So Long Insecurity Discussion Conclusion!

Hey, Darling Things! I am sitting at a Cafe Express in Houston on yet another gorgeous Spring day while Melissa (home for Spring Break) is meeting with a Wordpress moderator so she (and we) can develop some proficiency on this format. It’s more complicated behind the scenes than you might think.  She wanted me to be part of the tutoring session but I told her that I needed to do this post. Then she suggested that I come along but sit at a different table while we do two different things. I tried planting myself only three tables over but I’m interminably nosey (does it go with size of nose??)  and kept listening to what they were saying. I prefer to do that with total strangers, especially couples that appear to be on first dates, but not many people are at Cafe Express this morning for breakfast and no one appears to be dating. Does anyone really date anymore anyway? A subject for another day.

I am happy to be here just the same whether or not the people watching is paltry. The coffee choices are enough to keep me intrigued. You don’t just get coffee here. You get choices like these in big huge cannisters:

“Equatorial Coffee” – “hints of buttery toast (who knew? no need to even eat breakfast with it??), cocoa nib (i love me some cocoa nib! i just didn’t know it! what is a nib exactly? like a little niblet?), almond, bold fruit, sweet (no one ever tells me I’m sweet. fun on occasion. never “you’re so sweet.” i don’t know why.), bright and clean.”


“Costa Rican Coffee” – “balanced (that’s me), clean (in Christ), classic (wannabe), winey (only when I don’t get my way. a lot of southern baptists don’t believe in being other kinds of whiny)with berry notes (berry notes? as in music notes? or as in sticknotes?), rich in body (is there no way we can get away from this?).”

 So, as you can see, I’m dealing with a few distractions. And have had a bit too much Costa Rican. I think I’m allergic to berry notes. Melissa and I had an awkward moment when we pulled up in the parking lot and started stacking up our stuff to come into the restaurant. I have a paperback copy of SLI that I use to prepare our weekly discussions. All the sudden I flashed it at her and said, “I can’t take this in there.” How lame would that be? She said, “Tear off the cover.” So I did. Ripped that thing right off.

It’s time for us to finish up! I am so grateful for your partnership through this journey. You were such a big part of the inspiration to write it (not because you’re insecure or anything… but because I knew I’d have a little company if I went public). When it came out, reading it together seemed only fitting. Thank you for your willingness to enter in. As for the rest of you, I can only imagine that you will be relieved to have this hog off the blog and I equally thank you for your patience.

Let me say quickly before we get to the final set of instructions, I loved reading about your life passions last week! One of my favorite sets of comments from this journey! (And, separate from SLI, your testimonies of receiving Christ impacted my whole Easter weekend. Superb. I felt that God delighted in it and that, Sweet Thing, is my favorite feeling.)

This week’s assignment? Finish this baby up! Please read Chapters 17 and 18 and answer the following questions:

1. Based on Chapter 17, on a scale of 1 to 10 (one-almost none, ten-over the top), how big a part has fear played in your life?  After responding with your approximation, please share what, if anything, in the chapter resonated with you.

2. Reflect over the journey as a whole. What (again, if anything) lasting and of God will you take away from it?  

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ladies. You are a great joy to me. May the God of peace sanctify us through and through – spirit, soul, and body – until we are wholly overtaken by Him. (1 Thess. 5:23) This alone will be the essence of wholeness.

I love you.


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  1. 301
    Bonnie says:


    1. Fear has been at a level 10 in different times of my life. I am grateful for the word of God, Biblestudies and pray. I am learning to Trust God and find His peace. What really stood out to me in this chapter is your example Beth. Being able to walk through the worst fears and see the final outcome. Knowing God is always there. I also really like all the scripture references to apply to my life.

    2. This journey has opened my eyes and given me some great tools to use. I really am blessed to have the ending prayer as well as the prayer in chapter 9. I also keep reminding myself I am “clothed with strength and dignity”. This is such an important subject to find victory in and to encourage our future generations. Thank you for being so open and honest and for showing us always God’s truth and love. I am looking forward to April 24th and what God has in stored for us to receive.

    Thank you for serving the Lord in the position He has given you. You have made such an impact in my life. Because you are so real, I have come to know the Lord in a deeper way, have such a deep thirst for more of His word and finding true intimacy with Him. May the Lord bless you and your family abundantly.

  2. 302
    Erika David says:

    Albany, OR

    Dear Beth,
    It is early Thurs. morning here in Oregon and the sun in rising, which is an enormous feat here in the Spring. I just finished the book and I’m secure in accomplishing reading the whole book! I am still insecure, but a work in progress with the help of my Savior.
    1. On a scale from 1-10 I would say I waiver between a 7 and a 10 most days. I hate to admit that I’m a fear based person, I swore I would not be her, and here I am, fear and all! I am afraid of loosing my children to someone or death and at times that consumes my thoughts. I did reasonate with the thought of trusting God period! No ifs ands or buts about it. Although, much easier said, I know it is a good start.

    2. The most amazing part of this story, is one simple sentence and it brings tears to my eys as I think of it. “She is clothed in strength and dignity”. That’s it pure and simple, I repeat that to myself daily in hopes that it will sink in and that I will start to believe it. Again, I know I am a “work in progress” and have high hopes in my Creator that the sign will soon say “project complete” so that I can complete His amazing plan for my life. And not be held back by insecurity any more! PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!

    Thank you for this book and you were right on knowing that this topic is plaguing women today of every shape, color, and background. My God continue to bless you in your work Miss. Beth!

  3. 303
    Marcia says:

    1. Fear has been an 11 on a scale of 10. I have allowed fear to put me in bondage and the Lord has peeled it away layer by layer. At the core I have found insecurity. I have read Chapter 17 twice so far because so much of it resonated with me. One of the parts that resonated with me the most was on pp 323-324 where you talk about conditions for trusting God – that was me and I finally saw it. My level of trust God was directly related to how much He did what I wanted. Not good. I am dropping the conditions for tust.

    2. I am taking far more from this book than I imagined. I see how insecurity has been a core issue. I see that it is a process of changing my heart and my behavior – the two work together. Thank you so much for the “self talk” ideas. I am using them regularly.

    3. I got caught up in wanting to be painless and forgot my purpose. I am giving up “painless” and living and looking for purpose -even in pain.

    I love God and am grateful for how he is speaking to me through this book. Thank you.
    portland, or/50s/married.

  4. 304
    Tina says:

    1. Fear…WHOA…that’s ALWAYS been a huge deal in my life. I’m a worrier and can even picture the actual events if certain fears came true. You know, when you pass by an accident or hear of one on the radio and can play it out in your mind. I mean, after all, if it’s a loved one maybe I will be mentally prepared. Fear of what could happen…cancer, loss of loved ones -esp. my children, fear of unfaithfulness in my marriage, etc. Obviously, this is a big problem. After reading Ch. 17, I haven’t ever really thought of fear insulting the grace of God. That was mind blowing to me. I’m going to start trying to think differently. I liked your quote used in your book, “What will God do if…” instead of “What will I do if…” All the answers listed with Bible references were great! Now…I need to write them on an index card and POST them on my bathroom mirror for a daily reminder!

