Autumn Giveaway

Ladies! I think a Friday afternoon deserves a celebration. We’ve almost made it through the entire work week! Woo hoo! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is always the hardest part of the giveaway because we’d love to gift all 3,911 of you, but alas, we cannot, which I guess is what makes a giveaway so fun. With that said, join me in celebrating our SIX beloved winners for this fabulous giveaway. Believe me when I say we here at the office are coveting each of the gifts and almost threw a fit when we realized we couldn’t enter the giveaway ourselves. We love fun stuff like this just as much as you do!

So, without further ado, congratulations to…

Grand Prize Winner: Cara Koski

Second Prize Winner: Ansley DuRant

Gift number 3: Victoria Gelberg

Gift number 4: Kim Tipton

Gift number 5: Anne Dailey

Gift number 6: Leslie Wood

If y’all would please email me (Lindsee) at [email protected] with your mailing address we willl get these prizes to you ASAP. We love y’all so very, very much. Thanks for playing along. Hope you each have a beautiful, fall weekend!





It has been FOREVER and then some but I have been thinking about you. I know I haven’t been in this here blog-space much recently but I can assure you that I’m still at LPM. My days are full since I’m working and going to school part-time. AGAIN. Yes, again. Somehow even when I vow to walk away for good, I end up right back in the classroom in some capacity. This time around I’m working slowly on a M.A. in Biblical Languages at Houston Baptist University. When I’m not researching something for a project at LPM, I’m taking a Greek class in the Septuagint and a Hebrew readings class in the Joseph narrative. Oh, and how could I forget to mention Winston Jeffrey Fitzpatrick?! A little over a year ago Colin brought home a baby rottweiler and our life has never been the same since (even when I desperately want it to be!). Winnie is SO, SO bad but we love him madly.

Here is W posing in my dining room. Or demanding a filet mignon cooked over medium, I’m not really sure.

Here he is again furious about having to wear his birthday hat:

But really, enough about us.

I want to talk about YOU and a fall giveaway we are doing because we love you and appreciate you.

Now, I should mention at this point that if you are one of those people who is SO OVER all the talk about pumpkin-flavored anything, then you will want to run for your life.


Do I have a faithful fall remnant?

This weekend we had our first legit “cold-front” here in Houston. It was even down in the forties one night. Glory be! The crisp cold air in my lungs got to me in the best way possible and, of all things, I wanted to cook. There’s just something about fall that always brings me back to the kitchen. Nothing better than listening to a little Norah Jones or The Civil Wars with the windows cracked open, cool breeze dancing through the house, while a chili or stew simmers on the stove. I thought just maybe fall might do the same for some of you so the grand prize winner will get a redΒ Le Creuset signature round dutch oven (red not orange like the one on the box).

I love it passionately and do not want to let it go. I even enjoy posing with the beloved dutch oven:

The second prize to be claimed is a $100 gift card to Pottery Barn because, let’s be honest, Pottery Barn during the fall season is heaven on earth:

Gift number 3 includes an amazing decorative pillow, fall flower arrangement, and Hill Country Home candle.

Gift number 4 includes a fun little clutch from Anthro, a scarf, several pairs of boot socks, and some gorgeous MAC makeup in fallish colors.

Here is Lindsee modeling the scarf. Love her and she can work a scarf better than anyone I know:

This MAC stuff is tough to photograph but fantastic (includes three eye shadow kits and two lipsticks in shades of Russian Red and Viva Glam III).

Gift number 5 has a bunch of fun stuff: Cook’s Illustrated Fall Entertaining magazine, kitchen towels, mulling spices, Hill Country Home candle (again this is one of my faves!), autumn cupcake decorating set, beautiful engraved silver dish, Trader Joe’s Pumpkin bread mix, and more.

Gift number 6 comes with a fun autumn welcome mat, potpourri, decorative kitchen towel, and my favorite ever mulled apple cider candle. DIVINE.

Here is Mom sorting out all the gifts. Isn’t she cute?

So dear friend, for a chance to win one of the six prizes, please leave a comment with your first and last name and tell us something you love about fall.

