Siesta Summer Bible Study 3: Second Gathering

Hey, my Dear Siestas! It’s time for our second gathering of SSBS3! As promised, below are your written instructions in case you have trouble with the video greeting. REMEMBER, your comments to this post are meant to come AFTER your small group gathering or your solo experience to tell us how your time went. We hope all of you participating will check back in with a comment at some point over the next several days. (One leader checks in per group and each solo participant checks in.) This is part of the accountability process and will immensely help you stay with it through the very last page. As always, please put your city at the beginning of your comment. Thanks so much for joining in!

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Week 2 from LPV on Vimeo.

Your discussions in this gathering will revolve around different points in your homework. Two from Week One. Two from Week Two:

1.    Look back at the middle of page 12 where Kelly had us look up Deuteronomy 23 and Judges 3 to get some background on the Moabites. Read Deuteronomy 23:3-5 together if you’re not watching this as a small group. In your small group, I want you to talk about a few things that have happened in your lives that Satan would love to use to curse you. You can think of it conceptually more than literally if that helps. At the end of class today, I want you to claim that fifth verse together in prayer and believe God to turn those curses into blessings!

2.    Turn to the middle of Week One, to the bottom of p.21 and the top of p.22. I loved Kelly’s discussion about her friend “weeping forward.” What do you think that means? Several of you share a season in your life when you feel like you wept forward and several others might consider sharing a season in your life when you wept backward. Most of us have done both at some point in our lives.

The next two are from Week Two:
3.    OK, Day Two has a portion that is vintage Kelly Minter and one reason why I love her writing so much. Look at the second paragraph on p.42 where she tells about her sister, Megan. If you were writing a novel that was secretly about yourself right now and right in this season and you had to name it in the form of a question, what would it be?

4.    Turn to p.45 and review the part of your homework concerning Psalm 126. Please read the psalm together then discuss your answers to the “Personal Response” question: Practically speaking, how can you sow in your weeping? Don’t miss how much this section has to do with your second discussion question today.

In closing, one of you read the Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote at the end. Let it lead you into prayer and don’t forget to claim those blessings from our first discussion question today!

For all of you participating in the fellowship meal, consider the recipes on pages 62-63 and either do them or some Italian equivalent.

I am so happy to study with you! Stay in the Word and I’ll see you in two more weeks!


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  1. 301
    Sandee says:

    El Dorado Hills, CA

    1. Divorce (8 years ago now) and single motherhood. Now, at my old age, with young kids….God is finally my all in all. It is hard, though walking through raising 4 kids alone. I feel I don’t deserve anything other than alone, due to my past, but my kids long so for a daddy. My oldest daughter (10) said today, “Jesus is my daddy”.

    2. In the middle of a hard season, I have no choice but to weep while I have to keep moving forward…I weep forward when I think of all of the future milestones of my kids and experiencing them alone. I think, at each, Jesus…look at this child of ours, look what they have done….

    3. Novel: Lord, do you still love me?

    4. As I mentioned, I am in a hard time right now..and I see sowing while I am weeping as: praying even though I hear and see no answers, reaching out to God even when I don’t feel Him, studying and reading His word, even when my mind doubts or forgets, continuing on even when I feel no hope, doing what is right, or wanting to, trying to, regardless of the chaos around me. There is so much brokenness, it can feel overwhelming…and in the middle of it, a day like today, God rained down new mercies after a very long dry spell.

    • 301.1
      Becky says:

      Fairfield, IA
      I know we do not know each other, but I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you knowing you are fighting the good fight and enduring hardship with thanksgiving (how can I know this? I hear it in your response to the study)…..I sincerely have no doubt He is so proud of you. I believe it doesn’t matter what we have done if we repent, turn and begin that walk of redemption with Him. I will be praying for you Sandee. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 302
    Jeri Meek says:

    San Diego, CA …Our group was made up of five tonight, with a few absent. Our discussion was great and revealing. All of us are in very different situations, but all agreed, when focused on the Lord, we can move forward into the unfamiliar, and receive the blessing He has in store. And, “may the LORD deal with us,” if we waver in our stride to trust Him through to the end.

  3. 303
    Ruth Anne says:

    1. I have felt since my divorce that God is going to punish me for it for the rest of my life. I don’t verbalize it much, but deep down I think I believe there will be no second chance for me because I blew it the first time, life will continue to be a constant struggle and certainly I will not have the blessing of a good Christian man because I chose badly the first time and then couldn’t make it work.
    2. As you may have guessed from #1, I have wept backwards since my divorce. I have had a hard time seeing hope in this situation and feel like God won’t use this for good, I’ve blown it too badly.
    3. My question is “Why does everyone leave me?” My mother’s death was followed closely by my husband leaving, my third friend in three years is moving across the country later this month, and my daughter will be off to college in a few years.
    4. Sowing in weeping to me means to keep doing the next right thing even when I don’t feel like it or don’t see the point. Trusting that God will bless that is hard for me – I find it easier to give up!

    • 303.1
      Sharon says:

      Ruth Anne,
      I wrote that same paragraph (#1) 13 years ago. Word for word. I was exactly where you are. I was divorced with two small sons in a pit so dark I thought I was lost forever and no good could possibly ever come from the mess. From every vantage point, my life looked like a war torn field of debris. I have not ever replied to a post before, but felt the Holy Spirit spur me to testify to you that what you are feeling today is not the truth.

      It took me many years for this scripture to penetrate my soul and change my life, but here it is:

      Isaiah 61:3 – …He came to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

      God does indeed bring beauty from the ashes of debris and ruin. I can tell you that it is true and amazing, as only our God can be. Please don’t give up. He has not, nor ever will, give up on you.


      • Ruth Anne says:

        Thanks Sharon 🙂 I think what you said about the time it took to let the Scripture penetrate your soul and change your life is where I’m caught – I can often talk myself out of the “funk” I’m currently in, but it hasn’t penetrated to the point where it is embedded in my soul just yet.

  4. 304

    Searcy, Arkansas – Solo

    1) Satan does a lot of mocking me. PTL that I have learned to turn a deaf ear on him…MOST of the time. I have three children ages 7, 4, and >2. I find myself in a constant struggle to be a good Christian mother to them while keeping some sort of order/structure in my home and being firm. Sometimes I slip up and feel horrible guilt about being too hard on them. I know this is Satan working his evil on me. I turn that into blessings by loving my children constantly and remembering that I am human and I make mistakes. They love me no matter what and as long as I show them that, I think that in the end my love and God’s love will shine for all of the world to see!!

