Siesta Summer Bible Study: Gathering Three!

Hey, Siestas! How about this summer Bible study? Is it fabulous or what?? I pray you are getting as much out of Kelly Minter’s “Ruth” as we are. My group of 8 is totally engrossed in it. We can’t get out on time to save our lives but that’s a good problem to have.

It’s time for our third gathering and we will discuss Weeks Three and Four or in the book’s terminology, Sessions Three and Four. As usual, I’m providing you a written version of what I share in the video greeting in case you have trouble playing it. We will have five interactives this time around: two based on Week (or Session) Three, two based on Week (or Session) Four and the final one will tie together both.

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Ruth Session 3 from LPV on Vimeo.

Based on Week (or Session) Three:

1. Turn to p.68 and review the first segment “For Discussion”: Describe a time when you were overcome by a man’s kindness. In keeping with the example of Ruth and Boaz, try to think in terms of an unexpected kindness.

2. Read Ruth 2:19-20 and review the climactic revelation in this Book of the Bible. After you read those two Scriptures, turn to p.85 and review the first couple of sentences of the paragraph in the middle of the page as follows: “It’s interesting that up to this point Naomi knew she had a kinsman-redeemer named Boaz but had no idea Ruth knew him; Ruth knew Boaz but didn’t know he was a kinsman redeemer. Suddenly these two pieces of information collided to potentially change the course of history.” Our divinely ordained collisions may not change the course of human history but they certainly change the course of our own personal history. Can any of you think of a time when God orchestrated an encounter or experience where you (or perhaps both/all parties involved) could say, “Only God could have known”? If so, share it. These would be really cool to hear in your blog comments so consider sharing one of the most meaningful examples.

Based on Week (or Session) Four:
3. Turn to p.95 and, if willing, share your answers to the “Personal Response” section at the very bottom of the page: “Describe a time when you’d done everything you could do and then had to wait for someone else’s response.”

4. Turn to p.108 and review the answer to the question in the middle of the page: “What did Boaz promise to do if the nearer relative chose not to redeem Ruth?” Then, share your responses to the discussion portion just below it where we were challenged to put ourselves in Ruth’s place. What kinds of feelings and thought processes would you have had in her exact situation?

Don’t conclude this portion of the Bible study without one of you reading the final paragraph on p.108 aloud to the rest of the group. (“If Ruth slept at all that night…) Those of you going solo can simply read it again and let it go even deeper.

5. Ask if one person wants to share a brand new insight she’s gained from this study regarding Christ as her Redeemer. (For those of you going solo, consider that I’m asking each of you the question.)

For our next gathering in two weeks, do Weeks (or Sessions) Five and Six. In other words, let’s finish up! And while we’re at it, Sisters, LET’S FINISH STRONG! You will feel such joy in your soul if you’ll see this to the last page. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if just as many women signed in at the end as in the beginning? Let’s make our goal 100%, Sisters!

For those of you joining in on the meals, consider the recipes on pages 88-89. The Grilled Chicken Salad with Strawberries sounds perfect for summer. Lord, have mercy on us, so does the pie!


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  1. 251
    GinnyLou says:

    Ginny Wilson, solo
    Ooltewah, TN

    1. Recently, at the mall and other public places, I’ve had several men take special care to hold the door for me and my giant double stroller. I can do it myself, with great difficulty, but it’s so nice to have someone go out of their way to help me!

    2. My “Only God could have known” moment: I was seriously unhappy in my job when I left to take my first maternity leave. To make matters worse, during my leave, the supervisor I’d worked under (one of the only redeeming parts of the job) left and the newly appointed supervisor was, shall we say, not exactly the kind of person I could respect as a boss. I immediately started looking for a new job–in vain, I thought. I got an interview rather quickly and walked in to find that I’d be working for a close family friend I’d known for the better part of 25 years! I got the job and worked happily there until I was blessed to get to stay home with my two little ones.

    3. My waiting story sounds silly–except to anyone else who’s been there! Both of my labor experiences have gone rather quickly…much more quickly than the anesthesia person’s ability to get me an epidural! I have a blood clotting disorder that requires me to have special bloodwork drawn before anyone will stick a needle in my back…but somehow the bloodwork never seems to get drawn! So, waiting…waiting…waiting…yep, it’s excruciating in every sense of the term…for everyone in the room!!

    4. I can only imagine that Ruth would have been wondering about the other redeemer. Who was it? Did she already know him? She knows she likes Boaz, so she’s hoping the other guy will step aside. But, she’s also relieved that she’ll be redeemed one way or the other. She also had to be impressed that Boaz was honorable enough to wait for the other guy like he was supposed to. What a night!

    5. I have been surprised a bit at the recurring theme in Ruth that, even though the redemption is offered for free, we must still do the work of receiving it. God doesn’t force anything on us, we must receive His gifts willingly. How wonderful to know it’s all there for the taking, though!

    • 251.1
      Monica says:

      Ahhh, yes! Your answer to #5 reminds me of a talk I heard by a 90 year old nun… she siad: “A gift is not truly a complete gift until it is given, received, and used!Remember the life given FOR you, the life given TO you, and the life for YOU to give.”

      The gift is given to us freely… but we have to receive it AND put it to use! Amen!:)

  2. 252
    Brie says:

    Solo-ish in Amarillo, TX (but doing it in tandum with a friend in Lubbock over email/phone)
    I’m a little behind because I’m not expecting which has driven me to exhaustion and sickness. I’ve not had or made the time to get my daily assignments done, which has led me to be a week behind. I’m so sorry but hopefully can get back on track.
    1. I really can’t think of a time that sticks out. The other afternoon our elderly male neighbor came over and helped us fix my daughter’s kite. Anytime a man opens the doors for us it means a lot to me. My freshman year at college, one of my dad’s some what colleagues offered me a job working for his architectural firm. He was always finding jobs for me and trying to provide for me. They also had me over for dinner several times. I left working there to work at my worst job ever, BIG mistake and a picture of me taking circumstances into my hands and it was silly.
    2. I really believe that every relationship in my life has been so ordained by God. As we do more life together I can always see God’s hand. EVERY relationship! The most spontaneous and lasting collision has been when I met my best friend Carrie. I had just gotten a tattoo my freshman year and was feeling serious guilt about it, at church I turned around at the greeting time and Carrie was sitting behind me. I just cried and cried to her about my silly tattoo. Our friendship just grew and grew from there and she discipled me and has always drawn me more to Christ. Our stories so intertwine and we have so much in common! I also have another good friend, Beth. Our babies brought us together as nursing mommies sitting in our friends living room nursing and watching Beth Moore. I could never imagined how God would have brought us together as close friends and used each other in each others’ lives.
    3.Everything. I think that forgiving my mom and being obedient to God in our relationship and just waiting, or rather letting go, of a response from her. I’ve gone where I need to go…
    Also in having babies (like now). I do what I need to do, take care of these babies growing in me and just wait for the response…12 weeks in utero or healthy delivery. Also in marriage, I do my part and wait for my husband.
    4. He promised to redeem her. I really think I would have just waiting, knowing with peace that God had it all in control.
    5.I really just think realizing and being reminded of how God has redeemed me and brought me out of what is/are impossible situations to a life of redemption!

  3. 253
    KanduGal says:

    Thursday night, Decatur, AL
    3 Siestas present: Melanie, Lisa, & Whitney – Yey, we finally got to meet her in person!:D [Carla was on vacation and Lou Ann needed to go to a nephew’s scout recognition]

    1) Example of an unexpected kindness from a man:
    – Kindness of a brother: When in High School, taking shop class, made her a wooden unicorn just because he knew she loved them and collected them. He is no longer living, but she still has and cherishes that unicorn and her brother’s thoughtfulness in making it for her.
    – Kindness of a stranger: She fell on a community track while running and a couple was nearby. The man, a total stranger, helped her up and gave her a shoulder to lean on to get back to her car.
    – Guy friend made her cupcakes when she was sick.
    – Pastor that husband was serving on staff with would often send my husband home to be with me and our young preschool children if his schedule had been especially full, or sometimes in anticipation of a really busytime coming up.

    2)”Only God could have known” examples:
    – Our meeting Whitney on the blog and getting connected with her in the study as a newcomer to Decatur; and, her being in very similar circumstances with our long-distance siesta Lou Ann. Both of them were not seeking to leave where they were, but God laid out circumstances that quickly affirmed that it was His will for them to leave where they were and move. He also quickly worked out the circumstances for the move to be made. For Whitney, her house in her home city rented in only four days, and she was offered a temporary place to stay so that she could start her new job and get to know the area before making a decision of where to live in the new city.
    – Going to a tech college; advised to take some test, not knowing really what it was for; went to take the test; later found out it was a civil service test; as the result of taking the test, was offered a job where she began working and then met the man who would become her husband!

    3 & 4) We will be corresponding over emails about these two. God putting the five of us together is really another example of His orchestrating an encounter. To affirm that, we were all a week behind due to the need to wait, ponder, and allow the Lord to speak; but right “together” in our study – isn’t He amazing!

    5) New insights gained so far from study:
    All agreed in some form/fashion that this study in Ruth is affirming that we should be faithful and obedient no matter what, trust Him, and He will provide!

  4. 254
    Sharon Meekins says:

    Hi Beth,

    I just wanted to make sure that I checked in and let you know that I have done all my homework! 🙂 Much love and blessings to you!

