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Hey, Darling Things!

I’m working from home today and thought I’d take a little break and let my study-brain relax a minute and tune my heart into Siestaville. Let me tell you how proud I am of you for clocking in with the same general number of 2nd verses as you did your first verses. The hard part is not the start. It’s pressing on all the way through the year to the finish. But, then, like all runners that make it across that beautiful line, we get to celebrate a huge victory that only comes to those who sweat it out. We give all praise and glory to our empowering, sustaining God and sit back for a reflective moment, take a deep breath, and feel His glorious good pleasure. Community will become more and more essential as we realize that, without making a public commitment and running the race beside a host of others in this Scripture memory marathon, we’ll probably fizzle out. There is no doubt in my mind that we’re more successful at this together than we are separately. It’s God’s way.

Yesterday was a really fun day at LPM. I already put this on Twitter but it took about a half a dozen of our staff members to put together additional shelves for the books Melissa has acquired since she last worked within the ministry office.

I have promised Melissa my library when God takes me Home, but if she keeps this up at this rate for the next fifteen years, she’s going to pass me by and I’m going to leave mine to Curtis. (That threat won’t mean much to you but it will get Melissa and her dear brother-in-lawΒ  sparring again over who gets the books which, in turn, gives me a great laugh.) Amanda has been promised other things like what sits on my left hand. But I might spite them all and live a really long time…with colored hair and firm foundations (and I don’t mean the latter in the religious sense. Or the former for that matter. I cannot find hair color in the Scriptures unless I get to count head coverings which, to me, is not unreasonable. In that way and others like unto it, I am a very submissive woman).We’ll see how that pans out. (The timing of my demise not my hair color.)

The other really cool thing we did yesterday at LPM was preview the movie Courageous. It’s the new movie by the people that gave us “Face the Giants” and it comes out in September. (www.courageousthemovie.com) I will remind you guys about it when the release day gets closer but I can’t wait till then to tell you about it. Sisters, it was so good. I don’t want to give away the story line but I can’t quit thinking about it. They have done such a magnificent job with it. We honestly laughed out loud and cried and cheered. I can hardly wait until it comes out. I think God has something far beyond good, solid family entertainment for this film. I’ve told you guys before that, after retiring from the Army, my daddy ran movie theaters so I love few things on this earth more than good movies and great popcorn. (Yes, we popped corn yesterday. And I ate mine with a Starbucks instead of a coke which was an odd pairing and one I might not venture to combine next time.) The primary message of Courageous is targeted to our men who we all know are also targeted by our very vicious enemy. I really believe I can tell you in advance that the guys in your life will love the movie. Mine will and he’s not easy to please. Courageous scores very low on the cheese factor which we know drives most guys crazy about any form of Christian entertainment or encouragement. I dare say that we may be a tad cheesy in Siestaville but we try to keep our Velveeta loaded with jalapenos.

Lastly, I’ll tell you that we started our January Bible study on Tuesday night with one of the best groups God has ever brought our way. We were flabbergasted. May He be greatly praised and glorified in that sweet sanctuary where He’s met with some of His people so many times. We’ll be talking on here about meeting on Tuesdays but we won’t be talking on here about the material because I’ve established a gag order. Laughing. The on-site participants are previewing a (very little) bit of homework so that their experience will be richer but, for copyright’s sake and for future publishing, we’re going to keep it and the session materials low key. It’s not that we’re hiding something. It’s that it’s just a long way from being finished. I also don’t want hype. Ick. Even well meaning hype from those who are sweetly biased. I just want to study Scripture as God presents it to us in His own good time and His own good way. I won’t actually do the LifeWay taping for this series until late April when we do it with a studio audience and I’ll still write through most of the summer. I am reluctant to keep bringing up the series on here because I don’t want to build it all up in anybody’s mind. A curriculum that speaks to one person can hit another person cold. How this turns out is all up to the Holy Spirit but what I can tell you in advance is that, God willing, we will do our best to know that brief Book of the Bible by the time we’re done.Β  Whether anybody will actually “like” it or not is up for grabs. James isn’t necessarily a party bus.

