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Hey, Darling Things!

I’m working from home today and thought I’d take a little break and let my study-brain relax a minute and tune my heart into Siestaville. Let me tell you how proud I am of you for clocking in with the same general number of 2nd verses as you did your first verses. The hard part is not the start. It’s pressing on all the way through the year to the finish. But, then, like all runners that make it across that beautiful line, we get to celebrate a huge victory that only comes to those who sweat it out. We give all praise and glory to our empowering, sustaining God and sit back for a reflective moment, take a deep breath, and feel His glorious good pleasure. Community will become more and more essential as we realize that, without making a public commitment and running the race beside a host of others in this Scripture memory marathon, we’ll probably fizzle out. There is no doubt in my mind that we’re more successful at this together than we are separately. It’s God’s way.

Yesterday was a really fun day at LPM. I already put this on Twitter but it took about a half a dozen of our staff members to put together additional shelves for the books Melissa has acquired since she last worked within the ministry office.

I have promised Melissa my library when God takes me Home, but if she keeps this up at this rate for the next fifteen years, she’s going to pass me by and I’m going to leave mine to Curtis. (That threat won’t mean much to you but it will get Melissa and her dear brother-in-lawΒ  sparring again over who gets the books which, in turn, gives me a great laugh.) Amanda has been promised other things like what sits on my left hand. But I might spite them all and live a really long time…with colored hair and firm foundations (and I don’t mean the latter in the religious sense. Or the former for that matter. I cannot find hair color in the Scriptures unless I get to count head coverings which, to me, is not unreasonable. In that way and others like unto it, I am a very submissive woman).We’ll see how that pans out. (The timing of my demise not my hair color.)

The other really cool thing we did yesterday at LPM was preview the movie Courageous. It’s the new movie by the people that gave us “Face the Giants” and it comes out in September. (www.courageousthemovie.com) I will remind you guys about it when the release day gets closer but I can’t wait till then to tell you about it. Sisters, it was so good. I don’t want to give away the story line but I can’t quit thinking about it. They have done such a magnificent job with it. We honestly laughed out loud and cried and cheered. I can hardly wait until it comes out. I think God has something far beyond good, solid family entertainment for this film. I’ve told you guys before that, after retiring from the Army, my daddy ran movie theaters so I love few things on this earth more than good movies and great popcorn. (Yes, we popped corn yesterday. And I ate mine with a Starbucks instead of a coke which was an odd pairing and one I might not venture to combine next time.) The primary message of Courageous is targeted to our men who we all know are also targeted by our very vicious enemy. I really believe I can tell you in advance that the guys in your life will love the movie. Mine will and he’s not easy to please. Courageous scores very low on the cheese factor which we know drives most guys crazy about any form of Christian entertainment or encouragement. I dare say that we may be a tad cheesy in Siestaville but we try to keep our Velveeta loaded with jalapenos.

Lastly, I’ll tell you that we started our January Bible study on Tuesday night with one of the best groups God has ever brought our way. We were flabbergasted. May He be greatly praised and glorified in that sweet sanctuary where He’s met with some of His people so many times. We’ll be talking on here about meeting on Tuesdays but we won’t be talking on here about the material because I’ve established a gag order. Laughing. The on-site participants are previewing a (very little) bit of homework so that their experience will be richer but, for copyright’s sake and for future publishing, we’re going to keep it and the session materials low key. It’s not that we’re hiding something. It’s that it’s just a long way from being finished. I also don’t want hype. Ick. Even well meaning hype from those who are sweetly biased. I just want to study Scripture as God presents it to us in His own good time and His own good way. I won’t actually do the LifeWay taping for this series until late April when we do it with a studio audience and I’ll still write through most of the summer. I am reluctant to keep bringing up the series on here because I don’t want to build it all up in anybody’s mind. A curriculum that speaks to one person can hit another person cold. How this turns out is all up to the Holy Spirit but what I can tell you in advance is that, God willing, we will do our best to know that brief Book of the Bible by the time we’re done.Β  Whether anybody will actually “like” it or not is up for grabs. James isn’t necessarily a party bus.

Well, I’ve had about as much of a break as I can afford today. You’re on my mind every day and I pray for you often.

Oh, and this is one reason I got on here today! You know what we’re doing to stay in the Word this early 2011 but what are each of you doing? (Besides memorizing!) Tell me what you’re studying right now!

