Autumn Giveaway

Ladies! I think a Friday afternoon deserves a celebration. We’ve almost made it through the entire work week! Woo hoo! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is always the hardest part of the giveaway because we’d love to gift all 3,911 of you, but alas, we cannot, which I guess is what makes a giveaway so fun. With that said, join me in celebrating our SIX beloved winners for this fabulous giveaway. Believe me when I say we here at the office are coveting each of the gifts and almost threw a fit when we realized we couldn’t enter the giveaway ourselves. We love fun stuff like this just as much as you do!

So, without further ado, congratulations to…

Grand Prize Winner: Cara Koski

Second Prize Winner: Ansley DuRant

Gift number 3: Victoria Gelberg

Gift number 4: Kim Tipton

Gift number 5: Anne Dailey

Gift number 6: Leslie Wood

If y’all would please email me (Lindsee) at [email protected] with your mailing address we willl get these prizes to you ASAP. We love y’all so very, very much. Thanks for playing along. Hope you each have a beautiful, fall weekend!





It has been FOREVER and then some but I have been thinking about you. I know I haven’t been in this here blog-space much recently but I can assure you that I’m still at LPM. My days are full since I’m working and going to school part-time. AGAIN. Yes, again. Somehow even when I vow to walk away for good, I end up right back in the classroom in some capacity. This time around I’m working slowly on a M.A. in Biblical Languages at Houston Baptist University. When I’m not researching something for a project at LPM, I’m taking a Greek class in the Septuagint and a Hebrew readings class in the Joseph narrative. Oh, and how could I forget to mention Winston Jeffrey Fitzpatrick?! A little over a year ago Colin brought home a baby rottweiler and our life has never been the same since (even when I desperately want it to be!). Winnie is SO, SO bad but we love him madly.

Here is W posing in my dining room. Or demanding a filet mignon cooked over medium, I’m not really sure.

Here he is again furious about having to wear his birthday hat:

But really, enough about us.

I want to talk about YOU and a fall giveaway we are doing because we love you and appreciate you.

Now, I should mention at this point that if you are one of those people who is SO OVER all the talk about pumpkin-flavored anything, then you will want to run for your life.


Do I have a faithful fall remnant?

This weekend we had our first legit “cold-front” here in Houston. It was even down in the forties one night. Glory be! The crisp cold air in my lungs got to me in the best way possible and, of all things, I wanted to cook. There’s just something about fall that always brings me back to the kitchen. Nothing better than listening to a little Norah Jones or The Civil Wars with the windows cracked open, cool breeze dancing through the house, while a chili or stew simmers on the stove. I thought just maybe fall might do the same for some of you so the grand prize winner will get a redΒ Le Creuset signature round dutch oven (red not orange like the one on the box).

I love it passionately and do not want to let it go. I even enjoy posing with the beloved dutch oven:

The second prize to be claimed is a $100 gift card to Pottery Barn because, let’s be honest, Pottery Barn during the fall season is heaven on earth:

Gift number 3 includes an amazing decorative pillow, fall flower arrangement, and Hill Country Home candle.

Gift number 4 includes a fun little clutch from Anthro, a scarf, several pairs of boot socks, and some gorgeous MAC makeup in fallish colors.

Here is Lindsee modeling the scarf. Love her and she can work a scarf better than anyone I know:

This MAC stuff is tough to photograph but fantastic (includes three eye shadow kits and two lipsticks in shades of Russian Red and Viva Glam III).

Gift number 5 has a bunch of fun stuff: Cook’s Illustrated Fall Entertaining magazine, kitchen towels, mulling spices, Hill Country Home candle (again this is one of my faves!), autumn cupcake decorating set, beautiful engraved silver dish, Trader Joe’s Pumpkin bread mix, and more.

Gift number 6 comes with a fun autumn welcome mat, potpourri, decorative kitchen towel, and my favorite ever mulled apple cider candle. DIVINE.

Here is Mom sorting out all the gifts. Isn’t she cute?

So dear friend, for a chance to win one of the six prizes, please leave a comment with your first and last name and tell us something you love about fall.

We love you so much,


(Lindsee not pictured here ONLY because she was out of the office when we snapped this photo)



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  1. 3701
    Carolyn D. says:

    Living in middle Tennessee, nothing says Fall like the smell of tobacco smoking in a barn. In the hills ans valleys you will find barns in various stages of disrepair but all having a also of smoke encircling the top of the barn and surrounding fall foliage. I love Tennessee and experiencing all four glorious seasons of the year!