We love you so much,


(Lindsee not pictured here ONLY because she was out of the office when we snapped this photo)



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  1. 301
    Evan Lee says:

    I love the fall because of the perfect weather! Fall is such a depiction of Gods marvelous grace upon us! The football, crunchy leaves, boots, and scarves make it even better! Lol

  2. 302
    Linda Holt says:

    Fall is my favorite time of the year. First because it finally cooling down from the hot summer time. I really enjoy the crispness of air. I love the gorgeous colors of fall. I also love the fact that everyone seems to return to the hominess of home.

  3. 303
    Amy Storms says:

    I love the colors of autumn. We used to live in Indiana, and oh, the brilliance! And I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner for the mashed potatoes and bread and stuffing, all in one meal!

    Thanks for a chance to win!

    Amy Storms

  4. 304
    Stacie Rauch says:

    The cool, fresh air of Fall is so invigorating as it comes on the heels of the oppressively hot summer here in Georgia. Finally, I can drive with the windows down, enjoying the sight of brilliantly colored trees and the refreshingly cool air faintly scented with the smoke from the first fires of the season. I love the way the leaves twirl and meander through the air, then scurry across the road. Fall is a feast for the senses and I just love the art of God on display at this time of year.

  5. 305
    Blair Williams says:

    I love the fellowship with family and dear friends that fall brings with football games, carnivals, & holidays!

    Blair Williams

  6. 306
    Carol Botch says:

    I love the crisp cool air that Fall brings! Trees changing into glorious colors, leaf piles, bonfires, anticipation of our Lord Jesus’ birth! Blessings to you all and thank you for the many blessings I have received from LPM!! You all ROCK!!

  7. 307
    Tracie says:

    Tracie Maslak – I love bonfires with friends and having a spiced chai latte in my hand. (Seriously, if you’ve never had a David Rio Tiger Spiced Chai, find the closest place that makes one and treat yourself. Warning: chai lattes will forever seem bland in comparison.)

  8. 308
    Susan Brodsky says:

    What I love about fall….. College football tailgating and the games, pumpkin soup/bread/muffins, cool nights, s’mores in the fire pit, and knowing the next season will bring Christmas!

  9. 309
    alisha says:

    I love that I can drink hot tea and not sweat while doing it! Ha! Summers are tough in the south.

  10. 310
    Lisa Burt says:

    I love fall because of the leaves and fresh air. It reminds me how God allows the old things pass away and makes them new again.

  11. 311
    Christine McLeod says:

    My favorite thing about fall is the way the leaves smell when you’re walking through a huge pile of leaves waiting to be raked.

    Christine McLeod

  12. 312
    Beth Wetgen says:

    I love fall colors and the trees turning. It is my favorite season, besides spring:)

  13. 313
    Cherilyn Strader says:

    Cherilyn Strader

    My favorite thing about fall is the beautiful colors of the leaves. I admit I’m quite biased, but the colors of fall in the NC mountains have to be some of the best anywhere! They are a great reflection of their spectacular artist πŸ™‚

  14. 314

    I don’t even know where to begin… pumpkins – pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin patches with my two beautiful boys; leaves – leaf fights with my boys, leaf hunts to see how many colors we can find, this year we made place mats out of the leaves that we found; smoke – chimney smoke, bonfires, SMORES!; Cold – I love being snuggled in a warm blanket and breathing in the cold Minnesota air, I love having to wear sweaters and scarves and jackets! I love jackets. I don’t think I could have too many jackets; The Red Jacket Trail – a beautiful trail through the hills and woods that reminds me of our amazing Creator. Yah, Fall might be one of my favorite things EVER!

  15. 315
    Whitney says:

    I LOVE college football, and always look forward to that during the fall. I also LOVE getting a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. But I think this year my FAVORITE thing has been hearing my 19 month old say the word “pumpkin!” (pump-een). She can find a pumpkin ANYWHERE we go and always shouts the word so loud…it is pretty adorable and my favorite memory of this fall!

  16. 316
    Lynette Duquette says:

    I love Fall for a few reasons. The air smells amazing and the colors on the trees are amazing. It also reminds me of my salvation. The leaves falling, symbolizing death to self and renewal of life is coming, knowing soon the snow will be here, symbolizing the ‘white robe’ we wear, which leads to spring which symbolizes new life.

