A Lot of Sweet and A Lot of Savory and a Little Giveaway

Ladies! Y’all are so fun. I just need you to know that when it comes to breaking out all things Christmas, most agree to wait until after Thanksgiving. (Again, no judgement to those that decorate in September. Huge grin.) But, without further ado, here are our 20 pie winners that won completely at random, thanks to random.org. (Also, you’ll see a number by a name, that is the number of your comment which helps identify the winner if there isn’t a first and last name!)

Drum roll please….

14 – Melissa Embry

20 – Mary Lou

36 – Margee

43 – Joanne Swanson

44 – Robin Ballew

73 – Debbie Whitman

110 – Pam T.

222 – Linda Bennett

268 – Amanda C.

305 – Bernadette

335 – Shannon

505 – Tammy Wong

529 – Caroline

589 – Robbie

661 – Landa

734 – Kathy

737 – Tonya Leiva

832 – Ellen Yopp

930 – Sister Lynn

986 – Michele Oates

Congrats, ladies! You’ll be getting an email from me ASAP so that I can get your mailing address! We are so pumped for you. Goodness awaits you, for sure!


*Comments are now closed, ladies! We’ll be back soon with our 20 winners!


I’m not sure if you’ve ever picked up a clue that we are serious about two things around here: Jesus and food.

Man does live on bread, just not bread alone. (I wish you could see the big grin on my face.)

Just last week the Holiday Feast started around the LPM office. A little early if you ask me, but ready or not, we’re about to be bombarded with all manner of treats, and you won’t here one peep or complaint from our lips. There comes a time at LPM when I get serious about my workout regimen, and that’s always around Christmas and Thanksgiving, but regardless if I hit the pavement or not for a quick jog, I certainly enjoy every last bite of deliciousness around here.

When I say the feast started early, what I mean is a sweet friend of the ministry, who also happens to do all of our printing for Tuesday night Bible study (which starts in a little over eight weeks here…egads!), sent us one of our all time favorite pies.

What kind of pie, you might ask? The Brazos Pecan Pie that comes presented in the most fabulous wooden box from Goode Company. Goode Co. is a chain of all sorts of restaurants ranging from hamburgers and seafood, but they’re mainly known for their BBQ, and rightfully so. And they happen to make the world’s most delicious Pecan Pie.

“A decadent balance of sweet and savory” is how they sum it up on their website. Perfection if you ask me!

When I say we devoured the pie last week, I mean that in every sense of the word.

Allow me to share a visual with you.

Devoured. (And, for the record, this picture is as is, no filter.)

We may or may not have topped it off with a little whip crème.

If only we’d of had a little Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream lying around.

(Y’all, I’m salivating right now.)

Last year for Thanksgiving, LPM graciously gifted each staff member with a pie and when I walked in with that little wooden box to my house, you would have thought I walked in with a little Blue Tiffany’s box with diamonds inside. My family knew what the treat they were in for.

(Random Side Note: A couple years ago, my dad made a Mandolin out of said box. It’s true. I’m still impressed.)

Here is a picture of my pie from last year. It was too pretty not to photograph! This is what you’ll be receiving, for real. And believe me, it tastes as good as it looks!

Because the pie is something we all love so much, we decided for the Thanksgiving holiday to share the love with you (and your Thanksgiving table), our Siestas. It feels like the perfect giveaway, does it not?

If we could gift one to everybody, you know we would, but we’re going to give away TWENTY pies! Woohoo!

If you feel so inclined, I have one question for you: I respect those of you who pull out Christmas long before Thanksgiving rolls around, by I personally can only deal with one holiday at a time. I’m all for listening to Christmas music the day of Thanksgiving while decorating the day after. It just feels like a natural progression to me. Plus, there’s something to be said about Thanksgiving and just slowing down to enjoy the day without the hustle and bustle of shopping and wrapping presents.

When the pendulum swings, which side do you land on?

No judgment to those of you that put up your Christmas tree in September. To you I say, to each its own.

Okay, ready, set, let’s here from you! Your name and email address would be so helpful.

I’ll leave comments open for a little over 24 hours and close them tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon.

We’re SO thankful for you, Siestas. We thank God for you AND we get excited when we talk about you, which is every single day!

Happy Monday!


