Bible Study, Anyone?

Good Thursday morning, ladies!

We pray all is well with you and yours this day.

Originally, we had the thought to post this on Monday, but then the big Winter Storm of 2014 blew in and kind of threw our system off kilter. We ended up posting information about Bible study instead, and the next day we hunkered down at our respective homes while the ice and snow barely reached the ground on Tuesday. Needless to say, things unexpected and unplanned for ended up swirling and here we are and it’s Thursday and I was not going to let this post go to waste.

If she comes to mind, you wouldn’t waste a prayer on Beth, or any of her family or LPM as she is preparing simultaneously for multiple teaching opportunities. Ones that have been on the calendar for well over a year, but the time is now so she’s neck deep in preparartion. I know I don’t have to tell you that she is one of the hardest workers I know which in return blesses us. We’re so grateful for your prayers and support. We love y’all so much.

So, onto Bible study! We usually don’t wait until nearly the end of January to hear from you about Bible study, but it’s better late than never, right?

Inquiring minds want to know, what Bible study are you digging into this semester? As we’ve mentioned here a few times, we just launched our Tuesday night Bible study titled: Breath: The Life of God in Us, but we want to know what you are up to?

How about we do this, tell us your name, your city and your Bible study of choice and if you’re going at it solo or with a group or leading or attending. There are countless studies out there today, so do not feel one ounce of pressure (and please do not hear us saying) that we only want to know if you’re doing a “Beth Moore” Bible study. It is our joy to hear all the different authors you are studying under!

We even want to hear from you if what you’re committed to this semester, or this year, is reading through the Bible in one year. That’s big, B I G, and we want to cheer you on and walk alongside you. Sometimes we’re not committed to something until we speak it out loud or write it down for someone else to see. A little accountability never hurt anyone!

To make it fun, I’ll go ahead and post my answer in the comments! I miss doing that!

This is short and sweet but we’ll look forward to hearing from you!


664 Responses to “Bible Study, Anyone?”

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  1. 251
    Donna says:

    Stepping Up.
    Boca Raton, Fl
    Small group
    Spanish River Church

  2. 252
    Pat Pappas says:

    We have 3 large groups at church doing: Believing God, Living Beyond Yourself Fruit of The Spirit and Revelation-all by Beth! Thank you for keeping us all in His Word.

  3. 253
    Kristin Frye-Gallaher says:

    BREAKING FREE!!! I am doing this alone but with Jesus.

  4. 254
    Lois F says:

    Daniel, my sixth Beth study, with another friend. I love Beth’s idea of God putting Israel on “hold” on the phone while He deals with the Gentiles, but He hasn’t hung up. One day (soon? I hope/believe) He’ll click them back on line. How about an application of the old Sunday School chorus:

    God is still on the phone, and He will remember His Own
    Though trials may press them and burdens distress them
    He never will leave them alone.
    God is still on the phone, and He will remember His Own
    His promise is true, Israel soon will come through!
    God is still on the phone!

  5. 255
    Debbie Ewald says:

    Debbie, Aurora, CO I facilitate a women’s Bible study group at Eastern Hills Community Church. We began Beth Moore’s Daniel on Monday, January 13th. We have 24 ladies in our group and are LOVING this study!

  6. 256
    Bonnie says:

    Gunter, Texas
    I am facilitating a group of ladies doing Priscilla Shirer’s Gideon.

  7. 257
    Kathleen M says:

    Group of 6 ladies in Baton Rouge doing Daniel. We are loving it.

    Doing an eighth year of reading the bible on a one year plan. Read OT, NT, Psalm and Proverb daily. Really allows you to see the thread running through the bible.

  8. 258
    beth mcbroom says:

    Leading about 60 women at Wayside Chapel in San Antonio studying Gideon by Priscilla Shirer. Love it and Priscilla! Our group has done all but a couple of Beth’s studies. We look forward to Children of the Day.

  9. 259
    Kay Sheldon says:

    Kay – Boerne, TX: I am leading a neighborhood ladies’ group using Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts; 26 ladies from various churches/denominations.
    I am part of a group of 15 ladies at church doing Here & Now…There & Then A Study of Revelation by Beth.
    I’m also doing a study of Habakkuk, written by a friend in AL. She’s amazing!
    Can you tell I’m retired??? (^_^)

  10. 260
    emi says:

    Emi, white house, tn: I’m doing James-Mercy Triumphs by Beth on my own.

  11. 261
    Patsy says:

    Patsy…Lebanon, Oregon
    I can’t tell you the name of our bible study…..
    It’s a Sacred. Secret…..ha! With Beth Moore…
    Mid-valley women for Christ….

