Siesta Summer Bible Study 3: Second Gathering

Hey, my Dear Siestas! It’s time for our second gathering of SSBS3! As promised, below are your written instructions in case you have trouble with the video greeting. REMEMBER, your comments to this post are meant to come AFTER your small group gathering or your solo experience to tell us how your time went. We hope all of you participating will check back in with a comment at some point over the next several days. (One leader checks in per group and each solo participant checks in.) This is part of the accountability process and will immensely help you stay with it through the very last page. As always, please put your city at the beginning of your comment. Thanks so much for joining in!

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Week 2 from LPV on Vimeo.

Your discussions in this gathering will revolve around different points in your homework. Two from Week One. Two from Week Two:

1.    Look back at the middle of page 12 where Kelly had us look up Deuteronomy 23 and Judges 3 to get some background on the Moabites. Read Deuteronomy 23:3-5 together if you’re not watching this as a small group. In your small group, I want you to talk about a few things that have happened in your lives that Satan would love to use to curse you. You can think of it conceptually more than literally if that helps. At the end of class today, I want you to claim that fifth verse together in prayer and believe God to turn those curses into blessings!

2.    Turn to the middle of Week One, to the bottom of p.21 and the top of p.22. I loved Kelly’s discussion about her friend “weeping forward.” What do you think that means? Several of you share a season in your life when you feel like you wept forward and several others might consider sharing a season in your life when you wept backward. Most of us have done both at some point in our lives.

The next two are from Week Two:
3.    OK, Day Two has a portion that is vintage Kelly Minter and one reason why I love her writing so much. Look at the second paragraph on p.42 where she tells about her sister, Megan. If you were writing a novel that was secretly about yourself right now and right in this season and you had to name it in the form of a question, what would it be?

4.    Turn to p.45 and review the part of your homework concerning Psalm 126. Please read the psalm together then discuss your answers to the “Personal Response” question: Practically speaking, how can you sow in your weeping? Don’t miss how much this section has to do with your second discussion question today.

In closing, one of you read the Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote at the end. Let it lead you into prayer and don’t forget to claim those blessings from our first discussion question today!

For all of you participating in the fellowship meal, consider the recipes on pages 62-63 and either do them or some Italian equivalent.

I am so happy to study with you! Stay in the Word and I’ll see you in two more weeks!


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  1. 201
    Rachel says:

    Morganton,NC 2 moms of preschoolers

    We talked a lot about how Satan wants to use our past sins and certain present circumstances to curse us. We also spent some time discussing weeping forward and decided that you can weep forward only if you are moving toward God. One question for a book title was, “Why can’t I learn the first time?”

    • 201.1
      Sandy says:

      We discussed the same things, and I love your book title!

    • 201.2
      Brenda says:

      Hi Rachel, I live in Valdese, NC, We are neighbors. I understand what you are saying when Satan uses our past to curse us. I am reading a book from Tony Evans “Freedom at Last” that talks about what Satan can do to our mind. It has helped me to realize what all Satan can do. Have a blessed day.

  2. 202
    Jariza says:

    Alburtis, Pa

    1. I know one of the ways that the enemy is trying to curse our family in this present season is to attack my 14 year old daughter through her mind. What we are as a family doing is holding on to God’s promises and engaging in battle so in actuality Gos is using it to make us all stronger and more grounded and He will make this part of my baby’s testimony.
    2. I think weeping forward means allowing yourself to feel the emotions that come along with pain without allowing them to paralyze you into nonaction. Through the pain of losing someone I feel like I have been weeping my eyes out but still moving forward.
    3. Tissues, Anyone???? would be the title of my book=)
    4. I can sow in my weeping by encouraging those that I love to believe no matter what it looks like.

    Thanks so much, this is an awesome study.

  3. 203

    Going solo here in Washington state.

    I’ve been going through a really exciting time right now, as my husband and I downsize our life in order to serve the Lord. It’s complicated and I can’t give details yet, but as excited as we are, and even with receiving daily confirmations that we are doing what He wants, I’ve been weeping backward. When we started this thing I was moving forward but somewhere along the line, a few things bogged me down and I’ve been struggling. I’m going to really buckle down and review this lesson so I can begin to move forward again! No more weeping backward here…

    On that note, I’d been beating myself up silly and calling myself all sorts of names this past month, so if I wrote a book right now, the title would be something along the lines of “Why are you constantly calling yourself a failure?”

    I think I can sow in my weeping by being honest. It’s hard to admit that I’ve been struggling. I’ve been a little depressed and depressing to be around. (Gosh just want to delete that….) I think it’s encouraging when I see someone else who dealt with issues and came out on the other side. I plan on that!!

    I refuse to give up- Gal 6:9. I want the harvest, baby!

  4. 204
    Tiffany says:

    We are in Anaheim, California!

    Last night was simply amazing. The four of us sat and ate chicken enchiladas together and we even played with one of our members beautiful 5 month old son. He was a cute distraction. 😉

    I felt that this session, because we were in a living room as opposed to a starbucks..we were able to really dig deep and learn more about each other. For each of us, our past behaviors and thoughts Satan could definitely use as a curse against us. But God has placed each of us in leadership positions and He is using our past mistakes and hurts to minister to others.

    2. One of our girls shared her story about a past relationship that was so ugly, painful and brutal. She remembers literally crying out to the Lord as if begging for freedom…and what she saw in the next few days was God moving quickly to get her out of there. It will be one year in August since that relationship ended. We were all moved by her vulnerability because she could have easily stayed where she was in her pain. With a boy who promised marriage but gave her pain. Instead, she cried out and left. Praise God!

    3. For my title….I have three. LOL! Are We Serious?, Is it my turn yet? or Can I take a nap now?….I think that can aptly describe the season in my life as of this moment!

    Overall, this study is amazing. The girls I am with are amazing, and loving and so open and honest. I can’t wait until our next session.

  5. 205
    Donna says:

    McMinnville ~ Thank you so much Beth for the study and video. I’m doing this one on my own but it’s a blessing and the Lord is talking to me as I go.

  6. 206
    Debbie says:

    Elon, NC. I just love this Bible Study format. It’s great to be a part of such a huge women’s group on-line and to also have the small intimate group to discuss the questions. My Novel title would be “Lord, How Many Sheep Do I Have To Feed?” . On the sowing, I heard someone speak on this just yesterday and I loved it. He said when we are sowing let’s not stop with the seed sowing, let’s water it, love it, grow it, grind it up and bake it and serve it up with a little honey. Ladies I just appreciate your comments so much.