    I even shared this with my oldest as she had a huge disappointment earlier in the week. The last part of Ch. 17 really spoke to the both of us. She even asked if she was old enough to read the book. Of course, I said “Heavens no!” That we all struggle with insecurity, fear of failure, etc. and that she would get a lot out of it!” So hoping she really does read it and I can pass some of the things that I have learned. Even if she gets a little, she will be more equipped than I was at her age.

    2. The entire book has been so “eye opening” for me and helped me learn more about myself. Fighting insecurity is definitely something that should be easier with the “weapons” I have learned about. Watch out ENEMY!! Thank you so much for writing this. It ministers to women of all ages. There are so many things in there that I’m so hoping I can help my girls with this issue. Hopefully, they will read this same book some day. It’s a definite classic to keep for generations to come.


  5. 305
    Kari says:

    1. Probably a 6! There are many things I have not participated in because of fear. But, I am improving. 5 years ago the number would have been higher! What resonated most with me..”Trust God, plain and simple.” AND, I had the opportunity to use that this week. I had opened up and shared some things with someone (which is a rarity for me because I fear rejection) and then the next day I was beside myself that I had made myself that vulnerable. I was stressing and worrying and then I read your chapter and the words “Trust God.” I stopped and prayed and instantly I was calmed. However, it wasn’t a one time obedience thing, I have been telling myself ALL week! And, quoting “she is clothes with strength and dignity” as well!

    2. Beth, I cannot thank you enough for this book. I knew I was insecure and feared rejection so much but I did not know how to handle it and be healed of it. Your book has done amazing things for me! I have now read it twice and I am so looking forward to next weekend as well!! The lasting thing I will take with me from this book is insecurity is a stronghold for me and I will not quit fighting until I have overcome. I will keep working at putting my trust in God and finding my security in Him. I have memorized many Scriptures from this book that I am using oh so often!!! Thank you for making yourself vulnerable by writing this book. I figure if you can make yourself vulnerable to the entire world then I can work on making myself vulnerable to the ladies Sunday school class I teach and the womens Bible study I lead. It is really hard for me to do but I am making baby steps in that direction! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I pray God will bless you immensely for your obedience and sacrifice in writing this book!

  6. 306
    Heather Self says:

    1. An 8. I thought I was an abnormal person for thinking through all the bad things that could happen from start to finish. I also believed it would prepare me to handle them. I now understand that it is really wasting time! How freeing to stop that. And, when/if I do fall into, now I can also borrow the grace that God will give to! I am now memorizing Psalm 112:7-8 and expecting the Holy Spirit to do miracles through it.

    2. I’m not sure I can wrap up what this book has meant for me in a comment. We have scheduled a day next week for me to get away and let God remind me of the keys He wants me to remember for life (from this book). Beginning this book, I was fearful of losing the child in my belly. I have been on bedrest the entire time… until last Friday. I started this book praying God would work a miracle in me and that this little boy would still be in my belly at the end (33 weeks). HE IS! And, I have progressed in security, my body has handled the pregnancy better, and I am free to be a normal pregnant lady. God has freed me from worry and anxiety over this child… to a very healthy faith. So, the timing alone, was so strategic on God’s behalf!

    One defining motivator I have walked away with is to be an example of a secure woman for my daughter’s sake. It has rocked my world! I also want to be secure so that I can support my husband the way God has called me to… me not being so self absorbed and needy. This book has given me a clear picture of who I want to be. I willing things before I feel them. I have a new definition of how our God sees me (and all other women)… we are SO loved and so beautiful.

    My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude and praise right now. Beth, thank you for writing this book. Thank you for the sacrifices and pain you went through to share it with us. You could have kept it to yourself, but you didn’t. God has annointed your words. This book will impact the world one changed woman at a time… and into the next generation of girls. God is STILL up to something good!

    Ironton, MO

  7. 307
    Evelyn says:

    1. A large 10 most certainly! This chapter hit so many nails on the head it’s hard to stop from picking them all: the reminder of how much time is WASTED on my fears, and looking back at the damage I’ve allowed these fears to cause (in so many relationships & opportunities!)and the most precious is what you have shared Beth about getting all the way to the other side of whatever it is my insecurities & fears are – your examples were wonderful throughout this chapter and I am sure I will re-visit them many times to come, but I do know that this has given me the courage to reach out, to know without any doubt at all that as stated, with the Lord Jesus by my side I will ‘get up and choose to live’ no matter what!!

    2. As amazing as the book is and knowing what the Lord has revealed to me through it, I believe the most inspiration and lasting impressions came during the times I logged onto this blog and read the volumes of thoughts/ideas/prayers/from our ‘Siestas’, so many truths which brought laughter, tears, reflection and so many “AMENS!!” nearly shouted from my chair!

    Thank you Beth, Amanda, Melissa, and everyone at Living Proof for all of your time and energy in creating this for all of us who are in such need! Bless you all,

    Married/48/Palmdale, CA

  8. 308
    Evelyn says:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to publish a follow up book consisting of all the blog comments since day 1 ??????

    Sorry that thought just came to me and I just felt the need to add it 🙂

  9. 309
    Donna Sava says:

    9…fear has always been a constant in my life! It is something I am in the midst of working through…or God is working through for me!

    I think the biggest thing I will take away from this is my security in the Lord. I never really “got” that I was his daughter…even though I knew it…does that make any sense whatsoever?!

    Just turned 40
    Franklin, TN

  10. 310
    Kathy B says:

    Is anyone else have SLI withdrawal? Here I sit with my sandwich for lunch ready to check the blog, and I feel somewhat lost. Don’t worry. Housework is calling. I just try to ignore that one for awhile. Thanks to each one who took the risk to share and so honestly opened up her heart for our perusal and ultimate edification. May we treat each other with renewed tenderness, understanding and respect. After all, we’re each clothed beautifully with Dignity, are we not?
    From yet one more siesta,
    Kathy B

  11. 311
    Terri says:

    Trust God. I love the reminder that, whatever the particular circumstances, we need to trust God–trust that He will do what He, in His sovereignty knows is best.

    I think one of the main thoughts that sticks with me as I finish this book is that I am worthy of respect/high esteem because God made me and crowned me with glory and honor/dignity. I can be secure any time and any place if I just remember that my security is in Him and in believing that HE made me just the way I am, on purpose. His thoughts about me are the ones that matter.

  12. 312
    Terri says:

    Just wondering, for those of us going to the Simulcast event, should we bring our SLI books with us?