Well, I’ve had about as much of a break as I can afford today. You’re on my mind every day and I pray for you often.

Oh, and this is one reason I got on here today! You know what we’re doing to stay in the Word this early 2011 but what are each of you doing? (Besides memorizing!) Tell me what you’re studying right now!

I love you guys.


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  1. 601
    Sarah M says:

    Can I just say that I love the fact that you said “James isn’t necessarily a party bus.”? I do believe it is one of my favorite books, partly because I can’t read it and not be changed.
    As far as studying goes, I just wrapped up the book of 1 Thessalonians this morning and will step right in to the 2nd tomorrow morning. I’m also wrapping up Scouting the Divine with Margaret Feinberg which I may be leading a group of ladies through in the coming months!

  2. 602
    J says:

    I’m using an app that takes me through the Bible. It keeps up with what I’ve read and shows me what to read if I get behind. It’s pretty motivating because you don’t want the darn cell phone to tell you you’re 4 days behind! There’s also a little tracker that shows you how far along you are in meeting your goal. It’s pretty nifty.

  3. 603
    Beth says:

    Just picked up studying again. I was really hurt by a church and without realizing it drew away from our sweet Savior. I’m back at it now with Jesus the One and Only in 90 days…and I just had to cry last night after I read your words “We can’t keep skipping class -our time with God in the scripture and in prayer – and expect to knwo when He’s scheduled a field trip!” Such an sppropriate summary for Luke 9:1-6. I also couple that study with the Love Dare Devo for a year – I’m a newlywed and wanna be the best I can be through Christ for my husband!
    I also was just told about this blog and started the scripture memory this last verse…I can’t tell you how excited I am about Siestaville in general! Female fellowship is such a blessing πŸ™‚

  4. 604

    We are joining with other churches to share our Bible studies. This winter session we are doing “Abundant, Faithful, True by Kaye, Priscilla, and Beth. I can tellyou already that women are being deeply affected by this study. We’re into the second week and our room is full to bursting. Women are hungry to hear from God.

    Fayetteville, GA

  5. 605
    Amy says:

    I reading “Breaking Free” on my own. I’m also facilitating a ladies Bible Study which started last night. We are doing “David: Seeking a Heart Like His.”

  6. 606
    Tammie says:

    I just finished the 2nd week of your Revelation study – enjoying it so much. I cannot wait to see the Courageous movie. All the movies that they have produced, starting with Flywheel have been great.

  7. 607

    I’m currently in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) doing Isaiah…and what a ride! My babies are in the Children’s Program and it has been such a blessing. Just this week, my three year old told me that he learned those that love God & trust in Him will not be punished. “But Mommy,” he said. “There’s a sad part. The people who don’t love God, they will be punished. Isn’t that so sad?” My sweet little evangelist. God’s hand is in that program & I’m so blessed by the faithfulness of the leaders there. I’ve never experienced prayer like I do in our Leader’s Circle. Such a sweet time with such godly women. But this summer, I’m wanting to do another one of your studies or the Siesta Summer study (if there is one) with my mother-in-law. I’m looking forward to it!

  8. 608

    I’m going to Charleston, SC this weekend with my future sister-in-law and her mom to see my folks and plan a September weeding in Charleston! God has already rained His blessings down on this day and it’s 9 months away…my family simply can’t wait!!! The only thing we’ve celebrated in us kid’s adult lives is my older brother Chad’s Homegoing, so this celebration is like a big, welcoming pool of cool water in a dry and dusty desert!

    There is just nothing that feels more wonderful than joy after the mourning…nothing.

    Love you ladies…Hugs!

  9. 609
    Holly says:

    I am actually doing “Solo – The message//REMIX – an uncommon devotional” By Eugene Peterson.
    I had wanted to do one that was digging and actually made me work – After all the WONDERFUL studies by you Mrs. Beth – I LOVE structure!!! sooo this actually provided this with a new translation πŸ™‚
    I am doing this while awaiting our women’s ministry to take flight πŸ™‚
    So far it has been digging and wonderful!!(albeit painful at times)

  10. 610
    Kim says:

    I am reading the book “Calm My Anxious Heart” and doing a ladies bible study on it in my home. It is a great book on contentment. So many people inclduing myself are going through life situations that are hard and trusting the Lord is easy to talk about but can be challenging to put into practice.