  7. 207
    Marie says:

    Lebanon TN
    Southside Baptist Church

    There were 6 of us that met at the church last night and we spent quite some time on the curses Satan would like to have used on us but the Lord turned them to blessings.
    Our curses turned to blessings:
    1. No children naturally, but many many spiritual children.
    2. A car accident caused one of the ladies to become disabled, but because of this, her spiritual life accelerated tremendously after the wreck.
    3. Heritage was alcoholism throughout the family and in that was taught how to forgive.
    4. Strayed in college and did not follow as she should but the Lord redeemed her and now she has a degree, husband and a baby due in Sept.
    5. Got divorced and did not hold on to bitterness.
    6. Had un-churched child who got a divorce after 18 years of marriage. Re-married and now following the Lord and working/attending church faithfully.

    We do not ever want to weep backwards again, any of us. We discussed this in depth and were so happy to be given the example to weep forward not matter the circumstances. Also the 4th question concerning sowing in weeping was very understandable to us. No matter what life hands you, it is the sowing for the Lord that we must focus on.

    Our novel titles are as follows. We had so much fun with this one.
    Lord, Can you tell me what’s happening?
    How do you raise a Godly daughter?
    Why do I have to share my husband after 25 years of marriage?
    How can I be a blessing after 61 years?
    Where do I go from here?
    How do you love people who are in open sin?

    On a personal note, I loved the section Kelly touched on about prolonged or sustained obedience. That is the way I want to live. Prolonged obedience. Thank you Lord for making all things possible.

  8. 208
    Vicki says:

    Greenwood, SC – We are loving this study!
    1) Divorce, friendship (two of us in this study :)) and family dysfunction that Satan has meant for evil but the Lord is/has used for His glory.

    2) We have all experienced weeping forward and agree that our focus must always be on God.

    3) How you you deal with old people?
    What do you do when the child becomes the parent?
    Who am I and why am I here?

    4) To sow in your weeping is to seek God.

    We ended our time together in a beautiful prayer to our most gracious heavenly Father and we do believe He has and will continue to turn our curses into blessings!

  9. 209
    Shelley says:

    Hi Siestas!

    College Park, FL, 6, Young Marrieds First Baptist Church Winter Park

    1. Curses: Fear, Doubt, Satan’s Lies but we know in our weakness His strength is made perfect. Some discussed about loosing family members and God showing up in the midst of the sadness and loss and completely taking care of the family. To Him be all Glory!

    2. One of the women lost her mother and used that as an example of weeping backward. She knows her mom is so happy with Jesus but sometimes she just misses her Momma. Weeping forward we talked about marriage, because even though you are so happy to move on and have a life with your new husband you almost mourn the loss of the old you. Most of us moved away when we got married.

    3. Our novels were titled:
    When will I Learn to Appreciate My Life?
    When Are We Going to Have Things Semi-Figured Out?
    When Will I be Home?
    What Can I Do For You, Lord?
    Why Don’t You Slow Down?

    4. When we trust God, even in our weeping and we look to Him, others notice. It is a testimony. God is always at work and he can use all for His Glory. If we share honestly about what God has done in our lives he will use it to ultimately bring us blessing and bless others around us.

    College Park Girls

  10. 210
    Pat Schuessler says:

    Valley Center, Ks
    1. The ladies of our group mentioned several things that have been used by Satan but turned into blessings by the Lord; infertility, loss of a child, divorces in the family for generations, child born with birth defects, and singleness, to name a few. We were able to see the hand of the Lord and His love,as we reflected back on these situations.

    2. Weeping forward meant to us: To recognize the pain of a situation, fully accept the emotions, and hurt. To trust the Lord that He is Sovereign and move forward with full confidence in His goodness and unfailing love for us. We may or may not see the fullness of the promise here on earth but we will be obedient.

    3. We really contemplated skipping this one but here are our book titles:
    Kris: What is God going to do in this season of change?
    Val: How will I get there?
    Phoebe: Are you going to be nice to me since I have teenagers?
    Christina: How is God working in this?
    Beth: Can I have peace and calm in the chaos?
    Louise: What’s around the next bend?
    Pat: Are you sure you want me to do that?

    4. Sowing in times of reaping:
    We had ladies share examples of God using them after they had gone through a trying or painful event in their lives to minister to another person. Examples of this were: after a miscarriage, after the death of a child, after the birth of a child with a birth defect, after a lifelong dream had been taken away, after a remarriage (to her ex-husband)…
    It was interesting that several ladies used phrases like “it so happened”, “amazingly one day”, “out of the blue”, etc……….We discussed the similar words in Ruth; “just when”….”just then”….We concluded that God is as directly at work in the orchestration of our lives as He was Ruth’s. What a comfort…

  11. 211
    Rebekah says:

    Fulton, MS – 11 out of 13 in attendance

    1) We were trying to think of specific situations that Satan would love to use to curse us and someone said “Can it be our entire past?” We thought…well sure! So many terrible things have happened to many in our group and Satan loves to bring those up but we know that our God is bigger and has brought us redemption from those things.

    2) We decided weeping forward was just moving on with God instead of throwing a pity party and saying I’m going to cry right here and not move forward in obedience with God in what He wants us to do. Weeping forward means obeying God even when it’s tough and you don’t want to. The day I did this homework God knew I needed to read it because it was exactly 2 months before my sister leaves as a missionary for 3 years to the Philippines. I had been weeping backwards even though I know it’s what God wants of her. He showed me very clearly that I could cry all I wanted, but I needed to cry while walking forward in obedience to Him.

    3) When I read this when I was doing the homework on my own I seriously, laughed out loud, and I did again when I read it aloud to the group. Here are the titles to our novels.
    – Why am I still at this school?
    – Will I be bitter for ever?
    – Will I ever be who You want me to be?
    – When will I realize I’m not always right? (We all loved this one.)
    – How old do I have to be before I really know stuff?
    – Why can’t I remain disciplined?
    – What did I do wrong?
    – Am I ever going to be okay with this? (that’s me and the missionary sister) 🙁
    – Where do you want me to go? Who do you want me to love?
    – I know you won’t give me more than I can handle, but seriously? (the missionary sister…she totally stole it from someone that had already commented on here). 😉

    4) Loving people even when we don’t feel like loving them and they’ve done nothing to deserve our love, being committed to do what’s right even when it’s hard. When we do what’s right even if it’s not really what we want to do because it makes us sad, or it’s hard, we eventually get to where we want to do the right thing…because it’s the right thing.

