It’s Time for Another Giveaway!

Update: The comments are now closed! I’ll see you tomorrow morning as we reveal our TEN winners. Have a great day, ladies!


Happy middle-of-the-week to each of you!

It is a beautiful day here in Houston! It’s almost perfect spring weather, which is a compete treat especially compared to the weather we’ve endured recently. It’s either been really hot and humid (shocker!), or really nasty thunderstorms. In fact, yesterday was 100% chance of rain all day and it did just that. The best part about the rainy days at LPM are our shoes; three of us chose to trade in our typical work shoes for rain boots yesterday and it was a cute sight, if I do say so myself. We were giddy. Y’all, it really is the small things. I hope wherever you are, despite your weather or circumstances, you’re able to find delight in something as small as rain boots, silly or small as they may seem.

Anyway, can you believe it’s already been a week since our last giveaway? All of the sudden I realized today was the day to reveal our next fun giveaway so my fingers went to typing. It snuck up on me!

Do y’all remember (and I bet you do because it happened to be a pretty popular post and you also happen to have a sharp memory), when our Siesta Mama asked you to share with each other something really random that you love? That particular day she was gushing over her Bible atlas and felt the urgent need to share with you the joy it brings her. I distinctly remember her telling me she was posting a fun, random blog that day so that I could be watching for comments, and watch for comments I did! Y’all didn’t just come through; y’all went above and beyond with over one thousand comments or something fun like that. We were really tickled! Needless to say, people are passionate about things they love.

To refresh your memory, here is a picture of the Bible atlas.

To make a really long story short (I know, I love words), B&H Publishing Group was really generous and sent us ten Holman Bible Atlases to give away on our blog, just like the one she gushed over! Y’all, how kind was that? So, today not just one, but ten of you will be receiving this amazing Bible atlas.

This is the box of atlases sitting in my office.

For a chance to win here is what you need to do:

1) Make sure your comment has your first and last name.
2) Please comment only one time to give everyone a fair chance.
3) For fun, and you don’t have to do this to win, but it would be really fun to hear, if you could give away one book to anybody, what would it be?
4) Lastly, your comment on this post automatically enters you into this contest. So if you are not interested in winning a Bible atlas, please hold your comments until after the winner is selected. This will help us as we randomly select our winners. Thank you so much!

That’s all ladies! We’ll keep comments open for 24 hours and close the giveaway at 4:00 EST Thursday afternoon.

Also, like I’ve stated before, Australia is 16 hours ahead of Houston time, so when Beth and Amanda wake up it’ll be time to start the second conference. I know for a fact Beth and the team would covet each of your prayers as they labor with joy to teach God’s Word and share His gospel with this next group of ladies. If you’ve been following them on twitter, it’s been obvious that God has blessed their time there. In fact, I saw that they got to feed kangaroos. How fun is that? I’m with you, though, I can’t wait to hear and read all about it upon their return. Let’s pray they end strong in Jesus name!

Alright, ladies, time to hear from you! Be sure to check back Friday morning as I reveal our winners!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


1,590 Responses to “It’s Time for Another Giveaway!”

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  1. 1351
    Sharon Cox says:

    Oh, how exciting! I love Giveaways! I actually love to give away books to friends when I have read one that really impacts me. The book I have given away the most is Dr. Larry Crabb’s book, “Shattered Dreams.” If you haven’t read it, you must!

  2. 1352
    Meghan Baldwin says:

    I read too many books to pick just one to give!

  3. 1353
    Lynne Gallagher says:

    I’d probably give away Roland and Heidi Baker’s Always Enough — the incredible story of God’s faithfulness to the poorest of the poor in Mozambique.

  4. 1354
    Ashley Brokowsky says:

    I would Love to win one of these!

  5. 1355
    Elsie Gregory says:

    I would give (yet another) copy of Kay Arthur’s “Refined As Silver” to any sweet sister who is in need of seeing God’s sovereignty and the HOPE we have in Him in the midst of all of our life’s situations!

  6. 1356
    Dana Haley says:

    Hey Y’all! I’m Dana Haley from North Carolina. Mercy! I can give away only 1 book?? Well, today it would be “Jesus Calling” as God empowered Sarah Young to write it JUST FOR ME! Does anyone else feel that way? My other 2 favs to give away are “Believing God” and “Get Out Of That Pit”… both life changers for me and others 🙂 Blessings <

  7. 1357
    Carolyn Hughes says:

    MY name is Carolyn Hughes…if I were to give away a book today is definitely would be “REDEEMING LOVE” WHAT a true love story of God’s love. Takes my breath away thinking about it.

