Siesta Summer Bible Study: Gathering Three!

Hey, Siestas! How about this summer Bible study? Is it fabulous or what?? I pray you are getting as much out of Kelly Minter’s “Ruth” as we are. My group of 8 is totally engrossed in it. We can’t get out on time to save our lives but that’s a good problem to have.

It’s time for our third gathering and we will discuss Weeks Three and Four or in the book’s terminology, Sessions Three and Four. As usual, I’m providing you a written version of what I share in the video greeting in case you have trouble playing it. We will have five interactives this time around: two based on Week (or Session) Three, two based on Week (or Session) Four and the final one will tie together both.

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Ruth Session 3 from LPV on Vimeo.

Based on Week (or Session) Three:

1. Turn to p.68 and review the first segment “For Discussion”: Describe a time when you were overcome by a man’s kindness. In keeping with the example of Ruth and Boaz, try to think in terms of an unexpected kindness.

2. Read Ruth 2:19-20 and review the climactic revelation in this Book of the Bible. After you read those two Scriptures, turn to p.85 and review the first couple of sentences of the paragraph in the middle of the page as follows: “It’s interesting that up to this point Naomi knew she had a kinsman-redeemer named Boaz but had no idea Ruth knew him; Ruth knew Boaz but didn’t know he was a kinsman redeemer. Suddenly these two pieces of information collided to potentially change the course of history.” Our divinely ordained collisions may not change the course of human history but they certainly change the course of our own personal history. Can any of you think of a time when God orchestrated an encounter or experience where you (or perhaps both/all parties involved) could say, “Only God could have known”? If so, share it. These would be really cool to hear in your blog comments so consider sharing one of the most meaningful examples.

Based on Week (or Session) Four:
3. Turn to p.95 and, if willing, share your answers to the “Personal Response” section at the very bottom of the page: “Describe a time when you’d done everything you could do and then had to wait for someone else’s response.”

4. Turn to p.108 and review the answer to the question in the middle of the page: “What did Boaz promise to do if the nearer relative chose not to redeem Ruth?” Then, share your responses to the discussion portion just below it where we were challenged to put ourselves in Ruth’s place. What kinds of feelings and thought processes would you have had in her exact situation?

Don’t conclude this portion of the Bible study without one of you reading the final paragraph on p.108 aloud to the rest of the group. (“If Ruth slept at all that night…) Those of you going solo can simply read it again and let it go even deeper.

5. Ask if one person wants to share a brand new insight she’s gained from this study regarding Christ as her Redeemer. (For those of you going solo, consider that I’m asking each of you the question.)

For our next gathering in two weeks, do Weeks (or Sessions) Five and Six. In other words, let’s finish up! And while we’re at it, Sisters, LET’S FINISH STRONG! You will feel such joy in your soul if you’ll see this to the last page. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if just as many women signed in at the end as in the beginning? Let’s make our goal 100%, Sisters!

For those of you joining in on the meals, consider the recipes on pages 88-89. The Grilled Chicken Salad with Strawberries sounds perfect for summer. Lord, have mercy on us, so does the pie!


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  1. 201
    Carole Anne says:

    Hi again from Cleveland, NC, solo student. The past two weeks of the Ruth study blew me away!

    1. Beth, not sure whether this qualifies as an acceptable response to being overcome by a man’s kindness, BUT…I’m 40 years old and recently learned that one of my school mates showed me a huge kindness years ago and I’m utterly humbled. He and I were classmates from grades K-12. I have had a physical handicap since birth, and I just learned that anytime another classmate made a joke or remark about my appearance, Joe defended me…down to the dirt if necessary…which landed him in the principal’s office more than once over the years. (Blushing.) Furthermore, his parents told the principal that – expulsion or not – they would support Joe because they had raised him to defend the oppressed, and would continue expecting him to defend me.

    2. My one and only babysitter came to work for us when I was just six months old. My parents didn’t know this when they hired “my Chris-neen” as she came to be called when I began to talk but couldn’t quite get “Christine” out, but this wonderful lady had lost her 6 year-old daughter to leukemia the very month I was born. Until Chris-neen’s dying day, she insisted that she had prayed for another baby and God provided one for her through my parents.

    3. For about 3 months, Christ nudged my heart to tell my Sunday School teacher “I’m here and willing to help you.” That’s all He was leading me to say, and I was uncomfortable doing this; I didn’t even know the lady that well. Jesus finally stopped nudging and gave me an outright push. So I invited the lady over for a visit and basically blurted everything out. Her eyes filled as she listened and then told me how she and her husband have been called to open a new church!

    4. Ruth must have been ecstatic that Boaz agreed to marry her, but at the same time a bundle of nerves knowing that a man she’d never met had the right to step between them. Would he respect her? Abuse her? Despise her for her nationality? Would he treat Naomi well? Her destiny now was absolutely out of her control, but I believe that God uses our periods of helplessness to grow our faith and draw us closer to Him. I think Ruth’s trust and faith in God grew tremendously that night because she knew He was her only hope.

    5. New insight: I have a deepened humility and respect for Jesus’ unconditional acceptance of me…warts and all. I’ve spent this entire year recovering from a severe reaction to a prescribed medication. The Rx affected me physically as well as emotionally. The doctor says I’ll need cosmetic surgery for physical scarring. The worst part, I’m ashamed to say, is that I’ve had to apologize to several friends for the personality I had while I was taking the Rx. Unfortunately, I am today living with more unforgiveness than forgiveness in that area. Rejection isn’t fun’s illustration of Christ’s spreading His sweet wings over His children brought me to tears as He used Isaiah 43 to remind me again not to dwell on my past sins and failures. Praise Him for the strength and compassion He has given me to start over.

    Love you all,
    Carole Anne

    • 201.1
      Marilyn says:

      carol anne, sounds like our REDEEMER is at work at this and every situation, ‘restoring what the locust has eaten’. somehow, GOD will use even this difficult situation. blessings, M

      • Carole Anne says:

        Your encouragement is such a blessing. Marilyn. I wssn’t sure whether I should shsre that story or not. Thank you, and praise Christ!

        • Carole Anne says:

          Oops…big typo here! #5 should read, “Rejection isn’t fun. Kim’s illustration…” I’m sorry.

    • 201.2

      Carole Anne,

      I’m solo in Houston and get such a blessing from reading the posts of others, especially the solo siestas. I truly received a blessing from reading your post. What insight God has given you. I look forward to reading more from you. You have such a testimony for loving God. Just wanted you to know that you are touching hearts with your message.

      Sandy – Solo in Houston

      • Carole Anne says:

        …And we have another “as it happened” moment”! Thanks so much, Sandy; your sweet encouragement is a God-send at just the perfect time, as I’ve struggled this week with some unforgiveness from friends (Question 5). All that I have and all that I am is of God’s strength and compassion; nothing else. I thank Him for you and our other Siestas! Blessings, Carole Anne

  2. 202
    Becky says:

    Our group of 3 met in Seneca, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia this week- (Wednesday and Thursday)and I was so blessed by the other two ladies. What a joy and thrill to have Bible study as part of my life and to TALK to others about Him. Thank you, Kelley Minter and Thank you, Beth Moore and all Thanks to our Redeemer—He has redeemed my life…and I can almost understand it now. It’s such a journey to wrestle with faith and understand more and more about Him little by little. Now if I could just practice believing that He really LOVES me!

    • 202.1
      Connie says:

      Becky, so glad to here you are enjoying the study. When I see where you are my heart jumps a little. I was just down near Seneca a couple of weeks ago, my sister lived on Lake Hartwell, the first exit over the Georgia border.

      God does love you! And being able to do study together, nationwide, on this blog is a blessing indeed. Just wanted to say hello.


  3. 203
    Dawn says:

    We’re the three girls in Wisconsin in our 20’s meeting in each other’s homes. The pasta with tomatoes was excellent!

    Our discussion today wasn’t as deep or long as other days, but it was good.

    Question 2: I am going through the waiting game right now in some areas, and a lady came up to me last week and started speaking all these things that God knew me and every family is not the same, and his plan is always best. It was things I knew, but God was speaking right to me through her. The crazy part was she didn’t know anything about what was going on in my head. She was just talking about waiting, etc… It was amazing.
    -One of the girls said after she went to about three different colleges, the one she ended up liking and graduating from was the first one she applied to but brushed off.

    4. She was so concerned about Naomi even more than finding a husband for herself.
    We thought it was wonderful to think about Boaz’s character compared to the character of the other men put in that same situation on the threshing floor.
    She had a keeper 🙂

    5. While we were talking about this, this thought just popped in my head. I thought it was perfect for this question:
    Boaz couldn’t redeem Ruth until she came to him wanting to be redeemed – We can’t be redeemed by Jesus until we come to him willing to accept his redemption!

  4. 204
    marci in amsterdam says:

    Amsterdan/Ohio Solo
    OK, so I know I’m behind…would you believe after list upon lists to try not to forget anything I forgot my Ruth book in Amsterdam??? Arghh. But I ordered another one and now I’m back on my way.
    1. My husband’s kindness greets me every morning when I wake up to an unloaded dishwasher. Also, my husband and I were traveling once and our car broke down in the middle of no-where and the tow truck driver, after towing our car, drove us several hours to the nearest open rental car place (it was in the middle of the night) in his own car.
    2.There was one Christmas I was so lonely for my family in Ohio, I had just had my third child and was just sad because none of extended family had met him yet. I was trying to hard to put on a brave face and not let anyone know. Anyway, the day before Christmas a huge package arrived that my in-laws and my parents had sent together, gifts and special christmas trseat, pictures and momentos from Christmas’s growing up. I praised God for his special encouragement for weeks after that.

    4. What a contrast of emotions, Joy that Boaz accepted here and wanted her as his wife, (relief too) but the amount of trust it would have taken to just leave it in the Lord’s hands even if the other redeemer chose her. I don’t think I would have slept much.
    5. I am so thankful for my redeemer who claims me and loves me and chooses to use me despite my faults and shortcomings.

