Home From California!

Hey, my dear Siestas!

I hope you are well and blessed in an acute awareness of the presence of Jesus with you this Lord’s Day. Hawk and I are sitting on the plane heading back to Houston from Orange County, California. I am writing to you from an altitude of about 30,000 feet and there is nothing but a carpet of cottony clouds as far as I can see outside my window. The pilot just came on the speaker to tell us that we have thunderstorms ahead and that it could really be bumpy for the next 20 minutes (the mere suggestion to keep our seatbelts fastened always makes me suddenly die to go to the lavatory) so if I have a sudden lapse in my spelling or judgment, perhaps you’ll kindly attribute it to turbulence.

We’ve had such a great time this weekend with the people we were graced to serve. Our Living Proof Live was in a church this time – Mariner’s Church – and we were so incredibly happy to be back in a house God frequents. They were so kind to us. The sanctuary is very close to the size of mine back home (theirs around 3200, ours ever so slightly larger) so it was a size that feels homey to me. (I know that’s so odd for you guys that have never attended a mega church. It’s not what I would have chosen for myself years ago either but it was God’s will and, this many years later, a joy.) I told this group first thing that it’s always a relief not to feel like we have to get to that city arena as fast as we possibly can and ask God to sanctify it from God-only-knows-what-was-in-it-last. I say that with a smile and not with self-piety as I really do know that we, too, along with every environment of every gathering, can only be sanctified and prepared by God. We’re not one bit worthier of His gracious presence without Him making us so. In fact, I’m fairly certain from the Gospels that He’s more grossed out by a gathering of sanctimonious, self-righteous, proud Christians who presume He’s there than He is by a group that desperately needs Him there. He’s funny that way. I’m not saying He always attends the latter’s gathering, especially if it’s downright sacrilegious, but that He might be apt to zoom there a little quicker if asked.

I love the team I get to work with so much. You surely know after all this time and all these mentions that I love Travis Cottrell (if you want to say the last name right, put the accent on the first syllable) I guess as much as I would if I’d had him (really young). I hate for him to even read that because he gives me such a hard time. Then again, he doesn’t really like to read anything much longer than a tweet (Oh, it made me so happy to say that. It will temper the nice thing I said about him) so there is every possibility he’ll never make it far enough into this post to hear me say publically that I love him. But I do. I also love the rest of the praise team. Generally speaking, they are not as much a part of my life away from the events as the Cottrells but many of us have been together a number of years and we’re close. This weekend in Irvine, we really missed our buddy Seth (who is working on his masters and had a school thing he had to attend). If you’ve ever been to one of the other LPL’s, he’s the other male vocalist on the praise team and so much cooler than the rest of us that we can only stand back slack-jawed over his coolness. I’m smiling because I know he’s going to hate that I said that. He’s not trying to be cool. He just honestly can’t help it.  In his absence, however, we got to have Daniel, a worship leader at another great California church and another of Travis’s really good friends (he’s got a million in case any of us regulars turn against him). We loved him! (Daniel is who I’m talking about now. Try not to lag behind here.)

Now, if we could only get both Seth and Daniel up there at once, it would be almost more than the rest of us could bear. They’re both incredibly gifted. I’m so crazy about the women on the praise team: Lici (to help you picture who’s who, she’s the one who knocks it out on that lead in Travis’s version of “Victory in Jesus” and the one with the darkest tan unless I’m trying a new Sunless and it’s gone awry, which does unfortunately happen from time to time) and Julie (“Revelation Song “ and “How He Loves”) and Angela (oh, good grief, she leads on more than I can list but for a few, “Mercy Seat” and “El Shaddai”).  I am no less crazy about the guys. Besides the ones I’ve already mentioned, there are both Kevins (one on bass and one on the drums) and Alexis (who is Angela’s man and who plays the keyboard with such glad worship that I almost can’t take my eyes off of him, especially if he’s playing while she sings) and then there’s Wes.

I have to stop for a moment and smile about Wes. I love him so much. He’s one of our shier ones so you can imagine what a hard time everybody gives him. This weekend I nearly busted out laughing during the last segment of praise and worship (when it was really upbeat or I wouldn’t have felt the freedom to be laughy) and the camera got right in his face and he turned his (hair-free) head the other direction so they couldn’t capture his expression. You know how guitar players sometimes have to make certain faces to play really well? (I do it myself when I’m playing air guitar at home in front of the bathroom mirror.) He preferred not to be caught with one of those. And I understand and not just from playing the air guitar. From speaking and getting my picture taken or video frozen in the least possible flattery. But I don’t want to talk about it. And don’t you think for one minute I haven’t seen y’all talking about it in your comments to the video greetings so I know for a fact y’all make fun of me, too. Your very own Siesta Mama! Honestly, is there no dignity to be had around here???