  13. 313
    Stacey Johnson says:

    #1 – I was going to score myself a 6 on the fear, but just this morning I realized how much fear has kept me from doing normal things. I so understand now the connection between fear and insecurity. It just took me a while to get there.

    #2 – I have loved this book. I never realized that I had a choice to react or not. This has become very clear to me lately because my son is going through some insecurity and I have been able to share these things with him. We moved to a new state last summer and this whole school year he has been the “outsider” and the “new kid”. One kid in particular has been picking on him little by little. The other day he reacted in an unkind way and I was able to have a great conversation with him about choices. I don’t want him to feel the way I do. Beth, thank you for sharing your heart so I can learn and share with others. Another thing that will be lasting is realizing that I am clothed “with strength and dignity.” I was at a women’s breakfast our church sponsored last week and the speaker was a wardrobe consultant. I am on the ministry team and we wanted some scripture to tie into what she would be presenting. I suggested Proverbs 31 and we left the meeting. The lady in charge chose “She is clothed with strength and dignity” for the table cards. How amazing is God! I read that as we were setting up and I just laughed to myself.

    I have enjoyed this journey and am sad to see it come to an end. Again, thank you for opening up your life to help me.

    Sugar Land, TX

  14. 314
    Lynn says:

    Married, 50’s, Montana
    1. Definitely 10! Anxiety from grief and abandonment by my family (they were overwhelmed by grief) led to uncontrollable fear which drove me to excelling. It has driven my life. In my grief therapy, I understood this as a blessing as so many other destructive addictions are possible. God was watching over me throughout this trial…..over many years and SINCE. Amen.

    Resonating with a loud cymbal crash is the interrupting the anxious little girl inside me when she raises her head by moving beyond loving her (worked to some degree in the past) to immediate pray to Trust God and use the mantra…”her heart is secure.” I am memorizing Psalm 112:7-8. Amen. And thanks.
    2. This study is a blessing and I am already referring friends, especially those with young girls acting out their insecurities, to purchase and actively read. I see many parallels with the updated Breaking Free study, which I am pre-viewing for faciliating later this year with my prayer warrior in CO. Am praying for God’s guidance on initiating a Breaking Free Study here in MT. Amen.

    I have printed the actions in Chapter 15, Looking Out for Each Other, to memorize and USE as well as have handy to share with my sisters. What useful techniques and movement toward a more Godly life. Thank you. I will be re-reading to highlight and dogear those passages I find most useful. Have already searched the book several times to find passages I remember that may help a friend. What a blessing to have this book as another weapon in our fight with the enemy and to enhance our personal relationship with God. Thanks again.

  15. 315
    shaminder says:

    1.Fear would rank 10/10 on my scale.I could especially comprehend when you talked about losing your loved ones-for me it would be my kids. God knows that it has been hard for me to even bring it upon my lips since I’ve been afraid to jinx it. During this time I’ve also come to realise that some things are beyond my control and I’ve no other choice but to trust God. Whatever the outcome.
    2. I’ve learn so much from God through SLI. He never ceases to impress me further and further into His character. I’ve never met anyone like Him and I’m dumbfounded by His awesomeness. I still want so much more of Jesus and wish I could infinitely sit at His feet to gaze upon Him and learn from Him. Sigh!

    Thank you Beth for being my teacher and influencing my faith in God. Words could never express my heartful thankfulness and love towards you. May God bless you abundantly.


  16. 316
    Michele says:

    I would say that fear has played a big part in certain areas of my life. Sometimes a 10 and then in other areas, not so much.

    I think some things that realy stuck out to me in chapter 17 are:

    “Fear of the future makes people settle for things in the present that completely defy abundant life.”
    Bless his heart, my Dad brought “our journey” straight to the front of my mind today. He has had a time with jobs in the past few years, bouncing around here and there. Not of his own doing, just because the job he had worked at since he was very young (almost his entire lifetime) gave people “options” to leave, because they were getting ‘too old’. Bless his heart. I know it has had an affect on him, but I realized today that it is stealing so much away from him, still. He has a job (partime) working at the church they attend, right now. But, today, he was printing out his resume to take to a job fair just to see if (AND I QUOTE), “If he was still worth anything.” Isn’t that us? Isn’t that exactly what we have been discussing and reading about? Bless his heart. Speak to him, Father.


    asking ourselves this question…”What will GOD do if…?”
    Beth, I don’t remember which study it was from, but you had put a question (well, actually, a statement) to us…
    “If______, then GOD.” I wrote this in big, beautiful letters and there it sits on my fridge, where we can see it everyday, quite a few times a day. That’s just it. Trusting Him completely NO matter what could (or could not) happen. I was so glad to be reminded of your story today of the conversation you and God had about some of your fears…”and after that, then what?” That’s it. No matter what side we are on, having been through or STILL going through…we will be standing there, “back up on our feet defying the enemy’s odds…” by God’s strength in us!!

    There are so many wonderful things that I hope I “take” from this journey with y’all. I hope God reminds me of them daily. Strength and dignity…and true beauty. I am so thankful for you Siestas, you women who are real and love, LOVE the Lord. I have been blessed. And thanks for sharing all of your testimonies on Good Friday. Blessed me beyond words (and that’s saying alot, because I usually have more than a few :0)Love Ya’ll! And Beth, we love you, too!!!

  17. 317
    Roxie Crews says:

    Well, I truly thank God for bringing this book to all of us who have struggled forever with insecurity and didn’t even know it.So thanks Beth for being bold and courageous to share! Fear has played a huge role in my life-way over the top! Yet, now was the time to see it and say it was there all along. What will I take from this book-a voice to share with others of the only God there is who longs for us to know Him in the very depths of our tormented souls.Yes, He who has begun a good work in me will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ and I can trust Him like no other!!!!!!!!!!!! I can keep on crying out to Him as I face my insecurities and speak the TRUTH to them!!! Oh praise the name of Jesus, thank you Lord.

  18. 318
    Teresa says:

    1. Beth, this chapter meant so much to me, well to be honest the whole book has blessed me beyond measure. I think the one thing that stays with me is this: You just have to make up your splintered mind to “stop doubting and believe” John 20:27 it reminded me of your Start Believing and receiving quote. Those words got me through the trial of caring for my mother over a period of 7 years with 8 different operations, in various towns while also raising and homeschooling my 5yr old daughter. Believe that He love you and has you covered and takes every one of your hits as if they were aimed at His own skin. I love being able to draw from this, when I have doubts and fears!

    2. What I took from this soul bearing book is this; I want to be a strong secure woman; and I will strive to encourage young women all around me to realize they too are clothed with strength and dignity. I have written this on a card and taped to my doorframes and my fridge, I’m thinking of wearing it around my neck!!

    God Bless you Beth Moore for being such a willing vessel!