  5. 205
    Leslie says:

    Solo in Utah
    1) My unexpected kindness comes from the unlikely source of my 22 year old son…who sometimes out of the blue will rub my neck or give me an extra hug when the timing couldn’t be more perfect/or more God!
    2)Only God knew-One of the treasures of my life is my dear friend/sister in Christ Pam. The way God orchestrated our meeting and made sure we met is a wonderful story, but that we continue to be in each other’s lives at the most opportune of moments is His hand at every turn.
    3)Most recently, the sale of our old home after we had put all the work into it to sell…and then had to wait. Two years ago, when my husband had blood clots in his lungs they gave him blood thinners and we had to wait a week to know if they would break up the clots. God showed himself and His promises mightily!
    4)I wrote in the margin the following: “What the heck? I’ve put myself out there and theres another guy? What’s he like? I like this guy! Does Naomi know the other guy? Why hasn’t she mentioned him? Well…I’ve trusted this far. I’ll go all the way. I hope it ends up being Boaz thought. He is nice and now he is willing to have me…He has promised to shield me…
    5)I was particularly taken with the concept she introdues in the last paragraph on page 110 of God’s abundance and our ability to deliver His gifts. I just love that Boaz is shown as Ruth’s source just as God is ours…that concept of kinsman-redeemer as the ultimate resource of good is precious to me.

  6. 206
    marylee says:

    Dearest Siesta Mama,
    I am doing the To Live as Christ Bible Study right now rather than the Ruth Study. But I wondered if you’d mind if I responded to the random act of kindness question? My alcholhlic father who passed away when I was 15 always told me that I had never given him a reason to love me. So in the period I have known the Lord it has been hard for me top imagine my Heavenly Father as loving. Every once in a while the Pastor of my church puts his arm around me and tells me he loves me. My Pastor has no idea how much that means to me or how much it touches that raw and tender part of me so hungry for a Daddy’s love, and it brings a little more healing to my heart. I can’t tell you how many times I have stared at that picture of Melissa dancing with Keith on her wedding day and been so touched by the way he’s looking at her and smiling at her.
    Then I think to myself is this the way my Abba Father, my Heavenly Daddy looks at me? Oh I hope so, I long for it to be so…Tears streaming down my face…Love, Marylee

    • 206.1
      Elaine says:

      your post really touched my heart!
      Yes I am sure that our Father in heaven is most
      certainly looking down with so much love in his eyes for you!I can hear him saying look there! one of my beloved Daughters isnt she awsome!!!
      sending much love and hugs!

  7. 207
    Julie says:

    City: Porterville, CA
    # : solo (currently visiting Disneyland)
    1. Overcome by a work experience.
    2. Several occasions where God orchestrated things. One time in particular: waiting for my ride outside a bus station, not knowing a soul. God sent a young man to protect me until my ride came.
    3. So many of these times.
    4. Boaz would be honored to be her husband.
    5. This study has really opened my eyes on caring, love, and character. Ruth is a remarkable woman. God’s love is remarkable. It is amazing how he knows our future and orchestrates events.

  8. 208
    Heather says:

    Just wanted everyone to know we are still here! We are a group that is meeting online, via email, and are centered in New England. We are going slower, covering a chapter every other week. That is why I havent been posting in the comments. But I read that you guys wanted to finish up and I wanted to give a shout out. We will finish strong!! Just a little bit later than you guys.

    Thanks for all of the wonderful comments ladies. It is so great to read them and get encouragement from the other groups!

    Heather (lovesgarlic)

  9. 209

    I’m not able to participate in the Ruth study, but I am eaves dropping. 🙂 I wanted to share a story about my husband in line with the first question because he is truly my “kinsman redeemer.”

    We met in a sordid fashion that doesn’t present anyone in a favorable light so I’ll just leave it there. But, I was a young, single mother struggling and having just moved back home with my mom and dad with my three kiddoes under 10 in tow.

    Upon my return home, after years of one kind of abuse or another from the men in my life, I found myself to be a woman who officially declared herself “no man required.”

    Bone-weary of looking for the right guy and not to anxious to set out looking for another… I told people if God had a man in mind for me He’d have to send him to my front door.

    On a hot early June afternoon I found myself under the front end of my car attempting to change the oil stored in an engine I had apparently blown. My father felt if I had not done terminal damage we might be able to salvage the engine but the first step would be change the oil.

    My father had gone to work, my ex-husband had picked up the kids and I was home alone. I set out to change the oil, “No Man Required.”

    I could not even budge either the filter or the little nut that plugs the oil pan. No way. No how. Not even a little bit.

    My future husband was 45 minutes away in a neighboring town and a mutual “so-n-so” happened to call and volunteer him to come and help me out. I argued, and emphatically stated a big “NO” to this busy body. I was quite frankly a bit terrified of the prospect of being alone with him because I found him so striking. But, when he got on the line he insisted on coming in spite of my best diversion… “You really don’t want to come ALL THIS WAY, DO YOU?”

    He did. About an hour later he came riding up in his white Chevy Silverado like Prince Charming on a white horse. He unplugged the oil pan and dislodged the oil filter. We determined the engine was a fatality and not just walking wounded while the sludge glopped slowly out the little hole.

    We then sat on my parent’s front porch and talked about all manner of life for about four hours before he bid me farewell. Just before he went he said, “Maybe I will get your number.”

    I said, “Only if you want to be friends.”

    Famous last words, but he just kept coming back. Every weekend he landed on my doorstep and by the end of that summer we were head over feet for each other. The rest as they say is history. He brought such peace and calm and love to my life like no one I’d ever known. He truly came to my rescue and delivered to me a life I could have only dreamed of back then. I guess God always knew, didn’t He?

    • 209.1
      Tressa says:

      I was just reading your post and found that you were speaking my language in your post! My husband left me this past November and not to keep dwelling on it, but I always swore that I would NEVER need any man after the abuse I took from my husband. I felt I never really had his help when he was in my life so being alone wouldn’t be hard either. It also gives me hope that maybe God will bring a good man into my life. I don’t want my daughter, who is almost 15, to think that all men are like him, abusive. Thank you for sharing your story, and I am glad that God blessed you with an amazing man.

  10. 210

    Moscow, Idaho (currently at Camp Grizzly outside Harvard, Idaho. I’ll post pictures on my blog at the end of the summer if it’s the last thing I do. I have no clue how to do that, but I’ll try.)

    1. This one’s way too personal but it was when Josh and I were planning our wedding and I realized I had a problem that might prevent me from being able to do my wifely duties and he said the sweetest thing to me that I could never had imagined a man would say and mean and he did!

    2. When my husband was at the University of Idaho and he had just gotten laid off and we had just found out I was pregnant with our first child. He went to a friend who was the director of a ministry on campus and prayed with him. He also shared with him his desire to possibly work in camp ministry. That was something he had thought about a lot and thought he’d enjoy, doing a summer camp job. It was 2 weeks before school let out for the summer. Only minutes after my husband left his office the director’s phone rang. It was a former UofI student who was now a program director at a Christian camp in California and he was desperately looking for an assistant for the summer. He wanted to know if Kurt knew anyone who might be interested. Both Josh and Kurt were floored! Could God’s will ever be more clear! Needless to say two weeks later we were packing our bags and moving to California for the summer and little did we know how things would play out, Josh enjoyed it so much that when we returned to Idaho he changed his major from education to Recreation Management and as you know from the top of this, we are currently at a Boy Scout camp, with my husband as Camp Director for the summer. He works full time for the Boy Scouts year round raising money and recruiting for them and then we spent our summers doing camp work. This is his first year with the Boy Scouts, so it’s a new adventure. As much as I hate being without a lot of technology, I have to admit the mountains are a beautiful sight to wake up to. If I have to wake up so stinkin’ early in the morning, I’m glad it’s here!

    3. I prayed for someone for a very long time to want out of an addiction and to be willing to do whatever it took to get out and now he is, but I waited for years before it became obvious he was going to do it because he wanted to and not just to make me happy. I still fear he will revert back, because he has so many times.

    4. Well, duh, he would redeem her. I can hardly imagine what she would have been feeling, but when I think about what I would do, I can almost feel my heart racing like it has so many times when I had no idea what was going to happen but it was going to be huge. On the one hand, wow, he really does love me (pure ecstasy) but what if this other guy wants to marry me? I know Boaz is terrific, but what if this guy’s a jerk. I don’t even know what he looks like. Oh, man, talk about an emotional roller coaster! I’m sure she didn’t sleep!

    5. Okay, this one I’m not sure of. I know it’s been a much more in-depth way of looking at Ruth than I’ve ever experienced, but I’ve always been taught about the kinsman-redeemer and how that points to our ultimate Redeemer, at least since I’ve been a Christian, so I have to admit, this is mostly review for me, but I needed it, because it’s reminded me that no matter who I am, who my family is, what my challenges are, or where I’ve been He loves me and wants to redeem me in every situation. I need reminded of that all the time to continue in my recovery. I still most of the time feel like such and failure and that there is no hope for me. This reminds me that that will never be true. There is always hope for me.

  11. 211
    Anne says:

    Reporting in for four Siestas in East Tennessee who are doing this via e-mail.

    Because we are doing this via e-mail, we branched out a little this week with a question about Wk. 4, day 2. At one point in the lesson (talking about Ruth putting off her mourning), we looked at Eph. 4 about the old self that is corrupt in deceitful desires. Our group devoted some time to discussing how sins become addictive because they are deceitful. We buy the sin because we swallow the lie, and we then struggle to get free. While everyone in our group had discovered this to be true, anger issues appear to be a concern for a significant part of the group. Anger holds out the promise that we can manipulate or control other people, and we yield to that temptation even when experience has taught us that this is not the best way to cope with relationship issues.

    1. A couple of anecdotes mentioned were Miquela’s story about the time her very distinguished and dignified boss walked her to the car with an umbrella when it was pouring down rain. Anne recounted the kindness of an administrator who lightened her teaching load when he realized that she had an exceptionally challenging group of students.

    2. There was a story about God working the timing of some e-mails so that someone could forgive an estranged friend.

    3. One group member is awaiting an answer to prayer about employment. Another is seeking an answer in a family situation.

    4. “Does this mean he doesn’t want me after all?” One response mentioned that Ruth’s situation must have felt like Murphy’s Law, B.C. – you agree to an alliance with the man of your dreams, only to discover that you may have just promised yourself to a man you’ve never laid eyes on!

    5. I think there was more to the job of kinsman redeemer than we had realized. He was responsible for the complete financial well-being of his family. Miquela pointed out that God is still blessing Ruth, and that He does not forget any of his children.