I love you guys.


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  1. 1201
    Becky says:

    Ahhh pooo- once again I’m late at reading the post you left. BUT…so far my memory verses on posted on time. ;0)
    I am in a very interesting study, my Bible Study group is in week 3 and I have learn some THINGS !
    The biggest one so far is:
    Measure the size of your obstacle against the size of your God.
    BAM ! Needed that one…I’m working at getting off some Dr.Prescribed meds that I have been on waaay too long. PRAY FOR ME, I NEED IT. IT’S HARD. I’ve tried this 3 times before and failed. I kept seeing the meds bigger than my God. WHERE in the world did that come from? NO NO NO NO! My God Is bigger than me, the meds, and the side effect, everything!!! I’m only on week 2,of getting off them, but I have to do week 2 before I can get to week 3.
    Oh, the study, David Seeking a Heart Like His.

  2. 1202

    Deborah Carpenter

    Psalm 116:2

    Because He turned His ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live. NIV

  3. 1203
    Sarah says:

    Studying Jonah with Priscilla Shirer and some ladies at my church. Just love it!

  4. 1204
    Nichole's Mom says:

    At this time I am doing the Inheritance on my own and the Revelation Study with a group of women from my church. We all work and have found it difficult to find a good time in the evenings to go to a study so we meet at 5:30 am, Yes AM every Wednesday morning and we love it! So far our group has done Esther, The Psalms of Ascent and now we are doing Revelation, we are going to tackle Daniel next! We range in ages from young to not so young, LOL! We love you all! Thank you for pouring yourselves out for us!

  5. 1205
    Amie says:

    Online Study: Believing God by Guess Who….Beth Moore. LOVE IT!

  6. 1206
    Melody says:

    I am studying with you every Tuesday nights…and during the week doing my homework (which I am not allowed to talk about to anyone! πŸ™‚ ) Lovin’ it thouroughly!

  7. 1207
    Sharon says:

    Just started your David study today with a new group of 5 women. Have also been listening to the Radical Series (David Platt) and it is rocking my world..praying and listening to what His “next” thing in our lives will look like.

  8. 1208
    Pam says:

    I am studying Isaiah with Bible Study Fellowship.Hezekiah
    has just poured out his heart to the Lord in chapter 37 asking to be delivered from his enemies’ hands. Then he finishes with, “so that all kingdoms on earth may know that You, O LORD, are God.” May all our struggles bring God glory!

  9. 1209
    Leslie in Arkansas says:

    …’He Speaks to Me’ by Priscilla Shirer…awesome study!…I have enjoyed our weekly Sunday School lessons in 1 & 2 Kings…I am also reading ‘So Long Insecurity’…with prayer and God’s help I know I can break free from this stronghold…I’ve been living in its clutches for as long as I can remember…I can’t wait to be free!!!… substitute teaching our youth also keeps me in God’s Word…they are hungry for God but so easily seduced by the betrayer…aren’t we all?!!…with homeschooling comes the daily opportunity to teach our children God’s Word and how to apply it…and I am so excited God has provided the means and a husband willing to spend the weekend with our three children to be in Little Rock, AR in April for Living Proof Live!!!!!…I’ll see you there!!!

  10. 1210
    Robin says:

    Disciple Bible Study at church, James Bryan Smith “The Good and Beautiful Community,” Gary Moon “Apprenticeship With Jesus,” both on my own. And I’m lovin’ it!

  11. 1211
    Kay says:

    Greetings from Atlanta! I’m again leading a neighborhood Bible Study group this year and we are working through The Patriarchs. I will also be studying Esther with a new group at a nearby church but I won’t be the leader! Looking forward to that…

  12. 1212
    Rachael D. says:

    Hi Beth!

    Just started “Faithful, Abundant, True” last Tuesday night! πŸ™‚

    Kay Arthur knocked our socks off. Personally, it was the first time I ever saw her speak/teach. Needless to say, I learned a lot.

    Thank you for following God’s leading in your life. He is using you to bless so many of us!

    Love You!

  13. 1213

    Just started your study When Godly People Do UnGodly Things today! So excited about it! None of the ladies in my small group knew about this blog – or the scripture memory verse commitment – so I gladly told them all about it! Thank you for helping me with my walk with Christ πŸ™‚

  14. 1214
    Landa, Midlothian, VA says:

    Our church group is doing “Faithful, Abundant, True.” We will start “Jonah” by Priscilla Shirer in March. Can’t wait for the James study.

