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Hey, Darling Things!

I’m working from home today and thought I’d take a little break and let my study-brain relax a minute and tune my heart into Siestaville. Let me tell you how proud I am of you for clocking in with the same general number of 2nd verses as you did your first verses. The hard part is not the start. It’s pressing on all the way through the year to the finish. But, then, like all runners that make it across that beautiful line, we get to celebrate a huge victory that only comes to those who sweat it out. We give all praise and glory to our empowering, sustaining God and sit back for a reflective moment, take a deep breath, and feel His glorious good pleasure. Community will become more and more essential as we realize that, without making a public commitment and running the race beside a host of others in this Scripture memory marathon, we’ll probably fizzle out. There is no doubt in my mind that we’re more successful at this together than we are separately. It’s God’s way.

Yesterday was a really fun day at LPM. I already put this on Twitter but it took about a half a dozen of our staff members to put together additional shelves for the books Melissa has acquired since she last worked within the ministry office.

I have promised Melissa my library when God takes me Home, but if she keeps this up at this rate for the next fifteen years, she’s going to pass me by and I’m going to leave mine to Curtis. (That threat won’t mean much to you but it will get Melissa and her dear brother-in-lawย  sparring again over who gets the books which, in turn, gives me a great laugh.) Amanda has been promised other things like what sits on my left hand. But I might spite them all and live a really long time…with colored hair and firm foundations (and I don’t mean the latter in the religious sense. Or the former for that matter. I cannot find hair color in the Scriptures unless I get to count head coverings which, to me, is not unreasonable. In that way and others like unto it, I am a very submissive woman).We’ll see how that pans out. (The timing of my demise not my hair color.)

The other really cool thing we did yesterday at LPM was preview the movie Courageous. It’s the new movie by the people that gave us “Face the Giants” and it comes out in September. (www.courageousthemovie.com) I will remind you guys about it when the release day gets closer but I can’t wait till then to tell you about it. Sisters, it was so good. I don’t want to give away the story line but I can’t quit thinking about it. They have done such a magnificent job with it. We honestly laughed out loud and cried and cheered. I can hardly wait until it comes out. I think God has something far beyond good, solid family entertainment for this film. I’ve told you guys before that, after retiring from the Army, my daddy ran movie theaters so I love few things on this earth more than good movies and great popcorn. (Yes, we popped corn yesterday. And I ate mine with a Starbucks instead of a coke which was an odd pairing and one I might not venture to combine next time.) The primary message of Courageous is targeted to our men who we all know are also targeted by our very vicious enemy. I really believe I can tell you in advance that the guys in your life will love the movie. Mine will and he’s not easy to please. Courageous scores very low on the cheese factor which we know drives most guys crazy about any form of Christian entertainment or encouragement. I dare say that we may be a tad cheesy in Siestaville but we try to keep our Velveeta loaded with jalapenos.

Lastly, I’ll tell you that we started our January Bible study on Tuesday night with one of the best groups God has ever brought our way. We were flabbergasted. May He be greatly praised and glorified in that sweet sanctuary where He’s met with some of His people so many times. We’ll be talking on here about meeting on Tuesdays but we won’t be talking on here about the material because I’ve established a gag order. Laughing. The on-site participants are previewing a (very little) bit of homework so that their experience will be richer but, for copyright’s sake and for future publishing, we’re going to keep it and the session materials low key. It’s not that we’re hiding something. It’s that it’s just a long way from being finished. I also don’t want hype. Ick. Even well meaning hype from those who are sweetly biased. I just want to study Scripture as God presents it to us in His own good time and His own good way. I won’t actually do the LifeWay taping for this series until late April when we do it with a studio audience and I’ll still write through most of the summer. I am reluctant to keep bringing up the series on here because I don’t want to build it all up in anybody’s mind. A curriculum that speaks to one person can hit another person cold. How this turns out is all up to the Holy Spirit but what I can tell you in advance is that, God willing, we will do our best to know that brief Book of the Bible by the time we’re done.ย  Whether anybody will actually “like” it or not is up for grabs. James isn’t necessarily a party bus.

Well, I’ve had about as much of a break as I can afford today. You’re on my mind every day and I pray for you often.

Oh, and this is one reason I got on here today! You know what we’re doing to stay in the Word this early 2011 but what are each of you doing? (Besides memorizing!) Tell me what you’re studying right now!

