Bible Study, Anyone?

Good Thursday morning, ladies!

We pray all is well with you and yours this day.

Originally, we had the thought to post this on Monday, but then the big Winter Storm of 2014 blew in and kind of threw our system off kilter. We ended up posting information about Bible study instead, and the next day we hunkered down at our respective homes while the ice and snow barely reached the ground on Tuesday. Needless to say, things unexpected and unplanned for ended up swirling and here we are and it’s Thursday and I was not going to let this post go to waste.

If she comes to mind, you wouldn’t waste a prayer on Beth, or any of her family or LPM as she is preparing simultaneously for multiple teaching opportunities. Ones that have been on the calendar for well over a year, but the time is now so she’s neck deep in preparartion. I know I don’t have to tell you that she is one of the hardest workers I know which in return blesses us. We’re so grateful for your prayers and support. We love y’all so much.

So, onto Bible study! We usually don’t wait until nearly the end of January to hear from you about Bible study, but it’s better late than never, right?

Inquiring minds want to know, what Bible study are you digging into this semester? As we’ve mentioned here a few times, we just launched our Tuesday night Bible study titled: Breath: The Life of God in Us, but we want to know what you are up to?

How about we do this, tell us your name, your city and your Bible study of choice and if you’re going at it solo or with a group or leading or attending. There are countless studies out there today, so do not feel one ounce of pressure (and please do not hear us saying) that we only want to know if you’re doing a “Beth Moore” Bible study. It is our joy to hear all the different authors you are studying under!

We even want to hear from you if what you’re committed to this semester, or this year, is reading through the Bible in one year. That’s big, B I G, and we want to cheer you on and walk alongside you. Sometimes we’re not committed to something until we speak it out loud or write it down for someone else to see. A little accountability never hurt anyone!

To make it fun, I’ll go ahead and post my answer in the comments! I miss doing that!

This is short and sweet but we’ll look forward to hearing from you!


664 Responses to “Bible Study, Anyone?”

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  1. 301
    Mitzi purvis says:

    I’m in the Midland, Texas Bible Study Fellowship class. Also leading a group of young girls in a separate study of Matthew at my children’s school!

  2. 302
    Denyse Smith says:

    I am leading Priscilla Shirer’s JONAH. This is our first PS study, a big step away from my ladies’ favorite: Beth Moore. After doing the GIDEON study this summer with my daughter; I prayed about trying PS out. God, in His divine way, made it impossible to do GIDEON(we may try it next). We are excited to see what we glean from this new one for us, JONAH!! I am also personally using Good Morning Girls and Proverbs 31 Ministries as my own personal time! I am encouraged each time I see a new blog post from you all! Thank you for sparking the study of scripture for women everywhere!~denyse smith, Delaware, OH

  3. 303
    Traci says:

    We are finishing up a small group study on Loving Well that is being held in my home. This is the 1st time that I’ve hosted & I’m really enjoying it. We are doing it as a 4 week study & there is a group of 7 of us including myself and we all live on the same street and some attend the same church and others attend different churches.
    It’s been such a joy to get together with these ladies & listen to Beth’s videos and then come together the next week to see how God is speaking to us and what we are learning about loving from the well of love that only God can fill.
    I will add Beth to our prayer list for the week as we have a private FB group where our small group can share things. This is our last week of this study and I’m excited to see what The Lord has is store for us next!

  4. 304
    Jacquie B. says:

    I love the timing of this post! Currently, a small group of ladies I have been studying with for three years now having recently been working on a few studies out of the Kay Arthur’s series that requires no homework. We are just finishing up “How to Walk The Talk” and will do next “Living Victoriously in Difficultt Times”. But these are 6 week studies meant to keep busy/struggling people in the word to help keep them connected & committed to studying each week. There are some great ideas here for getting back to some of the meatier studies. We have completed just about every one of Beth’s studies with James being our last. We haven’t tried Breathe or Sacred Secrets yet. Still praying about what’s next for us.

  5. 305
    Kimber Blount says:

    Kimber, Panama City, FL

    Jonah by Priscilla Shirer…. I’m doing this one alone

    Heart Friends by Margaret Kennedy & Shirley Moses…. I’m facilitating this one on Sunday nights at our church

  6. 306
    Diana says:

    North Carolina
    Spirit of Python Jentezen Franklin, on m own. Also reading the Bible in a year.