  15. 1215
    Ashly says:

    why your’s of course… We just started “Believing God” {our 3rd Beth study} & we ALL {7 mothers with about 14 toddlers running around the living room that is} LOVE it!!!! Thanks so much for coming into our homes each week.

  16. 1216

    The new Breaking Free with the sweetest group in Tennessee and despite doing it 7 or 8 years ago it reads as much as a new book as any other. God’s word is ALIVE! Love you guys!

  17. 1217
    Stacia T. says:

    Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed. Loving it. Week 4 this Wed.

  18. 1218
    Elizabeth says:

    In depth study of Isaiah. Just me, The Word and God. Don’t know why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time! I sometimes take a break in the Psalms when I get overwhelmed. It is amazing how the words spoken by the prophet so long ago are so relevant to where we are in America today. I pray our nation isn’t too far gone.

  19. 1219
    Nancy says:

    I am studying those places that help a broken heart. (e.g. Job and Psalms) Thank you dear Lord for siestas!

  20. 1220
    KaRetha says:

    Hi Beth,
    We’re (24 ladies at church)doing The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian. I’m enjoying every minute of it. I keep telling them about our Scripture Memory here also. Hoping some of them may join us. : )

  21. 1221

    Tonight was the kick-off to our new Women’s Ministry semester at my church – classes begin Feb. 7, and I can’t wait! The class I’m taking will combine “Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed” and “Jonah” by Priscilla Shirer. My sister will be facilitating the class along with a good friend of ours, and I am so excited to see what God is going to do in my life & the lives of all the women who will take this class with us!

  22. 1222
    Cory Fletcher says:

    Hi Beth, “Believing God” by Beth Moore!! We will have our 3rd session here in Hendersonville, NC in the morning. (if it doesn’t snow again!) I just made a blue braclet that hopefully will last longer than that blue piece of yarn did! Numbers 15:37-41. I am the Lord’s! Praise God. Thank you for this study.

  23. 1223

    Our group – haha yes we are a group because there are 3 of us – is finishing up a Proverbs 31 study & fellowship time to teach ourselves to quilt. But we have missed you so just today I ordered the Stepping Up study. Can’t wait to get into that! Praying that our little group will grow!

  24. 1224
    Jamie says:

    The Search For Significance by: Robert S. McGee and SaveOne by: Sheila Harper a bible study for abortion recovery

  25. 1225
    Paige says:

    I love your Bible studies! I did the David one, and I’m getting the workbook for the Esther study. They keep me in the Word when I’m at college, where it’s so easy to get discouraged and lonely in my faith. You help me so much in my quest to know and love God more!!

  26. 1226
    Valarie Elswick says:

    I’m doing this great study by a world renown Author who challenges me and stretches me like no other….maybe you’ve heard of the study….”A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place” πŸ˜‰ This is my 2nd go round with this study and I’m going to do it again with the 11th grade girls I teach for Sunday school!! Thank you for all you do for our Lord and His Kingdom!!!

  27. 1227
    Rachael says:

    My sweet little bible study is doing Breaking Free, we just started tonight and I can’t wait. I’m also doing Financial Peach University with Dave Ramsey. Hopefully by June I’ll have broken free and be financially peaceful!

  28. 1228
    Susan Knowles says:

    David: Seeking a Heart Like His with about 20 women in my home. it’s wonderful. I love how relavent the lessons are!
    Susan in SW Florida

  29. 1229
    Becky says:

    Besides doing the scripture memory verse. We are starting Jonah Navigating a Life Interupted with Priscilla Shirer and preparing to host her live simulcast in April. So excited about what God is doing with the Women’s Ministry (HEELS) Helping women Experience and Explore the Loving Savior. At Stowers Hill Baptist Church in Attalla, AL

    Attalla, AL

  30. 1230
    Lauren Rabe says:

    I am studying your fruits of the spirit, living beyond yourself.

  31. 1231
    Shannon Cavalier says:

    Hi Beth,

    Well, the Lord has brought me to read the whole bible. I am in Joshua, which I have never read the old testament all the way through. I have read the new, but not old. Can I just tell you, the Holy Spirit can’t get enough in me. I don’t ever want to put it down, which I have 3 small children at home with me, 4, 2 and 1 yr. old. So, just that I am making the time to read is a testimony all itself. God is so good and faithful and to bring me to read at a time in my life when I thought I wouldn’t be able to is unreal. I started right about the beginning of January and am fascinated by our God. Anyways, I absolutely love you and what you do for God. And you are so blessed with such a beautiful family!