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  1. 651
    Janet says:

    One holiday at a time however if we have a warm day my husband will so graciously put the outside Christmas lights on our home. I love them so!
    That is a good-lookin’ pie 🙂

  2. 652
    Betty Watson says:

    Absolutely one holiday at a time! Let’s begin the Christmas season with a LOT of Thanksgiving.

  3. 653
    Jill Kraft says:

    Christmas music starts in October, but decorating waits until the day after Thanksgiving. “The most wonderful time of the year!” 🙂

  4. 654
    Alicia Lowery says:

    Because I work retail, Christmas starts rolling in in August. I’ve even put up my tree in October before. I don’t generally have friends and family over to my house for the holidays… So it’s just fun for me. (I’m the one who always travels for holidays to see family). Happy Thankgiving!

  5. 655
    Lori says:

    I am also a one holiday at a time kind of person. The day after Thanksgiving we put up our tree, while listening to Christmas music or watching Christmas movies. The only exception is with Christmas shopping. I start that as early as possible, summer even. I just buy things little by little to spread out the money and any potential stress! I hate needing a gift at the last minute!!! The time is approaching!!

  6. 656
    Ruth says:

    In the “olden” days, my mom would decorate the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve – therefore it was with much anticipation and excitement that we “waited & watched” during Advent. I don’t know how she did it!
    I will wait until after Thanksgiving for our Christmas decor to be revealed, but no longer!
    Thank you for the yummy opportunity.

  7. 657
    Peggy G says:

    I may do a little shopping and planning before Turkey Day but I give Thanksgiving its Due and then hit the Christmas frenzy hard- no stress- just remembering the true REASON FOR THE SEASON and enjoying our family- we would LOVE a great pecan pie- yum yum!!!!

  8. 658
    Judy Rowland says:

    Judy Rowland (Louisville, Kentucky)
    [email protected]
    We always wait til after Thanksgiving to put up Christmas decorations inside the house. And we always get a real tree so that has to wait…now the outside lights are different. I have asked my husband and son to pick a day when it is nice and still warm enough to go ahead and put up the lights. They don’t have to be turned on until the day after Thanksgiving!!

  9. 659
    Diane Willson says:

    I can only handle one holiday at a time!

  10. 660
    flip flops says:

    This will be our 3rd family thanksgiving get-together. We had not been together in years and 3 years ago, it just started happening! 🙂 What a blessed time of fellowship and wonderful food!
    My favorite pie is pecan pie……thanks for sharing some with us!
    And yes, I have already started listening to Christmas music! 🙂 wink wink

  11. 661
    Landa says:

    One holiday at a time. I like to cook and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with thankfulness and without the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Outside decorations go up the first weekend in December and the tree a week or so before Christmas.

  12. 662
    Michelle Bianchi says:

    I’m with you Lindsee! I love Thanksgiving so much and don’t want to mix it with my Christmas! Just like I couldn’t mix foods on my plate when I was a kid. No touching! Yes, a little OCD. Happy Thanksgiving my friend! xoxox

  13. 663
    Pat says:

    Definitely, one holiday at a time . . . however, I have to admit that I shop for stocking stuffers all-year-round. Never know when you will happen on just the right accessory for the women on your list. This year, I found the cutest faux leather wristlet — just right for the smartphone, credit cards, and $$. Blessed Thanksgiving to you all.

  14. 664
    Beverly says:

    I just put up my first christmas lights yesterday. It was a warm 75 degrees outside so I decided to enjoy it and get some work done. If I’m going to do all that work, I want to enjoy it as long as possible. 🙂

  15. 665
    Kim says:

    Only one time did we start decorating before Thanksgiving. Personally, I would like a couple more weeks between the two so that I could soak in both of them longer! No mixing of the two here.

  16. 666
    Andrea says:

    This year I am decorated for Christmas already. Outside and all. Most years I wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping with my two daughters. I go so I get to hang out with them. I do love Thanksgiving. My sister is hosting this year. The pie looks delish!

  17. 667
    Okie Murray says:

    One holiday at a time…. Have my devotional ready for Thanksgiving when 12 are around the table…But haven’t made my peacan pie yet! Would love to receive one in a wooden box. They’ll leave on Sat., BooHoo…Then decorate for Jesus’ Birth..Christmas!

