The Opposite of Wordless

I woke up this sunny morning (thank you, Lord) with a lot of words. Unfortunately, it was a lot of words that didn’t string together, but rather a handful of random thoughts. This isn’t very unusual the morning after Bible study when my mind is still rehearsing the lesson we were taught from our beloved Beth. Last night Beth taught us about the creative side of the Holy Spirit. It was equal parts fascinating, profound and edifying. She challenged us that while God created us, if we have the Holy Spirit, then He also invades us. This means that we can ask Him to give us fresh creativity in our home and workplace and He can do it! Does anybody need a breath of fresh creativity? Ask for it! I was riding home with Jenn last night and we were flinging words and thoughts all over the place. (There is just so much to debrief after Bible study and I’ve loved our car ride home together to do just that. And well, you would love her, too.) Anyway, one thing I mentioned was Hollywood. They bring their best and most excellent work ethic to their respectful jobs and it shows! I just can’t imagine what the Lord could do if we would bring our “A” game to our churches, our offices and our homes and ask the Lord to show off in our creativeness. That’s just a third of last night’s lesson, but it’s certainly some food for thought.

In other news (do you see how I’m trying to make this awkward transition? Far from creative. Laughing.), here are my random words for the day:

1) The Olympics start in two days. Yes and amen. Small confession: My roommates and I got rid of cable a couple of years ago but when the last summer Olympic games aired, the thought of missing them was mortifying to me. So, while Michael Phelps swam his heart out, I made a trip to Wal-mart to buy an antenna for our TV. Unfortunately, the only antenna left was super expensive and I needed another technical contraption to make it work, but desperate times call for desperate measures, so I purchased it, and watched the Olympics peacefully in the comfort of my own home. I actually returned said antenna within 14 days because I no longer needed it. Fortunately, we got a new TV so I purchased a new, updated antenna and here we are again, same place, same dilemma, except this time my antenna hates me and only picks up the channels nobody watches. Just perfect. Anyone up for hosting an Olympic watching party? Only kidding. Maybe.

2) I announced this last night on twitter, but it deserves to be repeated: A bowl of cereal at midnight is one of the more comforting things in life, no? Anyone with me? In fact, I’m curious now, what’s your go-to midnight snack?

3) Don’t ever underestimate the power of just being present. It is a strong ministry that might go unnoticed, but never unappreciated. No words necessary. Just an ear willing to listen and arms willing to hug. Life is hard, friends.

4) I salute you, ladies who can wear heels all day long without getting shin splints. Ouch. (This may or may not be due to recent personal experience.)

5) Anyone care to join me at Assumers Anonymous? Where together we’ll recover from assumptions we’ve made of others and assumptions made about us. I’m sure we could all use some healing in this area. I know I could.

6) Entitlement. This word and attitude gets under my skin. Maybe it’s because I see it in myself? Maybe it’s because I see it in others? But either way, it quenches my Spirit in the worst way. Assuming and entitlement, we could also label this as the “Things Lindsee is Working on in 2014”. Grace, grace and a little more grace.  (Yeah. Things just got real.)

7) In more exciting news, I’m doing a new thing this year. I’m reading again. So profound, I know, but I’m serious about it. For Christmas I got a Kindle and it thrilled me to no end. You see, back in 2009 or so was when I received my first iPhone. While I LOVE my phone, it has put a serious delay to my reading and journaling, two things I love to do but have slowly faded away. Why? Because of the access and ease of my phone and all that is vying for my attention. The problem is, and I’m speaking for myself, so do not receive this if you don’t struggle with this, it has become such a distraction that it’s rewired my brain. When I used to read and journal at night before bed, I now scroll through the mindless (and I do mean mindless) updates on Facebook. Gag. So in an effort to rewire my brain, I’m picking up a book and pen. It’s just February 5th but it has been revolutionary to me. A discipline? Yes. I still want to go for my phone first, but I’ve finished almost two books and my love of reading is slowly seeping back in. And let’s be honest, my thought life and imagination is healthier. Thank you, Lord. My goal is to read 12 books this year, one book for each month. Yes, I just wrote that in stone, but maybe you want to join me? After all, “A person without self-control is like a house with its doors and windows knocked out.” Proverbs 25:28. I’ve knocked my doors and windows out and left them unattended for too long. Time to lock down.

8) And in completely unrelated, materialistic news, I’m on the hunt for a new purse. Mine is a little over two years old and has started to shred. Ew.

9) Maybe, like me, you needed to read this today: “God doesn’t come and go. God lasts.” Isaiah 40:28

10) We love you ladies. Thank you for always putting up with our non-sense on the loud blog days and the quiet blog days.


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  1. 51
    Diana says:

    I so relate to the i-phone invasion. Just got mine at Christmas and I have to get it out of sight to forget about it. Blessings as you read and write.

  2. 52
    Joretta W. says:


    I so appreciate your candor. It’s a pleasure to hear from you your matters of the heart.

    I gave up Facebook in December and was surprised that I haven’t missed it one bit! I had become so accustomed to “getting on for just a minute” then looking up an hour later to realize I had become compulsive about reading “just one more!” I now have more time for journaling, praying, or time with my family. Really grateful!!

    So, don’t stop sharing. You bless my heart.

  3. 53
    Deborah Meabon says:

    Lindsee, I really appreciate how real you are. I can relate on so many levels:

    -my husband and I got rid of cable/sattelite a couple years ago, but really miss easy access to the super bowl and olympics… We also live in an area that does not get good antenna reception.
    -cereal is often my go-to snack at night.
    -I deactivated my FB account, and the time-stealer was one of the reasons… I love to read among other hobbies, and have found much more time for these things since turning off FB in December.

    I missed Beth’s Bible Study, but God has also speaking to my heart (also through a message from James MacDonald) about doing all things as though doing them to the Lord – including my job…


  4. 54
    Erin says:

    Hi Lindsee!

    Thanks for such a great post 🙂 The rewiring of your brain is such an intentional decision you’ve made! I deactivated my FB account years ago because it was SUCH a comparison trap for me. After the first few months I never looked back and it’s been a decision I have been happy with! I am giving up watching TV by myself for Lent- I use it as escapism far too easily. I too am a reader and journaler, but too often I find myself just vegged out in front of a show instead of doing something constructive or productive. Definitely not ok. Intentionality!!

    I’d love to know what books you’re picking to read this year!

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