I love you guys.


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  1. 701
    Melanie Grace says:

    At the end of the year I finished the study of Jonah (Priscilla) and then went right into David Platt’s book, Radical. All I can say is WOW! and WHOA! I have taken the Radical challenge. The timing (God’s) is perfect. I am determined to succeed in my Scripture Memorization and right now I’m studying Nehemiah. (Building New Walls: A Beth Moore Series) ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay warm. Blessings to my Siestas there at LPM. You are ALL so sweet and helpful. Love ya!

  2. 702
    Sandy Corbin says:

    I live in Houston and have had the privelege of attending your Tuesday night Bible studies. Very enriching. I regret that I won’t be able to attend your series on James. Getting up at 4am for work each morning makes it a little difficult since my bedtime is before you even finish your final,always enlightening word each Tuesday night.
    I am ordering your series on Revelation. Learning more about that final confrontation. Where God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit finally….The New Jerusalem. And then…his face I see.

  3. 703
    Tammy M says:

    Just started Faithful,Abundant and True

  4. 704
    Barbara says:

    I’m excited to be doing Anointed, Redeemed, and Transformed with a wonderful group of ladies on Wednesday night in Pasadena, CA. Also, an “in-house” study on Tuesday night at my church in Eagle Rock, CA.

    Love you Siestas! I love being a part of Siestaville!Barbara, CA

  5. 705
    Angela H says:

    Reading _Reshaping It All_ by Candace Cameron Bure. Was I ever blown away-and still am. All about spiritual transformation in the Truest sense. Self-control-there’s no way to get it without exercising muscle of yielding to the Spirit. This is something that is going to free me further in faith. Looking forwqard to using the verses in it for Siesta memory!

    (She gives nods to her weekly bible study girls and Beth’s and Priscilla’s studies.) Thank God for those who are yielding that show us what freedom looks like. Thank you!!

  6. 706
    Karen says:

    At this time, I am in one bible study, it’s the “New” Breaking Free! I did the other one years ago, so this is great to revisit this study and see if I have some more strongholds I need to release to God. Also, I am studying on spiritual warfare, for an upcoming opportunity in women ministry, God has given me.

  7. 707
    Kathleen says:

    I just started the study David – A heart like his. I am already completely into it. It is
    only day three! Can’t wait to see what God is going to reveal to me through this study!

  8. 708
    Marilyn says:

    My Bible study group begins Monday night, January 24th, and we have chosen to study Covenant, by Kay Arthur. We are a group of ladies that have been involved in Bible study together for over 25 years. We began all those years ago with Kay Arthur bible studies; we have done all of the Beth Moore studies (we’re looking forward to James); Henry Blackaby, Kelly Minter…We have a Fall study, and a Spring study, and usually break for the summer. Except 2 summers ago we did study No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. How blessed we have been to be in God’s Word together for so many years.

    Thank you, Beth, for sharing your love for Jesus and dedication to Him with all of us. May the Lord bless you and provide strength for you as you listen for His Word as you write this new study in James. We are praying for you.

  9. 709
    Bev says:

    We will begin “The Inheritance” in ten days/Feb 1.

    Completed “Here Now~There Then” before the holidays. Some women were fearful of studying Revelation but after completing the study the fear was dispelled. PTL!

    Currently I am previewing “Wising Up~Wherever Life Happens” by Beth on OnePlace.com (audio) then ordered the DVDs for our Women’s Bible Study group to do in the future.

  10. 710
    Linda Mazzei says:

    My Church KUMC had a Ladies retreat at Camp Tejas last weekend and we reviewed clips from your Deeper Still DVD from Orlando with Priscilla and Kay, we loved it. We also had a book review from Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard which was wonderful. My Womens Group (Stitch with the Scripts) is reviewing A Table of Delight by Elizabeth Canham, love it. We work on our projects while we study.
    I lost My Daddy Dec 7 so I was given two books to read The Blessings of Brokenness -Charles Stanley and Traveling Light by Max Lucado just starting those. I am with you on Tuesday Night Bible study- James. Was so good to see you this week, It is always like seeing a BF you have not seen in a while. You and your girls always warm my soul. You are right the group was awesome! Working on my memory verses, reminds me of GAs when I was a little girl at FBC of Humble. Still have my Bible charm for remembering John 3:16. Wondering if anyone still has theirs. Thanks for all you and LPM do to keep us in the word! God Bless, Linda

  11. 711
    Beth says:

    I just started a study of John (it’s called “I AM,” written by the pastor’s wife and another woman) in a women’s group, and even after only one session, I know I’m in the right place for this season. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for me through this!