    We are all loving this study and I know God is showing up in our lives and it’s not coincidental! (Ruth 2:1-3). 🙂

    • 211.1
      Eposi says:

      Hey Rebecca (aka my Ruth study twin)! Just want to let you know that I understand your struggle with your sister moving. It was really hard for me when my twin sister moved to San Diego, CA a few years ago. We were always known as “the twins”. One just came with the other. It took quite some adjustment being just me, but the Lord surely saw me through. Praying for you, sis.

      • Beth says:

        Hey Eposi! I wish Rebecca could see your radiant face as you correspond with her. I am so crazy about you.

      • Eposi says:

        So sorry I mispelled your name, Rebekah. I automatically spelled it like my friend’s name without thinking.

      • Rebekah says:

        Hey Twin! 🙂 I think you’re exactly right, we’ve been known for a long time as the Hebert sisters and God’s been slowly showing me that while, we are together (and that’s sweet and nice), we are two totally separate and unique people that have their ministries on different sides of the world. I think the biggest adjustment for me will be I can’t just get in a car and go see her one weekend…instead, I have to make a couple of flights…and continent jumps. Ha!

        Thank you so much for your prayers, Eposi. SERIOUSLY, I covet those more than anything right now because I’ve been telling God for the past 6 months, God You HAVE to show up and be big or I’m going to be a complete mess. And while there have been some days that I’m a complete mess, I know that He has shown up. (Is that weeping forward? Hmm…) Sarah (my sister) and I are claiming Psalm 61:2 (this verse just rocks my world) and Ephesians 3:20 when we (really, I) start in on the ‘My world is falling apart. Woe is me. Why do you have to go so far away?’ thing. 🙂

        And do not even worry about spelling my name wrong 🙂 It happens all. the. time. Ha! 🙂

        Thanks for finding our response this week! It made my day to read this 🙂

    • 211.2
      Kerri says:

      Is Sarah your sister? If so, I’m from Antioch Conway. Tell her we love her!!!

      • Rebekah says:

        What are the chances?!?! YES! Sarah is my sister! And I will tell her that Kerri from Antioch said that y’all love her. (Will she know who you are? There can’t be TOO many Kerris, can there?) I love Antioch! I’m so glad that God saw fit to bring y’alls church family into S’s life when she was away at school. I’m completely serious. Y’all have changed her and I think, in some ways, she’s changed y’all. All for the better 🙂

        I will have to find you the next time I’m up there Kerri and meet someone from Siestaville in person!! 😀 Which…I’ll be up there the last weekend in July for Jordan Morgan’s wedding. Ha!

        I absolutely love how God works in the craziest ways through the smallest things (like a comment on a blog) to show His children how much He cares and loves for them. 🙂

  12. 212
    Carol says:

    Salem, MO:
    Our group of 6 grew much closer last night due to our study and the questions. Thanks, Beth, they were definately God-inspired!

    In discussing “weeping forward” we found out so much more about each other. One was born with a birth defect that caused a deformity (none of us had been brave enough to ask). One lost her husband years ago when her only child was 27 months old and now helps her daughter with an autistic child. One has MS and is declining in fuction. One is a minister’s wife of 20+ years who knows of curses from the enemy. Lots of weeping, but good tears.

    It is wonderful that God used this Bible study to open us to each other and His love.

    We are going to meet weekly instead of every-other week now.

    May God bless each of us as we weep forward together in His love!

  13. 213
    --michele says:

    Solo Siesta, Houston Metroplex

    “Are We there Yet?”

    I see how the Lord is turning the curses into blessing in my home life. I can see how my weeping has changed to where I am now weeping forward with hope. I can see this season of weeping coming to an end.

    Re: sowing, I had written in the margin of my book, “Lord, your mercies are new every morning, so should mine be.” As the Lord continues to bring healing to our family, I realize that I too need to wake up and extend new mercies every day.

  14. 214
    Elizabeth says:

    9 of us met in Collierville, TN

    We had a rich discussion and some of the women really opened up and shared the “curse” that Satan was using. It gave us a great opportunity to support and pray for our sisters.

  15. 215
    Allyaggie says:

    The League City ladies were 8 strong last night. We enjoyed Kelly’s Chicken Enchiladas complemented w/rice, beans, queso and homemade guacamole. For dessert we had blueberry pound cake. I was amazed and blessed by how deep and personal our first discussion was!
    Questions 1 & 2 seemed themed around marriage. I never thought of it before the evening, but several of the ladies discussed how it related to difficult times in their marriages. They were able to weep forward together as a couple and move past issues and anger and into forgiveness and renewed intimacy. We made the distinction b/w weeping forward and backward. forward in obedience vs backward in repentance. forward is doing the right thing even when it is hard.
    3. Some of our questions were…How can I give up control and enjoy life? Does she let her love for Christ lead her steps?
    4. Sow in our weeping…suffering well. staying in God’s Word and connected to Him in prayer even when we don’t “feel like it.” allowing God to control our thoughts and fears.

    We are LOVING this study and our time together!
    Thanks so much and love to you!

  16. 216
    Paulette Prescott says:

    Paulette, Magnolia, MS Solo

    1. Curses -Very bad accident when I was 6 six left me with a lot of scars and insecurites. It has been a blessing because I had to overcome these thhings and it has over the years made me a more compassoniate person.
    2. We lost our 50 year old son 2 years ago. We wept forward by completely trusting in God to carry us through this time in our lives. God has brought us closer together and our other children are closer than they have ever been.
    3. What will tomorrow bring!
    4. Our faith in God to bring us through whatever happens has been our witness.

  17. 217
    Deborah says:

    Edinburg, TX

    We had nine women at this meeting, and it was so good. Many of the women didn’t know each other – and we’re all different ages, from all different backgrounds & parts of the country (I think 5 of us have moved into the area within the past 5 years or so).

    Our hostess made a mini-meal with tortillas and assorted fillings. And one of the girls brought a delicious German dessert (she’s from Germany, but moved to the States a few years ago).

