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Hey, Darling Things!

I’m working from home today and thought I’d take a little break and let my study-brain relax a minute and tune my heart into Siestaville. Let me tell you how proud I am of you for clocking in with the same general number of 2nd verses as you did your first verses. The hard part is not the start. It’s pressing on all the way through the year to the finish. But, then, like all runners that make it across that beautiful line, we get to celebrate a huge victory that only comes to those who sweat it out. We give all praise and glory to our empowering, sustaining God and sit back for a reflective moment, take a deep breath, and feel His glorious good pleasure. Community will become more and more essential as we realize that, without making a public commitment and running the race beside a host of others in this Scripture memory marathon, we’ll probably fizzle out. There is no doubt in my mind that we’re more successful at this together than we are separately. It’s God’s way.

Yesterday was a really fun day at LPM. I already put this on Twitter but it took about a half a dozen of our staff members to put together additional shelves for the books Melissa has acquired since she last worked within the ministry office.

I have promised Melissa my library when God takes me Home, but if she keeps this up at this rate for the next fifteen years, she’s going to pass me by and I’m going to leave mine to Curtis. (That threat won’t mean much to you but it will get Melissa and her dear brother-in-lawΒ  sparring again over who gets the books which, in turn, gives me a great laugh.) Amanda has been promised other things like what sits on my left hand. But I might spite them all and live a really long time…with colored hair and firm foundations (and I don’t mean the latter in the religious sense. Or the former for that matter. I cannot find hair color in the Scriptures unless I get to count head coverings which, to me, is not unreasonable. In that way and others like unto it, I am a very submissive woman).We’ll see how that pans out. (The timing of my demise not my hair color.)

The other really cool thing we did yesterday at LPM was preview the movie Courageous. It’s the new movie by the people that gave us “Face the Giants” and it comes out in September. (www.courageousthemovie.com) I will remind you guys about it when the release day gets closer but I can’t wait till then to tell you about it. Sisters, it was so good. I don’t want to give away the story line but I can’t quit thinking about it. They have done such a magnificent job with it. We honestly laughed out loud and cried and cheered. I can hardly wait until it comes out. I think God has something far beyond good, solid family entertainment for this film. I’ve told you guys before that, after retiring from the Army, my daddy ran movie theaters so I love few things on this earth more than good movies and great popcorn. (Yes, we popped corn yesterday. And I ate mine with a Starbucks instead of a coke which was an odd pairing and one I might not venture to combine next time.) The primary message of Courageous is targeted to our men who we all know are also targeted by our very vicious enemy. I really believe I can tell you in advance that the guys in your life will love the movie. Mine will and he’s not easy to please. Courageous scores very low on the cheese factor which we know drives most guys crazy about any form of Christian entertainment or encouragement. I dare say that we may be a tad cheesy in Siestaville but we try to keep our Velveeta loaded with jalapenos.

Lastly, I’ll tell you that we started our January Bible study on Tuesday night with one of the best groups God has ever brought our way. We were flabbergasted. May He be greatly praised and glorified in that sweet sanctuary where He’s met with some of His people so many times. We’ll be talking on here about meeting on Tuesdays but we won’t be talking on here about the material because I’ve established a gag order. Laughing. The on-site participants are previewing a (very little) bit of homework so that their experience will be richer but, for copyright’s sake and for future publishing, we’re going to keep it and the session materials low key. It’s not that we’re hiding something. It’s that it’s just a long way from being finished. I also don’t want hype. Ick. Even well meaning hype from those who are sweetly biased. I just want to study Scripture as God presents it to us in His own good time and His own good way. I won’t actually do the LifeWay taping for this series until late April when we do it with a studio audience and I’ll still write through most of the summer. I am reluctant to keep bringing up the series on here because I don’t want to build it all up in anybody’s mind. A curriculum that speaks to one person can hit another person cold. How this turns out is all up to the Holy Spirit but what I can tell you in advance is that, God willing, we will do our best to know that brief Book of the Bible by the time we’re done.Β  Whether anybody will actually “like” it or not is up for grabs. James isn’t necessarily a party bus.

Well, I’ve had about as much of a break as I can afford today. You’re on my mind every day and I pray for you often.

Oh, and this is one reason I got on here today! You know what we’re doing to stay in the Word this early 2011 but what are each of you doing? (Besides memorizing!) Tell me what you’re studying right now!

