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  1. 151
    Valerie says:

    Great pictures ~ thanks for sharing!

  2. 152

    Beautiful pictures – you can see and feel the blessings coming through the computer! Thank you Amanda for sharing them — Michelle

  3. 153
    Lily in Toronto says:

    Oh Beth! thanks so much for allowing us into your personal life..it’s a real treat! I remember watching your Tabernacle series in Oct 2007 and you announced the birth of Jackson (he would have been a few mnths old by then) but that very class was interrupted by a phone call from my son in law announcing the quick birth of our first grandson Noah!! It’s been a joy to go through those exact thrills alongside you! we now have another grandson Jude…how blessed! We’ve just finished repeating the same series just before Easter…wow! Talk about timing…Praise God for his great love – I know He’s doing a new thing!

  4. 154
    Susan says:

    Beth, what a precious family! Annabeth looks like she about to bust with happiness and pride. And Jackson – what a little guy. God bless you. And thanks so much for your ministry. What a blessing they have been.

  5. 155
    Bethany says:

    Siestas, Amanda, Melissa, and Beth,

    I am asking for you to pray with me at this time. Tomorrow my house is being auctioned off at the county courthouse. It is actually my parents house that Ive been renting for many years. Due to financial issues beyond my control, the house went into foreclosure. I am so scared. I have no idea where I will live, how long the process will take. My worst fear is that they will change the locks on me and I’ll have to leave immediately. I just don’t know what is the “normal” process for this. My mom does not know as she and my dad do not communicate. I have that added stress too…I know and she does not. We don’t get along all that well so I do not feel at liberty to tell her. Just feel awful knowing that she’s not aware.
    It feels as if God is very, very far away right now. My reality feels bigger than my God and for that I feel horrible.
    Please pray for my faith in the midst of this change.
    Thank you,

  6. 156
    Loyal Siesta says:

    Your grandchildren are so beautiful!!! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter! I’m so glad! I did too.

    I have a personal prayer request that I want you to please pray for. I cannot say at this point who it is about, but it is regarding a wife who has left her husband and children. These people are family and are dear to my heart. Please pray that God will bring her back to her senses and get herself back home, and most importantly, get her heart right with God!!! They both are Christians. Please pray for comfort, strength and guidance for the husband and children. He is a pastor.

    Thank you Beth! I just love you to pieces! Thanks for being you! 🙂

  7. 157
    Missy June says:

    I love AB’s dress…but those shoes are the best! I want a pair for my little girlie! So cute!

  8. 158
    June Wright says:

    enjoy the pics of your family.Thank you for sharing

  9. 159
    June Wright says:

    I would like to know how do you do it? Your are a woman of many taskes.

  10. 160
    Becky Stewart says:

    Beautiful family! My little church in Grants, NM will be hosting the simulcast on April 24. I just finished the new book on “insecurity” so I’m pumped! I’ve hung a poster in our family owned business advertising the up coming simulcast. And as my 25 yr old son and I were passing the poster as we came in the door this morning for work, he said “Good Morning Beth”!

  11. 161
    shaminder says:

    Amanda,thank you for sharing such lovely memories with us. The kids are soooo adorable-they bring instant smiles on uor faces. God bless you all.

  12. 162
    Janet says:

    Love these pics. They are so precious. Thank you for sharing some of your life with all of us. God Bless!

  13. 163
    Brenda Johnson says:

    I so enjoy seeing your pictures of the kids, they are so adorable. I have two grandbabies ages 23 mos. and 4 mos., and so I find I just love seeing Beth’s grandchildren as I can relate to how enjoyable they are, being a grandparent is the best thing ever!

  14. 164
    emilee hall says:

    love the pics 🙂

  15. 165

    Ya’ll are just too cute:):) Love these!:)

  16. 166
    tcal says:

    Those pictures are so precious! I know you enjoy those grandbabies!!

  17. 167
    Mary Anich says:

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics. Once again, I feel I’m a part of your family!!

  18. 168
    Retta says:

    How beautifully handsome your entire family is, Amanda. Luke 1:46-49 comes to mind when I see how blessed you are.

  19. 169
    Jess says:

    Girls, you MUST tell me what hair products Melissa is using on her gorgeous mane!
    I literally took a picture of her into my hair dresser and said, “I want this.”
    She said to me, without missing a beat, “You have this.”
    I nearly crawled into a corner!
    I just don’t feel like it looks like pretty Melissa’s…hoping a change in product might help?
    Shoot me an e-mail dolls!
    Much appreciated!

  20. 170
    Cindy Wincel says:

    Beautiful! Love the colors. Love Anna Beths dress!

  21. 171
    tcal says:

    I love Annabeth’s dress! It is so cute. Both your children are so adorable!

