It’s Time for Another Giveaway!

Update: The comments are now closed! I’ll see you tomorrow morning as we reveal our TEN winners. Have a great day, ladies!


Happy middle-of-the-week to each of you!

It is a beautiful day here in Houston! It’s almost perfect spring weather, which is a compete treat especially compared to the weather we’ve endured recently. It’s either been really hot and humid (shocker!), or really nasty thunderstorms. In fact, yesterday was 100% chance of rain all day and it did just that. The best part about the rainy days at LPM are our shoes; three of us chose to trade in our typical work shoes for rain boots yesterday and it was a cute sight, if I do say so myself. We were giddy. Y’all, it really is the small things. I hope wherever you are, despite your weather or circumstances, you’re able to find delight in something as small as rain boots, silly or small as they may seem.

Anyway, can you believe it’s already been a week since our last giveaway? All of the sudden I realized today was the day to reveal our next fun giveaway so my fingers went to typing. It snuck up on me!

Do y’all remember (and I bet you do because it happened to be a pretty popular post and you also happen to have a sharp memory), when our Siesta Mama asked you to share with each other something really random that you love? That particular day she was gushing over her Bible atlas and felt the urgent need to share with you the joy it brings her. I distinctly remember her telling me she was posting a fun, random blog that day so that I could be watching for comments, and watch for comments I did! Y’all didn’t just come through; y’all went above and beyond with over one thousand comments or something fun like that. We were really tickled! Needless to say, people are passionate about things they love.

To refresh your memory, here is a picture of the Bible atlas.

To make a really long story short (I know, I love words), B&H Publishing Group was really generous and sent us ten Holman Bible Atlases to give away on our blog, just like the one she gushed over! Y’all, how kind was that? So, today not just one, but ten of you will be receiving this amazing Bible atlas.

This is the box of atlases sitting in my office.

For a chance to win here is what you need to do:

1) Make sure your comment has your first and last name.
2) Please comment only one time to give everyone a fair chance.
3) For fun, and you don’t have to do this to win, but it would be really fun to hear, if you could give away one book to anybody, what would it be?
4) Lastly, your comment on this post automatically enters you into this contest. So if you are not interested in winning a Bible atlas, please hold your comments until after the winner is selected. This will help us as we randomly select our winners. Thank you so much!

That’s all ladies! We’ll keep comments open for 24 hours and close the giveaway at 4:00 EST Thursday afternoon.

Also, like I’ve stated before, Australia is 16 hours ahead of Houston time, so when Beth and Amanda wake up it’ll be time to start the second conference. I know for a fact Beth and the team would covet each of your prayers as they labor with joy to teach God’s Word and share His gospel with this next group of ladies. If you’ve been following them on twitter, it’s been obvious that God has blessed their time there. In fact, I saw that they got to feed kangaroos. How fun is that? I’m with you, though, I can’t wait to hear and read all about it upon their return. Let’s pray they end strong in Jesus name!

Alright, ladies, time to hear from you! Be sure to check back Friday morning as I reveal our winners!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


1,590 Responses to “It’s Time for Another Giveaway!”

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  1. 1201
    Kay says:

    Kay Ramsey

    I would give away “So Long Insecurity”.

  2. 1202
    Annette Baal says:

    Annette Toronto ON
    I collect Bibles and have quite a few and in different versions. I do like to give some away though whenever I see a need. I recently gave a large print Bible to an elderly gentleman. So in this way I “share the Word.”

  3. 1203
    Lisa Braun says:

    I met a young native girl over a year ago and she asked me for a Bible. I purchased a woman’s devotional Bible for her but have not seen her since. I am trusting that God will put her in my path once again so that I am able to give it to her.

  4. 1204
    Janet from FL says:

    My name is Janet Kirk. I would love to win the atlas!

    The one book I would give to someone is “Christy: The Collectors Edition” by Katherine Marshall. Even though I was very familiar with the story, this edition has real life pictures of the author and her mother(who is Christy in real life), and some of the author’s notes. My daughter gave me this book, and it is a real treasure!
    Thanks for doing the giveaways.

  5. 1205

    I would love to win this and give it to my husband for Father’s Day!! Hugs, Jennifer Hutchinson

  6. 1206
    Ann-Jule says:

    Hi there,

    I loved “Radical” by David Platt and would love a chance to give one to everyone.

  7. 1207
    Karen Costa says:

    My son-in-law just got his lay speakers certification and I know he would very much enjoy this.
    Thanks for the chance to win! Karen Costa

  8. 1208
    Hilda Simmons says:

    I would give away “So Long Insecurity”, a book written by Beth Moore! Something I have struggled with for much of my life!