  12. 712
    Karey says:

    I am reading through the bible with Wendy Pope’s Proverbs31 group, reading Made to Crave and studying Hebrews with Kathy Howard …:-)

  13. 713
    Lindsey D. says:

    I am in 2 Thessalonians this week through the Amazing Collecion. Two years ago I started the AC study in Genesis. It has been an incredible journey through the Word of God that has been unmatched in my 20 years of study in the Bible. I have been immensely blessed by seeing how all of God’s Word fits so perfectly together and have uncovered countless treasures to apply in my walk right where I am.

  14. 714
    Marilyn says:

    Our women’s bible study just started “A Women’s Heart” 2 weeks ago. I am also taking another course “Woman to Woman” in preparation for our mentoring ministry.

  15. 715
    Stephanie says:

    This week I have started getting up at 5:00 am to have my quiet time. I am reading one Proverbs and spending the rest of the time in prayer. Your Body, His Temple which is available on Life Today’s web site came last week. Hoping to begin that soon with a group of bible study buddies.
    I have to say that I have tried to memorize scripture before with what I felt was little success. I know we have just started, but many times throughout the day I say my two verses and they are still in my 44 year old brain. To me that is amazing. I am a public school teacher and I think those verses are finding their place in my long term memory. Thank you God!
    I have enjoyed reading what other women are doing and it gives me ideas for the future. Thanks, Beth.

  16. 716
    Liz Lyons says:

    Isaiah in BSF…such a blessing! Also, every other Tuesday with neighbors and friends, we’re doing Wising Up! It has been fabulous. AND, came on Tuesday night for the study of JAMES…I am so excited…I would come just for the teaching OR just the worship…but the two together are amazing. God Bless You!

  17. 717
    Becky says:

    I’m half way through “So Long Insecurity” and it’s rocking my world. It’s shining light on so much in my life and I love it. For the first time in about a year, I feel like I’m moving forward in some of my insecurities. It’s so much more than just a book to me…I have to stop and journal spending time with Him as I work through what He’s showing me.

  18. 718
    Marci in Amsterdam says:

    I am reading through the gospels (since our church did a brief study of all four in December) and I decided to read them in the Message version for a different perspective, which has been great. I am on the last gospel and I am considering doing the Patriarchs study next, but I’m not sure. I’ve gotten lots of good ideas from looking at the comments, so thanks everybody!

  19. 719
    Kay says:

    Kay, Midland
    My group is studying Priscilla Shirers’ Life Interupted

  20. 720
    Gina says:

    Reading through the bible this year…searching for who this God really is that we all talk about and worship.

    If anyone has a moment, I need prayer towards some major decisions. I know that I am often misunderstood and even not liked, but I need someone to intercede for me who will not judge me so harshly.

    It has been a rough road these past 2-3 years. I am tired emotionally and spiritually.


    • 720.1
      Kim ~ Niceville, FL says:

      My prayer for you is that God’s peace that surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7) Philippians is a great book to meditate on. Keep reading God’s Word and it will renew your mind (Romans 12:2). Take care of yourself.

    • 720.2

      Praying for you, Gina. God is good…all the time! Give Him praise for the work He is doing in your life. He will guide and direct you…have faith in His leading and the answers will be amazing. God bless you!

  21. 721
    Nancy says:

    Thoroughly enjoying my second time through “Believing God” with a group of ladies (first time for everyone else). This was my very first Beth M. study in 2003 and it changed my life–thank you, Beth! (And thank you, Amber, for inviting me to do that with you!) Now I get to share this with a whole new group–lives, households to be transformed by growing faith. To God be the glory–great things He has done and is (present active participle) doing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 722
    Shelley says:

    I am revisiting “A Woman’s Heart”. I went through it with my mother years ago, before I was married and a mama myself. How fun it is to look back at my notes and see what has changed – and what I am STILL holding onto all these years later! What a blessing it has been.