    Solo, Haiti

  5. 255
    Stephanie says:

    Fruita, CO; 6 in our group today

    1. We had several examples:

    a. Gifts from a male school principal when this woman was a single mom (AAA membership and $300 to help make ends meet).

    b. A work day a coworker organized for a woman who needed help on her large property when her husband was dying.

    c. A husband’s small acts of kindness.

    d. Neighbor’s cleaned up a downed tree.

    e. Friends (a husband and wife) who allowed a woman (CJ) to live in their home for three months after the death of CJ’s husband. She had had lived out of her car for a few days prior to this.

    2. God rearranged dating relationships in one woman’s life (and her friend’s lives) to match the correct people up as couples who eventually married and these 3 couples are still married today. (This happened in the ’70’s.) God knew who needed to be with whom.

    3. Waiting for a judge’s decision. Waiting for God to work out family relationships. (She had been disowned because she was from one denominational background and was engaged to a person from another denomination.) God worked in her family so that her whole family was in attendance and her father gave her away. (The father waited until the morning of the wedding to choose to give her away.)

    4. We discussed that Ruth would likely have been concerned about the character of this nearer kinsman-redeemer. What if this new man chose to redeem her and he was not kind or godly. We also discussed the relief of knowing that she and Naomi would be redeemed and the excitement of the possibility that this godly, kind, generous man, Boaz, could become her husband. She probably felt the disappointment that Boaz may not have a chance to redeem her. She surely had a CHURNING mixture of just about every possible emotion.

    5. Christ as Redeemer: One woman commented on the truly awesome wonder that God would have any desire to have a relationship with her.

    • 255.1
      Joyce Bailey says:

      hey, neighbor! I am in Grand Junction, doing this with my daughter who lives in North Carolina via instant messaging online. If you have a final get together, can I come?

  6. 256
    Jenn says:

    Posting a week after we met *sigh*… (although this time I asked the group to help pick what they wanted me to post)

    Our group of 10ish in Manhattan KS is really enjoying this study. One of our favorite responses to the question of “Have you ever done all you can & then had to wait for another person?” was given by one of our moms of young kids: potty training a child. She continued on to wonder how often we, as God’s children, also act like stubborn toddlers, refusing to be big girls & insist on making messes of ourselves despite His patient & wise encouragement to learn. Our other favorite response to the question of “What might have been going on in Ruth’s mind that night on the threshing floor?” and one of our newly-weds whose husband is currently serving this year in Iraq – she described with giddy excitement those feelings you have when you first realize how much you care for someone & how much they care for you & that tingle Ruth might have felt as Boaz’s to might have brushed her leg. Her enthusiasm helped paint such a colorful, lovely picture that we all were just grinning by the end 🙂

    • 256.1
      Lauren Bates says:

      I like the potty-training idea… and I can see myself throwing “terrible two” tantrums sometimes in my life! Thanks for the illustartion!

  7. 257
    Kristi says:

    I hope it’s okay that we’re posting a week late. We had a very good reason for postponing our group time a week!

    1. We all cried when sharing our stories of being overwhelmed by the kindness of men and though we do have very kind husbands, most of our answers were about men other than our husbands. Misty had written simply “NY Man” in her answer space to remind her of a stranger who had compassion on her and a friend who were stranded in NY at the age of 17 awaiting a 2day delayed flight to get home. This man saw that they were terrified, helped them with their luggage and offered words of encouragement. Misty also talked about one of her first dates with her husband in which he said he needed to deliver a meal for meals on wheels. She asked him what he was on probation for that he had to do community service!!! She was floored when she realized he was just doing it to be kind, to help the elderly. Kristi talked about the doctor who wrote down his cell phone number when she had a miscarriage and said “call anytime, even if I’m not on call.” And Ashly had us bawling when she told us of the man who drove the taxi between the Ronald McDonald House and the hospital every day when she stayed there after having her nine-week-early baby. Every day he asked her about her baby boy by name and how she was feeling and recovering from her surgery. When she showed him several pictures of her 3lb baby, he smiled with such genuine excitement and told her that in 13years of driving families from the Ronald House to the hospital, she was the first to share pictures. We were so glad she got to repay his kindness by sharing her family with him.

    2. We had some great ones for this but I won’t be as long-winded as I was with question 1! Misty’s was the best–in a season of great struggle, her husband (who is godly but knows hardly any scripture by memory) burst out with a verse he didn’t know he knew and called her a new creation in Christ. He didn’t know that that was the verse both her mom and her counselor had been praying over her for a long time. Kristi had a good one about a cry out to God, a fortune cookie, and a bouquet of flowers, but it’s kind of a long story.

    3. Our times of waiting almost all had to do with waiting for pregnancies. Misty shared her ongoing struggle with doing absolutely EVERYTHING possible to get pregnant and then just waiting month after month after month for results. We are praying praying praying for her womb!!!!!

    4. We all said we would be TERRIFIED. Ruth did not even know who this other kinsman redeemer was! He could be cruel or boring or you know, ugly. We’re just so glad it worked out with Boaz.

    5. We didn’t make it this far. But we had a great time discussing the rest!!

  8. 258
    kimberlyarnold says:

    i’ve been trying for a week to post a report about our group’s meeting, but i still haven’t figured out how to live normal life and have a baby. please forgive this *very* late response!

    our group met last wednesday morning in el paso, tx over coffee and fresh fruit crepes. one of our members had to miss because her mom was in town, but the rest of us were there. we had a really fantastic discussion, and everyone shared from their hearts. we actually had many tears, either because of recounting things the Lord has done, or listening to them. we also discussed a lot of things outside of your questions, which got us into lively conversation about the context of the scriptures and what these things could have meant in the culture ruth lived in.

    the best “only God could have known” story was from our friend who was widowed in may. she and her husband had just celebrated their eighth anniversary. she has three children under five, but she told us how their “plan” when they got married was to wait eight years to have kids. she unexpectedly got pregnant three years into their marriage. each of their children was a surprise, but she told how sweet it was that God orchestrated their family because otherwise she would not have any of their children. only God could have known that she would be widowed at the time when their plan was to start their family, and only He knew at the time what an incredible blessing these children would be in her life.

    the best “kindness from a man” story was from my sister, who told of a time when she and her boyfriend of five years were broken up. God had them separated for a period of four months, during which time He worked a very deep work in each of their hearts before bringing them back together. when her boyfriend felt the “go-ahead” from God to pursue her again, she still didn’t know if it was possible. she was dealing with a serious broken heart and didn’t know if she could trust that this was God’s will. her boyfriend came over every day for three weeks to tell her how much he loved her and how he had changed, and every day for three weeks, she would kick him out of her apartment and tell him not to come back. here’s the kindness part: every day after she kicked him out, he would go to his truck, cry on the steering wheel, and ask God how he could show love to my sister. then he would do things like go grocery shopping for her, and quietly unload all the groceries into her kitchen, or bring back flowers and a letter of what God had done in his life and how he wanted to share that with her. every day was something different, but something that showed overwhelming kindness to her in the face of her broken hearted responses. through this kindness, my sister saw an expression of Jesus, and ultimately realized that God was enabling him to re-woo her. they are back together and plan to get married.

    we had long discussion, but those stories were the highlights!

  9. 259
    Michelle says:

    Brooklyn Park, MN – 4
    1) Examples of kindness from a man:
    – Boyfriends who offered to help with college tuition and showered flowers and gifts
    – Friends who’ve offered to do “man things” for a single woman with no strings attached

    2)”Only God could have known” example:
    There was a God instance with one of our ladies, where she was drawn to our group of women at church and we are so glad He did!

    3) The most common waiting story in the group was participating in a group project for school/work. Your part is complete and excellent and now all you can do it just trust a pray that others will do what was assigned to them and with the same excellence.

    4)We talked about the time in which Ruth lived and how women’s lives totally were dependent on men. First their father and then their husband/brother. We admired Ruth for her boldness to do what she could to control her own destiny and then when she was laying at Boaz’s feet she knew their was nothing else she could do. We don’t think she slept. The thought of this wealthy, noble man wanting to marry her probably filled her head with pictures of their wedding, their home together, their children and grandchildren.

    5)One woman shared that God is bringing her through a season of humility and Ruth is such a great example of how God exalts the humble. Ofcourse, then our discussion went to our Savior and how his ulimate purpose was to come and serve people who persecuted/used/abused him. Wow! What amazing humility and great love!

  10. 260
    Debbie says:

    Since all our names start with “D”, we refer to ourselves as D1, D2, D3 and D4…

    #1) D1: the men in our church when my husband was overseas during Operation Desert Storm. The one who stands out the most is the officer (we were enlisted) who came to cut our grass and helped with a car repair that needed to be done. D2: has been amazed how God has provided money to them through people…always anonymously and just when the need was the greatest. D3: the man who jumped the fence to pull a dumpster off of her when it fell on her while skating and she broke her hip. (the man, still unknown, even ripped his pants when he came to her aid) D4: her husband always impresses her with his kindness (let me add that his kindness impresses all of us!)

    #2) D1: my daughter had come to love Casting Crowns and their song, “Praise You In This Storm” (she’d just recently had a miscarriage). We made plans to see them at Night of Joy. That day, she had just heard another song by another group, and on the way to Orlando, we listened over and over again to this song. We were late, and never did get to hear Casting Crown sing her song, but it just so happened that on our way out of the park, it was announced that the “other group” were singing next. We went back to hear them, and the last song we heard that night was the one we had listened to all the way there!! David Crowder’s “O Praise Him” D2: had not planned to go to college, but her friend encouraged her to try out for a scholarship, and in the end, she met the man who would one day give her the degree she has been most honored to have; her “Mrs.” degree. D3: had just left home on a visit to go and see other family when she felt she needed to go back. On her return trip, she was able to have some very sweet conversations with him, and did not know they would be the last memories she would have with him. Back home again, for his funeral, she was getting ready when an old radio popped on just long enough to hear a preacher say, “And the father loved the children” before it popped off again. D4: when they were looking for work, her husband took the first job offer that came up…to New Hampshire. Before they moved, another offer came and he changed their plans to take the second offer…in North Carolina. Who but God could have known they would need to be there for the care he would receive 30 minutes down the road at Duke Medical when he was diagnosed with cancer!