    Still Trusting God and Believing in Him,

  19. 319
    Teresa says:

    While reading this book, I have been so moved to reach out to other women, I have some dear sweet friends who have suffered, betrayal, sexual abuse, and one who just delivered her first child and gave it up for adoption, my heart is aching for each of these dear women. I want to buy this book for every one of them, I am praying that God will help me find the funds to do this as there are about 10 ladies who need this in their hands now! They probably have the funds to purchase this book, but I feel so strongly that I would like to gift it to them. Some women won’t purchase things for themselves that will admit they are insecure.

    This has been such a wonderful journey for me, I too have highlighted the wonderful scriptures in the book, and plan to reread it often, I took my daughter outside, sat on our front porch overlooking the farm and read to her, she’s not yet a teenager, but she has heard me say things like I’m not a very good mom, I wish I was a better wife, and I don’t want her to say those things to herself, so I told her how wrong I was to say those things, and then I read the Proverbs 31:25 to her, and explained how God wants us to feel and know that we are clothed with strength and Dignity!!

    Again, thank you Beth, for sharing your experiences and insecurities, with us, it helps see the different examples of insecurities, and to have those tools to use against them, is well worth the price of the book and I am so thankful to you for all your Bible studies as well. I believe I have participated in 7 studies now, my life has changed because you have made God so real to me, I couldn’t have made the decisions I’ve made or taken some of the things that have happened to me, if I hadn’t been in those Bible studies all these years. God has truly blessed you with the gift to share with women, I can never be greatful enough that I had a dear friend who introduced me to your studies, in fact she conducts them at our church. I have told many others about you and we plan to do your Sept. simulcast, we are looking forward to the lives that will change and be made better through Christ.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts, this entire book gets a number 1 rating from me!! As for my level of fear I’d say it was around 5, I have been realizing and working on my fears and insecurities for almost 2yrs. now, and I can say that God is changing me one step at a time!! Praise His Holy Name!!

  20. 320
    GAredeemedsheepgirl says:

    1. I’m a 7 now; so much better than I used to be which was a 10 over the top. Having a Type 1 diabetic husband is a big factor in my fear. I could identify with you on imagining a horrible outcome all the way to the funeral. And I’m glad you shared about going through to the other side to see how God’s grace gets you thru it.
    2. I so appreciate your being so transparent in your writing and leading us on the path to throw off our insecurities. When an insecurity rears its ugly head I will not forget the verse that I am clothed with strength and dignity and can laugh at the days to come. I need to “be still and know God is God” and I can trust His sovereignty in my life. Thank you for the written prayers in the book. I love praying “sample” prayers because so much of the time they express what I cannot express myself. I’m so looking forward to the Satellite conference on the 24th. I have a ticket to Woodstock FBC! What a treat to experience your conference live. I’ve been praying for you and this conference. See you there!
    Age 50’s
    Lawrenceville GA

  21. 321
    Julie says:

    Fear Number: 7
    I love this chapter and I don’t ever want to forget it. I have already used it several times to walk all the way through a fear to a possible outcome – and decide that if that happened, God would be with me all the way. Fear gone. Why did I not figure that out years ago??!! What freedom this gives!

    On the journey as a whole, I’m very grateful for this book. In all honesty I had to put it down for a few weeks somewhere in the middle because it just got so intense for me and I couldn’t keep digging at all the ‘stuff’. I think that feeling was referred to in a previous post as “raw”. I was very raw. With a little time, I finished the book and I am definitely not the same girl who started it. In many, many ways insecurity no longer has a hold on me. I feel healthier and much more confident. I have the tools to deal with the more tenacious parts of insecurity and I will keep at it. Best of all, I can teach these things to my daughters….long before they are 32.

    Richmond, VA
    married 30s

  22. 322
    Holly says:

    1) What role has fear played in my life…. I truly used to be able to say 2 or 3, however, since the move to SC – satan has notched it up to a 9/10… Throughout the chapter, the one thing that resonated with me was your conversation w/ God and asking “then what?” Well I too have been recently asking those questions re: my fears… What if these friends when i stand up for You Lord shun me… – Then what? What if i remain single? Then What? What if… so in all reality I HATE What IF questions!!!! God is my Shield and my Fortress, My Rock and Salvation!!! He is my Provider and Friend!!! What i really will take from this chapter, is the ability to let my over-active imagination think it thru, and realize – HE IS IN CONTROL 😉

    2) What will i take from this book:
    Extra comfort knowing I am not alone.
    What it means to be clothed with strength and Dignity
    Wonderful encouraging Scriptures from fellow Siestas
    I have THIS TREASURE….. 🙂
    That by recognizing my fears and dealing with them, not only makes me a “natural” woman 🙂 but allows me to be able to
    pour out into the next generation with the effectiveness Christ has clothed me with – authenticity to this generation
    means everything!!!
    Thank you Siesta Mama, for not only sharing this journey with us, but spurring us on in the Strength of Christ. We are a generation that needed to hear and live out these principals!!! It has changed and challenged my way of “self talk” haha… I am NOT one who does the self help books, but i was pulled to read this one, and once I had begun, I had to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure you weren’t behind me making notes 🙂 So many times God used your pen to sharpen my own sword, or hold up a mirror. It has been a process.. one that has miles of yuck left on the road, but that’s where I intend to leave it… On the Road – BEHIND me. I am moving forward out of love and security of my Savior and to love on the next generation!!! Thank you Again!!!

    I am sooo looking forward to being in ATL with you next weekend!!! Twinkle (deborah) shared her tickets and a fellow siesta and myself will be in the overflow room there!! This has been such a freeing time for me!!! Thanks you again!!!
    Much Hugs from SC!!!

    Williamson, SC
    30’s – Single – NM

  23. 323
    Heather says:

    Regarding fear I would say it was a big 10 for me – My father was a mean drunk and I feared for my life, and then as time progressed I feared for the things he would do to my body. For many years if someone touched me a certain way, raised their voice or scared me I would retreat in fear. Fear was drilled into me, and even in areas that shouldn’t have produced fear. I would have to read the Bible out loud to my father and he would throw things at me if I paused too long at a comma or too short at a semicolon. I used to break out in a cold sweat just touching a Bible – now God has me doing some teaching from the Word – can you imagine the transformation! I can only face my fears with God’s help and God is dealing with me in the area of fear now, pointing out that my focus needs to be on Him, not on other’s reactions. To be effective in ministry I need to be able to be more bold (in a loving way) to touch more lives for Him. And truthfully fear and trust are polar opposites, so I am needing to trust that God has things under control. He does. I have learned that even the terrible things that have happened to me God has redeemed, so I can trust in Him. In Bible study last night we studied Philemon – Philemon 15 “For perhaps he departed for a while for this purpose, that you might receive him forever.” Our pastor said that all of us have certain circumstances and detours that seem to have nothing to do with were God wants us to Go, but God permits these so that we can get to the place where we can be refined for His glory. That that is part of God’s plan for our perfection. I am learning that during those times of fear God is teaching me to trust in Him, not in the circumstances. The more I speak His Word the faster my fear dissipates. He has also been showing me that most of my fears do not manifest.