  8. 1358
    Kelly Echols says:

    Oooh, man, I would love that Atlas. But, if I had to give it away to someone else, it would be my teaching partner, Kelley.

  9. 1359
    Laurie Watkins says:

    If I could give a book away it would be, Enemies of the Heart By: Andy Stanley. Awesome book. MUST READ!

  10. 1360

    I would love to pass on the book entitled “Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women: He Treasures, Esteems, and Delights in You” by Bruce Marchiano

  11. 1361
    Sharon says:

    Sharon Durrence

    The book I would give to someone would be the devotional book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

  12. 1362
    Dawn Deare says:

    Dawn Deare from Lafayette, LA
    There are so many wonderful books but I think my favorite at this time that I want EVERYONE to read is Lord Change Me by Evelyn Christenson. What an awesome book that never loses its message.

  13. 1363
    Kim Vopnford says:

    I would give away Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers for it’s message of God’s unfailing love and Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick for it’s message of living and praying with audacious faith.

  14. 1364
    Barbara Siemens says:

    If I could give away one book it would be Sacred Romance by John Eldridge and his friend who tragically died. I don’t remember his name. It beautifully describes God’s yearning for relationship with us. Love it.

  15. 1365
    Rhonda says:

    Rhonda Blevins
    I love most every book I read, and I don’t think I could pick just 1 to give away…I’d probably give a whole stack and an additional list of recommendations!!

  16. 1366
    Vikki Green says:

    I would give away……
    This may not be original, but the Word of God!
    The Bible! I love His Word. If I could sleep in it, I would. Every Bible Study I do, Every scripture I learn, every person, prophet, angel – I meet in the pages of this living, breathing Word of God, ignites my passion to learn and read more. I love Jesus and our Father with all of my heart! I yearn to learn how to be more like my Jesus. How to take on His nature more and more. How to worship Him. I am not a reader, but I can not put the Word of Truth down!

    Actually, I love my NAS Study Bible Large Print, Indexed, Red Leather!
    I need a new one, as Beth says, or was it Amanda? “My Bible looks ragged and I look like a studier”. But I can not bear to loose all of the notes I have written on every page. How do you do that, Beth????

  17. 1367
    Lisa Merrill says:

    This would be an awesome prize, and if I were going to give a book away–I’m not sure what it would be!

    Lisa Merrill-Arkansas

  18. 1368
    Jan Newell says:

    I would give away Piper’s book, “Don’t Waste Your Life.”. Love your blog…I am a new follower that started when Gay started sharing her story. Thanks for your transparency and authenticity.

  19. 1369
    Connie Tritle says:

    I would recommend “Room of Marvels” by James Bryan Smith. So helpful in moving through the grieving process.

  20. 1370
    Katie Andreasen says:

    Katie Andreasen – IA
    I would give away “Radical,” by David Platt

  21. 1371
    The Apple of His Eye says:

    Karen Huxen, Stephenville, TX – book I would give away: any John Eldredge books: Sacred Romance, Wild at Heart, Captivating or Chip Ingram’s “God: As He Longs for You to See Him.”

  22. 1372
    Katherine Kloster says:

    I love to read! We are currently plowing through the Hunger Games trilogy at my house right now, so I would probably give away a copy of the first book. Sorry it’s a secular choice…in the world, but not of the world, right?

  23. 1373

    I love when God opens my eyes to His word and I see new things from the same scripture that I may of read many times before. I would love to have a Bible Atlas, because I feel like I would be able to dig a bit deeper. I am a recent college grad who is seeking God in where He would like to lead me. There is one book that I am reading right now that is really impacting me in this season in my life. So this is the book that I would give away if I could to many women in my life.

    “What Women Fear: Walking in Faith that Transforms.” By. Angie Smith

    I hope that those of you who haven’t read this book would do so. It is now in with my top favorite books.

  24. 1374
    Carol Reid says:

    Carol Reid

  25. 1375
    Bonnie Wallace says:

    Bonnie Wallace

    I passed on Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts” 🙂

  26. 1376
    Sallie Sparks says:

    So Lindsee, if I could give away one book to anyone, I would and have given away ‘my utmost for His highest’ by Oswald Chambers! Book was given to me in college and I wore out my first copy. Got a new copy, put away for a few years, then got it back out and have one on my desk at work and one at home. His daily readings always stay relevant and have been applicable at all seasons of my life!

  27. 1377
    Linda Vogt says:

    I would give away “Praying God’s Word” by my sister Beth Moore 🙂 It is so powerful speaking God’s word right back to Him. It has made a HUGE difference in my life.

  28. 1378
    brandie says:

    Brandie Yeutter in CO
    The one I am currently recommending and giving is “Jesus Calling”, though I have recommended and given away “Praying God’s Word” several times because it has meant so much to me.