    3) D1: waiting on my husband. We were “friends” for years when he became engaged to another woman. When I learned that their engagement was ended…I wondered if he would contact me or not…that wait was forever it seemed…but a letter did come. (and yes I still have the letter) D2: praying for people to change…and coming to know that all change happens on His timetable, not ours D3: moving into a new house in a new subdivision…and dealing with septic problems. Their wait on the building inspectors has been an experience that they are thankful to be on the other side of. 🙂

    4) We were all on the same page here….excitement and dread and just plain pins and needles!
    But after the pledge she made to Ruth, we feel she knew God well enough to know He was taking care of the details just as Boaz was working them out.

    5) Seeing through Boaz a small picture of the great love Jesus has for us that he would die on the cross for us…just for us.

  11. 261
    Lori, Love2Praise says:

    Mapleville, Rhode Island

    There were 8 of us last night who attended. We just love this study!

    Question 1: Sylvia spoke of a time when her daughter was going off to college and found some furniture in a yard that someone was giving away. Sylvia went to check it out and spoke to the people saying she would come back with a larger vehicle to get the furniture. A man pulled up in a truck and was looking at the furniture. It appeared that he wanted to take it so Sylvia approached him and asked if he was thinking of taking the furniture. He said he was. But when she told him she was just going to get a larger vehicle to take it for her daughter heading off to college, the man loaded it in his truck and took it to Sylvia’s house for her daughter. It struck her how the man had stopped to pick it up for himself, yet when he knew she wanted it he was willing to deliver it for her.

    There is also a young man in our Church who owns some rental property. He heard of a young woman in our church who was out of a job, being evicted from her apartment. He offered her an apartment, rent free, for as long as she needed. He is even paying the utilities. She has since found a job yet he is giving her time to save up some money. Unexpected Kindess!!!

    Question 2: Sue was on an airplane heading to Florida. She was in the middle of Beth’s Bible Study on the Tabernacle and prayed that God would use this time on the airplane to have her witness to someone. A rather large man came and sat between Sue and the friend she was travelling with. Sue gave the impression that this man was a bit annoying while spreading his crossword puzzle and other things around and not giving her or her friend much room. When her friend moved to another seat behind Sue she noticed the man her friend sat next to was of the Jewish faith. Sue just knew that God was going to use her to witness to this man. She kept putting her Bible Study book up so perhaps the man would see what she was reading. She was opening her Bible and working in her study, when the larger man next to her asked what she was reading, was it a dictionary? She answered no. He asked her what it was and when she explained it to him he started speaking to her about David from the Bible. This man was a Palestinian! Sue and this man spoke for three hours about the Bible! Sue said the man really listened to what she had to say and he said he would think about a lot of the points she made. How awesome is God that he knew she wanted to witness to SOMEONE, God just knew who that perfect SOMEONE would be!!! ONLY GOD!!

    Question 3: A few of us spoke about doing all that we could for our Children to know the Lord, have a relationship with him and now we just have to wait and see what the Lord will do in their lives. Some of us are even waiting to see if they will accept him as their Savior. But we are trusting that God’s timing is always right!

    Question 4: Honestly, this brought up the most conversation. We spoke about Ruth’s actions and Naomi’s instructions to Ruth. It all seemed so desperate to us. We just loved reviewing this part! Some of our thoughts were that she was trusting in the Lord and that she might be in awe of what he would do next. Some thought that she might be fearful of being rejected because of her heritage.

    Question 5: The insight that I derived from this was that just as Ruth went to the “feet” of Boaz, laid down all she had and all she was, asking for him to become hers. We do the same when we go to the “feet” of Jesus. We lay down all we are and all that we have, we ask Him to become our Savior. He adopts us into His family and becomes our Kinsmen Redeemer. It was a beautiful representation of what HE does for us!


  12. 262
    Angie Ehrenreich says:

    Angie E
    Conover, NC

    1. I can’t pinpoint the specifics and I know that may sound bad (just a reflection of my poor memory) but I know my husband did something kind toward me w/in the last couple of months. Like I said- I don’t remember the specifics – I just remember feeling his kindness toward me – b/c he did it on his own- I didn’t have to ask.

    2. Feb 2007 I left my job to go work w/my husband in our newly found retail store business adventure. After 4 months it was apparent I needed to return to ft employment. I went back to my old job to fill in as a temp worker for maternity leave. During the time I was doing the maternity leave, the dept opened up an additional position – the very same work I had done prior to leaving – so I got my “old” job back. About a yr later they reduced our unit back to the normal 5 workers rather than 6. I got to keep my job due to another worker moving out of state. Only God could of done that and known how all of this was going to go. It was His plan that I knew nothing about.

    3. Right now I am waiting. I sent a letter to some lifelong friends regarding salvation and I have not heard back from them. I have given them the truth the best I know how and so I am wating and hoping one day they will respond w/good news.

    4. Boaz agreed to marry her. What was she thinking as she lay trying to sleep?? My thoughts would of been all over the place- first thinking- well at least someone will marry me – but then dreading it might be someone else that I didn’t really know at all and realizing how much in love w/Boaz I already was…..

    5. I’m not sure what my biggest taking is from this story yet. I really pondering the whole kinsmen-redeemer aspect and letting that soak into my heart of how Jesus thinks this fondly of me.

  13. 263
    Lisa says:

    solo-Menomonie, WI
    38, stay at home mom with three kids: 8,10,12

    OK, now that I can concentrate perhaps for a moment in between thinking about the excitement of going to see Beth Moore Sept. 18 in Chicago, here goes!

    1. Well, it might just be my husband’s willingness to go to Chicago and spend an entire day in “chickville” listening to Beth Moore speak with thousands of ladies surrounding us for our tenth anniversary. I chuckle every time I think of it!

    2. I believe God is in the midst of ordaining some near-future meetings here in my small town. I attend a very small church of only about 4 families, most of which are retired. But God is getting me together with some other women in our community in other churches in some upcoming Bible studies I believe this fall! Maybe even yet in August. We shall see.

    3. At the beginning of this summer I went through a bout of the blues. I knew I needed to create some friendships in my life with some godly women to keep me grounded and not sink into an unhealthy alternative of coping with loneliness. I reached out to some women asking them to join me in some fellowship. I had to wait for several weeks before the first initial meeting took place. Unfortunately, circumstances have prevented us from meeting more than just once or twice. : ( So, I am still waiting on God to help me overcome being alone so much, well with my kids, but I’m kind of an island here where I live with no one to really chat with my age.

    4. I would most likely be in such a state of self-beating-upping. Did I say too much? I should have not asked him to cover me! What was I thinking! I would be a nervous wreck!

    5. As I’m reading alongside with this study, So Long Insecurity, God is revealing to me how much He has blessed me, how far He has taken me, how far removed He has brought me from my past. It’s just amazing, wish there was a better word, but words really can’t describe how much He’s transformed this former dungeon girl.

    • 263.1
      Lisa says:

      Have to update this to way better (sorry Beth) news!

      Instead of Chicago my husband is taking me to Aruba for our 10th anniversary! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so blessed!

  14. 264
    ABQ Girls says:

    We met today we are a little behind but we are finishing strong! We love the study thank to Beth for suggesting it and Kelly for putting it together.

  15. 265
    JoAnn in Houston says:

    Solo – Houston, TX
    1. My father invited me on a Mediterranean cruise with my mother and sister. He knew I had always wanted to see Italy. I was an art major and loved art history. We had so much fun, saw so much of Italy and made memories of a lifetime.

    2. When my ex-mother-in-law passed away I had an “only God knows moment”. We were very close and when I had my son, she loved him in a dear and special way. Unfortunately, after 11 yrs. of marriage, I divorced my husband. Irene was so hurt and devastated, and it broke my heart a second time. She stopped talking to me and couldn’t even be in the same room with me. My ex and I still got along quite well cuz we were committed to raising our son amicably and with respect. My ex kept telling me to just give her time and she would come around; and she did. We continued a loving friendship until her unexpected death. My son, then around 9, gave me a blue rinestone butterfly pendant that was Irene’s and said he had picked it out for me from her things. I was so touched. One day my son and I drove out to visit her grave and put some flowers down and just talk to her and pray. The most beautiful butterfly danced around her gravesite for the longest time and I thought of the pendant and of Irene’s forgiveness and love and “only God could have known” how special that moment was for me.

    3. A co-worker was upset with me and treating me very coldly. I had no idea what I must of done and tried to ask her to tell me, I apologized if I had done something to upset her, but she would not talk to me. I’m not the only one that experiences this at my office (just to let you know). I would get so hurt, and angry, and frustrated, but finally decided to give it to God to deal with. I prayed, trusted God and waited. I wanted to do what Jesus would do. Everyday I said good morning and treated her with kindness. God came through and one day with the “good morning”, I got a “good morning back” and the crisis was over.