  11. 611
    Hannah says:

    Hannah, Lebanon, IN
    I’m rich in God’s Word right now…thanks for asking! In addition to SSMT (which I’m having a hard time with this verse this time…), I’m leading Margaret Feinberg’s Scouting the Divine to a group of 12 women at our church on Wednesday nights, and am so excited…I LOVE this book and am re-reading it a 2nd time in preparation for each week. Personally, someone gave me a copy of your To Live is Christ devo book, so I’m doing it (about 5 days at a time) and reading through Paul’s letters. I finished Philippians today, my favorite book in the whole Bible. When I crave more, I’m reading the Proverbs of the day.

    Can I add…God blessed me more than I could ever imagine this Wednesday night when, after talking with my 7-year-old about some of her fears, I began reading to her some of the Psalms. When one mentioned God going to war for us, we talked about God as a warrior…she pictured Him on a white horse. So (thanks to your Revelation study, I have a whole new awe for that book) I read her select passages from the last couple of chapters of Revelation. She said, “I hope I’ll be able to see God face-to-face someday like it says.” I talked to her about how she can know for SURE that she’ll see God face-to-face and she said, “Yeah…I’ve been wanting to talk to you about being baptized and asking Jesus into my heart.” So we did it then and there, cuddled into her little bed. What a blessing for this momma!!! I regret that her Daddy wasn’t there, but he was proud nonetheless.

    The next morning, I read to her the passages about the lost sheep & the lost coin and how the angels in heaven rejoice when one sinner repents. She said (regarding our infant son who was stillborn 8 years ago, whom she never met but hopes to meet in Heaven someday), “Momma, I hope they invited Isaac to my party!” It melted my heart!

    Thanks, Beth, for all you do to strengthen to faith of so many!

  12. 612
    Laurie says:

    My husband and I meet with another couple every Thursday to study Revelation with Dr. David Jeremiah. The series is called “Escape the Coming Night”. It is excellent and is about 50 some lessons. We are also in a small group on Wednesday nights traveling with Ray Vander Laan through Israel and his Faith Lessons series. Awesome stuff! And, I have never read the entire bible all the way through, so I am doing that also a day at a time!

    Thank you Siesta Mama for your love and care for us. You are loved and prayed for too!

  13. 613
    Rhonda says:

    I’ve been so blessed by God with the verses I’m working on to start the new year! Ordained by God for me is what they are!!! (Ps. 65:11 & 40:5)
    You see, my most precious daughter in law’s daddy (50yrs old) suffered a ruptured aorta on Sun. Jan 2…and after 16 days of trying to fight back, God called him home. So, in the midst of grief, heartache and plain old just not completely understanding, we are still able to see God’s bounty and blessing, and acknowledge that His thoughts toward us are gracious, peaceful, loving and caring and ultimately done to bring glory to Himself! Thank you Jesus!!
    Please siestas…pray for their family this weekend as we lay him to rest!

    As for what I am studying; I’ve made some wonderful new christian friends in my exercise class, and have been invited to study with them Beth’s new study on Revelation.
    I am soooo excited!

  14. 614

    I am meeting with a precious group of Siestas to do the Daniel study. I may be the only one who makes it to Siestaville, as they are still “coping” with e-mail and haven’t quite progressed to blogs yet. πŸ™‚ We are on week 5 of the study and four of us are working on week 2 of the Siesta memory project. My eight-year-old daughter is also memorizing. What a blessing to have her young mind encouraging my brain cells to keep memorizing! We are having a blast and are getting SO much from the study, from each other and especially from the Lord! One special highlight is that our men are watching the videos too, which is a HOOT! They keep coming back for more just like we ladies do! Ha!

    You may not ever get to “count” us on Siesta memory weeks, but we are there. With our spirals. Thank you for all that you do, Beth, and your team, to help us grow in Christ!

  15. 615
    Rhonda says:

    We have been studying the Book of John since the end of August. (We did take off the month of December)We are now on Chapter 6. It has been such a blessing.