  17. 317
    Paula Hall says:

    I love fall, seeing God’s handy work in painting all of the leaves in reds and golds. We don’t have a lot of changing foliage here in North East Texas but I really appreciate what we do have.

  18. 318
    Jeannie Brown says:

    The greatest thing about fall is the brisk in the air on those perfect fall days playing in the leaves with the kiddos just to head in to warm up with some hot cocoa or some nice apple cider <3

  19. 319
    Carol says:

    I am a New England Girl living in the Evergreen State of Washington! I hope you get my problem. I miss the fall colors and “real” Indian Summer! =) So I look at pictures of the fall colors from friends back home. However, my husband and I over the past 13 years are trying to create a little NE on our almost 2 acre lot. We have planted lots of leaf trees that actually turn color in the fall… it seems to be working. Our Yard is looking pretty good right about now.=)

  20. 320
    Chrissy Jones says:

    Chrissy Jones
    My favorite for fall is hot apple cider(keurig has a k-cup!), my mom’s vegetable soup(the best ever!), and of course the fall foliage. πŸ™‚

  21. 321
    Melissa says:

    I love the colours of the leaves as they turn. The deep reds are my favourite!! and of course…i love pulling out my boots after being in storage all summer.

  22. 322
    Lyndsey Eshelman says:

    I love all the color that fall brings! Color is one of the best gifts God has given me:) And I love the mild temps:D – Lyndsey Eshelman

  23. 323
    Jennifer Pender says:

    I love the cool crisp weather of the fall. Especially in the morning on my running days! I love all the holidays and family events!! Fall is a great time just to reconnect with people!! Plus all the fun stuff to decorate the season at our house. O and pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks…yum!!

  24. 324

    I LOVE Fall, myself! It just seems like a prophetic illustration of changes God often brings to our lives. His plans for us are “colorful,” “crisp,” and can be invigorating! I love the briskness in the air and coziness in brings about around our home. It creates a great opportunity to snuggle up with family and have great conversations and just “be” and enjoy all God’s freedoms!

  25. 325
    Beckie Isenhour says:

    I LOVE fall! The way God uses His paintbrush to color the leaves and the sky are unbelievable. It is the most beautiful time of the year to witness God’s glory in His creation. And the lower temps aren’t bad either!

  26. 326
    Bethany says:

    I just love everything about fall, crisp air, leaves crunching under my feet, scarves and riding boots. Most of all I love the month of November because God gave me two of my babies this month. There is just SO much to be thankful for in this month of Thanksgiving!

  27. 327
    Kim Gannon says:

    Kim Gannon……..I love Fall because of all the beautiful colors (though we don’t always have the abundance in Houston). I’ve seen some incredibly MAJESTIC sunrises over the last few weeks.

  28. 328
    Karen Zielke says:

    Hi! I love the crisp air in the mornings. It almost makes me want to exercise. Then I think, naaah! Love you all…

  29. 329
    Laura Hall says:

    I love Fall for the bright vibrant colors of the trees here in N GA.

  30. 330
    Melinda Hambrick says:

    I love the leaves and the way the sun shines through them in the late afternoon, making them look like stained glass.

  31. 331
    Debbie Adkins says:

    I love the cool, crisp, dry air!! Also the beauty God has created for us in the changing of the leaves. Daily reminder of our Great Creator!!
    Thanks for the give-away!!

  32. 332
    Linda Casmus says:

    I love the colored leaves and all my fun fall decorations.
    My favorite time of the year!!!

  33. 333
    Natalie Derrick says:

    I love fall because here in Florida it allows us to turn off our artificial cooling and open the doors WIDE to enjoy God’s natural glory! I adore driving down the road with the top down on my car listening to the ocean waves. God is awesome!
    -Natalie Derrick

  34. 334
    Erin Kuhn says:

    I love EVERYTHING about fall….cooler temps, pumpkins of every kind, and the gorgeous leaves!! Fall has been my favorite season since childhood :))

  35. 335
    Pam Milne says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year, I love everything pumpkin and all the fall colors….leaves changing and pretty mums! This is the time of year I miss living in CO the most, I miss having four seasons!

  36. 336
    laura says:

    Laura Moore-
    I love the trees changing color and taking a walk in crisp cool air!

