Autumn Giveaway

Ladies! I think a Friday afternoon deserves a celebration. We’ve almost made it through the entire work week! Woo hoo! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is always the hardest part of the giveaway because we’d love to gift all 3,911 of you, but alas, we cannot, which I guess is what makes a giveaway so fun. With that said, join me in celebrating our SIX beloved winners for this fabulous giveaway. Believe me when I say we here at the office are coveting each of the gifts and almost threw a fit when we realized we couldn’t enter the giveaway ourselves. We love fun stuff like this just as much as you do!

So, without further ado, congratulations to…

Grand Prize Winner: Cara Koski

Second Prize Winner: Ansley DuRant

Gift number 3: Victoria Gelberg

Gift number 4: Kim Tipton

Gift number 5: Anne Dailey

Gift number 6: Leslie Wood

If y’all would please email me (Lindsee) at [email protected] with your mailing address we willl get these prizes to you ASAP. We love y’all so very, very much. Thanks for playing along. Hope you each have a beautiful, fall weekend!





It has been FOREVER and then some but I have been thinking about you. I know I haven’t been in this here blog-space much recently but I can assure you that I’m still at LPM. My days are full since I’m working and going to school part-time. AGAIN. Yes, again. Somehow even when I vow to walk away for good, I end up right back in the classroom in some capacity. This time around I’m working slowly on a M.A. in Biblical Languages at Houston Baptist University. When I’m not researching something for a project at LPM, I’m taking a Greek class in the Septuagint and a Hebrew readings class in the Joseph narrative. Oh, and how could I forget to mention Winston Jeffrey Fitzpatrick?! A little over a year ago Colin brought home a baby rottweiler and our life has never been the same since (even when I desperately want it to be!). Winnie is SO, SO bad but we love him madly.

Here is W posing in my dining room. Or demanding a filet mignon cooked over medium, I’m not really sure.

Here he is again furious about having to wear his birthday hat:

But really, enough about us.

I want to talk about YOU and a fall giveaway we are doing because we love you and appreciate you.

Now, I should mention at this point that if you are one of those people who is SO OVER all the talk about pumpkin-flavored anything, then you will want to run for your life.


Do I have a faithful fall remnant?

This weekend we had our first legit “cold-front” here in Houston. It was even down in the forties one night. Glory be! The crisp cold air in my lungs got to me in the best way possible and, of all things, I wanted to cook. There’s just something about fall that always brings me back to the kitchen. Nothing better than listening to a little Norah Jones or The Civil Wars with the windows cracked open, cool breeze dancing through the house, while a chili or stew simmers on the stove. I thought just maybe fall might do the same for some of you so the grand prize winner will get a redΒ Le Creuset signature round dutch oven (red not orange like the one on the box).

I love it passionately and do not want to let it go. I even enjoy posing with the beloved dutch oven:

The second prize to be claimed is a $100 gift card to Pottery Barn because, let’s be honest, Pottery Barn during the fall season is heaven on earth:

Gift number 3 includes an amazing decorative pillow, fall flower arrangement, and Hill Country Home candle.

Gift number 4 includes a fun little clutch from Anthro, a scarf, several pairs of boot socks, and some gorgeous MAC makeup in fallish colors.

Here is Lindsee modeling the scarf. Love her and she can work a scarf better than anyone I know:

This MAC stuff is tough to photograph but fantastic (includes three eye shadow kits and two lipsticks in shades of Russian Red and Viva Glam III).

Gift number 5 has a bunch of fun stuff: Cook’s Illustrated Fall Entertaining magazine, kitchen towels, mulling spices, Hill Country Home candle (again this is one of my faves!), autumn cupcake decorating set, beautiful engraved silver dish, Trader Joe’s Pumpkin bread mix, and more.

Gift number 6 comes with a fun autumn welcome mat, potpourri, decorative kitchen towel, and my favorite ever mulled apple cider candle. DIVINE.

Here is Mom sorting out all the gifts. Isn’t she cute?

So dear friend, for a chance to win one of the six prizes, please leave a comment with your first and last name and tell us something you love about fall.

We love you so much,


(Lindsee not pictured here ONLY because she was out of the office when we snapped this photo)



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  1. 3501
    Tammy C says:

    Fall is my favorite season! I love the chill in the air, the color of the leaves, all the festivals and fairs and football!

  2. 3502
    Pam Edmunds says:

    Oh how I love God’s colors! In the mid-west we enjoy God’s unbelievable autumn palette … I was studying the book of Genesis when Fall came upon our area; and God’s creation with the bright blue sky and gorgeous oranges, reds and yellows were such a renewed delight – praise Him!