  16. 616
    Tami says:

    Last year I spent a lot of time in Old Testament studies, so I decided this year that I needed to start it off with some Jesus! So I have chosen Jesus, the One and Only. I am doing it solo, but God is teaching me to fall head over heels in love with my Savior once again. Feels kind of like a marriage when it can sometimes feel dry and routine, then out of no where I fall (once again) giddy and madly in love with my man!! Our walk with God can sometimes feel a bit dry and routine, but then He draws us to Himself through a fresh word and focus and we can’t help but get giddy again in our relationship with Him!! Prais God!!

  17. 617
    Kathy says:


  18. 618
    BecomingMoreUndignified says:

    I am so excited to do another of your studies! We just started Esther last week, and I am so glad to have someone else directing my homework! As a group, we just finished “Free Yourself to Love:The Liberating
    Power of Forgiveness” by Jackie Kendall. Its amazing how much forgiving/unforgiving fits into each one of our lives! Every one of us. Everyday. I pray that I truly learned/grew as much as I think I did! Now, on to the parties in Esther!

  19. 619
    Yolanda says:


    On my own I am doing “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things” by well, you know who! πŸ™‚ It is a study that I’ve wanted to do for several years now and I decided that I must just pick it up and do it on my own. It is TIMELY for my season, and now I know why I couldn’t get any one on board prior to now. WOW! Only GOD!

    And then the women in our church began “Faithful, Abundant & True” two weeks ago. I am enjoying it as well as I was part of the conference were we were presented the truths behind this study at Deeper Still in Ok. City, but now it is awesome to have the homework to go along with my first ever Deeper Still event. Yes, the ladies have committed to going Deeper Still.

    Yolanda (Kansas)

  20. 620
    Laura Smith says:

    Today I am blessed to be on maternity leave, savoring the sweetness of a newborn baby girl and enjoying the company of her 2 year old big brother. I could not be happier! I LOVE YOU TOO!

  21. 621
    Suzy says:

    Going through Isaiah with BSF – and my head is spinning. I will never think of God in the same old way I used to again – He is so much bigger and better and more compassionate than my little mind can imagine.

    Then I’m also reading a book of short biographies of Christian giants – not scripture, I know – but it’s amazing when I read how they viewed God and immersed themselves in scripture – it can totally change the way a person thinks of “Christian service”. My oh my – have we got a long way to go.

    I lead a Bible study in my home on Sunday nights, and right now we are going through the book of Acts.

    Of course I’m also memorizing scripture with the rest of the Siestas out there.

    I pray that this is not just “busy-ness” – but that it is heart-changing work – for that is my desire.

  22. 622
    Missy says:

    Personally, reading through and studying Issaiah. Small Group is doing a Lysa Terkerst study and I’m being more consistent in fasting for specific direction from our Lord.

  23. 623
    Emily Miceli says:

    You mean I’m supposed to do more than memorize Scripture and go to Tuesday Night Bible study? Um, I do listen to the Daily Audio Bible podcast when I get ready in the morning. Actually, I’m enjoying dusting my commentaries off to study the scriptures I’m memorizing more in depth. And, being unemployed means I can actually do the HW this time! Oh, and I’m tasting bits of “Intimate Conversations” by Alicia Britt Chole. Nothing in a small group, though…

    BTW, siestas, Christianity Today this month has an inspiring article about scripture memorization. It should be online, too.

    Thx, siestas amd Beth, for constantly challenging me to go deeper!

  24. 624

    I am about to begin the Anne Graham Lotz study Pursuing More of Jesus. It focuses on the teaching of Jesus at the Last Supper to his disciples. Right now that is what I desperately need…more of Jesus!

  25. 625
    Shelly, Greenville NC says:

    I am halfway through “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. It’s doing a number on me, praise God! Also, my church begins “David: Seeking a Heart Like His” next Tuesday morning. Can’t wait to get started!