    The most profound part of this study was that wonderful prayer in chapter 9 for it showed me areas of strongholds that God is working on in my life.

    Beth, thanks for being so open, transparent and loving in this journey. I look forward to April 24, and the telecast that I am attending. I pray God blesses you and protects you.

  24. 324
    Heather says:

    Geesh, for got, Heather – married – 50’s – Shokan

  25. 325
    jenny hud says:

    wow! what an incredible journey!! thanks so much for “hogging the blog” with these discussions. i have had a blast. what an encouragement to see all these women pressing in to the Lord and dropping a lot of unnecessary baggage along the way.

    1. right now, i’d say my fear level is a 3 or so. i used to be tore up from the floor up by fear, but it doesn’t phase me much anymore. although i have now recognized some things that were rooted in fear that i would’ve called something else – fear of losing a friendship – since it has happened in the past. hurts in the ministry – since it has happened in the past, and the like. i have realized that i do not have to fear those things happening again, not because they won’t because they very well might, but i do not have to FEAR them. i think another thing that resonated with me was God taking beth right through that ludicrous scenario and instead of stopping at the heart wrenching part, He showed her the grace that would come along with it. i love that. when my mind starts to wander, it so often lands in these ludicrous scenarios and how i would handle it. now i need to go all the way past the crying, screaming fits and see how God puts me back together and i get up and move on. i love that!

    2. wow, so many things. i think the main things are: being deliberate with my thoughts, not comparing myself and seeing how i rank in a group, not triggering other women’s insecurities, catching myself in the act and whispering scripture to get past it, and not allowing anything to take my security. God gave it to me, you can’t have it!!!

    thanks so much for this book. and i’m pumped about the simulcast! i love you girls!

  26. 326
    Leanne says:


    1) I say my fear level has always been a 10. I have been fearful of a lot of things in my life. I am getting better though.
    That resonated the most with me in this chapter was the concept of getting all the way to the other side of the fear. I can choose to trust in God.

    2) I have learned and grown so much through this study. I know I can choose to not be insecure. I have to learn to put my trust in Jesus and not the world.

  27. 327
    Linda says:

    Bartelso, IL
    1. I used to think my fear was at 8-9, now with God’s word in me, I am doing 3-4, I continue to know that God has a plan for my life, and fear just holds me back. I can not let that happen.
    2. I am clothed in strength and dignity. God gave it to me. It is mine, you cannot have it.
    thank you Beth for all you do, may God bless you.

  28. 328
    Rhonda Brown says:

    I love all the comments, but they fill my email so I was wondering if I could just uncheck the box “notify me of followup comments via email” then I can just go into the blog when I have time.

    Thank you so much! I love all this discussion. Can’t wait for the simulcast next weekend! I’m going to be in Helena. It is an hour from where I live.

    Blessings to all! Love Rhonda

    • 328.1
      Amanda says:

      Rhonda, there should be an “unsubscribe” link on the emails your getting. Click on that and it should stop it. Sorry that was happening!

  29. 329
    Rindie says:

    1. I would say a 9. Probably a little lower earlier in my life, but higher recently after some health issues. This chapter just hit me like a ton of bricks. I hadn’t looked up the verse on my own in my haste to read through the book, so I was blown away by the second half of the verse, literally tears streaming down my face. That’s what’s been missing! Not just peace of mind and assurance and security, but JOY! Joy in the life I’ve been given, joy in my salvation. I did what you did in my mind…how you walked through the worst case scenario. Now, every time I feel fear or insecurity welling up, I just jump to the end of that conclusion…that God will be there for me, my family, my loved ones…no matter what!

    2. I have been convicted to be in the Word more…I know this will have a lasting impact on my life as a whole and specifically speak to the insecure areas. I had allowed myself to get caught up in the competition of life…keeping the house perfect, finding the perfect friends, making sure the kids are presentable and well-behaved, making myself look better physically. This study refocuses my mind on what is really important and frees me to strive to live my life in God’s will while not caring what others will think of me along the way. HE is the only one I’m trying to please. These are all things I knew, as a life-long Christian, but hearing the message in this way, applied specifically to my life as an adult, Christian woman, wife and mother was so very powerful.


  30. 330
    Kelly S. says:

    1. Well this chapter got me. “Fear” could be my middle name, with “Big Chicken” my first and last names. My prayer from the beginning of this year was to fear God and nothing else. That is funny to me now, because I have a spiral of promises to those who fear God. Every verse I have come across this year has been “to those who fear God”. What I didn’t realize was how many temporal fears I had to confront to get to the “nothing else” part of that prayer. So, still a work in progress, but God is graciously showing me how to walk this out. He even arranged it so that this same question (how big a part has fear played in your life) appeared in my homework this week. How’s that for a neon sign that says “DEAL WITH THIS”. Anyway, I am refraining from being to specific here, because I am dealing and don’t want to blab about it too soon.

    2. What an awesome journey. I had no idea the impact it would have on me when I started, and I am beyond excited about being in Woodstock next week!!! The biggest thing I will take away with me of God is the Scriptures!! Some were familiar, some brand new, but I have a new context to put them in. I won’t list them all, but some of my very favorites:
    Proverbs 31.25
    Psalm 112.7-8
    Proverbs 3.26 NLT
    Psalm 84.1
    Galatians 5.25-26 MSG LOVE THIS ONE!!!
    Hosea 14.4
    Habakkuk 2.9 NLT

    I kept a journal while reading the book, and recorded these questions and my answers. At this point, I am so thankful for that so I can go back and continue to work some things out. PRAISE GOD!!
    Favorite Quote :
    Human nature dictates that most often we will be as insecure as we are self-absorbed.(p.309)
    THANK YOU, BETH. I love you!

  31. 331
    Sharon says:

    Is there a way to watch the simulcast online? I’m stuck at home on bedrest but would love to tune in!!

  32. 332
    Kim says:

    1. The answer to this one would be a 10. There was so much in this chapter that I needed to read it is hard to pick just one something.

    2. That because I belong to Christ I have a God given right to be secure in a God sort of way. I mean I don’t have to let what the world says dictate who I am and how I feel about myself because God thinks I am some one special.

    Thatcher, Az

    P.S. Beth,thank you for stepping out in faith and writing this book. I don’t have the security issue wired but at least I am moving in the right direction.