  23. 723
    Lisa says:

    I am reading through the Bible in a year for my first time. I am doing so chronologically because that just seemed to make more sense to my brain. ๐Ÿ™‚ Alongside my daily bible reading, I have just begun Here and Now…There and Then. I am so excited to dig into this study!

    • 723.1
      Laura Humphreys says:

      I did the chronological Bible just a couple years ago and it was so wonderful…it really made me see the Scripture in a new and exciting way. Keep it up…you’ll love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. 724
    Sharon Meekins says:

    Hi Beth,

    Besides scripture memorization :-), I am doing Living Free. Much love!

  25. 725
    Denise says:

    Secret Church Survey of the Old Testament, David Platt. My 9 year old and I are finishing the Kay Arthur Study of John for kids and next she want to do Beloved Disciple to study John more.

  26. 726
    Sue, Tennessee says:

    I set each thursday night in your bible study and lots of times I just like to stop writting and just look at your face. Do you know how real you are and how precious you are to so many of us watching a video on the t.v..
    We answer you, lift our hands in praise with you and we cry with you. You are not just a lady on a video. You are our friend, our sister in Christ that we get to visit with weekly and daily in our walk with the Lord.
    I give God glory for giving me a friend that is so dear to my heart.
    In His Name,
    In Tennessee

    • 726.1

      Sue, this is so true. I watch DVRed “Life Today – Wednesdays with Beth” each morning as I’m getting dressed. So inspirational and I feel like I’m there in the room with Beth and all those women, just sitting on the couch and chatting. I download my Bible study sessions from Lifeway for my Bible study (currently “Esther”) and it’s just God, Beth, and me discussing the scripture together. (My cat, HB is also very devoted to Bible study.)Isn’t technology amazing? I now we have our own Siesta IPhone app…too cool! What an awesome God we serve!

  27. 727
    Heather says:

    Years ago, as I was sitting at my table in a small apartment I shared with six other girls (give or take a couple, depending…) in a quaint little section of Montreal–just minding my own business, reading through the Word; God’s Spirit moved on me in a mighty way I will never forget. Somehow I ended up at Ezekiel 34 weeping and pleading in intercession ‘too deep for words (Romans 8:26).’

    At the time, I knew this was God’s promise to me, specifically, for myself and many of my loved ones. Now the promises seem to be taking deeper root as I meditate on them through the scriptures I’ve been memorizing here.

    I can barely think the first few words without being deeply moved in intercessory prayer. The reality that Jesus, Himself, is going to search for the lost and bring back the strays–IN MY TIME; IN MY DAY; IN MY FAMILY; IN MY COMMUNITY; IN MY COUNTRY!–is more tangible than the keyboard I’m typing on right now. And, I need to add that His ‘binding up’ injuries and ‘strengthening’ is happening daily in my life. I know that it is His hand, alone, that can save.

    I’m also having an AMAZING time going through Exodus daily–and God’s laws. How even then it was all through faith; How God’s presence went with them in the angel, and how obedience to Him would enable God to defeat their enemies–and what did He want them to do?? Believe! To obey His ‘voice.’ Just like we are led by the Spirit. It’s not that we obey ‘the law,’ but His ‘voice.’ And that will lead us into fulfilling His law. He is showing me I can simply ‘give in’ to faith in the same way I so easily often ‘give in’ to doubt. God is so good it’s not even funny!

    *Oh! And a group of us ladies will be starting ‘The Beloved Disciple’ in a couple of weeks…

  28. 728
    Lori says:

    Morning fellow Siestas,
    My girlfriends and I just started “HE IS” the first lesson was right on for me in this season of my life! Love you much and can’t wait for the James study xoxox

  29. 729
    Joyce Watson says:

    If I could yodel in praise and worship song, I think I would today! Just love the Lord and what He is doing!
    First, I am so excited and so are the ladies of my church that the Bible Study of James will soon be here. We love what God is doing and how He is working in the lives of others.
    Right now, I am studying two Bible studies which makes me a “Martha” or a “Mary” I am not sure which. “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things” by the one, and only Beth Moore plus “Great Characters of the Bible” by Dr. Alan B. Stringfellow. I love learning what the preachers learn in seminary, don’t you? At least, I wish they would teach us everything__I want to know, of course to know and apply to your life is something we need to learn.
    Second, or this the third point, I love the movies Albany Baptist Church is putting out. My sister goes to church there. The movies are so real and touches the lives of others. I have the whole collection and cannot wait to see “Courageous”. Michael Catt from Albany is coming to the men’s retreat here in Oklahoma to speak and show the movie_is it possible for a lady to sneak into a Men’s Retreat? Wish.
    We have so much agenda from leadership meetings, missions, retreats and a sweet ladies brunch on the schedule.
    We love you, Sweethearts of the Lord!!!