    2) Difficult times in my marriage caused me to weep forward. Constant bickering/fighting between my husband and I was horrid. Thankfully we both realized what we were lacking in our marriage…GOD! We returned to church with our three babies (which had been a huge burden of guilt on me) and now our marriage is stronger than ever!! I have wept backward and forward with Miscarriage, the loss of loved ones, etc. There is a season for each one of us…a time of love and a time of loss.

    3) “You’re Gonna Miss This” – As a mother of three I am always on the go. Sometimes I think to myself, what did I do before I had children? I had time to scrapbook, watch regular television (NOT DISNEY!!!), clean house, take long (UNINTERRUPTED) baths and the likes. Some day in the distant future I see myself sitting in a tub full of water realizing that I forgot to get the soap out of the cabinet, yell for one of my children to come and get it, and they are all gone…living in houses of their own with children of their own, in college, at boot camp, etc. Some day, I will miss this hectic life but for now I need more coffee!!! 😉

    4) We will all experience trials and tribulations. We must remember that God is with us through them all. Weep on his shoulder, let him carry us through those troubled times. Keep your faith! That is the most important thing. The rest is cake!!

  5. 305
    Gigi says:

    We are women of Community in West Milton, Ohio. There are 12 of us which is on the larger size of a small group. This week was especially significant as our group really opened up in sharing the curse that God has turned into blessing. It was obvious that God has brought this group of women together for such a time as this. We weeped forward and saw how this is how you sow in the weeping. Love this study and so thankful for it. It seems like the time flies and we could go on forever. Although my husband so graciously stays out in our garage working on a project so not to interrupt our Bible study. Got to love him for that. This study is just what our group needed and God knew it.Can’t wait till next meeting.

  6. 306
    Tracy Miller says:


    1) Codependence and Alcoholism- God has used this to make the family Christians, brought us to a church and made my husband sober.
    2) Does ? take you down or lead you closer to God
    3) Finding my self again
    4) Get closer to God

    What a great study!

  7. 307
    Julie says:

    Julie, 28, Raleigh NC; Hi Siestas! I hope you don’t mind, but I have a prayer request this morning. I am going in for surgery to remove some cysts on my ovary. Best case scenario, they remove the cysts. There’s a possibility that it may result in me losing an ovary, and at the moment the worst case is that it could turn out to be cancer. Would you please just pray that as far as the surgery goes, there are no unexpected complications and that the surgeon is able to perform whatever procedure ends of being necessary to the best of her ability. It feels nice to have a “family” complete with a wonderful “mama” that I can go to with this today.

  8. 308
    Emily says:

    Fly’n Solo in GA

    One thing I have always delt with that is a curse is yelling and raising of the voice. My mom did it to me and I find myself doing it to my children. However the difference is that I notice it and am trying very hard to stop it here in my generation.

    Weeping Forward to me is crying trough the tears but, keep walking forward and trusting God to hold you along the way. I once had a pastor to tell me not to ever let my tears embarass me cause it just shows God is alive and living in your heart.

    I wept forward through two miscarriages. A VERY humbling experience.

    My novel would be- Why can’t I say the right things in my anger?

    Sow in your weeping- You can use past experiences to help others in their trials. By doing this you are healing yourself and helping another siesta as well.

    Praying for your BIG day Vangie!!

  9. 309
    Tammy G says:

    Solo in Indiana.

    Forgive me for not really answering the questions that you posed but my heart was settled on a phrase she quoted from her friend. “I can cope with the pain for the most part but the despair of feeling forgotten by God’s healing is overwhelming.” I just couldn’t get past how much this resonated in my heart. I can be strong enough for just about anything but tell me God has left me and nothing nor no one would be able to mend my shattered heart. No matter how bad things may have been for me, how awful they seemed knowing God was near and faithful to walk with me is the only reason I stand today. He and He alone keeps me “weeping” forward.
    I think for me to sow in weeping is to have an honest heart about the struggle and pain.
    My novel’s title would be “ Put the Chocolate in the Bag and No One Gets Hurt”

    In Christ, Tammy

    • 309.1
      rene sandifer says:

      I am in total agreement with you on that quote.Beth even touched on that subject while in St. Louis and it had such impact!
      I have got to laugh with you on your novel… it! I would just have to be a little pickier and say “dark”!!! : )

  10. 310
    Jane Dean says:

    I have a prayer request Beth, Would everyone please pray for my 24 year old son. He is a wonderful young man. He has his own business but it has been slow and he discouraged and has been looking for another job but not able to find “what he wants”. First pray that God will lead him to the job “He wants him to have” and he will know it. Second, that he will come back to church and begin to have a yearning for God and His Word. Third, he is dating a girl that “I” do not think is right for him. He has started spending the night with her and being with her pretty much all day instead of working at his job or trying to find another job. Just being consumed! So pray that God would lead him in this relationship. Ladies, I do not want to control my son’s life but I do want him to choose the person God has already chosen for him. Anyone have any scripture I can pray over him or just pray on his behalf? Thanks in advance for the prayers.

    • 310.1
      Marie says:

      I am not sure about the context but next to Jer 31:16-17 I drew an umbrella in the margin of my Bible and listed my children’s names. It has comforted me through the years. And yes, the majority have come back. I am still praying in expectation for the last 3.

      Jer 31: 16 Thus saith the LORD; Refrain thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears: for thy work shall be rewarded, saith the LORD; and they shall come again from the land of the enemy. 17 So there is hope for your future,” declares the LORD. “Your children will return to their own land.

  11. 311
    Julie says:

    City: Porterville, CA (traveling so visiting Stamford TX and Duncan OK this week)
    # of participants: 1 (solo)

    1. I moved to CA about 18 years ago, married, children, finished school, but now that my parents are older (my mom passed 5 years ago), this has become a vulnerable area. My sister passed during this time also and she was still living near our parents. My brothers live far away also. My dad refuses to leave and move to live with us.

    2. Weeping forward during this time is concentrating on the blessings God has bestowed and how he has helped me through so many things.

    3. novel title: Will I make it through peri-menopause and still keep my sanity?

    4. Sowing in my weeping is remembering God loves me and He will help me sort all this out.

  12. 312
    Nesha says:

    Mechanicsville, VA

    1) The generational curses, my chronic illness are areas satan loves to curse but more so for me is the fact that I did become a mother (which I cherish); satan loves to mess with that one but whoa, the blessings are bountiful. My saying is ‘the cycle stops here’.

    2) I have so done both types of weeping! Weeping forward is doing the human grief with tears and pain to cleanse out the hurt but knowing and trusting that God is there with you and He is taking care of you through that season. Recently I had to let a friend go (she really understood and helped me in my illness) due to the safety of my son and same to understand that our values differ when the topic came up. Really hurt me to do that but I had my crying time and now we are making strides forward.

