A Lot of Sweet and A Lot of Savory and a Little Giveaway

Ladies! Y’all are so fun. I just need you to know that when it comes to breaking out all things Christmas, most agree to wait until after Thanksgiving. (Again, no judgement to those that decorate in September. Huge grin.) But, without further ado, here are our 20 pie winners that won completely at random, thanks to random.org. (Also, you’ll see a number by a name, that is the number of your comment which helps identify the winner if there isn’t a first and last name!)

Drum roll please….

14 – Melissa Embry

20 – Mary Lou

36 – Margee

43 – Joanne Swanson

44 – Robin Ballew

73 – Debbie Whitman

110 – Pam T.

222 – Linda Bennett

268 – Amanda C.

305 – Bernadette

335 – Shannon

505 – Tammy Wong

529 – Caroline

589 – Robbie

661 – Landa

734 – Kathy

737 – Tonya Leiva

832 – Ellen Yopp

930 – Sister Lynn

986 – Michele Oates

Congrats, ladies! You’ll be getting an email from me ASAP so that I can get your mailing address! We are so pumped for you. Goodness awaits you, for sure!


*Comments are now closed, ladies! We’ll be back soon with our 20 winners!


I’m not sure if you’ve ever picked up a clue that we are serious about two things around here: Jesus and food.

Man does live on bread, just not bread alone. (I wish you could see the big grin on my face.)

Just last week the Holiday Feast started around the LPM office. A little early if you ask me, but ready or not, we’re about to be bombarded with all manner of treats, and you won’t here one peep or complaint from our lips. There comes a time at LPM when I get serious about my workout regimen, and that’s always around Christmas and Thanksgiving, but regardless if I hit the pavement or not for a quick jog, I certainly enjoy every last bite of deliciousness around here.

When I say the feast started early, what I mean is a sweet friend of the ministry, who also happens to do all of our printing for Tuesday night Bible study (which starts in a little over eight weeks here…egads!), sent us one of our all time favorite pies.

What kind of pie, you might ask? The Brazos Pecan Pie that comes presented in the most fabulous wooden box from Goode Company. Goode Co. is a chain of all sorts of restaurants ranging from hamburgers and seafood, but they’re mainly known for their BBQ, and rightfully so. And they happen to make the world’s most delicious Pecan Pie.

“A decadent balance of sweet and savory” is how they sum it up on their website. Perfection if you ask me!

When I say we devoured the pie last week, I mean that in every sense of the word.

Allow me to share a visual with you.

Devoured. (And, for the record, this picture is as is, no filter.)

We may or may not have topped it off with a little whip crème.

If only we’d of had a little Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream lying around.

(Y’all, I’m salivating right now.)

Last year for Thanksgiving, LPM graciously gifted each staff member with a pie and when I walked in with that little wooden box to my house, you would have thought I walked in with a little Blue Tiffany’s box with diamonds inside. My family knew what the treat they were in for.

(Random Side Note: A couple years ago, my dad made a Mandolin out of said box. It’s true. I’m still impressed.)

Here is a picture of my pie from last year. It was too pretty not to photograph! This is what you’ll be receiving, for real. And believe me, it tastes as good as it looks!

Because the pie is something we all love so much, we decided for the Thanksgiving holiday to share the love with you (and your Thanksgiving table), our Siestas. It feels like the perfect giveaway, does it not?

If we could gift one to everybody, you know we would, but we’re going to give away TWENTY pies! Woohoo!

If you feel so inclined, I have one question for you: I respect those of you who pull out Christmas long before Thanksgiving rolls around, by I personally can only deal with one holiday at a time. I’m all for listening to Christmas music the day of Thanksgiving while decorating the day after. It just feels like a natural progression to me. Plus, there’s something to be said about Thanksgiving and just slowing down to enjoy the day without the hustle and bustle of shopping and wrapping presents.

When the pendulum swings, which side do you land on?

No judgment to those of you that put up your Christmas tree in September. To you I say, to each its own.

Okay, ready, set, let’s here from you! Your name and email address would be so helpful.

I’ll leave comments open for a little over 24 hours and close them tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon.

We’re SO thankful for you, Siestas. We thank God for you AND we get excited when we talk about you, which is every single day!

Happy Monday!


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  1. 751
    MarlaMae says:

    One holiday at a time…they each deserve their own attention! Hugs, girl…

  2. 752
    Leanna says:

    Only after Thanksgiving, then the Christmas music, the tree and all the glitter! Of course, white twinkly lights before are am must!

