Siesta Summer Bible Study: Gathering Three!

Hey, Siestas! How about this summer Bible study? Is it fabulous or what?? I pray you are getting as much out of Kelly Minter’s “Ruth” as we are. My group of 8 is totally engrossed in it. We can’t get out on time to save our lives but that’s a good problem to have.

It’s time for our third gathering and we will discuss Weeks Three and Four or in the book’s terminology, Sessions Three and Four. As usual, I’m providing you a written version of what I share in the video greeting in case you have trouble playing it. We will have five interactives this time around: two based on Week (or Session) Three, two based on Week (or Session) Four and the final one will tie together both.

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Ruth Session 3 from LPV on Vimeo.

Based on Week (or Session) Three:

1. Turn to p.68 and review the first segment “For Discussion”: Describe a time when you were overcome by a man’s kindness. In keeping with the example of Ruth and Boaz, try to think in terms of an unexpected kindness.

2. Read Ruth 2:19-20 and review the climactic revelation in this Book of the Bible. After you read those two Scriptures, turn to p.85 and review the first couple of sentences of the paragraph in the middle of the page as follows: “It’s interesting that up to this point Naomi knew she had a kinsman-redeemer named Boaz but had no idea Ruth knew him; Ruth knew Boaz but didn’t know he was a kinsman redeemer. Suddenly these two pieces of information collided to potentially change the course of history.” Our divinely ordained collisions may not change the course of human history but they certainly change the course of our own personal history. Can any of you think of a time when God orchestrated an encounter or experience where you (or perhaps both/all parties involved) could say, “Only God could have known”? If so, share it. These would be really cool to hear in your blog comments so consider sharing one of the most meaningful examples.

Based on Week (or Session) Four:
3. Turn to p.95 and, if willing, share your answers to the “Personal Response” section at the very bottom of the page: “Describe a time when you’d done everything you could do and then had to wait for someone else’s response.”

4. Turn to p.108 and review the answer to the question in the middle of the page: “What did Boaz promise to do if the nearer relative chose not to redeem Ruth?” Then, share your responses to the discussion portion just below it where we were challenged to put ourselves in Ruth’s place. What kinds of feelings and thought processes would you have had in her exact situation?

Don’t conclude this portion of the Bible study without one of you reading the final paragraph on p.108 aloud to the rest of the group. (“If Ruth slept at all that night…) Those of you going solo can simply read it again and let it go even deeper.

5. Ask if one person wants to share a brand new insight she’s gained from this study regarding Christ as her Redeemer. (For those of you going solo, consider that I’m asking each of you the question.)

For our next gathering in two weeks, do Weeks (or Sessions) Five and Six. In other words, let’s finish up! And while we’re at it, Sisters, LET’S FINISH STRONG! You will feel such joy in your soul if you’ll see this to the last page. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if just as many women signed in at the end as in the beginning? Let’s make our goal 100%, Sisters!

For those of you joining in on the meals, consider the recipes on pages 88-89. The Grilled Chicken Salad with Strawberries sounds perfect for summer. Lord, have mercy on us, so does the pie!


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  1. 301
    Michelle says:

    Sorry to be so late!! I got waylaid by VBS week (mid-July), and then “back-to-school”. It took me FOREVER to get back into any kind of a Bible study routine!! This just illustrates my lack of discipline re: quiet time. So embarrassing! I’m only going to answer on the question that resonated the most with me. I knew IMMEDIATELY what I would answer on the question about a man’s kindness. I have been so blessed in my life with both a wonderful father and a wonderful husband, and could give countless examples of their kindnesses, but one STRANGER’S kindness to me is the one I want to share with you. About 20 years ago or so, I was a high school girl driving down Interstate 40 and had a blowout. This was before the days of cell phones, so I could not call for help. My faithful and protective dad had considered it one of his highest priorities in life at that time to teach his 2 girls how to deal with such things, so I set about changing my tire. A complete stranger pulled over to help me. I was terrified by the threat of danger and declined his offer. I knew I could do it myself. But he insisted and changed my tire, anyway, and I am so grateful for it. Not only did he do the dirty work, but his presence may have deterred a predator from stopping later, had I been alone. As he finished, I thanked him (still filled with fear) and asked, “What do I owe you?” His response was a smile, and he said, “Aw, nothin’….just go to church this Sunday.” It wasn’t until that moment that I felt a sense of safety. To this day, he was one of the most effective Christian witnesses I’ve EVER met. He saw my need. He provided. And then he gave the glory to god. It was POWERFUL!!

  2. 302
    Lucy says:

    London, England
    I know I am so late, but am still posting to keep me accountable!! And am continuing to love and be encouraged by this study!!
    1) I honestly cannot think of a time when I have been truly overcome by a man’s kindness. Have been praying for God’s healing in my relationships with men.
    2)God has answered a prayer since starting this study by having 2 amazing women invite me to meet and pray with them each week, such an answer as I have felt very alone living here in London and God heard my cry for some “heart” friends! Only God could have picked these friends with the issues we all have in common and some differences which have helped us to encourage each other.
    3)Two times I have done all I could do and had to wait on someone else’s response was in dealing with some severe depression and currently in our marriage. Although I do continue to pray!
    4)Boaz promised to redeem Ruth! She must have felt a roller coaster of emotions from fear at the possibility of marrying someone else, fear of the unknown, to relief and joy at Boaz wanting to marry her and accepting her coming to him in secret!
    5)My new insight into Christ as our redeemer is that it is all GRACE. There is nothing we can do to make him redeem us, and yet he does. Also, that he redeems, that he makes things which are not good into things which are. Gives me great hope about my past and that God isn’t finished yet.

  3. 303
    Hulaheart says:

    1. My husband stayed home today to take care of our boy because I was sick.

    2. I’ve definitely had experiences where I’ve known it, but not necessarily both parties knowing.

    3. I seem to have difficulty answering the Personal Response questions. Is it a fear of depth and intimacy with God or lack of group?

    4. Boaz would redeem her.

    5. I think one insight is how I approach Him and what my responsibilities are to get there and while ther at his feet. Another thing is all that is “covered” in redepmtion that Kelly had us list on page 86.

  4. 304
    Sambha Anne says:

    Thanks for the greet post, I love reading it! Conversion Prophet Review

  5. 305

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