  7. 307
    Judy says:

    Judy, Oswego, NY.

    Our entire women’s ministry is doing Jonah by Priscilla Shrier. I lead the Thursday evening group and have about 12 ladies from you to old. Fabulous study!

    I am doing the read the bible in a year program, just me, wanting to be back in closer touch with my Lord and Savior. I’m also doing different daily devotions to get my day started. Right now I’m reading Ann Voskamp’s 1,000 gifts and looking for my three little precious gifts from God each day.

    And Lindsee, it was such a joy to meet you at SSMT. Being a northerner in the thick of snow (we only got 100 inches this week but the area just north of us got 300), be safe and stay off those roads!

    And thank you, Siesta Mama, for all your hard work. I so wish I could come to the event in February to hear all my favorite teachers teaching from one platform. May God bless that gathering in a mighty way!

  8. 308
    Janet, Simpsonville, SC says:

    Participating in To Live Is Christ by Beth with a group of women at my church.

  9. 309
    Michelle says:

    Hi, I am Michelle from Watkinsville, Ga

    I have been following Beth with her Romans study on It ends in April And I’m wondering what’s next πŸ™‚

    I have learned so much and share it with a friend over breakfast/lunch.

  10. 310
    Deanie Shelton says:

    Deanie, Lexington SC, “Missing Pieces” by Jennifer Rothschild, Monday nights at Fellowship Baptist Church (around 38 of us)!

  11. 311
    Michele says:

    Michele, Miami – I’m leading a group in Priscilla Shirer’s Gideon. Then we are going to do N.T. Wright’s study/commentary on 1 Corinthians.

  12. 312
    Kristina says:

    Hutchinson Kansas. Starting Beth’s Sacred Secret s today with a group of ladies at church.

  13. 313
    Marla says:

    Leading my women’s small group in tupelo ms through Jennie Allen’s CHASE! Amazing!! We are participating in IF:LOCAL February 7-8 too.

  14. 314
    Jamie says:

    I am currently doing Beth Moore’s Believing God Day by Day and her book Believing God. Got them when she did he free books on Kindle, so excited so thanks to Beth! Also saying a prayer for her, staff, and LPM! Oakfield, ME

  15. 315
    Sheila Bragg says:

    I live in Guyton, GA. I am currently doing an online study through Precepts called “No Worries…Learning to Trust Our Sovereign God.” It is by Pam Gillaspie and Jan Silvious. I going into week two. Alone but not really alone. πŸ™‚

  16. 316
    barbara says:

    i am currently studying Revelation with our women’s group at church along with Beth Moore’s Revelation study. Will beginPricilla Shirer β€œGideon next wk with another women’s group. Feel very blessed to have the opportunity to read Beth Moore’s daily devotional, Praying God’s Word day by Day which has encouraged me more each day to know Him,love Him and live for Him reading His Word! Thank you Beth!

  17. 317
    Miriam says:

    Tallmadge, OH – I’m participating in David by Beth with Thursday morning women’s study at my church with about 30 women. Also doing Circle Maker with a faith sister accountability group. Digging deep into SgS on my own a few verses a day alone with the Lord. Very rich all of it. Praying for Beth, God is using her and may her strength continue as she digs deep on behalf of women of our time. I so appreciate all she and her team do behind the scenes to allow God to speak to us all. Hugs girlfriends, though we’ve never met!

  18. 318

    Yolanda Rogers, Ulysses, Ks.

    Currently I am in these studies:

    Our Sunday school class is finishing up “Women of the Bible” by Jean E Syswerd
    Our Ladies Thursday evening class “Sacred Secrets” by Beth Moore

    and on my own I am finishing up “The Law of Love” by Beth Moore, I will start next on my own “Knowing God By Name” by Mary A Kassian

  19. 319
    Cathy says:

    I’m reading the everyday with Jesus one year Bible. It’s a different translation for me this year. I am also doing Chasting the Wild Goose by Mark Batterson at my church on Wednesday night.