I love you guys.


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  1. 501

    I LOVE studying His Word with other women! As soon as BSF starts up here in Asia, I’ll be doing that. I’m also teaching a Bible study on Thursday mornings at our church here in Singapore. Memorizing lots of His Word with SMT and our church here, desperately seeking His Word covering my mind and heart.

  2. 502
    Kelly says:

    I am busy trying to recoup from my mom passing away and my adventureous drive home from TN. Now it’s cleaning up the mess left behind from our car accident. I have a feeling I will be learning alot about what it means to “WAIT” on the Lord. Oh boy. That is quite a challenge for me. So, on your mark, get set, WAIT!

  3. 503
    Jules says:

    Studying in Chuck Colson’s Centurions program. Just finished reading The Divine Conspiracy….wow….wow….intense….but well worth all the effort. Working through the program devo and other assignments….I am learning soo much. looking forward to seeing hoe God will have me use it all : )

  4. 504
    Misty says:

    I homeschool our two daughters 6 & 3 and we have just started a study of the life and ministry of Jesus. I have also just started reading an interesting book called Created to be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl. Flying through my SSMT right now and praying for the endurance to finish the race strong!

  5. 505
    Margaret says:

    I have undertaken to put together a study of Hebrews that will last the next 18 weeks. My study schedule is very demanding, so when I got off the computer tonight to read what the siestas are up to, I smiled at Beth’s “break” for her brain. . . I SO get it, because my brain is frazzled. . . and awed at the superiority of our Savior!!
    All that to say, that aside from my quiet time, I’m immersed in Hebrews and learning in hopes that those I’m teaching will be blessed as well as wooed into a deeper love for the Radiance of God’s Glory, Jesus.

  6. 506
    Ada - Lovin Him says:

    We’re in the second week of listening to Priscilla in Anointed, Transformed,Redeemed and very challenged by David’s example to bring back the Tabernacle and make Christ the center of our lives! She packs a powerful punch and the Holy Spirit used her mightily today as we ended with intercessors around the room to be ready for the prayer challenge she offered the women in Nashville. We have 84 women in this January study and most are full of zeal and embraced the challenge to be “passionate” not “perfect” women for God – loved the mirror visual! Looking forward to hearing from you next week and Kay after that.

    In March we’ll be studying the sermon on the mount with Angela Thomas’ “Beautiful Offering”. We’ve journeyed through just about all of your in-depth studies twice and this is our first with some other teachers – but all the ladies still refer to us as the “Beth Moore group”! We all truly do love you Beth and thank God for all He’s done through you to inspire, encourage and motivate us as we see your love for Him and want more of it for ourselves! We pray for you every week – thanking God for you and asking Him to keep pouring into you and to give you energy and protection from the enemy as you continue to pour out to all of us. May He bless you as you bless so many!

  7. 507
    valerie (in TX) says:

    Just started Jesus the One and Only, for the second time. The first time I did it, it took about 3 or 4 weeks into it and suddenly I found myself being drawn to Jesus in a new way than I ever had been before. Loving Him in a new way. Falling IN love with Him. So amazing. I want to be back at that place and am so praying this journey will lead me there – to His heart and His feet – again. Love you, Beth, and can’t wait to see you in September!! πŸ˜‰

  8. 508
    Cindy Childers says:

    My church, St. Paul’s (Salisbury, England) is doing a study of Ephesians this term. Also, a smaller group is meeting in my home starting next week and we are doing one of Ray Vanderlaan’s Faith Lessons called “With all my heart”!!! πŸ™‚

  9. 509
    Yvonne Gibson says:

    I am studying Living by the Book by Howard G. Hendricks and William D. Hendricks with a group at my church. I love learning about different types of Bible study methods.

  10. 510
    Karina says:

    A dear friend of mine (whose name also starts with K) and I are in the middle of “A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place” right now. Oh, Beth, I have to tell you this. You’ll laugh: We picked it up after we finished the summer Bible study with you on here, totally thinking it was a study on David. Crazy, I know. With both our crazy schedules, by the time we started, it was November, and much to our amazement we found out that it was a study on Tabernacles when she went to rent the video sessions from the local Christian Bookstore! We laughed so hard after we watched the introduction, because it was so JUST LIKE HIM to make us pick exactly what we both needed obviously! Had we known it was a study on Tabernacle, we wouldn’t have picked it AT ALL! God has great ways of getting His ways! lol So, we are in the week 7 now, and we are so blessed!