  2. 3702
    Pam Thomas says:

    I love to look at the changing colors of the leaves. My children enjoy playing in the them as we rake up big piles and place them beside the road. But, most of all, I love the Thanksgiving holiday. I have my family over for diner and fun fellowship.

  3. 3703
    Marsha Schmuck says:

    I love the crisp air, with no humidity! Each fall I feel like it’s time to wrap myself in a warm sweater and settle in to the warmth, comfort, and love of my home for the winter. Of course homemade pumpkin whoopie pies aren’t bad either!

  4. 3704
    Christine says:

    I LOVE fall, I love the colors, the crispness in the air, Friday night high school football and watching Alabama play on Saturday! Roll Tide!!!!!

  5. 3705
    Beverly Steele says:

    So many things to love about fall!… Colors… Apples and pumpkins… Smell of things baking… Fire in the woodstove…Crackling, crispy leaves… Canadian Geese heading South… Cozy sweaters and tall boots… But my very favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather!… I just wilt when the temperature gets over 85… Cooler weather brings my energy and motivation back!… Praise the Lord for Seasons!

  6. 3706
    Cindy McKay says:

    I love fall because of the beautiful colors involved, apple picking, cool mornings/evenings, my wedding anniversary, pumpkin cake/bread, warm potato soup, chili, my gas logs, giggles in the raked up leaves by my 3 kids and just that God loves us all all the time!!

  7. 3707
    Linda Duff says:

    I love fall because…even though I was born in Houston, Texas, raised in the area and love the seasons we have (or don’t have) here, fall reminds me of my dear sweet mother. No one (besides the Trinity and my awesome husband) has made such an impact on my life and my BFF’s life even though my BFF never met my mother. My mother has been gone for 9 years now (October 30th, yes FALL) but it was her favorite time of the year. She was born in Wisconsin and as soon as the weather got cooler here in Houston, even for a day, her enthusiam could not be contained. During our recent cold front I opened the windows and headed for the kitchen. After working in the kitchen I headed outside for a walk in the crisp air, something my mother would have done. My mother died after a long bout with dementia. I was so tired physically, mentally and emotionally after she passed that I didn’t even grieve for her for about 2-3 years. The following fall after her death I sent my firstborn off to college and I still miss her to the depths of my soul everyday. My daughter is happy and healthy in another state and I have so much to be grateful for and I am. Yes, I LOVE FALL! It is such a beautiful time to sit back and reflect (with a cup of strong coffee with a little Pumpkin Spice creamer or pumpkin pie spice in it) on all the good that sometimes comes out of the bad.

  8. 3708
    AmyLu says:

    I love the glorious sight of colored leaves, the juicy crunch of a Honeycrisp apple, and the sound of a football game on the TV on a Sunday afternoon.

  9. 3709
    Rachel Stanback says:

    I love being pleasantly surprised year after year at how amazing a chill in the air and changing leaves on trees can be!

  10. 3710

    Hi Mrs. Beth!!

    My favorite thing about fall is how it always comes at just the right time, reminding me that God is never late and never early! I love every single season, but it is uncanny how just a week or so before the end of one and the beginning of another, I’m so over the last season and SO excited about the next. God was so good to make us different seasons with a change to look forward to 4 times a year. As for the fall, my fav thing is how the mornings begin to get cool and crisp (though we still have 90’s here in Texas right now!) and how the weather just begs me to make a pot of chili, do β€œfall” cleaning, and watch the Longhorns play some football! Hope you have a great fall day where you are today!

    Much love,

    Sharayah πŸ™‚

  11. 3711
    Tosha Schuller says:

    I love fall because my birthday is at the end of October, and growing up, my mother always made sure that birthdays were extra special! I actually turned 40 this year. I was not looking forward to that big number, but my best girlfriends helped me celebrate, and we had a great time!

  12. 3712
    Becky Ryan says:

    I love fall because it means comfort food: chili, stew, cobblers and breads. Cool mornings and evenings but still sunny during the day. None of the spring winds and a rapid descent to the holidays. Love it all!! Becky Ryan in Texas

  13. 3713
    Carmen Mc says:

    I love the smell of Fall weather. I love how everyone seems so much more loving and giving and kind. We are more in tune to give thanks and to exhibit love as we should all throughout the year. I love the colors, the beautiful decor and the scarves and fun clothes πŸ™‚

  14. 3714
    Jill Warner says:

    I live in a 1900’s mill town right smack dab in downtown Atlanta Ga. Ten years ago the neighborhood was a bunch of drug houses (or crack shacks) that has now been gentrified with pubs, a general store and eclectic eateries. Fall to this neighborhood means pretty trees and a CHILI COOKOFF! People from all over Atlanta come early to compete (or run/walk in the 5K) and stay for the all day bands and local crafts. The entire neighborhood pitches in and helps with refreshments, events and crowd control then the next week all the volunteers throw themselves a party to celebrate! πŸ™‚ That’s what fall means in Cabbagetown GA!