  3. 3503
    Heather Edahl says:

    Fall. What’s not to like about fall?! I enjoy decorating with colors I can’t wear. πŸ™‚
    In recent years, pumpkin everything appeared in stores. Yesterday I saw, and
    bought, pumpkin bagels since I have yet to bake this season’s first batch of
    pumpkin bread and molasses cookies. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg appear in
    hot or cold drinks at Starbucks. Just two weekends ago, we made our
    annual trip to see the fall leaves on the Blue Ridge Parkway. At lower elevations,
    the leaves were yellow, orange and red. At higher elevations, before the
    fir/spruce line, the hardwoods were gold, rust, and crimson. There’s a store
    on the way where we stop to get Granny Smith apples smothered in caramel.
    The real deal.
    Fall can be a time of renewal. As kids go to school, moms and grandmas
    sign up for exercise classes and Bible studies making personal resolutions
    to get in shape physically and spiritually–more so than New Year’s.
    I grew up in the South where fall was celebrated with the hardwood trees
    changing to their true colors of gold, rust, and crimson. Here on the coast,
    I’ve learned there’s a change in air temperature, the marsh grasses change
    color with bullrush turning deep brown, with different treasures to collect at the beach. For others, it’s when husbands and boyfriends spend their weekends hunting.
    Fall is a time of renewal for me since November 19, years ago, I was baptized.
    It is a season for reflecting on all the wonderful family times together,
    and all the Lord has taught me that year. Then there is Thanksgiving to cele-
    brate the grace and goodness we have known through the years as a family.
    Fall is my favorite season for these reasons, and for reasons I have yet to discover.

  4. 3504
    Beth Moran says:

    I just love the crispness in the air. It reminds me that my God is alive and getting ready to stir up some things! I love that it makes me take a step back and retreat (somewhat) home and snuggle up with His word.

  5. 3505
    Carolyn says:

    During the Fall of the year here in Georgia is truly beautiful. I live in the small town of Kennsaw, and our community is beautiful during all seasons. God’s beauty is shown through the beautiful falling of brown, orange, yellow, and red leaves on the lawns and the few remainning on trees. I enjoy the cool mornings and evenings, fall festivals at school and our community parks and recreational facilities. I love to take drives on Saturday to neighboring roadside markets selling apples, pumpkins, that great warm apple cider, and arts and crafts on display. I praise God for his beauty during the Fall season.
    P.S. I love snuggling under my Pittsburg Steelers’ blanket in our family room watching the colorful leaves fall.

  6. 3506
    Michele says:

    Michele Lenhart ~ I love color, color, color (leaves), sweater weather, hot apple cider…Thanksgiving!

  7. 3507
    Connie says:

    Fall sets to stage for yummy scents of pumpkin pie, Thankful thoughts of those we love and first and foremost God’s Grace! Time with Family and Friends to share our thankful hearts. Fall is a time to travel to beautiful states, I was blessed to travel to Arkansas and Missouri a couple of weeks ago and WOW, nothing like the leaves of Red, Gold and lime green to make you grasp the Fall Spirit!

  8. 3508
    Crissy Kinley says:

    The colors, oh how so beautiful!

  9. 3509
    Tammy C. says:

    Fall is my favorite. (Actually, I wear fall colors all year round)! From soups to roasted marshmallows to pumkins to college football, I love it. And each day when I look out my front window and see hundreds of trees painted by God’s own hand, I’m so thankful for His gift of this season.

  10. 3510
    Kristina Gallarzo says:

    My favorite thing is Phoenix temperatures dipping down! Finally!

  11. 3511
    Mendy says:

    I love all things fall. Crisp mornings, the brilliant color change of leaves and all things apple and pumpkin.

  12. 3512
    Stacie Gerathy says:

    I love Fall because Thanksgiving is a part of it. I enjoy making the Thanksgiving meal so much πŸ™‚

  13. 3513
    Cathy Nabors says:

    Living in south Alabama, fall does not always bring alot of color change. So I travel a few miles north to view. I love fall because of the crispness in the air, and brilliant colors. I love this time of the year because of Thanksgiving, a time for the family to gather together, the smells from the kitchen, the decorations of the feast and a chance to voice why we are thankful and very much grateful.
    Also knowing what comes next, Christmas….the celebration of the birth of the lover of my soul.

    Thank you LPM for all you do for HIM. Your encourgement is priceless.

  14. 3514

    College football! πŸ˜‰

  15. 3515
    Angie Gutshall says:

    I LOVE, LOVE the leaves of fall here in Missouri. Breathtaking!