    4. I think Ruth would’ve been excited with butterflies and fireworks swirling inside and out. Knowing the love was mutual and so warmly receptive. If Boaz could, he would’ve wisked her off immediately to marry. But, because of his good character and honesty, he wanted to do the right thing. Ruth maybe would’ve felt like a door was slamming just as she was about to run through it. Would this other relative be as kind and honorable as Boaz? Maybe there would’ve been regrets for even bringing up the subject. Afterall, she loved Boaz, she knew Boaz; not this relative who didn’t even know she existed. Ruth did trust Naomi’s God who had provided for them beyond her imagination. I believe Ruth knew in her heart the God of Israel would not let her down.

    5. The reality of what Jesus went through to become my Redeemer is so affirming to me of the love He has for me and how worth it He thought I was. How my Redeemer would love nothing more than for me to experience the fullness of the harvest He has prepared for me.

  16. 266
    Lourdes says:

    I am a little late posting this. We met this past Sunday right after Church at Union Station in Washington, DC. There were only five of us as the other five ladies in the group could not attend because they were either sick or had to work. In spite of the small number, we had a wonderful time of fellowship. It was so amazing to hear everyone share their stories about a time when a man showed his kindness towards us (like the account of Ruth and Boaz).

    In response to question number 4 we were surprised that Ruth went beyond what Naomi had told her to do. To us this spoke of her courage and determination. It also spoke of her desire to be redeemed. We spent a lot of time on this question. Our group is made up of mostly single women (I’m the only one married) and they had a lot to say :-)!

    We are enjoying this study so much. Thank you!

  17. 267
    Brooke says:

    Arlington, TX – 7

    This week, we enjoyed tostadas for dinner and white chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Delicious! After, we spent some time in prayer…praising God for answered prayers and asking that He open our hearts to what He had to show us in this session. The general feel from our group was, that although we each could say at one time we knew we had experienced an unexpected act kindness from a man, it was difficult to actually cite the instance. Once we began discussing why we thought this might be, our own personal experiences seemed to surface. And, we were able to share. We were especially taken with the reality of being invited to the table of the Lord…to be given clean linens to wear. We listened to a song by Leeland “Carried to the Table” which is beautiful, by the way. We closed our meeting with prayer requests then lifted them up to God.

  18. 268
    Alexia says:

    1. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I had to have a port inserted into a larger vein for the chemo, a procedure which required going to surgery. At the hospital, as I went through the doors and was placed in a waiting area prior to the surgery, I was alone, scared and tears flowed. Not because of the surgery but the unknown ahead. As I lie there on the cold gurney, a man came dressed in blue scrubs and a blue hat and yes he looked like a SMURF!!! He saw a scared lady in need, he reached out, held my hand and prayed for me–He showed me much kindness. He was known as my special “Smurf Angel”!

    2. I so believe in God encounters and had some along this journey of life but to ad lib to the above, it turns out my “Smurf Angel” was a nurse anesthetist from my church. The God encounter was that he works at a hospital different than the one I was in. For him to even be there was indeed a God encounter.

    3. In this journey of life, everything does not always seem to go the way I had hoped. With my youngest son, he struggled so much in his teen years. The most important thing I could do was pray and be in God’s Word. Difficult as it was, I had to let go and not enable him. Waiting for God to respond can be a long work in process. The key is to keep believing and praying. God does work in mysterious ways inch by inch, step by step. Yea God!!! You are awesome!!!

    4. Do I deserve this kindness?

    5. Just to think Christ wants to Redeem me and does this so graciously daily. This my fellow Siestas is the most honorable gift I can receive!! Christ pursues me, He is sooo kind. Christ – Full of perfect integrity, dignity, respectful and honorable.

  19. 269
    Becky says:

    Fairfield, IA
    Now, what I think Ruth might have thought…..her heart had to be pounding so loudly in her chest she knew Boaz could hear it and she wondered if it would just burst right out of her chest! But then, oh my, what if, can’t be, but it may be,,,,,did I hear him right?…..
    Might my life be more than I could ever dreamed possible but, oh my, what if the first kinsman redeemer buys me? No, I won’t go there. Oh my, what if,

  20. 270
    Becky says:

    Fairfield, IA
    Now, what I think Ruth might have thought…..her heart had to be pounding so loudly in her chest she knew Boaz could hear it and she wondered if it would just burst right out of her chest! But then, oh my, what if, can’t be, but it may be,,,,,did I hear him right?…..
    Might my life be more than I could ever dreamed possible but, oh my, what if the first kinsman redeemer buys me? No, I won’t go there. Oh my, what if,

  21. 271
    Charissa says:

    1. My husband – almost every day.

    2. Meeting my husband; we had friends in common but did not know it. We met at a birthday party for three of those friends and never looked back. I had come out of a rough, 4 year relationship with someone who was verbally and physically abusive. My husband was the man of my prayers.

    3. A past relationship. I did everything I could but had to wait to see if he would return my feelings. He did not.

    4. Redeem her himself; scared, anxious, excited, what if the other guy wasn’t a nice guy.

    5. I am overwhelmed to know that God wants my sorry, broken behind. I feel failure in some way almost each day. Why would he want to redeem me? I still find it hard to believe that God sees this person as a treasure.

  22. 272
    Karen Wade says:

    Quick report. Hallsville, MO, 11 ladies attended our class. We are loving the Ruth study, and looking forward to our next meeting. Thanks Beth, for stearing us toward this study. We find Kelly to be a refreshing writer, and we love her style.

  23. 273
    Deirdre says:

    we met last week, but I’ve been behind posting this.
    The Summer Skychair Group
    Snellville, Ga

    1. when it came to being overcome by a man’s kindness we were surprised by the similarity of our stories – mostly good Samaritan type things – like changing a flat tire for a stranded woman.

    2. and 3. sort of melded into one another for us. But the stories were not suitable to share in this format. Both would take explanations much too long for a comment. But we were overwhelmed with the visible proofs of the love our redeemer has for us.

    We are looking forward to the final meeting have really enjoyed this study.


  24. 274
    Ada - Lovin Him says:

    No lazy, hazy but plenty of just CRAZY days in my summer this year and I can’t seem to stay on top of anything! I agreed to post for our group of 7 but missed session 2 and no one took notes. I participated in and was so blessed by session 3 LAST week but just haven’t had a second to get on here and post!

    1)Several very heartwarming accounts of men who were so kind, the memory is still touching years later – a son who suggested WOG for his mom’s email addy and left her to figure it out, really touched her that he saw her as “Woman of God”. Another recalled a man who was her knight in shining armor coming to her rescue when she locked her keys AND KIDS in her car!

    2) God ordained encounters – wow these are such faith builders! One has a long term friend a a result of a prayer answered for a friend for her daughter. Another went through an excruciating experience with depression that years later God used as he prompted her to call an acquaintance who was beside herself as she witnessed her daughter struggling with depression and God was able to use her to bring comfort and hope to this woman & her daughter.

    The written notes stopped after question 2 – our secretary profusely apologized but she got so caught up in our discussion that she forgot to take notes!
    From memory – we all had experiences of having to wait upon the Lord and confessed our impatience and trying to help God along – only to find that we we’re often getting in His way! One is still waiting for her husband of almost 20 years to come to the Lord so we agreed to join her in prayer for him to surrender to the Lord and fall in love with Him.
    We loved imagining what Ruth must have been going through as her mind raced through all the “what if’s”.
    Knowing Christ as our Redeemer was not new to any in our group but we all are touched anew at His tender love and compassion for us individually as we go through this study, and in awe of His faithful provision.

    We wrapped up with the middle paragraph on PG 111 reminding us how essential it is to receive our supply from God by being in Jesus presence – waiting quietly on Him so we can hear His voice and then have something to offer someone else. It brought ISAIAH 50:4 to mind – God awakens us each morning with an ear to listen and gives us instructions so we will have a WORD available for all those weary people he brings across our path that day – a WORD that blesses them, AND us, if we are obedient to hear it AND share it!

  25. 275

    Richmond, VA
    7 including myself

    I’m so sorry that I’m just updating the blog about our session 2 bible study. It’s been a crazy few weeks for me but I think its finally starting to settle down. I know that God is doing some amazing stuff in myself and my ladies because the devils attacks have been intense. Were all aware of this and lifting each other up in prayer and not letting any of these attacks get in the way of our bible study. On the night of session 2 a storm blew in and as we all sat down to eat dinner and discuss the study the power actually went out LOL! So we had a bible study by candlelight. What the devil means for bad we can always turn for the good. It was kind of a really nice ambience to sit around a candle lit kitchen table and talk about Ruth.

    In question number one we were asked about a random act of kindness. I was able to share about a time when I was 18 and really just lost financially. A man in my church decided to out of the bottom of his heart help me out. He had his wife take me grocery shopping. Then they came to my house gave me a desk and a computer and taught me how to manage my finances with general bookkeeping. He didn’t have to do this, but he just had a huge heart and it was such a blessing I will never forget.

    Question number 2 “Describe an encounter where God orchestrated and experience where you and your family could say, only God could have known”

    (i’m using only first initials for my ladies to keep their privacy)

    T- She was deep in the middle of a custody battle for her daughter S. She had to fly out for a business meeting and was just exhausted. While at the airport and issue came up and she missed her flight. She was at a point with the custody battle that she had done everything that she could and now she just had to wait. While sitting at the airport she was reflecting on this and just how exhausted and tired she was. She went to the gate to try and figure out her travel arrangements. She found out she would have to stay the night for the next flight out and like I said she was just exhausted. This worker at the airport helped her out. He got her a new flight, meal set her up in a hotel for the night and then he did something else. He pulled her aside and said he just needed to share something with her. He said that he really felt like God had a message for her that the battle was over. That the fight was over and that she was about to enter the land of milk and honey. T was stunned they talked more and shared more and she came to find out that this man was a pastor in his full time job and was just working at the airport on the side. That message he shared with her really stuck with her. Shortly after she got home she got a phone call about the situation with her daughter S and that she needed to immediately come get her. She finally had full custody and her daughter S was out of a bad bad situation. The message God had for her is still being fulfilled and she feels truly blessed by the random man at the airport and his word from God. She was so tired and exhausted and had done everything she could and God worked out the rest.

