Autumn Giveaway

Ladies! I think a Friday afternoon deserves a celebration. We’ve almost made it through the entire work week! Woo hoo! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is always the hardest part of the giveaway because we’d love to gift all 3,911 of you, but alas, we cannot, which I guess is what makes a giveaway so fun. With that said, join me in celebrating our SIX beloved winners for this fabulous giveaway. Believe me when I say we here at the office are coveting each of the gifts and almost threw a fit when we realized we couldn’t enter the giveaway ourselves. We love fun stuff like this just as much as you do!

So, without further ado, congratulations to…

Grand Prize Winner: Cara Koski

Second Prize Winner: Ansley DuRant

Gift number 3: Victoria Gelberg

Gift number 4: Kim Tipton

Gift number 5: Anne Dailey

Gift number 6: Leslie Wood

If y’all would please email me (Lindsee) at [email protected] with your mailing address we willl get these prizes to you ASAP. We love y’all so very, very much. Thanks for playing along. Hope you each have a beautiful, fall weekend!





It has been FOREVER and then some but I have been thinking about you. I know I haven’t been in this here blog-space much recently but I can assure you that I’m still at LPM. My days are full since I’m working and going to school part-time. AGAIN. Yes, again. Somehow even when I vow to walk away for good, I end up right back in the classroom in some capacity. This time around I’m working slowly on a M.A. in Biblical Languages at Houston Baptist University. When I’m not researching something for a project at LPM, I’m taking a Greek class in the Septuagint and a Hebrew readings class in the Joseph narrative. Oh, and how could I forget to mention Winston Jeffrey Fitzpatrick?! A little over a year ago Colin brought home a baby rottweiler and our life has never been the same since (even when I desperately want it to be!). Winnie is SO, SO bad but we love him madly.

Here is W posing in my dining room. Or demanding a filet mignon cooked over medium, I’m not really sure.

Here he is again furious about having to wear his birthday hat:

But really, enough about us.

I want to talk about YOU and a fall giveaway we are doing because we love you and appreciate you.

Now, I should mention at this point that if you are one of those people who is SO OVER all the talk about pumpkin-flavored anything, then you will want to run for your life.


Do I have a faithful fall remnant?

This weekend we had our first legit “cold-front” here in Houston. It was even down in the forties one night. Glory be! The crisp cold air in my lungs got to me in the best way possible and, of all things, I wanted to cook. There’s just something about fall that always brings me back to the kitchen. Nothing better than listening to a little Norah Jones or The Civil Wars with the windows cracked open, cool breeze dancing through the house, while a chili or stew simmers on the stove. I thought just maybe fall might do the same for some of you so the grand prize winner will get a redΒ Le Creuset signature round dutch oven (red not orange like the one on the box).

I love it passionately and do not want to let it go. I even enjoy posing with the beloved dutch oven:

The second prize to be claimed is a $100 gift card to Pottery Barn because, let’s be honest, Pottery Barn during the fall season is heaven on earth:

Gift number 3 includes an amazing decorative pillow, fall flower arrangement, and Hill Country Home candle.

Gift number 4 includes a fun little clutch from Anthro, a scarf, several pairs of boot socks, and some gorgeous MAC makeup in fallish colors.

Here is Lindsee modeling the scarf. Love her and she can work a scarf better than anyone I know:

This MAC stuff is tough to photograph but fantastic (includes three eye shadow kits and two lipsticks in shades of Russian Red and Viva Glam III).

Gift number 5 has a bunch of fun stuff: Cook’s Illustrated Fall Entertaining magazine, kitchen towels, mulling spices, Hill Country Home candle (again this is one of my faves!), autumn cupcake decorating set, beautiful engraved silver dish, Trader Joe’s Pumpkin bread mix, and more.

Gift number 6 comes with a fun autumn welcome mat, potpourri, decorative kitchen towel, and my favorite ever mulled apple cider candle. DIVINE.

Here is Mom sorting out all the gifts. Isn’t she cute?

So dear friend, for a chance to win one of the six prizes, please leave a comment with your first and last name and tell us something you love about fall.

We love you so much,


(Lindsee not pictured here ONLY because she was out of the office when we snapped this photo)



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  1. 3651
    Susan Hollinger says:

    I love the cooler weather, chili eatin, sweat suit and family time.