  3. 753
    Jacque says:

    After Thanksgiving, but we have not put up a tree or celebrated Christmas that way for a couple of years now. No money for the day to day so we don’t waste what little we have on decorating. It makes it easier to not miss what we can’t have. Also makes it easier not to wish for things.

  4. 754
    Tanya Dudley says:

    Usually after Thanksgiving, except when it’s our year to visit family in TEXAS! Yay! That year, we put it up earlier so we can enjoy it longer! 🙂

  5. 755
    Barbara says:

    Celebrating Christ’s birth, death and resurrection all year long because without these events there woild be no Thanksgiving. . So I celebrate and enjoy them both depending on the year and this year Christmas decorations go up after Thanksgiving.

  6. 756
    JennyBC says:

    One holiday at a time…tree goes up Saturday after Thanksgiving. I enjoy Thanksgiving too much and the spirit of giving thanks.

  7. 757
    Penny says:

    I agree. One Holiday at a time and I must fully admit that I got annoyed when I saw Christmas trees up in the stores before Halloween! (and might I add, that is NOT one of my favorite holidays)
    But! I must also make a confession. More than a month ago, I ordered “Celebrate the Savior’s Story” the story and songs of Christmas with Beth Moore & Travis Cottrell and I have been soooo…tempted to open it early but have decided to save it for after Thanksgiving. I just know I will get such a blessing once I do, I’ve decided to put my blessing “on hold”…ha! The Christmas Holiday (to me) officially begins the Friday after Thanksgiving. 🙂

    Thank you & God Bless you all for the work you do.

    ps. As far as the pie? I don’t even know if we “LIKE” pecan pie!….lol

  8. 758
    Joetta Pritt says:

    Usually the day after Thanksgiving, but as I am hosting the first Thanksgiving my siblings and I have been together in at least 15 years (because of conflict, not distance. Pray for us!), I put the tree up early for the decorative/festive value.

    By the way, West Virginia girls love pecan pie too!

  9. 759
    Dana says:

    We always go north for Thanksgiving to visit family. This year for the first time we are going to put our tree up this weekend so it is up when we get back from Michigan. Other than that I am all for one holiday at a time. I think our Thanks gets lost in the commercialism of shopping for Christmas and I work hard to not fall into that. As a native Texan I am very thankful for pecans in all forms of treats but especially pecan pies!

  10. 760
    Polly Wright says:

    I always have waited until weekend after Thanksgiving so we could give full attention to being thankful and enjoying family! However, we do put up our outside lights if weather is warmer before but we do not turn them on until after Thanksgiving! So excited this year to decorate once Thanksgiving is over as oldest will be home from first year at college!!! definitely taking advantage of him being here to participate! He loves pecan pie by the way!! 🙂

  11. 761
    Julie Hoffman says:

    We decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving … But listening to Christmas
    Music before then is totally acceptable!

  12. 762
    Carol from Coopersburg says:

    Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday to have family over for a big get-together and meal. This will be our first since Dad went to stay with Jesus and the rest of our forever family.
    Mom broke her ankle and can’t walk for several weeks so we moved her in to stay in our dining room but that won’t stopnour Thanksgiving celebration with 20 plus!
    We’ll have turkey sandwiches and stuffing and cranberry sauce and our favorite:DESSERTS!
    Thankful for Jesus : )

  13. 763
    fuzzytop says:

    I cannot handle Christmas until after Thanksgiving, so I usually put up Christmas decorations Friday after Thanksgiving. I will not head anywhere near the mall on Black Friday….


  14. 764
    Marilyn F Davis says:

    I already have our home decorated for Christmas! We will be gone for Thanksgiving & I wanted to come home to Christmas!

  15. 765
    Francine says:

    Thanksgiving first! Christmas decor can wait!

  16. 766
    Temme Green says:

    One holiday at a time! It really bothers me when The commercial aspect of Christmas is out in July. Have a blessed Thanksgiving…

  17. 767
    Danielle says:

    One holiday at a time. Although I did pick up a few things here and there starting in July. Very uncharacteristic of me, but they were the kind of things that you have to grab when you see them, or they’re gone.

  18. 768
    Rita Luken says:

    I agree. I love Thanksgiving. Growing up it was family day. I loved having a houseful of people over. I also miss it. I live very far away from family and Thanksgiving can be a little sad for me. My kids are grown and are not always around for the holidays. I’m with you tho, I do start listening to Christmas music on Thanksgiving. BTW Pecan Pie is my favorite pie.