  26. 626
    Sharon says:

    A friend of mine gave me the book by Elizabeth George, “A Woman Who Reflects the Heart of Jesus” (for my 50th bd) and I recently ordered the workbook that goes with it…waiting to receive it and then I will do the bible study…cannot wait…

  27. 627
    Lisa Tereshko says:

    Good morning Beth and all you beautiful Siestas! I am currently reading Beth’s So Long Insecurity and I keep Praying God’s Word by my side for when the evil one plans an attack. I am also reading Fenelon’s The Royal Way of the Cross. Believe it or not I have never participated in an “official” Bible study, but I am studying the Gospel of Mark with my sweet spiritual mother. I am also faithfully reading and studying the bible on my own, this is something I’ve done daily over the past ten years. I read a chapter from the books of Law, the books of Wisdom,the books of History, the books of Prophesy, the New Testament and the Letters. There have been times, particularly when I started reading the Bible, that I didn’t really study what I was reading, that I thought somehow the words would just seep into my soul without much effort on my part, which I know they did. I know that the seeping was part of the journey that has lead me to this point and time in my life where I do study the words and contemplate on them because I want a transformation in my life. I want to be in communion with God! I need Him for every step I take!

  28. 628
    Terri says:

    I’ve been reading The 4:8 Prinicple – The Secret to a Joy Filled Life – by Tommy Newberry – based on Philipians 4:8; My weekly small group study has just started The Forgotten God by Frances Chan and Danae Yankoski – a study about the Holy Spirit; and my monthly church group has begun Life Prinicples from the Women of the Bible – Book 1 by Wayne Barber, Eddie Rasnake and Richard Shepherd.

  29. 629
    Carrie, Mo says:

    I am doing several things. I am doing The Forgotten God by Francis Chan with my small group. Our womens group is getting ready to start Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shiver, and I am reading Heart Like His by Beth. Love reading and studying as much as I can. I seem to never be doing enough studies.

  30. 630
    Kristi says:

    I am doing “Living Beyond Yourself” with a group of women at church. And I’m also trying to do “Believing God” on my own at home. Needless to say, I’m not doing the latter at the recommended pace! But I’m loving the messages as I sit all snuggly on my sofa with a coffee in hand! I’m also co-leading a group of women in “The Search for Signifigance.” It’s a powerful study that makes us face the lies the enemy has been telling us all our lives, and how to get victory over them! I’m loving it all!!

  31. 631
    Nan says:

    A good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to do the Goodbye Insecurity book and we decided to do that on Monday evenings. Then I heard that a church nearby was hosting the new Breaking Free on Tuesday nights… SO we are doing both! It has been amazing how they go hand in hand–and how it seems like the Lord is working on a theme in my life! I am very ready to break free and to move on so I can serve Him in new ways!

    I’m so grateful for your in-depth studies, Beth! May God bless you and your staff for all you do.

  32. 632
    Barbara says:

    God has winked at me by placing several books across my path the last few weeks.I am currently finishing the book “Radical” by David Platt.Beth, I just want to run the streets screaming His name! I love Him so much!! I want to give Everything I have-Sharing Everything He is with the world! I may not know where He is leading me but I Know HE IS!

  33. 633
    Kara Phongxaysanith says:

    2 Peter – Precept Upon Precept – ADORE Kay Arthur and how she helps me dig deep – I know you do, too!

  34. 634
    Angie says:

    WOW!! I am in about everything! I have never been so richly blessed to be in God’s word as I am at this very season in my life. First, this year is the first time I have “activly” participated in LPM blog;I am part of the Siestaville memorzation team; I am reading Jesus the One and Only 90 day meditations; I am fixin’to facilitate the bible study “Here and Now…There and Then” on 1/22 after being postponed for two Saturdays in a row due to God’s winter wonderland here in upper East Tennessee(Global warming??); God has also called me to be a teacher/facilitator for a Sunday School class that began just before Christmas. I am dealing with MS and the physical limitations that come with it but He has not allowed them to stop His work within me and His Kingdom. He has allowed me to raise another childwho is now 2.5 years old, 20 years after my first(grandchild included) and I am having a blast (again the physical stuff inhibits at times but He gets me through it, not sure how but He does). I am so full of the Spirit that I feel that He could reveal Himself to me in person right now. Oh, what a feeling!!! BTW, thanks for asking what’s going on in my life!!