  15. 3715
    Hannah K. says:

    I love fall for the changing colors, cooler weather, and spending time with family at Thanksgiving.

    I’m also looking forward to playing what-am-I-thankful-for-this-year around the table before our Thanksgiving meal. I have a ton to be thankful for, but I’m most thankful for my Dad being alive after getting Legionnaires’ disease (terrifying). Praise the Lord he’s done as well as he has and now he’s getting back to his old self. You’re a trooper Dad!

  16. 3716
    Meredith Uber says:

    How fun! I love cooking warm comfort meals in the fall and anticipating the holidays!!

  17. 3717
    Kathy Paulson says:

    What I love about THIS fall is that here in Ketchikan in the rainforest of S.E Alaska we’ve actually HAD several weeks of glorious fall…cold,sunshine,leaves on the ground, time to walk and talk to God…a very rare occasion for us. THIS fall my Dad flew off to heaven and we have learned new things about dying. I am listening to Carrie Newcomer’s song “All Saints Day” today and it resonates with all of that.

    Not an eloquent post but very true.

  18. 3718
    Tess says:

    My husband and I are moving from our lifelong home of Los Angeles to the southern part of Oregon .. and I am looking forward to discovering the season of Fall for the very first time in glorious color! Cold, clean, crisp air and a warm, inviting kitchen with something delicious simmering on the stove … that says Fall to me!

  19. 3719
    Shannon says:

    I LOVE playing outside in the leaves with my 5 and 2 year old daughters. Seeing them in their jeans and sweaters with their wild blonde hair and blue eyes just does me in every single time!

  20. 3720
    Melissa Faneuff says:

    My name is Melissa Faneuff. Fall is my favorite time of year. I can’t just name one thing I love about it. I think it is the total experience: the increasing coolness in the air; the beautiful way God demonstrates His creativity by changing the landscape from greens and browns to a display of gorgeous reds, yellows, oranges and other hues; the change from summer wear to fall attire (scarves, boots, autumn colored shirts); the anticipation of the holidays before the rush and stress set in. I could probably name more, but that is a good start πŸ™‚

  21. 3721
    Anita Howard says:

    I live in Tucson, so miss the natural fall colors. We have fall decorations to give us a touch of those colors here in the desert! I love the fall because it reminds me to give thanks.

  22. 3722
    Susan Kroeker says:

    I love fall because of the chill in the air and the beautiful changing colors of the leaves on the trees.

  23. 3723
    Amy K. Jones says:

    What I love about Fall is seeing the leaves flying all around (they are not falling, they are flying!). AKJ

  24. 3724
    Barb says:

    One of the reasons I love fall is because my anniversary and son’s birthday are both in November!!

  25. 3725
    Betsy Roberts says:

    Betsy Roberts – I love the smell of the burning leaves after spending the day with family raking them (then jumping in them and RE-raking them! LOL!) … It brings back such wonderful childhood memories!

  26. 3726
    Julia Lampert says:

    I love to look at the fall colors and marvel at the beauty of God’s creation. He has made so many wonderful things and the season of fall is one of them. I love to enjoy every aspect of the fall leaves from the changing of colors, to watching them fall, raking them up, and burning them… that smell is so beautiful to me especially since it brings back very fond memories of my childhood. I love to enjoy the crisp air and be outdoors. The climate and ambiance of the fall weather is irressistable!!! I thank God for allowing me to have eyes to see, a nose to smell, hands to work, and legs to get me out of doors to enjoy His creation to the fullest extent!

  27. 3727
    Catherine Westby says:

    Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons, but I especially look forward to my mom’s homemade Fresh Cranberry Cake with Warm Butter Caramel Sauce…yum!

  28. 3728
    Joyce Calvert says:

    I love the crisp air and the beautiful colors. Our precious Lord is the most wonderful artist!

  29. 3729
    Leeann Singleton says:

    I love the beautiful colors, the crisp air, sweatshirts, football and my birtday falls right smack dab in the middle of it. Can you tell I LOVE FALL.

  30. 3730
    Denise(Arkansas) says:

    I just love all the colors God paints during the fall. And I was raised on the farm, so fall brings back so many childhood memories of harvesting and great family time, oh the smells bring such good memories.