  12. 212
    Lou Ann says:

    Just the 2 of us in Andalusia, AL

    1. Man’s kindness: My grandfather – I always knew he loved me without reservation or condition.
    2. Only God could’ve known: How much we both needed this particular study. Timing was perfect. God’s orchestration of events to give us just what we need is always amazing!
    3. Waiting for someone else’s response: At this time in my life – waiting on emotional walls to be broken down where my adopted daughter is concerned. For healing of her thoughts, her heart and for truth to replace the lies. For her to speak to us and return home. Waiting…
    4. Our feelings & response to Ruth’s situation: The fact that she went beyond what Naomi had instructed her to do, spoke to me that she didn’t want Boaz to get the wrong idea. She wanted him to know that she wanted to be redeemed and she knew he could do that. Our feelings were that when we decide to follow Christ, that it takes a “public” confession (threshing floor) and the risk of forsaking all and baring our soul, just as Ruth did that night. Maybe she had second thoughts, but I believe she was comforted by the words of Boaz and his gift of grain.
    5. Christ as Redeemer: Sandra thought about the fact that Christ was the only one “in the family” that could restore us and was willing to do so. He took the risk, made himself poor and showed mercy to us. Christ had to come in the flesh to fulfill the requirement of kinsman.

  13. 213
    Diana says:

    Checking in from Fayetteville, GA… group of 4 of us that met on Thursday evening. We enjoyed talking about each of our “God orchestrated encounters”. One of ours had a friend from college that had moved to another state and years later she ran into her friend’s cousin. That cousin in turn helped her husband get a job and that is how they ended up in Georgia almost 2 years ago.

    On question #3, one of our ladies grew up Catholic, her husband Baptist. He is not Baptized and she is trying to “wait” for him to respond. They are attending a Methodist church now and both of their children are Baptized.

  14. 214
    TFT-S in STL says:

    Chesterfield, MO / 2 TFT-S: Trivial Friend Talk-Siestas / 30s

    1) We each had small examples: A friend who helped me out when my car broke down on the side of the highway – in the rain (of course!) at 10pm – and he works early in the morning. He did it willingly and happily. The other one was simply a co-worker who came back to let me know that I was the last one remaining at work that day – just to keep me safe!

    2) God orchestrated a return to work for one of us Siestas, who was a stay-at-home mom for several years, but needed to go back to work for financial reasons. While she was reluctantly updating her resume, she called a friend for some information on a volunteer MOPS position she had held and asked her to e-mail another friend for the info. The first friend told her husband (who the Siesta had worked with in the past) and his client had just decided to hire a part-time accountant. From the interview process to the reference checks, we could see God’s hand in this. And, am happy to report, that this Siesta could not have asked for a better situation, from the flexible hours to the caring environment – God worked this one out for the good!

    3) We had one example that I’m sure most people are familiar with – job interviewing (you do the best you can in the interview and then wait for the next call) and another example that some people have experienced – IVF (you follow every step the doctor tells you, then wait to watch God work to create the miracle of life!)

    4) Relief: that she didn’t make a fool of herself to Boaz (“At least he didn’t laugh at me!”) and knowing that he loved her back! And, how nice of him to compliment me and tell me that others see me as a woman of noble character! Tension: wondering “What if?” and “Who is this other person?” and “Isn’t there some way around this?”

    5) He came to redeem us in our time of need. Even when we feel like we’re making a fool of ourselves in the process, He lets us know that He loves us, that He will take care of us and that we are highly esteemed!

  15. 215
    Ruined 4 Him says:

    Littleton Co

    1. 4 years ago I was in the thick of dealing with my Mom’s Alzheimer’s, her finances, and with 5 brothers and sisters; dealing with opinions of what should happen. My boss, Tom let me use his conference call line to set up calls with my siblings to discuss my Mom, just a couple of times but it made all the difference in the world. He didn’t have to do that but as a result we all ended up being on the same page and it made making decisions so much easier.

    2.When I started speaking 5 years ago I was looking for a mentor, my best friend Rebecca had just moved back to San Antonio and she told me about a woman named Sharon living here in Highlands Ranch Co. I asked her how they met and it was through a mutual friend also in Texas who came to visit when Rebecca’s husband was pastoring our church. I wasn’t there the Sunday Sharon came but Rebecca met her and it’s been an awesome friendship/sisterhood ever since. Only God could have known we needed to meet.

    3.I’m waiting now…I’ve applied to go on a mission trip with our church to Mali and Guinea Africa. It’s something I feel called to do; yet I haven’t gotten the answer. God has been dealing with me on patience and waiting instead of going ahead of Him and pressing for the answer. So I’m resting in Him, knowing that no matter what the answer, it’s all His plan.

    4.One of the things God has blessed me with is the ability to sleep, even through traumatic and dramatic situations staying awake worrying has not been my issue, trust me there are others to take its place. I would have had thoughts of nervous anticipation, small prickle of fear but then hope would rise up…I would then drift to sleep with a smile on my face. I love that I don’t have to worry…Jesus really does relieve worry and tension; I just give it to Him.
    5.Christ as my redeemer continues to blow me away; as I was sitting doing my study two Saturdays ago, a new “memory” came flashing back…one I had not remembered or dealt with in counseling 14 years ago. I wanted to think I’d imagined it or it was just a dream but when I shared it with my husband, the pain behind it was real. At first I was angry “really?, you are bringing this up now? why?” but then it dawned on me that He has me in a time of rest for many reasons and maybe this is one of them. After spending a couple of days struggling I was able to get back in and see my therapist and process this new memory. God was so tender with me during that time and I have to tell you it’s only been 2 weeks and I’m free of the anger, forgiven the molester and my best friend AND He’s allowed me to share the story with a co-worker who doesn’t know Christ. HE is so good and faithful…I’m just undone by His love and grace.

    I LOVE this study, every day the Word I recieve is timely to where God has me…I so love Him.

  16. 216
    Jennifer says:

    Solo (but not really because I’m pretty sure Jesus is sitting right here next to me on the couch saying,”This part is really what I want to tell you!”) in West Linn OR

    1. My dad has shown me so much kindness lately. We are very much alike and have butted heads a lot and had a major rift in our relationship 2 years ago. Since my separation from my husband at the beginning of the year, my dad has walked beside me, encouraged me, and supported me. He calls or texts me every day just to check in and called the other night to see if I wanted to meet for dinner just “to hang.”
    3. I waited for my current job for more than 5 years. I always felt like it was the next step in my career and a definite calling. When the position recently opened up, the timing seemed right but there was one delay after another. God’s timing was perfect and made it so obviously a gift from Him, which is so important on the days where my job is impossible!
    4. Boaz promised to marry Ruth! I doubt Ruth slept at all with all the thoughts and emotions bouncing around inside her head: Boaz wanted to marry her but might not be able to, a stranger could marry her, who was this stranger and how would he treat Ruth, how long would she have to wait, how would she provide for Naomi now that the harvest was over, what would happen tomorrow or next week? Did Boaz’s proximity to Ruth bring her any peace? I hope so!
    5. Jesus brings beauty from ashes!

  17. 217
    Vivian says:

    Birmingham, Alabama

    1. As a 14-15 year old, homely, and prone to stay off by myself, I was on a youth retreat and in the spare time given us was off by the creek with my writing of poems, thoughts, etc. The minister of music of our very large church came over to ask me my name and what I was writing. The kindness he showed by his interest in me as an individual made a huge impact on me. I was amazed such an important man would take time for me. He became a friend and was part of my life for almost 30 more years.

    Than my Daddy once bought me an antique bookcase when it wasn’t my birthday or Christmas or any special occasion. It was the neatest thing and I treasure the gift, but more the memory of his love and care spoken to me as he gave me something he knew I wanted but couldn’t afford.

    2. One Sunday evening in church I listened to the pianist play a lovely offertory. I spoke to my Father silently in my heart telling Him I wished I could play for Him like that. The next day immediately after I shared this moment with a coworker at the Birmingham Baptist Association, she came running excitedly back into my office. There was a pastor out front asking if they knew of any one who would play the piano for their church. I went to talk with him and became the pianist for the church. I served there for ten years when the Lord moved me on to something else. It was one of His most amazing moves in my life. The Bible study and teaching at this church also was exactly what I needed to “step up” in my walk with Jesus. My real discipleship began there.

    3. My son’s rebellion against all God’s way…years praying for a prodigal’s return…for God to get his attention. He did get his attention in one of the hardest circumstances life can bring as he now spends time in prison. Yet he has seen His Father’s hand in his life and studies His Word, and grows in grace as he walks anew with His Savior.

    4. I believe she was thoroughly excited that this man cared for her as she had thought. As in “new” love there is that hope that all will work out. I think the joy of their love and care for each other overrode the anxiety that tried to arise when she thought there might be another who “would redeem me.” I believe she had faith that she and Boaz with God’s care would overcome those troublesome traditions that took no thought for the special feelings between them. I’m sure there were moments of stark reality when the thought of a stranger redeeming her appeared in her mind’s eye and she screamed silently “No other one, God, please no! Let it be Boaz!” But her faith would steady her as she recalled God’s providence in the journey thus far.

    5. I’ve never had to wonder if I’d be redeemed and by whom I’d be redeemed. I’ve always known there is Jesus! I was 11 when I accepted this redemption.(I think of the hymn: “I have a song I love to sing, since I have been redeemed. Of my Redeemer, Savior King, since I have been redeemed…I will glory in my Savior’s name.”)

    Note: My husband and I recently watched the movie, “The Book of Ruth.” We enjoyed seeing this story portrayed on film. (Carmen played Boaz.)

