A Little Surprise and A Lot of Love

Hey, Sweet Things! Today is my first official day back to work after the James taping and the first thing I did, after hugging coworkers, was sit down and tape a video greeting to you. It takes a day or two to get it on Vimeo but we’ll have it up here on the blog just as soon as we can. It’s, of course, mostly ridiculous except to us Siestas so rein in your expectations. It’s just me saying hey to you after being away for so long and thanking you for your prayers. But as God would have it, I have another reason to hop on here today. I’ve been waiting for it to come in so that I could tell you about it and we literally just opened the box. Here it is:

It’s the brand new (workbook) So Long Insecurity Group Experience! Look really closely now:

Exactly right here:

Lean on in!

One more time!

This one’s for you, Siestas. It hits the shelves this coming week. I love you so dearly. We’ll do a giveaway soon but I couldn’t wait till then to show it to you. I’m not meaning to make a bigger deal out of it than it is but, Girlfriend, it’s big to me. Your Mama.





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  1. 151
    Mary Watkins says:

    Yes, we will pray that many sisters will discover the only true Security amid these pages.

    It is my joy and honor to be a siesta.

  2. 152
    Sandi says:

    This is my first time on the blog but I have been reading it for a long time. I believe this book was written for me and I can’t wait to get my hands on the workbook!!

  3. 153
    julie weis says:

    how cool is that!!
    welcome home! i missed you.
    thank you for all that you, melissa, amanda and the staff at lpm do. just know that you all are so appreciated and loved by me.

    praying with and for you all daily,

  4. 154
    ginger says:

    thank you, it is always nice to be thought about!

  5. 155
    Jean says:

    Ohhhh…that’s us , that’s us!! Wait, that’s me!! I am so excited to see that and be part of this dear group!! Thanks you Beth!!

  6. 156
    Becky says:

    Oh I am so excited:) I will add it to my list of “to do” studies. I just yesterday started Breaking Free. I am doing it by myself over the summer while on break from BSF. I have some past baggage over my parents divorce to deal with for sure….but mostly I am stuck in a stronghold of fear and anxiety over my children….all the “what if’s”. What if they got sick…what if someone hurt them….what if…what if…what if….It is enough to paralyze me! I want out from under those destructive thoughts! Looking forward to spending the summer with you! love you so!

    • 156.1
      Jennifer D. says:

      You will love Breaking Free! It was my first Beth Moore study and will transform your life!

  7. 157
    Roselawyer says:

    Woot! Congratulations to Siesta Mama!

  8. 158
    Patty says:

    Proud to be a part of this community! You are so special to all of us and I love how God has woven all of our hearts together w/ you as our Siesta Mama! Praying with you for every person who goes through this study! Glad you are back home and it is always a joy to pray for you. Much love, Patty

  9. 159
    Carmen says:

    Aww….That makes me teary!

    Welcome back!

  10. 160
    Cindy says:

    Thank you, Beth! That is so wonderful and nice! I love this blog. It brings great encouragement to me.

  11. 161
    Annette Greenwood says:

    Cannot wait Beth! God is so Good!

  12. 162
    ginny says:

    I love you! And I love this Siesterly place!! <3

  13. 163
    Yanna Westmoreland says:

    I really needed this today, thank you Mama Beth. I just watched you on Wednesday’s with Beth and at the end you said sometimes we just need a comfort hug from a mama. I did today and you gave me one. thanks

    • 163.1
      yanna westmoreland says:

      I wanted to add sometimes only God can do the comforting. ๐Ÿ™‚ That was in your lesson today too. I’m glad today I had both I needed it.

  14. 164
    Jennifer D. says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Your studies have helped me grow so much and lead to freedom! I started with Breaking Free, then went to Believing God, and am, now, almost finished with So Long Insecurity. Each study has brought me closer to the Lord and helped me grow so much. The special treat for So Long Insecurity is that I am now a mommy and have cherished these lessons! I desperately desire to be the woman He created me to be and am transformed by the power of HIS security!
    Thank you for serving Jesus!!!

  15. 165

    Woooo-hoooo! How wonderful! Thank you, Beth! Thank you, Jesus, most of all!

  16. 166
    Kristi says:

    Whaaa Whooo!! That is exciting! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    You were very missed and prayed for! Excited about the James study as well!

    I guess I’m just excited today…hence all the (explanation marks)….!!!!!!

  17. 167
    Deborah says:

    I am soooo excited about this workbook! Our ladies at church did SLI as a book study to prepare for the simulcast, & it was so God inspired. So much healing took place, and relationships were built…it was beautiful, just as a book club. I can’t wait to see what the workbook pulls out~thank you!