  9. 1209
    Kathy B says:

    Kathy Burrus here watering at the mouth over an atlas. Does that qualify as coveting? Sure hope not 🙂

    Book I’d give away. Have to give the obvious answer: “The B-I-B-L-E, yes, that’s the book for me!” Remember that marvelous song? I probably sound like a teacher’s pet, but I’ll spice things up a bit and at least give an NET Bible. Juiciest notes I’ve ever read.
    Book Bound Blessings to the Bunch of ya!
    (and no, I was not under the impression that wish-she-were-witty would widen her chances to win :))

  10. 1210
    Haydee Hernandez says:

    Hello ladies! I’m Haydee Hernandez and the book I would love to give away is Living Beyond Your Feelings by Joyce Meyer. That book has taught me how to live a more balanced life! Also, I’m currently reading TD Jakes book Let It Go- about forgiveness and it’s a life-changing book!

    Have a blessed day!

  11. 1211
    Shawn Bensley says:

    If I could give away a book it would be “kisses for Katie”. Wonderful book about God’s working.

  12. 1212
    Gail Morris says:

    Would love to add this book to my reference library. It’s raining in Fort Worth and I just can hear God’s soil singing a song of joy.

    Gail Morris

  13. 1213
    Joy Peterson says:

    First: I am SO EXCITED about this give away!!

    Second: If I could give away one book it would be the Life Recovery Bible. I volunteer with a ministry that brings the hope and love of Jesus to women in the adult industry in our city and this Bible has been priceless to the some of the girls coming out of the industry.

    I’m praying for you Beth and Amanda!

  14. 1214
    Kelli says:

    We would love to win this!!!

  15. 1215
    Gail Morris says:

    OOPS! Forgot the book! I’d give away God’s Word, always full of mystery and suspense and love. All the elements of a page-turner.

  16. 1216
    Nancy Castleberry says:

    The book I would give away would be “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World” by Joanna Weaver. It encourages us women to live day by day as a Mary, in a Martha world.

  17. 1217
    Janice Hilt says:

    I have learned so much from “My Utmost For His Highness”…that would be the one I would give away!

  18. 1218
    Dana Abee says:

    Dana Abee…I would give away the Mitford Series books by Jan Karon because they’re wonderfully delightful and would love to introduce Christian fiction to someone who has never read those types of books to show that reading can be enjoyed without inappropriate language and scenes.

  19. 1219
    Joy Rice says:

    I would give away Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind since, for me anyway, it’s the most life changing book, besides the Bible, that I’ve read. Would love the Bible Atlas since we are just finishing up Beth’s “Daniel” bible study and I have so many follow-up questions. Blessings!

  20. 1220
    Margee says:

    Margee Thomas

    I just recently gave “The Return of The Prodigal Son” by Henri Nouwen to my parents. I like just about anything he has written.

  21. 1221
    Steph says:

    Steph Hollingsworth

    Thanks for another giveaway contest! I guess if I had to choose a book to give, it would first be a Bible, and secondly one of Jan Karon’s Mitford books. I love those novels!

  22. 1222
    Sarah Ross says:

    I would give an Atlas to my precious daughter! She is in a very small town in Wyoming and doesn’t have the chance to gather with fellow sistas in Christ, so her study time is very special to her. A Bible Atlas would add so much more to her growth and study time – how awesome!!!!!

  23. 1223
    Stephanie Ward says:

    I think it would depend on the who and the situation as to what book I would like to give away. I love giving bibles of course…. I have given copies of Mere Christianity and Practicing the Presence of God. On a less spiritual level, and with my plans to attend the opening of the Hunger Games tonight, I would have to tell you I have let others borrow those books. LOL! Does it make me more spiritual if I give away life giving books and only let people borrow secular fiction? Probably not:)

    Can’t wait to see you in KC in April:)

  24. 1224
    Ruth Larkin says:

    My name is Ruth Larkin and no joke, I would give away So Long Insecurity by our Siesta Momma. It is one of my favorite books of all time!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  25. 1225
    Natalie Dawes says:

    Hi there, this looks like an amazing book that will help me in my study of the Word! Hope that I win…though I know whoever does will be blessed.

    If I could give one book away, it would be One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Absolutely incredible. And life-changing. God bless all of you at LPM and all my fellow siestas! Au revoir from Canada. 🙂

  26. 1226
    Brittanie says:

    Brittanie Lowery

    I love sharing the book Heaven is for Real. It really helped me during a tough time and I know its been a blessing to many others.

  27. 1227
    Jill Sprinkle says:

    Jill Sprinkle

    Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin……to anyone who serves on the worhip ministry in their church. A must read!!

  28. 1228
    Sharron Kay Fires says:

    “The Message” is such a great translation of the Bible into everyday language and reads like a novel. My favorite book to give at the present is “Heaven Is for Real” by Todd Burpo or Beth’s “Get Out of the Pit”. I’ve read it numerous times and love to listen to the audio version when walking and driving; it’s always so encouraging.

  29. 1229
    Helen Mercer says:

    Helen Mercer
    Broxton, GA
    I love to read and I just finished pastor Jim Cymbala’s new book called Spirit Rising : Tapping into the power of the Holy Spirit. The book was amazing so it would be my giveaway choice right now.