    Much love,
    Shannon Cavalier

  32. 1232
    Kim says:

    Kim,Newbury Park, CA

    Micah 6:8 He has showed you, O man, what is good and what does the lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your god? RSV

  33. 1233
    Jill says:

    Oh, I just had to tell you what I am studying. We are on week four of A Woman’s Heart…and you are knocking our socks off. We had a study/sleepover this past weekend to watch a few sessions and then to get to go back and do the homework, and I will tell you we lost some of our hours of sleep due to all we had to discuss. I loved hearing you talk about family, and how waiting on Jackson to get here was about to make you dizzy. My heartstrings tightened when you talked about your two special furry kids who are gone now…Ms. Beth, thank you for being so real and so obedient in your faithfulness to write and lead women in this time. You sure spur me on to loving Jesus more than I did yesterday!

  34. 1234
    Vanessa says:

    Leading “Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed” (which I also attended in Nashville). Also memorizing scripture.

  35. 1235
    Lynn Sherick says:

    Hi, Beth,
    I am finishing your updated Breaking Free study, facilitating the study with seven other lovely ladies, for most of whom this is their first study. We have taken it very slow as the study is convicting and I have waited for questions on how to study and to pray for understanding of Scripture. What a blessing this study is.

    I am also attending the Isaiah study in BSF this year. Their study is expanding to eight years with this addition. We are studying Isaiah 40 this week. Amen.

    I also start my day with two Daily Devotions and prayer. God is so good and His presence such PEACE!

    Looking forward to your James study. Thank you for your dedication and your excellent teaching of our God’s Word.

  36. 1236
    Rhonda Melvin-Alvarez says:

    Sweet Siestas,
    I went back and forth trying to determine if it’s okay to post a plea to Beth and the Siestas but it keeps appearing in my heart to be transparent and lay it out here.
    I need some help. We have moved across the world to Malaysia and my children are taking some really hard hits here amongst the settling in. Andre’ is 8 and Natasha is 13 I know kids will be kids but the name calling….. fat, stupid American etc. …..has put me over the edge when my children’s hearts are taking huge hits. I had Andre’ and I meet with the counselor last week and I made the call to Natasha’s counselor today at which time she met with her in order to try and get direction. My middle schooler is now really upset with me because if the counselor speaks with the other kids who are acting inappropriately she says, “her life will be even more miserable.” What’s a momma to do? Please know that we have had some wonderful experiences here and it’s not a horrible place, but as a momma, my kiddos are having some really hard days and it is really heavy on my heart. I would love your input. Play and pray hard! Rhonda

  37. 1237
    Cynthia says:

    Loving God. Believing God.

    If you aren’t living on the edge…you are taking up too much room πŸ˜‰


  38. 1238
    Katie says:

    I am thinking of taking up my Romans 12 memorization. I started it last August but only got half way. Right now I am doing a Bible study, The Excellent Wife, with my church gals.

    Lots and lots of Scripture Study and lots of diving into my Greek and Hebrew dictionary.

  39. 1239
    Stephanie Frantz says:

    Miss Beth-

    I am sooo excited to be starting your study on Esther!! I’ve been wanting to do it for a while…God in his perfect timing chose now-and not a moment to late! My heart has been breaking over all the pain and frustation in the lives of people I love! πŸ™ It IS hard being a woman-May I keep my focus on Him and my peace in His power and might!!! Thanks for your faithfulness!!

  40. 1240
    Bonnie Corrigan says:

    Hi Beth, I so love you and the work you do for the Lord and us. Thank You! I am on a quest to know Jesus better this year. I have been reading (and listening to) the new testiment and asking Jesus to make himself known to me. I am also reading about prayer (Spergon and Francis Franpaigne). God is so good and I love him.