  33. 333
    Pamela says:

    Fear? On a scale of 1 – 10, it’s a BIG 10! Mostly fears of rejection, being alone, being unimportant, being replaced, being hurt. I am in love with a wonderful man and all of those fears have tested our relationship at one time or another. Fortunately for me, he has been patient and loving and kind through each bout of insecurity. I am so thankful for SLI because it opened my eyes to what I was doing – not just to our relationship – but also to myself! I finally realized that I had those high expectations – unrealistic expectations – and that it was going to destroy us. The most important thing that I got out of reading SLI is the fact that it is ok to hurt and be sad, it’s ok to cry and feel pain. But I don’t have to give up my strength and dignity. I AM a strong woman, even stronger after reading the book and I know that I can trust in the Lord.

  34. 334
    sister sheri says:

    1. Are you kidding me? Fear?! 10. Over the top.

    What resonated with me was the “Quick Start”…basically when you feel a wave of insecurity hit… Trust God. Realize that there is a fear behind your insecurity. Trade it in for trust. You don’t have to trust a person… or a circumstance. Just trust that God will take care of you… no matter what.

    I also liked the quote, “As long as you’re going to borrow trouble on the future, why don’t you just go ahead and borrow the grace to go with it and see yourself back up on your feet defying your enemy’s odds… just as you and [God] have done a dozen other times.”

    2. I want my God-given security to become contagious. Viral.

  35. 335
    Sandy says:

    I wish I had linked onto this blog earlier…i struggle so with fear…i give myself an 11. God has brought me through infertility, the death of my husband, a difficult missionary experience, healing from codependency, college at 50..masters at 56…4 months of unemployment and yet i still struggle to trust him. I fear I will be alone the rest of my life. i fear i’m not good at my job as an addictions counselor working with women in a residential setting. it’s funny (not ha ha) that i’ve felt drawn to this work because of all that God has done for me, but then I decided God didn’t want me to do it as thanks to Him, that he loves me regardless. So, I decided to just keep praying “God, show me how to love you with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind.” Since then, I’ve felt zip…there’s no passion to my work…i worry about sharing God because it’s a secular organization…i have to wear a counselor hat and a cop hat which i hate, but while i can have the compassion of a counselor, i can also have the boundaries of a cop…i’ve helped women to grow and i’ve told them they have to leave. But, because I’m waiting for God to teach me to love Him with all my strength, all my soul and all my mind, I’ve got nothing to give these women but me…that is a very, very far cry from what they need and deserve. i can’t even seem to pray for them…i have so many fears. i want to break free, but don’t know quite how yet…i need to read the last pages of he book…would love feedback…i’m feeling very alone.

    • 335.1
      Judi says:

      You are not alone. HE understands your fears, your feelings of inadequacy and being in a dead end, your desire to feel the passion.
      Don’t give up, but trust that He is going to show up in a big way. Just keep praying and being real with Him!
      He loves you.

      • Sandy says:

        Judi – Love the boa! Thanks for your encouragement. I know from previous difficult times that when God breaks through it is awesome. I’m so looking forward to the simulcast next Saturday. He loves you too!

  36. 336
    apurefire says:

    What a ride this has been! I’ve told everyone that they MUST read this book and that is it life-changing. That is, if you fully participate with it; you must be ready to do the hard work of self-examination. But boy is it worth it!

    Question 1: I’ve never really considered myself fearful, but looking back on how I’ve interacted with others, I see that fear was my predominate feeling in regards to relationships. I was always fearful of rejection since it had been such a big part of my life. The childhood victimization left me fearful of anyone “finding out” about my past and of course then they certainly would not like/accept/love me. However, after reading the book and talking things out with some very precious friends, the fear is gone. I’m done with it. I’m clothed with strength and dignity and that will not change, praise His Name!

    Question 2: The lasting impact of this book is immeasurable. I have been set free from the bondage of the past, I have reclaimed my dignity (which is something I never even dreamed of) and I have no fear of the future. I have learned, down to the marrow of my existence, that God is sovereign and can always be trusted. I don’t have to wonder “what if” because I know that God is in control. There is a peace within my soul that wasn’t there before. I have been on this journey for five years, a slow journey out of the past and into what God has for me. And now I can close this chapter of my life praising God for redeeming ALL things!

    Thank you Beth for being so transparent with us siestas. I thank our God daily for you and the gift He has give you for ministering to women. Love ya’!

  37. 337
    apurefire says:

    Forgot my info again!
    40’s, Married, Virginia

  38. 338
    Kim Davis says:

    On a scale of one to 10, I am about a 7 in how much fear has played in my life. For years, I lived in a constant state of the “what ifs”. After years and years, of panicking every time I walked to my car at night in a parking lot, I finally got to a point where I was tired of feeling that way.

    For the past few years, my motto and the sayings on my twitter page and blog as been “Trust the Lord…..PERIOD.” And the peace that lives in me has come alive and my faith has grown more than I can describe.

  39. 339
    Tina says:

    Scale of fear: 10

    Interesting because I’ve always known fear was my issue, and I’ve worked on it with God for years! And it’s still my issue. This book, and another study I was doing simultaneously, finally helped me get to the root of my fear. I don’t trust God. Since I’ve always known that I can’t trust him to do what I think is best, I wasn’t sure what exactly I could trust him for…and honestly finally realized that the lie I was believing is that if I ever really trusted him, he would allow my every fear to be realized. God showed me through this journey that the truth is that bad things happen, regardless of whether I trust him with my everything or not. The question is whether I will trust him when those bad things happen. Can I stop trying to control things and being eaten alive by fear? I think so. I finally realized that when the storms come I have two options…hope that my fear and control can get me through the storm or allow my God to carry me. He really does have the big picture that I can’t possibly see. On Easter Sunday we watched the clip from one of the Jesus movies of him being beaten before going to the cross. It was as if he looked at me from the screen and said, “Even in this horror, I’m in control…I’ve got this one.” And if he can handle that, he can handle my worst fear. I trust God.

    • 339.1
      Tina says:

      oops, forgot my info: 30’s, married, Ohio

    • 339.2
      Sandy says:

      tina – i really appreciated what you wrote. i’ve had so many difficult situations in my life over the past 10 years or so that I’ve come to let my fear keep me from trusting myself and trusting God. But, like you said, my fear and desire to control won’t help if something else comes up. Only God can help. He was there when my husband died, and he was there when all the other difficult things happened, even those I caused myself. I pray he will help me realize in my heart that he is in control…that he has this, whatever “this” is. Only HE can make it right. Bless you!


  40. 340
    John G. Pfanz says:

    Finished reading “Saying Goodbye to an old Friend-Insecurity”. It provided me with prayers to keep my security which as been elusive for me. I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to give it to a friend of mine who immediately began reading with tears in her eyes..