  19. 769
    Traci says:

    One holiday at a time. And, it drives me bonkers to see Halloween stuff in the summer, etc. Can we just enjoy the now?? 🙂

  20. 770
    Jennifer says:

    The Christmas music is playing here for the first time before Thanksgiving this year but the tree and decorations won’t go up until after Thanksgiving.

  21. 771
    Julie Snyder says:

    I always benefit from having a season of giving thanks and counting my blessings before entering into the mad rush of Christmas. “Thanks giving” is a great way to prepare my heart for Advent. By the way, I am so very thankful for all of you at LPM!!

  22. 772
    Amy Baker says:

    I agree with one holiday at a time, but I’m enjoying the Christmas music that’s already playing right now.

  23. 773
    Lisa Jones says:

    I also agree…one holiday at a time, however my husband and my seventeen year old son disagree. As I write this I am looking at our Christmas Tree. Mantles have been adorned with angels, Santa, snowmen and tiny trees. My Nativity Scene stats out all year, so it is already in place. All the decorating has been done by my son–who comes in after school, turns on the Christmas Tree and Christmas music and sits in front of the tree and reads. I love the Christmas season, but would like to be able to enjoy the Thanksgivivg Season first!

  24. 774
    Debra Rhodus says:

    I prefer to put up my tree Thanksgiving weekend because I have the help of my grandchildren! They love to help me! Then it stays up until my birthday on Feb. 3rd.

  25. 775
    Stacy MInor says:

    I’m definitely an all in for Thanksgiving first….than in all in for Christmas! Love to marinate in each one! 🙂

  26. 776
    Melanie Williams says:

    I don’t start decorating until the day after Thanksgiving. But once November hits, Christmas music and Christmas candy are fair game!

  27. 777
    shatcher says:

    One at a time for sure! Christmas decorations are put up on the day after Thanksgiving and taken down on the day after Christmas 🙂

  28. 778
    Cindy Howard says:

    I have always been one to NEVER EVER put up my Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving, and I would scowl and scorn at anyone who would do something so sacrilegious!! Well, I guess what they say is true – NEVER SAY NEVER! Last year, having recently moved to a little farm on 24 acres, we found so many places we wanted to decorate for Christmas, that if we waited until the Day after T’giving to get started, we may not finish til after New Years. so I broke my own tradition and decorated for Christmas the week before Thanksgiving! EEKS!! I know!! But guess what? I loved it! It just seemed to make the season last a little longer, and I always hate taking down Christmas anyway – so this way I enjoyed my lights and my tree and décor for around 6 weeks instead of only 3-4. So I guess I’ve done it – and now this year, here we go again, today I begin decorating outside, and hopefully will have it all up by this weekend. However, I would like to say I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving, and all my family comes here, so we still decorate Turkeys for lunch, while looking at our tree! The best of both worlds. My husband LOVES pecan pies and that one looks like the prize winning one for sure!! hope I win!!

  29. 779
    Trish says:

    One holiday at a time.

  30. 780
    Tami says:

    I enjoy one holiday at a time. And that pie looks yummy.

    Tami, DS LA

  31. 781
    Lynne Henkel says:

    This year I will be going home for Thanksgiving and wouldn’t be able to decorate until the following weekend…that will not do!! I LOVE having my home decorated for Christmas and I have been biting at the bit for last few weeks to get started, I will do it all this Saturday…so excited to see all my little snowmen again!!

  32. 782
    Kerry says:

    I start making lists and buying presents around November 1st, but I don’t start decorating till the day after Thanksgiving, just after I get back from Black Friday sales. Or the next day if I’m too tired from shopping to haul down all those boxes of decorations from the attic. And for the record – could we please go back to Black Friday not starting before maybe 6 am? Let the workers spend some family time and get some rest. If it MUST start earlier, let it be online for those hours.

  33. 783
    Michelle franklin says:

    We decorate the day after Thanksgiving, but my husband is usually out shopping (Black Friday). My daughter does start playing Christmas music right after Halloween 🙂

  34. 784
    jenn says:

    Normally I don’t put the Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving, but did this year. However we also have a Thanksgiving tree and thankful count-down we do. Plus it gets us started talking about the real meaning of Christmas, since it is already all over the media and my kids start seeing it I want them to focus n the meaning and not I want this or that, that all the commercials and stores are broadcasting.

  35. 785
    Miriam says:

    I am blessed with a very large family and my husband is the oldest of his, so we have hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas most of the time. So I am all about one holiday at a time, especially since my middle name strives to be ‘Grateful’.