    3)”Am I really loved like they say?”

    4)I think that sowing during times of a hard season is to feel the grief fully but even in small steps continue to share and show His love and grace to others. To quote Mama Beth: ‘People aren’t looking for you to have it together, people are looking at you when you don’t.’

  13. 313
    Amy says:


    We had a wonderful session last night. It was interesting that for each of us, as women and family (my mom & aunt), that which we wept forward for was our children. My mom for me, as she had to continue living her life in spite of her tears over my addiction. And now as God has wiped those teas of pain away and replaced them with tears of joy as she is now a member of a Bible Study that I am facilitating in my home. For me, the tears are begining to dry as my son, who has battled addiction, is now begining to seek the Lord and His wisdom for his life. My aunt who is now in the midst of “weeping forward” for her own son who has also rejected the faith and values that our family has always been centered.

    We are loving this study on Ruth and so glad my cousin Chris found this for us. Thank you so much for your dedication to furthering God’s Kingdom through His Word.

    Be Blessed,
    Amy, Elizabethtown, KY

  14. 314
    Barbra Keeler says:

    Solo for now, Oxford, PA

    1. I’m not sure how to answer this first question. There are many hard things that have happened in my life that I can look back at and see how God used them for good. I guess some of these would be the things that devil tried to turn into a curse. Since we’re talking about Ruth, a love story, the first thing that popped into my brain, was all the years of self-doubt and insecurity associated with not having a boyfriend or even a real date until after college. God has turned that seeming “curse” into untold blessing in the precious relationship I have with my husband of 15 years. I believe He has also allowed me to encourage other young girls with my story as well, at least I hope they’ve been encouraged!

    2. How can I “weep forward”? I think the idea is that even through the hard things Jesus asks us to do, its alright to weep from the pain, but we still follow Him wherever He leads us.

    3. Title of my life (at this season) novel? “Ok, but are you sure, God?”

    4. Psalm 126 How can I sow in my weeping? Sometimes I think that the “work” I do when I’m struggling thru something with God is like sowing seeds of trust and submission. Anyone know what I mean? It’s almost always watered with my tears.

  15. 315
    Michele says:

    Michele M
    Liverpool, NY

    1. My childhood victimization and, more recently, losing my job, especially because I found out later that I was laid off because someone(s) wanted me out. I’ve had a hard time letting go of the bitterness partly because it parallels the abuse in that something bad happened to me that I had no control over. But even though it’s been hard, God has used this last 2 years to bless me in many ways.

    2. Many times it has felt like I tap into an ocean of sadness regarding my childhood. Then sometimes weeping forward when trying to trust God through the paralyzing fear. Both of those things have been much improved recently.

    3. I would say “What are you doing?”, but maybe “Why am I not panicking?” is a better one. I feel like I’m in limbo, no job, no structure, and that I can’t just pick up and go because my sweet old dog needs a lot of care. The old Pharisee in me feels like I should be doing something, but overall I have a peace about all this. I think I am where God wants me as he cleanses and heals me.

    4. I guess just actively trying to seek and know God.

    God, thank you so much for all you do in our lives and for your continual presence.

    Hey – it has been hotter up here than it has in Texas? Come, Lord Jesus! 😉

  16. 316
    Janis Bart says:

    Ardmore, OK
    Group of six

    Great discussion this session. We found it somewhat of an irony that those who are feeling very stretched and bound right now, looking for a “. . .when is it about me time?” and those who are feeling somewhat at loose ends saying “. . .what am I supposed to do with this time?” Have a common need – to look outside of ourselves to get God’s direction — then obey without having to know what’s on the road ahead, just trusting God! Those who were in a good season, had a difficult time coming up with a title that was a question. We did have one that works for the hard seasons “Why Do I Always Have See The Pit From The Bottom Looking Up? We are loving this study, it has provoked much digging in unexpected directions. Thanks, for having us Beth!

  17. 317
    Janet says:

    Bradenton/Holmes Beach, Florida
    Holding ourselves accountable to get into the Word this summer, when we are on break from the church-based studies, the two of us met on Tuesday. We rejoiced in the promise in Deuteronomy; both of us have experienced many deaths, both literal and figurative, that could have embittered us. But we have seen how God has been turning (it’s still in process) those events into blessings, even if the pain still lingers. Likewise, both of us have “wept forward,” having moved here from lifelong or decades-long homes in the Midwest, not exactly knowing what would await us here. We have both “sown into our weeping” by, as Elisabeth Elliot puts it, “doing the next thing” – moving forward and investing our lives in this new place. And God has opened up so many channels of blessing here. We ended our time together by affirming that God is in control, that God is good.
    Maybe next time we’ll try one of those yummy-sounding recipes and feed our bodies as we feed our souls!

  18. 318
    Sherry says:

    Solo in Hillsboro, OR

    One thing that Satan loves to try to curse me with is my multiple marriages and other sinful relationships. I have asked God to forgive my past relationships and praise him that even though I didn’t ask for guidance for any marriage or divorce, those sins are forgiven. It’s interesting that you posed the question about things that Satan would love to use to curse us. Last week my 89-year-old mother (she lives with us) and I were talking about this very thing. She said she has asked forgiveness for something a “zillion” times. I said “Mama, you don’t have to continue to do that. Those sins are in the depth of the sea and God remembers them no more. When you’re burdened by that, it’s Satan’s trick to discourage you.” I will pray with her that God will turn these curses for both of us into blessings!

  19. 319
    Sharoni says:

    Sharoni…solo in Houston

    1. 26 years ago walking thru a very sad divorce and watching GOD’s amazing redemption in a “new” family which leads right to the answer to question #2…weeping forward…
    leaving Nashville, my name, the career I had worked my entire life toward, my social status & all my friends, our estate & all my worldly goods (literally), barely escaping alive with the two most precious blessings in my life, my children, weeping forward to only promise, knowing that GOD would make a way where “there seemed to be no way,” and letting my tears water the seeds of hope Holy Spirit was sowing in our lives…and yes, to AMAZING blessings!

    3. How Many Times Can You Stub Your Toe Before It Just Falls Off?
    (subtitle)…Living in the Kingdom of Spasicity with Purpose

    4. The way I sowed in my weeping was in the lives of our children and other women who had been in similar violent situations as I … it is amazing the wealth of wisdom the LORD will provide when you simply ask…and all our kids have become active in humanitarian aid & missions…it’s lovely, GOD’s redemption!