  37. 337
    Vicky Clinkscales says:

    I love the cooler weather and the beautiful leaves that appear in Fall. Here in the midwest we are enjoying deep reds, yellow and golds on our trees. I love the anticipation of time with extended family as Thanksgiving and Christmas appear on the horizon in Fall.

  38. 338

    What DON’T I love about fall? I live in St. Louis Missouri where we have four distinct seasons. Fall is my favorite. I love back to school, crunching leaves, bonfires, beautiful colors, an evening sky that brings memories of hundreds of soccer games watching my little boys play, fall clothes, boots, pumpkin and apple ANYTHING, picking apples, carving jack-o-lanterns, HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL, and walks in the woods with my husband, mums, soup on a chilly day, and saying goodbye to hot, muggy summer.

  39. 339
    Lucia says:

    I love fall! I look forward to it every year and no matter what’s happening in my life Fall always cheers me up. I look forward to our cold weather (even though in California it still hot) and the beautiful colors. This year wont be any different. I had 3 miscarriages this year and I’ve been down for a few weeks. This year fall to me signifies a new beginning. I’m looking forward to being with the ones I love and being thankful everyday for what I have. Because the Lord is in control of my life.

  40. 340
    Mia Brackin says:

    Fall makes me feel more alive than any other season. It’s like having new eyes that see colors more vividly. The colorful leaves on and off
    the trees, the clearer, bluer sky and the fresh, cool air without humidity (in Alabama). Fall is the coziest, most cuddly season of all!

  41. 341
    Cynthia M Evans says:

    Hmmmmm… cool nights in front of a fire place — but warm enough to keep the front door open πŸ™‚ Dipping apples in caramel sauce. My favorite season!!!

  42. 342
    kathy j. davis says:

    I love Fall!! We get to see all of the beautiful color changes in Gods handy work. How can anyone not believe in God?

  43. 343
    Lisa Heisel says:

    I love fall, because of all the colors God can have us see with our eyes, and it tells us that things change in one way or another. Things are beautiful for so long, then they become dull and lifeless, but God makes the colors pop and brings it all back to life again for us to see:)+ You inspire me Beth! I enjoyed the Conference I attended in St. Louis with my church,with my Christian Sisters old and I met new ones. It was a wonderful experience for me–emotional too, that shocked me. Thank you for the giveaway, and may God keep blessing us all!!+

  44. 344
    Emma says:

    I dearly love a good bonfire in the fall! I like big ones out in the country and small ones in a fire pit in the city. Being with good friends and a warm cup of cider or, my favorite, peppermint hot chocolate is simply the best! But the icing on the cake is definitely when someone brings a guitar and leads worship around a fire. Nothing better!

    – Emma Sick

  45. 345
    Nefret Stringham says:

    Nefret Stringham. I LOVE FALL!

  46. 346
    Christy says:

    Fall… my favorite part is all the family fun times! Festivals, trunk or treats, Thanksgiving… etc. They are all so great because we get to spend them together. πŸ™‚ Happy fall, everyone!

  47. 347
    Carey Willems says:

    I love that fall is only 3 seasons away from summer. I HATE being cold & if it’s not at least 75 chances are I’m freezing. At least there are pretty leaves to look at while I count down to summer again.

  48. 348
    Linda Rose says:

    I love the feeling of Fall – the cool, crisp air, steady breezes, pulling out warmer clothes.
    I love the sights of Fall – the bright oranges, yellows & reds.
    I love the smells of Fall – the apple cinamons, the pumpkin spice smells, Thanksgiving dinners.
    I love the sounds of Fall – the leaves falling ever so quietly, the children at the bus stop, the squirrels scurrying to find nuts.

  49. 349
    Beth says:

    Melissa ~
    She is so cute…you both are. I loved the strong color you are wearing!

    Favorite Fall…maybe a list? Color everywhere, crisp walks, order emerges from summer casualty, the promise of the holidays, coziness, scarves…..

    Summer frivolity has nothing on Falls inundation of the senses.

    Thanks for a chance to win!
    Beth Moss, Gig Harbor, WA

  50. 350
    Susan B. says:

    I love the changing weather of fall…cooler temps and beautiful leaves. The crisp air just puts a bounce in your step.