  18. 218
    Valerie says:

    Valerie – party of 1
    Louisville, KY

    1. I work at a company that hosts an Annual Mtg at a Florida resort. For many years, I and another lady were the only women because the entire sales force was men. But I always respected them because of the kind way they would treat me, with respect and kindness. They waited on us, made sure we were taken care of, let us go to the front of the lines, etc.
    2. I attended a meeting at church, a new program they were trying to begin…women mentoring women. Well, desiring an older, spiritual women in my life, I went thinking I would be paired up with a motherly-type. When I got there, I was told I was assigned to someone and she was my age! Well, my mind-set changed and I told myself “I could use a new friend”. That was about 12-13 years ago and she is a dear friend, but what I believe God knew was I would need her one day, because she helped me find the current job I am in and the Lord used that experience to build my faith in his provision.
    3. I have a niece, really she’s my only one on my side of the family, that for circumstances and decisions beyond my control is estranged from my family. She is my youngest brother’s daughter and he has no contact with her. God laid it upon my heart recently to pray for her and I was given her grandmother’s e-mail address because that is who she is living with now. I e-mailed her and my niece called me shortly after that. I was so estatic that God had answered my prayer and was able to tell her that she was loved by someone in her family and not abandoned. I have since left a voice mail and sent another e-mail and have received no response. So, I feel God knows my heart, He certainly knows and loves my niece, so I will wait patiently for the day that I am able to communicate with her again and just continue to pray for her that God will place godly people in her life.
    4. Boaz told her he would redeem her if this unknown other kinsman-redeemer would not. Oh my goodness, as a woman, my mind would have been spinning…who IS this other redeemer? is he as kind? is he as caring? will he want me once he sees me? will he want me despite my heritage? will I have the same feelings for him as I do for Boaz? what if, what if, what if…I would have a hard time sleeping!
    5. I am thankful I have a Redeemer who is able AND willing, was willing to die for me. May I always be reminded how He wishes to spread his wings over me. I am in a season of weeping, waiting, exhaustion in waiting, anticipation of what’s at the end of the waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting…this week’s lesson has truly reasonated with me.

    Thank you Siesta Mama, love ya!

    • 218.1
      twinkle says:

      I am sure God will bless this olive branch you’ve offered your niece. I am touched by your kindness and I know it makes Jesus smile. 🙂

  19. 219
    Paulette Prescott says:


    1. 5 years ago my husband and I were on the river fishing. A strom came up, lots of thunder and lightning, we were going to get out as quick as possible. The motor didn’t crank – the battery had died. We were the only ones left on the water. No sounds other than the thunder then a boat is just there and the man said I can help you. He manually cranked the motor for us and we made it to safety. We never did find out who he was or where he came from. I believe he was sent from God to save us.

    2. GALS – changed my hitory. A group of women all ages studying God’s Word. I needed something – had been teaching children for years and realized I needed fillig – I was empty . The group of women had just started this ministry and I was invited but I was not sure that I had the time to commit. The first study was A Heart Like His by Beth Moore. I was hooked and it was what I had been praying for. My husband arranges his schedule for me to be able to attend these session. I have been going for 12 years and I am a different much better woman because of it.

    3. I have a daughter that is going through a very difficult time. Her husband has decided he wanted a divorce. She wanted to make the marriage work. I have counciled, prayed and been there for her. God is in control and I am waiting for him to work her life out. It’s hard not to be able to fix things for her.

    4. Emotions – Joy-The gamble worked. He wanted to marry her. Thoughts of how wonderful life would be. She and Namoni were going to be taken care of.
    Fear – What if the other man wanted her. What would he be like? What if she couldn’t stand him? What would Naomi say?

  20. 220
    Patti says:

    I had such an “a ha” moment last night. Just wasn’t ready to call it a day. Came into my office and picked up my book and began to just review it. From the beginning of the study I’ve had the question: “How is it that Ruth was married for 10 years and had no children?” Kept thinking maybe that would come up. Well, as I read the Levirate law and footnotes in my Ryrie study bible it became so clear: marrying a “childless” widow. It was God’s intention all along to use Ruth for this purpose, thus a closed womb in her first marriage. It takes me to Jeremiah 29:11 – a great scripture, but verse 12 and 13 are the “keys” to the promise. God had a plan and purpose for Ruth as He does for each of us.
    Also, the idea that Ruth did the proposal. We are the bride of Christ. He makes Himself available to us, we must surrender at the foot of the cross and “lay at His feet”.

  21. 221
    Jennifer H. says:

    Our group of 8 (minus 2 who were on vacation) met at our church in Houston. We had a great discussion time which went way over so there is way too much to share in answering each question. But I wanted to sign in and share a couple of things:

    1) In describing a time when we were overcome by a man’s kindness, 3 of us shared father-in-law stories. We took great joy and thanked God that we are married to wonderful men who were raised by wonderful men.

    2) In trying to put ourselves in Ruth’s place as she tried to fall asleep at Boaz’ feet, we admitted to really struggling with that, which led to a fun conversation about our culture. We talked about how we were raised to be “strong women” and how that is sometimes a huge obstacle in trusting and depending on God.

    We will finish strong and are loving this study and our time together at Jesus’ feet. Thank you for this summer study!

  22. 222
    Judy Pauley says:

    1. One lady’s husband was using a wheelchair while recovering from surgery and stugglred to place it in the car. A friend was there whenever he was near to help.This man was the only person who helped her put the wheelchair in the car.
    2. This same lady & her husband met at a greif help group at a local church. They both were from the same state, and had lived in this city for years. She knows God orchestrated their meeting and marriage.
    3. One lady is waituing to hear from a job application, and an aplication for a house she wants to rent. On lady who is a retired military with, said military people are always waiting for orders for their life.
    4. Our group discussed did Naomi really wait for God, or was this really God’s timing for Ruth to make a move.
    5. We discussed Ruth taking off her mourning clothes, and how this is a symbol for us in many areas in our life. We also discussed hpow Boazcovered Ruth with his cloak, and protected her. We compared it to how God protects us.
    Thank you for leading this
    bible Study and helping us to stay in God’s word during the summer.

  23. 223
    Amanda Carter says:

    Wow, what a study! 1. Most of the kindness came from male family members, but some where with male nurses and male co-workers and bosses. 2 One that really stood out was a mom with a baby in the NICU, was unable to see her baby, wanted to pray but couldn’t. A woman that worked at the hospital came up and asked if she could pray with her. Didn’t know her, didn’t know what was going on but felt she needed to pray with this mom. Talk about God Ordained! 3. Waiting on buying a house, selling a house, waiting in our marriages, adoptions last month of pregnancy, waiting during a trial.
    Christ is my redeemer. He has saved me from a pit of sin that was so shameful and destructive. I have been redeemed and saved. Praise God!

  24. 224
    Sarah says:

    I put this on the prior post’s comments by mistake. I am late in posting this time because I’ve been working a lot this week/end. Thank you for leading us through this study, Siesta Mama! It is a blessing.

    1) I was at my brother’s wedding and watching everyone dance. I was more than happy to sit there and watch, but one of my brother’s groomsmen came up and asked me to dance. I told him I couldn’t really dance, and he said that was OK, that he couldn’t really either—that we could just move with the music. After the song was over, I sat down and I felt like a princess. Then I proceeded to watch the groomsman dance with his wife and he was an amazing dancer! I just couldn’t get over how kind it had been of him to dance with me.
    2) Can’t think of anything really on this one
    3) Can’t think of anything really on this one either
    4) Boaz promised that he would redeem Ruth if the closer kinsman wouldn’t. I would think that she was relieved knowing someone would redeem her, and maybe anxious because it might not be Boaz when she wanted him to be the one.
    5) I can’t tell you how much comfort it brings me that Christ is my kinsman redeemer. All my life I have planned on and wanted to be married. Now, at 37, I have never been married and I am wondering if my dream will come true. Yet I know deep in my heart that I am never really alone, because the Lord is with me. He is my Rescuer, my Knight in shining armor, and the Redeemer of my heart…not only from the market of sin by His salvation, but from my loneliness.

  25. 225
    Jen H says:

    Just wanted to say that I got my book a week ago and am jumping in. I’m behind you all but am loving it. I wish I’d started at the beginning with you!

    • 225.1
      tonya m. says:

      Glad you’re joining us, Jen. :o) You will truly enjoy the study. It has been my experience lately, that when I appear behind (in regards to my Bible study homework), that God is right on time.

      So, don’t feel rushed by all of us. I’m positive God has brought you into this amazing group of women and Bible study right at the perfect time. :o)

    • 225.2
      Lisa says:

      I started about when you did too!

  26. 226
    elaine says:

    Elaine, Faith & Sharon
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    50-something meeting in coffee shop.

    1. Sharon: when trying to make me feel better about a co-worker, and best friend, leaving the company, my boss (Doug) said “How do you think I’m going to feel whenever you leave?” I still don’t think he realizes how sweet that was.
    Elaine: After Hurricane Katrina, Gary showed up from out of nowhere and helped me put my world back together. In a very trying time, God used him to make an overwhelming situation not so overwhelming. I will never forget Gary’s kindness.
    2. Faith: Our summer Bible study group. We are each so different from each other but fit so well. Only God could have put us in that first BSF group years ago and through the years put us in each others hearts. This is our 7th consecutive summer of Bible study. Siesta Mama, you’ve been with us every summer. 🙂

    Elaine: Out of desperation I took a job of last resort. I dried my tears and told God “if this is the job you are giving me, there must be a reason.” That job introduced me to my current boss and dream job where I have happily worked for 18 years. That could only be God and I am so grateful.

    3. Sharon: Trying to convince or help my family members to live Christian lives. I now realie that I have to wait for them to want tht change and for God’s timing.

    Elaine: Same as Sharon above (only different person).

    4. We all said we would have been a nervous wreck! The challenge is to believe and let God do the work.

    5. Sharon: Christ chose to be our redeemer. Once we realize that, we are touched and excited just as Ruth was.

    Faith: (from p. 86, No. 2) We were sold into bondage for the things of this world. Jesus buys us back ans we are now free. Only through Jesus can we maintain our freedom.

  27. 227
    Pam says:

    Pam Solo in Campbellsburg In

    1.I have several men that have shown acts of kindness after my husband went on to be with the Lord
    My Pastor brings me a mess of mushrooms every spring ( been 10 years now ) He and my Jim hunted them together some and he knows I like them . His sweet wife washes and cuts them in half and has them ready to pop in the skillet.
    I have two neighbors that are on the tractor every winter soon as the snow flies to clean out my drive way. Yep for 10 years.
    I am blessed indeed

    2.You know I can see how God has had things brought together for me for years now. It took me a long time to realize it but from my job to where I live etc. Amazing. I don’t like to keep going on and on about losing my husband and the dreaded c word but that is where and how I see God so clear.. in all of it. God clearly knew ( well of course He does) But IT just all works and I know it is God I have no doubt.
    I was looking at a flower yesterday a cleome ( we call the spider plants too) But the flower just keeps getting taller and the blossoms just keep coming as the old ones turns to long seed pods. Now tell me God isn’t in it all 🙂 I love it. He seems to speak to me through nature a lot.

    3. prayed for a loved ones addiction to end.