  35. 635
    Kim says:

    My daily devotion comes from “The Fruit of the Spirit NIV Bible”. It devotes a different “fruit” per week with daily bible readings. I’m also reading in the books of John and the Psalms from my bible reading plan.

    I just finished Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” with my small group bible study and just completed his “Forgotten God” on my own. “Crazy Love” took me by surprise and some of it was hard to digest. I understand what he is getting at, and what I finally decided was to be the “best” that Christ in me can be! It has also opened my eyes more to the people in need around me, which can only be a good thing. I listened to Francis online from the “Passion” session and was able to clarify some of the questions I had regarding “Crazy Love”. He is definitely passionate and his enthusiasm for Christ is contagious.

    As a small group we are trying to decide on our next study. Considering “Revelation” or “Breaking Free” by Beth Moore. I can’t wait to begin!

    P.S. Today’s my birthday!

  36. 636
    Mona says:

    Our Bible study group just did the intro to A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place this week. We’d wanted to do this in the fall, but it didn’t work out (we ended up doing your Daniel study). I should know by now that God’s timing is always perfect! I know now why we had to wait. Our church is doing a 21 day Daniel & media (of our choice) fast with the emphasis of “living simply – being in God’s presence, hearing His voice.” Now how appropriate is that??? I am so looking forward to learning more about how God pursues us so that we can be in His presence. Beth, you made a statement in that video about that very thing that just brought me to tears. As Col. Hannibal Smith used to say on A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together,” especially when it God’s plan!

  37. 637
    Lynn says:

    Hey Beth:)- I am studying the book of Hebrews and I teach it on Monday nights- we spent almost a year in Exodus preparing for the book of Hebrews! I teach and study from a Hebraic perspective and love digging into the vast storehouses available theses days.
    God also is doing a work in my life in that I had memorized James 1:27 years ago and studied each word in the verse- He is now working that out and placed in my heart a desire for precious Orphans and Widows- a ministry especially for Orphans at my church- He is up to something really big! Glory!

  38. 638
    Kayce says:

    Our small group just did a 2-part study on the movie Amish Grace. And last night we got our new workbooks for Galatians by John Stott. We haven’t studied with him before, so looking forward to seeing what the group thinks!

  39. 639
    Susan Morris says:

    To Live in Christ: The Life and Ministry of Paul.
    We just had our first session on Wednesday. I enjoyed the 90’s outfit you had on πŸ™‚

  40. 640
    Paige says:

    “Radical” by David Platt – words aren’t adequate enough to describe the change that will take place…

  41. 641
    Kori says:

    I am so excited about the scripture verses and what God is doing and will do for all of us women!! We just began a Bible Study at church on Jonah and looking forward to it! My so who is 7 is beginning to ‘try’ and he says to read his Bible each night. It almost brought me to tears when I heard him. I pray that he will understand what a blessing he is to us and what the Bible will be to him!!

  42. 642
    Becky says:

    HI, Beth: I can’t tell you what a difference you are making in my life. I have read several of your books. My favorite is Get Out of That Pit which I have read at least six times and counting, and have given to friends! Just this morning I heard back from 2 friends who are interested in starting a Bible study in our neighborhood. Any suggestions from anyone on which of your studies would be good for a group of first-timers?

    Also, this year I have just begun a family Bible study with my husband and our two teenage girls. I have realized that despite being a church-going family, my daughters and husband know very little from the Bible and do not have the spiritual foundation that I was blessed to have grown up with. We began with your book, The Beloved Disciple about John. I read them many passages from that book over several sessions. Now we are beginning to work through Jesus, The One and Only. Some nights we talk about current events, your blogposts or something else instead. I try to keep the sessions to about 15 minutes and we squeeze them in whenever we can. With my oldest being a senior, I feel an urgency to cover a lot of ground. Of course I wish we had started sooner, but God is working on all four of us and I pray that the Holy Spirit will give us the strong desire to keep learning and growing. My current memory verse is Hebrews 4:12 that begins, “For the word of God is alive and active” and I am so grateful to Him for that. Thank you again so much for helping the Word become alive and active in me, my family and friends.