  29. 1379
    Susan Hirst says:

    I read so many great Christian novels and Christian commentary/self help, like Beth’s, Tim LaHayes, David Jeremiah and others, by many great authors. But if I could give a book to anyone, it would probably be The Message by Eugene Peterson. So many people say that the Bible is so hard to understand and I feel like this translation is very easy to understand. Along with that gift of the Bible would be constant prayer for God to soften the receiver’s heart so that they may hear the Word of God! Thanks for the chance to win an Atlas! Praying for the team down under! May the light of Christ be multiplied so that Austrailia is shining!

  30. 1380
    Julie Reynolds says:

    I would give away Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand gifts or our Siesta Mama’s Believing God, both have been huge blessings in my life.

  31. 1381
    Tonya Martell says:

    I see I’m not the only one who would give away Redeeming Love and Hinds Feet on High Places. I’m just now reading Believing God and doing the study (I’m on the late bus!). I’m sure it’s going to up in my top 5 now.

  32. 1382
    Lee Ann Lee says:

    Lee Ann Lee
    I would give away “Wednesday’s Were Pretty Normal” and “1000 Blessings” (I know, that’s 2) to anyone and everyone who has suffered loss or is facing serious illness of a child. I have been blessed beyond words by both of these books and I have not had to face the loss they talk about. Truly brings hope and stronger faith to those who read.

  33. 1383
    Melanie Winebarger says:

    Melanie Winebarger

    I think “The Screwtape Letters” should be required reading.

  34. 1384
    Jan Todd says:

    Thank you for the chance to win. It’s been a beautiful spring so far in Iowa. Thank you, Lord.

  35. 1385
    Carol from MA says:

    Carol Anderson

    I have already given away about 20 copies of Jesus Calling. It is a devotional that captures and reassures Jesus’ love for us. Love you LPM!

  36. 1386
    Andrea Troyer says:

    Love the book The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards. And if I win the Atlas it goes to my hubby for his birthday! 🙂

  37. 1387
    Ola Mae Bulkley says:

    Ola Mae Bulkley

    If it was a mom of young/elementary aged children, I would give her “Creative Correction” By Lisa Whelchel. SO helpful!

  38. 1388
    Glenda Tipton says:

    I would give a copy of The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges. Awesome book!

  39. 1389
    Jody Buchan says:

    I would love to give away the So Long Insecurity book by Beth. My women’s group at church went through that study, it was amazing. I did end up buying the book for two of my closest friends that I thought would benefit from it. Love Beth’s honesty and her helping me come to the realization that we ALL have some form of insecurity, we are ALL fighting this together.

  40. 1390
    Tess says:

    Tess Womack 🙂

    If I could gjve one book to someone it would probably be “The Case For Christ” by Lee Strobel

  41. 1391
    Amber Voigt says:

    Amber Voigt

    “A Voice in the Wind”

  42. 1392
    Jane Martin says:

    I just love books – all kinds of books. If I could give one book away, it would be Ann Vosvamp’s “One Thousand Gift” – because we have so many reasons to give thanks and because of the beautiful community that has sprung up because of it. Love it!

  43. 1393
    Michelle Virnelson says:

    I would give away The Circle Maker–praying circles around your biggest dreams and greatest fears.
    Thanks for the fun giveaways!

  44. 1394
    Lori Behrens, Granbury, Tx says:

    Lori Behrens
    Would give away a Bible!

  45. 1395
    Kim says:

    Kim Garrett
    I would give someone any of Wanda Brunstetter’s Amish themed books. Love them!

  46. 1396
    Beth Gilbert says:

    Prayig for you in Australia.

  47. 1397
    Pam Newman says:

    I would give away the book Heaven is For Real..Our son was diagnosed with cancer at 16 and he told us of some of the things he saw while he was in a drug induced coma getting his cancer treatments for 1 week. He stated he saw people from different era’s and he felt the hand of God upon him, and so reading that book help me to understand that God touches us in different ways. It helped me to believe that God has a plan for our son and that is why he saved him from death’s door. Today he is 23 years old and cancer FREE!!! Praise GOD

  48. 1398
    Cynthia Taylor says:

    I would give away “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World” by Joanna Weaver. It is the book that finally convinced me to take my Bible off the shelf and start reading and studying it! Both books changed my life!

  49. 1399
    Stacey Dobesh says:

    Stacey Dobesh

    I love giving books to people–the first one that comes to mind that I would like to give away is “Traveling Light” by Max Lucado

  50. 1400
    Terri Suleski says:

    I LOVE spring…crazy weather and all. It just is such a wonderful reminder of God and creation.