    Question number 3 “Describe a time when you’d done everything you could do and then had to wait for someone else’s response.”

    I myself had an example of this in my life. I told the story from the viewpoint of my dad. He and my mom got divorced when I was 2 years old and my mom got custody of me. I was in a really bad situation with her she was doing drugs there was a lot of abuse going on and my dad did everything he could to fight for custody of me. He became a christian and in faith he began to make a room for me at his house. He did this in faith and left the rest in Gods hands. Shortly after finishing up my room he got a phone call a situation came up and my mom immediately gave him full custody of me. And I am so grateful that God worked out the details on this. I was removed from a really unstable and abusive situation and raised in a christian home. It affected the whole path of direction for my life.

    Question number 5 “Share a new insight gained through this study regarding Christ as our kinsman redeemer.”

    We all shared how seeing this story through Ruth has been a great eye opening experience to spot the areas in each of our lives where God has redeemed us. So far we have all really been blessed through this study.

  26. 276
    Pam says:

    1. When I was six years old I was bitten by a dog on my cousin’s farm and was terrified of dogs ever since. My son pleaded for a dog for many years then one day I said I think I could stand a tiny toy that didn’t shed. Well, 9 pound Nick the Poodle came into our lives and my “dog healing” started. One summer day Nick and I were walking and we started talking with an owner of a “mean breed.” I think he could see the horror in my face while I tried to control my fears. He gently talked about “the breed” and how they are not all mean. That conversation and momentary kindness meant a lot to me.

    2. ?? I really tried.

    3. We waited on someone else when my husband was out of work. It was hard to be productive and wait patiently upon the Lord.

    4. Dear Jesus, I’ve trusted you this far. If the other guy is my kinsman redeemer, can he be nice?

    5. As I wait on Jesus like Ruth waited on Boaz, he is my only hope because he tells me to come as I am.

  27. 277
    Ginny says:

    I am SO late with this. After you read it my dear siestas I hope you will understand

    1)I was recently and abruptly asked to move out of my home of the past 10 years. I had very little money and no place it appeared to go. I didn’t know what I was going to do but I knew my God would take care of it. He did through the kindness of a male friend. To make a long story short my friend Tim is recently divorced and he had purchased a foreclosure home about 8 months ago. Although he doesn’t live in it yet he has it and it has sat fully furnished and empty. His marital home is up for sale as part of divorce decree. He was very surprised how easily he was able to buy the new house and realized he wasn’t alone that God had his hand in it. Fast forward to now. I had no place to live and this man has given me full use of this house at no cost to me since he is aware of my financial circumstance at this time.I know that will change and I will be able to pay him something but for now to me this was an unprecedented kindness at a time I was most in need. Which falls in line with question 2

    2)I have been under attack in my home of 10 years for about a year now. I responded by taking it to the Lord and the problem was always worked out. When the enemy couldn’t get at me using my housemate he added a second person to the war. My housemates grandson moved in (another long story) and began telling his grandmother lies and creating situations that brought a great deal of strife into the house. For example he told his grandmother I punched his girlfriend in the face. The old adage “blood is thicker than water” became a reality not an expression in my case. My friend, his grandmother and I had a discussion and she said to me “I choose to believe him”. I believe in her heart she knows that I did not do what he said I did but her words broke my heart. She told me I had to move. Aside from that lie he became verbally abusive toward me the last few weeks I lived in the house.This young man has a history of being aggressive and physically abusive toward the females in his life, hence the reason he had to move in with us. All this went on during the same period Tim was buying his new home. I received an anointed word(that my siestas is a testimonial in and of itself and it was from our siesta mama and she didn’t know it until she read this) from the Lord telling me it was time to leave and I was out within two days and moved into Tim’s house. I absolutely believe his purchase of this house and my needing a place and the timing of it all was of the Lord. There were just to many things that fell into place to call them coincidences. I don’t believe in coincidences anyway. This all leads to question 3

    3) The wait: My friend told me I had until the end of the month to move (June). I took it to the Lord and said I will do and go when and where you tell Lord and I left it to Him. However everyday it was one thing or another with her grandson causing difficulty. So you have some idea of what I am talking about: One day he dumped my entire pot of coffee after I made it and said he didn’t, we were the only ones in the house then he hid my coffee cup. I never told his grandmother about the coffee and as far as the cup I just mentioned to her I couldn’t find it and if she saw it anywhere in the house would she let me know. I found some of my tools left out on the back porch area of the house that I knew were in my tool bag from somewhere else in the house I gathered them and asked him if he had anymore of my tools and if so please return them. On both of those occasions (coffee,tools) he called his grandmother at her job and complained that I went after him and hollered at him. Again, she believed him and she put pressure on me to move sooner than she had previously told me. I can understand why she was as tired of the conflict as I was but I was waiting on the Lord and his instruction. This my siestas was a trial by fire it tested my faith, my patience and to be perfectly honest my temper. I do not take kindly to men that abuse women and I was not afraid of him. If it wasn’t for the protection and guidance of the Holy spirit I would have lost it. Thank you Jesus YOU got me through this!!!

    4)This question really goes back to waiting in question 3 for me. Not knowing one day to the next what is going to happen. How will the Lord work this situation out. I knew he would. He showed me he was in the midst of it all from the time he told me to join this study he was reveling to me He had a plan.He would take of this I felt it in my broken heart. I have to tell you I didn’t get much sleep either. I had a hard time even getting food down the last week in that house. I can absolutely relate to the apprehension Ruth must have felt.

    5)Christ as my redeemer is not a new concept for me however it sinks deeper and deeper into my heart every time He shows me His love and faithfulness to His role as my redeemer in my life. I am not sure how to put this in words. There are many similarities between this story and mine in this season. The 10 yrs. I had in this place and the life I had here. I had to leave everything I had built here my dog,my big beautiful garden that took me several years to build,leaving here meant leaving everything. I had to walk and weep,the waiting on the Lord to move even answering these questions went right in order of how things happened. I know that I am in a better place now and I am in a place where I can and will be blessed by my redeemer. Now I just need him to figure out a way for me to get e new pair of jeans these have a hole in them 🙂

  28. 278
    Sue Schwendemann says:

    Terre Haute In Solo

    4. Happy that Boaz was going to marry her. Wondering who this other man was, was he kind, older, and could he care for her? Did she sleep at all that night?

    5. Let go let God, I know I have said this many times over the last few months. Humble myself to him more,

  29. 279
    Sandy says:

    I missed my live group meeting, because I was a youth sponsor ar camp. They all told me it went really well, like always! Like Beth said, we always go long, enjoying the study, fellowship and food!
    Shelli from Hopefully Devoted and
    Amanda from Its Mrs The Greats Blog
    and I shared our answers on my blog.

    I think the summary of all the answers is that if we stop and look at our lives, we can see how God orchestrates it all for us, how He uses people to bless us, how He is our supplier and how we have to watch, pray, wait, hope and trust that He is going to come through with blessings for us.
    Thank you so much Kelly Minter for writing this study, and Beth for choosing it for this summer!

  30. 280
    Monica says:

    #1 &2: Overcome by a man’s kindness and only God could have known… In 6th grade I met my best girlfriend, Jen. We instantly became like sisters. Jen was an only child, but that had not been the intention. She’d had a sister, named Marie, who was taken by the Lord at only 4 months old. Jen and I, and her family remained close over the years, even in the distance of different colleges. As I struggled through paying my way for college, my Jen’s father watched from a distance. Then when I got to the point I could not afford the tuition increases on the payment plan he offered to help me. We drew up a loan agreement and over the last two years of my undergrad degree he lent me over $10,000 interest free to complete my teaching degree. When Jen and I graduated he took us out to dinner. After dessert he said: “I have a graduation gift for you!” and handed me an envelope. When I opened it, I found our loan agreement torn up into a hundred pieces. He said to me: “I have always believed that God sent you to replace Marie. You have worked so hard, please let me do this for you…” Its been almost 20 years and I still get watery eyes over it.

    #4: Be Ruth waiting for the night to pass… I wrote about butterflies in my tummy filled with excitement, to know that I was wanted, then overcome with a ting of fear that I might end up separated from the one I longed to be with, then back to quashing that fear with trust… trusting God’s plan, promise and provision.

    One insight of Christ as the Redeemer: The picture of Jesus in the garden of olives that would be crushed for oil put a catch in my throat… That he would be crushed for me… Crushed so that he could become the balm of my spirit, the transformer of my condition, the redeemer of my soul… there is no greater hero… Love Boaz and Mr. Darcy as I do… there is no greater hero!

  31. 281
    Janet says:

    Well, the two of us in our little Bradenton, FL, “group” each had out-of-town guests the week the third video assignment aired, so we couldn’t get together until last week, and now, here it is, almost time for our last meeting of this summer’s Bible study. The book of Ruth has really taken us down some paths that lead deep into our web of life experiences. The emotions that underlie the events of the story are very real, sometimes very raw. Kelly’s study has opened up these four chapters like a fan as she has laid bare the events of love and loss and, best of all, redemption. That God is in control even when he seems distant is a message that we – or at least or especially I – need to be reminded of. That God can bring “a hope and a future” out of lives that were truly being lived on the edge gives me hope, not just for redemption of some of the bruised places in my own heart and soul, but also of my loved one(s) as well. Even after six decades of living we are finding that God continues to do new things in our lives, even and often amidst the difficult times. Thank you to Kelly and to Beth for this summer study – and to God be all glory!
    Both of us are reading a book by by Carolyn Custis James, “The Gospel of Ruth,” that has also provoked deep consideration as we have used it to further our understanding of this Bible book. We recommend it to all the Siestas if they want something in addition to a good summer beach read.