    We had a good discussion about weeping forward, especially since many of us have had to move across the country to get to our current home. I was blessed by people’s vulnerability and willingness to share. The prayer time was really good, too.

    For our next meeting, we’ll probably try to focus more on Ruth – I feel like we didn’t spend as much time in the Scripture as I would have liked. I’m loving the homework – learning a lot and thinking about a lot.

    • 217.1
      Lisa Younce says:

      You are an awesome leader for our group and a true blessing!
      We sure appreciate you!

  18. 218
    Stephanie says:

    Fort Collins, CO – Solo
    Personal responses…

    1. There have been several relationship ‘curses’. From my parents divorce to me thinking any guy was better than no guy and being cheated on was so normal. I could have ended up in such a bad place/relationship. Not only because of my history but I am also painfully shy and self-consious. God turned that into a blessing when my mom suggeested e-harmony, and christian became my core requirement. I met an amazing man, a blessing to my life, and a teacher in oth him & his family or was a good god-led marriage looks like & is.

    2. I seem to weep forward and back on any given day. We are struggling with infertility and for the past 3 years it has been a challange to sustain my forward motion and deny that backwards pull. Thankfully there are many more forward days than back while we wait on His timing.

    3. ‘Whay must she wait?’

    4. Stay in the Word & in fellowship, keep Faith alive and vital in your life & relationships, & be a blessing even when you don’t feel blessed yourself.

    ~I feel like God brought me to this study just when I needed it most. It has spoken such amazing truth into my life. Somedays I think ‘How could she write this like it was just meant for me?’ & ‘Wow’ as I just feel so connected.

  19. 219
    Lori, Love2Praise says:

    Mapleville, Rhode Island
    7 out of 10 women attended

    Weeping forward to us meant a cleansing cry, so that we could continue on in purpose. Two women described their weeping forward experiences when dealing with depression. Both women had the exact same scripture they clung to during this time: Isaiah 41:13 For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. HE is so amazing to bring these two women together who could relate to each other’s experience. Awesome. One sweet sister spoke of her experience of weeping backwards as she held on to the lonliness she felt of not being able to bear children. We could all feel how difficult this would be to move on from. We just know that God’s plan for her is so much bigger than we could ever imagine.

    This task was so much fun!! Our book titles were as follows: Why Can’t I Wait for God?, When Can I Run for the Senate?, What’s Next?, So When Are You Going To Retire?, Are You Nuts?, Why Can’t Fat Be All That?, What’s the Next Chapter? We had so many laughs explaining our titles!!

    We shared our times when a curse became a blessing: grandchild being born out of wedlock, moving into an in-law apartment, heart attack, marital problems, and an aneurism (sp?). How Awesome is our God to take these trials and make them testimonies of HIS Glory!!!! Amen!

    Last but not least we had the Chicken Enchilada! Fabulous!! It was a big hit, everyone said they couldn’t wait to make it themselves. We also had yummy Key Lime Pie, Date nut bread, fruit salad, vegetable salad and pasta salad.

  20. 220
    thirtylittlepiggies says:

    4 of us from Grand Junction, Colorado

    We have two newbies to our group this week, which is lovely and provides for a much more engaging discussion. God is good at bringing who He wants to this little study.

    We are 4 young women and although we are all at different seasons in life, we found that we have an overwhelmingly similar propensity to being fearful. Our fears are where Satan seems to be working hardest to curse us all in one way or another. Lots of testimonies to how God is overcoming those fears with blessings, and surely there will be more in the future!

    One of the cute gals in our study doesn’t know the Lord at all. She doesn’t own a Bible and has never read one. Despite being entirely out of her comfort zone, she came last night and heard the Word. She committed to coming again to our next meeting and offered to bring dessert! She’s a friend to all of us in the group and although we didn’t discuss it with one another, I’m certain several of us have been praying for this precious woman to come to know Jesus as her personal savior. How honored we are to get to share His truth with her through this study. Much of our conversation during study last night swirled around her questions and our own testimonies of faith.

    We are loving the study and learning so, so much! Can’t wait for our next gathering!

  21. 221
    WorthyofLove says:

    Michelle, Morristown, TN Solo

    1.Curse 2 Blessing? Divorce. Every relationship in my family (almost without exception-even grandparents) has been touched by it. You should see our family tree! I married a man who had been divorced. Talk about scary. God has taken my husbands experience and used it to minister to the broken hearted over and over again. Beauty from Ashes.

    2.Weeping Forward? It’s OK to cry. The important thing is to keep following God forward. I’ve wept a lot through my husband’s deployment to Iraq. We’ve almost reached the end, and the kids are still alive – as is his mother, who has been living with us! We’re moving forward.

    3. WILL LOVE WIN? Will her sons grow up to love Jesus, despite her ongoing battle with anger? (Look for it in stores 2025.)

    4.Cool God Moment…Currently reading a biography on Hudson Taylor. He tells a story about crying over a dying man’s salvation and asking the man to please let him pray with him. Listen to what Mr. Hudson has to say about sowing in your weeping: “I have often thought since, in connection with this case and the the work of God generally, of the words, ‘He that goeth forth weeping, bearing precious seed, shall doubltess come again regoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.’ Perhaps
    if there were more of that intense distress for souls that leads to tears, we should more frequently see the results we desire. Sometimes it may be that while we are complaining of the hardness of the hearts of those we are seeking to benefit, the hardness of our own hearts and our own feeble apprehension of the solemn reality of eternal things may be the true cause of our want of success.” WOW

    • 221.1
      WorthyofLove says:

      The man accepted Christ and his love before he died.

    • 221.2
      Denise says:

      Wow, Michelle- love your story excerpt and your point about the hardened hearts of others and ourselves- yep, hit me right between the eyes! Can’t wait to meet you!!

  22. 222
    Luann Pearson says:

    Eunice, New Mexico – 4

    This was actually the first night we all met together, and it was awesome! We each chose a single word to express the season we are in and they were, in no particular order: Blessed, Anticipatory, Unstable, and Challenging. The goals we specified were: to gain a better understanding of God’s word; to become closer as sisters in Christ through God’s word; to learn to be at peace with every situation; and to use the Word as a healing tool.