  20. 320
    Leanne Herrmann says:

    Leanne Herrmann, Princeton, North Carolina. We are studying Beth Moore’s “Daniel”. I am leading a group of 30 women on Wednesday evenings. We are in our tenth week. Love Daniel’s RESOLVE for The Lord in the midst of Babylon mentality. (I am praying for that resolve as I join a group to begin Rick Warren’s “Daniel Plan” study next week!!!)

  21. 321
    Angela Y says:

    Doing the online Made to Crave bible study by Lysa Terkeurst through P31.

  22. 322
    Jo C says:

    Shawnee, Ks — Beth Moore’s — Life and Ministry of Paul. Small group. Two weeks in and so good!

  23. 323
    Kathy Britt says:

    I live in Nashville & am doing “The Beloved Disciple” by Beth solo.

  24. 324
    Stephanie Glynn says:

    Stephanie Glynn, Lawrenceburg, IN, Beth Moore Daniel Series, Leading and Attending in my home with the neighborhood ladies!

  25. 325
    katherine says:

    I am doing Beth’s Esther study at my house with 2 friends and then with a group of teenagers starting in a few weeks. I am also in a group study finishing up Precepts Ephesians and about to begin Precepts Zechariah. I began listening to Beths Romans series on oneplace 3 weeks ago. To put it simply, it is so good.

  26. 326
    Penny Estabrook says:

    Penny Estabrook, Sun City, AZ. I am reading through the Bible this year and The Inheritance study by Beth alone.

  27. 327
    Deirdre says:

    Deirdre, Raleigh, NC- Matthew (Precepts)

  28. 328
    Ronda J. says:

    I am almost finished with the 30 days of prayer in Praying for your Husband from Head to Toe (although the man I love is not yet my husband). My morning commute is as many podcasts as I can fit in (Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer). My evening commute is a songfest with my little boys and me! This year I commit to spending as much time in worship and study as I can, and not getting stuck in a rut of doing the same thing all the time. πŸ™‚

  29. 329
    Tiffany Blackwell says:

    I am 32 married with 2 teen girls from South Carolina. I am usually dong an online study at However, I am currently in the book club for the book Women Living Well ourtneyCby Con . It is a great read with lots of biblical principles on marriage and parenting and growing in your walk with Jesus!

  30. 330
    Krysta says:

    Krysta – Northern VA

    I am in three studies right now, David (Seeking a Heart Like His) and Secrets – both by Beth Moore, and Gideon by Priscilla Shirer. =-)

  31. 331
    Suni Heflin says:

    Suni – Roanoke, VA
    I am leading some ladies at my church through “Named BY God” Kasey Van Norman. This is my third study to lead but I still feel so green, so blessed, and so humbled. Prayers appreciated!

  32. 332
    Sharon Young says:

    Currently I am studying James. This is my third study under Beth in all I have been blessed and my life has been altered.

  33. 333
    Micki says:

    Doing “gods at war” by Kyle Idlemen with my precious Soul Sisters…in our 14th year together. My private prayer time is devoted to the New Testament this year and an in-depth personal study on Trust as I companion my husband through the lat few months of his cancer journey.

    Micki. Prairie Village,KS

  34. 334
    Treva Cox says:

    Beginning “Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit” next Thursday evening. I lead this study. There are normally 8-12 ladies that come to my home. Several of them come straight from work so I always prepare dinner for them and a yummy dessert.

    In deciding on the next study I would read each of Mrs. Moore’s options and kept going back to this study. I don’t think the ladies will be disappointed. I’m excited!!

  35. 335
    Angie says:

    I am going through Beth Moore Believing God for the second time. Leading it with a group of wonderful ladies here in Brandon, Florida. We meet on Wednesday nights. In addition to this I am going through Made to Crave,

  36. 336
    Patti Dahl says:

    I am doing Beth’s Here and Now…There and Then in a church Bible study group and Revelation; Awaiting the bridegroom by Susan Currie at home.

  37. 337
    Kim says:

    I committed to reading the Bible in a year back in March 2013. I’ve tried several times and failed. To say that I have not missed a day and am almost done is amazing to me. I have about 60 left!