  12. 262

    Karen, Chandler, AZ

    Reading through the Bible with my 3 boys for home school, I’m doing Part 3 of Romans with Precept Ministries, Wayne Barber teaching and also listening to Beth’s teaching on Romans on once a week, loving it all. Absolutely love the book of Romans and even after being a Christian 26 years, think I just now finally get NO Condemnation! It’s given me the strength to take a stand on a personal issue that needed a stand taken.

  13. 263
    Rebekah Adams says:

    Rebekah, Fort Worth, TX. Co-leading a group in my sorority house on Philippians: Fellowship in the Gospel from Grace Bible Church. Loved leading on Beth’s Fruit of the Spirit study last semester!!

  14. 264
    Susan Sanders says:

    Hey LPL Ladies- I am teaching through Galatians and Ephesians this semester on Thursday nights at our downtown location. The Lord has brought some precious new Christians to our group, so it challenges us all to dig deeper. I love the childlike faith we all are called to exercise–whether we are young in the faith or old.

  15. 265
    Donna says:

    Doing “Knowing a God by Name” by Mary Kassian alone

    Also, after 4 semesters of Greek, I’m in my second semester of Hebrew at DTS.

  16. 266
    Bobbie Warren says:

    Next week I am attending a new church to participate in their women’s group, so that I can do Beth’s study: Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit. Looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone to experience His Spirit. Bobbie Warren, Camas, WA

  17. 267
    Meredith says:

    I am from Flagstaff, AZ and currently living in Kwidzyn Poland( a small town near Gdansk.) I am studying with my husband and daughter a Good Morning Girls Study about living a Purposeful life. Soon, I will lead our local church’s ladies and daughters study in the book of Esther. I need lots of prayer as I am planning on writing a study guide myself for this study. My prayer is that these women will take the initiative to study God’s Word each day on their own and then meet bi-weekly to learn and discuss. This will take the Holy Spirit’s leading and help in so many ways. I’m praising Him for the opportunity (and help with translation at our meeting times together from one of the dear women here).

  18. 268
    Carol says:

    Wilsonville, Oregon: Large Community Bible Study reading through & studying Ephesians; small group doing 7 by Jen Hatmaker (just started month 4); and next weekend facilitating the IF: Gathering simulcast for a group of ladies in our area. Can’t get enough!!! Love me some Jesus!!!

  19. 269
    Laura says:

    I am currently doing “40 days in the word” by Rick Warren with my husband. Have already purchased “living beyond yourself” by Beth for when I finish

  20. 270
    colleen says:

    We meet on a Tuesday evening and our group consists of 5: my friend and her husband, me and my husband and another single, male friend. We are working through Gideon by Priscilla Shirer but the men don’t have the books as we don’t think they’ll have time for homework. So ladies, prayers will be welcome as I am not too sure how its going to work. We all live in Cape Town in South Africa and meet in my friend’s home.

    Blessings to you all!

  21. 271
    Karen A. says:

    I am doing Intentionally Focused by Good Morning Girls. Doing it solo, but sharing with friends.

  22. 272
    Con says:

    Leading “Nehemiah” by Kelly Minter and fixing to launch “Unglued” by Lysa Terkeurst for spring and then summer will likely be “Gideon” by Priscilla Shirer.

  23. 273
    Hope Jinks says:

    At First Baptist Church in Union Springs, AL, about a dozen ladies are studying Beth’s “Daniel.” We’re in the 4th week. Our church does one Beth Moore study each year, and Donna Curington is our leader. This is my first Beth Moore study. I’m a Kay Arthur alumnus, and was afraid Beth’s studies wouldn’t be challenging enough. Boy, is my face ever red!! Beth, you’re the bomb!! (I think that’s a compliment. It’s meant to be.)

  24. 274
    Diane F. says:

    Our Bible Study group is about 12 strong. We just finished The Patriarchs before Christmas and we are now doing A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place. We love you Beth 🙂

  25. 275
    Zar says:

    Zara, Jeonju, South Korea

    I’m facilitating Beth’s Daniel study this year with a group of English-speaking friends (mostly fellow expats or foreigners). We finally got the DVD’s brought over from the States and we’ll be buying the books from an English language bookstore in Seoul. It’s a process but we are sure it will be fruitful and WORTH IT! A friend or two might even Skype in from the States during our study 😉

    I downloaded the free Kindle copy of Praying God’s Word day-by-day and I’m SUPER excited to work through that this year!! I’m also planning to start the Bible in 90 days during Lent. I’m really looking forward to that challenge :):) I love what God’s word does in every area of my life. Moving and shaking!!

  26. 276
    sarah says:

    I have two that I am currently working on! With 2 other friends we are working on Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinbery, and in 2 weeks will be hosting Authentic by James MacDonald. Can you tell I am a fan of Lifeway’s Bible study Insider:) Can’t wait for Beth’s next study.

    Sarah Birmingham, Lambertville , MI

  27. 277
    Amy Raftery says:

    I have just started “Every Women’s Marriage” with the Christian Woman’s Fellowship in Camp Pendleton, CA.