    Blessings to you all, ladies!
    Sharoni 🙂

  20. 320
    Hannah R. says:

    Oklahoma City, OK [a team of a mom and two adult daughters]:

    Satan has tried to curse us through relationship failure, anxiety, nervousness, bring up past sins and exploiting our inadequacies.

    Weeping forward means: when we suffer we need to suffer as Christ suffered, knowing the Lord is walking with us through the sorrow and pain and allowing the heartache and tears to propel us forward in God’s perfect will.

    Our novel titles:
    Why Can’t You Just Relax and Go-With-the-Flow?
    Can Life Get Any Better Than This?
    So, What Happens Now?

    How we can sow in our weeping: make sure that our suffering is purposeful, that we don’t change our circumstances to rush a challenging season, that we learn to trust the sovereignty of God, search His word, cast ourselves on Him for comfort, share with others how God has sustained us through the hard times, fight off bitterness and anger, actively pursue the Lord and let Him build a testimony in our hearts.

    • 320.1
      Tammy G says:


      I loved how you explained sowing in our weeping. The picture I get of God building a tesimony in my heart is amazing.
      How wonderful you get the privilage of sharing this journey with your daughters, talk about God building a testimony…

      In Christ, Tammy

      • Hannah R says:

        So glad you were encouraged! And actually I’m one of the daughters 🙂 But I agree! It is a blessing for the three of us to be able to do this study together. Truly a privilege.

  21. 321
    Heather says:

    Parker, CO

    4 of us present tonight, with 2 absent. We are all mothers with young children, ages ranging from 1-6.

    1) Satan has placed infidelity in marriages, loss of loved ones, depression, feelings of inadequacy…but through it we have tried to put God first to overcome these struggles.

    2)Weeping forward to us means that no matter what we are struggling with, we must keep our faith. All trust must be placed in God, and we must remember that he will fulfill his plan for our lives. TRUST HIM!

    Why all the challenges?
    Are there going to be more hours in this day?
    What am I supposed to be doing?

    4)Sowing in weeping is planting our dreams with God and nurting them as we need to. Crying over them is healthy and cleansing, but we always need to remember why we planted them. Growing takes commitment and work before we can reap our harvest.

    • 321.1
      Nicola says:

      Planting dreams with God.
      I loved this! Water them with my tears and trust Him for the nurture while I remember why I planted them. Thanks Heather!

  22. 322
    Janet A says:

    Auburn, 1. Satan TRIED to get our home and our marriage. He started five years ago and had done it untill last week. PRAISE GOD for a curse that has now brought a blessing. God makes ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL IN HIS TIME!!! This trial has made me have compassion and humility INSTEAD of Anger.
    2. This question reminded me of the new Amy Grant song. “Better Than a Hallelujah”. My crying out to God to save our marriage was music to his ears that i was going to stop trying to fix it and let him. HE DOES A LOT BETTER JOB!!!!
    3. God, How can we use our journey to help others?
    4. In my weeping, i cried out to God. My faith, though very very small at times, proved to be all God wanted to see. He never leaves us or forsakes us!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

  23. 323
    Julie plosz says:

    I thought I would not have to comment this round because most of what has already been said could easily apply to me. (Wrong!!)
    When I saw that I totally missed the hairbrush thing, I immediately knew I did not have it all together! Honestly, what crossed my mind was,” why did Beth have to use a Microphone just for the interview”???

    I was born blonde, but it has darkened over the years, I also have been wearing glasses since I was 4, so almost 50 years. I need to open my eyes wide and lighten up!! I don’t want to miss out on the laughter and fun especially when it is right in front of my face!!!
    The title of my book today is, “Can someone tell me where to find my fun glasses and recommend the best shade of blonde from a box??”

    I know this is out of order, but that had to come out first.
    Satan continuously reminds me and accuses me of past sins and failures, but something I learned from Beth’s studies was to Praise God for His mercy, grace and forgiveness at those times. Not to mention memorizing scripture has been a big gun. Satan will not stay around when we praise God, so that has become my practice.

    Weeping forward and sowing seeds while weeping have gone together for me in this recent season of grief for our family. I have mentioned this before, but it fits perfectly:
    My nephew died 3 months ago, but on his website he is still getting comments on the guestbook. So my sisters and I have been sowing seeds of truth even in our tears. It has been an encouragement to many plus I think it is helping us move forward in our healing. Here again what satan intended to destroy, disappoint or separate because of an unanswered prayer , has had just the opposite affect as we continue to share our thoughts and God’s truth on that site We have heard stories from people that were not even acquainted with our nephew of how his story of faith and the comments have been an encouragement in their walk with God.

  24. 324

    We are a trio that includes one Children’s Minister and two minister’s wives from Colorado Springs. (We did not get our responses posted last time…you can imagine all the time we have on our hands – Ha!)
    1) One of our ladies went through a time when she was in no communication with her family (10-15 years) and when her Grandfather died her mother did not tell her – but God used some previous experiences to turn it into a blessing! Another lady has had a lot of scars from her family life as a child as well as the last two summers of interesting situations. She has been a part of two Beth Moore Bible studies these last two summers and during those times went through finding out one of her sons has autistic tendencies and the next summer, while pregnant with her fourth child, finding a lump in her breast. Praise God, both experiences led her to blessing instead of cursing! The other lady in our group remembers very vividly the impact her family had on her growing up – but the scars have been turned to blessing and beauty by her Savior.
    2)For one of our ladies leaving a 15 year ministry to move to Co. Springs and begin a new one was a time where for a while she wept backwards as she longed for those relationships, the place, the situation, the sameness. Then, when her twin sister died this past year, she went through a season of weeping forward. For another lady, after her and her family moved to The Springs she spent a season in weeping backward because, though she didn’t miss the previous place, she did miss familiarity and belonging. The next summer she went through a time of weeping forward when she did the Psalms of Ascent study at the same time she found out her second son was showing signs of autism. She did a lot of sowing in tears, still does sometimes, and has already been harvesting in joy! Our next lady had a cancer scare in 2004, but it found her weeping forward as she trusted God with the why of the circumstances (complete healing followed!). She then, a few years later, went through a time of backward weeping during a transition in our church where the lead pastor was being let go in a way that was not “a good way”.
    3) I only have two titles here…for one lady it’s “Really!?” and for the other its “Why Can’t I Just Do The Thang!?”

  25. 325
    Jaclyn says:

    Glen Allen, VA (5 in the group, 1 absent)

    1. Some of the women shared about struggling with infertility and the strain that has been on them and their marriages. At the time them felt like it was a curse but it has turned out well in the end and after a lot of struggle.