  38. 338
    Diane says:

    Diane from Pinedale, Wyoming

    Our entire church is studying Forgotten God by Francis Chan in small groups. My group is led by my husband. I’m also reading through the Bible on a two year plan. And a friend and I are going through the book, Women Living Well.

  39. 339
    Deb says:

    Deb in Windsor, CT:

    I have actually committed for the first time to reading the Bible in a year. This should be interesting, as I have a 6-day-old and two other kiddos. I really want to keep at it and stick with it…would appreciate prayers!! πŸ™‚

  40. 340
    Teresa says:

    Just began a group study at Southeast Christian Church called, Remembering the Forgotten God. Loved the precious women at my table. Most much younger than I, but just so much fun! Learning to be in step with the Spirit. Love!

  41. 341
    Jennifer Jones Mosher says:

    Hi, I’m reading the NRSV through this year—an edition with C.S. Lewis quotes interspersed throughout (near scripture passages that relate). I love it! Our Women On Mission Bible study of WHEN GODLY PEOPLE DO UNGODLY THINGS has been postponed and should begin next Thursday. At home, I’m reading SECRET CHURCH, STREAMS IN THE DESERT, JESUS CALLING in the morning with some scripture memory review. At night, my husband and I read a G. K. Chesterton devotional book together and pray. LITTLE VISITS WITH GOD with my daughter, and ABC Psalms I chose from different translations. These are all a blessing! Oh, and a prayer partner friend in another state is reading & discussing RAISING A GODLY DAUGHTER on the phone. I miss the Siesta Sisters Scripture Memory posts, but am continuing to learn and review what I can. God is SOOOOOO good!!!!

  42. 342
    Carrie Gill says:

    Carrie Gill, Tyler, TX
    I am doing a study called The Amazing Collection. It is a three year study that covers the entire Bible, book by book. We are studying Ezra this week.

  43. 343
    Gwen Waxhaw NC says:

    I am reading the Bible through this year….I began doing this when our son was a small toddler…I use the Daily Walk as my guide. There have been years I used Closer Walk. It does just the NT. Our Bible Study Girls are doing Lisa Harpers Malachi A Love That Never Let’s Go. I am leading along with my BFF Betty. There is so much joy in the family of sisters studying together.
    Much love many prayers

  44. 344
    dawn cook says:

    The group of 19 I am leading this semester are doing Beth’s lecture series Deuteronomy-The law of love.
    I am adding homework from Warren Werseibe’s book Be Equipped as an option for those who want to study more of the book. I am also going to show a Ray Vanderlaan video concerning the wedding on the mountain (Sanai). I am richly blessed and changed through each of Beth’s studies.
    I am from Christ United Methodist Church in East Moline IL. Some of our ladies are from other churches.
    Praying for Beth!

  45. 345
    Cathy Moore says:

    I am currently leading the study Jesus the One and Only with a life group of 10 beautiful ladies in our the winter wonderland of upper Northwest Ohio. This is my 2nd time for this study! Also, I am studying Daniel with another group of ladies. Both studies are Beth’s and while the homework is pressing some days I just love how His Word is a complete work and interweaves His Story throughout! Praise Him!

  46. 346
    Carol Heagen says:

    Carol from Cincinnati Ohio

    I’m doing James by Beth for the third time. First two I facilitated & this time I am a participant. So much to learn I’m so excited!

  47. 347
    Diane Jackson says:

    I am leading a group of precious young women in the Wising Up series in my home. Each of us loves our time together growing in the wisdom of God!

  48. 348
    GOTTEE says:

    1. Bmoore “Fruits of the Spirit” at my house with a coworker
    2. Reading through the Bible throughout the year
    3. Continuing with Siesta Sister Bible memorization plan
    4. Attending church every Sunday…

  49. 349
    Sandra Stancavage says:

    Wow what amazing women craving the Word of God! Our Life Group has just started Francis Chan “Crazy Love”…our wednesday women’s bible study at Christ Fellwoship Palm Beach Florida is studying The Law of Love book of Deuteronomy Beth Moore & Malachi by Lisa Harper…
    How Blessed we are to live in a nation where we can study Gods Word! Thank you Jesus:)

  50. 350
    Myrna says:

    FBC in Livingston, TX studying “Jesus the One and Only”. Evening and morning classes.63 ladies signed up.

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