    4. Boaz promised to redeem Ruth himself if the other fella didn’t
    I would say very afraid of rejection. Then what would she do. Then again probably excited thinking what if he really would love her and marry her.

    5.It just has helped me think more about Christ as my redeemer. I am so greatful my heart about bursts.

  28. 228
    RaeLeen Bustin says:

    Greenwood, Indiana – My neighbor lady and I are doing the study together.

  29. 229
    MMMom says:

    Solo, San Antonio

    I’m not very good at recalling exact moments. I know I have them and praise God during the moment but personal response questions just aren’t for me. Having said that, I did write a response to question #4.

    If I were Ruth, I would be scared to death and overwhelmingly excited. After being married and widowed with no children, how exciting to be on the eve of a new life. New husband and a new chance for family and children. Also after being considered lower than a servant, to be wanted by a man of wealth, power, honor and kindness to choose you! While digesting all of that, you have to realize that instead you could have to marry a complete stranger and your future be a complete mystery. Is he kind, will he treat me well, will he care for Naomi? What a horribly long night!

    5. What a comfort to know Christ is my Kinsman-redeemer! No matter what happens to me in the world, I will always have Christ. He will bring me into the “Family” and make sure as one of the family he will always care for me. Blessed assurance. My heart swells with the thought.

  30. 230
    Tara says:

    Checking in for Living in His Design online blogger Bible study group. Only 3 of us were able to really comment this week as a number of us were quite busy and having some struggles with serious illness.

    1. One ladies example. My husband was gone for a week for business and wouldn’t you know it we got a huge snow storm that blocked me in. My friends husband came over and plowed out our driveway so I could get out…what a blessing. A couple years ago we were coming home from a weekend away during the winter months and there was a snowdrift at the end of the driveway that we couldn’t get through…our neighbor graciously came over and used his bobcat to get us out. Just this year our neighbor once again came over with his bobcat and moved 14 yards of mulch for us…He came over on his own, we did not ask, he came over and offered his help.
    Another lady had this example. To be loved inspite of one’s self:Have you ever been on a date, so nervous your stomach is in knots making the thought of food nauseating! That was me, but my date saw beyond all that, was kind, thoughtful and understanding: we will celebrate our 38th anniversary next month, Lord willing.

    2. One lady wrote this: I am where I am today because of God’s orchestration of events…He brought someone into my life that has influenced me in so many ways, encouraged me, and I have found myself growing closer to God and learning so much more because of my new found love of studying scripture. It is amazing to me how God can use people, even people we never expect.
    And again another had this powerful example: My boss and I were returning home from a long day of wallpapering, I was driving her SUV for the first time. I was in the process of passing a semi with a flat bed trailer when I lost control of the vehicle, bouncing off the side of the trailer,I called upon the Lord to take control, saying “I don’t know what to do, please Lord we are in your hands.” An angel of the Lord guided the vehicle across the medium, 2 west bound lanes of highway, into a field, when I heard a still small voice say: “Now break”! The SUV was a mess, and we were safe.

    3. This is amazing as the three of us who were able to comment this week all have similar stories with a family member cutting communication…ironically they share the same name (not the same person in all cases).
    Well, little over 4 years ago my brother and his wife determined it was best to cut communication with my family…it was their call, their decision. We had no choice in the matter. 4 years later we are still waiting…at the beginning it was tough, now I know there is a reason it has happened and we are prayerfully waiting on the Lord for his perfect timing. In His time, if it be His will, our families can be reconciled again. Until they are ready we wait, praying for God’s time.
    My husband and I have been in this situation where no matter what we did, or said it was wrong, we tried to reconcile but that was not received. So we have now been waiting for 3 1/2 years–only this past year have we finally had some peace which is only by God’s grace, nothing of ourselves. We know that in His perfect time, in His just way, if it be His will our family will once again be reunited. Praise the Lord.
    I’m in a waiting situation right now – actually two. One is that we are waiting to hear about a couple different offers we have out on houses. The other concerns my brother. Without going into too much detail (because of space and time), boundaries I have set because of my faith in Christ, have deeply offended him as a non-believer. I have tried to convey my unconditional love for him, but will not condone his sin within my home. He has chosen to terminate our relationship at this time and it’s difficult to wait for the time of reconciliation. He is my only sibling and we have always been close. He actually told me that I would have to choose God or him. Although it was an easy decision, I miss him – some days I miss him so much I find myself crying (like now).

    4. One lady wrote it this way: I picture in my mind, Ruth laying at Boaz’s feet proposing marriage, laying her heart on the line, hoping he feels the same way. Then to hear him say he will redeem her, that he wants to…oh the joy, the sheer joy I am sure she felt, but only for second…as he said BUT there is someone closer than I. From joy to What in the world are you saying?! That night had to be so long, knowing she would not only have to wait through the night but also through the next day for an answer. Emotions and nerves on end, going back and forth replaying the response, wondering who is the other guy.
    Another said: Since Boaz said he would redeem her, marry her, I’m sure Ruth was relieved. Then to hear that little word that changes everything “but”
    My emotion would be fear–who is this other kinsman, what’s he like, do I have to accept him when I really have grown to love Boaz?
    And finally: I imagine that her boldness in asking Boaz means that she was attracted to him. So the relief she felt when she realized he not only would marry her, but that he also wanted to, was probably very strong. BUT….she must have also been filled with anxiety over whether or not Boaz would be the one to marry her. Elation and worry mixed emotions. I remember times when I have felt this (both times I found out I was pregnant) – elated at what the future would hold – fearful of the unknown. It can be so draining to experience and switch back and forth between the two extremes – I imagine this is how Ruth felt.

    5. A couple of us don’t really have new insights on Ruth itself however we are learning how Christ and his role as redeemer is woven throughout each and every story in the Bible and that is something we had never realized before.
    The other lady reminded us: If all we see in the book of Ruth is a love story then we miss God’s message of unconditional love, seeing Boaz as a type of Christ, like Moses, Joshua and David.

  31. 231
    Jane Dean says:

    1. When I was overcome with a man’s kindness was the night I met my husband Bob. Most young guys back then wanted one thing but he treated me with respect like no other man I had ever met. He took me to breakfast at midnight and we talked at the eatery until 3 in the morning! We did not get to see each other for a month after that night because he traveled but we talked every night for the next month and fell in love over the phone. We truly got to know each other first – in fact this was before cell phones girl friends – his phone bill was $600 and mine was $300. He had to sell his water bed to pay his bill! He did not have much so this was really love! The kindness he showed me when we finally got to see each other again was like no other! He continues to show me kindness that many times I feel I do not deserve.
    2. Once again it had to be meeting my husband – he just “happened” to be making pictures for a church directory and saw me first at the mall and little did I know followed me all over the mall. That night I just “happened” to show up where he was and he asked me to dance. Now I was supposed to be meeting another guy that some friends of mine were going to introduce me to but my sweetheart showed up and the rest is history. It was a “only God could have orchestrated that” event.
    3. Evidently about 2 1/2 years ago I said something about my sister-in-law but do not know what and she has pretty much had nothing to do with me since. She is not a person you can sit down with and things have to be “her way or no way”. Everyone in the family plays to her tune and that has always been fine with me but when this happened and I could not find out what I said or did I decided to write her a letter – 4 pages but it took me 4 months to send it because I was scared of what she would do! Finally after much prayer I felt God leading me to send it on. I did but things have never been the same – she tolerates my family but the strange thing is that she is in ministry! She is the education director at her church and heads up a ministry to be there for others. It has been hard for me to try to get my kids to walk the way God wants them to when they have seen how she has acted toward me.
    4. Boaz promised he would redeem Ruth if the nearer relative chose not to. But if I had been Ruth for me it would have been like being in love with my husband and talking about getting married and plans we had but then my husband knew this other guy might want me for his wife – even though he did not love me but he still had to check with him first before he gave me my ring and we could set the date! I would have been excited to know he loved me like I loved him but I would not have been able to sleep all night because I would be scared I would have to marry someone I did not know, love or care about.
    5. I am reminded every day since I have been doing this study about my Redeemer. Part of my vows came from this book so the book of Ruth has always held a special place in my heart but I have learned so much from this study. During my devotion the other morning I read Isaiah 40:28-31 (NLT) Jane (I added this) have you not heard? Jane have you not understood? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator or all the earth. He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of His understanding. He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. Even youths will become weak and tired and young men will fall in exhaustion. But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.
    I have read these verses many times but this study reminded me when I read those verses that My Redeemer is always there for me no matter what and gives me strength and love like no one can give!! He loved me even though He knew the person I would become! AMAZING LOVE! HOW CAN IT BE? THAT JESUS MY KING WOULD DIE FOR ME?!?

  32. 232
    Debbie says:

    Hi sorry I’m late
    1. I am overcome daily by the kindness of my husband. He is wonderful. I am truly blessed!
    2. Divinely ordained moment is how I met my husband, Bill. Linda and I started work on the same day. We became friends. (Bill and Linda are cousins). He moved to Connecticut from Michigan looking for work. He was living at her house and we started dating about a year later. I didn’t know this but he was going to move back just before I met Linda. He said he felt he needed to stay. I’m so glad he did!
    3. There are so many instances of waiting in my life. I believe I am a very patient person. I trust that God will guide me.
    4.There was still hope that Boaz would be the one! He wanted her! She would be provided for and would be able to provide for Niomi I think she had a sense of relief that this was not for nothing and that she didn’t embarrass herself.I believe that she trusted God to bless her.
    5.When I saw that Jesus Christ is my kinsman-redeemer, I was just filled with JOY!! Such a revelation to an infant like me! Thank you Lord!!!

  33. 233
    Lisa says:

    I AM SO EXCITED! WE’RE GOING TO CHICAGO TO SEE BETH MOORE SEPT. 18TH!!! My ten year wedding anniversary is coming up and we could not for the life of us decide what to do. We’ve been ho-humming about it for weeks now.

    Well, I just realized the simulcast is in our town and I thought I’d look it up and see where it is live. Lo and behold it’s about six hours away from us!

    My husband is so “chicky” and he’s willing, and even excited I think, to go for our anniversary! I am just laughing at the thought! I can’t tell you all how thrilled I am!!! There’s just no one else I’d rather go with as much as him! And the restaurants in Chicago for an anniversary! Hello! How cool is that!

    BTW, any recommendations for good sushi or oyster bars in Chicago? Or maybe Mediterranean?