  18. 168
    traci says:

    This is so great beth!! Thanks for never ceasing to bring rich stuff to us…i am so grateful for how God uses you ๐Ÿ™‚
    …and thankful to be a part of “siestaville”!
    …and praising God for all the cool things IM SURE He did this past week as you birthed the James study ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thank you beth for serving us~~~i love you!! Traci

  19. 169
    Spiritmom says:

    Did anyone else get teary eyed when they saw that??

  20. 170
    Amy Beth says:

    You love us, you really love us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 171
    Lauren says:

    Mama Beth,
    I don’t even feel like I am a contributor to the blog, but I have loved it every since I stumbled on it last summer. Summer Bible Study, SSMT, and just reading your posts and all the of the comments really encourage me. I have not yet read So Long Insecurity… I have it on my Kindle as one of my summer reading projects. I’ll have to check out the workbook to go along with it. God bless you! =)

  22. 172
    Susan says:

    Congrats on the workbook! I have the book! Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

  23. 173
    Elena says:

    Very exciting!

    I can’t wait to have a So Long, Insecurity study at our church! WOOT!

    Also? Can’t wait to see you in Minneapolis SOON!

  24. 174
    Kim Iverson from Bowling Green Ky. says:

    Oh, I am so excited! I have been wondering when a study would come out with this book! Yes! Thank you for your kind words—I continue to sit in awe if who you are, and how God has used you, to ministry so closely to my life and heart.
    God bless my sister in Christ!

  25. 175
    Sara says:

    Awsome and sweet

  26. 176
    GJ says:

    Bethie – Bibby: So glad you are home – prayed for you all week. This dedication is precious and touched my heart. I thank you and I love you for it. An idea is stirring in my heart and I can’t wait to take some young women through this group experience. What a GREAT and wonderful JOY it will be.

    Yesterday was my granddaughter Madie Ruth’s 1st birthday and I want her to be secure in Christ and in the love of her family, her Gran Jan. I pray the same for all the future siestas – Annabeth too.

    I love the Sisterhood of Siestas!

    P.S. I had to click on the picture and enlarge it – I thought for a minute there you were in one of Keith’s deer blinds…it looked sort of like camoflauge. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I know you aren’t “hiding” from us, you secure woman! Off to work I go now…

  27. 177
    Aubrey says:

    Dear Beth. You are such a source of sweetness and encouragement in my life through your works and this blog…I am so glad that God made you you!

  28. 178
    Shannon says:

    Awww! We love you to!

  29. 179
    Laura says:

    Thank you! Wow, what a huge smile is on my face and tears welling up in my eyes. I have been blessed abundantly by the Lord through you!

    Welcome back, and I can’t wait to study James with you… and I love the title!!! James: Mercy Triumphs, Amen and Amen!

  30. 180
    Deborah says:

    So excited about another new study. God is truly blessing us through you. Thank you for allowing Him to use you in such a mighty way. I was at the Tuesday taping of James and really wished I could have told you how much I needed to hear exactly what you were saying. It was for me. I needed to hear what you said. I was on the second row (for session 1) and toward the end you connected with one of the ladies right down from me. I’m so glad you didn’t look at me because I would have bawled my eyes out….did anyway!

    Thank you, sweet lady, for all you do.

    Oh…I’m doing the updated Breaking Free…Session 1 lesson…you preach it girl…I’m about to cross me a border!

  31. 181
    Kathy says:

    Thank you Beth! That book has been a life saver for me and I am thrilled that you have done a workbook for us!! Much love to you, your sweet girls and entire staff!!

  32. 182
    Anita Siecker says:


    That just thrills me to pieces! You know what, I love you right back so much!! You, and your sweet girls and all the LPM staff!!
    God uses you in my life to pick me up, and to step on my toes, to open my eyes to so many new insights and such amazing teaching, and to lift my eyes in wonder of Him.
    If it has to do with Beth Moore, and I ask my husband if I can do it, he always says an emphatic YES! because he knows I will come back from that class or that weekend SO BLESSED and SO PUMPED UP!!
    Thank you for using your gifts and for sharing His love. I really do love you too!!

    Siestas through eternity,

  33. 183
    Dana says:

    I love it! Thanks for thinking of us. I am thrilled a new study is coming soon also. When you said you were in Nashville…so close and yet so far. Since I work for FBC Clarksville, I order materials from Lifeway and one of my favorite Lifeway people is Missy. She is most helpful because I seem to give her a new challenge in helpin a sista out as I call it! She ALWAYS comes through. So, I told her to tell you hello for this siesta if she saw you. Have a fantastic day! Love you and all Living Proof staff and siestas!