  28. 278
    Joy Thompson says:

    Richmond, Va.
    Small group (10 women – mid 30’s) doing Freeway by POTS.

  29. 279
    Suzan, Beckley WV says:

    Online study of Made to Crave. Powerful study

  30. 280
    Joan says:

    I am currently doing Lisa Harpers study titled “Malachi”. Studying on my own right now, also preparing to lead a group of women through “3D” a 12 week study of diet,discipline and discipleship.

  31. 281
    Leah Adams says:

    ~~Leah Adams
    ~~Blairsville, Georgia
    ~~Precept Revelation Part 3 is challenging us to dig and really think about what we believe in our small group that meets on Tuesday morning.

  32. 282
    Betty Cooke says:

    I facilitate a group of 24 ladies in my home, we are finishing James and will then jump in to The law of Love. Two of our ladies have recently been diagnosed with cancer, we covet your prayers for Janet and Carol. So glad God is allowing us to go through this journey with them

  33. 283
    Mary Ann B. says:

    I just wanted to let you know that we are working on the “James, Mercy Triumphs” Bible study

    We are 2 groups one on Tues mornings the other Wed evenings, we are located in Tbilisi Georgia (the republic). Our church is Tbilisi International Christian Fellowship, and we serve mainly expats and NGO’s that come serve in the country.

  34. 284
    Melissa says:

    Our group just started Fruit of the spirit by Beth! This is our 3rd berg series with doing others in between. We love Beth!

  35. 285
    Melissa says:

    Beth* above^^^

  36. 286
    Debbie faunce says:

    Kelly Minters -Ruth every Thursday. If it ever would quit snow
    Malichi every other Wednesday at church.
    Goal to read the bible in less than a year. Using Haven Today guide
    Started Sunday school using an Andy Stanley video series.

  37. 287
    Dayna tirado says:

    Dayna Tirado, Bedford, Virginia. Gideon by Pricilla Shirer starts this Tues night. Facilitating a table of about 5-6 women. Held not at our church 30 min away but at a local restaurant downtown in our little town. Love getting together with other women to be accountable!

  38. 288
    Mary Collar says:

    I lead a small group (women only) from my church. We just finished Living Beyond Yourself and have now begun Sacred Secrets. Our group has 5 ladies who come faithfully for study and discipleship.

  39. 289
    Jackie Van Strien says:

    Our women’s ministry in Clemson,SC, has started Biblical Feminity – Ezer. I am also doing James for the 2nd time in another Bible Study.

  40. 290
    Sheila Cueto says:

    In our church life group of about 15 ladies , we meet bi weekly studying Beth Moore’s Esther. I am studying Breaking free alone, and reading The Bible in one year through The Bible App with a friend.

  41. 291
    Vicky says:

    Asheville, NC. Matthew in large group through Bible Study Fellowship. Awesome!

  42. 292
    Amy says:

    Amy, Dayton, OH

    I’m going through Beth’s Esther study with a group of 10 or so other ladies. I’m also continuing SSMT on my own and have made a goal to memorize 24 more verses this year. Love to all of you at LPM!

  43. 293
    Jody says:

    From sunny Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!
    Bible Study Fellowship study of Matthew with my African sisters and Beth’s study on Deuteronomy with my ex-pat sisters 🙂

  44. 294
    Diana says:

    Follow Me by David Platt with a group of women,
    Made to Crave with Proverbs 31 online group
    Good Morning Girls online group

  45. 295
    Tempa says:

    Tempa Babington from Palm Bay, Fl
    I am doing the study by Beth , “When Godly People do Ungodly Things,” in a Women’s small group
    At our church on Tues. Morning. Thanking God for Beth’s devotion to teaching & to her team that come beside her with support. I am blessed beyond words with each of Beth’s study!

  46. 296
    Cathy Gibson says:

    Sacred Secrets by our dear Beth

  47. 297
    D'Anne McMillen says:

    D’Anne, Loganvile, Ga
    I am attending a small group study in a friend’s home. We are doing Sacred Secrets. The video sessions and journal are sparking some great discussion!

  48. 298

    Doing BSF study of Matthew this year and loving it.

  49. 299
    Louise K says:

    James 5 in Pineville, NC

  50. 300
    roxanne says:

    Roxanne Hummelstown, Pa

    1. At a local church doing Forgotten God by Francais Chan
    2. Following God’s prompting and leading my first bible study Beth Moore’s a Woman’s Heart). In my home for a group of 3. (I friend asked, “Are you getting a good group?” I said, “Who ever God wants is my group.” She said, “I mean numbers, do you have a lot?” I chuckled and said, “Let’s be clear a good number for me would be zero, so I’ll stick with who ever God sends is a good number”).
    Stepping out in faith in 2014!

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