  34. 234
    rene sandifer says:

    Overland Park, KS
    I apologize in advance that this will be long. God is always at work.

    1. I can vividly remember a time when I felt especially blessed by the kindness of a man. When I was 18 I was home in San Antonio from moving my first trip of stuff back into my dorm room at college between semesters. Something happened early that next morning that profoundly affected my life and subsequently my walk with God as He alone spared my life in an unexpected horrific encounter with a stalker. Later, at the downtown police dept., the 2 detectives that were assigned to my case, took me to a small local mexican food cafe to buy me some breakfast tacos as I had had nothing to eat that morning and it was almost noon. They then drove me home. To this day my eyes well up thinking of their compassion towards me. Thank you, Jesus.

    2. I LOVE God disclosures. He does them in such a GOD way!! (smile). I first “saw” my guy, when he was performing a christian evangelistic concert on our college campus. Afterwards, my girlfriends wanted to go up and meet him, and I said, no, because he probably thought he was hot stuff and I wasn’t interested in meeting a guy full of himself, or him thinking I might be a ‘groupy’, so I didn’t meet him then….fast forward 2 years later. I am graduated and on staff with a ministry that he ended up being on, too. We were both at sr. staff training in CO when a mutual friend introduced us. He asked me out that night. He even introduced me to the waitress as his wife! To which I told him to set her straight; I most certainly was NOT!!
    One year later, we were married…26 yrs this August. Thank you, Jesus.

    3. Yes, so many opportunities for waiting on the Lord! One is right now as my Dad died 5 yrs. ago this week. His third wife filed a lawsuit against my 2 brothers and me over a land dispute that has been going on for as long. She has appealed the first answer, and rebuttles have been made. Now we are waiting again for the court to hear and decide. We have done all we know to be right, true, and honorable to the Lord. We will be wating for what might be another year. *sigh* Thank you, Jesus, your timing is NEVER off.

    4. Depending on how well she knew that God would do what was best for her, her feelings would most likely reflect that. Desperately hoping it would be Boaz, giddy that it might be Boaz, but resovled to the fact that this God of Naomi and now hers, would see her through some how.

    5. This whole kinsman-redeemer title is not something I had particularly thought of much. And to tell you the truth, I think it is the hardest part to get my hands around, for me…personally. I am so wanting to fully comprehend it. I have walked with God for many years. It just seems too wonderful to really, really be true. My “feelings” will need to dwell on this truth and catch up on this one…

    • 234.1
      rene sandifer says:

      for all of those who are waiting on God…or for a house to sell… and God’s perfect timing…and have 5 min to read! I wanted to share a testimony of God’s faithfulness and waiting.

      When we moved to Ks from Tx almost 5 yrs ago, my husband and I and 2 kids each lived in each place waiting for our house to sell while he (plus 2) lived in a church member’s basement for 2 months. Never mind that a home almost identical to ours down the street sold within a week for full price just 1 month earlier. After 2 months, my husband said the rest of us had to move up and live in an apt. so we could all be together. We were blessed that this church couple wanted to pay for our apt. until our house sold. I was miserable in the apt. and wept forward by using my God gift of designing to work on a foster home for girls for weeks that our church over-saw (in BAD need of help) instead of working on my own home I did not have yet. God sent a woman to speak at our women’s retreat just for me. She had co-authored a book called “after the boxes are unpacked” (great book)…and spoke of grieving the loss after a move. She said either you grieve now, and will move ahead once you have a home again (all of our belongings were either in storage here or in our home in TX) or you will grieve after you get finished being busy and settling in…either way, you will grieve.

      She was absolutely right. After 6 months, our home sold. (with 3 buyers offering after zero offers!) Everytime we found a home we thought was right and it fell through, we said, thank you Lord for not giving us that one, they just keep getting better and better. My husband was (is) impatient about ‘fixing’ situations, and just before we left for him to speak at a retreat, he thought we should put a contract on a house before we left. But I did not have a peace about it. The sales man said it would be sold over the weekend if we didn’t write a contract. I said the Lord didn’t take us down this path for 6 months just to open a window and slam it shut and say sorry you missed your one opportunity!

      So we left, and that night I had a dream about the house. It was called the ASPEN, and I felt strongly that we should buy the house with that name. But, when I woke, I told my husband it just wasn’t the right house, and I was perplexed. When we got back from the retreat, we continued our house search. Could not find a suitable house meeting all criteria. Finally, my husband came across a house in a subdivision that had been miss stated in the website that he thought was sold but was not. It was in the building stage. We drove by it and it was just what we had been looking for at the right price! It turned out to be on the lot right next to a house I had driven by 4 months earlier and prayed for, but was too expensive. It was also by a different builder than any we had looked at before. The house was not even the floor plan stated on the web. We found out later that week, it was called the ASPEN. Needless to say, we now live in said house, and it has been the perfect place for us and our family. And NONE of it would have fallen into place…not one day sooner than it was unvieled to us.

      Lord Jesus, please let this be of an encouragement to at least one other siesta, amen. Glory to you, Father.
      How quickly I can go from that awesome lesson to forgetting his faithfulness in the now. I needed to re- visit this myself! : )

      • Hi Renee,
        I just wanted you to know that what you wrote was an encouragment. I too sometimes suffer from spiritual amnesia it seems, to see Him be so faithful and then almost forget.:) Praise God that His faithfulness is not dependant on me.
        I also can understand what you shared up in #5 about Jesus as our Kinsman Redeemer… Like just too incredible to be true.


    • 234.2
      Eposi says:

      Hi Friend! Cute story about you and your husband. Just wanted to let you know that I am keeping you and Hannah in my prayers as promised.


      • rrene sandifer says:

        Your prayers are not being wasted…as Beth would say. She was in one of her best friend’s wedding this past weekend and it was especially difficult as it was also the 1 year anniversary of Nick’s proposal. It seems like Satan likes to play off of “coincidences” as well. I KNOW GOD is at work. I am excited that I get to be a part of what God is doing in your life (my prayers for you) as you are a part of this. Thanks, sis!
        xoxo, rene 🙂

  35. 235
    Stacey, Alexis, Chelsea, Brenda, Sara, Laura & Abby says:

    Hi from San Diego! Wednesday evening we enjoyed eating a meal together again. Everyone in our group is getting used to coming in, grabbing a fiestaware plate and sitting down to share life with each other. We were missing two, one on travel and the other ill, but still had a sweet time together realizing how time flies even in the summertime. We are happy to say that we have all been overcome by the kindness of men in our lives. We’re all in agreement that there is a bias to think of the “huge experience” verses the smaller things at home or at the office that make our lives easier. Generous gifts, asking and receiving help, along with random acts of kindness were shared by each of us. We love the fact that God is so personal. He is so active in our daily lives and moves in ways that sometimes we can only look back in retrospect and realize it was Him, because He is the only one that knew! One example was given that touched us all was when our sweet siesta’s mom had unexpectantly died and it “just so happened” much of the immediate family was already in town at the same time. They were all available to love, care and support each other showing the ultimate example of God’s providence and grace. God also provided a new place to live to one of our moms when they were not even looking, meeting an unspoken need. One of our moms shared, that as a stepmom, she felt she had done all she could do to open the door for a relationship with her stepsons. After many years of an uneasy relationship she recently became sick, allowing her stepsons to show their concern for her. One of her stepsons used their new family pic with her in it as his new profile on facebook! Another, has a husband notorious for making others wait, shared that while she was single and had done all she could do, had to wait…for him to decide…(and wait some more)… if their relationship would move forward. As we tried to imagine ourselves as Ruth, that night, at the feet of Boaz, after he dropped the “bomb” that there was a closer kinsman, we all agreed that we would be mortified. “Why didn’t Naomi share this vital bit of information?”, “ But, I love Boaz!”, “What have I gotten myself into?”, “What if this other fellow says yes, am I going to lose love again?” It was amazing to think of the most incredible losses, sin, and failures in our lives and see Jesus bring us full circle to face it in a brand new way that produces hope and fruit instead of loss and despair. It was commented that even in Boaz’s own life, his mom being Rahab, all of a sudden faces this girl laying down at his feet (talk about full circle) but he chose not to do what was right in his own eyes but agreed to give Ruth protection and honor.

  36. 236
    Caty says:

    Caty ~ Pensacola, Florida, party of 8

    During our time together we had a great discussion of all the questions. We seemed to keep coming back to talking of God’s orchestration. We serve such an amazing God! Here are some of our stories…

    During today’s study and share time (even while we were on this question) one of our group received a call for Prayer at that moment for a God connection for a Neighbor. He was having the Gospel being shared with him right at that moment in a God orchestrated timing situation. The friend who had called has a sister that was sharing Jesus, we prayed right then for God to being Salvation to the neighbor and agreed in Prayer for him to become a child of God.

    One ladies son, “G” was a youth who participated in a Prayer Initiative by renown men and women of Prayer. This initiative had several groups of people going on-site to specific areas of the City of Pensacola to Pray and Intercede. God orchestrated that “G” be in the group that was to pray in downtown Pensacola on a specific site where a Shrine Temple Masonic Historical building was located. Repentant and specific prayers were prayed and decrees given. Now, years later, “G” serves as the Pastor on this very site…in this Very building that has been Purchased, Refurbished, and Redeemed! God is so cool!

  37. 237
    Village Sister says:

    Solo, Greenville, SC (Sorry I’m tardy – been out of town)

    1. & 2. [these 2 go together for me]
    I was overcome with unexpected kindness when I first met my husband. He came into my life literally out of nowhere at a time when I had decided I would never trust a man again. Every man who ever touched my life had betrayed me (even my father). I was a newly single mom w/2 little ones & I had a very clear plan: to raise my children in the Lord ON MY OWN. PERIOD. But God had a very different, glorious plan. Only He could have brought our 2 broken hearts together at that precise time. Charles has overcome me most every day since I met him with his sincere kindness, compassion and patience. I know God made him just for me.

    3. This one is too painful/personal to share.

    4. If this were me, I would have slept very little. I would have been busy playing the “what if” game back & forth in my mind all night long. I tend to over-think things sometimes, but even when I wrestle stuff out, I have learned to ultimately trust God with the outcome. I think this is what Ruth did too.

    5. In thinking about the kinsman-redeemer concept, my mind goes deeper & deeper into the reality of what Christ did for me. A renewed desire to LIVE out my gratitude to Him is what I’ve come away with here.