  22. 172

    I looooved the pictures. Highlights….Annabeth’s “ball-fringe” dress. I am a ball-fringe fan from way back!!! And the pic of Beth, Melissa and Jackson outside……..stellar hair y’all got going there!!! Thanks for sharing them. You could all be on the front of “Perfect Family” Magazine. (jk) Loves!!!

  23. 173
    Mary says:

    You have a beautiful family.

  24. 174
    Ginger says:

    Beth, Pray for our family as we prepare for our daughters wedding at the Beach Club in Gulf Shores, AL. on Sat. April 17th.

  25. 175

    thank you for sharing your family with us. it brings us closer to you and to have a face with the names you share in your book of the grands is delightful. i have learned so much from your new book sli, my ladies group at church,we are doing the book. we will all be at the webcast april 24. i have been so enlightened on many things and i thank you for writting the book. i knew i was insecure about other women and you shared the whys and how comes. thank you again you are loved. debbie

  26. 176
    Louise says:

    Honestly those pictures take me back to
    the sweet days of my grandkids as they were
    growing up and celebrating the Easter festivities,
    thank you all for sharing with us the delights of your life~

    Up until a few years ago I still made baskets for my grown
    daughters and my son and the grandchildren. Since my
    grandchildren are older now (7-16) we do other fun things
    after church and dinner that includes smaller themed baskets

    We did have an all family egg coloring
    contest which was fun to see the designs from everyone.

  27. 177
    Kelli says:

    Just a quick note… (wasn’t sure where to leave this comment, but figured “Easter” was a perfect place!!!)

    My women’s group at church is wrapping up the video series of “Breaking Free.” Two sessions ago featured what I like to call the “I love You, too” story. You spoke of the time you were riding home in a cab after a conference, exhausted, but watching the sun rays in awe as they settled above your neighborhood. You talked about God teaching us to say, “I love You, too” to God, and oh, I just loved that!

    I watched that video on Wednesday night. On Friday, some sensitive things happened at work that I had to re-approach on Sunday and I was feeling very uneasy. Before I left for work on Sunday morning, my husband and I prayed for my words and for the situation. As I parked my car in the lot, I prayed, and I prayed as I walked up the sidewalk to enter the building.

    Right before the door to the the building, there was a little patch of landscaping… some much, some bushes, etc., and right on the edge of the mulch and the sidewalk was a little, pink, heart-shaped mylar balloon (the kind you stick in potted gift plants). It said, “I love you.”

    Right there, right before a time that I desperately needed God’s guidance, He found a way to tell me He loved me. And of course I smiled, looked to the Heavens and responded as I walked through the doors, “I love You too”.

  28. 178
    Denise Lynn says:

    Beth, you have a beautiful family! I love the pictures. This is my first visit to your website, and I’m enjoying it. I am currently doing the “Breaking Free” bible study, and Wow, it is life changing!

    I thank God for the beautiful gift He has given you of understanding and teaching His word.

    While doing this bible study, I have felt a call to the ministry and have decided to attend Bible College and train to be a Christian Counsellor. This is not a decision I have taken lightly as I am a widowed single Mom of 2 children and this involves selling our house and moving to a nearby town (approx 40 minute drive from our current town).

    I was laid off from work in November 2009 and had no idea what I was going to do, but remained open to hear what God had to say to me and I believe this is it. It is very exciting to be doing God’s will but also very scary because there are so many unknowns. I am trusting that the Lord will provide for our needs while I am in His will.

  29. 179
    Susy says:

    Is it just me or does Annabeth look gorgeous in sky blue?? 🙂

  30. 180
    Tanya Moore says:

    What a precious family! Beth – you have been a major influence on my spiritual life, as I have studied God’s word with you over the years. Your picture is on my refrigerator! I, like many others, feel a strong connection with you as a sister in Christ. I’m headed to the Simulcast next Saturday – have read the book – and really looking forward to it. You are on a first name basis to my family. I will say, “Beth said or Beth taught me or Beth’s daughter….and they know exactly who I am speaking of. I do love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to make me into a reproducing disciple of Jesus Christ.
    In Him,

  31. 181
    Tami says:

    Ah ~ Easter! So wonderful to see the photos… enjoy your little ones, mine are now 18 & 21 and we still treasure the family days spent together. I remember making little “bunny” dresses for my daughter. Thanks for bringing back great memories for me. While Easter was a sweet time for our family, I did find time to bawl my head off about missing my dear mom & dad, who both went Home in the past few months. My first ever Easter without them! Then came my first birthday ever without them! I am 51 and am so blessed they lived to be 90 ~ I know so many Siestas have lost their earthly parents so much sooner than that. My parents were both in ministry & my mom an anointed teacher/preacher like Beth. I am blessed! http://www.followingthewayoflove.blogspot.com

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