  18. 668
    Cindy Childers says:

    Cindy, Brooklyn, NY
    I prefer to decorate and all that good stuff after Thanksgiving, but usually it’s about 5 minutes after Thanksgiving 😉 Though this Georgia girl lives in Brooklyn for the year with the military I’m southern through and through and LOVE Pecan pie 🙂 XXOO

  19. 669
    Evie says:

    I do enjoy Thanksgiving but LOVE Christmas. Our Christmas tree and decor go up on Nov. 1st. Christmas only comes once a year and I want to enjoy it as long as I can. Along with cheerful Christmas tunes, movies and baking. My husband however will not put up the house lights until Thanksgiving weekend.

  20. 670
    Chris says:

    Often we decorate for Christmas either before or after our Thanksgiving dinner simply because it is fun to do it together and that is when we’re together!

  21. 671
    Sara says:

    The tree goes up Thanksgiving night. Well after Thanksgiving dinner is done.

  22. 672
    Miriam says:

    For many years we had the tradition to decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. As the children grew the decorations grew, especially the lights to put up outside. We also had the infamous Carolina/Clemson rivalry to watch. It became too much in one weekend and I no longer had the attitude that I was “decorating for my King” (as my Bible teacher says). So now we get lights and other decor up the weekend before Thanksgiving and buy the tree and get it up the weekend after. Oh,and by the way, we all love pecan pie!

  23. 673

    Good morning LPM! Oh how you bless me each and every day with your encouraging, humorous and transparent blogs!

    I too cannot do both holiday’s at a time. God created me to be very emotionally attached to my traditions and memories. Therefore, since I could remember Thanksgiving is a day filled with family, food, and yes, fun in the form of horse shoes, laughter and leftovers (oh yes, football too).

    However, as soon as that next morning rolls around and very early I might add, on goes the Christmas music and out comes all the decorations. We take the next 2 days and fill the house with our 2 adult boys’ ornaments they’ve ever made, my Mom’s and Grandma’s sentimental ornaments that I was gifted with upon their homegoing to Heaven, and maybe a new thing here or there.

    I would be thrilled to be able to give my family a pie from Texas … especially a Brazos Pecan Pie.

    You are all in my prayers!

  24. 674
    Amber says:

    OH MY RUMBLING TUMMY! Pecan pie is my favorite and this one looks wonderful, I am also salivating! Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!

  25. 675
    Lindsay says:

    One holiday at a time here! We cut our own tree each year, so we can’t put it up too early or it will be dead before Christmas morning.

  26. 676
    Debbie T. says:

    I love to decorate for one holiday at a time, but I’m already enjoying the Christmas movies on hallmark. I can’t help myself!

  27. 677
    Joanna Sigman says:

    We sneak in some Christmas music here and there but mostly save it for after Thanksgiving. 🙂

  28. 678
    Judith says:

    We usually start decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving, and leave the decorations up until mid January. This year I may just go crazy and start decorating early, since our family cannot come for Thanksgiving.

  29. 679
    Courtney says:

    I can also only handle one holiday at a time and sometimes that is too much! ha! 🙂

  30. 680
    Joy Thompson says:

    I would put the tree up in mid-November but hubby won’t let me. So we get our tree on Black Friday every year. We got to a Christmas tree farm and cut on down. So whoever visit comes with us.

  31. 681
    Judith whoolery says:

    One holiday at a time. I can’t handle more than one at a time. Celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks to God for all things and then more on to Christmas to celebrate the birth of my Savior.

  32. 682
    Hilary says:

    Fall-time is too busy to fit Christmas in there too… I wait until the very beginning of December for Christmas. Truthfully, some years I have not put up my own tree until past Dec. 20th – too busy with work – but since having kids it goes up earlier. 🙂

  33. 683
    Catherine says:

    The outdoor lights are up but not lit (y’all, we have to do this early in MN before snow flies again): but nothing else happens until the day after thanksgiving, when Andy Williams launches our Christmas season (just like it was when I was a little girl) in force!

    Lord bless all of you – we are blessed by your ministry here in the northland.

  34. 684
    Kathy says:

    We buy our Christmas tree every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving decorations are put away and Christmas decorations begin to go up that weekend. Having lots of family for Thanksgiving. Would love to serve that pie!! 🙂

  35. 685
    Alice Hinckley says:

    Thanksgiving is such a special time of the year! A holiday focused on gratitude for all that we have been blessed with. We cherish the day & share our thoughts on how truly blessed we are in life. Christmas starts the day after, of course!