    True to form, God just jumped right into the middle of our lesson and pressed wonderful words on our hearts! We had a wonderful example of weeping forward as one of our group shared her grief over losing a premature baby girl…and then never having any other children. She wept at the loss (OF COURSE!), but has used the short time she had with her baby girlie to become a wonderful, nurturing aunt and a loving, compassionate teacher. How awesome is that for weeping forward!!!

    One of our more insightful members took note of the statement on page 53, “The foreman reminds us that where we come from and what kind of blood runs through our veins is not nearly as impactful as our character and reputation.” She made the connection for us that as horrified as her own parents would be should she misbehave and use the excuse, “I can because I’m a (insert your name here),” how much more horrifed must God be when we say, “I’m a Christian,” then act like the devil!

    Our self-described “Unstable” member took great comfort in the words Kelly penned at the bottom of page 22, “God sees your tears. Cry them, wipe them, feel them, but don’t let them stop you. It’s possible to cry AND walk.” She shared that each day of the first two sessions had really spoken to her personally and powerfully. Thank you, Lord!

    The novel title that garnered the most laughs was, “God, have I ALWAYS been your favorite?” You probably guessed that came from “Blessed.” 🙂

    LOVING this Bible study! Praying that all of you will be touched, blessed, and directed by it!

  23. 223
    Sharon Meekins says:

    Titanyen, Haiti – Solo

    1. My parents divorce. My divorce. “However, the Lord my God would not listen to Satan but turned the curse into a blessing for me, because the Lord my God loves me.”

    2. Weeping forward means accepting God’s will for my life over my will for my life. Right now, I am serving with Samaritan’s Purse in Haiti for a year. It has not been easy. For so long, I dreamed of working with Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. I have been volunteering with OCC since 2004 and working seasonally with them since 2007. When positions for OCC became available in NC the same time that the Lord called me to serve in Haiti, I was so hurt. I felt betrayed and abandoned by the Lord. My thoughts were “I’m not good enough for OCC, but good enough for the field.” I am choosing to weep forward with the Lord to serve Him and His precious people, the Haitians.

    3. Why Haiti, Lord?

    4. Saying: Yes, Lord! Serving!

    • 223.1
      Brittany says:

      I just felt led to say a special prayer for you! Thanks for all you are doing in Haiti. I pray that you be encouraged and blessed!! 🙂

  24. 224
    Kathy Byars says:

    Brentwood Ca, 20. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and discussion last night. We are all so very thankful for the opportunity to share in this study. Kathy Byars

  25. 225
    Jackie says:

    Jackie, Lake Charles, LA 4 out of 5 attended our gathering yesterday. We are still lifing our sister up in prayer as she is in Houston with her 8 year old in radiation for Neuroblastoma.

    One title for a novel was “Upside Down, Inside Out”. We talked a lot about weeping forward with God and how weeping backward could mean just staying in your same old ways and not taking the emotional and mental risks to move forward to Him.

  26. 226
    Starr says:

    Hi everyone….Greetings from the 5 Siestas in Asheboro, NC.

    Our gathering last night was pumped with excitement. We were seeing so many answers to prayer. One of our Siesta’s was diagnosed with a heart attack on Saturday but a Heart Cath revealed no blockage and no evidence of her having had one. A perfect example of a curse being turned into a blessing, don’t you think? Is God GOOD or what??? Cause for celebration, …over Kelly’s Mexican Ice Cream Sundae! It was yum!!!

    We shared that “weeping forward” was that even when blinded by our tears we let go of our plans and cling to God and His plans for our lives, even when it takes us into unknown territory. “Weeping backward” to us meant having a “pity party”. Wanting to sit and talk about our position but not really doing anything to move forward in it. Know anyone like that????

    One, who is experiencing a season of staleness would title her book…”What can you do with stale bread?” We all decided she could make some excellent dressing!! Another, experiencing a blessed and fruitful season would title hers, “Who am I that you are mindful of me, O Lord?”

    We can sow in our times of weeping by continuing to follow hard after God…. walking in obedience and trust. Continuing to do what we know to do in the present while trusting Him with our future.

    It is such a blessing to be a part of this community of women who love the Lord and His Word. Can’t wait till our next gathering.

    Noticed Kelly had another excellent ice cream dessert recipe!!! Can you tell it’s HOT in NC???

  27. 227
    Holly says:

    Our entire group met last night and it was one of our ladies’ birthday! The title questions we came up with were: Why…?, Did She Make the Right Choice?, Will She Make It To The Finish Line With All Her Hair?, Will I Ever Learn?, and Why Not?

    We spent a bit of extra time on the weeping forward/backward portion, because it really ministered to all of us.

  28. 228
    Eposi says:

    Houston, Tx. Planning on getting together with Stephanie (have yet to meet in person because of our different schedules, but plan on doing email discussion).

    1. The enemy has tried to use bitterness and hurt over a family situation to drive me to suicide but God turned it around for my salvation.

    2. One area where I have found myself weeping forward more than once is in the area of relationships where I was sure would lead to marriage to a godly man which the Lord decided it was not to be. (Incidentally, this has also been an area at another time of weeping backwards and allowing bitterness in my heart towards the Lord for a time).

    3. Lord, Where On Earth is My “Boaz”? (with this subtitle), Do You Mind Guiding Me His Field Soon, Pretty Please? 🙂

    4. Practically speaking, I weep forward by first of all acknowledging my pain before Lord and pouring out my heart to Him. Then I take Him at His word that He works everything out for His glory and for my good, cling to Him, and move on.

    P.S. Just want to let you sisters know that I pray for you when I read a request even though I don’t always say so. Also, Rebecca, Kelli, and Stephanie, know that I am praying for you as promised.

    • 228.1
      Eposi says:

      Just wanted to point out that my subtitle is missing a “To” before the “His”.

    • 228.2
      rene sandifer says:

      Saw your post and wanted to be so bold as to ask you to pray for my daughter…before she jumps in here to begin the study. I spoke with her last night (lives in a different state) and told her how good it was…that we could do it together long distance.She said she would like to do this study, too.She does not like to share; I absolutely do enough for the both of us.I thought you might understand…her fiance broke off their engagement 3 weeks before the wedding this Jan.. they met in ministry, and he pursued her for 3 years.She is doing well considering everything. Most of her friends are getting married, and moving on with thier careers. She wants to do whatever God’s purpose is,and I KNOW she is trying to weep forward (emphasis still on the weep). Few can understand the depths of this grief, knowing God allowed it.
      I appologize for being so forward.I hope I have not bothered you with this. I just know from your post, you might really understand?! I covet your prayers.
      Thank you, rene

      • Eposi says:

        Oh Rene, I cannot even pretend to understand what your precious daughter is going through since my relationships never went as far as engagement. And three weeks before the wedding??? I would be devastated. How painful! I am so on my knees on her behalf. You have not “bothered” me in the least bit with this request, sis. It is an absolute privilege for me to pray for her (and for you as you minister to her). Please let her know that someone is praying for her often (even though I understamd only a fraction of her pain). And I know she knows this, that better yet her Savior who understands her pain FULLY is interceding for her. Yes, even though He allowed it.