  32. 282
    Joyce Bailey says:

    Daughter Kendra and I enjoyed discussing Session 3 today, with me noting that my heavenly garb of fine linen, bright and clean, will most assuredly be a Size 10 – – it is heaven, after all! I was overcome by a man’s kindness in ’88 when, after being held hostage for 18 hrs. at the courthouse where I worked, I was released and met on the stairs outside by a cop I knew. He was interested in scooting me out of harm’s way; I fell into his arms, asking him to “just hold me” – – I felt so safe there. And, he did. For about a minute. It was wonderful. Then he helped me away from danger and a hostage incident became part of my life story.

  33. 283
    Linda says:

    Two, from Bartelso, IL and Springfield,MN sorry this is so late. Just very hard to get a chance to talk. We are up to date on the workbook and are finding meaning in Ruth’s life.

  34. 284
    His Jules says:

    Sorry so late, no excuses I have just been lagging behind.
    1. years ago I had an employeee who kept waiting around after all of the others had gone home and when I asked why he was working so late – he said he didnt want to leave me alone in the building after dark. Now this might not seem like much, but I was working 10-12 hour days at this time and it was not unusual to work til 8-9 at night and in the automobile business you are surrounded by men all the time, but this was the first time one of the guys had actually made a point to insure my safety.

    2. the most meaningful example of this divinely ordained experience happened this past fall – My 16 year old neice was shot in the face and consequently became a quadriplegic. In the midst of all the trauma, tears, and questions. It was the most wonderful gift that I could give to be able to tell my sister in law that this was not an impossible situation, and that this was NOT a road that we had not traveled before. (You see my husband was paralyzed 4 years ago) We knew with experience the right doctors to call, the trauma centers to lead them to and the steps to take to get my niece the best possible care but more than that we KNEW that GOD had already carried us through this valley once and we not only survived but we became stronger and we tasted HIS FAITHFULNESS!!! IT was unimaginable to be able to say with confidence, “We have been here before, we know this road, and we CAN and WILL make it through this one!” Thank you Father!

    3.When my husband first became paralyzed, he was very angry and bitter. He withdrew from everyone, especially church and our church family. I fussed and nagged for a little while, but I finally realized that I had to give this to God and WAIT.. and so I did… EVERY DAY for about 2 years.. but guess what??? My MAN IS IN CHURCH!!! and His relationship with GOD is better than ever!

    4.I think she probably was in awe of the fact that now there might be TWO men who would want her?? I think she probably fretted and pondered and had little knots in her stomach all through the night.

    5.I am in AWE all over again of the fact that JESUS loves me this much. There aren’t enough words….

  35. 285
    Sheree says:

    Solo from S.C.

    First of all, I just want to say what an awesome Bible study this has been!! I only wish that I was in a group setting because this Bible study is so rich in truths and there is so much to share here. I thank Beth for starting a summer Bible study blog for the Siestas. How awesome to be considered a Siesta with Beth all these other wonderful ladies!!

    Ok…back to the questions. In answering question 4… first of all, Ruth is so trusting…putting myself in her place I just don’t think I would be so willing to go lay down at a man’s feet in the middle of the night…hmmmm not this day and time anyway..tradition or not. What if he got the wrong impression? Worse yet, what if he rejected me? There’s nothing more hurtful in this life than to be rejected by someone you trust and love. Yes I was betrayed by my husband, and since then haven’t been able to trust anyone again on this planet. Rejection and betrayal is the ultimate hurt!! But there’s only One that will never leave you nor forsake you and that’s Jesus, our most precious Redeemer…which leads me to question 5…what brand new insight have I gained from this study regarding Christ as my Redeemer? Well, I can tell you that He has never left me nor will He ever betray me. When I was hurting so badly that I even asked Him to “beam me up” please…I want to go home!!” I’m so thankful that I had a relationship with Jesus Christ my Redeemer during that terrible ordeal or I’m not sure how I would have made it through. He was my Counselor as well every evening I would get home and run the shower so my children wouldn’t hear my sobs as I sank in the floor and poured my heart out to Him again over and over every night. I know Jesus Christ my Redeemer as the One who will NEVER betray me nor will He reject me (oh, I said that already…well, it’s worth saying again). I may not be a bride to any man on this earth again, but I can say that I am the bride of Christ, and I live for Him daily. He has given me plenty to do…I’ve been to Israel, to Honduras on a Mission trip, teaching Bible classes, got a Master’s degree, and now helping my children with my grandchildren (what blessings He has given me)!! Yes, I have plenty to do. I just wait patiently in anticipation for the next project He gives me. Thanks again Beth for this study…it has been so awesome!!

  36. 286
    Kim says:

    I am in Thatcher, Az and I am gong solo. Sorry I am late again.

    1. My son voluntarily made sure I had a car by going out of his way. He works nights and did this on his way home at 5 in the morning. my hubby was out of town at the time.

    3. When my hubby had candidate to be the pastor of the church we are now at. We had to wait on their response. I have also had to wait on doctors and labs to get results of test that were important.

    4. Boaz said he would redeem her. (Marry her) I think she would have been relieved that he was interested in me too. Yet anxious because what if the other man wanted her. Yet encouraged that either way she would not be single the rest of her life. Yet hoping beyond hope that she would end up with Boaz.

  37. 287
    thirtylittlepiggies says:

    4 ladies from Grand Junction, CO

    We are finally meeting to discuss weeks 3 & 4! We had rich conversation but there was one moment in our study that really sticks out. One of the cute gals in our study has never even opened a Bible before this study. She didn’t own one and has not been raised with any faith whatsoever. Her husband is a believer but they have an agreement between the two of them to not discuss religion or faith matters. God grabbed her and got her into this study and we are so grateful to have her! She’s a wonderful gal and we simply can’t wait to see what God does through this study.

    So, during our discussion, it was her turn to talk about a time when a man showed her a great kindness. She said that she couldn’t really think of something profound but the best example she had in her recent memory was of her dad. Her dad had been raised in a very Christian home but turned from his faith as a young man. His parents had been church planters and were strong believers. So, our friend told her dad that she was doing a Bible study and he was surprised, naturally since he hadn’t raised her with any faith or religion. He asked her what book of the Bible she was studying and she replied, “Ruth.” The two of them stopped and stared at each other and said at the same time, “Ruth was grandma’s name.” Her father’s mother, the strong Christian believer, was named Ruth and went to be with Jesus before our friend was even born. A few days later, our friend’s dad presented her with a Bible with a very heartfelt inscription written in it from him, detailing how her grandparents (Ruth!) would have loved to present her with the Bible themselves so he was now doing so in their honor.

    How amazing God is! Here is our friend who has never opened a Bible in her life, studying the book of Ruth, which is the name of her grandmother and then her father presents her with a Bible for the first time in her life. All of us had tears in our eyes as she told her story about this kindness her father had shown her. She was crying hard as she read the words her father wrote in her Bible. We know God is working BIG TIME! In addition, our sweet friend is having a bit of a tough time understanding parts of the study because she’s so new to the Bible. So…..her and her husband have been reading the Bible TOGETHER and he’s been helping her with some of the questions in the study! Here’s a marriage that has been silent on matters of faith and they are now reading the Bible together as she studies it for the first time. God is so good.

    We are all enjoying the study immensely. Thank you for reaching out to us all in Siestaville!

  38. 288

    Paula from Maine going solo.

    It seems a bit silly to respond when I am so late in doing so, but even if I am doing so just for me-I’m worth it 🙂
    The one question I want to answer is the one concerning some man doing extraordinary kindness to me. Over the years my husband has been like this, but sadly, I felt so guilty and unworthy that I did not appreciate it. Now that God has delivered me from those strongholds, he seems to have changed and withdrawn. Not that I blame him, but I pray that the kind man will return.
    What was Ruth like in mind and heart that she could accept such blessing?

  39. 289
    Tara G. says:

    Kyiv, Ukraine

    I’m late posting; we’re on vacation in the States and have been working through the kids’ bucket list…

    1. The husband of one of my Titus 2 ladies is as dear to me as she is- I was invited to their daughter’s (my former student) blessing ceremony while my husband was deployed. The kids were 3 and 3 months at the time. As I got ready to leave, he put his hands on me and just prayed and blessed us like only he can- I hate driving while I’m crying!

    3. My husband and I dated in college, went our separate ways for 5 years and the Lord brought the relationship around again. Prior to the rekindling, I had committed to the Lord that I would let Him show me the characteristics that He wanted my future husband to have and I’d write them in my prayer journal and pray for him. When I realized my husband was lining up, I simply had to wait- for him to get from Anchorage to Atlanta to see me and then to figiure out I was the one for him!

    4. I thought that Ruth must have been overwhelmed- when it’s late and dark, I feel like my emotions are so much more intense. I think she must have felt giddy at first and then sick to her stomach that she might have to marry some unknown man- how frightening in the middle of the night in a tired state to think of the myriad of possibilities about this man! And then the frustration of wanting to sleep because of weariness but the inability because of a racing mind… bless.her.heart!