  30. 730
    Polly, Iowa says:

    I’m facilitating Daniel with our ladies’ bible study at church. Wow. I love it! Beyond that, Jesus Calling calls me daily.

  31. 731
    Johanna says:

    I’m excited to be starting the Esther study (by none other than our wonderful Beth Moore) this coming Tuesday night. My soul is thirsty and parched and I am ready to be soaked in Beth’s solid teaching. Pray that my tired body makes it to the study each week after a long day at work!

  32. 732
    Annette Greenwood says:

    Hi Beth,
    Studying Revelation (your study) we love it! Working Women’s group in VA at Urbanna Baptist Church…….twenty ladies…..all denominations! Now in Chapter 12 and praying about our next study. You are an anointed servant and we praise God to have the opportunity to set under your teachings. Annette

  33. 733
    Twila Baker says:

    Our ladies group just started your updated study on David. I didn’t get to do the old one so I’m really eexcited about it. The first week was awesome! My 17 year old daughter and Husband are also attending our ladies group! That really makes me happy. Hopefully they will attempt to do the homework too. It’s my favorite part!

  34. 734
    Angie says:

    I’m meeting with a sister church on Tuesday mornings doing “David – Seeking a Heart Like His.” It’s a wonderful group of ladies from several different churches in our area. This is my 4th study with them and I’ve enjoyed learning with them!

  35. 735

    Hi. I just finished the book of Isaiah in my quiet time and I kept a list of the names of God as I read. Now I’m researching the names of God in the hopes of knowing Him better. I struggle with trusting that He is good all the time and this type of exercise helps me to focus on who He is according to His word and not my preconceived ideas. It’s amazing to me how personal He is! Oh how He loves and cares for us!

  36. 736
    Lissa B says:

    I started reading in Jonah last night (I’ve never read it before), and God brought something to my attention straight away. It was in Jonah’s prayer while he was in the belly of the whale…

    “Those who cling to worthless idols forsake faithful love, but as for me I will sacrifice to you with a voice of thanksgiving.”

    I am loving being in the Word. Thank you Jesus.

    Lissa, Greenville, SC

  37. 737
    Robin in New Jersey says:

    My husband and I are studying the “Peacemaker” book. I am reading and studying “Torn Assunder.” Gleaning a lot from the second book.

  38. 738
    Deb says:

    I started “Into the Word” by Anne Graham Lotz in January and am hoping to work through that all year on my own. I also am excited to start “Esther” in February with church friends. I’m also loving being a part of SSMT this year!

  39. 739
    Sarah says:

    Studying Esther! Boy am I learning a TON. Memorizing scripture too. This life of faith is really about digging in and DOING it. For so long, I’ve taken a back seat and just sort of fell on the faith of others. God has me in a season of total surrender!

    Your all an encouragement!

    • 739.1
      Deb says:

      Sarah, I just posted above you and see that you have already started “Esther” – your enthusiasm has me more excited than ever to start it also! What are you liking best about it so far?

      • Sarah says:

        Hi Deb! Gosh, let’s see, we just finished up with Chapter 5. What comes out is the timing of things…Oh it’s just so eye opening for me. Esther requests for the king to come to a banquet and then she asked him to the second banquet. The part the struck me was that sometimes God’s timing is on someone else in the situation. We may want a quick fix but we need to hang tight, keep trusting, and know that God has it. I guess it’s my season on trust.

        I’ve got a situation I’d rather have solved immediately, however, the other person involved needs God so bad that maybe it’s being dragged out so they can get him!!!!

        Praise the Lord. Have a great weekend.

        • Deb says:

          I can’t wait to learn about God’s timing – something I desperately need! I too have a couple of situations I’ve been praying about for years and of course want it done NOW! Am so looking forward to Esther.
          A cold weekend here but that’s ok — Deb

  40. 740
    Lauren says:

    I am doing Faithful, Abundant, True with ladies from my Church. We had our first meeting last night, and I am very excited! I love studying God’s Word!