  2. 3652
    Nina says:

    The cooler weather makes me want to cook and bake more as well! How fun πŸ™‚ Thanks for the fun post and the giveaways!

  3. 3653
    Catherine Moore says:

    I love the beginning of a new Fall Bible study, (somehow I always think better in the fall than the spring), the colors of the leaves as they change, cheering on my Baylor Bears, the smell (and taste!) of that first crock pot of chili, and getting to FINALLY wear my boots again!

  4. 3654
    Alethia Hauffman says:

    I do not like cold at all…but I LOVE fall colors. I have a long commute to and from work, and I love watching the colors on all the trees change.

  5. 3655
    Stacy says:

    I love to take my girls to the pumpkin patch and I love to drink coffee on the back porch.

  6. 3656
    Rene Brigham says:

    Fall is my “time to shine”! I love the fall colors of the trees and in my closet too. Most of my clothing and accessories are fall colors. God is so creative isn’t He?! (No pun intended!)He really is! I mean, he could have created a black and white world or one with only 3 colors but He created a world of brilliant colors and showers us with them in the Fall as if to remind us of how creative He is. Fall, to me, is like a “staycation” here in northeast PA. I get to enjoy a breathtaking view all around me and not leave my home. Fall is a wonderful gift from God for me but I share it with others. :0)

  7. 3657
    Kristy Holland says:

    I love walking hand and hand with my husband looking at the fall leaves and snuggling with my two beautiful babies.

  8. 3658
    Jennifer says:

    The Best thing about fall is Pumpkin…I start baking everything pumpkin in late August and don’t stop until Christmas! My family teases me endlessly πŸ™‚
    The second best thing…Apples, we love ‘Honey Crisp’ Sweet and crunchy! Too Fun!!

  9. 3659
    Cassie S. says:

    I love fall because my husband is home, his friends are coming back from deployment, our husky is happy in the cold weather fall has brought, the leaves are colorful, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and me and my small group girls are right in the meat of our Beth Moore Beloved Disciple study. Oh how there is so much to be thankful for! πŸ™‚

  10. 3660
    Church Lady says:

    The thing(s) I love most about Fall??? Beautiful leaves, cooler weather and deer hunting!! I love spending lots of quiet time the the woods reflecting on God’s beauty (and looking for Bambi and his family). It’s my vacation!! Call me crazy. I’m sure Mr. Keith would understand. πŸ™‚

  11. 3661
    susan strong says:

    I was married October 1, 1983 (at the age of 18)and my husband’s birthday is November 30. So, I cannot even think about fall without a smile taking over my face. Throw in Thanksgiving and a feeling of ….something over the top takes control of me. My home is decorated in autumn colors because I cannot get enough of them in just a few months! I live in North Idaho and fall here is SPECTACULAR. We get to see God’s work displayed in colors that are breath taking. I’m fortunate enough to have both of my grown children close and we get together every Sunday for a family dinner. I guess the thing I like most about fall is that everywhere I turn, I see, feel or think about something that reminds me that I have been blessed beyond belief~

  12. 3662
    Allie Powers says:

    Allie Powers
    Columbia, SC

    I love fall because of hoodies and FOOTBALL!!

  13. 3663

    I was born in November so I think that’s why I love fall. My favorite thing? When the clock “falls back”…YEAH!

  14. 3664
    Wendy Chinn says:

    The fall where I live in Blacksburg, Virginia is amazing. Blacksburg is home of Virginia Tech and nestled in the mountains of southwest Virginia. The leaves get such vibrant orange and maroon colors — that’s why the saying around here is that God must be a HOKIE! πŸ™‚

  15. 3665
    Sally Henson says:

    I love the wonderful colors of fall and the temps or rather the drop in humidity here in Louisiana….. The hair is a mess until then…. LOL…. I just love the fall….

  16. 3666
    Shelley Gully says:

    Pumpkin pie with whipped cream!!

    Shelley Gully

  17. 3667
    Bianca Perez says:

    I love Chicken Tortilla Soup, the cold breath in your lungs when you go on a run, and snuggling up with my sweet man reading a book together. πŸ™‚

  18. 3668
    Jane says:

    Jane Munoz – Fall to me is winding the year up and making me thanksful for all the many blessings we have had during the year. Oh, and it makes me want to cook, too!