    I’m also doing Read Thru the Bible in a year thing along with some people in my church. I’m so excited that there are so many here doing it, too! I’m reading it out loud to my kids so they keep me accountable πŸ˜‰

    But I can’t tell you how much SSMT activity is helping me. Picking the verse has been fun and (though my brain seems to drain with my breast milk) I’m moved every time I work on memorizing those words. If not temporary, I’m sure it is slowly chipping away at this heart of mine shaping me… SLOWLY though it may be! lol

  11. 511
    Julie says:

    I’m studying Isaiah with BSF which just this week totally transformed the way I look at prayer. It just hit me this week that God really IS moved by our prayer as He was by Hezekiah’s. I didn’t even know I was grappling with this. I’m also in a small group that is doing Beth’s Revelation. We finished in December and just started back at the beginning this week. It was too good to do just once. It’s even better the second time around! I feel like God’s word is just keeping my head above water right now. I just love it so much!

  12. 512
    Christy says:

    Working through “Lord teach me to Pray” by Kay Arthur and enjoying my new NASB key word study Bible.

  13. 513
    Naiomi says:

    I’m doing Living Beyond Myself by myself. Don’t have time right now to go to a group bible study. Loving it! Love how God’s word always comes at the right time. I am trying to yield to and be filled with the Spirit, live in the Spirit, be led by the Spirit, and keep in step with the Spirit. Whew….that is overwhelming! Glad God is in me!!!

  14. 514
    Jan says:

    I am deep in the study of Isaiah (and it’s not an easy one) with our local Bible Study Fellowship group. I’m reading my NLT Study Bible from cover to cover. I’m also reading “Radical” by David Platt…various members of my church are reading it and passing it around.

  15. 515
    Lynn - Louisville, KY says:

    My oldest daughter and I are reading through the Bible this year (she is 8). I also attend Community Bible Study and we are studying 1 & 2 Kings and all the minor prophets! It has been great!!!

  16. 516
  17. 517
    Lauren says:

    just began doing your “breaking free” study by myself. i’m buying the videos online and watching them at the beginning of each week. on week two now. so thankful to be doing this incredible study.

  18. 518
    elaine says:

    hi Beth….
    my Tuesday night bible study just started up as well… and we are doing “Jesus, the One and Only.” i am loving it already…. this study will bless our socks off! (and a few of us secretly love seeing how your hair was different 10 years ago…. ) we love how styles change over the years… but our God remains steadfast… unchanging….

    I’m also reading through the bible in a year with a girlfriend.

    and i just started dating a wonderful WONDERFUL man…. and after one of our weekly dates, which is church on saturday night, we jump into His word and read together…. nothing to me is more attractive than a godly man and a God-fearing man… who is in the Word.

  19. 519
    Jen says:

    I’m living in Egypt and just started dating my one of my best friends who happens to live in Quba (we can’t spell it right or it become searchable) where I’ve done a lot of God-work in the past. I was telling a lady here about the story, because OH!- it’s such a God story and she told me it reminded her of the Believing God study, which I had never done. We low and behold, Believing God is online through LifeWay! So I’m doing Believing God (and it’s blessing me and kicking my tail at the same time) and having Tuesday night Bible study with Beth just like I did when I lived in Houston πŸ™‚

    I’m also listening to Tullian Tchivijian’s study on Job (from Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in FL) called The Gospel of Suffering. Also a good tail kicking!

  20. 520

    Our group of m’s here in the Middle East are studying your Esther study. Oh, we love it and love His Word! Thank you, Beth!

  21. 521
    Erin says:

    Our Ladies Bible Study @ church starts The Patriarchs on Monday. Some of them have done it before, but I haven’t & I’m really looking forward to it.

    Personally, I am doing “Jesus: the One & Only” in the Reflection Series and reading in Ezekiel.

    (Please forgive any misspellings, it is 4:30am here. LOL!)

  22. 522
    Aletta says:

    I am studying Me, Myself, and Lies the first part of the semester, and Jonah by Priscilla Shirer (sp?) the second part.