  41. 741
    Jamee says:

    I’ve been reading in Luke…God keeps bringing me back to Chapter 11, more specifically v. 9-10…I’ve been having to keep coming back to it and have been ‘wrestling’ with God over what he wants me to glean from it. Pray that I see it with fresh eyes and an open and obedieat heart. It’s sometimes a little scary when you are feeling prompted for action or big things and you are stepping out on faith on the subject when you can’t see the future road that God has in store for you. I just keep reminding myself that God is good and all things He does is good.

  42. 742
    Leigh says:

    I’m in BSF. We are tackling Isaiah this year. WOW!! What a deep powerful study. We have finally reached Chapter 40, the comfort section. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the remainder of the study.

  43. 743
    Nancy says:

    I just discovered something that works wonderfully well! -In the Praying God’s Word scripture/prayer resouce, (by Beth) the little stand that holds the scripture cards (it’s like a business card holder-which actually would work equally well)is Perfect for holding the Siesta scripture memory spiral—sits right there in front of me, just under my computer monitor on my desk as i work.
    -Cute and Very RE-Mindful way to work on the memory scrips!!
    Doing the new David study on my own, will be leading a group of women through So Long Insecurity beginning Tues 25th.

  44. 744
    Groovewoman says:

    I started Bible Study on Tues night too and we’re doing Your (Beth) “Here & Now, There & Then” Study on Revelations. Video 1 was so good & full of knowledge. Such as, God and Jesus speak and understand each other, then Jesus interprets what God said, in His language, and tells us so we can understand in our human-ness. Such as the ‘Flannel board’ explanation you gave. That the Lord wrote “Revelation” in a way that was like the flannel board lessons we had in Sunday school, so that we could get a mental picture and understand it. Loved that!!

    I am so excited for what is to come in this bible study & what the Lord is going to teach me through it. I can’t wait to gain wisdom & knowledge about Revelations. I have to say, miss all the homework, but I am watching for the revelations. I bought a little journal to keep them in!! I’m so excited to take this journey with you & the Lord, Beth.

    Hollie Rayburn

  45. 745
    Amanda Carter says:

    Our small group is studying the revised “David” study and my husband and I are going through Celebrate Recovery together. We have truly been blessed to have multiple opportunities to study the Word. Praise You Jesus.

  46. 746
    Laura Humphreys says:

    Just after the start of the year I started reading through the Archaeological Study Bible. My goal is to read the whole thing this year…I counted it out and I have to read 6 pages a day to make it, but so far its been so interesting I don’t think it will be a problem! I’ve always wished that I had paid better attention back in high school in World Civ class so that I would have a better handle on how the Biblical history falls in to the history classes I took (I guess its obvious I didn’t attend a Christian school!). Well, the Archaeological Study Bible is fulfilling some of that for me. Today I learned the names of three pharaohs, one of whom historians are suggesting may be the pharaoh of the Exodus. How interesting! And based on my reading I’m finding that much more of the Bible can be proven historically than I ever knew! ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. 747
    Tanya says:

    I am reading through the Bible with a plan through Bethlehem Baptist (John Piper’s church), so I read in the OT and NT every day. I am also working through Kay Arthur’s “Lord, Help me grow spiritually strong” and also readying through the First Place book and implementing it. I still have a long list of books I want to read with Radical by David Platt being one and several of John Piper’s books. The material we have available to us is astonishing and we are truly blessed. Praise God from whom all blessings flow….!!!

  48. 748
    Pamela says:

    Updated Breaking Free on Wed nights with about 20 ladies at FBC Lex SC.

  49. 749
    Leann says:

    I am currently doing the online study “Inheritance”- I am on week 3 and learning quite a bit. I’m also reading Joanne Heim’s book “Living Simply”…just began yesterday, but enjoying her work.

    Leann (Alabama)

  50. 750
    Suzette says:

    Wednesday was the last night of my church doing your Stepping Up Bible study. I have been a childrens minister for years and was asked this passed December to lead this study.After losing my 19 year old daughter and being given the voice to speak at her funeral,even giving an altar call which led to 10 decions that day, leading a womens Bible study was easy.Every part of this study spoke directly to me. All those years ago what you wrote, became so personal to me today. I am so ready to begin a new study. Of course I am still taking my place on my face and waiting for God to show me which one to do.

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