  34. 184
    Carrie says:

    Awesome! This book changed my life in so many ways! God used it and is still using it to break strongholds in my life. I can’t wait to recommend the workbook to my friends!

  35. 185
    Lorie says:

    Yippee! That will be a great experience to work through our insecurities. Thanks and welcome back Mama!

  36. 186
    Dawn says:

    What a wonderful surprise!! I got a lot out of the book, cannot wait to do the study! We are starting the Patriarchs to do over the summer months. ((((HUGS)))) to you all…

  37. 187
    Michelle says:

    Thanks so much Mama! We’re crazy about you too!! Can’t wait till we can all sit together and talk in person!
    Love you so much!

  38. 188
    Donna Benjamin says:

    Oh yes! Thank you Lord! Can’t wait to pick up where I left off with the simulcast last year. Great timing on the release too. (Thank you Beth and the whole Siesta community too!) ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love you ALL through Jesus!

  39. 189
    Laura S says:

    Woo wee! The timing couldn’t be more perfect!!! I’m about to re-read this book thank you for the workbook to go along with it!

  40. 190
    Pam says:

    WONDERFUL! I have used the book with several groups since I participated in the blog study last Spring and in each the ladies asked for a workbook to go along with it. So many stories of freedom! Thank you, Mama and staff, for being so in tune with the body and Our Lord!

  41. 191
    Volleyball Ginger says:

    Oh Beth…..what a blessing you are to all of us Siestas! Thank you for loving us!

    Wetumpka, AL

  42. 192
    Vickie says:

    This is beyond awesome. How blessed are we by Jesus in you? VERY!

    Something funny…Sometimes we give books away. Books we don’t necessarily want to give away but know others need them too. Thats what I did with my SLI book several months ago. Fast forward…My new daughter-in-law got me a new one for Mothers Day not realizing I had already read it and past it on. I told her how happy I was to receive it from her. I truly wanted it to read again but wouldn’t buy another one. She knows I love all of Beths work. Beth is our modern day Lewis or Spurgeon, Edwards, etc….

    Looking forward to the new workbook. Love all you women folk. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. 193
    Amy Botello says:

    Thank you so much! I was a part of the study you did with us Siestas so this means the world to me. Truly it does. I love the book and think it’s your best. I have it all marked up with highlighter and pen marks…and even a few stains from tears. I count every moment I was in that study with you as an investement to where I am now and where I will be in the future. It helped me overcome so much in a time of my life where a lot of uncertainties were present.

    This addition is especialy exciting because I was just thinking about reading the book again just to be encouraged again…and to read what I wrote in the beginning cover page AND the end cover page. I can’t wait to see how different things are and what I would write if I were to start it again. Now I can!

    Love you Mama Beth!

  44. 194
    Christy says:

    Sweet siesta mama…you are so special! I pray for God’s continued anointing on your life! You are loved so much! Praying God’s richest blessings on you and your family.

    Summit, MS

  45. 195
    Michelle Gourd says:

    This book was one of the tool God used to straighten my thinking out. Thank you for it and I will be purchasing the workbook. You are such a blessing to many Beth

  46. 196
    Judy says:

    Ah, Beth, thank you so much for including all of us in this wonderful adventure of yours! It has been such an honor and priviledge to be part of this wonderful blog community. while I am many times a ‘lurker’ I always thank God for you, your daughters, and my fellow sisters that I have gotten to know through this unique community. Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a mighty way…and for speaking His truth.

    And just like Becky, I will also be doing the Breaking Free study over the summer on my own. Summer is usually a time when the enemy seeks to derail me and this year I will be striking back with God’s truths in my hand.

    Bless you, Beth and all the staff at LP.

    ps: If you ever feel the need to come to the ‘frozen tundra’ (Central NY) you just let me know!

  47. 197
    Church Lady says:

    Yes, I saw that yesterday in our One Source sale paper that we got at church. That is great! So glad to see you back, I hope Tennessee treated you right. Because you know we all love you here.

  48. 198
    Cheryl says:

    Thank you Mama Beth! We just finished Breaking Free. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!
    “Blessings All Mine With Ten Thousand Beside.”

  49. 199
    Tami Beaty says:

    I am so delighted about this workbook. The book itself has been such a God-send to me in working through some of my issues, and in the healing of my heart in so many ways. Can’t wait to do the workbook.

    Could it be our Siestaville Summer study?

    Just a thought!

  50. 200
    Kathy says:

    So glad to be a part of this community of “Siestas” and can’t wait to see the workbook! Also am looking very forward to the James study. How Wonderful!

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