  16. 3516
    Tricia N. says:

    I love bike rides with my family:)

  17. 3517
    Lesia Chambers says:

    I love fall colors, bonfires, football, hot apple cider, leaves crunching underfoot, and beautiful sunsets!

  18. 3518
    Monique Hurrle says:

    Fall is my favorite season because my favorite clothes are jeans and sweatshirts and that’s perfect for outdoor activities in NE Ohio. I also enjoy it because my little boy loves it and gets so excited about the sights, sounds, & smells of fall. We love to hike in the fall when the leaves are changing, falling to the ground and crunching beneath our feet. He’s 10 and he even loves he smell of fall.

  19. 3519
    Pam H. says:

    The crops in the fields withered and ready for harvest, the campfire smell with the promise of s’mores to eat, the vibrant beauty of the shades of God’s glory in the turning of the leaves…. All of this fills me with gratitude for God’s goodness and invites me to slow it down a bit and rest.

  20. 3520
    Leslie Hall says:

    Yay! Fall is so fun!! The leaves are just beautiful…and the smell of hot apple cider…YUM!

    Our God is so very creative!

    Much Love to you and your team!

  21. 3521
    Keisha says:

    Curling up under a blanket and reading on a cold, cloudy day!

  22. 3522
    Sue Hines says:

    I love the crunch of the leaves on the ground, snuggling under the comforter with my giggling grandchildren. Pots of homemade soup and the smell of an apple pie baking. Most of all I love Thanksgiving and all my family and friends around the table giving thanks to the Lord for His aboundant blessings.

  23. 3523
    Jana Knoll says:

    Fall is the time of year that captures the artistic beauty of our Creator. I love the colors, cool breeze and smell of soup simmering on the stove. It’s the “cozy” time of year!!

  24. 3524
    Kim Nielsen says:

    I love the Fall because of the reminders of the seasons of the spiritual journey. There is transition, there is a dying of things for a season of rest, but underneath God is at work in the darkness the silence for transformation. The ground is very fertile from the moisture of the snow. There is new life coming. Right now it is a season for dying to self…

  25. 3525
    Sharon says:

    I love watching the leaves change colors, sipping pumpkin coffee, and early shopping for Christmas.

  26. 3526
    Peggy says:

    The best thing about fall is the beautiful colors God paints the world with.

  27. 3527
    Darla says:

    Beth & Melissa,

    I love fall because it brings out the beauty of God’s design in color and the crisp cool weather. And of course…pumpkin spice lattes!

  28. 3528
    Becky says:

    Oh my gosh! So many things to love about fall: The cool air, the crunchy leaves, frisky dogs, and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (can I get an AMEN!), I feel like on of the dogs when I open the door in the morning and the brisk air hits my face…it just makes me happy!!

  29. 3529
    Joni Woodward says:

    I love the low humidity of our fall weather here in southeast Texas. We don’t get it often enough. Like you, Melissa, fall cold fronts make me want to bake because then I won’t sweat to death over the stove. Although we have to wait until late Nov/early Dec. I love it when the leaves change colors. I love the crisp cool breeze and watching the squirrels scamper about hiding pecans from our tree. Thank ya’ll for this giveaway! Blessings on you all.

  30. 3530
    Kim G. says:

    I love the smells of fall, damp leaves, pumpkin spice candles, apple pie, pumpkin spice coffee. I could go on and on. Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  31. 3531
    Sheila Kauffman says:

    Ahhh…FALL!!! I love so many things about it: the colors, the food, football, sweaters, crisp air, my birthday (as well as my sons & husbands), county fairs and THANKSGIVING season!! God is good!!

  32. 3532
    Shannon says:

    Fall is a beautiful time of year because we get to see God’s beautiful handiwork in the Fall Foliage. I am so thankful He made color!!

  33. 3533
    Lany Felstead says:

    My favorite thing about fall is seeing all the trees explode in beautiful color as they change from green to stunning shades of orange, yellow, and crimson. It gives me the visual that God has a wonderful paintbrush, and He paints everything with changing colors for us to further enjoy and wonder at the marvel of His Creation.

  34. 3534
    Haley Ogle says:

    My favorite thing about fall is quite simply: boots! There are a host of other things I love about “fall” (using that term in the loosest sense here in TX), but I anxiously wait all summer until that first dip in temps to pull out my boots and scarves.

  35. 3535
    Cameron Dorton says:

    I love fall!! The colors of the trees and the smell in the air. The sounds of leaves blowing and crackling in the breeze. There is just nothing sweeter than when my cat jumps in the air to chase a leaf that is caught quickly in the breeze. Thanks God for my favorite season!