  38. 238
    Elaine says:

    A man’s unexpected kindness….a former employer helped me with my son’s needs by referring help and paying for it out of the blue. God has orchestrated an experience to where I’ve had some time in a house beside my elderly parents to help out and have time with them after living 300 miles away for 34 years. Now same scenario…I’ve done everything and the house is for sale and I’m waiting on other’s to see what happens next. (Although, I ultimately wait on God’s plan). I am so thankful Christ is my Redeemer.

  39. 239
    Hannah R. says:

    Mother and two adult daughters – Oklahoma City, OK

    Unexpected kindness shown by men? The consensus was our dads and our bosses.

    Divine orchestration?

    Becky: When we got orders to Guam, I did not want to go, because I thought my career as a CPA would be nonexistent, but Dad knew right away that’s where we should go. Well after a year there, I had quit my job at a CPA firm to be a full time mom, ready to give birth to Lydia, first heard about homeschooling, and we were very involved in a great Bible believing church. I can see that God orchestrated that, because so many life changing events took place there. I thank the Lord for His divine orchestration.

    Lydia: Over a year ago I studied very hard and thoroughly for a difficult test. About 5 questions into the test, I realized that a certain formula that my study guide had told me would be provided in the test was not provided, and I should have memorized this formula. About every other question contained this formula and I just knew I was going to fail. I passed, and I am 100% positive that God worked a miracle in my life that day. God was the only One that knew I would go months studying for this test, and that the important formula would not be provided.

    Hannah: When I was first interviewing for my current job, only God could have known that I would need all of the free time I have during the Interim to devote to my school work. I wouldn’t have that if I worked for any of the other people I interviewed with. I am very, very thankful that God knew and orchestrated everything perfectly.

    Times of waiting? Two of us are in pretty intense times of waiting right now. God is faithful.

  40. 240
    Pam Cummings says:

    Our group from Littleton responded with these examples for Session 3; We both recently have had men step up and help when family would not even give it a second thought. Greg got a show base for Sylvia’s shower when no one else would help her out in this situation.
    Recently my husband and I have been pondering renting out our house and downsizing to a little, which means we would need to find somewhere to rent. God orchestrated the rental of our house and put this cute little farm house right in my sight. I called the woman and set up a time to meet her at the house. I prayed before I went that God would guide our decisions and open the doors he wanted us to step through. The day we met at the farm house both my husband and I went, we were very surprised that this lovely elderly couple had renovated this 1930’s farm house. We started talking and I shared with her that I had prayed before we came over for God guidance. She came right back with the same. She said that she had also prayed he would bring just the right people to rent her house. Just Saturday she and I shared with each other how we both feel that it was a God thing.
    Sylvia shared that she had to sell her house and move. She had done everything she could to get it sold, but it did not happen for about a year. She just had to wait for others response. Wait on God’s time not hers. When she did sell, God opened the door for her to return to the home where she raised her children. Had she sold earlier it would not have been available.
    We feel that if we were in Ruth’s position we would have been be apprehensive of the unknown. Who is this man, is his character like Boaz, what if he says yes, will he also care for Naomi? We would have fretted all night, but then on the other hand we would be so excited want to tell everyone that the man of our dreams wants to marry us.
    Christ as our Redeemer- he is all knowing and when we feel we have nothing left he will fill us with his strength and carry us through no matter what we have done.

  41. 241
    Donna Fearnow says:

    Hi, again. We missed meeting for our Second Gathering with heavy hearts. A wonderful lady in our circle passed away on July 7 (she had not been in the Bible Study but had been our circle of praying sisters for many years). We miss her terribly but rejoice that she is with the Lord and no longer suffering. So we met on July 22 and viewed both the second and third gathering videos. Our attendance has not been great but we trust that those who were absent have been greatly enriched by studying the wonderful book of Ruth and all that the Lord has wanted us to learn from it.
    We discussed how when we behave in a certain way that the Lord does not wish, Satan would really love to curse us. But when we repent and change our ways, God turns those curses into blessings. Also, there have been times when Satan would just love for us to turn away from our church when times have been trying. Yet, by staying and remaining faithful, blessings abound.
    We particularly liked the section on weeping forward. How easy it is to wallow in our pain but with overcoming our fear and pain, weeping forward allows us to heal and move on with wisdom and new opportunities.
    Some of our titles of our novels were “How fat can this sandwich be?”, What’s wrong with me”, and Why do I keep falling backward?”
    As always God is greatly blessing us with His Word, and thank you, Beth, for your part.

  42. 242
    Stephanie says:

    Fort Collins, CO – Solo –

    I maybe running late but I am sticking with it and going strong! LOVE this study! (Even if I don’t get to it in as timely manner as I should)

    Okie Doke – Here are my question responses!
    1. Unexpected kindness from a man.
    Well, I wouldn’t have called him a man at the time – but the first thing that came to mind if an incedent that happened between my brother and I.
    He is 6 years older than me, & so never really had much interested in being freinds with me, matter of fact most of my child hood memories of us together are of his yelling at me to get out of his room or frogging me in the leg when I bugged him too much.
    BUT – this one time he came to my rescue – and that memory is one of the most vivid love filled I have of us as kids. I must have been around 6 or 7.
    I was sitting on a skateboard and he was pulling me along the sidewalk with a rope, and when I leaned too far to one side I fell off! We had been going pretty quick and I skidded on my butt so much that I got road burn in a big round circle. The kind of scrape that beads blood and stings like mad. I screamed, then started crying.
    My brother came and picked me up, and there was a neighbor kid across the street laughing at me and teasing me for being such a baby. But sweet brother of mine yelled at him, defending my honor, and used the first curse word I ever remember coming out of his mouth! And oh did it work miracles – the neighborhid was a few years older than me, but still younger than my brother, and he shut up and ran away when my defender told him to!

    2. “Only God could have known that.”
    I actually had this dicussion with my mother-in-law just last night. It came up because my sister-in-law and her husband J. were hosting his family reunion, and there had been a big fight about his mom not being in control of everything and doing things her way, and his parents left the reunion early because of it. Well, it is just like something my mom would do. So we got to talking about how similar our mothers are and how isn’t it funny how similar our lives were emotionally. Yet God brought us both into the same family. My in-laws are amazing and I figured out what an unstressful joy family can be through them. – Just like J. God brought two kids who needed to learn the blessings of marriage and family into the one family together – with the perfect set of parents to teach us. Amazing. Love that we are so blessed!

    3. Everything I could do.
    I feel this way in two situations. One being in that my ‘work’ is creating things to sell in my etsy shop – and I pray that I am inspired to make something that will bless someone else. But when I have long stretches of no response to things I have poured my heart into – well, I can start to feel mighty discouraged.

    The other is in that my hubby and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. The first year I listened to the Drs when they said my feeling that something was wrong was unfounded. The second year we started testing, and I had surgery, and I ‘worked’ at trying to do everything right concieve. And in this thrid year (althoug I had been praying all along) I really felt God say “WAIT”. When we started talking about adoption he brought me a message that was just so clear to wait on him. And so I am waiting. And I feel like this waiting is nerending, and I am terrified the waiting will end in an answer my heart can’t handle. But here I am, waiting on the Lord.

    4. Caught between relief and fear.
    Boaz wanted her, was assuring her she would be redeemed by someone. But when your heart belongs to someone, the thought that you might soon belong to someone else must have been overwhelmingly scary. How could she sleep knowing she might end up as someone else’s wife?
    maybe she spent the night both thanking God for all he had done for her, and praying that her heart not get broken the next day.

    5.There have been so many things that have just blown my mind in this study. I have often felt God brought me to this at just the right time. And just this last day there was two phrases that struck to the heart of both my letter at the begining of the study and my season –
    “God requires different things at different times during our seasons of waiting.”
    I feel like throughout the study I have been reassured that we are on the right path – waiting on our Lord. That he was molding us into the people we need to be as parents. And this line brings that home: “…how much more they are aware of their own need to draw from Christ so that they can generously pour love and provision on their children” So I was thinking back over where he has brought us in our season of waiting.
    To a church home, a fellowship, & to friends made through bible studies. He brought us friends with children to guide us in decisions and to entrich our ‘mostly family’ lives. He led us to want to get involved in our community- a big deal for two super shy people like us. He has helped us both grow and relax, and build a home, and let go of the imperfections. Yes, God is molding us into parents. I cry at the thought. I pray the season of waiting is close to over, because it sure does take it’s toll on the heart. But I also praise God through my tears, because his promises are SO GOOD!

    • 242.1
      Tanya says:

      I can completely relate to you about the “wait” for children. My husband and I have been trying to start our family for 2 years to no avail. We went through the testing last summer and they found nothing wrong…unexplained IF. We got pregnant in January but it was ectopic and we finally (June 30) got the go ahead to try again. But I am at a point where I don’t know if I want to try again or adopt. My husband is not at that point yet (so that is another aspect of my waiting)… So I wait…and PRAY! I will be praying for you and your husband as you continue to wait as well.

  43. 243
    Karla says:

    Greetings from our group of 9 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin!

    We met Saturday morning at a wonderful coffee shop and lingered for well over two hours. What a rich and eye-opening discussion we had!

    1. At the start, many of us had trouble thinking of unexpected kindnesses from men other than our husbands, but soon the stories started flowing. From help with broken-down cars, to providing sustenance when stranded in an airport, we were most touched by M’s story of a high school teacher who sought her out and befriended her (appropriately) when she was going through a very dark time in school.

    2. We all feel that most of our encounters/meetings are divinely orchestrated. Even just the seeming randomness of our Bible Study group, with all of our diverse backgrounds and different places along the walk, feels divine to us. Two of the gals in our group met when one applied for a job and the other hired her—and they made a connection that spans the difference in their ages and positions in life. The “more experienced” of the two of them helped lead the younger one to Christ, and has since watched her young friend pursue Christianity with a passion that has resulted in all kinds of new insights for both.

    3. Nearly four years ago, my siblings and I transitioned my elderly mother from her own home to an assisted living facility. Trouble was brewing a year or so before we moved her, when all of us kids decided she shouldn’t be driving anymore, but we didn’t have the courage to stop her ourselves. We tried to convince her, we asked her friends to talk to her, and finally, we reported her to the DMV to have them test her, and she passed! We were so worried… but felt that our hands were tied. (None of us lived close enough to shuttle her around, she was stubborn and independent, and so on.) Finally, God orchestrated a “gentle” (one-car) car accident that totaled her car but left her unharmed, which gave her and us the perfect “out.” I wish I could say we were patient while we waited, but we weren’t. It’s only with hindsight that we see the divine timing.