  31. 3731
    Kimmerly Tate says:

    I love when the leaves have turned and the sun is about to set. The light on the trees is beautiful.

  32. 3732
    Barb Setterdahl says:

    Oh I love Fall! The changing leaves, the root vegetables,yes, pumpkins, too, Weiner roasts and hayrack rides, temperatures cooling, etc. etc. etc. I just love it. And the sunrises and sunsets seem even more gorgeous. God’s hand is everywhere. Oh and did I mention it means our church hostessing a Beth Moore Study? This time around we are doing ‘James’ -Whoo what a ride!

  33. 3733
    Victoria M. says:

    I adore the brilliant colors on the trees and celebrating the birthdays of two of my grandchildren in October!

  34. 3734
    Lindsey Kennon says:

    Lindsey Kennon – Fall in TX…cooler air, crisp breezes, pumpkin pie and al fresco family dining with s’mores for dessert every night!

  35. 3735
    Sara says:

    I love fall because there are many holidays with family and fall fashion. Also, after 9 years of marriage, I finally get to be a pregnant and wear the cozy sweaters while showing off my belly! Praise God for miracles!

  36. 3736
    Lori Bianchi says:

    When i lived in Michigan I loved the change of leavesand the geese honking. Now that I live in Arizona I love the cool evenings and the smell of coolness.

  37. 3737
    Brenda Blough says:

    Fall is my favorite time of the year. It’s football season, soup making time, watching the leaves change their color and spending time with my family.

  38. 3738
    Darlene Rogers says:

    I love fall because I can bring out my sweatshirts and tights! Fall is my favorite time of the year!

  39. 3739
    Emily C says:

    I love the fact that it is time to slow down after summer and get back to a normal schedule. Things that have been put off are now getting done. So I feel more put together. Also the sunrises in the fall a quite amazing. When I drove to work the sun was rising and the mountains looked just amazing. The clouds to turns the sky pink, purple and blue. This along with leaves turning red and yellow. Wow what a morning.

  40. 3740
    Laura says:

    I love the crisp nights and baking anything with caramel and pumpkins!

  41. 3741
    Amy Roberson says:

    I love fall – the trees, the great comfort food – pumpkin bread anyone! I also want to take this opportunity to thank your family for the encouraging words & inspiration I get from the blog & all the Bible Studies I have done over the years! Thanks so much & Happy Fall!

  42. 3742
    Silvia Lucaci says:

    I love to travel to the apple orchards not only to pick apples but see the fall colors too.
    Love to cook and bake holiday season around the corner and getting ready for it.
    thankfull to God for his goodness!

  43. 3743
    Ashlee Rogers says:

    Fall is one of my favorite times of year. It always takes me back to great memories of high school football games, friends, and bonfires. As an adult, I now love fall for everything pumpkin related (yes, I am one of those people) and the reminder that the holidays are around the corner.

    I should also mention that one of my favorite parts about fall is the “fall back” where we get an additional hour of time. I really enjoy that extra bit of sleep before church on Sunday πŸ™‚

  44. 3744
    Christine S says:

    Fall equals Pumkin Spsice Lattes from Starbucks…Mmmm and cool crisp air with goregeous leaves, football games and ThanksGiving Turkey πŸ™‚ That is what fall means to me!

  45. 3745
    Ashley Mays says:

    I used to love fall because it signaled a new beginning since the new school year started around that time. I guess the feelings carried over because, even though I’m not in school anymore, that’s still what I love the most. πŸ™‚

  46. 3746
    Samantha sale says:

    Fall is the best time of year, my Middle Schoolers love disciple now week-end and church over Thnksgiving. It’s football weather and I the chance to plan visits to family near and far. Love it !

  47. 3747
    Dawn says:

    I love fall because of all the wonderful colors!
    But I love the fall most of all because of the COLD
    weather. It allows me to try to exercise without sweating!!! LOL!!! My most hated thing is sweating!
    So I love getting outside during this season!

  48. 3748
    DeAnn Turner says:

    I love the colors of fall and looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner!

  49. 3749
    Terri Lovett says:

    I love fall because of the ways that God shows off His paintbrush; The cooler temperatures; High School and College football; and soups and stews.

  50. 3750
    Becky LaCoste says:

    I love my standing Friday morning walk in the park & starbucks date with a new friend this Fall! Love my children’s activities this Fall (PeeWee Cheerleading & Basketball)! Enjoying our outdoor fireplace this Fall, a lovely place for bible study & early mornings rocking the baby & sipping coffee, & fall evening dinners & Bama football for my husband on Saturdays! My FAVORITE season is FALL! I love pumpkin scent in my house even in the summer!