    2. Several shared about regrets and weeping backwards. They shared how sometimes in their lives they have regretted things and it has caused a weeping backwards and it is hard to let that go and move forward with it.

    3. “when will she get rest again?” from a mom with 3 young, young children. “when will her heart find rest?” from a mom whose heart seems to be restless more often than it is not.

    4. We talked about remaining obedient in our current situation and place in life. Investing time, energy and focus on our children while we still have them at home. We are all moms of young children and we shared how sometimes we just want to get away and get a break. We also talked about trying to be purposeful about engaging with our children.

  26. 326
    Jennifer says:

    Huntsville, AL
    8 women (1 new, 1 missing)

    We had a great discussion about how God turns things in our lives (like one member’s daughter being born at 27 weeks and marriage issues) from curses into blessings.

    We also talked about ways that we have weeped forward like getting out of negative relationships.

    We had fun talking about what our books would be named and talking about where we are in our lives.

  27. 327
    Lyli Dunbar says:

    South Florida — 3 coworkers at a Christian college

    1. Curses: Divorce and dealing with extended family issues; end of marriage and finances; generational family history of unhealthy communication, divorce, negative father, alcoholism and depression

    2. Weeping Forward Experiences: through the end of a ministry and relationship; through the end of a marriage, through infertility and adultery

    3. Our Novel Question Titles: Are we there yet? When will get it together? God, are you listening?

    4. How to Week Forward: Trust him in that season; pray through, and hold on to His promises — remember who He is.

  28. 328
    Anna says:

    We had a small group this time. Out of the original 8, it was three of us. We talked about God turning curses into blessings. Two of us are in seasons where we’d title our book, “What are you doing in our lives, Lord?” We talked about weeping forward and what that meant for us. It was a great tiem of fellowship for all of us. My heart has always had a hard time accepting God’s forgiveness. I beat myself up a lot about decisions I’ve made, continue to make, etc. I love seeing how the Book of Ruth is a book of grace and redemption and God’s love. I’m seeing it in a way I’ve never seen it before. Loving it!!!

  29. 329
    April says:

    Vermilion, OH

    1) My parents divorce, childhood learning difficulties, a very rough home environment while growing up.

    2) To me “weeping forward” doesn’t deny the reality of the grief you’re feeling, but trusting God through the pain and tears believing His word to bring something good from this time. When I have “wept backward” in seasons of my life I realize now that I was living as if there was no hope for a situation. I can remember just feeling stuck.

    3) How Long, O Lord? (I have to admit this came to my heart straight from Psalm 13. I love how David starts out with such honesty in his feelings, yet ends with trust and praise for God)

    4) Sow the truth of God’s Word in your heart and circumstances. Our tears provide the water!

  30. 330
    Ann (& Brainerd Baptist Church small group) says:

    9 ladies met at my house on Tuesday night (3 couldn’t come and we had 1 new siesta joining us)! We sat around my living room with the volume turned ALLLLL the way up on my 10inch Dell mini laptop to watch the blog — my husband couldn’t find a cord to make it show up on the tv. 🙂

    Our food theme – MEXICAN! Enchiladas, chip, queso, and LOTS of dessert (afterall, that’s the important thing right?). A lot of food, laughs, tears, prayers, and about 3.5 hours later, we said adios until our next siesta session.

    Here are our answers to the blog questions:
    1. What does Satan use to curse you? A troubled past leads to a good testimony to others; tests or problems in marriage work out and lead to blessings; laziness

    2. Weeping forward or backward? Moving 500 miles away to go to law school and crying as pulled out of parent’s driveway but knew it was the right thing to do; Being pregnant and knowing that she is moving to Wisconsin away from family and friends; Her husband finished his residency with a guaranteed job that ended up not being there. Then an offer on a house fell through. A new job was offered and taken. After falling on knees and praying to God – the old job and house both were available!; She is not happened with her husband’s job and is dealing with what he is given; She told her husband before they were married that she might have heart surgery one day – telling him that made it easier (and there was a heart transplant in her future).

    3. I am so blessed, why can’t I quit complaining? Why is my toilet not clean? Why do I live the life of a modern day Job?

    4. Sowing in weeping? We thought of Steven Curtis Chapman’s daugher to who killed but he still glorified God in her funeral. A friend was in church when she was young when a tornado hit, killing her grandfather, uncle and many others and trapping her inside. She heard the calming prayers of those around her and was not afraid – she is not a witness to that tragic event.

  31. 331
    Crystal says:

    1. Some things that satan would love to use to curse me: my parents divorce…not growing up in a Christian home…the “corporate” environment/mindset I work in everyday…health issues with my mom/Matt. God is good, and I know He has already used many of these things for His glory. They are definitely areas I struggle with sometimes though, and I know that satan would love to have me focus on them, the “what ifs,” the past/future, instead of being present with God at this moment.

    2. One time that I feel that I actually wept forward was about 4 years ago, shortly after Matt & I were married. God had been working in my heart but suddenly I felt like I was in the middle of a huge war. I had to decide if I was going to move forward, as painful as it might be, or stay where I was in the pit. I seriously felt like I was going crazy at times. God showed me, at my absolute lowest, that He loved me, no matter what type of weeping, bitter, painful mess I was at the moment. I’m so glad I wept forward out of the pit, because God has showered innumerable blessings over my life.

    Weeping backwards, however, is much easier. And something I feel like I struggle with a lot more often. The enemy likes to remind me, especially before a ministry event, of what type of person I used to be/could have been. I went through a time a few months ago where I felt like I was letting myself slide back into that pit, and it was terrifying. Only by God’s grace was I able to step out again, and I’m so thankful for that!

    3. “What’s Coming Around the Bend?” – I feel like I’m in the middle of having achieved certain goals, setting new ones, waiting on God, and trying to be courageous about what the next day/week/month/years are going to bring, while trusting God to know what really is coming up next for me!

    4. Continue to move forward. Glorify God. Share God’s love & my story with others. Do not be afraid!

  32. 332
    Becky says:

    Solo from Chattanooga, TN

    1. I have dealt with fear and anxiety much of my life. Specifically, the fear of “being taken by surprise”. I have always wanted to know what was going to happen around the next corner so that I could control my reaction to whatever I encountered. For the past 5 years or so, I have really worked on living in the moment. I am now trying to live that out for my 12 yr old son because that “fear of the unknown” has been passed down to him. I would love to see my curse turn into a blessing for him.

    2. I’ve wept both backwards and forward regarding my marriage. When I weep backwards, I focus on all the things my husband could do differently and how much of a victim I am. When I weep forward, I still weep, but I spend my time and energy working on the things that I can change and leave the rest up to God. Sometimes, however, I still weep backwards and forward all in the same day.

