A Lot of Sweet and A Lot of Savory and a Little Giveaway

Ladies! Y’all are so fun. I just need you to know that when it comes to breaking out all things Christmas, most agree to wait until after Thanksgiving. (Again, no judgement to those that decorate in September. Huge grin.) But, without further ado, here are our 20 pie winners that won completely at random, thanks to random.org. (Also, you’ll see a number by a name, that is the number of your comment which helps identify the winner if there isn’t a first and last name!)

Drum roll please….

14 – Melissa Embry

20 – Mary Lou

36 – Margee

43 – Joanne Swanson

44 – Robin Ballew

73 – Debbie Whitman

110 – Pam T.

222 – Linda Bennett

268 – Amanda C.

305 – Bernadette

335 – Shannon

505 – Tammy Wong

529 – Caroline

589 – Robbie

661 – Landa

734 – Kathy

737 – Tonya Leiva

832 – Ellen Yopp

930 – Sister Lynn

986 – Michele Oates

Congrats, ladies! You’ll be getting an email from me ASAP so that I can get your mailing address! We are so pumped for you. Goodness awaits you, for sure!


*Comments are now closed, ladies! We’ll be back soon with our 20 winners!


I’m not sure if you’ve ever picked up a clue that we are serious about two things around here: Jesus and food.

Man does live on bread, just not bread alone. (I wish you could see the big grin on my face.)

Just last week the Holiday Feast started around the LPM office. A little early if you ask me, but ready or not, we’re about to be bombarded with all manner of treats, and you won’t here one peep or complaint from our lips. There comes a time at LPM when I get serious about my workout regimen, and that’s always around Christmas and Thanksgiving, but regardless if I hit the pavement or not for a quick jog, I certainly enjoy every last bite of deliciousness around here.

When I say the feast started early, what I mean is a sweet friend of the ministry, who also happens to do all of our printing for Tuesday night Bible study (which starts in a little over eight weeks here…egads!), sent us one of our all time favorite pies.

What kind of pie, you might ask? The Brazos Pecan Pie that comes presented in the most fabulous wooden box from Goode Company. Goode Co. is a chain of all sorts of restaurants ranging from hamburgers and seafood, but they’re mainly known for their BBQ, and rightfully so. And they happen to make the world’s most delicious Pecan Pie.

“A decadent balance of sweet and savory” is how they sum it up on their website. Perfection if you ask me!

When I say we devoured the pie last week, I mean that in every sense of the word.

Allow me to share a visual with you.

Devoured. (And, for the record, this picture is as is, no filter.)

We may or may not have topped it off with a little whip crème.

If only we’d of had a little Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream lying around.

(Y’all, I’m salivating right now.)

Last year for Thanksgiving, LPM graciously gifted each staff member with a pie and when I walked in with that little wooden box to my house, you would have thought I walked in with a little Blue Tiffany’s box with diamonds inside. My family knew what the treat they were in for.

(Random Side Note: A couple years ago, my dad made a Mandolin out of said box. It’s true. I’m still impressed.)

Here is a picture of my pie from last year. It was too pretty not to photograph! This is what you’ll be receiving, for real. And believe me, it tastes as good as it looks!

Because the pie is something we all love so much, we decided for the Thanksgiving holiday to share the love with you (and your Thanksgiving table), our Siestas. It feels like the perfect giveaway, does it not?

If we could gift one to everybody, you know we would, but we’re going to give away TWENTY pies! Woohoo!

If you feel so inclined, I have one question for you: I respect those of you who pull out Christmas long before Thanksgiving rolls around, by I personally can only deal with one holiday at a time. I’m all for listening to Christmas music the day of Thanksgiving while decorating the day after. It just feels like a natural progression to me. Plus, there’s something to be said about Thanksgiving and just slowing down to enjoy the day without the hustle and bustle of shopping and wrapping presents.

When the pendulum swings, which side do you land on?

No judgment to those of you that put up your Christmas tree in September. To you I say, to each its own.

Okay, ready, set, let’s here from you! Your name and email address would be so helpful.

I’ll leave comments open for a little over 24 hours and close them tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon.

We’re SO thankful for you, Siestas. We thank God for you AND we get excited when we talk about you, which is every single day!

Happy Monday!


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  1. 401
    Deborah Fletcher says:

    I do have a tendency to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, however, no Christmas decor until Thanksgiving weekend! 🙂

  2. 402
    Kaci Waller says:

    Definitely one holiday at a time!

  3. 403
    Diane says:

    I do one holiday at a time although I gather ideas for gifts, crafts and Christmas cookies before Thanksgiving.

  4. 404
    Leslie Fain says:

    Thanksgiving first! Pecan Pie for every feast!

  5. 405
    Shanan mallard says:

    Definitely 1 holiday at a time. My tree goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

  6. 406
    Denise says:

    Definitely wait until after thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas but I confess I have listened to christmas music before thanksgiving.