    5. I’m struck again with the fact that I had nothing within myself to offer to the Lord and yet He died to redeem me.

  40. 290
    Kate Hawk says:

    Hello…late from Charlottesville, VA We had VBS which altered our schedule. There are now 6 of us – summer plans have shrunk our group, but not the moving and healing the Holy Spirit’s been doing in our group!

    What I would like to report from our group comes from a mom of three little ones who has been working through a devastating loss of a dear friend. This study has allowed her to receive healing like never before. She told how for the last few months she got so depressed and so brought down by the despair that she actually started looking to the words idea of medicating the sadness. She is a believer, but just couldn’t hear or feel her Father’s love through the blanket of darkness she was feeling. During study of weeks 3-5, she had an amazing experience where she was just able to lay it down and just let God love love love on her. She told us she probably hasn’t felt his presence and comfort so strongly in a very long time. She said she knows her redeemer in an intimate way like never before! Amen is all we had to say…with tears in our eyes.


  41. 291
    sepik-meri katie says:

    1. i had to make a 2-hour hike from one village to another, to reach an airstrip and meet my flight. the village i was leaving had a grievance with the airstrip-village… about halfway there, tons of guys from my village starting running down the trail and down the river, dressed for war, shouting and carrying their bows and arrows in the air. it wasn’t hard to figure out a fight was brewing. so i just kept walking, knowing there would be women where i was going that i would stay with, and i knew they’d keep me out of the way. but what was so uncultural, and uncharacteristic, was a believing man from my village came up the trail and stayed in front of me the whole way there and ushered me into a house with some women. he could have been like every other man and ran ahead with his weapons to fight, but he stayed back to make sure i never got in the way of an arrow and put me into a house before he joined up with his brothers to fight. it was so sweet to be looked after by a tribal brother.

    3. being a single girl, i feel like i am on a threshing floor now; there is not a thing i can do. i am walking with the Lord and responding to His every move in my life -to the best of my understanding -and He knows my heart and He knows what He will do in my life -or not. all i can do is wait at His threshing floor 🙂

    4. i can’t imagine what was going through Ruth’s mind… knowing that Boaz WANTED her, a too-good-to-be-true dream hitting earth, becoming a reality. i would not have slept a wink. i would have laid there and cried at the mercy and grace of it all.

    5. Christ’s redemption of me has taken on a new side through this study… me, who has never belonged anywhere or had the “right family” -He gave His life to spread His wings over me and now I do have a place at His table, i belong with Him. it’s been such a tender revelation to me.

  42. 292
    pattibee says:

    Five live from Indianapolis. We spent a wonderful 3 hours at Panera Bread last evening, studying and eating and having a great time with this study. We all have so many questions to ask Ruth when we see her.

    We all talked about how greatful we are to have kind husbands who love us enough that they do not mind we get together to have a ‘sista’ time.

    2. Cindy talked about their move to Indy from Florida and that the planning, all of her qualifications she was looking for in a home, and everything that goes along with a move just fit in perfectly like a puzzle. There were doctor’s needs a need for their daughter and God just orchestrated it all.

    4. We discussed everything from ‘You’ve got to be kidding, to ‘Boaz loves me’ Fear of the unknown, who is this other man like she really got some sleep!

    5. I always thought I knew the horror that Christ went through for me until Kelly brought up the “oil press” idea. How hard the olive gets crushed how hard the threshing had to be in order to reap the full harvest. Christ was beaten and crushed for me, even if I was the only one, He did it for me. I am not worthy but through God’s Redeeming Love – JESUS. Thank you.

  43. 293

    Northwest Houston – solo – enjoying this study of Ruth! I thought I knew the story of Ruth and Boaz and this has definitely given me new revelations. I’m running behind on the assignments sometimes taking longer than one day for each study. Here goes!

    1. A man’s kindness! I’m sure there have been many although for a period of my life I didn’t really like men. I felt that all had either been abusive or abandoned me. Recently my husband did something that made me ask, “Where is my husband and who are you?” He’s always a great husband and I love our conversations and how we laugh together, but this was a very thoughtful thing he did that was completely out of character. I was very grateful – still am – and made sure he knew it. And it wasn’t my birthday or our anniversary. Thank you honey! (Although he will never read this.)

    2. I can think of many examples of divinely ordained collisions – many of which I didn’t realize at the time were divinely ordained. One particular one comes to mind – I was in a self-help program which provided coaching and as I got to know my coach found out he was a minister. I was looking for a church home in my area – was driving into the city each Sunday and wanted to have a church closer to home where I could get more involved. It’s a long story and I won’t go into, but I was looking for a church family. My coach was a mentor to other pastors and recommended the church where I have been a member for several years. It was definitely a divinely ordained collision.

    3. I’m still thinking about this one. I seem to be waiting on God a lot, not sure about times when I have done all I can do and waiting on someone else’s decision. And when waiting on God, sometimes I’m not sure whether or not I’ve done all that I can do. Is it time to turn this completely to God and “rest” in His promises or is there more that I can do. I pray for wisdom in these experiences.

    4. I thought of the many times when the plans were made and it looked like everything was a “go,” and then something came up – a kink in the plans. Our answer seems so close and yet it could never happen. It’s like I can see the dream or vision shaping up right in front of me. I can almost touch it. It’s at my finger tips. I have prayed about it, waited on it, dreamed about it – and now it may happen at all. At this point I begin to experience fear and doubt. Was this really an idea God gave me? I want to trust Him. I do trust Him. It’s at this time (and I’m experiencing it at this time in my life) that I know God is teaching me to trust, have faith, believe, know that He has everything in control. He sees the big picture! I love Him. What an exciting way to live!

    5. I have learned much from this study about Christ as the Redeemer of my life as much as the Redeemer of my soul. I see that Christ is working when we can’t see it. He knows the future and He loves me. He is my Redeemer. Thank you!

  44. 294
    Donise says:

    1.unexpected kindness: nothing “big” but it’s so great to have a door opened for you, or the offer to carry something heavy. of my favorite God-ordained encounters was at a church women’s retreat-I was single at the time and really didn’t know very many people but went anyway. I had some of the best roomies EVER who introduced me to another wonderful person who brought me into children’s ministry. I worked in children’s for over 15 years mostly with Kim. Kim was such a huge blessing to me-her darling kids were even in my wedding
    3.waiting for someone else’s response….reminds me of every job interview I’ve ever had. You put your best foot forward-hope the interview went well and then hold your breath….
    4.I think Ruth must have been thinking about this other kinsman redeemer-I would have played every possible scenario through my head-every “what if.”
    5.New insight-I underlined most of Day 5 but what stuck out was “…God has called me to be a deliverer of His gifts, not the creator of them.” His redemption is that gift.

  45. 295
    Kathy says:

    Wilmington NC Group of 7 meet Thursday 08/05/10 for 3rd session.
    1) Unexpected kindness: a) husband starts car every morning for his wife before she goes off to work; b) one had a sudden slip in a department store, a gentlemen offer to help her up; c)sitting in church on a cool morning, having difficult time placing sweater on shoulder, 80ish gentlemen gently reached over and assisted.
    2)a daughter was drug addict, her father confronted the boyfriend, the mother arrived a little later and was upset, turned around and her Pastor was coming out of dry cleaners, beside business where this had taken place. Perfect God timing.
    3)One lady had tried to move from one state to another, for approx. 3 yrs. All doors & windows closed, then God opened the way and she was able to move closer to parents
    4)We thought Ruth to be anixous, nervous, probably had a stomach situation, nail-biting, excited then scared, scared then excited, could it be, could he redeem me.

  46. 296
    Kim says:

    Our group of 4 in Edmonds, Washington had a marvelous time around the table with these discussion points!
    1. All of us are married but two spent many years as a single mom. Both remarked that they had been blessed by a couple of men in their lives – painting, removing debris from a clean-up and other kinds of unexpected chores, which, when completed by someone who is not a husband – brought blessing and encouragement in a dry and otherwise lonely time of their lives.
    2. A few years ago…two young men were running around in town, causing trouble and acting like hoodlums. A women named Betty, felt a strong prompting of the Lord to pray for those two young men and to stop her car and tell them she would be praying. She hemmed and hawed but the Lord’s urging was so strong, she did it. They laughed it off and made rude comments but she drove off and prayed for those boys for a couple of years. In May of this year, Betty was in a Chaplain’s Training seminar on a Friday night and all day Saturday. At some point, the instructor asked everyone to go around and talk about a time when God spoke to them. A handsome, clean-cut young man shared the story of how a woman had stopped her car and told him and a friend that she would pray for them. He has completed rehab, given his heart to the Lord and is restored to his family and walking a new life in Jesus. You can imagine that Betty wept when she recognized the story and the young man. Everyone in the room was astounded by the story (one of our Ruth ladies was there that day in the Chaplain’s training but she knows this young man well and was at his home when he and his friend showed up still laughing about the crazy lady that stopped and said she would pray for them). Both of the young men are serving Jesus today.
    3. My husband and I are waiting to purchase our home. There isn’t anything more for us to do but wait for the mortgage company to approve the short sale. We’ve been in this process for 1 year as of 8/24/10. God has given us much encouragement and done good work in our hearts as we lean in and trust Him. But at the end of the day, we are still waiting for the situation to be resolved. The very process of the waiting is the vehicle of God’s grace in us and to us as we let Him be Lord.
    4. Each of us was blessed to consider how we would feel to have a promise of marriage – that someone desired us and would come to our aid! All of us would have been excited and touched by the love and kindness of Boaz.
    5. The song by Jesus Culture/Kim Walker, How He Loves sums up the immense emotion and blessing we all feel as we consider the love of our Father! Recently, at a wedding, where the groom actually walked down the aisle to his bride while she waited at the entrance to the sanctuary, then he escorted her to the altar, Jesus spoke to me that my life is just like that: He came and rescued me and is walking me down the aisle of my life. Each step takes me closer to the altar where we will meet the Father and I will be presented holy and without blemish. How beautiful my life looks now and how much my focus has been turned toward Him! He is my Kinsman Redeemer!