        Btw, I always enjoy your comments. You have such wisdom, and your love for the Lord is SO obvious.


        • rene sandifer says:

          Your words of encouragement and understanding are a drink to my thirsty soul. I was so wanting a “blogger’s remorse” button just after I posted. But love for a child will drive you to throw bounderies to the wind!!
          You are right that she was devasted and every other grief word that goes along. As you pray, just FYI, God has chosen to ‘send’ her home here to Kansas (from Austin) where she has NEVER lived in a few weeks for at least 6 mon. She will prepare to apply for P.A. school and get ‘back on track’.(ironically, she would have been living in Houston by now) The first part of Ruth alone is somewhat paralleling her life and I fully expect that God WILL be talking to her!!
          As I pray for Hannah, I will be praying for you, as well.I am certain the Lord entangles hearts of like seasons for a reason!
          And , Eposi, you about did me in when you called me sis and used the the word wisdom in the same note. I will be your friend forever!!
          xoxo, rene : )

          • Eposi says:

            Rene, I am so happy that you could not hit the “blogger’s remorse” button because I would have missed out on a forever friend! I am also glad to have a name for whom I have been mentioning to the Lord as “Rene’s daughter”. I will continue praying for Hannah’s healing and transition. And for you too as you walk alongside her. I can only imagine how hard it has been for you to see your girl hurting. Thanks for your prayers for me. I truly value them.
            xoxo, Eposi

  29. 229
    Marcia says:

    1. the curses of worry, fear, lack of trust…God has turned into blessing what I have let go and given to Him. And my faith has increased.

    2. weeping forward right now in this season of seeing my first-born off to college, she is ready and has become such a wonderful young woman…also weeping forward while my place of employment works through the possibly of having to close its’ doors. I know God is right in front of my face! And He is leading me gently through all of this.

    3. Where in the World Am I Going, and Who Will I Be When I Get There?

    4. “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” Trusting God and having faith to know that He will be with me through the trials is the only way I will come out singing His praises. I pray that my eyes will see what he wants me to see and learn.

    Please pray for my place of employment and that God would give us clear direction! Thank you!

  30. 230
    Jennifer says:

    Hello, I’m not sure which one in your group is going through infertility, but I have been on that road for 10 years. Here is a prayer and a hug for you, hang in there and try to look at other positive things in your life that others may not have. One of mine is intimacy with my husband of 17 years, he is my best friend, husband and soul mate.

  31. 231
    katie says:

    Sherrill, NY

    I am loving this study! It is my first Kelly Minter and won’t be my last!

    Difficulties in our marriage lead to incredible soul searching and recommitting ourselves and our marriage to Christ. On a daily basis our living God saves me and my man from our personal pits and turned an average marriage (something we weren’t willing to settle for) into an ever changing, evolving, incredible marriage!

    For Nine years my husband and I prayed for balance to our marriage and lives. We clung to Romans 5: 3-8 as a life line, and wept many tears looking forward to a “season” of balance. God delivered us at the perfect time. Our response to Him: Whining- like the Israelites as they ate manna! We expected the change to be easy! We wanted the change to bring comfort! It was NEITHER. We felt as though we jumped from the frying pan into the fire! Thankfully we had enough sense to drop to our knees, ask for forgiveness, and PRAISE Him for all He has done and all He will do, before He smitted us on the spot!

    Child, when will you learn to trust me COMPLETELY?!

    Looking back and a year into our “deliverance” we continue to remain on our hands and knees in thanksgiving for all He has provided. I NEVER thought my man and I would roll out of bed at 5:30 am (I am a night owl and require a GOOD 8 hours of sleep) sip our coffee, do a morning devotional and pray….! It truly is a GOD thing!!! Thank you JESUS!

  32. 232
    kim says:

    I was struck with the fact that Boaz offered Ruth not only food and safety but water to drink because her hard work was recognized.I greeted our ladies with a beautiful pitcher of citris water to begin our discussion of Chapters 1&2.
    We enjoyed a lively discussion and shared tears and laughter in our short time together.
    The highlight for me was a call I received from one of the young moms saying that she was so motivated by Ruth’s example of hard work she cleaned her house from top to bottom as an offering to the Lord.

  33. 233
    April says:

    Oak Ridge, Tennessee (solo)
    1. My family has a generational marriage curse that Satan daily reminds of. Praise the Lord that He is daily breaking the chains in me that have bound my family for years. He reveals to me the lies that have plagued for generations. God’s idea of marriage works! We have just celebrated our 16th year of marriage. His grace is sufficient. I am so thankful for authors such as Gary Thomas and his book, Sacred Marriage, that also points me to God’s design in marriage as revealed in Scripture. “Marriage is not to make me happy but to make me HOLY!!!” Marriage does make me happy much of the time, but God uses marriage to make me more like JESUS!
    2. God called my husband and I into a season of weeping forward when less than 6 months after our infant son passed away, He called us to plant a church??? What in the world? We still weep as we sow seeds in His name, but we do not weep as those who have no hope!!! Praise His HOLY name.
    3. “Just Enough Rain To Make a Beautiful Rainbow”
    4. Oh! This is so good. To me, the harvest is so there. If you are sowing seeds for the Lord during times of joy, when times of sorrow and pain come, AND THEY WILL, those seeds that you have sown are sometimes ready for the harvest. Those people are waiting to see the reality of God and who He really is. And boy howdy, can they ever see who HE is when His grace is ALL you have. One of my husbands very favorite verses is “Be ready in season and out of season to give an account for the hope that is within you.” My hubby’s translation, “Be ready when you feel like and even when you don’t to give the reason for the hope that radiates from your life!”