  30. 1230
    Darlene Rogers says:

    Darlene Rogers

    I would give away the book “Choosing Gratitude” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It is excellent!! Being thankful in ALL things is just not that easy, but this book helps us to see that God commands it. 🙂

  31. 1231
    Marie Davis says:

    Marie Davis– Byhalia,MS

    I can’t decide which book I’d give away–probably Radical by David Platt or Breaking Free by our Siesta Mama.

  32. 1232
    Emeta says:

    Emeta Kraemer …… I would give a new study Bible to every person who can’t afford them or who cannot get access to them….

  33. 1233
    Kalonnni Porter says:

    I would give away a most inspiring biography of a Muslim woman that came to know Jesus as her Savior. It’s called I Dared to Call Him Father by Richard H. Schneider and Bilquis Sheikh.

  34. 1234
    Jennifer Cherest says:

    Jennifer Cherest. I would give away anything by John Piper.

  35. 1235
    jewelsbb says:

    Julia Bishop

    Agreeing with many siestas, I’d give away more copies of “One Thousand Gifts”…grace at its finest!

  36. 1236
    Rebekah Arnold says:

    A Holman’s Biblical Atlas? WOW! That would be awesome! I get confused at times trying to find exactly where things were/are in the Bible. I know there are other atlases out there, but this one would be neat to own! PLEASE! 😀

    If I could give one book away, what would I give? “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. This small daily devotional has helped me for several years now. I have shared excerpts from it with friends who seemed to need what was there for that day. (Second would be Hadassah by Tommy Tenney along with So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore) 😀

  37. 1237
    Rebecca Cannady says:

    Rebecca Cannady

    I gave away just this morning a book called “Miracle on Luckie Street” by a man who was a homeless, penniless drug addict on the streets of Atlanta when he had a car accident and landed in Grady Hospital and got saved by reading the Bible. Now he is a multi millionaire and has a prison ministry.
    I would love to win this Holman Bible Atlas as I do not have it and I need it to teach Sunday School. Thanks!

  38. 1238
    Nichole says:

    I would have to say the Bible. Not just any bible – a special one given to me when I was a teenage going through a difficult time. This bible is very special to me. This is the only book I still own from my younger years. I would be honored to pass it along to another teen who is feeling as confused and alone as I was during those difficult years. I would pray she would be introduced to Jesus and the possibility of a diffrent lifestyle. I would also pray that she would find the comfort needed in His words.

  39. 1239
    Carol King says:

    There are so many good books. It would depend on the situation.

  40. 1240
    Kimberly Smith says:

    My name is Kimberly Smith, and I would love to win a Bible Atlas.

    I recently read “Forecasts and Faith: Five Keys to Weathering the Storms of Life” by meteorologist Barbie Bassett. I intend to give some of them as gifts. She has a wonderful Christian testimony that carries over into her professional life.

  41. 1241
    Leah Hayes says:

    Leah Hayes Greenville, SC

    I would give away the same book I have given away a couple hundred times, A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23 by Phillip Keller.

    It was that book that first began to take me on a journey from just knowing about God and trying to please the unknowable One, to actually knowing and walking through life with someone who love me–really me and really knows me and really wants me to know Him too.

  42. 1242
    Kristi Wilkerson says:

    Kristi Wilkerson … would LOVE a Bible atlas!!! I try to “follow along” with my current studies using the maps in my Bible, but they are just not very big or comprehensive. I would give away Candace Cameron Bure’s book “Reshaping It All” because I believe that body image issues are on of the most prevalent and insidious yolks hindering women in today’s world and Candace reveals this and provides Biblical weapons with which to combat these issues.

  43. 1243
    Meredith Smith says:

    Meredith Smith ~ The book that I would give away would be “So Long Insecurity”. I loved this book and the study that we did on the blog. I then atteneded the simulcast with two other ladies that I talked into reading the book with me. It was so much fun. This blog has been such a blessing in my life. Thank you!

  44. 1244
    nina ingham says:

    I would give away A Praying Life by Paul Miller – life changing

  45. 1245
    Eileen Jones says:

    Eileen Jones

    I will give the Atlas, should I win, to the brand new
    St Paul Lutheran High School in Farmington, MO. They need some reference material for their library. Thanks

  46. 1246
    Kelly Fjestad says:

    Kelly Fjestad

    I would give away a copy of “10 Lies the Church tells Women” By J. Lee Grady. So many Bible verses have been misinterpreted to keep women in a place of spiritual bondage. This book reveals some of those areas, gives a proper interpretation of the verse and encourages women to fulfill their role in the church.

  47. 1247
    Molly says:

    Molly Mercer

    I would give away “The Wonderful Spirit-filled Life” by Charles Stanley. It made a huge impact on my life.

  48. 1248
    Amanda Ostermiller says:

    I would love to win one of these!
    My favorite book to share is Heaven Is For Real.

  49. 1249
    Selena says:

    Selena Cumbie

    I would give (and do recommend frequently) Distant Echoes by Colleen Coble. She is my favorite fiction author and this was the first book I read by her and the one that got me hooked on her books. 🙂

  50. 1250
    Barb says:

    Barb Holzkamp
    After the Bible I would give away a book I just read, “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson.