Hello Saturday Off! (And a Little Announcement)

Hey, You Darling Things!

I’ve had the best week because Melissa’s been in town since Monday. We’ve been together with the Joneses a ton of times and having everybody together brings me so much joy. I’ve told you before that my girls make me laugh like nobody else on earth. We just sat at FreshBerry and laughed until we nearly threw up our FreshBerry tart. (Are you guys into that yet? And, yes, I already know it’s a knock-off of Pink Berry but, since we don’t have Pink Berry in Houston, uh, we’re just going to knock it off. You just can’t be cooler than you are.)

These were our choices today. Amanda got Fruity Pebbles on hers which was a throw back to her childhood and reminded me of her little sister who tends to have the taste buds of a first grader. She also got blueberries and strawberries so that, true to form, her fruit could stay in the same color palette. Melissa is our riskier one with a menu but it doesn’t always pay off. (For instance, she’ll try the club sandwich at a Chinese restaurant or pasta and marinara at some place like Chili’s.) This time she tried the Key Lime Chiffon with graham crackers because the guy at the counter said it tasted just like the pie and, even though it was good, it was not as good as my traditional fare and she mostly assisted me in scraping the bottom of my cup. (I think I also licked it.) I got three fruits (mango, kiwi, and strawberries) but I also got granola which is like 70 cents extra (the fourth topping is extra) but there’s a reason why my name is still Moore and theirs is not. I was addicted by my second trip to FreshBerry and have sworn there is some kind of drug in it that drives you back. Of course, that’s a lie, lest I start a rumor.

Since many of you have commented along the way how close we seem (not me and FreshBerry but me and my girls although FreshBerry and I are moving forward in our relationship), I just want you to know, we don’t laugh together and get such a big kick out of each other because we don’t have problems. We each have a full plate of them. We just laugh because we might as well. Life’s just funnier that way. We also get a lot of satisfaction out of making fun of each other. If we cross the line, though, we apologize profusely and feel like dogs and tell the other one to say something mean to us, too. If they won’t, we’ll say something mature like, “Well, hit me then!”

Melissa’s been in town this week for us to start a very special project together. I would be so blessed and thankful for you to stop a split second and pray for us. We have just begun research for the next in-depth Bible study, God willing, and it will totally preoccupy us for at least the next full year. (She actually started on it months ago but I’ve just turned my attentions to it in the last seven days.) This will be a seven week, eight session study on the life and Book of James.

This time, instead of contributing through research alone (which she does masterfully and like no one else I know), I’ve asked Melissa to write brief segments from her own perspective and research each week throughout the workbook. I will write the main body of the lessons like usual and, unless the plan changes, she will have a box in each lesson where she brings her own voice. I will do the lecture sessions as usual, too, but she will also probably be in some of the cutaways or what we call “outros.” All of this is what we believe we’re sensing from God right now but it will no doubt develop as we go. We’re super excited and yes, nervous as always, but we feel like we’ve got a window of opportunity for a little co-writing and we’re going to jump through it. Amanda has already been right in there with us helping us shape the concept but, as you know, her hands are full with small children right now and this is not her season for this kind of titanic undertaking at work. She is my favorite editor and I so hope she’ll be able to look over some of the lessons along the way as her schedule permits. In one way or another, our lives are always intertwined. Amanda may not co-write but goodness knows she has provided a preschooler and toddler who, in turn,  provide no few illustrations.

Anyway, thank you for caring about what’s brewing around here at Living Proof. I am never more stressed or overworked than when I’m in the middle of writing an in-depth Bible study but I am also never more fulfilled. It is the work I love best because it immerses my poor brain in the wealth of Scripture day after day after day. Hour after hour after hour. Some people’s brains simply need washing. God is gracious beyond comprehension to allow somebody with my kind of past to serve people like you.

Which reminds me, yesterday Hawk and I taped my SSBS greeting for you. (It will be your post on Tuesday as we launch our third gathering.) I thought you might get a kick out of how professional we are around here. This is our camera set up.

No one can say we don’t keep up with all the latest technological advancements here at Living Proof. No sir. (In case you can’t see that tiny camera at the top of the tripod, that statement’s a bit of a joke.) We tape in one of the offices right on the second floor where a bunch of the staff works and Hawk and I love to shout, “Quiet on the set!” (By the way, they’re usually not.)

I hope you guys have a great weekend. Work a whole lot of Jesus into it and maybe a little frozen yogurt…and find somebody in your neck of the woods to laugh with. It does a body good.

I love you. That’s the honest truth. You are the FreshBerry Tart of the Blog World. I just keep coming back.


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  1. 251
    Tina says:

    Studying James sounds GREAT! It’s been several years ago that I studied James through the Precepts Bible study. And as far as laughing…I love it when we laugh in our family so hard that I end up crying or almost wetting my pants. You know, in a good way. I had plenty of that on my recent trip. It does a body good!

  2. 252
    Lisa says:

    I’m excited and very, very afraid,,,no book convicts me more than the book of James…..gosh, stinking right, I’ll be praying for each of you and watching and waiting for the outcome of God’s miracle working power, whew, I know I have to go forward and do this thang! Talk about an overhaul, God is soooo good ! Please help me pray for a covenant friend under enemy attack and her home and marriage is at stake, trusting and believing God for a victory but she needs strength for the battle, please lift her up to the Father !
    Luvs to Mama Beth and the whole Fam.

  3. 253
    Becky Oswald says:

    Dearest Beth,
    I just loved seeing your pretty face at Salada last week during lunch. Oh, how I wanted to take you away from your team and have you sit with me! I told my son, “now I just know she would have more fun with me today”! Yep, everyone thinks their you bestie! I have been doing your studies since my ovarian cancer diagnosis and we always seem to run into one another just when I need it! (BTW Love the lighter hair) I can’t wait for your next study with Melissa. You are the Best, and I thank God for you every day!
    Becky Oswald

  4. 254
    Molly says:

    Oh Beth, James sounds GREAT! I’m actually studying James right now through a book of exegetical sermon notes by Johnny Hunt! I’m learning SOO MUCH!! I love studying the Scripture word by word! I will be praying for you and waiting with excitement for that study to come out!!

  5. 255
    Tammy says:

    Oh please hurry and finish it so we can start right away!!!! I am just putting together a study on James for a group of teens from our church and wish so much we could do yours now!! BTW I loved your hair in Denver last month! I’d never been blonde before and decided to give it a try – husband loves it, but I’m still shocked every morning by that blonde girl in the mirror :o)

  6. 256
    Kristi Walker says:

    Hey ya’ll,

    This is off topic, but I need some prayer. I have offended someone and it’s just driving me bonkers! Yes, it was unintentional and yes, I’ve apologized. But, they’re mad and it’s because of my big mouth! (it was a homeschool related question and I’ll leave it at that)

    Could you just pray with me that I’ll allow God to take full control of my mouth and that I’ll only speak the words He ordains? That I’ll intentionally seek Him when someone asks me a question that I know full well is “loaded”?

    Jesus got tons of questions like that and He knew just how to answer…and I so know that’s my weakness! I just…blab, and I KNOW He can be strongest in my weakness if I’ll shut up long enough to let Him. Sometimes I wonder if the filter from my brain to my mouth just disconnects. LOL I just hate hurting somebody’s feelings, ya’ll!

    Thanks, siestas. I’m so glad you guys are here. So much love sent to each and every one of you.

    Kristi 🙂

    • 256.1
      Beth says:

      I just hate when that happens, Kristi. I’m like you. It drives me crazy. Yes, I will stand with you. You know, Jesus loves that mouth of yours. He gets so much glory from it.

    • 256.2
      Siesta OC says:

      So touched by this. We are all there at one point in time, I am thrilled and have thanked my Heavenly Father for a gal that takes it seriously. Girl, HE knows your heart, rest in that. Praying for you! Your obedient heart will produce healing, and HE is the only one that can walk you thru that healing.

      When you mentioned about knowing someone is asking a loaded question – bot did I get that. I had that happen to me not long ago concerning a Pastor, and I knew it was loaded. I just responded with the good that GOD had been doing and you know what, the right words came out. Bring it back to JESUS! Love you

    • 256.3
      Leslie says:

      My dear friend always prays for holy duct tape in volatile situations…don’t you love that?
      Praying for you and that forgiveness and restoration will be abundant and swift-
      Leslie in Utah

  7. 257
    Michelle says:

    Umm..so 2 things. One it’s interesting that in the last 5 days, God has placed the book of James on my heart as well. How very interesting. 2…I just want you to know that you are immensely prayed over. I was given a dream and insight into your ministry last night over some spiritual warfare that is attacking your ministry. I’ve got your back mama Beth! There is no height nor depth, no principalities or powers that can separate any of us from the love of God!

  8. 258
    Martha Helen says:

    cannot. wait. for. James. already. 🙂

  9. 259
    Stephanie says:

    If you haven’t tried Swirll, you need to. One in the Galleria area by Canyon cafe, one in Rice Village, one on W. Gray.

  10. 260
    Church Lady says:

    I can’t wait for the study to come out!!! The book of James is sooooo full of spiritual truth!! Sooo Powerful!!
    Love you
    Happy Birthday Melissa!!

  11. 261
    Tiffany says:

    I have a little one and hardly any time to read the lpm blog but when I do it brings me such joy! Thank you for sharing with us 🙂 I can’t WAIT to see what happens with the study of James as that is my all time favorite book of the Bible! That news just made my day.

    Have a blessed week!

  12. 262
    Linda says:

    Beth- I loved that you said it was not Amanda’s season to be as involved in the James bible study as you and Melisaa. I am struggling with a parenting issue right now and for some reason that statement gave me such comfort. It reminded me of the verse that says “To everything there is a season..” Now I have to do the hard part and “Wait” for God’s answer.
    Can’t wait for James. I have done 11 of your studies with my very small church.

    • 262.1
      Leslie says:

      Darling Linda,
      As a mom who stayed home and raised babies and STRUGGLED, know that this season and its energies are giving such glory to God. You are seen and loved and cherished…and when the fruit of this season is ripe you will be amazed at how worth it this is…

  13. 263
    lori says:

    I can’t wait for the new bible study. James is one of my favorite books.
    I have a question for you Beth. My son is going on a trip next summer with his grandparents, a graduation gift. He can choose where he wants to go and he is looking at Africa. He was thinking of doing some missions work while they are there and I thought of you right away. You had mentioned at one time how you go there for missions and I was wondering if you know of a good source to work with that they can get involved with during their trip?

  14. 264
    Sherry says:

    Oh, Yay! I am so thrilled about the Bible study on the life and Book of James! I am memorizing chapter 1 of James this year!

    Thank you so much for all you have done to teach us and inspire us to dig deeper into the Word! Your role is a tremendous load and I so appreciate you for giving to the Lord in this manner. What a beautiful thing it is that you and your daughters can work together! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  15. 265

    You make me laugh Siesta Mama Beth!:) I think I’ve told you that many times, but no less true:) I will definitely pray for this upcoming James study, and the co-writing opportunity for Melissa. I want that washing too! Sounds good to me…That camera set up is great, makes me smile:):) Double smiles in fact. I say that a lot too, because I mean it:) I’ll be praying Siesta Mama:)

    Blessings, ((HUGS)), Love in Him,


  16. 266
    Pattygarv says:

    I can’t wait! I LOVE the Book of James!

  17. 267
    jordan says:

    just saying, a Caramel Frapp from Starbucks beats fruit any day!

  18. 268
    Susan says:

    James . ..I have been a little upset with that book – -in my trials – I don’t want to hear “count it all joy”! 🙁 so, yes I persevere in this trial . . .but taking joyful steps – -not yet – – I’m still “weeping forward”!

    I will look forward to the new study & Melissa’a involvement sounds wonderful.

  19. 269
    Sue Ferris says:

    I can’t wait for your James bible study to come out!!! I love that your daughter Melissa will be contributing more to each lesson. The Women’s ministry at my church wants to better reach and serve the young women in our congregation and the community. AND I have a 22 year-old daughter!
    Thanks for all you do to bring the WORD to women everywhere.

  20. 270
    Jill H. says:

    I am so excited to hear about you and Melissa working together on the next study. How exciting! Yes, I’m saying a prayer right now that God would direct you both as you seek His words and His wisdom in this next venture. James is such an incredible book!! All scripture is . . . but so cool to study indepth.

    Amanda, you are so gifted. Melissa, you are so gifted. It has been encouraging to see your love for your mom, family, husbands and ministry. I’ve loved the diversity you bring to this blog and this ministry.

    Mama Beth and Melissa, prayers will be going up for you as you seek God in this next journey with Him. Always enjoy your words Melissa and look forward to joining this new adventure with you when I study James in the future!

  21. 271
    Allison C. Lee says:

    Oooooo man…I’ve been waiting for this. I love Melissa’s heart towards Jesus. She always brings something different to the table. Thought provoking little thing she is, smart too. Go gang busters girls, I’ll pray you right through this one.
    Allison C. Lee
    P.S. we are moving from Memphis to Atlanta…I hope I run into Melissa in a coffee shop one day soon;-)

  22. 272
    Shannon says:

    Accidentally clicked the notify me via email button last night and have gotten about 50 emails today. Just trying to turn it off.
    Hope you have a blessed day!

  23. 273
    Kendra Schwartz says:

    To Kristen, who has the same mouth issues I have…hang in there girl. Based on your picture, you are much younger than me and I have to say that the Lord is faithful to the faithful. I am far from perfect, but He has let me learn from some awful mistakes, but learn I did. While our mouths have also been used for good, our cross to bear will be the struggle withour mouth. I learned a long time ago-Psalm 19:14 “may the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer”. I pray that most days! God Bless.

    • 273.1
      Kristi Walker says:

      I’m sending you hugs for that sweet message, sister! Especially the part about looking young!

      …I’ll be 40 next year, but I’m loving me some Retinol A… 😉

  24. 274
    Kelli says:

    Yeah! So excited about a new study and so thankful for the ways you share your lives with all of us in blogworld. You so minister to my soul. Also as a mom of three girls, I love the relationship so much that the three of you have and I pray that as my daughters grow up we will have our own version of a precious bond in Christ. Thank you for being such an example. I have a request also… Mama Beth in one of your studies (forgive me, I’ve done many and I have no idea which one, but it’s been a while as in not the last 3-4 years). Anyway, in one of the video sessions you talked about how you and AManda and Melissa sort of shared a quiet time at your in home altar. I don’t remember the details but I remember loving the concept. It was something about a journal or card file that you kept in the same place so you could see what to pray for each other about and what you each were reading. Anyway, my girls were too young at the time to use anything like that but now that they are older, I would love a recap on that! I can’t seem to find it in any of my old (yes, handwritten) journals…
    Love you ladies!

  25. 275
    Michelley says:

    I know what you mean about washing the brain…..THANK YOU BETH for making sure mine get’s “washed”!!!!! I love you, sister!!!

  26. 276
    Debbie Kerr says:

    I’m so excited you are writing a Bible Study on James…it’s been one of my very favorite books, since I was a teenager!!! Prayers & Hugs ♥

  27. 277
    Lori says:

    Wow! Can’t believe you will be able to do the book of James in only 7 sessions! It took us over a year of Sunday school to complete going thru the book. Isn’t each verse a lesson onto itself? Already excited for your study to be finished and can’t wait to hear from Melissa, as well. Will be telling my Bible Study girls at lunch next week at the “Island Cafe” a little piece of paradise in Portland, OR. So sad we don’t have “FreshBerry” here:(

  28. 278
    Sharon Ponder says:

    Hubby died in April. Trying to find my footing. Have been doing Living Proof studies for many years. Thank you so much!!

  29. 279
    Jen H says:

    Oh!!! A smile just jumped to my face when I read about a new Bible study…and on James, no less!!! I absolutely cannot WAIT!

  30. 280
    Terry says:

    I was so excited when you said you were working on a new study…then you said James and oh my goodness!!!!! I already can’t wait. And how cool that Melissa will be bringing an interesting new dimension to the study. I will definately be praying for you both as you research and write.

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