  34. 234
    Cathy says:

    Solo in Lincoln, Nebraska
    1. Satan has worked in my family big time over the years, trying to divide us with horrible revelations about family members. It’s been amazing to see how God is working, because throughout the past and present turmoil, among other blessings, I have had the opportunity to get to know one of my cousins and this would have not happened otherwise.
    2. I think weeping backward means to grieve and not let go, and weeping forward signifies grieving but moving on.
    3. “Don’t Slip on the Onion Peels” — because (#1)I like to cook, and then (#2) because while God continues to “peel” back layers of myself and reveal them to me, I sometimes get caught up in the mess.
    4. I think we can sow in your weeping by trusting that God wants to do us good and that His plan for us will be the right one.

  35. 235
    Beth says:

    I love y’all so much.

  36. 236
    Madge Williams says:

    We are a group of 7 women meeting for dinner and study at my home in Marietta Ga. We ate pasta, but not Kellys recipe, we had lasagna, salad, fruit, bread, assorted desserts…we know how to eat,

    A big thanks to LPM for quickly helping me find the DVD from Psalms of Ascent that had the Psalm 126 song and Beth reading it. We set up the DVD to start where Beth started reading and watched through the powerful song. We ARE filled with joy.

    We had great discussion about weeping forward and/or backward. One lady shared about her husband losing his job when she had one young child and at the same time her dad had cancer and fought a battle to death. She looks back and sees God’s hand to have her husband home while she ministered to her dad and mom. If he’d been working she couldn’t have spent the time helping. Plus he got to be mr mom for a season!

    Too many great stories of his mighty grace, it has really brought new friendship and community to our neighborhood.

    Yay for siesta summer bible study!

  37. 237
    Katie says:

    Group of 5 (maybe 6 by the next meeting) in Lubbock, TX.
    1. Our group all shared great stories of how God turned situations around in each of our lives at certain points. These were each so unique yet the ways that satan attempted to highjack them were so similar it was scary. We ALL now look back on the HUGE blessings we have because we trusted in our LORD to fulfill His promises.
    2. Weeping forward, this was honestly a continuation of the previous question/ discussion point. We each truly believe that weeping forward is a part of God’s healing/sanctification process for His children 🙂
    3. Our titles are, “Seriously???!!!”, “How many arms do you think I’m supposed to have?”, & “And this to shall pass!!???…”
    4.We have all been sowing in weeping at different points in life therefore we ALL relate to Ruth & Naomi and each of us look forward to the next opportunity God gives us to “weep forward” in His will! “PUT ME IN COACH!”, is our motto!

  38. 238
    Summer says:

    Fuquay Varina, NC
    Small group of four that met at my house.

    1. A wanted to go to college several years ago right out of high school, but had to have back surgery instead. Very painful and took a while to heal. She’d wondered what God was doing, but A said looking back, she may have gotten into trouble and probably wouldn’t have married the man she’s with now. She’s also serving as a youth leader in our church too!
    – My hubby is a firefighter and is away several nights a week to work his shift. Satan tries to use loneliness, being overwhelmed and part time single parenting as a curse for a “Woe is me” kind of attitude and tempt me to stay isolated. (I’m also a ‘fraidy cat, so get scared when we’re at home at night w/out my man.) I try to take the girls to see daddy at the station and stay active with friends/family and church. God is teaching me to rely on Him and come to Him anytime, especially when lonely and overwhelmed. Learning to find strength and everything I need in Him.
    – R struggled with having a baby that had a tumor and seeing him fight to live his first year of life. She was told that he wouldn’t live to be a year old and she would cry and ask God “Why?” But she went to her room in the hospital and read her Bible and God gave her this verse Phil 4:11 Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content. God taught her to have faith in Him and now her boy is 18 years old. :o)
    – H was glad God used a difficult situation for good when she was a kid. After moving to NC as a child, she was a little distraught about leaving all she’d ever known, but as she grew up, realized that some of the friends from back home she missed had made some bad choices and God really spared her from a lot of heartache. He’s always got our backs!

    2. Weeping forward to us was moving forward with God, even though there is pain and hurt. It is relying on Him, not being bitter but choosing to trust in God.

    3. Our book titles:
    “Empty nester or not???”
    “Who’s in charge?” (reflecting a parent/child relationship and rel. w/ God)
    “Are you listening?” (parent/child relationship and also obedience to God)
    “Where am I and where do I need to be?”

    4. Sowing in weeping is trusting God in something when you don’t know what the outcome is or what He’s requiring of you. Worship, submission, prayer, keeping faith, relying on Him.

    We had an excellent time! We made the pasta and flatbread recipes from the book and they were incredible!! Discussion was so good…there were so many things that touched our hearts. Our group went til about 10:30pm! What a great night… :o)

  39. 239
    Camdenton says:

    Our group of 6 was only 3 last evening. We had a wonderful time. We enjoyed a meal of chicken enchiladas from page 32. The discussion was good. On discussion pt. 2 we came up with many ways we have wept forward and backward. One said the season in which she is in is weeping forward.

    Novel titles were fun, one was “How can I be a good mother to my adult children without becoming my Mother”. Another was “What did I do to diserve this?

    We found alot of common ground between questions 2 and 4. As we go through lifes trials, we should be sowing and weeping. We also discussed that we should weep with others going through trials we may have already been through.

    Thank you Beth for leading us in this summer siesta.

    The Gals from Camdenton, MO.

  40. 240
    Fran says:

    Fran in Jackson TN

    Hi siestas!!

    I’m a little late, but I’ve had this study on my mind all day as we have been traveling for vacation. The part that sticks out the most for me is the weeping forward part.

    I had to learn how to weep forward last year. Like so many of us, I know how to weep backwards, but weeping forward happened for the first time about a year ago.

    God was calling me away from something that I loved and breathed and would have died for. I had to obey. Honestly, it was awful. I hated it. But I love Him more.
    Its what had to be done.

    I mourned and sobbed and stomped my feet but now I see why we endured all that. I’m coming out of the wilderness thanks to Ruth and Priscilla’s One in a Million study.

    I see part of His plan and I’m ok with the mourning and weeping now. I’m still trying to sow too.

    Life is just plain hard sometimes but we will get through every last yucky part with Him. Praying for all of us!!


