Siesta Summer Bible Study: Gathering Three!

Hey, Siestas! How about this summer Bible study? Is it fabulous or what?? I pray you are getting as much out of Kelly Minter’s “Ruth” as we are. My group of 8 is totally engrossed in it. We can’t get out on time to save our lives but that’s a good problem to have.

It’s time for our third gathering and we will discuss Weeks Three and Four or in the book’s terminology, Sessions Three and Four. As usual, I’m providing you a written version of what I share in the video greeting in case you have trouble playing it. We will have five interactives this time around: two based on Week (or Session) Three, two based on Week (or Session) Four and the final one will tie together both.

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Ruth Session 3 from LPV on Vimeo.

Based on Week (or Session) Three:

1. Turn to p.68 and review the first segment “For Discussion”: Describe a time when you were overcome by a man’s kindness. In keeping with the example of Ruth and Boaz, try to think in terms of an unexpected kindness.

2. Read Ruth 2:19-20 and review the climactic revelation in this Book of the Bible. After you read those two Scriptures, turn to p.85 and review the first couple of sentences of the paragraph in the middle of the page as follows: “It’s interesting that up to this point Naomi knew she had a kinsman-redeemer named Boaz but had no idea Ruth knew him; Ruth knew Boaz but didn’t know he was a kinsman redeemer. Suddenly these two pieces of information collided to potentially change the course of history.” Our divinely ordained collisions may not change the course of human history but they certainly change the course of our own personal history. Can any of you think of a time when God orchestrated an encounter or experience where you (or perhaps both/all parties involved) could say, “Only God could have known”? If so, share it. These would be really cool to hear in your blog comments so consider sharing one of the most meaningful examples.

Based on Week (or Session) Four:
3. Turn to p.95 and, if willing, share your answers to the “Personal Response” section at the very bottom of the page: “Describe a time when you’d done everything you could do and then had to wait for someone else’s response.”

4. Turn to p.108 and review the answer to the question in the middle of the page: “What did Boaz promise to do if the nearer relative chose not to redeem Ruth?” Then, share your responses to the discussion portion just below it where we were challenged to put ourselves in Ruth’s place. What kinds of feelings and thought processes would you have had in her exact situation?

Don’t conclude this portion of the Bible study without one of you reading the final paragraph on p.108 aloud to the rest of the group. (“If Ruth slept at all that night…) Those of you going solo can simply read it again and let it go even deeper.

5. Ask if one person wants to share a brand new insight she’s gained from this study regarding Christ as her Redeemer. (For those of you going solo, consider that I’m asking each of you the question.)

For our next gathering in two weeks, do Weeks (or Sessions) Five and Six. In other words, let’s finish up! And while we’re at it, Sisters, LET’S FINISH STRONG! You will feel such joy in your soul if you’ll see this to the last page. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if just as many women signed in at the end as in the beginning? Let’s make our goal 100%, Sisters!

For those of you joining in on the meals, consider the recipes on pages 88-89. The Grilled Chicken Salad with Strawberries sounds perfect for summer. Lord, have mercy on us, so does the pie!


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  1. 101

    Sadly, I’m rushing right now and hopefully will have a chance to come back and finish all the questions- but I had to answer the one about the moment only God could have put together.

    Yesterday, I had spend the day praying about our home that is for sale/not selling yet, and the lack of foot traffic through our door. I was moping my floor. I just found myself praying over every square inch of the home, and asking God to send a buyer our way. As I continued praying, I was saying the words, “Even now, as I pray this, if you could have someone call…” And the phone rang.

    It was a realtor, wanting to show our home to someone tomorrow. I found myself on my knees because even if that person doesn’t end up buying our home, I know that my God was hearing me and listening to me, and I knew it. Just blew me away and I felt so encouraged.

    • 101.1
      Amy :) says:

      I mopped my floor yesterday too 🙂 Don’t you love it when God amazingly does this for us? I do…it’s one of my most favorite things!

    • 101.2
      Becky says:

      I feel your pain! We have had our condo on the market since March with a fair amount of traffic but not one offer. I pray that the showing went well today and that God will sell both my condo and your home very soon! God is so faithful!

    • 101.3
      Rhonda says:

      I call it “God winks” when things like this happen to me. He is always just in time.

    • 101.4
      Donna Benjamin says:

      I hope the showing goes well for you. Have you considered renting your home? We listed ours, and as soon as we put it up for rent, we had a flood of calls. We have a signed contract with the deposit in hand. PRAISE JESUS! Even so, we are STILL getting calls from folks interested in renting.

  2. 102
    rebecca in etx says:

    5 ladies (plus 2-4 children), East Texas

    1. Initially, some of us could not remember a time when we were overcome with a man’s kindness. Upon further reflection and discussion, we remembered a few and were overcome all over again. Some of the highlights included a man stopping to change a flat tire while my mom was traveling home with 3 small children from out of town, a gentleman praying with my mom and her eldest when the eldest was about to have knee surgery, and many,many stories of friends through the years who showed kindness.

    2. Many, many stories – and laughs and tears – one of my sisters recalled the time our mother was insistent my sister take mom’s cell phone (and try to remember back to the time when they weren’t EVERYWHERE) with her on her way back to school and my sister was involved in a car accident. Other stories included meeting friends in all kinds of interesting ways, the lone smoke alarm in my sister’s house going off when her house caught on fire, and my husband and I having the same ER doctor for both of our miscarriages, which were 3 years apart.

    3. 1st Pregnancy following miscarriage (and the anxiety that comes with waiting), apologies, jobs, selling homes

    4. The biggest response was that Ruth would have experienced the entire gamut of female emotions, and a multitude of ‘What if?”s

    And isn’t what Ruth received from Boaz what we all want – to know that we are wanted – and not just for what we can offer physically (clean house, laundry, etc and yes, etc).

    5. One sister shared that one of the concepts that has struck her especially hard in this study is that Christ wants us – He wanted to redeem us, He desires to be with us.

    As usual, we discussed a myriad of topics and points from the study, and from life in general. I know for me it has been AWESOME and such a blessing to get to share this time of study with my mom and my sisters. We laugh and carry on like none other!!!


  3. 103
    eposi says:

    Houston, TX. These are great questions; but almost each answer requires a paragraph, so I apologize in advance.

    1) God has provided so many in my life to show me “hesed,” but one stands out- Bro. Frank. My sister and I became believers in our mid-teens and went to church without a parent. We met this older guy at a church we attended during our college and young adult years who took notice of us and took us under his wings as if we were his own daughters. He helped move us, drove out of town for our graduations, encouraged us in the Lord, and just looked out for us. One time he even chased off a guy from church who was obsessively in love with me and made me nervous. (He chased him away from me, not from church 🙂 ). Even though we no longer go to the same church, we have stayed in touch and I still feel like I can call on him if the need arises.

    2) We had no Bible in our home after becoming believers, so my sister and I prayed for one. God crossed our path with a neighbor (Lisa) who allowed us to borrow her Bible. We wore her out by knocking on her door for that Bible almost everyday until she finally let us keep it. That (now battered) Bible which God used to transform our lives is one of my most treasured possessions today.

    3) When I had hurt a friend and did all I knew to let her know that I was sorry and had to wait for months for her response.

    4) I would have been “Sleepless in Bethlehem” that night! To KNOW that I was loved, admired, and wanted by someone I admired and wanted…! I would have replayed our conversation over and over again in my head that night. But my feelings of ecstasy would have been accompanied by worry and fear of the “what ifs” that awaited my future.

    5) I didn’t realize that Boaz could have played the role of “goel” and not be obligated to marry Ruth; but he WANTED to. It hit me afresh that Christ rescuing me from the pit would have already exceeded kindness. He had no obligation to die for me in the first place (Rom 5:6-8), but even went beyond that. To KNOW that He wants me to be His (to present me before His glorious presence without fault AND WITH GREAT JOY as His bride), is beyond anything I could EVER have asked or dreamed up. It is ABSOLUTE BLISS!

    • 103.1
      Rebekah says:

      Girl, we REALLY ARE twins!! Even if you’re already a twin. Your kindness story happened to me (with the running off of the man). A couple did that with me when I first moved to Dallas and I’m so thankful they did. I was just plain creeped. out. by the guy. Anyway, even though I haven’t lived in Dallas for 10 months I’m still friends with them and I’m pretty sure they’ll always be my friends. 🙂

      I totally would have replayed the conversation that night in my head too! What would I have said different, would I have even said anything different? Oh goodness, the list goes on and on.

      Praying for you friend! And I love your answer to number 5 and 2. I just didn’t know what else to say besides so true. 🙂

      • Eposi says:

        Hey Twin! I am seriously thrilled to be on this journey with you, Rebekah! I have been praying for us, too, that we will continue to draw near to Him as He draws our hearts fully to His. “But as for me, the nearness of God is my good…” (Ps 73:28) He is answering those prayers, so let’s keep them up. Reminds me of the two on the road Emmaus (Luke 24). “But they urged Him strongly, ‘Stay with us…’ So He went in to stay with them.”

        So wish you still lived in Dallas so that we could meet when I go around there to visit my dad. I still hope to meet you some time on this side of heaven though.

    • 103.2
      Kathy B says:

      Your #2 just slays me. I’m picturing you and your sister repeatedly knocking on her door, asking to borrow her Bible. Overwhelmingly precious! And then I giggle realizing you initialing had to keep giving it back. What tenacity on y’alls part. It makes me want to simultaneously cry and hug you both.

      • Eposi says:

        Thanks, Kathy. Yes, I guess I didn’t explain it well. We would borrow her Bible and then return it and then borrow it again the next day. We really didn’t mean to wear her out. We were just so hungry for the Word. Hugs to you, sister!

  4. 104
    Linda D. says:

    From Carolina/Kure Beach, NC- 10 Siestas (minus 2 last night)-
    A lot of time was spent on our discussion of question #1. At first no one spoke, then one after another we were reminded of a man’s kindness. Each situation “resulted in thanksgiving to God” 2 Cor.9:11b.
    It came full circle realizing that God is the supplier of all our needs, in even these circumstances.
    Several of us had “Ahh Ha” moments these past two weeks. One on Pg. 77 about Rev. 19:6-10, who GIVES us our “Fine linen, bright and clean to wear.” Thank you Lord Jesus, our Redeemer, that we can rest in this truth. Another lady finally understood “her own need to draw from Christ” after reading pg.111 and realizing she was lacking in “spiritual supply that comes from being in Jesus’ presence” and she decided to spend more time daily in his word and praying more focused prayers.

  5. 105
    brooke says:

    2. During a time of great testing and spiritual battle we woke up to a double rainbow over our house. As if the Lord was telling us that everything would be ok, He would take care of us.

    3. Radically changing eating/health habits and praying and waiting for God’s reponse in healing.

    5. That through His redemption of us, Christ has allowed us to leave a spiritual legacy for our family.

  6. 106
    Tammy G says:

    Tammy G,
    Solo in Greencastle, IN.

    1.) Of course I first thought of my Dad, just recently he took me to the grocery store and bought $300 worth of food for our family of 7. I was completely overwhelmed. With such a large family, all boys except me, I can barely get our needs let alone our wants. And that day we got both.
    However you asked us to think of someone other than a father or husband and I quickly thought of a pastor. I had been on my Emmaus walk and on the third day one of the pastors was giving his talk and in the middle of it he just stopped and began to tell all 40+ of us women, with tears in his eyes, how truly sorry he was for the man or men who sexually abused us. All of us just began crying, some sobbing, for unknown to him God had placed 40+ sexually abused women in that room just to hear those words. I was never so grateful for the grace of God as I was at that very moment.

    3.) My sister is addicted to many things, drugs, alcohol, and even sex. A few years back I followed God’s leading and helped her get into a House of Hope here in a town near us. I did all “I” could do and had to let her and God do the rest, unfortunately I nor God got the response we were praying and hoping for. 

    4.) These are my thoughts as Ruth may have felt them. I want to get up and run. I want to hide my face and cry where no one would see me. I want to put my hope in this man, this stranger, to say no but what if he doesn’t. What if he agrees to take me? Will he be as kind and gentle as Boaz has been? Even if he is I feel my heart already belongs to Boaz and the thought of having to be with another tears at the deepest part of me. I know Boaz is feeling the same, for he knew of another when Naomi did not. Oh, how terrible it would be if this nearer kinsman says yes. Please oh Lord let Boaz be my redeemer.

    5.) I use to think that I found Christ. It took me a while but I soon realized that Christ had already been seeking me. But what I found new was that like Boaz, Christ had knowledge of me and what it was going to take for me to surrender at His feet at the threshing floor of my new beginning.

  7. 107
    Monica says:

    2.) The most recent was during a season of intense oppression from the enemy. I remember God just sending encouragement to me through complete strangers & ONLY HE could have known. God also spoke to me this week through one of Kelly Minter’s Songs “I Lay Down”. Also that there is just some places we can only go with God by ourselves & there’s just no way to take anyone with us but we must go. There really is nothing more important that our total surrender to HIM!

    3.) I feel like I’m going through a time now with my son. I don’t know how to word it except I’ve tried to bring him up to know & love God & now all I can do is Trust God & Actively Wait. It’s funny how Kelly described Ruth going to Boaz in the dark & having to wait for the answer. I thought about this last night while my son was @ band practice. He has one more year of High School & is seriously considering the marines. My <3 has been so troubled over this. Well last night I decided to take a walk. As I was praying & walking I could hear a band playing & remembered my son was practicing & it was like God just put a song in my <3 to pray for him & all the teenagers @ his school. I kept walking all the way to his high school & I felt God whispering gently to my <3 to just walk around that high school & pray. So that's exactly what I did in the pitch darkness. Out of the blue God completely shifted my <3 & gave me such a peace that He was in control & just Trust Him. He is the Lifter of My Head. (Isaiah 58:8-11) He's also teaching me that when I fret over details to be still & know He is God. Pg. 83 & Pg. 103. <3

    5.) My insight of Christ as my Redeemer is just how unworthy I really am & that the creator of the Universe would come in a cloak of flesh for Me so undeserving of his "HESED" Love. I feel like Ruth @ times when she found herself sitting @ Boaz's table not among the gleaners but among the reapers!

    "He raises the poor from the dust & lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes, with the princes of their people. He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the LORD!"
    Psalm 113:7-9

    • 107.1
      Patti says:

      Your comments have brought me to tears. I am so touched by the idea of laying at the feet of Jesus as Ruth layed at the foot of Boaz.

  8. 108
    Debbie in Tennessee says:

    Knoxville/Seymour Area – 6 ladies

    1. Each lady shared different stories of kindness shown. An OB/GYN that cancelled the rest of his appointments for the day when he had to bear the news the pregnancy would have to be terminated because the baby died. Love letters from a future husband while he was stationed in Panama. A husband bringing his wife coffee while she was doing her Bible Study in one place and he was doing his Bible Study in another. A mother sharing about her sons’ kindnesses shown to their grandmothers. A boss that paid an employee when he did not have to.

    2. A move to East Tennessee years ago when husband still worked in Nashville, having that job, that was wonderful end, and another job open in East Tennessee. Testimony given of God knowing all along where they would need to be.

    3. Waiting on acceptance letters from schools, dating, work situations.

    4. Everyone thought pretty much the same in regard to what Ruth may have felt. Who will this be? What will he be like, kind like Boaz? Handsome? Will I be treated as a servant, burden or worse? What about Naomi? I have done what she said, does she know about this other person.
    BUT, the real eye opener came when one lady said, “Think about Boaz, he did not have someone with him that night, that speaks of his character.” Good conversation and role playing was had by all.

    5. One lady finally realizing she could really trust Christ and accept him as her Redeemer. Being able to tell satan, leave me alone, I have been redeemed and then singing, “Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it!” Sweet time.

    We had pasta with vegetables and Mom’s Ice Cream Dessert on page 113. YUM! Everyone agrees this Bible Study is great. Love and Blessings, Debbie in Tennessee

  9. 109
    Camdenton says:

    Our small group of 5 met again last night, we enjoyed Kelly’s Fresh Tomato Pasta. We once again missed dessert because we were so engrosed in our discussion that we didn’t have time for the dessert. You know the discussion is good when a group of women miss dessert.

    1. Our first example of a man’s kindness was when a young mom and her 2 young children were assisted by a total stranger. Not only did he make sure she and her children were safe in town, he then arranged for the repairs. She was only allowed to pay for the parts.
    Our second example was recently when one of our ladies had taken her mother to the hospital in the city for her chemo treatment, she had left the lights on and the battery had gone dead. She had the hospital call someone to help, but it seemed no one would ever arrive. After nearly an hour an older gentlemen, also there for chemo treatments approached and asked if he could assist them. Even though he was not feeling well he was willing to help. He was the only person who stopped to assist or even check on them except for the hospital security.

    2. Two examples were given regarding the Godinstances. One was with our church’s women to women mentoring ministry. How God brought 2 ladies together, knowing only he knew everything. The second about a lady who had purchased some Sheila Walsh books at a Women of Faith event, she began to read the book with the intention of giving them to people who would need them. Unknowing that she would need the book and what it was about in just a month. Her husband was struck with a crippling illness and long recovery that didn’t make sense. The book was about Job. She then read Job over and over in the months to come. Only God knew she needed to read that book when she did.

    3. All of our answers on this one revolved around raising children then waiting. You can only do so much, then you must wait and see how they turn out.

    4. We had a wonderful discussion about Ruth’s thoughts through the night.

    5. The one who spoke said, “Attitude, peace, feeling satisfied just like it’s a load off. When you realize what Christ has done for you.”

    We are thoroughly loving this study. Looking forward to the rest of it.

  10. 110
    Luann Pearson says:

    Four in Midland, TX

    Wow. This turned out to be a very powerful discussion within our group. We included some of Kelly’s discussion topics from the back of the book, and it really sparked quite an emotional discourse.

    The subject of Ruth and (we choose to call him Mephi because really who can pronounce his full name…kinda like Banoffi pie, huh Beth?) being invited to a table they didn’t feel worthy of really touched a nerve. Both of my daughters are in our group…they are 24 and 19. It appears both have some serious “worth” issues. My heart breaks at the pain they suffer. It was so exposed last night…raw and aching. As their mother, I just wanted to hold and rock them again as I did when they were babies. But God gave some very profound words to the fourth member of our group, a beautiful, precious woman who has survived her share of loss. (I hope she’s an official part of our family before too long!) She offered those words quietly, kindly and yet pointedly. Thank you, Jesus, for including her in our group! We later apologized to her for subjecting her to a “family therapy” session and her response? “I’m honored to be invited to the table.” 🙂

    Thankfully, both of my gorgeous, beloved girlies are actively pursuing their relationships with Jesus and are asking and looking for answers in the right place. I covet your prayers for them, Siestas, for they are SO precious to me…and SO WORTHY!

    This study is extraordinarily powerful and relevant to our lives today! Thank you, Jesus, for using Kelly and Beth to bring us Your Word!

    • 110.1
      Luann Pearson says:

      Have to share my favorite “Godincidence.”

      Several years ago my brother, sister, and I received information that we had an older, half-brother, whom our mother had given up for adoption 62 years before. This came as a TOTAL and COMPLETE shock…there had never been even a whisper of such a thing! Our mom was not aware that her “lost” son was searching for her, and we were all very unsure about how to handle the situation. (We had recently lost our father, she had been diagnosed and treated for cancer, and had moved to a new city.) We all live in different towns, none of them close to one another. We talked every day on the phone, one day deciding we should tell her, the next day deciding we shouldn’t. We were absolutely at a loss about what to do. One night as I lay in bed, praying, I “fell asleep.” I dreamed that my siblings and I were in my mom’s apartment with her, gathered lovingly around her chair, telling her that her son was alive, well, and searching for her. I awoke sharply, and prayed silently, “God, if this is what we are to do, please show this to someone else.” The next morning I was on the phone with my sister, again discussing what we should do, and she says, “I believe we have to tell Mom.” I asked her why she was so certain that was the right thing to do because she had been VERY uncertain of that just the day before. She says, “God gave me an epiphany last night.” I asked her to explain and she recounts this, “I saw us in Mom’s apartment, gathered around her chair, telling her about Rick.” Let me tell you…I nearly jumped through the phone! I shared my “dream” with her, and we both cried/laughed/rejoiced and immediately called our “old” brother. He joined us in the decision that we should tell Mom…together…gathered lovingly around her chair. We chose, unequivocally,to share that information with her EXACTLY as God instructed us,and today we have a wonderful, special relationship with our “new” brother. Mom’s constant and faithful prayers for those 62 years have been answered by an even more constant and faithful God!

      • Joy says:

        Thank you for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it. And I like your phrase “Godincidence”.

      • Kathy B says:

        Extremely cool story! My husband just told me yesterday that he’d read our brains are problem solving while we dream. Sounds to me like God was doing some serious problem solving. Love it!

        • Luann Pearson says:

          I think you might be right, Kathy! There are actually several other Godincidences involved in the whole story, but I figured Beth would frown on me taking up the whole blogosphere with them!

          • Kathy B says:

            “Blogospere” That’s funny. Told my husband your story and -Rats!- began blubbering right in the middle of it. He still marveled at it–and grinned at my squeaky little voice when I try to cry and talk simultaneously.

  11. 111
    Terry says:

    1. I have struggled to come up with an example of unexpected or unusual kindness from a man. I think what overcomes me is the fact that God has blessed me with men in my life who continually express kindness in many ways. I know that is not the experience of many and I am very, very grateful.

    2. This answer just popped right off the page for me. Just two weeks ago my husband and I were blessed to be able to attend one day of a three day conference for Christian churches. We saw many good friends from college and other ministries we have participated in and were blessed in by speakers and worship etc. It was a much needed time as we have been in a long-term struggle at our church that has left us discouraged and dry. Just prior to the evening session we were seated near the back of the arena waiting for our daughter to arrive when we found out she was not going to make it. My husband suggested that I walk forward and see if there might be a couple of seats closer to the stage area. I did, and found two empty seats on the end of a row. As I leaned in to ask the lady seated there if they were saved for someone I discovered the face of one of my dearest Christian friends who I have not seen in many years. She did not know we were attending and we did not know she was there. On the way to the convention I had told God how much I would love to see my friend and it nearly took my breath away when he walked me straight to her in a room filled with over 8000 people. God is so cool. I am continually awed by His very personal interaction in our lives.

    3. I cannot give details, but this long-term struggle we have been facing at our church is exactly this kind of situation. It is so hard to have no control over other people’s response. This lesson touched me deeply about resting and waiting and serving faithfully while we wait.

    4. I cannot imagine being in such a vulnerable position. It would have terrified me, yet I love the beautiful picture of Ruth going to sleep know that Boaz wanted to make things right.

    5. It has been encouraging for me to think about Christ as my Redeemer, not just in connection to my salvation, but how He redeems so many other things. He can and does bring redemption out of situations that seem to have no positive outcome.

  12. 112
    Tammy Brinkley says:

    Group of 5 in Monroe,Georgia

    We meet at a different house and eat together each time. Last night our friend made an Italian feast with chocolate and vanilla gelato to follow with the theme. The Lord has truly blessed our times together and we are sad it is almost over.

    Man’s kindness….An uncle came and changed a flat tire then took the car to a tire shop and payed for it.

    A father (preacher)lives his life by what you hear in the pulpit.

    Stepdad’s love of one was better than her real father’s love.

    Only God could have known… mom in room praying for teenage son telling God I don’t even like him right now. Then turns on recording of Life Today and watches Beth talk about not withdrawing your love from your teenager even though they are being a snot..ha!! God moment!!!

    Putting one with a Christian boss who ends up bringing her to Christ.

    Teacher praying for money for supplies for her room and listening to song Jesus Loves Me and gets an e-mail from a parent wanting to give $100 for her classroom.

    We love this study and love all Jesus is teaching us!!!!!

    • 112.1
      Judy says:

      Lake Charles, LA – group of 5
      We discussed all of the questions and agreed that we were all really enjoying the study.
      I guess what stood out the most was that we were all reminded of the fact that Jesus is our Kinsman Redeemer. We all felt unworthy, but tremendously blessed that He loves us so much!
      We have developed a great sense of unity and are able to be real with one another. There is a sense of being able to share in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere.
      We are growing closer to each other, but more importantly, closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
      That’s awesome! Thank you for encouraging us to participate in this summer Bible study.

  13. 113
    Bobbie says:

    College Station, Tx

    The first man in my life was my Daddy and boy was he my hero! I attended Sam Houston State my freshman year while dating my now-husband when he was attending A&M. We were going to a ball at A&M the following week. I took my formal back to school with me the week before to have it cleaned. I picked it up on Wed. and discovered the cleaners had “MELTED” big holes in both sleeves and around the bottom of my chiffon dress!! I was so frustrated! I called home and told my Mom. She called my Daddy and he was in his truck leaving work, before I could dry my tears!! He drove to Huntsville to pick me up and drove me back to Houston–the Woodlands and all those great stores were not there then–to buy me a new formal for the ball!! My Daddy & I were very close, but he made me feel so special and loved that day. Obviously he also drove me back to school that night so I could be in class the next morning at 8!

    When we retired from the Air Force we thought we were moving to San Antonio to stay there forever! Two years later we were bound for Seattle! We spent 12 years there and decided we had had enough of living so far from home. When we left San Antonio it took us 6 months to sell our home and we lost money in the sale! We hadn’t told anyone of our plans to retire. I had been stressing about putting it on the market when one of our neighbors put their sign out—same floor plan, next building. I stressed (that’s really putting it mildly)for weeks. On a Friday morning before we were leaving to fly to Texas for our 3rd wedding in 4 months, I finished my Bible Study, closed my Bible and said “Lord, this is in your hands, I can’t do this by myself! Please provide someone that wants our home in YOUR time and I will follow your lead.” I did my errands and was unloading the car when a neighbor approached me to ask about our condo. They had a friend that was coming in on Sunday to look at the other one that was for sale. Questions asked, I mentioned that we were planning to sell ours in a few weeks!! His next question was have you spoken to a Realtor? We had only spoken to each other, no one else. Long story short, we sold our condo on that Sunday! Got what we asked for it and they wanted it in TWO WEEKS! One of those weeks we would be in Texas with family, so we asked for 3 weeks!! It was so God orchestrated!! Sadly when I mentioned to the neighbor and his friend that God was our Realtor, their reply was “Whatever”!!!

    Our son had had a huge disappointment in his life. We were so far away I felt helpless. I asked God to watch over him and show him that He was with him. I prayed daily that Brad would hear and see God in his life. I’m pretty sure he was feeling God’s presence! About 3 months later he met his now-wife and life has been beautiful.

    I can only imagine what Ruth’s night was like. I would think her emotions were like a pendulum swinging from side to side! I think she was already feeling Boaz’ interest in her and she was having her own feelings for him—then throw in this other kinsman—what if he wanted her??? I’m certainly happy that we don’t have to worry about that now days! I’m proving myself to be a worrier in my current situation I would’ve been a basket case then!

    I’m realizing how important God’s love is in my life, that His plans are to prosper me. I spent 3 hours in a stress test and getting pictures of my heart taken today—What space I didn’t take up in that machine, God filled the space!!! Siestas, I need your prayers, my anxiety level is soaring. As I walked out the tech said, ‘I’m sending you home, so that’s good’!! That didn’t make me feel too comfortable and now Satan is really inserting the ‘there may be something there’ but your dr will call you!! Dadburn small purses—my spiral wouldn’t fit, but I promise you I was saying as many as I could recall and remembered Melissa’s ‘It’s scary to be us’!!!

    • 113.1
      Kathy B says:

      Praying, Bobbie. I hear ya–my purses can always pass for carryons. What were you thinking? Perhaps about your stress test. God bless you and your big heart.

  14. 114
    Robin in Florida says:

    I tried to do this with my phone earlier, and it may have sent an incomplete reply. 8 of us met today in Indialantic, Florida. The question about God orchestrating something reminded us of a time in Bible study last year. We were studying Esther. I had ordered ten more books and given out 7 of the ten. That Wednesday we had two new people and a missionary to Spanish speaking countries that joined us, I passed out books to all of them. During the ending prayer I clearly heard God tell me to give the book to the missionary to take with her, so when we finished I turned to her and told her that. She asked me how many Spanish speaking women attended our study, confused by the question, I answered none that I know of. She replied, Oh, I just wondered how you came to have a Spanish version of the book? I took the book from her, and sure enough it was in Spanish! I explained that we did not order any Spanish books and what a GOoD thing that the one we got by mistake ended up her hands. When I told the group about this, one lady shared that at a missions board meeting the night before, when this missionary was asked what she needed her first desire was for Spanish Bible studies. That was definitely a God orchestrated event we will never forget!!

    The rest of our discussion centered upon Ruth and it was interesting how we 40 somethings had a somewhat different take on Naomi and Ruth’s relationship, some of us being mother-n-laws. We felt that Naomi spoke out of despondence in the beginning, but when she began to see their redemption made plans with hope. Her love for Ruth remained the same, but how she interacted in the relationship changed as she came out of her pity party! We could all relate.
    We also loved the sections that explain sometimes we are to get going, and other times we are to lay it down and wait. Many of us needed reminding that God has placed work out there for us, we need to go find it. Others, are in a place where anxiety has popped up and that is one clue that it’s time to lay something down.
    We love the picture of Boaz’ favor toward Ruth, when she was a foreigner, in a place she probably shouldn’t have been caught dead in…just like Jesus when He found us!

  15. 115
    Mona says:

    Birmingham, AL 7 of the 8 meeting around the kitchen table for lunch and discussion.
    1. One in our group shared of when her husband (who was only an friend at the time) responded to her ‘are you a christian?’ with him opening his Bible and leading her to the Lord and his parting words were ‘God loves you’. We all ‘aaahhed’ at that KINDNESS!
    2. We all admitted daily we see God orchestrating our lives. When one Mom was late for an out of town funeral, God orchestrated travel a different direction to see her daughter before the daughter birthed her triplet grandsons. Another shared her son’s adoption story and how it ‘worked out’. It was so cool how people who would never interact, interact because God put them in a place and time. We think we are in control but……..HE IS IN CONTROL!
    3. We all have followed God’s leading and done our parts (i.e. asking forgiveness from someone else) and now God asks us to WAIT.
    4. Our feelings that Ruth may have had all over the page. One was the hopeless romantic just starry eyed and thrilled Boaz said he would redeem her. One other focused on the negative. Who is this guy? Why didn’t Naomi tell me about this guy? And yet another in our group thought well….maybe Boaz ought to bring this guy back and let me check him out. Is he cute?
    5. Amazing……Christ WANTS to redeem us, redeem us from ourselves. I will never quite look at the title for Christ our Redeemer in the same way now that I have pictured Boaz redeeming Ruth. WOW!
    Looking forward to our last meeting in a couple of weeks.

  16. 116
    Tiffany & Tina says:

    1. Tiffany spoke about when she first met her husband. He was so attentive and looked out for her physical and personal well being. She didn’t know she needed that in her life and God gave that to her. Tina spoke about a few weeks ago when she was going through a hard transition. Her husband did an unexpected thing by just holding her and telling her it would be ok. Even her kids noticed the unexpected jesture.

    2. For Tina it was the time that her husband truely gave his life to Christ. The circumstances were such that no one else would have understood, but she knew in an instant. For Tiffany it was a time when someone who didn’t know her spoke into her life. Only God could know the things she was being told.

    3. We both agreed that searching for a job and trying to conceive a child were both great examples of doing all you can but having to wait on someone/something else for action.

    4. Our thoughts about Ruth’s night on the threshing floor mostly surrounded “the other man”. What would he be like? Would he care for her? Would he even choose her. The sense of relief that no matter what, one of these men would take her, but the stress of not knowing which one. We think she didn’t sleep at all 🙂

    5. Neither of us really had a specific example, but think that it’s so cool to be reminded how Christ didn’t HAVE to redeem us, but rather CHOSE to.

  17. 117
    Amy says:

    Solo in Augusta, Kentucky

    1)My husband…..words are not sufficient to do him justice……except to say he is my Boaz…..

    2)I have been blessed…..There have been many “God Things” happen in my life…..But my God seems to be a God oftentimes or at least in my life of many small steps…..or convoluted paths….it would take too much space and too many words to condense and intimate His miraculous workings in my life……or perhaps…..I am just a poor writer…..that is also a possibility:)….suffice it to say He is a very big God who has seen fit to do very big things in my life….to His Glory….

    3)There we all sat waiting…..The loan officer and us……waiting on paperwork to be delivered by the last Fedex truck of the day…..from another bank located a very far place away…..we had about an hour and a half to close on our house…..before this deal…..which we had been working on for months became null and void… was down to the wire(7 minutes until our bank was supposed to close up shop for the day)…..and it appeared as if we were going to run out of time and lose our home(the one…mind you…..we had felt led to purchase…..insert wry smile here)…..but my Father has a wonderful sense of humor and perhaps a touch of theatrics…..but more importantly…..the desire to make sure…..without a shadow of doubt that we His children understood exactly who was in control of the events of that day…..and not only of that day but all of our days…..It turned out to be a very cool day…..As only God can do cool:)

    4)If I were Ruth I would have been pleased as punch over Boaz’s affirmation for me…..but horrified at the unexpected realization of another option….egads!!

    5)Hmmm…..I am gonna say something here that may come out wrong but it is not a criticism of the Bible study but rather one of myself…For the last few weeks I have not enjoyed this study……which has surprised me….because I have always found them so rewarding and enlightening…..I simply have Not been able to identify with Ruth AT ALL…..This past Sunday I was sitting in church grumping over the way the organist was thumping the pedals and at the song that had been picked for me to sing as a solo that morning….at the way all the church kids seemed to be loud and disrespectful and how the worship music seemed lackluster….and….Get my mindset:)And during communion meditation I am not having it out with God exactly……but I am letting Him know in no uncertain terms I am most displeased with the church I have felt He has led me to do work in….what on earth could He be thinking…..I mean good grief….And then in the midst of my tumultuous communion praying…..there came this “Knowing” that is what I call it when the Holy Spirit seems to be nudging me……”you are a Naomi”…..Mercy….I knew instantly that this was so…..not the happy Naomi….the one who has made peace with her God….the one who sends her beloved Ruth to Boaz but the embittered angry Naomi….the one whose life had not gone the way she hoped….Mercy….No wonder I hadn’t identified with Ruth the fleshed out Proverbs 31 woman…..I was Naomi a Proverbs 21:9 woman…..You want to know something interesting…..long before my participation in this Bible study I have been praying earnestly for several months to be a Proverbs 31 woman…..Doesn’t that just give you goose bumps…..Isn’t it amazing ladies… our Jesus…..keeps coming for us…..keeps persuing us…..He uses Bible studies that don’t seem to have any pertinance for us at all….to show us… lead us into a better understanding of Him and His magnificent love for us….Isn’t He wonderful……He’s been leading me into Ruth and Proverbs 31 all the time….

  18. 118
    Amanda says:

    Houston, TX
    13 bloggers from mid 20’s to 40; everything from single to married with kids

    1) J’s husband travels quite a bit for work. She described her neighbor mowing her lawn for her while he was out of town. Lindsee described her dad getting her flowers for Valentine’s Day. Missy’s husband recently took their baby daughter to run some errands so that she could have some time alone in the house. Then they brought her back a sweet greeting card.

    2) Lindsey talked about God arranging a complicated job situation for her out of state in the exact time frame she needed. Several of us marveled at how God had uniquely knit together our friendships when we all basically met through blogs.

    3) Debra told us her family’s story about bringing her adoptive son Ronel home from Haiti after the earthquake. Her husband spent 8 days in the US Embassy waiting to be allowed to bring him home. He finally did get to bring his son home. Praise the Lord!

    4) We thought Ruth must have been pretty bummed and scared by the thought that someone else could redeem her when she had something so wonderful with Boaz.

    5) Missy pointed out that Christ didn’t redeem us because we were cute or because of anything great we did. He redeemed us because He wanted to. It was a complete gift of grace so that no one could boast.

    We had an amazing feast of Mexican food and enjoyed getting to discuss all of the questions. We can’t believe there’s only one more meeting!

  19. 119
    Deborah says:

    Edinburg, TX – 9 people

    We had a really good meeting. Had a couple of good examples of unusual kindness from men – a pastor, a thermostat installed, a rat disposed of (!), etc. And people resonated with the idea that God moves in different people’s lives to bring them together at just the right time – how Ruth met Boaz, and Naomi knew Boaz, and then they all figured out those connections.

    I’m loving our group of women. I’ve appreciated their faithfulness to the study.

  20. 120
    Angela says:

    5 women, Portland Oregon

    We’re loving our time together and are sad to see this study end. We agreed last night that we’ll continue to meet and do another study!

    Kindness… One gal explained how her husband (with the BEST of intentions) woke her up one year at 12:01 AM on her birthday to celebrate her. He had all her favorite junk-food present and planned a small dance with her! The only caviat was that they had a newborn and ALL mom really wanted was to go back to sleep!! 😉

    We also talked at length about the different ways men and women relate to the Lord. Noting that it may be tougher for men to see themselves as Ruth as opposed to Boaz (needing a savior vs being the savior). Something to chew on, at least. 🙂

  21. 121
    April says:

    Solo, Vermilion, OH

    1) A Hospital Chaplin’s prayer with my family and me right before I had surgery for a mass that was suspected to be malignant.

    2) While going through a difficult time a few years ago, I received a letter from a friend I had not seen in a while but had run into unexpectedly two days earlier. She sent me the most encouraging words. Only God could have known how much I needed her exact words at that time. I still have the letter in a drawer at my bedside table.

    3) Waiting on my children to make some decisions concerning their walk with God when I had done and said all I could. Thankfully we can continue to pray.

    4) Wow, pick an emotion and begin there! I believe she wanted what was best for Naomi, but maybe she was fearful that the man she cared for would not be the one to redeem her.

    5) As I thought about this question Ephesians 1:7-8 came to mind. That whole chapter is marvelous. I love the words chosen, predestined, lavished on…. Just as Ruth realized that Boaz wanted to redeem her (p.108) I realize that God wanted to redeem me through Jesus. I was wanted.

  22. 122
    Kathryn Carpenter says:

    Hi Beth, just wanted to let you know I am behind on doing this study as my husband unexpectedly had a triple bypass surgery a week ago. But I am loving this study so far.

    Glendale AZ

    • 122.1
      Beth says:

      Bless your sweet heart, Kathryn. (Or bless your husband’s!!) Christ, please restore her man to health and show Him a side of Your powerful self he’s never seen. Cause this season to do something so tender between them that it will be priceless to them.

  23. 123
    Nicola says:

    1.The kindest thing a man ever did for me was let me weep with his arm around me, without judgment or reproof. He put aside his own heart wrenching tragedy and joined me for a moment in mine (see Question 2). Thanks to him I know what it feels like to be in the arms of Jesus, safe and accepted.
    2.No one but God knew that my husband’s medications were interfering with each other to turn him into the meanest, cruelest companion I ever knew. After two years of crying out He answered with a change that gave me my husband back. There was also that time my husband had a job interview in Qatar. Only God knew he was developing shingles en route (in his left hand so he was inadvertently culturally correct). They gave him the latest antiviral drug which at the time was $100 a pill. We could never have afforded it. I could go on and on.
    3. When my husband finally relented and allowed me to become pregnant I was showing all the symptoms but the doctor’s test in the office said ‘no go’. They said I wanted it so much that my mind was producing false signs. I had a blood test and had to wait….
    Yes, I was pregnant and I have one child.
    4.I think Ruth cried. That’s what I would have done. I like to think Boaz was too kind to let her cry alone and he just held her tight and told her he had a plan to make it alright. He spread his mantle over her, he wouldn’t let her get cold. Maybe his hormones were racing but he was wise and righteous and able to control them.
    Question 5 will have to wait. Time has run out. But I hope it will be worth the wait for you!

  24. 124
    Melissa Ford says:

    Solo in VA

    (eating tacos while I type and listening to chaos upstairs as my husband puts the kids to bed:))

    1. I would say that the male leadership in our church has been extremely kind and merciful towards both my husband and I. It’s uncomfortable to think of a man’s kindness towards me other than my husband…however. Seeing leadership pray for us, call and check on me and Kevin individually and come to our home to talk and sort thru hard times is priceless.

    2. Places us in our town around our church friends. We thought it was a strategic move on our part for grad school and we would just join up w/ the church that had been planted out of our larger home church out of convenience. Little did we know that the leadership at this church and it’s smallness in size was EXACTLY what we needed and initially we thought we were doing them a favor 🙂

    3. I think of the many times I’ve had to ask forgiveness or face a relative or friend that I had hurt and kind of “wait and see” what kind of response I would get. It was hard b/c it was completely out of my control. The more authentic my apologies are and motives, the easier it becomes to “wait”.

    4. I would have been excited but scared too. I think it would take a lot of trust (in the Lord) to be patient and know that He was truly in control and that no matter what He is faithful.

    5. I like how Kelly mentions that Boaz was pretty respectful towards Ruth b/c she was in mourning and he kept his distance and seemed to reach out as an older brother or an uncle not a lustful man. I had never seen the story from that point of view. Kelly shows that in the end Naomi really is the one that pursues this relationship romantically not the other two. To answer the question…that’s how I want to be approached by the Lord, w/ dignity and care and tenderness.

    See you in 2 weeks!

  25. 125
    Rachel says:

    Our group was dwindled down to just 3 this week but we still had a great time. The other 2 ladies weren’t quite caught up in their studies so we just kinda discussed what we could. I know Beth was interested in the answers to #2 so I will share one of the other ladies’ response. 19 years ago this lady had moved with her husband and 2 children here (Mississippi) from Illinois. She had just become pregnant and was in need of a doctor. So, she found one and proceeded to the appt. with her list. When the doctor came in the room he was complaining about seeing all these ladies come in with their lists on that particular day. Needless to say, she did not return to his office. When it came time for another check-up, she was driving around doing errands with her children and happened by an OB/GYN’s office in a nearby small hospital and decided to just go in and make an appt. While at the front desk making an appt, the doctor came up for some reason and told the receptionist to go ahead and put her down for that day. So, she saw him, loved him and found out she was having twins. During her pregnancy, she found out one of the twins was sick and would not survive long after delivery. B/C her doctor was a Christian, she was not pressured into making any decisions she would later regret and had a month with her daughter before she went on the be with Jesus. WOW! So grateful she shared that with us.

  26. 126

    Going solo
    Albuquerque NM
    don’t know what happen to the seista I was suppose to do this with by email I am praying for her.

    #1 I am going to answer it I think I have felt the kindness of my Pastor at church One time I did not have money for something and he has the women who kept the books to write me out a check so to me that was unexpected kindness.

    #2 I can think of several instances but I will just say two, the time when I had not been on a plane in years and I mean years and had to fly to Florida to bring my mom back home that had to have been God to get me on that plane and get me back home with out me freaking out. One other time was when God moved me out of a situation I was in that was not good for me God provided a way out that only God could have done.

    #3 The waiting that is diffcult one because I know I always want to take it in my own hands and do it myself and fix it on my own, One time I was with out a car for a while no way to get around except by public transportation and I had done everything I could do to get a car and kept getting doors shut in my face everytime so I just had to let go and let God do His work after the last door slammed in my face that evening I had got to the end of my rope and recieved a phone call and God provided Praise Him ! The waiting was the hardest part.

    #4 I would have been fearful that things would have not worked out. That things would be okay for a while then they would all fall apart.

    #5 That God Loves me and it is by His grace that I am saved and that no matter how much I screw up on a daily basis that He does not put conditions on His Love and sometimes I wander hoe God can love me for some of the things I do espically after yesterday something happen and I am so mad at myself that I would be so stupid to do that I hope I learned my lesson it is just plain old sin and I fell. I have been crying out to God today redeem me from this habit.

    Thanks seista mama for doing this study this summer
    Love Carol

    • 126.1

      Oh God’s grace is such an awesome thing! I love how you said that God does not put conditions on His love no matter how much we screw up. What a merciful and mighty God we serve.
      Praying for you!


        Thank you Michelle I just read your reply and it brought tears to my eyes and under my breath I thanked God for all these special ladies here in seistaville.
        Love and Blessings to you

    • 126.2
      Twyla McAmis says:

      I wanted to response to “For Discussion” pg.68 in our workbook. My mother passed away in feburary of 2009. Prior to this my sisters and I had been caring for her in her home for several years. In 1997, a very special person came into our lives. He was my sister,s friend and companion. He began visiting my mother and us and he showed us so many acts of kindness. He would bring my mother birthday cards, candy, food, and just sit and talk with her. We were truly overcome by his kindness. He showed us love in action, and I will never forget him. He went home to be with Jesus just four weeks ago, after being diagnosed with cancer shortly before that. I will greatly miss him, but I will always remmember his kindness toward my family, and I will seek to do the same for others.

      • Monica says:

        Just read this mama! It brought me to tears & you do do the same for others. I remember your love & care you gave to mammaw during her last days here on earth also. I definately saw Jesus greatly in you when you cared for her. I remember you telling me about this man & how he came to minister to mammaw. Was this the same man that came to share the Lord’s supper with mammaw & just started weeping cause he was just humbled by the peace of God he felt in that room? Love & miss you!

    • 126.3
      Lisa says:

      Thank you for sharing #5 Carol. I, too, messed up yesterday with a stupid habit of my own that I wish would just go away forever! Oh these thorns of this flesh can be so prickly!

  27. 127
    Gabby says:

    Solo, Chilliwack B.C. (canada)

    1. I was leading a mission’s trip my co-leader prayed for me on the airplane (because I HATE flying and it’s one of the biggest steps of faith for me) and that just made my day and it’s something that I have remembered for a long time. He was a great guy and for him to ask to pray for me and sense my fear was a wonderfully kind thing.

    2. There are a lot of these “coincidences” which really are God’s timing but I think the biggest one for me right now is where I work. I graduate from Universiy two years ago and that summer after graduation I was SO nervous, scared, excited, and did I mention SCARED about my future as I no longer had school to fall back on. I applied to work at various places and I had a pretty good job as an ESL assitant for only had 12 hours a week and I was looking for a second job that would probably enough to support myself and pay back my loans. I applied to work as an Educational assistant at a private Christian school and thought nothing of it until one day, when I was in such a panic over finances and my future I received a call from that school for a job interview! Praise the Lord because from then on my life has completely changed. Not only did I get offered a full time job, I also became a High School English teacher and have been blessed with a wonderful work “family” and I am doing something I NEVER wanted to do but that I know LOVE! Totally God’s timing and something I could not have foreseen at all!

    3. I think this has happened to me a lot. Where I have to rely on God to work things out after doing everything that I could in that situation. I can’t think of a specific example but it’s a challenge and an opportunity for growth to wait on God and wait on the situation.

    4. Relived, but suddenly wondering what would happen with the other redeemer. Excited to know of Boaz’s feelings for her. Anxiety, worried and prayed all night.

    5. I love the historical lesson on a kinsman redeemer because it so beautifully opened my eyes to our REDEEMER! I grew up knowing Christ was my Saviour but it really helps to put it into perspective and understand it better when you have a clearer understanding of the history behind a term and how it’s much more than just a term. I am SO thankful to Christ for redeeming me because He was willing and able to!

  28. 128
    Jani says:

    Agate, CO – Solo
    1. I was caught in a blizzard, unable to see a thing. Pretty sure the road was deserted and no place to turn off and wait, I slowly made my way home. My husband was waiting at our turn-off with his headlights so I could see. A mile from home I drove straight into the ditch, it was too slow to cause any damage to myself or the car but I was stuck with no cell phone service! Not a minute later a man knocked on my window (yes, I jumped out of my seat)and after evaluating my car knew he would be unable to pull me out. But he kindly carried my laptop, etc. to his truck and drove me a mile to my hubby’s awaiting arms. It would have been so easy to ignore me and drive safely home but I am thankful for his kindness.
    2. Oh, this one always gives me God-bumps….We had a very rough year after my husband was a passenger in a car accident that left him with many disabilities and health issues. One day at work I received a call from my neighbor letting me know she had my kids and I needed to get to the hospital b/c my husband was in an ambulance in respiratory arrest. Somehow I made it to the hospital before the ambulance which was stuck in a hail storm. I sat down in the waiting room only to look up when the door opened to see my dearest friend whom I hadn’t seen in 5 years walk through the door. We picked up as if we parted yesterday. I’m sure my fellow siestas can imagine the exclamations, tears, and hugs that followed. It went way over the poor security guards head since all he could say was “only one visitor per patient”!! She had been summoned to come immediately to her Aunt and had jumped in the car and driven straight through the night to be there only to find out it wasn’t serious at all. We chatted later when my husband was stable and she told me that she had no idea why she was there, it wasn’t necessary and I told her that I knew, I was at a breaking point – even telling God I couldn’t take anymore – ready to give up – and He sent her to me as a source of encouragement and prayer partner to get me through that awful night. God is the only one who could of orchestrated that perfect timing.
    3. Once again, my husband was very ill last year and the Doctors had no answers and test results revealed nothing. Waiting for answers or someone to do something was hard as I watched him deteriorate quickly from 170 lbs to 134 lbs. The disease left exactly 6 months after it started and to this day the Dr’s have no explanation – but we do, we serve a mighty God who answers our prayers and is mighty to save.
    4. I think her heart must have skipped a beat over this new development, I’m not sure how she could have slept, I even wonder if she quietly cried herself to sleep.
    5. He is full of grace! He is willing to redeem me despite my shortcomings.

  29. 129
    Annette says:

    3 of us meeting around a kitchen table in Siloam, NC

    1. One talked about a time of illness in her family when her brother-in-laws prepaired a place to stay and breakfast the next morning, making a bad situation a little better. Another talked about when her landlord went out of his way to show kindness to her and her daughter after her divorce and move. Another talked about a unexpected job offer from a long time friend.

    2. One lady talked about how God put everything in place for a move to a new state to be with her man.

    3. When one of the ladies marriage broke up and she was waiting to her husband to make up is mind who he was going to choose to be with.

    4. Some of the feeling we came up with is hopeful, prayerful, afraid and “What are you kidign me?”

    5. We talked about all the many times we have read this book, we didn’t relate Boaz and Christ. We also discussed that Christ is the redeemer of things lost, PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME.

    This is such a great study and we are enjoying it so very much. Great friends and great study. Thanks Beth!!

  30. 130
    JillG says:

    Holland, MI – Tulip Center of America checking in…

    Our small group of 5 had two amazing “Only God” stories to share:

    Siesta Sister #1:
    Her daughter suddenly announced she was pregnant out of wedlock, with no intention of marrying the father. After frantically searching multiple adoption agencies for a good set of parents and not finding anyone, Siesta Sister #1 found her staying for a 2nd basketball game (which she never did – always only went to the 1st game!) and ran into a friend who had recently moved in from out of state.

    Her friend knew something was wrong and asked about it. Siesta Sister #1 told her the story, only to find out the woman knew of a couple in her old town who had been trying desperately for 16 yrs to have a child but couldn’t. They weren’t having any success to find a child to adopt either.

    Today, that 7 yr old girl and her parents are now part of our Siesta Sister’s near and dear family. Since then, the daughter has married and now has 2 darling little girls plus another child on the way. The 7 year is so close to her birth mother and Grandma Siesta, she calls those little girls her sisters!

    Only God can take a traumatic situation and turn it into a miracle!


    Siesta Sister #2 had only one child and was trying to find a 2nd child to adopt as they couldn’t have any more children. After 3 years of unsuccessful searching, they didn’t know what to do.

    One day, they went to some friends’ house for the evening. Their daughter got bored, picked up a big photo album laying on the coffee table and leafed thru it. She turned to her Daddy, pointed to a picture and said, “Hey, Daddy. This little boy looks just like you!”

    They about fell off the couch when the woman said she worked for an adoption agency and that little Korean boy was here in the country but they couldn’t find a home for him.

    Within 3 months, that little boy joined our Siesta Sister’s family and is now in his early 20s. He’s had some major medical problems. His parents were told he’d never hit 20 but not only did he surpass it, he’s doing pretty well health-wise. God continues to bless that famiily with miracles.

    Only God!

    Had a wonderful evening. Our discussions are going on over 2 1/2 hours!

  31. 131
    Joy says:

    Asheboro, NC; 4 ladies

    1. A couple of us shared about kindness shown to us by our husbands, in their help around the house or with their sensitivity toward our emotions. One told of how her doctor took a knee as he talked to her as not to make her feel intimidated. Another told us about one of her patients that helped her out when her AC at home went out.

    2. We believe that “only God could have known” that this group of women needed to be together. We laughed when one of the girls said that we’re “reformed Jezebels”!

    3. One girl told us about the strained relationship she has with her brother’s girlfriend. She said that she has prayed, and apologized for everything. She has gone out of her way to be nice and include her in events with the family but with no change. So she has decided to let go and take her hands off the situation because she believes she has done everything there is to do. She is praying for God to do His work in the situation. And now she waits.

    4. We all agreed that it would be a relief to find out that we would be provided for by a kinsman-redeemer, no matter who it was. However, if the first man came to redeem us, it would be scary since there was nothing known about him. We all said we would hope it would be Boaz because he’s already shown himself to be an upstanding man of integrity. And the wait to find out who would redeem us would freak us out!

    5. We talked about how we have been given fine linen, bright and clean, to wear; that these robes were given as a sign of redemption by Christ, and that we are the bride made pure and holy and righteous by Christ’s righteousness.

    • 131.1
      Luann Pearson says:

      Joy, Isn’t it awesome how God ordains the groups He puts together! My Bible study group is preparing to begin “Esther” in August, and we’ve just prayed for Him to send us who we need to have. We know that whomever He sends, it will be the perfect group!

      • Joy says:

        Oh, you are gonna LOVE the Esther study! I hope to hear your feedback on that when you get in to it.

  32. 132

    Good evening!

    We ladies met last night in Round Rock, TX and enjoyed some chicken salad, mango salad, rolls and each other’s company. It was good to be back together again after having to miss last session.

    A number of us in the group shared that our OBGYNs were the men who extended kindness to us in a way that overcame us and was unexpected. As one of the ladies aptly said, “You gotta fall in love with your OB; what do they ‘not’ know about you!?” 🙂 We got a good laugh about this, but being women in such an emotional and physically vulnerable state, these doctors extending kindness and thoughtfulness to us is deeply appreciated! I’m still chuckling. 🙂

    We all agreed that we have “Only God could have known” experiences regularly when we have eyes to see them (and we try so hard to remember them!). The way God worked out bringing us together with our spouses, or working details out to get us into the colleges He had for us, and setting us up with the friends He had set apart for us to be life-long friends with…these were all ways we saw as “Only God”, divine collisions. The way that only the Lord brought one of the ladies out of a destructive home whose family disowned her when she became a believer and how He’s healed her is very meaningful. It was clear that we had a number of these special moments throughout our lives and are so grateful.

    We had LOTS of waiting stories! Waiting for a boyfriend to make up his mind to marry us; waiting on jobs; waiting on pay checks on a regular basis that make us keep trusting the Lord. Lots and lots of waiting…probably one of the hardest things we have experienced but it’s drawn us nearer to Jesus.

    We talked a lot about how we were amazed with Ruth and Boaz. Thinking about the culture of that time, we couldn’t even start to grasp what Ruth was pondering that night she waited. Fear of what the other guy was like was something we all wondered about. This question led us to talk about the book of Ruth as a whole and it was a great discussion about the overall study and what we’re learning.

    Hope you all have a wonderful evening! I’m thankful for my ladies and the chance to do this with them (and y’all)! Love to you!

  33. 133
    Tanis says:

    We met tonight with five women. We are blessed by this study.

    1. A time where we were overcome with a man’s kindness. A son helping his mother out physically and financially. A friend who painted a bright orange car to a burgundy color for free. A brother who files up his sister’s car with gas without being asked and without expecting repayment. A young man who gave his neighbour his old bike when he got a new bike (both families were financially strapped). An older man from another country who gave two young girls the balance of change to buy some Barbie shoes. None of these men had to do what they did, but each of us has remembered each of them and their kindness to us.
    2. Twenty nine years ago I was invited by a friend to her youth group. It was one week before Christmas and the gospel was shared. Later that night, I went home and found out that my dad had left. Our family fell apart and things spun out of control. However, the seed had been planted in my heart and later on I was able to reconnect with my friend and share with her what that night had meant to me. I felt I had to tell her how much I appreciated her asking me to go with her that night and just to thank her. At the time, she was working through something’s and knowing what she had done blessed her.
    3. Waiting for the Lord to heal a sick child. Everything that could have been done was being done. The Lord answered the pray in His perfect time.
    4. Feelings we may have if we were in Ruth’s position. Scared, unsure, worried, confused, somewhat rejected by Boaz when he had to check with the other person first. What if…?
    5. Boaz helped Ruth and gave orders to his staff that they were to help Ruth. Boaz knew he was her Kinsman Redeemer. He would have known that he could have changed her life immediately if he told her that he could redeem her. However, he let Ruth discover this on her own. He allowed Ruth the freedom to come to him on her own. Jesus has done the same thing for us. He has given us the freedom to make the decision to come to Him and accept Him as our Redeemer. We can even meet Him on the threshing floor. Thank you Jesus.

    • 133.1
      Kathy B says:

      “Buy some Barbie shoes.” Loved that! I keep a caramel colored Barbie pump, circa ’70’s, on my craft counter just to keep me inspired. Shallow? maybe. Smiling? surely!

  34. 134
    Matia says:

    Katie from Knoxville, TN and Matia in Fort Worth, TX

    1. We thought of several specific things that our husbands have done for us over the last several years. Good men. We also noted some special unexpected kindnesses from our step-dad!

    2. Some of the best “God-ordained” encounters have been those from this blog. Only God could have known that my sister would stumble across this blog site and all of the love, encouragement, and teaching moments that have come from it.

    3. There was a time when Katie and I decided not to visit our Dad and step-mom for awhile. After about two years, Katie decided to write Ellen and tell her that she had always wanted to be friends and wanted to reconcile the relationship. She had to wait for about a year for a response from my step-mom. She finally received one when we decided to go for a short visit; there my step-mom apologized.

    4. If we were in that situation, we would be prayerful, trusting in God, all the variables are variables that she couldn’t control. She would have wanted a good husband, security, and being a widow was almost like a death sentence. She probably did like him because he was so kind and his character had been demonstrated as noble. I would be hoping that the other man would not want to redeem her.

    5. Christ as Redeemer: buy back property that was sold because of destitution and buy back a slave that had been sold – Christ bought us from the slavery of being lost, redeemed us from the kingdom of darkness, buying back all of that old property. He can redeem it and turn it to good – got the idea from Beth’s inheritance video!

    This is a great study! Thank you Kelly and thank you Beth.

  35. 135
    April says:

    Birmingham, AL

    1.A few years ago, my precious cat died. It was pretty traumatic for me. I managed to drag myself into work looking pretty horrible and breaking into tears often. A man that I worked with, who I did not particularly find to be a kind person, came by my cubicle and stopped and hugged me. We typically don’t have much hugging going on in my company so this was unusual. He seemed to be so sincere that I just completely let myself go and just bawled right into that unexpected hug. I think that it is the fondest memory that I have of that man, and it was something that I really needed at the time.

    2. This story of Ruth meeting Boaz reminds me of the story of when I met my husband. He and I both visited a local church on the same day at the invitation of others. That day he and I both went to the same Sunday School class. The very first day we each visited a particular church and a particular Sunday School class was the day we met. Less than a year later, we were married in that very same church. If one of us had been one week off, the outcome could be very different today.

    3. My most recent example was when my husband was out of work for over a year. I think I offered up every interviewing technique and suggestion that crossed my brain. There was nothing that I could do to solve the problem. We waited for numerous phone calls and responses from potential employers, and ultimately waited for God to reveal His perfect will. It was one of the hardest years that I have ever lived through, and the waiting was torture at times.

    4. At least Boaz did not say “No.” (Relief) Who is this other man? Is he kind? Is he a good man like Boaz? What will happen to us if he redeems us instead of Boaz? (Fear) I pray that he will not redeem, and Boaz will be allowed to redeem us. We know that we will be safe with Boaz. I pray to please let it be Boaz. (Hope)

    5. We know that Christ is our redeemer. We don’t have to wonder like Ruth wondered about Boaz. We have the security of knowing that He has, does, and will redeem.

  36. 136
    Lindsey says:

    Houston, TX – group of 6

    1. Almost all of our girls said the man whose kindness they had experienced the most came from their dads. One of our girls said a male cousin, a couple of years younger, had been extremely comforting at the death of their grandmother.

    2. Two of girls mentioned our church. One girl who moved with her husband from out of state while she was pregnant knew God had perfectly orchestrated their move and choice of our church because they just “randomly” chose the suburb of Houston to live in and “just happen” to have a group visit them after their first time to attend our church when they were not even sure if they would go back. The other said she knew the choosing of our current pastor was something only God could have orchestrated after an almost 3-year search process.

    3. This one brought lots of interesting and unique responses. One girl said the process of looking for her first job after college was a time when she had prepared and taken every test she could. All she could do was wait for a job offer to come along. Another girl said the hope of playing volleyball in college was a similar situation where she had played her best in her matches, sent away all the videos she could, and just had to hope someone noticed her out of all the many girls playing (and they did). A third said the desire for her sister to have a deep relationship with Christ is what she has prayed for for so long. She has encouraged her sister in every way she can think of, but ultimately, she knows only God can prick her heart. Still, another mentioned her stepson who has a tainted view of women because of the extremely poor example is real mother has set for him. She prays she can change his mentality over time and show him that not all women will leave him. Last, another said the fact that her parents will not come visit she and her family is something she feels to be at a complete loss over because her parents are great people yet she cannot figure out why they will never come.

    4. We all agreed she must have been nervous of the outcome. One girl said she almost hoped Boaz had just kept that little bit of information to himself and just married her anyway. However, she also said the fact that he did not do that proved even more what a great man he was.

    5. One of our girls summed it up well by saying that we may not have developed any “new insight” but the story of Ruth and Boaz is a “great reminder” of how Christ is our redeemer and He will fight for us.

    We all love this study and the openness we have felt with each other from the very first meeting. Sad there is only one more time!

  37. 137
    Nicola says:

    If I don’t finish this I’ll be up all night thinking about it… I was last night.
    5. It is fascinating to me to think of my Redeemer with wings. The angels aren’t really described as having wings, not the ones who met humans on earth. I believe in the pre-incarnate Christ visiting Abram and Gideon and Samson’s parents and He wasn’t wingy.
    But the four living creatures have wings enough to go round and they are His creatures and they stand/float/flutter/hover right beside the throne He sits on.
    So I imagine myself going boldly to the throne of grace, crawling because to me that seems a pretty bold position in the light of all that glory. I tuck my self up nice and close to the foot of that throne and those wings cover me. I wouldn’t get ‘His wings’ any other way.
    Then He lifts me up and robes me and I sit in His Lap and we gaze out to the Lamb and the Lampstands and the elders and the rainbow and the glassy sea and all over and round there are wings beating and covering.
    I am very much in love with my Redeemer. And I am thrilled to be webbily involved with so many others who share the passion. Most times I log on to respond and I use up my time reading and receiving inspiration from the other commenters. Thank you all

    • 137.1
      Lisa says:

      And thank you for sharing that wonderful depiction of His throne…yes, I like it very much! : )

    • 137.2
      Sym says:

      Hello Wing Siesta…just wanted you to know I found your post. I like it very much, it is a whole different thought about his wings being eternal not just temporal. I also wanted to thank the Lord for giving you your husband back, and the blessing of a child. God is great, better than chocolate cake!

  38. 138
    Linda Baron says:

    Linda, Bend, OR 2 people in our group
    1. One of us was recently moving her daughter into a new apartment. The cable person was there to hookup the cable, and he help move a couch and air conditioner into the apartment for them. He also installed the air conditioner. They were both exhausted and so appreciated his kindness.
    2. When my son was in college he signed up for a poetry writing class at the end of his sophmore year for the next fall term. In the meantime, he and his girlfriend broke up. It was pretty traumatic for him. The poems he wrote during that class were cleansing and healing for him as he wrote about the relationship and break up. Only God knew when he signed up for the class how much he would need it the following fall.
    3. We have disunity in our family between my other son and his father (my husband). I have done all I can, and I have placed it in God’s hands and am waiting for Him to do the healing.
    4. We felt Ruth would be ecstatic at the prospect of her future with Boaz. She would feel warm and accepted because he wanted to marry her. Although she didn’t know how the situation would end, she could see how God had taken care of her; and the outcome was in His hands. She trusted him.
    5. God’s love in redeeming is what has become so real for both us. God redeems us from so many things: our salvation first and foremost, but sometimes I think he redeems us from ourselves.

  39. 139
    Joyce says:

    In August I start the Esther Study and I have watched the DvD’s twice just preparing for what God wants me to do.

    I thought of Ruth what she might have said__

    It is tough being a woman…
    when you fear you might lose the man you love,
    when you have to work hard to make means meet,
    when you have to make choices that you are not
    certain of the outcome
    when you have to take courage for what lie ahead,
    when you have to live in an uncertain world.
    But, through it all you know who your Redeemer is.

    Maybe, some of you have some other thoughts on this.

    • 139.1
      Lisa says:

      Interesting concept. I, too, just finished up Esther myself. I think both of these women, Ruth and Esther, would not have said this out loud, as it seems too forward for them. I think they just did what needed to be done quietly without a single complaint or audible statement.

      But statement nonetheless, is what they ended up making by their bold actions. Isn’t that the truth though? The loudest, boldest statements that seem to have been made are the ones that no audible words were exchanged.

  40. 140
    Marilyn Maddox says:

    Our regular group of 4 Siesta Sistas met tonight, and here are some responses…

    Q#2 One of us told about a time in her 30s, contemplating whether to continue in a part-time job, or to return to teaching since her children had finally (!!!) reached school age, giving her more “free” time. She prayed to God to direct her on what to do… Didn’t tell her husband or anyone else about that prayer. Within a week, an acquaintance called out of the blue and asked her to consider taking a suddenly-vacated teaching job at their parochial school, teaching a general Bible-based class. Had to be God working there, for sure!

    Q#5 Two in our group shared that they have had “ah ha!” moments this week when they realized that a lot of pieces of their lives (where they knew God has had a hand) have now come together to create a wonderful new and grand whole-ness in their lives. How Ruth’s journey is like our journeys, even today!

  41. 141
    Kelly Jo says:

    Truth is….. I’m struggling a little bit. I’ve decided I should wait and do this Ruth study when my girls in Albany can join me. I absolutely love the 2 pages I have completed and I promise you my sweet siesta mama I will complete this study on Ruth 100%. We will use your questions but we won’t blog since it will be over with by the time we get started. I’m sorry. I think I need a hug or something. Anyways, I am super excited about Lexington 23 days and I wish you would make Nancy come 🙂 ps I’m staying at the hyatt!!!!! I LOVE YOU BUNCHES

  42. 142
    twinkle says:

    Deborah…solo…middle Georgia area.

    Hi Beth and my sweet Siestas! I have enjoyed reading the responses to your questions, Beth. They are such a testimony of Christ working in our lives! I keep wondering how we will ever sing hymns about our Redeemer without bawling outloud. This has been the most tender life lesson. I love Ruth. I heart Boaz. But man I’m crazy about Jesus…

    1. Surprised by a man’s kindness…an older man at the recycling center in my county rushes to my car and gets my trash out before I can hardly stop! He may be in conversation with people or busy doing something else, but he stops and helps me every time. And I hate lifting those trash bags (thank your husbands for taking the trash out)! I know this man treats me this way because God has softened his heart towards me. And I am very grateful.

    2. Only God knew…I had some unanswered prayers in a bad relationship. I saw those same prayers get answered in a new relationship. Only God and I knew what those prayers were. They were tender prayers. And my heart was broken when they weren’t answered. He provided the answers later and they were all the sweeter because they were delayed. God hears. God cares.

    3. Waiting on someone else’s response…that is my life right now. My marriage is at a major crossroad. Will it live or will it die? I’ve done all I can. I’ve given it to God. And I wait for his decision. I trust God to work this out for me and I press into Him while I wait. Precious time with my Lord. But it hurts.

    4. My response to waiting for the closer kinsman…I notice a quiet knowing in Ruth. She is at peace. She made her decision to follow Naomi’s God. No matter what. I sense that she was not putting her future in Boaz, but in God. If the other Kinsman was the one to redeem her…she trusted God enough to let that happen. I think I would have wanted the RIGHT man to redeem me at God’s perfect time and in His perfect plan. I would have been at peace. I mean, look at what she’s already trusted God with and He was so faithful.

    5. A new insight on Christ as my Redeemer…I think it’s interesting that we have a #1 kinsman in this story who refused to accept that opportunity through Ruth. And she becomes the continuation of the bloodline for Jesus Christ. The #1 kinsman rejects and the #2 kinsman accepts (Boaz). To me this is a picture of the flesh/spirit battle. The flesh fails…the spirit completes. Christ is the perfect Kinsman-Redeemer. He completes “Hesed.”

    I am so much a fan of Ruth. Her attitude in her situation just speaks to me. And I am so grateful for Boaz and how he responded so kindly to her. Beautiful message of compassion…

    • 142.1
      Lisa says:

      I stand alongside you now, Deborah with prayers for your marriage.

      As His delay before in your life brought you answers, may He bless you with His grace, mercy, strength and faith in Him to endure the time you must go through now.

      May the very marrow of your bones feel and know His presence and peace. He redeemed my marriage in very mighty ways in 2007, I pray He will do the same for you, according to His will.

      • twinkle says:

        Exodus 14:14 (YLT)
        “Jehovah doth fight for you, and ye keep silent.”

        That is my verse. My faith is in God. This Bible study has been so tender to my heart. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers.

        God is raising up some mighty warriors of faith in this generation. This is His Work…not mine.

        • Kathy B says:

          OK, I have to know: what’s a YLT? My mental gymnastics have come up with, “Yahweh Loves Truth”, but I imagine it’s something far more normal like “Youth Living Translation.” The “doth” and “ye” have me thrown for a loop.

          • twinkle says:

            Young’s Literal Translation! From (Online Parallel Bible). This site has a verse in many versions and I just like how YLT said “ye keep silent.” I can do that better than “be still.”


    • 142.2
      rene sandifer says:

      yes, (nodding in complete agreement) He hears and He does care…and may that be enough for each of us today.
      xoxo, rene

  43. 143
    Sondra says:

    Solo siesta in Christiansburg, Va.

    1. When my son was 5 and was learning to ride his bike, he fell trying to make a turn and broke his arm. I was feeling terribly guilty about the accident because I’d been on my cell phone with a friend while I was watching him and was distracted. I kept thinking that maybe if I’d paid more attention my son wouldn’t have broken his arm. Her husband, who is a very private man and shares very little with anyone, came up to me at church and told me a story about how he broke his arm when he was about my son’s age. They couldn’t even find his step mother and he got very little help. He reminded me that I was there for my son and I took care of him after the accident and gave him everything he needed (medical attention, love, and support). I know it was hard for him to tell me that story and I appreciated the point he was trying to make. It really meant a lot.

    2. About six years ago, I had a miscarriage terminating my second pregnancy. I had a beautiful little boy and after the ordeal, my husband was content to leave it with one child, but I wasn’t. There was a woman that sang with me on the praise team that I didn’t know very well, but I knew she had only one child and I asked her about their decision to have only one. This was the beginning of a really powerful friendship. God used this conversation to reveal to each of us that this was a person I’d like to know better. Then He blessed that friendship immensely. It is one of the few relationships that we have where we can understand and relate to each other on a spiritual level. I treasure it.

    3.Since he was old enough to talk, I have talked to my son about Jesus. I’ve told him what I know, answered his questions, shared scripture, had Bible study and devotional times, and prayed for him regularly. Then there came a time when I needed to be quiet and let God work. God rewarded me by giving me the privilege of hearing my son pray to receive Christ. I really am blessed.

    4. I knew that Ruth would be filled with overwhelming relief and joy that Boaz had accepted her proposal, but in my mind the uncertainties of the next step would also be overwhelming. What have I done? What if this man wants to marry me? What if he isn’t nice like Boaz? Yet ultimately, I concluded that Ruth’s faith would triumph and she would trust in God to give her His best, just as she had from the beginning.

    5. The reminder that Jesus gave His all for me because he loves me and wants a relationship with me is overwhelming. Who am I that the God of the universe wants to be with me? It’s incomprehensible.

    • 143.1
      Lisa says:

      Thank You Jesus for giving Sondra such a blessed friendship! Those special friendships are so precious, aren’t they?

  44. 144
    Lauren says:

    Solo, Kentucky
    I have had a rough couple of weeks… seems like as soon as I start really delving into the Word of God someone tries to knock me back down! Arguments at home, feelings of self-doubt, etc., etc… but I am determined to keep holding strong to God… all prayers would be appreciated =)
    1. When I think of acts of kindness from a man I really am blessed. I was raised in a Christian home and my Dad is the epitome of kindness. Even though my husband and I are on rocky terms right now, I am also blessed in that area, and I have a father-in-law that spoils me rotten! But when I read this today, I thought of one time in particular that I was blessed with an unexpected act of kindness. A few years ago, I had taken my little sister and cousin (they were 4 or 5 at the time) to watch a movie. I live in a rural area, and the car broke down. It was dark, I didn’t have a cell phone, and I was about 30 miles from home. We walked to a house to ask if we could use the phone. The gentleman who answered the door was waiting on his girlfriend to get there from work to go watch a movie. He invited us in, fixed the kids something to eat, and let them watch Nickelodeon… and once his girlfriend arrived they missed the movie to wait with us until my parents could come pick us up! Talk about a godsend!!!

    2. I am really struggling on this one. At this time, I can’t remember any specific time, but I know that there are many! God orchestrates everything and I truly believe that all things work together for his good!

    3. One example that may sound lame involves my profession. I am a nursing professor and at the end of our curriculum, the students have to take state boards. At this time, I have truly done all I can in the situation. My program has been struggling in the past couple of years, and getting those pass rates up have really been something my colleagues and I have been working hard for. When they go to take boards, I pray and leave it in the hands of God, knowing that I have done the best I could with each of them.

    4.Boaz promised he would be the kinsman redeemer… so Ruth knew she was accepted. In my notes, I jotted that she must have been thrilled, ecstatic! But also very scared… she was a Moabitess… she couldn’t expect someone else to treat her as kindly as Boaz… so if the other kinsman redeemer agreed to step in how would she be treated? Who was this person? What was their personality like? How could they ever compare to Boaz? There probably weren’t words to describe her feelings of insecurity at that time, because even though Boaz had far exceeded her wildest dreams, there was the chance that she might wake up to a nightmare…

    5.All I can say is WOW! I love the book of Ruth, but have to say that as I am reading it, and seeing all that Boaz did for Ruth… Jesus has done all of that and so much more for us. He made a conscious decision. Reading the scripture about Gethsemane really sent chills up my spine. KNowing that he was distressed, struggling with what was to come… and how many times when I am faced with difficulties in life (like a stupid fight with my husband over nothing) do I just quit and say that’s it? Why even bother? As I am sitting here thinking, “What did I do to deserve this?”, and What did He do… Nothing… I don’t deserve it, but He loves me all the same… WOW!!
    Sorry it is so long… Prayers to all of my Siestaville friends… I am loving being a part of this, and hate to see this study end! God bless!!!!

    • 144.1
      Lisa says:


      Thank you for sharing about your struggles right now and being bold to ask for prayers.

      I do pray that the “rockiness” of your marriage will be smoothed out and made clear on all levels. This scripture comes to mind for you:

      Isaiah 40:3-5 Clear the way for the LORD in the wilderness ; Make smooth in the desert a highway for our God. Let every valley be lifted up, And every mountain and hill be made low ; And let the rough ground become a plain, And the rugged terrain a broad valley ; Then the glory of the LORD will be revealed

    • 144.2
      HeleddNest says:


      Sorry to hear that you have some difficulties in your marriage right now. I will be praying for you.

      Your fellow Siesta,


  45. 145
    KMSmom86 says:

    I made the ice cream dessert for our group on Tuesday and it was delicious! We had a good discussion about Boaz being Ruth’s kinsman redeemer.

  46. 146
    Cheryl says:

    Midlothian Va – solo -One – I am lovin the study at least five times this week I was able to use what I learned while in conversation with people. I am telling people about the provision of the redeemer through others or the joy of being a woman of Nobel character – or for me to see reward in working hard and taking care o f other s.. all good
    1- Male s– I am lucky I have always had good male friends in addition to my husband who are kind and make my life brighter and protect me from harm. But until this question really did not appreciate it as a provision…
    2- Quick story – after adopting our beloved son after many years of trying – I thought well that’s it! thank you God, I am done. I thought maybe a second child in another few years lol Not . Ten months after bring my son home I went to a fiends wedding one weekend (the wedding was cancelled by groom 1 hr before a wedding – another story) and had dinner with a girlfriend in lieu of reception. She asked about mother hood and said could God want me to have a second child and I said ha ha – no way – she said .be open to it and I said Ok I will pray about it and said God it’s up to you- it’s your will but I will not seek it . That Monday the social worker called and said the birth mom of my son was delivering and wanted top place the child… and even though were unprepared , had no money , no resources and a 1 years old – my heart leaped for Joy and we brought our daughter home soon after . And I made history by having two maternity leaves in less than a year. God used the encounter over the weekend to open my heart because he knew what was ahead…and we all say wow God
    3- At work all the time. I work months on a project or proposals to help the poor and then have to wait and leave it in the hands of others. And I can watch my work go down the drain or I can watch it get funded, supported and have life. And I have to trust that God know best even after I it gave my best.
    4- I would be a Looney woman – I can’t imagine. I would be up all-night like the cartoon where the room is dark and you see the two yellow eyes. I am such a planner and the fact that the plan was out of my hands would make me crazy. What if the toad man takes me and I have to be his wife – well that’s worse than gleaning the field and me then I would be stuck and I have no power or choices. On the other hand what if I am Boaz wife – how cool is that – or maybe he would die as has been my luck and he’s older – so maybe I should continue to glean… so I would vacillate between being Cinderella to be being the sherek troll.looney .
    5- All provisions come from the lord… and I have to trust him more… not lean on my own intellect or understanding… and know he will provide me – so that when I am in need of grace, strength I should begin to look for the provision that may not come as thunder and lightning but by a woman handing me rose.

    • 146.1
      Lisa says:

      How cool that you got to share that many times about this study in just one week! Fertile ground you must be! Let me guess, you’re in a season of “sowing” right now?! You go girl!

      And BTW, I love your style of writing! The eyes in the dark, now that’s just funny!

  47. 147
    Langford Living Room says:

    Well, our group met 4 in person and 2 via skype. Isn’t technology wonderful??
    We had great a discussion! We are all enjoying the study very much! We had a good discussion on “resting”!

  48. 148
    HeleddNest says:

    1. It’s my husband who springs to mind really for being so kind when I just don’t deserve it.
    2. I love the second question!
    Last year I was working in a teaching job I enjoyed but it wasn’t paying much and didn’t have many prospects. We went through an inspection and I did as best as I could. There was normally no feedback after however, because I needed confirmation I was in the right field, I asked God if he could let someone tell me how I did. Lo and behold, later that day the head came and explained that she didn’t normally do this but she had to tell me that the inspecting body were really impressed with my teaching. Wow! It was great to know that I was a good teacher but what was even better was knowing that God cared enough about my need for confirmation and that he’d heard my silent heart’s cry. It blew me away..!
    3. I’m kind of here right now with someone in my life. I’ve realised that I can do no more and I’m just waiting.
    4.If I were Ruth I would have been on a rollercoaster of emotions. The high of knowing I was wanted then the low of uncertainty then the high again. Definite stomach lurching.
    5. What stood out to me was Boaz’s phrase in chapter 3 v 13 “I will do it” It spoke to me of Christ’s determination and desire in redeeming us and how He didn’t do it grudgingly but set His mind and will to it. It amazed me again that He would do this for me.

  49. 149
    Jennifer Pipes says:

    Russellville, AR – 4 church secretaries and the youth pastor’s wife . . . we are all still doing our Ruth study but due to vacations and a busy summer here at the church our meetings haven’t been happening. We have been trying to communicate via email but we are planning to get together in August to eat, discuss and FINISH strong! We refuse to fizzle out and give up due to busyness! Please pray that we would “stay the course”! Love and appreciation from AR!

  50. 150
    Diane says:

    Diane – Roswell, GA – going solo
    1. When my husband first took me across country to meet his family I was understandably nervous. I’ll never forget his father’s kindness to me when we first pulled up to the house. Having never met me before, he came out of the carport with arms outstretched and gave me a huge hug as if to say I was welcome and accepted already. That is almost 16 years ago now and He is now with the Lord, but I will never forget that image.
    2. I have had numerous times lately when God has shown me the same Scripture from different sources as if to reinforce something that He knows I’m dealing with. It always makes me smile.
    3. We were in a situation several years ago when my husband might be transferred out of state for his job. It was not really something I wanted to do but I wanted to be supportive of my husband and obedient to where God wanted us. The decisions as to whether that would happen were being made by others in my husband’s company and that was “waiting for someone else’s response”. It turns out we didn’t have to go, and I felt that God was just looking for my obedience to His will.
    4. If I had been in Ruth’s situation that night I think I would have felt relief that this hadn’t been a completely crazy idea on Naomi’s part and that I would be redeemed one way or another, and I also would have felt tension and fear of the unknown – who is this other guy? will I end up with Boaz?
    5. I love how this story foreshadow’s Christ’s role as Redeemer. I cannot believe how He seeks me and shows me grace even when I fail to actively seek Him.

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