    4. It’s hard to imagine being in Ruth’s place, so we spent a lot of time discussing the custom of those days, the ancient laws about marriage, and the dependency of women on men to provide for them. With that perspective, we all agreed it must have been an incredible mix of emotions, from fear to excitement, near-panic to calm… all those things that we all go through when we WAIT.

    5. My personal take on Christ as my Redeemer: I’ve so often thought of redemption as something that happens at the end of something big. Not having had any major catastrophes in my life so far, I view redemption as my ultimate reward (which will come at the end of my life). However, I’ve started to see redemption as something that happens daily, and constantly, rather than it being the thing I’m hoping for at the end of all this other stuff. It’s completely reassuring and freeing to realize that we experience an ordinary, daily redemption when we live in Christ!

  44. 244
    Sarah M says:

    Sarah, solo, Port St. Joe, FL

    1) A friend was getting married almost two years ago and another friend and I were heading up the Bachelorette Party. Of course we had to have games and food, so as a last ditch effort to save time we combined the last minute grocery shopping with the game planning. Since we did, we needed the assistance of a groomsman to kidnap the groom. To make a long story short while my friend worked on the game with the groom and the groomsman in the car, I ran in and grabbed the groceries. Got back to the car and threw them in then went to go put them in the fridge at my work (I don’t live “in” town). The groomsman insisted that he carry the groceries in for me. When I say insisted…it wouldn’t have surprised me had there been numerous bags, but there were only two. I was fully capable, but he offered so I let him. It was the first of many small acts of kindness that he did that weekend.

    2) My grandmother passed away last Wednesday. I was struggling with so so much on the inside that I had yet to tell anyone but God. The night of the Visitation at the church my dad came up to me and spoke to me words that I needed to hear that matched exactly what I was struggling with. I’m pretty sure that only God knew that it was what I needed to hear…and it was when I needed to hear it.

    3) After graduating college 4 years ago, I had it all planned out. I knew what I was doing, where I was going to live – the works. I filled out applications…and just had to wait. One by one, God closed the doors. He knew better.

    4)Boaz would redeem her! I can’t even fathom the restlessness she must have had that night! I mean, here she was, placing herself at his feet to either accept or reject and he tells her there’s another?! Talk about a girls worst nightmare! But at the same time, how comforting it must have been for Ruth to know that he was willing to do the work to win her as his own!
    (PS – Would also like to mention I loved that Kelly pulled in the Prov 31 woman in this days lesson. My asterisk is placed by “Lord, do what You need to do – I want to be one of those women who is known for her character.”

    5) Like Ruth, we have another who would like to “redeem” us (the enemy), but Christ was also willing to do whatever work it took to win our hearts as well. The enemy may seek to steal our joy, but we have a Redeemer who has already won that battle! He is OURS!

  45. 245
    Susan Knowles says:

    Checking in from Bradenton, FL. There are 17 in our group studying Ruth and we are loving the study as well as each other and of course loving Jesus! We are meeting every week but missed 1 so we are a week behind. We just finished week 3, last Wednesday. We had 11 of our 17 in attendance because it is,after all, summer. We’ve been having great discussions and Beth, your questions help us focus in,but we try and get through each day’s questions to hit highlights. That means there was too much great discussion to record here. Thank you for sponsoring and coordinating this study. Susan Knowles

  46. 246
    Hollie says:

    I’ve been on vacation in Siesta Key and I’m just now getting back to a routine!
    1-I was talking to my brother about how I’d like a new camera to take some betters pictures and I was describing what I was interested in possibly purchasing. My brother, whom I love dearly, but can sometimes focus only on himself, purchased a brand new (and fairly expensive) camera for me. It showed up unannounced in a package on my doorstep one day and I was blown away by his thoughtfulness.
    2-Only God could have known what was on my heart and needed to be answered. I am always amazed by His faithfulness and then ashamed by my disbelief or the feeling that I had been forgotten.
    3-My sister struggled growing up and got lost in a life of drugs. I remember getting to a point of sharing, talking, counseling, and praying for her and with her. Waiting for her to see the light and want to change was agonizing. I am so thankful that God healed her and she’s been drug free for 12 years!
    4-In Ruth’s situation, I may have been uncertain of the nearer kinsman redeemer-Do I have enough faith that God will see me through the wait?
    5-This study has been amazing so far! I really want to try to do it in a group next time! I’ve been reawakened to how much God loves us. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this passage and feel like Kelly is speaking for me here… “I can get so spent running around, pouring out my paltry resources, and trying to drum something up for the people around me, when all along God has called me to be a deliverer of His gifts, not the creator of them. AMEN!

  47. 247
    doo-dah says:

    Solo; Poplar Bluff, MO

    2) “Only god could have known”–On one particular day of doing the Ruth Study and also other times of daily Bible study, I have read a certain verse or phrase and it has been so personal to me that I all could do was break down and weep. God orchestrated the timing to speak directly to me at a moment when I so needed to hear from Him.

    3) “Waiting for someone else’s response”–I am currently in this seson in my caregiver role and decisions to be made.

    4) Boaz would redeem Ruth if the nearer relative chose not to do so. Ruth was flattered that Boaz did not reject her and I think she felt he was a good man. I would think she wondered who this other man was and how she would be treated by him if he redeemed her. She may have felt embarrassed for appearing so forward as well.

    5) “Insight regarding Christ as Redeemer”–God being willing to choose to save me and care for me even though I was a foreigner (Gentile, not Jew).

    • 247.1
      rene sandifer says:

      doo-dah Kim,
      I thought of you on point #3. Rejoicing that God is so there with and for you!
      xoxo, rene 🙂

  48. 248
    Lisa says:

    I know this is very, very late to be posting, but I wanted to just let you all know we’re out there! Some LOVELY siestas purchased the books for us and shipped them all the way to PERU so we could participate. =) There are 5 of us participating – all married, 2 pregnant, 2 with kids, all early-mid twenties, 2 Peruvians and 3 Americans. Four of us are missionaries; one is a married student at the Bible Institute we work at. We have been participating (just a week behind because of the arrival of the books), but due to our hectic schedules (it’s not summer here!), we have to meet once a week and do one week at a time. So, we’re a little behind, but we will be finishing soon! We have LOVED this study and it’s hit each one of us exactly where we need it for this time of our lives. We wanted to THANK the siestas who sacrificed to get those books to us on time. This has been one of the best Bible studies we’ve all ever done; just so incredibly appropriate. So, even though we’re not commenting each week, it’s not because we’re not out here! =) Thanks again for this opportunity; we’re thoroughly enjoying it.
    ~Lisa, for:
    Shantal, Zarela, Becky, and Mattie
    Lima, Peru

  49. 249
    Rebecca says:

    Chattanooga, TN

    Six of us met again this week (2 of our friends couldn’t make it). One wonderful lady brought the chicken salad with strawberries and another the banoffi pie. I think I personally could have finished the whole thing – ironically the cook didn’t care for it!

    At any rate we had lively discussion on all of our questions and particularly focused on what Ruth would have been thinking. I thought it was very interesting that most of the ladies (in their 60’s) had a different take on that than I did at 31 (and single). They were focused on what a hard life Ruth must of had both in her labor and in that the future was all hinged on what developed the next day with these men with no power of her own. My thoughts were much more on the joy that Ruth must have felt over knowing that Boaz wanted to marry her mixed with the uncertainty that it could or would happen. What was this other guy like? He couldn’t be as wonderful as Boaz, could he?

    Sue had a great story of her best friend’s husband’s kindness when she had sold him a car. Before they made the physical transfer of the car, it was smashed while parked in a hotel garage. He helped her through the complex situation with mismatched titles and insurance and still took the car after it was repaired.

    We all agreed that there were so many countless times that we had “only God could have known” experiences. Even just getting a particular word from a friend or the devotional, scripture reading or sermon being just what you needed to hear. There are no coincidences – God is in everything, our redeemer, our ever present help in time of need.

  50. 250
    Tack says:

    Lisa in Bethany OK

    1. I had just started teaching 2nd grade Sunday school at my big church and found out I had to check in each week at a computer station to have a name tag printed out. The 2nd week I showed up Andy already had my name tag printed and waiting for me. I was overwhelmed the fact he even knew my name and had gone to this extra trouble. It made me feel so special. It was a few months later when the women I teach with commented on how they had brought a treat for Andy since he always had their name tags printed and waiting for them. Come to find out he does this for the entire teaching team but at one time each of us thought he did it just for us. He has taken a necessary and mundane task and made it into his own ministry. Just last week I noticed the women who works at the computer next to him has started greeting everyone by name.

    2. My job has an event each year that requires three days of nonstop work. The last part is the busiest and most stressful. I thought I had prepared for it but in the final hours everything that could go wrong did. We made it through but I was not proud of my attitude and the way I handled things. The next day I got an email from a women who thanked me for letting her help and how much fun she it had been. There was a ps at the bottom that said she might want to visit my church sometime. Come to find out she was going through a very rough and lonely time and just felt she should stop by and see if she could help out at our event that night but usually she just felt ignored by people. Since everything was falling apart and I was in crisis mode I had given her many jobs to do that if everything had been going smoothly I wouldn’t have. I answered her ps with an invitation to Beth’s Esther study which she accepted. It was the start of a friendship totally orchestrated by God and one that has blessed my life beyond measure.

    3. Waiting is hard no matter what but in situations like medical tests, job interviews,…there is nothing more we can do we just have to rely on Him. My struggle is with other situations knowing when to let go and just rely on Him.

    4. I think Ruth went right to sleep. She had trusted God through this whole situation and He had been faithful. Boaz had said yes and I think she believed if the other guy took her then God even had something better than Boaz in mind. I think she felt God had provided in either way that He answered. I only pray that is how I would react in the same situation but truthfully I would have analyzed the situation to death and not slept at all. Oh to have the faith and courage of Ruth.

    5. It reminded me of the first in depth bible study I did when I learned Boaz was a foreshadowing of the redeemer Christ would be for me and all that meant. I am so thankfull for bible studies that allow us to get deep in the Word.

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