  7. 407
    LeeAnn Toner says:

    Thanksgiving and then Christmas…
    First weekend in Dec. you will see Christmas
    All over our home…. 🙂

  8. 408
    Dana Kennedy says:

    For years I begged my husband to let me decorate early but his rule is always after Thanksgiving. It took me 16 years but I finally agree with him;) I appreciate Thanksgiving so much more as I get older but I do LOVE Christmas!

  9. 409
    Nicole Schuenke says:

    This house can only handle one holiday at a time!!!!

  10. 410
    Ruth H. says:

    I don’t do anything for Christmas until after Thanksgiving (except with choir practice).

  11. 411
    Ashley Westbrook says:

    One holiday at a time, please. 🙂

  12. 412
    Jennifer D. says:

    We usually start this weekend since December is always so busy. We love to have time to cherish the season without being too crazy!

  13. 413
    Lynn Kelly says:

    I am definitely a one holiday at a time kind of girl. I love hearing Christmas music the day of or right after Thanksgiving! May we all be grateful this Thanksgiving for all that He has blessed us with this year! Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. 414
    Sheri says:

    One holiday at a time. It’s hard to shop for Christmas before Thanksgiving. The tree goes up Thanksgiving weekend : )

  15. 415
    J Riggs says:

    We put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. Start baking the week of Thanksgiving, and seems like I don’t stop until Christmas Eve. Love every minute of it. How ever, pecan pie is not one of the things I bake. So winning a beautiful one would be amazing 🙂

  16. 416

    Right after Thanksgiving we decorate though I’ve been listening to Christmas music for a little while now. It’s my favorite!!

  17. 417
    Deana Ledford says:

    We decorate the first weekend in December. But, I do listen to Christmas music off and on the week before thanksgiving, and then 100% of the time beginning the day after thanksgiving!

  18. 418

    We start decorating the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

    Yay for pies!!!

  19. 419
    Teresa Humphrys says:

    I’m with you, girl! I love Thanksgiving, and I don’t put up the tree until afterward–sometimes that night! But, I am really wanting to hear some Christmas music 🙂 Maybe this weekend….

  20. 420
    Patti Chriestenson says:

    1 holiday at a time for me! Thankful for Jesus – so Thanksgiving seems to slide perfectly into Christmas!

  21. 421
    Cheryl Naumann says:

    Well; I agree with one holiday at a time. I have always waited to put out Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving, and certainly no shopping early. However; I have to confess that I have some red and green showing up around the house this week. Big red grosgrain bows on every lamp, poinsettias and the Nutcracker plates are out. But only because our sweet daughter ( Senior at TCU ) has invited her international friends to visit in San Antonio before they return to Europe.
    I also have to say that our family LOVES pecan pie, and my favorite recipe is from William Sonoma. I would covet a delicious pie from Goode Co.

  22. 422
    sharon says:

    I put mine up before Thanksgiving. The only reason why is I prepare Thanksgiving dinner for all my siblings and their families as my gift to them, as I’m thankful for having them as my family. It has become tradition to take family photos, around my tree, which is often used as Christmas cards.

  23. 423
    Cara K says:

    One holiday at a time. We always decorate the day after Thanksgiving. This year though we are setting aside all traditions and will be decorating Thanksgiving day. My husband is deployed for the holidays so I thought it would be good to do something different.

  24. 424
    Sharon Hardin says:

    Beth, I’m with you…I can only handle one holiday at a time. I spend the day after Thanksgiving putting my tree up. My daughter goes shopping the day after so we have the privilege of keeping our two granddaughters. So, we have plenty of help. It’s a day we cherish and look forward to. Here’s wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

  25. 425
    Donna Dillahunty says:

    After Thanksgiving, but I have up two right now trying them out as I just bought them, and got a very good deal. Two for less than the full price of one! After checking, out, just decided to leave up in their lighted state but no other decorations on them.

  26. 426
    Becky says:

    We wait to decorate until the weekend after Thanksgiving. Then the Christmas music starts and the decorating starts! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! 🙂

  27. 427
    Yvette says:

    One holiday at a time for me although I will admit to using Christmas music to cheer me up all throughout the year.

  28. 428
    Linda Totman says:

    My preference is one holiday at a time. I love Thanksgiving and fall decorations but the weekend after Thanksgiving everything will change into what I consider the most beautiful time of the year. The small white lights on the tree and in garlands throughout our home remind me of the purity of the baby Jesus and the Savior of the world that he became. My heart is ready to welcome these reminders into our home once again. And if anyone can mess up a pecan pie, it’s me! I’ve decided that’s the one that I need to leave the preparations up to someone else!