  36. 686
    Honey West says:

    My kids start asking the first of November to start decorating for Christmas. I do not put the tree up until after Thanksgiving, but to please my kidos, I do pull out little things one at a time and put up. I do not like to do to much though so we do not get tired of it before Christmas. I do tend to start cooking more in November though. Would enjoy that Pecan Pie!!

  37. 687
    Pamela says:

    One day at a time, one holiday at a time! Thanksgiving is a little late this year, so it is tempting! I just can’t do it. We will have a big family gathering at my house for Thanksgiving with my mom (69), my aunt (80) and cousin (60) loving our family by cooking. And, in the South, it’s a BIG meal! Our pecan pie is delicious, but we sure would devour your’s too! Love and prayers, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

  38. 688
    Kathy says:

    I wait until after Thanksgiving. Don’t want to mix up the holidays. My 11 year old is however, already listening to Christmas music. I will decorate after Thanksgiving. I am ready to get in the season— one at a time!!

  39. 689
    Kim Pedroza says:

    I love Christmas decorations and music, but I make our family wait until after Thanksgiving (except outside lights are up but not on). I want to make sure we enjoy Thanksgiving and all it means.

  40. 690
    Jennifer Goos says:

    While I see the point in one holiday at a time, I believe both are holidays of gratitude!
    A few red and green decorations to add sparkle never hurts. I want all the trappings and reminders of his love around as much as possible! So, yes, I am addicted to Christ and his BIRTHday!

    Can smell the pecans baking now!! Yummy!

  41. 691
    Annette Baal says:

    Up in Canada, we have Thanksgiving a little earlier than y’all do. Like a month and a half earlier. So we have a wee break before we get into the joy and wonder of Christmas. That works out just fine. And that pecan pie looks might fine too!
    Merry Christmas to all at LPM and to all the siestas!

  42. 692
    Mary from Birmingham, AL says:

    When I was growing up, we had these sweet pilgrim and turkey candles that we decorated with at Thanksgiving, and then decorated for Christmas after Thanksgiving. So now I have this cool turkey made of spoons and forks that is my major Thanksgiving decoration and I still wait to decorate for Christmas. My inconsistency is in taking Christmas decorations down….a few years I have made it to an embarrassing Feb 1st!

  43. 693
    Donna Ryan says:

    My Christmas decorations are up all ready because I love the warm cozy way they transform the atmosphere of the house. Love to read at night with the Christmas tree lights glowing in the background.

  44. 694
    Noralee says:

    My pendulum swings toward giving the turkey his day, then letting Christmas take over. I,too,can only handle one holiday at a time. It’s too chaotic around here during non holiday days to throw two of them together. At one time when we had a young nephew living with us who had a Dec birthday I didn’t want Christmas to over shadow his special day so we didn’t decorate until after his birthday. No one, including him, were fond of that idea.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. 695
    Barb Brubakken says:

    Thanksgiving is a precious time for us as it gives my Pastor husband a few days to regroup before the many activities of Christmas which begin two days later. And his birthday comes rolling in on the 3rd—-he’d love some pecan pie!

  46. 696
    Shauna Overton says:

    I’m with you…one holiday at a time, but that’s something I look forward to the weekend after Thanksgiving. I love having the house all decorated for Christmas, but come New Year’s I’m a little tired of the tree and ready to take it down. 🙂
    God Bless! My family is moving right around thanksgiving to our new home…we are being blessed to finally OWN our home instead of renting for all these years. We sure would love to have a delicious pecan pie to snack on! Thanks for this blog. It’s precious to me. 🙂
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  47. 697
    Tricia Phillips says:

    One holiday at a time! I’ve been know to wait until the week before Christmas to put up our tree! But always a fresh real tree. No artificial here!

  48. 698
    Charlotte Carty says:

    We enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullness it deserves. No pun intended. Friday we switch gears and prepare for Christmas. #lovetheholidays

  49. 699
    Debbie says:

    I don’t put up my Christmas decorations until Thanksgiving but I LOVE when radio stations start playing Christmas music only the first week of November. I would love to listen to Christmas music all year long.

  50. 700
    Cindy P says:

    The day after Christmas our decorations will go up–although I can listen to Christmas music from November 1-December 31. And who doesn’t love Pecan Pie? thanks for the opportunity. God bless.