    What a wonderful time around the Lord’s Word and in His presence!

  47. 297
    Michelle says:

    Beth — we are a little bit behind schedule but I will comment — we loved weeks 3 and 4 and I have to share this story about one of those God moments – – – –

    Carla’s sister has been in a Christ centered drug rehab now for about 3 months. There are 21 women in this facility in Wachula Florida. She was planning a spa day for them — all 21. She got one to do their nails and pedicures and then got a resort type place to sponsor the weekend and used YOUR material for a weekend retreat. Her other sister wanted to add a special treat and purchased 21 brand new robes for the ladies to get and wear during their spa treatments – they were various colors and another sister had them all monogramed. The event came — Carla was taking the women 3 at a time from the pool araa to the ‘nail’ and ‘pedi’ area when the ladies got to find their personalized robes and put them on. Then after about 6-7 ladies were done, this one came and stood by the robes and began to sob. She would not stop and asked, “is this the only white robe?” to which Carla said – ” I am not sure but I will check”. She proceeded to get a few more in to the pedi chairs and looked – there were several blue and a few pink, oe orange and other various colors but she did not see any other white ones. When she returned to the lady – who was not getting a pedicure but STILL bawling – – ‘yes, I believe this is the only white one – is that OK? I can get you another color later’ . . The lady responded by shaking her head and continued to cry. Later in the evening people were asked to share and she was too choked up still – she said she would share in the morning. Morning came through more tears told the ladies there, that the month previous to this event, she had been prayed over and prophitised over ( did I spell that right?) and the lady spoke a blessing over her and told her that God has said, he will clothe you with a white robe of righteousness — When that dear sweet lady walked in and saw her robe – the could hardly believe it. And in the pocket was that same VERSE that Carla had copied and placed in the pocket of each robe. Now — this is God — 21 robes – only one white — the robes went to the monogram store and where monogramed with the ladies names – see how wonderful and special our God makes us feel – this is a story I will never forget! And it is true!

  48. 298
    Barb says:

    Prescott Valley, AZ (solo):
    I am responding quite late because I have gotten behind in the study but I want to finish, so am posting now to be held accountable and when I finish wk 4 &6, will post to the last blog about this study. Not sure why I am having such a hard time staying on task with this study because I am finding some real jems from Kelly!! The group I tried to gather has fallen by the wayside. And I found out that I am not really a very good leader-more of a listener.

    1-2. 11 years ago, a few months after meeting my (now) husband, I found out that I had Hepatitis C because my ex (of 20 years) told me he found out he had it and suggested I get tested. I felt I had to be honest with this man I had just started dating and expected him to dump me immediately upon finding this out. Instead, he immediately started doing some research to find out all he could about it and what “we” could do about it! I was flabbergasted (sp)! And when I shared my surprise, he said, “well you will need a friend to go thru this with, won’t you?!” I felt like I was poison walking around and being in my late 40’s, I was experiencing some irregularity with the beginning of menopause. Thru word of mouth at work, I heard about a good OB-GYN & talked to him about my concerns. That led to a chain of events that have brought me to be “Hep C” FREE for 9 years, today!! I fully believe God orchestrated all of those events!! And my (now) husband saw me thru one of the worst years of my life, kindly making sure I ate, took my medicine, gave me my shots, dealt with my raw emotions & got me to the other side and healthy again. As I write, I realize that God must have some kind of plan – I have been wondering what my purpose is lately – I had forgotten about these events, how fickle I am!!!! He is in control of everything, Thank you Jesus!!!

    3. Many examples of waiting, not sure I have one at Ruth’s level of putting her life so completely on the line but here is one example: when we (my now husband & I) were looking at homes to buy, we had been dating for 10 years. We had decided that if we found a home that we could afford (something we both thought would never happen), it would be our sign from God that we were to get married. After 6 months of looking at 100s of houses (a small exaggeration), we found one that met almost all of our requirments. We needed a new fleece to make sure – so we asked for a specific interest rate which meant it had to drop unexpectedly to lower rate than it had been. Suddenly it did!! I got a call at midnight from an agitated boyfriend saying he was reading the paperwork, and we were getting a raw deal & we should back out! I tossed & turned all night believing we had gotten our sign from God & thinking this must be the end of our relationship if he couldn’t see that. When the morning call came and I told him I believed it WAS a good deal, he calmed down (unexpectedly), then we re-read the paperwork together and he realized he had not seen things clearly in the middle of the night! That was my special sign from God (I needed an extra one, & didn’t realize it until later)!!! We are so enjoying our new home and being married is better than we both thought it would be (because of past issues)!!

    4. Ruth has already proven to be someone who has gone so far beyond what I would do, that I am having a hard time trying to put myself in her shoes. She must have had an amazing relationship with her mother-in-law before the trip, while her husband was still alive. She is so loyal to Naomi and to the God of Israel. Her strength, loyalty, boldness and trust in the God of Israel far outweighs the ‘normal’ & I don’t know if she felt fear about the future. I have to believe that she was trusting that God would take care of her and Naomi, no matter what the circumstances.

    5. Not sure about this one either. Just good to be reminded again of how much our Heavenly Father love us and how much even more, Dear Jesus has done for me because He loves me – I want to have a real relationship with him – to trust Him the way Ruth did!

  49. 299
    Nicholes Mom says:

    Ridgecrest, CA 2 previous and 1 newby!

    We are running behind due to vacations and such! We added one new member cause the study is so good she couldn’t resist. The 3 of us were at the Living Proof Live in Irvine at the Mariners church, to this very day I tell myself “Give me THIS day my daily bread”! Thank you Beth and the whole team, we are so blessed!

    OK questions!!!!

    1. For me it was 1SG Jesiwillard Johnson when I was stationed in Germany. I was very young and stationed on an Infantry Fort. There were probably 5 available females at that post and Top looked out for me! He ran interference for me often and I didn’t make it easy for him. I just know I will see him in heaven some day!

    Lori says she’s sure there have been many men who showed her kindness, but she is married to her high school sweet heart so she really can’t remember anyone but him! (I love that).

    Barb draws on her husband as well. She had to have emergency surgery this year and Brad would not leave her side for a minute. I remember going to visit her and telling him he needed to get some rest but I could tell by his face the man was not about to budge! She gets teary eyed talking about it… I’m teary eyed now!

    2. For me it’s my kids. There have been a couple of instances that if the enemy had his way I would of lost them to the world, but God carried them back to me!

    One friend says her relationship with her husband is totally a God thing. When they were young had they not listened to God when he spoke to them they probably wouldn’t be married today because of choices they both had made. But in Gods time they reached out to each other and let Him bridged the gap between them. I love when He does that (when we let Him)!

    For the other it’s her sister and dad both having cancer at the same time. It gave them common ground so they could reach out to each other and share things that only the two of them could relate to. The whole family was there for them, but having each other to confide in was truly a gift God gave them. God chose to heal Julie this side of the cross and healed her dad on the other side of it. Praise His name!

    3. For one it is a situation with a toddler grandson they adore along with a long time friend who is starting to ask those huge questions about God, the ones people ask when they are starting down the path to wanting Him as their own! Hurray!
    Another is still waiting on people, and for me, right back to my kids first and then friends that are going through a very intense sifting period… I’m covering them, and waiting on God!

    4. I love that I know this about Lori who said she would be going over every possible scenario OVER and OVER and OVER again! Barb said she would be praying “Don’t pick me, Don’t pick me, Don’t pick me”… And me, I would head straight to the negative and think “Great! I just knew it was too good to be true. He’s only saying this to be nice so I don’t feel silly. There probably isn’t anyone else and if there is he’s probably gonna be awful”…

    5. For me it was that He redeemed ALL of my life, even the ugly stuff that only can see… and it’s UGLY! For Barb it was that he can make our plans fit into His even if it wasn’t His first choice for us.

    Sorry so long! We love you!

  50. 300
    Sabrina says:

    East Tennessee
    20’s- Going Solo

    1. Unexpected kindness: A male coworker of mine told someone I was talking to “everyone likes Sabrina.” It wasn’t really an act of kindness, but then again he really didn’t have to say it. It was a kindness that was very much appreciated in an environment where I’m usually berated.

    2. A friend and I were talking one day about drinking hot tea. She was telling me about the customs of drinking hot tea in China where her husband travels for work once a month. After a couple weeks, I was feeling down and just really forgotten by God. He was being silent and I was beginning to think He’d moved on. That same friend showed up and gave me an authentic hot tea set from China. She had told her husband about our conversation and he brought one back for me. Only God knew how I was feeling and had orchestrated this man to remember me while he was in China. I knew that moment that God was telling me if that husband could remember to pick up a tea set in China for me, how much more would He who is my Father remember me.

    3. Waiting for someone else is powerless. My highest anxiety comes from not being able to do anything about a situation and have to wait for someone else’s response.

    4. I’m sure Ruth was thrilled to know Boaz returned her affections and that her (Naomi’s) plan could work; that she hadn’t made a complete fool out of herself. On the other hand, if this other kinsman-redeemer wanted her, all her dreams would go up in smoke and they’d both be heartbroken. This is where Round 2 of trusting God had to begin.

    5. Insight: Sometimes the old ladies in your life can hatch a plan better than any Hollywood producer. 🙂

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