowered his group on a daily basis. He called me and said, “Mom, you must get this book!” Immediately I did so and have since bought one for all four of my sons and several friends since! It is my new give away gift book! Love it!

  11. 1011
    Martha Helen says:

    (Martha Kimball) AHHH!!!! I would love to own a Bible Atlas. 🙂 Hmmmm… if I could give away one book to anyone.. Honestly I would give away the Bible to someone who cannot access it. What could matter more or make a bigger difference?

  12. 1012
    Karen Loden says:

    It’s hard to choose just one book, but I’ll go with one that I’ve read recently that was amazing. “Becoming Who You Are” by Dutch Sheets. In fact, I’ve already given it to a friend to read!

  13. 1013
    Angie Wilt says:

    What fun!

    I would give away the book “The Divine Mentor” by Wayne Cordeiro.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    Angie Wilt

  14. 1014
    Bailey Wenger says:

    I go in waves of reading a BUNCH! I am in one right now, and I just finished Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. That book spoke of exactly what I’m going through in this phase of life. I am praying right now that God will reveal to me a few people to give the book to.

  15. 1015
    Jaynie West says:

    Thanks for another give-away! I would give away a KJV Bible….I’ve loved it since I was a child!
    Jaynie West

  16. 1016
    Carrie Wubbels says:

    I would love this Bible Atlas to help me in my journey and life of God!! If I could give away any book it would be Grace for the Good Girls it is definitely a book that helped me get through some really tough times in the past few months!! Praying for you all!!!

  17. 1017
    Shatcher says:

    Oh, I would definitely give “Redeeming Love”. The most precious story.

  18. 1018
    Cathy DeGraffenreid says:

    Cathy DeGraffenreid
    I would (and have) give away a Bible. Or any book by my favorite author, Charles Martin.

  19. 1019
    Karen, Lincoln, NE says:

    Karen Schroer

    I like to purchase Bibles on sale then watch for the right people to give them to. Right now I’m in my Ann Voskamp One Thousand Gifts phase and have given a copy to most of my friends.

  20. 1020
    Teresa Phillips says:

    Thanks for the fun! I try to give The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman as wedding gifts. Two of our children are getting married this summer – eek! – so they will definitely be getting that.

  21. 1021
    Joy Stotts says:

    Joy Stotts – My favorite book that I would choose to give to a friend is Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman. I have never read anything that has me laughing and crying all on the same page!

  22. 1022
    Kathy says:

    I love how when you least expect it, you receive an outpouring of God’s love. Isn’t that amazing. In the middle of pouring my heart out to God for someone else who is struggling, He gives me an amazing peace. What a blessing!!

  23. 1023

    Kelly Hartman

    Aside from the Bible, I’m having a hard time choosing between Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing God” and Stormie Omartian’s “The Power of A Praying Wife”.

  24. 1024
    Melissa Ford says:

    Thanks for doing this~

    a must read for all parents…”Good and Angry” by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller

  25. 1025
    Susan Flynn says:

    Hi! This is so much fun! I’ve always wanted a Bible Atlas! If I could give away any book, it would be the Yada Yada Prayer Group series by Neta Jackson! Those books are amazing! Thanks for brightening up my week!

  26. 1026
    Robin Fretwell says:

    Robin Fretwell
    I would give away Beth’s book Jesus the One and Only. I love that book, and the study. Just loved getting to know my Christ more…and making a more personal relationship with Him.

  27. 1027
    Linda Walter says:

    Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is my favorite devotional. Everyone should have one! Linda Walter

  28. 1028
    Amy says:

    I would love this atlas!! I would give away Kelly Minter’s Ruth Bible study. Sooo good!!! I did it with the Sistas a couple of summers ago, and the Lord keeps bringing it up for me to go thru with others since then.
    Enjoy this beautiful day!
    Beth, prayers go up, blessings come down! Praying for Austrailia.

  29. 1029
    Jennifer Eschenbach says:

    I would give away Made to Crave. That book had such an enormous impact on me in so many ways.

  30. 1030
    Andrea Walker says:

    Andrea Walker

    I would probably have to give away either Crazy Love or Erasing Hell by Francis Chan

  31. 1031
    Jaime Garrett says:

    My name is Jaime Garrett and if had to give away a book it would probably be Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I cried thru the whole last half of this book. What a powerful God we serve!

  32. 1032
    Kelley Compson says:

    If I could give away a book it would probably be “The Giving Tree” , (yes, I am talking about the children’s book, he,he!) I think it is a wonderful simple lesson for adults and children.