  19. 3669
    Janet Marriott says:

    I absolutely love the fall colors and the oh so cooler temperatures. I know it everything around us is turning brown and the leaves are falling off, but it’s a beautiful start to the birth of a new season.

  20. 3670
    Heather Gerard says:

    I love the shift from Summer to Fall…the gorgeous leaves, all things apple and pumpkin, a cozy, crackling fire in the fireplace.
    Thank you for the amazing giveaways!
    Heather Gerard

  21. 3671
    Charlotte Miller says:

    I love fall because it is so refreshing to see God’s paint brush working. The cool air gives me so much energy and I to am ready to get in the kitchen. Love comfort soups and stews. Like to bundle up with a good book.

  22. 3672
    J says:

    Aw shoot, I didn’t put my first and last name, so I’m posting a second time. If it doesn’t matter, disregard this.
    January Converse
    I love pumpkin spice lattes, the leaves changing, Texas Longhorns football, family gatherings, and mountain fall festivals. Really just about everything… what’s not to love about fall?

  23. 3673
    Maria Beach says:

    My best fall memory is when we were kids in Isham Park in NYC making huge piles of leaves and then climbing up on a ledge of a stone wall and jumping into them.

  24. 3674
    Lindy Gillenwaters says:

    APPLES! Apple pie; apple cider; apple muffins; baked apples; apple juice; apple fritters; apple bread; applesauce (homemade, of course); apple cake; apple turnorvers/fritters…well, I think you get the picture…God is so gracious to provide such a bounty of beautiful things to see and to taste and to feel…

  25. 3675
    Nancy Borrett says:

    I love snuggling with my honey of 30 years in front of a fireplace with a mug of really good hot chocolate- with mini marshmallows! Nancy Borrett

  26. 3676
    Susan Hoffmann says:

    I love fall because of football and the glorious colors that God painted on HIS canvas for all of us.

  27. 3677

    The beauty of God in creation at this time of year amazes me!
    Lora Lovin Osburn

  28. 3678
    Pamela Levingston says:

    I am Pamela Levingston and what I love about fall are the Trees!. I love to see all the beautiful colors that the leaves turn and even after the leaves have fallen I love to see the bones of the tree bare. Leaf-less tress can be just as beautiful.

  29. 3679
    Kim Goetz says:

    I have to be honest, I am NOT very fond of fall, because where I live (in northwestern Illinois) fall means only 1 thing…in a 5 to 6 short weeks WINTER will be upon us…I am a spring/summer siesta, sorry! I do enjoy all the beautiful fall leaves and both my babies (now 30 and 27) were born in November! Plus I had to join in, free stuff is always great! Love all my LPM siestas, too; and of course siesta momma! So enjoy fall y’all! I will just count the days until SPRING!

  30. 3680
    Jennifer L. says:

    I love the fall colors. Living in the north means breath-takingly beautiful color. I think you can even SMELL yellow and orange!

  31. 3681
    Tonya says:

    I LOVE all those prizes. Fall is the beginning of my favorite holidays. This fall I have been obsessed with Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread by Our Best Bites (best food blog out there!!!) and the “Leaves” Candle from Bath & Body Works. My husband burned through our large on in ONE WEEK!! Thanks!

  32. 3682
    Judy Deal says:

    I love the cooler temperatures and the leaves turning colors and falling from the trees and picking up pecans!

  33. 3683
    Stacey says:

    What I love about fall – the smells! From the good food cooking to the air outside, it just smells like FALL!

  34. 3684
    Catherine Fraser says:

    I love fall in Florida because we get a much needed relief from the HEAT! I love opening up the house and smell of cinnimon sticks simmering on the stove:)

  35. 3685
    Barbara Brubakken says:

    …brings memories of pulling on a soft warm sweatshirt for the cool day, of myriads of color as I twirl round in the pile of leaves…falling into the crunchy pile my Mom just worked hours to make! …of coming into the warm house and smelling freshly baked apple crisp that melts in your mouth along with the ice cream piled on top ….biking as fast as I can catching the cool wind against my cheeks as I ride over to my friends house after school…as dusk falls we play “kick the can” and “red light, green light” until the town whistle blows sending all scrambling home for supper. …fall brings memories of first love walking hand in hand leaves snapping beneath our feet..he offers his “letterman’s jacket” to keep out the chill. …memories of dark of night haystack parties, hot dogs on a stick over the bon fire..begging our parents to please let us stay a bit longer, we’ve more games to play, kisses to snatch….fall brings a smile remembering each child’s first “trick or treat” costume…growing into football games and homecoming…where did all the years go? I am so thankful for the many beautiful memories tossed by God to gladden my soul.