  23. 523
    SusieColoradoSprings says:

    I meet with my mentor every Friday (or as often as we can). There we are actively listening to “The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals” by Arthur Burk of Plumbline Ministries. I go to PWOC on Tuesdays where I am doing “Lord, I want to Know You” from Kay Arthur. On Wednesday nights I facilitate a women’s study while my kids are doing AWANAS. We have just started “Believing God”. (I passed out spirals for all the ladies to get hooked on scripture.)

  24. 524
    Traci says:

    It made me laugh when you said that James is not necessarily a “party bus.” I am reading Crazy Love right now and it’s no party bus either. Rather convicting and something I desperatly need, but not light reading at all. Can’t wait to get your new study. I love the book of James and slapped my Siesta’s leg (Lisa from Hawaii) when you told us in Houston last Jan that you’d be doing it.

  25. 525
    Angie says:

    In my Bible Study in Orlando, FL we are doing Breaking Free.
    Oh what a glorious study! Lord I am breaking free of so many painful things that only you knew how to get out of me. How I love you so Lord. And Beth please keep up your studies as I have come so far in my journey through your studies. We are on week 9 and already I am having withdraws as the end is near. For the Spring we are going to do One in a million by Priscilla Shrier.

  26. 526
    WendyB says:

    Here in this new overseas Army world, I’m testing the waters with a PWOC class this semester – doing a Priscilla Shirer study as a student. What wonderful women are in the chapel here in Heidelberg.
    And my husband (the chaplain) and I are going to facilitate the “Love and Respect” series for couples in his unit…..and bless the man’s heart, he let me order a whole big set of your “Believing God” and is going to turn me loose with his women soldiers and/or spouses to have a girls’ study!

    • 526.1
      Julie says:

      That is wonderful, Wendy! I was stationed in Germany in the early 80’s and my husband, who was also a soldier at the time, was a part of the Hospitality House. They ministered to soldiers and was an active part of the military community.

      I will pray for you and your husband as you minister to the soldiers overseas!


  27. 527
    Lisa Surran says:

    About a year ago, I began a small group for the young adults in our community, and we have just begun diving into a study of Hebrews. It’s been great so far!

  28. 528
    carole says:

    I’m studying Isaiah in BSF. I teach the 1st and 2nd graders and to make God’s messages understandable to them has really allowed me to understand more!

    I am looking for a good book to read….any suggestions?

  29. 529
    Traci says:

    I’m facilitating your updated David study, “Seeking a Heart Like His.” We were supposed to start last Wednesday night the 12th but snow cancelled everything that night so we tried again this past week and had clear skies. We have 20 ladies and three have never done any of your studies and most never did your previous David study so should be good!

  30. 530
    ~Beth says:

    To be honest, I am exhausted due to a very busy week at work! When we’re closed on Mondays for a holiday, even though it’s a short work week, it is power-packed!! Add to it the fact that I’ve been interviewing applicants for a part-time position I have at our office!!! And throw in a regional managers meeting plus family issues to boot!!

    Need I say more!

    “Thank you Lord that it’s Friday”!!! I do plan on sleeping in in the morning! {smile}


  31. 531
    Barb Schwarz says:

    I’m so excited I was awake at 4:13 am this morning! I’ve asked the Lord for a netbook to use for my Bible study. My Matthew Henry (unabridged) and Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance are monsters on my lap with my Bible! I wanted to be able to pay cash and not have to charge it – and He provided! So I spent time last night and this morning “favoriting” my favorite Bible study sites – LPM Blog one of the first, on my new netbook! And as we’re heading into retirement, I’m so pumped to be able to sit with my Bible and my netbook and read, study and enjoy God’s wonderful Word!! Oh and we just started the new Breaking Free last night – Beth – you are so remarkable! So down to earth, yet such a vibrant example of where I/we can be with the Lord πŸ™‚ Prayers and blessings to all my Siesta Sisters!

  32. 532
    Lisa H says:

    I have just finished “The Power of a Positive Woman” by Karol Ladd. My children got it for me for Christmas, they say their father picked it out for me (my exhusband). Hmmmm wonder what God is doing in his life that he is not aware of??? Anyway, it was a great book. I did a chapter a day which was very easy to do and the questions were thought provoking. It came at a very good time for me.

    I’m going to sign up for our 360 group (small group study) at my church. The study I am going to sign up for is “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis I believe. I have no idea what to expect with it but sometimes that is best for me!