  29. 429
    Brandi Rennemeyer says:

    I absolutely love the Holidays!! We also have several birthdays this time of year- so needless to say we keep Christmas in December just to let the flavors of Thanksgiving simmer a bit! My Thanksgiving Blend Starbucks Coffee will compliment that Pecan Pie oh so splendidly!!
    Happy Holidays Everyone!!

  30. 430
    Alice Kerwin says:

    Trimming the tree has always been the start of our holiday decorating and it was always a family event on Thanksgiving weekend when my kids were smaller. Now that they are all young adults living in three different states, I choose the date that somebody (anybody) can be here to help me! This year, our family will decorate the tree the Friday before Thanksgiving. The tree is assembled and fluffed – waiting for lights and ornaments!

  31. 431
    Erika says:

    In Boston when the cold weather and dark comes at 3:45 is when I break out the Christmas music! It cheers me up on the darkest days. I do however protest inflicting shopping on thanksgiving I’m sad it’s gone so far that families can’t be together on Thanksgiving.

  32. 432
    Cherie Howell says:

    I agree with one holiday at a time! We usually start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving and put up the tree on Dec. 5th for my birthday.

  33. 433
    Shannon Stevenson says:


    Thanksgiving first, then Christmas. I don’t start decorating till the first weekend
    of December. Maybe a little shopping before then, but thats it.

  34. 434
    deb walker says:

    If I could, I would start Christmas early so that Thanksgiving is the start of the season with Christmas decorations for all to see. But, I can’t. With our wonderful family being who they are, we have to limit our traditions and focus on being ready closer to the day. I am already planning this year, though. 🙂

  35. 435
    Gena says:

    We wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate. But, my sewing machine has been going since September making doll clothes, holiday/sports hand towels and in the kitchen making pear/applesauce and cakes for the birds. The pie looks yummy! Enjoy your holidays, dear ones.

  36. 436
    Linda says:

    I have to have my Thanksgiving first!! My favorite time of year 🙂 Christmas starts after Thanksgiving in our house 🙂

  37. 437
    Lindsay says:

    My kids and I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. 🙂

  38. 438
    Heather Russell says:

    One holiday at a time for our home (though my 9 year old daughter has been singing Christmas songs since JUNE)! I guess it’s almost time for the rest of us to chime in. 🙂

  39. 439
    Alyson says:

    Most definitely one holiday at a time at our house! Don’t want to rush through thankful day! And we would sure love to savor some pecan pie too!

  40. 440
    Megan H. says:

    I used to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but I haven’t listened to it too much this year. Looking forward to Thanksgiving!

  41. 441
    Jennifer Edwards says:

    I have always been staunchly against outward displays of Christmas before Thanksgiving although I have always approved of early shopping. It is starting to run off on me a little, but I’m still trying to hold out. I am, however, trying to talk my husband into putting the outside lights up on one of these warm days we’ve been having before it cools off.

  42. 442
    Alicia p says:

    Usually one at a time… But! For the first year EVER our tree is already up! We had a chaotic Christmas last year & we’re going to drag it out this year & savor it! Ps: Pecan pie is my favorite!

  43. 443
    Mary Anne Bemis says:

    I love Thanksgiving food, decorations and football! Then Friday shopping with the girls. Saturday is SEC championship football. The Sunday church and Advent starts!
    Love me some pecan pie!

  44. 444
    Leigh Anne says:

    Our tree never goes up a day sooner than Dec.1st. And, if I can be totally transparent, one year the Christmas decor didn’t get put up until the 3rd week of December

  45. 445
    Julie Else says:

    One at a time…but really because I can’t get to the next before the one is done! If you’d like to send a little pecan pie to Kansas City, it wouldn’t be wasted on us!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! (P.S. Post a pic of the mandolin…that is awesome!)

  46. 446
    Patricia says:

    One holiday at a time so we will remember why we are celebrating each one.

  47. 447
    Karen H. says:

    I am definitely a one holiday at a time kind of gal. It makes me sad to see the stores that are opening on Thanksgiving day – especially for the employees that have to work there:(

  48. 448
    Sandy Black says:

    I enjoy keeping Thanksgiving and Christmas as separate and special days. As a child, we would always put up our tree just a week or so before Christmas. I lean more in that direction in our traditions also. Because our grown children and their families live in different states, we share Thanksgiving with one and Christmas with the other. Both are very special times together. My son is a pastor and not able to get away during the holidays.

    BTW…pecan pie is my favorite! 😉

  49. 449
    VHiggins says:

    Mmm, that looks *SO* good!
    I personally refuse to listen to any Christmas music or put up an Christmas decor until the day after Thanksgiving, at the earliest. Something about only having Christmas for a month keeps me from feeling burnt out before the holiday even comes.

  50. 450
    Lori H. says:

    One holiday at a time as far as decorating goes but not opposed to starting the Christmas shows on Hallmark!