  36. 3536
    Suzanne says:

    Fall is my favorite season! I love the cooler temps, the colors of the leaves, the smells of the candles, a fire in the fireplace and eating comfort foods like chicken pot pie and pumpkin pie!

  37. 3537
    Lauralee Courtney says:

    I love the giveaways because they are so personal. Y’all are great shoppers!! I love fall for one reason FOOTBALL !!! Well, maybe one mire, the break in the Texas heat. I love the giveaways and do hope I win but am really so happy when any of the siestas get a treat. Love you and pray for you all!

  38. 3538
    Jurni B. says:

    I just Love that it gets chilly, I can throw on my light sweater and make some Hot chocolate.. Don’t forget the mountain of whipped cream on top… I love the crisp feel of the air and when I sit in my backyard (here in Houston) I dream that I am staring off into steep Mountains (of Course I am dreaming) but I can use my imagination right? I break out my sword (the Word) and I open it up to my portion and with my other hand I sip my Hot chocolate with my mountain of whipped cream and my light sweater . I also enjoy the cheerfulness that seems to come over all the houstonians, they just seem happier, I am guessing they are just as thank full as I am that they are not sweating their booties off. It also is the season to be Thankful for all the Lord has done and will do… I just Love this time of season, It is joyous and cool and Wonderful and it just seems to smell good too.. πŸ™‚

  39. 3539
    Ruth Tracy says:

    I love absolutely everything about fall! Pumpkins and leaves and the crisp cool air. Baking and bon fires and the smell of burning leaves. The Colors! Boots and scarves! Oh, its all so great. My favorite time of year. πŸ™‚

  40. 3540
    kathy disney says:

    I love it when the junco & tufted titmouse return to my bird feeder.

  41. 3541
    Redeemed says:

    I love fall because it means another HOT OKLAHOMA SUMMER is over! I have lived here for 4 years now and haven’t acclimated yet!

  42. 3542
    Carrie Bryant says:

    I love the time spent with family eating, playing games, enjoying each others company sitting around the fire pit and so much laughing. Fall is truly Fun.

  43. 3543
    Pam Crawford says:

    Oh fall how I love you, Boots and popcorn balls and that adorable little “Happy fall Y’all” pin that embarasses my daughter to no end. LOL!

  44. 3544
    Jean Schnabel says:

    Living in Florida I appreciate fall even more since it’s very subtle here! Hope I’m blessed with one of the giveaways! Either way I’m blessed by Beth and all of you supporting her at Living Proof!!

  45. 3545
    April Smith says:

    I love Fall because the weather cools down and give us time to be even more thankful.

  46. 3546
    Carolyn Lackey says:

    We love to light up a fire in the fireplace with some fragrant pinon wood and watch TCM!

  47. 3547
    Amanda Jones says:

    Lis, what an AMAZING giveaway! You gathered some really great stuff! I’m not entering but wanted to say well done on this. So fun!

  48. 3548
    Rebecca Anderson says:

    Football, stew and cozy sweaters!

  49. 3549
    Brenda Hall says:

    Hi Girls! I absolutely have loved fall this year more than ever! It has been glorious. I love the changing colors of the leaves, I have been walking around in awe for the last month! God’s creation is amazing, especially in autumn!

  50. 3550
    Suzanne M. says:

    Fall is a time of year that brings both painful memories and joy in my heart at the same time. In October of 2008, I was diagnosed with cancer in my left arm, specifically a stage 3 soft tissue sarcoma tumor. I was only 37, and my children were 4 and 7 at the time. To say this blindsided me is an understatement. Two surgeries, 33 radiation treatments, 12 CT scans, 14 MRIs and many prayers later, I am four years cancer free this Fall! For this I rejoice and am grateful for the Fall of 2008 when I listened to the Holy Spirit within me saying “something is wrong” and went to the doctor. And I am grateful for that doctor, a devout Christian, who sent me for that first MRI even though he couldn’t feel the tumor himself. God saved me by telling me to be persistent, and by opening my doctor’s mind to hear me fully. I praise God every Fall when my cancer diagnosis anniversary comes around. He is amazing and I am blessed that He answered my prayers and I’m still here and able to raise my boys. I hope someone who needs to see this reads what I shared today, maybe someone who was just diagnosed with cancer, or who has a loved one in that situation. I thought my life was over when I was diagnosed…sarcomas are rare and dangerous, but praise God, here I am four years later, cancer free! There is hope in God! Please never forget that He is in control.