    I’m off of here to go clean snow and ice off my car to go to work now, ughhh. I hope you all have a great day!

  33. 533
    Rhonda, Metter, GA says:

    My small group is in the first week of Priscilla Shirer’s “Jonah-Navigating a Life Interrupted”. It is wonderful and such a blessing. We are looking forward to the next six weeks as we journey through.

  34. 534
    Becky says:

    I currently am doing the member book ” A Women’s Heart, God’s Dwelling place.” This is amazing, I’ve never realized what the Tabernacle really was and that everything in it points to CHrist!!!! My God is SOOOOOO awesome!!!

  35. 535
    Diane says:

    Exodus. Kay Arthur’s study. I’m in deep.

  36. 536
    Candice says:

    I love this list of scripture study…gives me ideas for the future! I’m in Kay Arthur’s Precept study- God Searches for A Heart Fully His- study through the kings of Israel and Judah. Its sobering and humbling to see so many phrases repeated over and over again- phrases recounting the evil done against the Lord and the consequences. Yet amazingly shown too- God’s mercy and grace displayed time and again to the kings and Israelites’.

  37. 537
    Lisa Estes says:

    A group of ladies at our church are doing the Bible Study “Jesus, The One and Only”. I am praying that I fall more in love with Jesus than ever before. I also pray for the ladies in our group – that we grow closer together and closer to Jesus!!!! Thank you Beth for your dedication to study and your amazing love for Jesus – it is contagious and you are an inspiration. I pray God bless you this year in so many ways you can’t even count them!!! My friend and I am coming to Charlotte to see you in July. We both received tickets for Christmas from our wonderful husbands!! My friend’s daughter is getting married in June and we are looking forward to our time “away” in July. God Bless!!!

  38. 538

    On Tuesday nights I am studying this book called Life In Christ, its about Pauls life.

    On Wednesday nights is Awana for my kids. Just this morning my six year old is Memorizing his 7th or 8th scripture.

    Deuteronomy 31:8
    The Lord Himself goes before you And will be with you; He will never leave you Nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; Do not be discouraged.

    I am so impressed by the tender minds of children.

  39. 539
    Kimberly says:

    I forgot on my earlier post, along with Isaiah I am finishing the day with reading entries from One Year Alone with God,366 devotions on the Names of God by Ava Pennington. It is so nice to go to bed thinking and praising God for who he is.

  40. 540
    Stephanie says:

    My group is doing No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. For Sunday School we’re reading 1 and 2 Samuel. So far I’m loving the Minter study–first one I’ve done.

  41. 541
    Mercy says:

    I am studying The Amazing Collection.

  42. 542
    ConnieH says:

    We finished up Breaking Free last fall and usually do a “lighter study” in the spring semester at our church. This spring it’s Elizabeth George’s “Loving God with All Your Mind.” We just started last week with the first video and found the presentation is different, but God will speak to us through this study as well. His word never comes back void.

    I’ve also committed to be part of the Siesta Scripture Memory team for 2011, and am very excited about that. I didn’t order a spiral, but continued using one we had started as a table while doing Breaking Free last fall. Our sweet table leader, and my dear friend, made us all a sprial and decorated the outside with crosses and the words Breaking Free. We put the verses from the back of the workbook and added extras as we went through the weeks of study. So while I am only on my second memory verse of 2011, I have many wonderful verses to look back on from last fall’s study with me all the time as well.

  43. 543
    Vickie says:

    Thanks so much for the update. Can I please tell you how God overwhelms me….CONSTANTLY(In a good way)! I lost my 40 y/o sister this past June due to drugs. My 70 y/o Mom, of course, is devastated. They lived together and my Mother found her. A Moms true NIGHTMARE! Keep persevering..Afterwords, she lived with me for awhile. I lived with her for awhile. Just utter brokenness. I am busting at the seams…..We started Breaking Free U/E at her house Monday night. We have 6 precious ladies joining us. My first time EVER leading a bibly study. Yesterday morning, as God cover her place with snow, we finished up week one homework together. To hear my lil Momma read Gods word outloud…I’m weeping now just thinking about it. We got to Isaiah 61:1-4, I was reading then because her eyesight is failing. I couldn’t read it…all I could do was cry. God was at the kitchen table with us. We could feel Him….He just held us and loved on us soooo much. She read Isaiah through tears and we had a moment in time I will never forget. I do not have words for that moment….No one has ever loved me the way God loves me. Thanks for allowing me to share. I love you guys.