  41. 1241
    Debbie Kehoe says:

    I have just started my second Inductive study, we are studying Matthew after having just finished Isaiah. The connections between the OT and NT are so amazing. I was blessed to attend a Deeper Still event in Oklahoma City where 3 wild and crazy ladies (and I mean this in the SWEETEST way) presented truths so relevant I returned to Texas a changed person. This year is my first to memorize scripture, I’ve had ongoing memory issues since chemo and never thought I could but I’ve finally awoken to the realization that GOD can, will, and is giving me what I need each day to memorize. HE is so good to me.
    Debbie, Sachse Texas

  42. 1242
    Laura says:

    I am doing your Jesus book. I home-school my 4 kids. Somedays it is hard to get in the Word at all. The Jesus book is just right for now. I plan to do something more during the summer.

    You have truly blessed my life!
    Thanks for all you do

  43. 1243
    Leslie G. says:

    Hey Beth!

    I lead a high school girls small group. The group is primarily seniors and we’ve been together for 3 years now. Several of us are doing Vicki Courtney’s Get A Life! Debunking Six Myths in the Quest for Contentment. Also, a friend from Texas whose husband is pastor there is participating with us as well. We studied Vicki’s “Virtuous Woman” in the fall. How refreshing to be in His word with these young ladies who desire to grow!

  44. 1244
    Brittney says:

    Hey Beth! I am so excited about all the things going on in my life, and in the lives of each of us. God has some huge things planned for us all and as He reveals those things, I can’t wait to see what all happens for each of us.

    I just began a new journey in the blogging world, which I am not too good at but am trying my best. I have tried in the past to blog, but I just kind of give up for a while and then try to pick it back up. I am actually giving up Facebook, Twitter, and any other major distractions in my life so that I can really focus on what is going on inside of my heart, and what God wants to do with me. I just graduated college and am trying to find my place in this big world.

    Anyone reading this comment, please be praying for me. Pray that God will completely blow me away with everything He wants to teach me, and go ahead and check out the blog. Follow me through this journey and see where God takes me.

    Brittney from LaGrange, Georgia

  45. 1245
    Jina Patton says:

    Hi Beth,

    Have you ever felt that even though you are studying scripture, God is really showing you He has been studying you? At our new church (recent physical move) they call that “God getting all up in your business”. I am thankful He wants to be in my business… Most days. πŸ™‚

    I have been studying the life of Jacob and Joseph lately. I am amazed again at how God uses broken people to accomplish his Godly purposes. It has been so encouraging. Pride has been something the Lord has been speaking about, strongly in my life. OOOUUUCCCCHHHH!

    One of the worship leaders at our church has written a newer CD. I was worshipping to it this morning. I love the lyrics… She is young, gifted and deep. As I was worshipping to a particular song, you came to mind. I don’t know if it will stick or not, but I wanted to tell you about it in case God has something for you there.

    The song is Beautiful Mercy by Laura Hacket. The whole album “Laura Hacket” is wonderful. She has another song “I put on Christ” (on another album) that also has made me think of you in the past. Pray you are able to enjoy anything God has for you in the worship!

    Love and respect you so much!

  46. 1246
    Sarah says:

    I am leading a group of women in Bible study every Wednesday. I am so thrilled and excited to be digging deeper into the Word with them. We are discovering how God pursues us in the intimate details of our lives, and how His Holy Spirit dwells within us. I am also so excited about the Scripture memory. I have loved going to bed with the Word on my mind to wake up and have it on my lips first thing. A million times Thank You! I have loved being a Siesta!!!!

  47. 1247
    Martha in MS says:

    Starting a study called Chasing the Goose by Mark Batterson … I have never heard of him so I am hoping it will be good…went to Lifeway yesterday and bought your bible study that combines some of Breaking Free and some of Praying God’s Word.. can’t remember the name of it right now..anyway will be doing that one solo.

    love you so much!!

    Martha in MS

    PS.. been keeping up with and praying for Joanne.. so thankful for good news!!

  48. 1248

    Our women’s Bible study group started back up yesterday and we are studying “Esther, It’s Tough Being A Woman”. We are all very excited and can’t wait to dive in to this interesting book.

  49. 1249
    Chantel says:

    Beth & LPM,
    You all are huge blessings to me. Thank you for being obedient to God. I’m currently in a Women’s Bible study group with our church and we are doing A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place. I love it! We are only on week 2 but it is sooooo good! This is the third Beth Moore study that I have done and I am more thirsty for the Word of God than I have ever been. God bless all of you.

  50. 1250
    Donna says:

    Our women’s Bible study group at church is studying “Seeking Him” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.
    Donna in Kirkkland ,Wa

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