    3. “Lord, what’s next?”

    4. I can sow in my weeping by giving of my time and attention to those around me. I can weep in one area of my life, but not let it consume me. I can offer encouragement to others who are hurting because I understand a little of what they are experiencing.

  33. 333
    Vanessa says:

    Greenville/Florence – We drove and met each other half-way tonight for dinner and cupcakes (the watermelon cupcake was very interesting). We are best friends, both pastor wives and both going through a sowing season at our church. There are so many great and incredible things happening – we are excited about what God is doing, and His work is evident. But, at the same time there are frustrations, disappointments, loneliness and things we just can’t talk about or share with anyone else. It is so refreshing to get together and be able to share our hearts, openly and honestly, knowing each other will understand where we are truly coming from. We talked about how we are both in a season of sowing (with glimpses of great promise all over the place), what we need to do to continue moving forward during hard times and how great the season of reaping will be, when we can look back and see all that God has done! There is nothing like spending time with your best friend, in God’s word to make us feel refreshed, joyful, energized and ready to face anything that lies ahead! And, the cupcakes help too! : )

  34. 334
    Theresa says:

    I am really liking the slow meticulous dissection of this study. It is truly beautiful. Thank you Kelly and Beth.

  35. 335
    tngirl says:

    Four of the Five of us met at my home in Dublin, VA on Tuesday evening. We had chicken enchiladas and apple dumplins (my husband’s specialty).

    1. Curse – Raised her kids in less than Christian environment. Blessing- As adults her girls attend church and live good Christian lives.

    Curse – Living with an alcholic Uncle. Blessing – Showed her that she never wanted to drink or live as he did.

    2. To weep forward is to have hope and keep moving forward and being obedient in your relatonship with God even when your circumstances may have you bawling your eyes out. Not wallowing in it.

    To weep backward is to have no hope, to wallow in the pain and rely on something or someone other than God to see you through. Or perhaps to not obey God if the thing he has called you to makes you unhappy.

    3. Where is my life going?
    What in the world was I thinking?
    God, when are we getting the show on the road?

    4. Keep relying on God. Be a blessing to others even in difficult circumstances. Keep doing the thing God has called you to do.


  36. 336
    Renee says:

    Houston. The Peeps (6 of us) met Tuesday night at one of our homes. Was a sweet time in the Lord. We went through every question very thoughtfully and at times with tears. Seems we each have something BIG in our lives that we’ve been believing God for, for a looonnng time. One of our peeps sent this Wednesday morning: “Restore to me the JOY of thy salvation. And SUSTAIN me with a WILLING SPIRIT.” Psalm 51:12. And then our “crayer” (new term meaning to cry as we pray!) “Father, I ask by your Holy Spirit for your Presence to invade all of our lives. Restore us with JOY unspeakable, SUSTAIN us in this hard place and our tasks at hand. Reach down within and give us the willingness to go forward, with tears dried, by the grace and with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ!” We’re loving this study and looking forward to the 20th!

  37. 337
    Sue says:

    Going solo in Groveport, OH (unless you count the Presence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with me as I study, so then I guess I’m in a group of 4)

    Satan’s opportunities for cursing? Alcoholic father, near-fatal car accident, loss of 5 loved ones in 5 years.
    God’s blessing? Surrendered dad who ministered to other alcoholics the last 22 years of his life, survival of accident resulting in platform to tell others of God’s faithfulness, steady Presence of God at every turn and a deeper knowledge of Who He is.

    The above describes my season of weeping forward. The car accident happened two weeks after our fourth loved one had died. Weeping forward is feeling His presence as you grieve and, like so many have said, just doing the next thing – not in defeat or even in numb surrender, but in trust.

    My novel: Lord, why is waiting so hard?

    Psalm 126:5 is the scripture that got me though my season of weeping. I don’t think people realize how much seed they plant just by holding on to God while they grieve. So many are observing and learning from seeing Him work in your life. You also store up seed to sow later by using your experience to encourage others.

    God be with each of you Siestas as you strive to know Him better and trust Him more!

  38. 338
    Lynda says:

    Monterey~3 wonderful women
    1. Most of our “curses” had to do with our families…immediate or otherwise. We just feel this is where we are most vulnerable and Satan can really take advantage of us here.

    2.Weeping forward~knowing it’s okay to cry about where we are as a way to move beyond it. Weeping backward~the danger zone. Wallowing in our own self-pity and inviting everyone else to the pity party with us (whether they like it or not!)

    3.”What’s next?”, “Do you trust me?”, “Is it time to move on?”

    4.We decided the sowing is hard work! If you’re not weeping, you probably aren’t doing it right…but, the joyous reward is beyond our wildest dreams.

    We love Kelly’s writing! None of us have had the joy of doing a KM study before and we are loving it.


  39. 339
    Crystal says:

    Solo/Livonia, Michigan

    **My internet filter blocked the video and I can’t view it. Can’t figure out a way to get around it – I’ll just have to do the straight questions this week.**

    1. My success as a single woman…now as a SAHM, Satan can often use it as something to long for. A job that I go to and am successful, make my own money…do my own thing. Maybe that is more of a blessing that Satan is working to use as a curse. Not sure but this study is really speaking to my heart about my attitude about where God has me at this season. Teaching and raising His children.

    2. I loved what Amanda said about being a mom. Weeping over your past life but also going forward in your life of allowing Christ to help me die to self and give constantly and with love!

    3. I’m not where God wants me to be but praise Him I’m not where I used to be. (Is that too long?)

    4. Kelly hit the nail on the head for me about my generation (34 yrs.) not wanting to do the “hard work”. As a SAHM, I can get so frustrated with the mundane of the daily work. God is teaching me that even during the times of menial tasks, I can still praise Him and sow seeds in my kids. I am learning that I am teaching more than I realize – my attitude, my work ethic, my words, my love for Jesus is speaking to my kids all day long – even when I am just doing dishes! Thank you for your patience Jesus!

    **Can I just say how much God is speaking to me through this study? I love it! I was not all that excited about Ruth as I felt I knew the story pretty well but Kelly has a way of making me see it through totally new eyes! Praise the Lord for revealing himself in this!!**

  40. 340
    MMMom says:

    San Antonio

    1) My husband and I both came from dysfunctional families. God has turned that “curse” into a blessing with our functional, not perfect, family. Our histories could have carried forward but Praise God they have stopped with us.

    2) I think weeping forward is moving forward in faith. Years ago we struggled with the end of a business and some financial struggles. There was weeping as we had to make tough decisions, knowing it was God’s direction for us, and to keep moving forward.