  44. 544

    Hope your new year is off with a bang. We have thawed out and my kids are back at school. I am coming up for air an currently working on “to dos” that I have put off. I am busy, busy. I am loving my verses this month as I chose two from Psalms. I wanted to relish on God’s majesty and power this month. He knows, I need it.

    My women’s bible study at church just stared a study by Henry Blackaby. . ON a Mission with God. I have just delved into it, but it will be fascinating. Can’t wait to dive in completley.

    Today I am driving to see my eldest over at school and trade cars as hers as been in the shop (it never ends even when they go to college does it?) I have arranged a dinner with two sweet friends from college. My soul needs to catch up with them as well. . can’t wait to hug their necks.

    Wish I could hug all of you!

  45. 545

    I am currently listening to Lysa TerKeurst’s live webcasts on Monday night for Made to Crave. I have opened up my house for others to come and we are enjoying watching together. When the webcasts are finished, then we are going to do the Made to Crave Bible Study.

    Also, my daughter gave me a new Bible for Christmas this year (The Message) and I am enjoying reading in it. In fact, I think I am going to do all my memory verses from it – I’m really enjoying it so far πŸ™‚

  46. 546
    ginny says:

    I’m about half way through the study of Paul “To Live is Christ”. It has been on my shelf for years unopened…I think because, deep down, I just never really liked Paul much so I resisted. God nudged me to open it up this fall and I’m working through it on my own. Now I realize that I didn’t like him much because I never took the time to get to know him. Ouch. About 3 weeks in I realized how unfairly I had judged him…and how unfairly I judge people in general based on only a surface knowledge of what makes them tick. And while I have been convicted deeply on a personal level, I have been so encouraged. What a work God did in the life of Paul! And what a work He will do in me…if I allow it!
    I also just started a book called “Sun Stand Still” by Steven Furtick based on the verses in Joshua. It’s about believing God to do the impossible. So far it’s exciting.

  47. 547
    Tatia says:

    I’m going to lead a group of military spouses through Kay Arthur’s study on Acts – not the full blown Precept, but the survey. We start next week. I’m excited! It’s called “The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You”. I’ve been a daughter of our King for 35 years, yet I can’t say that I think I’ve ever allowed Him to be ‘unleashed’ in me. So, please do it God!

    I always read through the One Year Bible (love the NLT for reading), but this year I’m doing the Chronological one and I’m loving it!! I told my kids that I really didn’t need another Bible – I just wanted this one! πŸ™‚ Confess that I felt a litle guilty, ‘cuz I have so many Bibles…

  48. 548

    I just started a Bible study called “Believing God”, I am sure you have heard of it (smile)! I just love the “Godstops-Bedtime Meditation”! It has been an huge blessing for me and I really notice the difference in changing my thinking along with the memorizing we are doing. It put me into pay attention all day so that I know what God has done so I can write it down! I am also studying the book of Romans at night by the same lovely lady!!! I am at chapter 6 and I am stuck listening to that. I have listen to that over and over about presenting our broken heart to God. I am not done with that yet, a few more listens to that one before moving on!!! I do so wish I had a Bible study group, oh sometimes it makes me drool when I hear you talk about it BUT God is faithful and I have had many wonderful moments with just Him and me! You are such a blessing!

  49. 549
    diana says:

    my group just started John,Beloved Disciple by YOU!!!!
    Love it already and I know we are going to get a ton out of it!

  50. 550
    Amie says:

    I have just begun my 10th year of praying for God for a church home. We have no family, except each other, and miss having a church family. I so desperately need some Christian woman friends outside of work. God knows this is my heart’s desire, I don’t know why He won’t answer us nor any of our friends in other states that have been praying faithfully for us to find a home that will make a place for our daughter with Down syndrome. I live in Fairfax County, VA, so if anyone is out there,even in surrouding counties, n please reach out to me.
    God has for some reason drawn me to Jeremiah and then BLESSED me by Beth having a 3 part study for free on her website! JOY! I am trying to plug away at it, without Beth’s background I don’t think I could get very far, but it is a wonderous book of the Bible, but I have been known to question God a time or two! Why the heck do you keep having me go to Jeremiah? He can’t be calling me back to Israel – I’m there!

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