  36. 3686
    Shawn Bensley says:

    What I love about fall. The colors of the leaves on the trees, the crispness in the air. Friday night football! Thanksgiving and family.

  37. 3687
    Elaine Brady says:

    I love fall because it’s the time of year I got married (the Hubs and I just turned 8). There is something so refreshing about fall and the leaves changing color and the crisp air. <3

  38. 3688
    Susan F says:

    Fall is my favorite season. I love it because of the feel of the crisp cool days, the beauty of the leaves changing, the smell of the fallen leaves. I love getting out my sweaters and sweatshirts and taking walks in the woods during fall. I love school and fall always signifies school to me. As soon as we get that first real chill in the air, I immediately start making chili and soups and baking. And it’s so funny that I hadn’t realized I passed that on to my two daughters who are now married, but this fall I had phone calls from both girls asking for my recipe for Chili and my pie crust recipe as soon as they felt the season coming on. I LOVE fall! <3

  39. 3689
    ConnieH says:

    I just love watching the leaves change color in the fall. There is just something about the glory of God shining through those brilliantly colored leaves to make me feel in complete awe of things God creates.

    Love this giveaway. Lots of goodies! Thanks!

    Connie Head

  40. 3690
    Kristi Snell says:

    I love bringing out the sweaters, boots, and scarves! I love turning on the fire and enjoying a good book as well with nice cup of hot tea or hot chocolate πŸ™‚

  41. 3691
    Tiffany Newberry says:

    I love fall for many reasons. Seeing the trees transform into their beautiful colors after a long and sometimes rough spring and summer, reminds of how God transforms things/lives when we let him. I love the simple comforts fall brings and the traditions that come with it. I love playing in leaves (which was one of my favorite things as a kid)with my daughter. I love the comfort and even shelter that can be found in a warm drink. Everywhere you turn fall is all around you, and there is no escaping it, and there is so much joy in the little things.

  42. 3692
    Connie Boyd says:

    OHH…each of those would be such a neat treat, especially the dutch oven ;0 Name is Connie Boyd and I look forward to the fall for all things PUMPKIN!! AND…stretchy and comfy clothes, especially this fall when I find myself pregnant! Can’t wait. Happy Fall!

  43. 3693
    Jane says:

    Although I am always sad when summer ends and a long and cold winter is around the corner, I look forward to the fresh crop of Mac apples every year!

  44. 3694
    Mari Marks says:

    My street looks like a movie set in Autumn. Trees of every color, victorian houses, and leaves that rain down and coat the sidewalks and lawns. It looks so beautiful with the sun shining through the yellow, orange and red. Its only made more fun by my kids crunching the leaves underfoot and running back to me to show me the prettiest leaf ever, every few seconds. Seriously, kids playing, squirrels gathering, neighbors raking… movie set.

  45. 3695
    Jolinda says:

    I love Fall! The beautiful trees, awesome sunsets, comfort foods, warm & cozy clothes & blankets! Snuggled up by the fireplace with a cup of coffee reading my Bible!

  46. 3696
    Gwyn Tidwell says:

    I just love the coziness that fall invokes. Coziness = love, affection, contentment, security – all those endearing emotions. The other reason is that Fall clothes are so much better as camaflouging our “imperfections”!!

  47. 3697
    Peggy Montgomery says:

    Fall has always been my favorite time of the year with the beautiful colors and the cool breezes. The change of seasons reminds me of the changes in our lives. Right now I am battling cancer and feel so blessed to be able to see another beautiful fall.

  48. 3698

    I just love the sweater/sweatshirt whether! Not cold enough for the big layers, just enough chill in the air.

  49. 3699
    Rhonda Flanigan says:

    I love the temperatures, the colors, the crispness in the mornings, football time, family gatherings, excitement over the coming holidays, and honestly…the excitement on my husband’s face as he gets ready for deer season. There’s nothing like it!

  50. 3700
    Ashley says:

    I love fall because of the changing of the leaves and seasons! It is a great reminder that although our world around us may change we serve a living God who never changes!!! I love the opportunities that fall brings to us with activities and holidays to get together as families!