    I weep backwards daily. Ephesians 4:22-24 is my daily prayer. I really have to make sure I pray this before I get in my car. I am trying to learn to respect others driving differences.

    3) “Will Sharon ever find out what she want’s to be when she grows up?”

    4) Even in our despair we must believe and have faith in God’s faithfulness to us, to seek His face and be faithful to Him and to His word. Do for others.

  41. 341
    Nikki1 says:

    1) I had everything I dreamed of in life– big house, finally an attorney, great husband, great son (except I wasn’t a beliver at the time). Despite the fact that I had everything I wanted I didn’t enjoy any of it. Always complaining, pretty selfish person– didn’t much think to help others (except for 150 an hour). Then my daughter was diagnosed with Autism. Boy was I depressed, angry, resentful and always self pity for me. My neighbor, who had a boy with Asperger’s (he was older), she became my friend. She was a believer and a great light in the dark. She always sat patiently with the tears, always there, just listened. One day I was on an angry resentful rant and she finally looked at me and said “you know that is Satan talking”. Without too much more detail– she was right (I did tell her she was crazy that day but she didn’t give up on me). He was taking over a situation and killing my spirit. I could have curled up and stayed in bed– all day long just crying. Autism turned out to be a great blessing in my life. First off, I am saved and I love the Lord with all my heart. I volunteer my legal skills to advocate for parents with kids who have disabilities in school districts on their educational plans (IEP). When we come to wrapping up cases most say “what can I do for you”. Much is placed on me–it is quite uncomfortable. I simply ask them to find a quiet area tonight and realize that Jesus has his eye on you. Lawyers don’t normally work for free. But He has provided for your bill. I am here because He told me to be here. Trust me, it has nothing to do with me.” The blessing is wonderful. She still has Autism and that’s ok. My life is so much more because of it. I could have easily thrown it all away.

    2) I have wept foward quite a bit. Crying about my situation (I still do it)but knowing that this self pity thing is just not helping my daughter nor me. I still move. I still witness. I still love everything about my situation– just sometimes long for those simple things about being a mom. Oh, weeping backwards is so bad for me. I find my comfort in the shopping malls! I love a good afternoon of massages, new clothes, great highlights, and a good Louis Vuitton bag! Oh, shopping is my crutch (and I can’t even like a good bargain). I don’t need any of it. Its just about the feeling of control (even though I an out of control). The feeling lasts about 1 day but once the tags are off the pity comes back. I love to weep forward now.

    3) “And I Will Always Love Him”– I guess I have dealt with some heartbreak over the past five years. Not just Autism, my health, horrible neighbor relations, etc. I know that my feet are firmly planted on Him. Not that I enjoy the hardships but I am ok when they happen. I know that He will be there and I know that in the end He will work things out for good (even if I don’t understand it). Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t grumble about it or dislike it strongely (I wouldn’t mind a good testing in the “plenty” season) but I know that He is good all the time. Its a great relief. Satan still comes but he is just not that successful anymore.

    4)We still have Autism and I still weep. But I help families at very hard times in their lives. I can tell them about Jesus and pray that they find Him in this difficult situation. I get to minister to alot of people. I am still sad and still pray with all my heart for a cure. Its still a blessing to me. I pray that just one mother goes home and gets on her knees because of what I told her. I don’t know how many have been saved– yet 🙂

  42. 342
    Tammy Wells says:

    Spring Hill Florida
    Only2 of us and one is Missing this week. So for this week Iam flying solo.
    I Have weeped Both forward and backward more times than I can remember! When my mother passed away suddenly at a young age I was the closest I have ever been to the Lord. He guided me through each day drawing me closer and closer. Teaching me to celebrate my mother on days I felt like being depressed all day. This was a great time of weeping forward. My brother a massive drug addictict was saved at her funeral, and started serving the Lord wholehartedly. For 6 years recently he has went back to his old life style of partying. Please asked God to do a miracle turn hhis life around again.

    As for weeping backwards I have done both forwards and backwards in the situation my oldest son and daughter inlaw are addicted to drugs also. I have given it to the Lord numerous times. I have there children all very young living with me since Jan. She wants them Back and is still usung drugs as far as I know. So Please pray for Gods will on this. She can pass a drug test with flying colors and be strung out at the time. The boys are 2,3,qnd7 please pray for them and God to keep them where they are safe and taken care of. My grandson thats 7 has seen to much for a boy his age. There is alot to this story So I won’t go on and on. Anyway Iam hoping this bible study gets me back to the place I was when My mother died or even futher in my walk with the Lord. Years ago I would tell everyone Iam praying God will change them. Up untill a cpl days ago I have been saying she is never going to change. You Can’t jelp someone who won’t help themselves. I have become hard towards my daughter inlaw. All I can think is how can a mother do this to her children. Besides all she has stolen from us and destroyed and the lies … NOne of that mattered to me. But It is hard when you see your Grandchildren not taken care of like children should be. My son says he is clean, But they learn to lie very well. So iam not possative on that one. But my Attitude has change dramatically towards them. So I need prayer to start weeping forwards in this situation instead of backwards , where iam right now.

  43. 343
    Kim Safina says:

    Kim Safina

    * Beth & Kelly, Thank you for this MUCH NEEDED BIBLE STUDY in this season of my life!!!

    1. Curse: When the lights go out at night and I am left alone in the dark of the night. The enemy tries to denounce all that is good in thoughts,feelings and dreams.
    That is why we need to memorize scripture, sing praises, put on the full armor of God and LOVE with a CHILD-LIKE FAITH!!!

    The seasons change and so Do I.
    I need emotional purging(weeping)even if it makes me feel bad.
    My strength in Christ grows when I deal with past,present and even future situations.

    3. Novel:
    Why do I long for blessings of joy while inundated with stresses of the world.

    4. Sow:
    I rest my burdens in the strength of God’s loving arms.

    Happy Birthday Keith!!!!
    Happy “almost” Birthday Melissa!!!

    With “Heaven Bound” blessings,

  44. 344
    Vicki says:

    Fort Wayne, IN

    1. Growing up without a father, the fear of rejection throughout my childhood – Satan meant as a curse but God blessed me with a wonderful father-in-law and many special men who “parented” me in our church.

    2. Weeping forward – feeling grief but knowing God is leading, trusting His hand for the future.

    3. When did life stop being a bowl of cherries?

    4. Invest myself in where God has me, look for the blessing He wants to bring.

    I am loving this study and finding new things I have never seen before!