  41. 341
    John G. Pfanz says:

    Insecurity been a major stronghold for me due to living with alcoholic parents and being married to person who is bi-polar. I now know that I am not alone and remind myself that I am clothed with dignity and strength..thanks to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  42. 342
    Tara says:

    1. My fear has, and will always be, for my children. That fear is very high, usually 8-10. I am scared they will die, or I will die and they will be alone. I am scared of their future generation and the moral depravity they face, the corruption of government and lack of respect for our Lord and Savior.
    2. From this book I do have a stronger security in myself. I know that life is no longer a competition with other women,as in what they have and what I lack or vice versa. I have always struggeled with making sure my physical appearence was the best of my friends. And if I didn’t feel I looked the best then it was going to be a rough day. I take from this book security in control.Only I am in control of how I will react to situations and relationships that I have the power to make it what it is. I also have a stronger sense of security as a mother. I know what I am doing with my kids is from God alone and not from what society and culture tell me is what I should be doing.

    Thank you for your book Beth and for inspiring and encouraging us insecure women to be what God has called us to be!

  43. 343
    Aimee Chapel says:

    I love this book and it speaks to me daily. I read it in one week and continue to read it almost daily. I also got back into the habit of reading the bible daily. Am still looking for a good church nearby. I went to Rhema Bible school many years ago -but I am trying to do better.

  44. 344
    peg says:

    Beth – I was thrilled that “So long insecurity” was available at my local library so soon after it was released! I had just finished the updated Breaking Free bible study and thought what a wonderful way to keep working on insecurity issues! Anxious to get into the book, I took it to bed and began reading. Our 12 year old daughter soon grabbed one of her books and joined me. After a moment or two I realized she was not reading her book, instead she was STARING at the cover of mine! My thoughts were racing – Lord, how in the world am I going to tell this adolescent daughter of mine that her mother is insecure? How can I coach her to be secure when she knows I am not! I was trying to form a very well composed speech when she said “Mom …. she has the BEST eyelashes I have ever seen! How does she get them to curl up perfrctly like that ?” I have been a good laugh every time I think about it and have never in my life been so delighted to talk about eyelashes !!

  45. 345
    Traci says:

    Fear would be rated as a 10 on my list for many reasons. God has graciously been working with me. Ironically, I am late in posting with our last discussion questions due to surgery.

    One of my all time greatest fears was coming down with a serious illness. I especially feared cancer. Well, for the last 18 months I have been facing this fear in the mirror each and every day. Last Wednesday, April 14th, I completed my final reconstruction surgery, due to my battle with Breast Cancer.

    I feel I could have written a chapter 17 in my life. The moment I felt the lump in my breast I heard the word, “trust.” Then I learned I was not to trust in doctors, in medicine, in friends, or even in family members. I was to “Trust in the Lord.” In those darkest hours during chemo, I learned not to lean on my understanding – His plan was so much larger than I could ever imagine. When things didn’t seem to go as planned I knew with all of my heart that He was directing my path. It was harder and longer than expected but there was never a moment I didn’t feel Him holding my hand.

    My greatest fear as a woman was losing my breasts and my long hair. Well, both are now gone. Yet, I can stand secure and even scream it as loud as I’m able….I….AM….HIS….TREASURE!! I believe it and I will live it. I know the truths of this book were given in His perfect timing. I can stand as a woman secure knowing my pain and loses will be used to help minister to other women.

    I chose Isaiah 41:10 on my blog because I needed to be reminded of it each and every day. “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

    I can tell you that my journey has not been easy. But I have not been alone. “When you pass THROUGH the waters, I will be with you; and THROUGH the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk THROUGH the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you. For I am the LORD your God… Isaiah 43:2-3

    I’m so thankful that at the end of my journey with Breast Cancer (if there really is ever an end), I have been able to journey along with all of you in learning that we have no reason to feel insecure. We are His supernatural work and He is always with us.

    May God pour His blessings over each and every one of you. Thank you, Beth, for opening up your heart and life, to go through the pain, and bring His love and truth into our lives.

    I’m looking forward to April 24th. You, and all the details of the simulcast, will be in my prayers.

  46. 346
    Ginny says:

    Based on Chapter 17, I would say fear has played big part my life? I find it hard to put a specific number on it in general. I can put a number to a specific fear. The fear of being alone,is probably my worst fear but I wouldn’t put it as over the top maybe a 9. Just prior to reading this book the Lord brought this fear to my attention and started to work on it with me so, I have already learned I am never alone I have the Lord. That is why I can say I would get through it. It’s something I would get use to. Moving on, fear of rejection,and replacement I would put at 10 they can send me over the top they are emotional fears. If you had asked me this question a year ago I would have told you I feared nothing, talk about being in denial.

    What resonated most with me was the seeing ones self on the other side of that fear. The Lord has started to do that with me regarding my fear of being alone that is how I know I would survive. I know what you are talking about Beth with those thoughts that come out of the blue. I’d say at least 90% of the of the time I know when they are not mine but rather His,because they are not said the way I would say them. They are more gentle and I never feel guilty or any condemnation and you’re right the thoughts I hear in my head do tend to be things He would say in scripture.

    This has been a wonderful journey. I took your advice Beth and expected much. I felt the Lord speak to my heart on this. He is the reason I had high expectations. I think without His intervention I wouldn’t have taken the risk for Fear of disappointment.
    While reading this book I found myself remembering things that I thought long dead. I remembered my sister telling me a number of years ago, after my mothers death, why my mother stayed with a man that was physically and emotionally abusive for 30 years, yes count em,30 years, Her answer was she loved him and she didn’t want to be alone. I absolutely understood when I heard that. However, I didn’t put it together then that I too had the same fear. Then my mind skipped to a time I was talking with my father about male abusers and their women. I had returned to college, at 40, and I was writing a paper on domestic violence. I remember him saying to me “women who stay with men like that always say they stayed because they loved him” and then he said “and the graveyard is full of I Loved hims.”

    I found the root of my fears through the book and I believe for my mom too. As I write this my eyes are filling with tears. Today is the anniversary of her death. How I wish she could have known how valuable and loved she was by God. This whole journey for me was of God. I have had several victories while going through the book with my siestas on the blog and I give the glory to Christ Jesus for them. He has been my strength and saving grace. I just haven’t had time to write about them, because of my schedule I am always late with my posts as it is.I felt it was important to post late or not and since I had high expectations of the Lord to work a wonder and start the healing process, I needed to stay committed to sharing on the blog and working through the book. After all, this was God anointed and God appointed for me. It was worth every tear, every heartache, every revelation and most importantly every victory. Proverbs 31:25 has come to have real meaning for me. Thank you again Beth, and Amanda for doing this. I never would have stayed committed to finishing this journey without there being some accountability and I got that here on the blog.
    Thank You
    Schenectady NY

  47. 347
    Marilyn says:

    1. I’d rate my fears as a 5, looking back over my life. I’ve been a christian a long time and have worked on trusting GOD to take care of things. My worst fears were realized with the death of my 16 yr old daughter in a car accident 11 years ago. In the ensuing years of getting a grip on the reality of that, I’ve gone thru period where i felt like, and told GOD, that I was not ready to lose anything else; I felt too fragile. I felt GOD’s permission to grieve at my own pace in my own way. For those of you going thru this, it took A LONG TIME. Anyway back to the fear thing, after the worst, in your own mind, has happened and you get a grip on the reality of it, you come to understand that GOD works in mysterious ways. I have learned a trust I would never have known but for my horrific experience. I know and believe HE always does what’s absolutely best, whether I can understand it or not. I never grieved for anything my child had lost……….but ooohhhhhh how I grieved for those of us left behind. The thing that resonated with me from Chapter 17 was the exercise in the ‘what if’s. This exercise is a good formula for disspelling fear because at the end of the ‘what if’s’ we go on because that’s the nature of this life, no matter what. It was definitely true of my situation……..what if I lost a child? I’d be devastated, grieve many years (forever? in a way). But the end result would be and has been that GOD is in control, nothing and no one can take anything from me. HIS ways are not my ways and HIS thoughts are not my thoughts. But I trust HIM completely and cannot wait to be with HIM in my heavenly home some sweet day where every tear is dried.

    2. What I have taken from this book is a commitment to quit letting the enemy mess with my head and thoughts. I’ve lost so much that it’s easy for me to feel lonely or not loved. It’s always the enemy of my soul laying that on me. Also, I immediately made a copy of page 333 remind me that the MAKER of heaven and earth stand ready to perfect everything that concerns me, work all things together for good, contend with those who contend with me, etc……………..

    I’ve had a blast on this visit to siestaville and will drop in many times from now on. This book has been very helpful in removing the last vestiges of chinks in my armor. I hope I’ve learned to recognize the enemy of my soul much earlier than previously. BOD bless you siestas one and all til we meet again.

  48. 348
    Marilyn says:

    1. I’d rate my fears as a 5, looking back over my life. I’ve been a christian a long time and have worked on trusting GOD to take care of things. My worst fears were realized with the death of my 16 yr old daughter in a car accident 11 years ago. In the ensuing years of getting a grip on the reality of that, I’ve gone thru periods where i felt like, and told GOD, that I was not ready to lose anything else; I felt too fragile. I felt GOD’s permission to grieve at my own pace in my own way. For those of you going thru this, it took A LONG TIME. Anyway back to the fear thing, after the worst, in your own mind, has happened and you get a grip on the reality of it, you come to understand that GOD works in mysterious ways. I have learned a trust I would never have known but for my horrific experience. I know and believe HE always does what’s absolutely best, whether I can understand it or not. I never grieved for anything my child had lost……….but ooohhhhhh how I grieved for those of us left behind. The thing that resonated with me from Chapter 17 was the exercise in the ‘what if’s. This exercise is a good formula for disspelling fear because at the end of the ‘what if’s’ we go on because that’s the nature of this life, no matter what. It was definitely true of my situation……..what if I lost a child? I’d be devastated, grieve many years (forever? in a way). But the end result would be and has been that GOD is in control, nothing and no one can take anything from me. HIS ways are not my ways and HIS thoughts are not my thoughts. But I trust HIM completely and cannot wait to be with HIM in my heavenly home some sweet day where every tear is dried.

    2. What I have taken from this book is a commitment to quit letting the enemy mess with my head and thoughts. I’ve lost so much that it’s easy for me to feel lonely or not loved. It’s always the enemy of my soul laying that on me. Also, I immediately made a copy of page 333 remind me that the MAKER of heaven and earth stands ready to perfect everything that concerns me, work all things together for good, contend with those who contend with me, etc……………..

    I’ve had a blast on this visit to siestaville and will drop in many times from now on. This book has been very helpful in removing the last vestiges of chinks in my armor. I hope I’ve learned to recognize the enemy of my soul much earlier than previously. GOD bless you siestas one and all til we meet again.

  49. 349
    coffeeclatch says:

    Married 22 years

    1. 10. I have lived my whole life in total fear. I fear EVERYTHING—so much so that I have physical symptoms produced by fear and anxiety. My mind can conjure up terrible scenarios, especially when they involve my children’s safety.

    2. While I am taking something away from every chapter of this book, chapter 17 had me written all over it. I realize that I place conditions on God. “God I trust you to_________.” I need to be able to honestly say, “God I trust you. No matter what.”
    Psalm 46:10 and Proverbs 3:5-6 are 2 of my most treasured memory verses, yet I realize that even as often as I repeat them, I’m not always acting on them.
    This chapter also gave me a new verse to take to heart—Psalm 112:7-8.

    Thank you for taking us on this journey. It has been so freeing.

  50. 350
    Robin says:

    1. My fear has been a 10 most of my life. I remember being afraid of thunderstorms as a child and that is when I memorized 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” I have used this scripture so many times during my life. For fear of things – God has not given me the spirit of fear; When I felt I was going crazy – God has given me power, love and a sound mind (emphasis “sound mind”) Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” is another verse that I have used often. Trusting God period seems so simple, yet we make it so complicated. I truly believe Proverbs 3:5-6. The hard part is putting it into practice daily. I have discovered that our faith and trust in God (I guess because we live in this sinful world and are still humans) is an hour by hour, minute by minute, sometimes second by second decision. For myself, I have to be constantly aware of my emotions and reactions. I definitely understand praying without ceasing. I find myself talking to God all day long trying to get through the trials of this life. However, I am talking to God not listening for His answer most of the time. I love the part in this chapter that reminded me God’s grace is ALWAYS sufficient for our need. God has promised us so much in his word we just need to claim it as God’s child. I am so thankful to be God’s daughter and this wonderful journey that He lead me on.

    2. TRUST GOD PERIOD. I believe that most Christians (myself included) try to add so much more and make our life complicated when it is so simple. The part I am taking away with me is: I am secure in Christ, my father. Trust God period. His grace is always sufficient. Thank you, Beth, for this wonderful, amazing journey. I can honestly say my life will never be same. God wants us to have life abundantly. I feel I am already being a better wife to my wonderful husband and mother to my 5 year old little girl by God’s help. However, I am still struggling in the step-mother department, but I know God is able to help me there, I just have to let Him. For some reason, that is an area I just don’t want to deal with. I desperately ask for prayer in this area from all the wonderful women on this site. My stepson is 16 and I keep thinking only a few years left and he will be on his own. (Please note that I have a wonderful stepson and no reason to feel the way I feel.) Then it won’t matter. I know this is not true and I feel horrible for feeling this way, but I have to be honest with myself. I also know that God won’t give up on me. Thank you again Beth. This journey has been amazing and I can’t wait until next Saturday. I will be in Charlottesville, Virginia. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!! 😮


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