    So any pie donations would be greatly appreciated! Just began to follow your blog, have done your studies for years and am doing David ‘Seeking a Heart like his’.
    I go to a large church and we spread your study out to full year, splitting down to tables of 8, for bridges to connect, with table discussion leaders, and alternate videos with discussion weeks….so rich and I have gotten to know and be blessed by women who are not only hungry for His Word, but also transparent in their sharing….Thanks so much for your ministry…

  36. 786
    Judy Smith says:

    We always have Thanksgiving dinner and then we let the grandchildren decorate the Christmas tree.

  37. 787
    Pam Seipp says:

    One holiday at a time!

    Grateful for so many things, Thanksgiving needs it’s full time. Even leftovers need to be gone before decorating or organizing for Christmas.

    Thank you for all you do for us!

  38. 788
    lissa bennettl says:

    we always decorate the day after Thanksgiving. Yulia everyone else is shopping. So thankful for your ministry at living proof. Love all of you.

  39. 789
    Linda says:

    I normally wait until after Thanksgiving. This year will be a little different. I plan to spend time in Georgia with my brothers for the first time in over 8 years. Hate to leave my kids and grands but this is the right time for me to go. Decorations will be going up this weekend so I can enjoy my special decorations that mean so much, most of which remind me of a Bible Study I was doing that year. Great memories!

  40. 790
    Lisa Maynard says:

    One Holiday at a time for sure!

  41. 791
    Ronnie says:

    I love to enjoy Thanksgiving then the Christmas season begins with the decorating and music!

  42. 792
    Diane says:

    I do one holiday at a time, and don’t rush to put up the Christmas stuff, but I have already started a bit of Christmas shopping. Actually, I put up less and less Christmas stuff every year. Trying to keep it simple. I’ve asked my family what is important to each of them, and then I concentrate on those things.

  43. 793
    Ronda Hawkins says:

    Well, you caught me! I put Christmas up before Thanksgiving (not September, mind you) simply because I LOVE the lights and they make me happy. Then when family comes for Thanksgiving, I pull out my Christmas china and use it for both holidays because it seems silly NOT to use it as often as possible. And you didn’t ask, but we take it down right after New Years-had to add that so you know I don’t “leave our Christmas lights up all year long” as the country song indicates even though I do live in Tennessee! HEE HEE Thanks for offering the pie give away-YUM!

  44. 794
    Susan Money says:

    I love Christmas music (love Travis’s Christmas CD!)and begin listening to it around the first of November, but I do not decorate until the day after Thanksgiving.

  45. 795
    Tammy says:

    We usually decorate for Christmas during the house the week of Thanksgiving, but this year I’ve started pulling just a few things out early, so that I can savor the decorating process rather than just rush through it. Listening to Christmas music makes me happy. I’m in my 40’s now and I enjoy the days leading up to Christmas just as much or even more than I do the actual day of.

  46. 796
    Patricia says:

    Christmas music starts the week of Thanksgiving but nothing more until the Friday after, then it’s all out Christmas. For the record, may I just say that I think Canada does it right… Thanksgiving in October and then lots of time to prepare for His birthday!

  47. 797
    Sandy K says:

    I fight tooth and nail to keep Christmas sacred. My kids think it is funny to blast their favorite Little Drummer Boy before the appointed time and watch Mommy go ga-ga saying, “No Christmas before Thanksgiving dinner is over!!” Once dinner is over though we all go ga-go dragging things from the attic and basement and let the spirit of Christmas unleash itself. Really, if I hear a song on the radio I will cover my ears and sing very loudly so I don’t hear it. I think I have some issues.

  48. 798
    Ginny H says:

    After Thanksgiving for me!!! It is so sad that we don’t put Thanksgiving high up on the Holiday Scale like those that are more ‘consumer driven’ today. Thank you Lord for those seafaring Pilgrims and those land-loving Native Americans!! We should not ever brush over the significance of Thanksgiving. Let us go out and buy more pecan pies!:-}

  49. 799
    Delinda Neville says:

    Good gracious, I’d be one tickled turkey to receive a pecan pie via the mail! I would love to know how you, Sweet LPL Staff, pronounce pecan?! Pee can?
    Any who… The pendulum swings to and fro from year to year at our home. I like waiting til after Thanksgivibg leftovers have been taken from the fridge a few meals before I embark on Christmas. This year we will be eating with the neighbors as we need a quick getaway to Stinkin’Lincoln for the Husker game on Friday. My son will be home from college the week of Thanksgiving so will beg his assistance for dressing up our home!

  50. 800
    Sandy says:

    Pecan pie and a beautiful wooden box, too? Woohoo!