  45. 345
    Kelly says:

    Theresa (39) Sacramento
    Kelly (39) Houston
    1. Parenting, daughter, wife, food, etc, etc.
    1. Holly’s (my 18 year old daughter) complete rejection of me and my God. I think Satan intended it to crush me – and it feels like being crushed sometimes. But I see that the whole thing has drawn me closer to the Lord rather than further. It also drew Robby closer to the Lord and thus strengthened our marriage into a very fulfilling relationship that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

    2. Wept backwards with dieting!
    2. Wept backwards with dieting – always returning to what has failed before and going back to old habit of eating.

    3. Roller Coaster (do you have the song in your head now?). Some scary parts with the kid and some really fun stuff with the hubby.
    3. Why can’t Kelly just keep it together for longer than 10 days, God?
    3. Why does being a mom have to hurt so much?

    4. He always brings good from the difficult. We can always see the blessings in hind sight.
    4. I keep weeping over my failures in dieting. Especially recently as I biffed 3 days in a row! But I am weeping forward. I am saddened by my mini-failure. But I am not going to let it blow into a maxi-failure. So weeping forward, here!

  46. 346
    Leslie says:

    Clinton, UT

    1)Curse into blessing-grieving losses in our family and joblessness for our kids have given us time to wait upon the Lord, (not always patiently) and witness amazing blessings.

    2)Weeping forward-both my dear friend and I have moved from homes this summer that meant a great deal to us. In the process of this change we have both wept forward, knowing that what remained behind might be secure but would not allow God to use us in ways that might be uncomfortable for a time, but ultimately part of His sovereign will in our lives. (Both of us have seen mountains moved as we sought wisdom about the household moves so we know its a God Thing!)

    3)What is so comfy about this rut?

    4)For me sowing in weeping involves getting the focus off of me. When I reach out to others, I feel an ability to get beyond what is often holding me back and on their behalf I start to move forward…often the catalyst to get me back on the road to my own “recovery”. And in prayer for them I connect once again with God when He has not moved, but I have moved from Him.

  47. 347
    Heather says:

    Grand Rapids, MI
    4 of us meeting together

    1. We talked a lot about curses into blessings. A lot of them had to do with family and friends.

    2. My group agreed that this blog post really hit the weeping forward aspect of things on the dot for everyone.

    3. Why am I so exhausted all the time?
    Will life ever get easier?

    4. We have to lean on God’s shoulders when we are going through trials. He will wipe are tears and give us more grace then we could ever imagine.

    I am truly blessed to have a wonderful group of women to do this study with. We are just loving it and loving each other.

    Can I just add that we made the Mexican Ice Cream and it was DELICIOUS!!

  48. 348
    Kate Hawk says:

    Charlottesville, Virginia

    Hey Siestas!!! What a wonderful time of discussion today! We could’ve extended our time together for much longer.

    I think the weeping forward and backwards was our main discussion. Many were moved my Naomi’s courage to go back to Bethlehem and Ruth’s work ethic. Too much to write on this blog, but lots of Holy Spirit impact on our group!!

    I’ll just leave you with our titles to our “Secret Novel”: Why Is She Always In A Rush? How Can I Hold On But Let Go? How Many Back Burners On The Stove Can Be On At Once? What Next? How Do I Know It’s You, God, Speaking? What Does The True Me Look Like? What’s Coming After The Peace?

    Love Love Loving this study!!!

  49. 349

    Our siesta group had a fantastic time tuesday night! We were down 3 of our siestas due to vacation and illness but we added 1 for a total of 9 ladies!

    As we gathered in my living room around my Dell 10inch mini computer (my husband couldn’t find a cord to hook it up to the tv) with the volume turned ALLL the way up, we were ready for some great fellowship – and great fellowship was what we had!

    Our food theme for the week was mexican…just like Kelly’s recipes at the end of the first section – we had enchiladas, chips, queso, and A LOT of desserts (which is the most important part of the meal, isn’t it?) 🙂 We ate a lot, laughed a lot, prayed a lot, and just had a great time as sisters in Christ. This study has allowed our small group to be open and vulnerable in talking about our kids, husbands, families, jobs, and all the stuff in between – what a blessing!

    Here are the responses to the questions for the week/s:
    1.Things in life that Satan would use to curse you —
    *Difficult past –> leads to testimony for Christ
    *tests and difficulty in marriage –> leads to blessings

    2. What is weeping forward or backwards in your life?
    *Leaving family/friends to move 500+ miles away to law school
    *Anticipation of moving far away to Wisconsin and being pregnant
    *One of our siesta’s husband had a job lined up after pharmacy school only to find that it was gone when he got out and moved (with his wife) back home. The offer on the home they had fell through, and he was set to begin a less desirable job. They fell on their knees and prayed and the next day…the old job prospect was his and the home was theirs too!
    *One of the siestas is having trouble dealing with her husband’s job – it may not be the job she wants him to have. She also told her husband before they got married that she might have to have heart surgery one day – telling him that made their life together easier (and she eventually had heart transplant)

    3. Life as a question?
    * I am so blessed, why can’t I quit complaining?
    * Why is my toilet not clean?
    * Why do I live the life of a modern day Job?

    4. Sow in weeping?
    We recalled how Stephen Curtis Chapman glorified God at his daughter’s funeral (such an awful tragedy).

    One of our siestas told of how when she was young, she went to church with her family. A tornado hit the church killing her father, uncle and many others. She could hear people praying around her – which calmed her. Her family had to be a witness to those around her b/c it’s hard (for believers and non-believers alike) to understand why God would let something happen like that.

    Until next time, adios siestas!

  50. 350
    Amy says:

    1. I have a couple of things to share. Well really I wrote down 3 – but I will only share two. First – my diabetes. My diabetes is a burden, a fear, a source of anger and frustration. Can you think of one event in your life that does not have some sort of food attached to it? I so want to see a blessing come from this illness. Second – my desires. I know that probably sounds strange. My desire is to be a stay at home mom. I want to be a homemaker. Satan has taken my precious desire and turned it into a curse because it has grown into an obsession. I have allowed myself to get down-right crazy about it not ever happening. And sadly – I can’t even relax enough to let a blessing come – because I want it to be in a certain form. If you know what I mean.

    2. The situation mentioned above is both my weeping forward and backward. There are times even through my tears I rest a bit in the fact that God is in control and he loves me. But then there are times when nothing makes since and I just don’t understand why I can’t have what I want.

    3. The name of my novel would be – “Why Not?” – boy do I sound like I am three years old or what?

    4. Doing this study helped me see so much. It helped me relax a little bit and realize I should make good use of this time. I learned this past week that we have to use our times of weeping as a learning time; a seeking time. God will use my tears to bring a harvest of joy. I just need to calm down long enough to let him.

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