  43. 643
    Sally says:

    My little ladies group is doing the video series , One in a Million, Priscilla Shirer. Just finished Beth’s Daniel before the holidays. Love this group. We’ve been together for years, and the Lord has made us work well together, like a great sitcom!
    Looking forward to James!

  44. 644
    Patti from Colorado says:

    My daughter and I are in our last week of Kelly’s No Other Gods. We live 1000 miles apart so do this by email. It’s been great. Will do Kelly’s “Ruth” study next (I hope) and that will take us to just about the time a new, “hot off the press” study of James should be available…….hmmmmmm….thinkin’ that might be good. πŸ™‚ Meanwhile I’m doing Chuck Missler commentary studies by IPod (in Exodus now)and also download Pastor Gregg’s weekly sermons. And my husband & I are reading thru the Chronological Bible this year!

  45. 645
    jackie says:

    Right now, other than my daily Bible reading (i’ve committed to FINALLY read thru the entire Bible, front to back, this year), i am busy preparing for a ladies retreat next friday with Measureless Love as the teaching material. THEN, on Febuary 20th, we start the Revelation Study. I previewed the first session while i was homebound due to a snowstorm yesterday. i love it and am very excited for it to start!
    love ya, siesta mama!
    Platte City MO

    • 645.1
      Tammy says:

      I am participating in Siestaville scripture memory.I asked the girls in our Sunday school class to join me. Some have never done this,so its exciting to have accountability with them also. I have recently started a devotional JESUS CALLING by Sarah Young–fantastic! I am going solo doing the updated Breaking Free-on day 2 and loving it already.

  46. 646
    Roseanna Dubinski says:

    I’m actually doing the Precept Study of James. I am so looking foward to yours Beth to see what else the Lord wants to teach me. It surely isn’t a party bus, but it is full of great lessons to prepare for the GREAT PARTY that awaits us!!!!!! xo Roseanna from the Hoosier State.

  47. 647
    Karen says:

    I’m doing the on-line study Me, Myself & Lies by Jennifer Rothschild. It ties in great with Siestas! I’m learning to replace the lies with the truths of God’s Word! I’m also listening to your teachings on John the Baptist. I love it! Thanks!

  48. 648
    Tammy says:

    I literally have my nose in Breaking Free, Week 8, Day 3…The Fullness of Unfailing Love. Thank You for finding your way to God’s Word and sustaining your amazing voice which reaches so many! You touch my soul with your honest, thought provoking ability to transfer your message to me. This is my second Bible Study with you ‘It’s Tough Being a Woman’ last summer was an amazing awakening in a journey of healing. Breaking Free is the perfect sequel for me. My journey of healing has sometimes been interrupted but I find my way back with the quiet, gentle guidance of my yearning desire to seek peace in my soul which I truly only find with God’s word. My second ‘SSMT’ memory verse Psalm 62, 1-2 is so appropriate (you lead me to this). This has been the most painful, exhausting year of my life but the most rewarding, fulfilling, peaceful journey when I sit with you and God’s word. I pray for the ability to hold onto that resevoir of peacefullness I find in Psalm 62. I so look forward to the changes in store for me this year and the treasures I’ll find along the way while memorizing scripture. Have a Wonderful Day!!!

  49. 649
    Julie says:

    Today our Ladies Bible Study begins “Seeking a Heart Like His” by Beth Moore!

  50. 650
    Heather B says:

    It’s so fun to see your obvious joy at having both of your girls back in Houston! Thanks for the mention of Courageous, looking forward to telling my guy about it. πŸ™‚

    I’m reading through the “Bible in 90 days”. I began on Monday following along with my local Moody Radio station.

    I’m also reading & studying “Made to Crave” by Lysa Terkeurst- and its hitting me square between the eyes which is a good thing! Last thing, not really a bible study, but I’m taking a 6-week organization class + reading the book concurrently called “Simplify Your Life” by Marcia Ramsland. She is a christian and a professional organizer. My kitchen and my husband are already thanking her!!

    Doing these things, by the way, during my baby boy’s first nap and before bed at night!

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