  33. 1033
    Cindy Stapleton says:

    Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

  34. 1034
    Deb Seger says:

    My husband and I are involved in the Gideon Ministry, and we give away Bibles. To me, that’s the MOST important book to give to anyone…anytime…anywhere!

  35. 1035
    Catherine Moore says:

    If I could give any book away right now, it would be a copy of a very simple translation of the Bible to one of the girls in our youth group that is really struggling. She could stand some scripture in her life but hesitates to read it because she doesn’t read well and doesn’t understand it.

    As for the atlas, I’d love to get it and share it with my kids!

    Catherine Moore

  36. 1036
    Tammy Christenberry says:

    If I could give away a book –besides the Bible–it would either be “Same Kind of Different as Me” (a wonderful book for Christians or non-Christians alike) or “Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis, a must read for all Christians.

  37. 1037
    Nancy Logan says:

    Many times I have lent, but ideally would like to give away, more of Corrie ten Boom’s The Hiding Place. (Actually my edition is a trilogy of three of her books.) What lessons to be learned from her and her sister, Betsie’s, faith and strength during their time in the Nazi concentration camp, Ravensbrueck. The miracles that God accomplished, even that they should get their little Bible through the strip searches and into their lice-ridden barracks. And Betsie’s ability to see good in it all – and then to bring the reader to understand that.

  38. 1038
    Maribeth Gibson says:

    Thanks for the chance to win again! I would definitely give away Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and/or any Beth Moore book. Actually I have given away both before! They are all too good not the share!

  39. 1039
    Cindy Heath says:

    I would give away When Godly People Do Ungodly Things. And I’m not just saying this because I highly regard the author! This book really helped me grasp the realization that we are all works in progress and that we have a God who loves us in spite of everything that we have been or will go through.

    Cindy Heath

  40. 1040
    Kim Startup says:

    It’s a hard choice, but it would have to be either Jesus Calling, One Thousand Gifts, or the classic Hinds Feet in High Places.

  41. 1041
    Carla Santiago says:

    Carla Santiago

    The one book I would give away would be the bible. It is Gods Word and within you have action, comedy, suspense, romance, etc all rolled into one.

  42. 1042
    Marjo Stevens says:

    Wow! That is so cool B&H Publishing group sent 10 books to give away! If I could win an Atlas, I’d give it to my sister-in-law. She just started doing Beth’s studies a few months ago and has a thirst for the Word now. Her favorite thing is Bible history and geography. I’m praying I get an Atlas, it’d be so fun to give it to her. No matter what happens, I am absolutely certain Jesus will put those books into the right hands! Have an awesome day!

  43. 1043
    Leanne Lawrence says:

    I would love to win this atlas. When I finish reading a book I usually pass it on to my mom and sister.

  44. 1044
    Sandy says:

    I would give away a copy of the Legacy ESV Bible.
    ~Sandy Kosek

  45. 1045

    Jenifer Smith

    If there was only ONE book I could give away, it would be the Bible! However, in regards to human authors, a few of my favs have included: “Shattered Dreams” by Larry Crabb, “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer, “Believing God” by Beth Moore, “One in a Million” by Priscilla Shirer and “Lord, is it Warfare? Teach Me to Stand” by Kay Arthur.

  46. 1046
    Jamie Knorr says:

    I think everyone should read ‘Same Kind of Different as Me” by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, so that’s what I would give away.

  47. 1047
    Donna Reddy says:

    Donna Reddy, Raleigh, NC
    The first thing that came to mind when you asked which book we would give away was not a book but a poem – Erma Bombeck’s If I Had My Life to Live Over. I’ve actually sent this poem to many people because it made a profound impact on my life. All too often I have stressed over the silliest things – now I just try to enjoy whatever God sends my way!

  48. 1048
    Pamela Shelton says:


  49. 1049
    Scarlet Evick says:

    Scarlet Evick

    This Bible Atlas is on my Christmas list!! Maybe I will have Christmas in March!

    If I could give a book away, I would give Jesus The One and Only. I love the look and feel of the cover. It is just beautiful! The way that Beth describes Our Jesus on the inside pages is just beautiful! The words on the pages of this book make Jesus a complete reality in my life! If I gave this descriptive, awesome book away…I would have to get another one for me.

  50. 1050
    Holly Harrison says:

    Hmmm thats a tough one!! Probably Redeeming Love or The Mark of the Lion series! (can you tell I love Francine Rivers 😉 They are remarkable books that speak to our womanly heart at the core. Praying for Beth & Amanda during this adventure in Australia!