  41. 241
    Casimir Zigulis says:

    Dear Beth Moore,
    After Reading this portion of Scripture I think that God Has Changed me completely and I love this verse in Verse 4 says: they have not come to meet you with Bread and Water and they hired other disciple out of Egypt and Hope that Casimir Has explain it Correctly in this Chapter.
    Thank You For Letting Me Share this Bible Study with You Beth Moore.
    God Bless,
    Casimir Zigulis

  42. 242
    Gayla says:

    1 and 2. Love the idea that God can do this. Love it more that he would WANT to. My areas of “curse” are my divorce(s) and my weight, my finances and my arthritis, and lastly in my necessity to live with my elderly mother as her caretaker when I so loved my own home… Specifics on these have crippled my ability to claim my “beautiful inheritance” for years, but this study and Ruth’s similarity of weeping forward… I so get it! Praise the Lord! I have left my homeland and am weeping forward as I see it now. “Mara” (Mama) and I have some living to do even though she has lost her Emilech after 57 years.

    3. Will We Make It Through This, Sweet Jesus?

    That’s the name of my book. Has been for my entire life… one scrape/difficulty/challenge/disappointment/mixed blessing/exciting time after another….

    4. I can sow in my reaping with my Mom. I can be supportive with my students and son and his family. I can be happy in the Lord and let them see that indeed God is abundantly the Giving type of God…
    Dear Lord, I ask for your help and I thank you for your love and abounding grace… for a wonderful family, extra special friends, a lovely life…. and for Kelly Minter and my Beth.

  43. 243
    Becky says:

    Atlanta, GA Solo
    1. Satan could use my family history of racism and anger to destroy me. Also just my past regrets.
    2. What’s so challenging to me about weeping forward isn’t the physical steps to be taken but the mental ones. I may be taking several physical steps forward but my mind is going backwards.
    3. Am I smart enough to be a CPA? Is he the one Lord?
    4. One way to sow in our weeping is to reach out to others who are experiencing the same pain. We can help others heal while healing ourselves.

  44. 244
    Amy Storms says:

    From two siestas in southern California…

    1. We need God to redeem a divorce (and the children involved), and a mother-daughter relationship.

    2. Weeping forward is about choosing to obey God, believe God, and praise God even in hardship.

    3. Our books: “How Long Before You Stop Worrying and Start Trusting in His Perfect Will For You?” and “When Will You Step Out in Obedient Faith?”

    4. Sowing in tears means obeying faithfully…moving forward in the direction God wills for us…even in the midst of sorrow.

  45. 245
    Erin says:

    Eau Claire, Wisconsin
    Four mommies

    Three of us met today and sat on my deck while the kids ran through the sprinkler. We had wonderful discussion and yummy snacks! We spent some time going back through the study and sharing things we wrote in margins or underlined. We also discussed the points Beth had for us. I’m so thankful for these women and for this study. 🙂

  46. 246
    Delta Dawn says:

    Solo in Dallas, GA

    1 & 2 are interrelated: We went where we thought we were being led, wound up being more like Egypt than the Promise Land, but like the Israelites, He led us out with blessings. Hard not to feel like time was wasted for our children though. We’ve not lived long enough to see that redeemed yet. I’m weeping forward for me and backward for them. I’m trusting Him to redeem that time for them.

    3. Why does God confuse me with blessings even in my disobedience?

    Naomi was blessed with Ruth even though she and her husband were disobedient in going to Moab. I too have received blessings despite not being completely obedient.

    4. By staying in the Word and trusting Him to redeem our mistakes. Praise Him for that! I would be paralyzed otherwise.

  47. 247
    MimiSix says:

    Decatur,Al Solo
    I really did some thinking here.
    1. satan tries to curse me by trying to convince me that I am no good, that my testimony is not good enough. I should not bother to witness and talk about God all I am going to do is come across as a hypocrite. Well he has made MAD now by just seeing what I wrote about myself.Look out now satan I am praying Deuteronomt 23:3-6 on you! I am looking forward for God to bring one of my son’s and his family back to him and for them to be on fire for God. I want my grandchildren from an early age to know God forever. Iwill not shut up about you God.

    2. Weeping forward-No matter what the situation I will keep the faith and trust in God that He will previal.

    3. God are you listening?

    4. By sowing in my weeping I will choose to take action and keep sowing! I know some time in my weeping I become so real and open to God. Even listening to Him seems louder. I believe sowing for God will not come back void.

  48. 248
    sisterlynn says:

    I am not doing the study but I just had to post because its my birthday today and part of my joy has been reading the comments to this post.

    I LOVE the books titles… you gals are creative.
    For me in this season the book would be

    You want me to go where?

    Love to all in Siestaville!!! I love this place
    sister Lynn

    • 248.1
      God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

      Happy Belated birthday, Sister Lynn!

    • 248.2
      Eposi says:

      Happy Belated Birthday to you, sister Lynn!!!! God’s richest blessings to you in this new year He has granted you on earth!

  49. 249
    doo-dah says:

    Going solo; Poplar Bluff, MO

    This study of Ruth has truly been a blessing to me. Some days it seems as if Kelly is looking at my life and speaking directly to me. Isn’t is neat how God works!!

    1) My mother died when I was in my 20’s and newly married, two months and one day later my mother-in-law died; then my husband lost his job. Needless to say, it was a rough year for my husband and I, but God turned the curse into a blessing by allowing the situations to strenghtened our marriage.

    2) I am currently in a season of weeping forward. I am in a difficult role, but even through the tears I am choosing to depend on God and praise Him.

    3) When will this season of my life be over?

    4) I think you can sow in your weeping by letting God use the sorrow for HIS good.

  50. 250
    Michelle says:

    Columbus,OH- solo

    1. An example of Satan’s curse was an eating disorder that threatened to destroy me and family relationships. Childhood victimization threatened to consume me with shame and guilt. I was afraid to be seen and heard. But in God’s great mercy and grace, I have been set free. His blessing is that He has restored once fractured family relationships, and He has given me compassion and a passion to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

    2. “Weeping forward” for me is to trust God and keep my heart open to him. I allow myself to cry in His arms rather than hide or withdraw from Him. To believe that God is still good and in control. He sees every tear that falls. He promises to use my painful experience for good…I continue to abide in Him and trust Him.

    3. How long, O LORD?

    4. Through much prayer and perseverance. Not giving up. Believing that God is at work “behind the scenes” when I cannot see what He is doing in this moment or season. Prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective, and when we do not give up in doing good, we will reap a harvest!

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