OK, well, we’re about to begin our initial descent into the Houston area so I’m going to have to close and put my seat back and tray table into their upright and locked positions. For Heaven’s sake, I meant to get on here and say something of value. Instead I have just invited you into the mindless musings of my bleached blond head. I’ve bored you to sobs. I’m sorry. But I really have good highlights right now.

The real reason I started telling you about the weekend and everybody on the team is because I’m just in a really grateful mood. I even got to stay after the event with a dear friend of mine and go watch her 11 year-old daughter play basketball at the YMCA. All these things together in one weekend was almost more  joy than I could stand. I texted a picture of the game and scoreboard (we won) to AJ and Melissa and they both texted back with, “You are in your element, Mom!”

My heart is mush before the Lord right now. He has again answered the most important petition I ever place before Him: that He’d cause me to love Him and to love His Word and, secondarily (and scarily), to put me in whatever circumstances are best suited to set me up for those things. I say this just for today as I could wake up tomorrow and feel stale and stressed and numb and maybe even a tad ticked and not even sure at whom. I have no guarantees for tomorrow where my fickle emotions are concerned. We learned this weekend, however, not to worry about tomorrow so I can thank God with all my heart that this present day I feel love toward the One who loves me first.

From Charles Spurgeon this morning: Seek, O believer, that every good thing you have may be an abiding thing. May your character not be a writing upon the sand, but an inscription upon the rock!

Please, Abba Father.

PS. As only God could possibly have timed (perhaps He’s getting back at them for making fun of me), when I landed, I received a text with this picture of three of the guys from our praise team dressed to go…well, I guess, snorkeling. (They’re still in California.) I pray this is not their new singing ensemble but it does not look that unlike some of their other suits. Oh, that Trav would have been in this picture too!!

Kevin (drums), Kevin (bass) and, yes, my dear Wes.

I am so happy right now.


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  1. 151
    Denise P. says:

    Hey Beth,
    I just have to say that I enjoy your blog soooo much! I’ve taken many of your studies and they continue to bless me. Currently I am doing “Anointed, Transformed and Redeemed the study of David” from your Deeper still conference (love it!!!). Do you or any fellow bloggers have any advice for me? I am currently married and my husband is not saved (I just got saved 4 years ago). Our marriage is extremely difficult to say the least and the enemy is working overtime in my life. Other than loving him like Christ would, what more can I do? I feel like I am at my wits end….

    • 151.1
      Gracefree says:

      Dearest Denise, Though my husband believes Jesus died for his sins, that’s all he wants for now. Jesus can pretty much stay out of the rest of his life. Not me! I strive every moment to surrender more and take up more abundantly my One and Only. So you see we are fairly distant spiritually.
      Two things keep me going. First, Jesus is my REAL husband. He is my true lover, protector, comforter, ear to listen, shoulder to cry on etc, etc. Anything my soul longs for in a husband Jesus is IT. Read Isaiah 54. And Song of Solomon. Yes, I struggle to reconcile the flesh and blood man who definitely loves me and tries his best, humanly speaking, with what I have with Jesus. Still working on this.
      Second, I pray for him. I have Stormie Omartian’s Power of a Praying Wife. It is a devotion book, every morning I read one prayer. Yes, it takes years and years. Patience is the key. Jesus is good at supplying this! And God answers! Oh does He ever! We are not in the same place we were even 6 months ago.
      I get jealous when I see Godly husbands but this is the journey He chose for me and I am definitely closer to Him for it.
      A group of praying men and women are essential. Humility, kindness….With all my love and prayers,

    • 151.2
      knownbyHim says:

      Hi Denise P.,

      Be at rest. Know that your Heavenly Father is the ONLY ONE that can draw your husband to the Lord Jesus Christ.
      He will do it. It is all His work.

      Just BE. Live and love.

      In Him we move, breathe and have our BEING.

      May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ BLESS YOU TODAY with peace and rest.

      Yours IN Christ….

    • 151.3
      Hilary says:

      I know exactly where you are at right now. My husband and I just came out the other side of a very, very difficult time in our marriage. I was sure we were headed for divorce. We started going to church as a last ditch effort to save our marriage… I fell right into the hands of God and have not looked back, finding in Him the perfect love I had not found in marriage. My husband, after a time of even more intense difficulty than before I recommited my life to Christ, just reaffirmed his faith two weeks ago! He is very much a changed man, and I am very much a changed woman. Praise be to God and God alone!

      I told God several months ago that I didn’t think He changed peoples hearts that fast, and He basically said to me “You don’t, huh? Well I’ll show you!” and He did. In a big way.

      But I will tell you it got worse before it got better, as our enemy fought hard to keep us chained to him. Yet God is our victor!

      Passages that really ministered to me while I was living as a believer before my husband made the choice to also believe –

      1 Corinthians 7
      1 Peter 3

      I can testify that the Word of God is truth and that it works!!! God CAN save unsaved husbands – if He did it with mine, He can do it with yours! Stand strong in the promise of His word, dear sister. He will bring peace and great joy to you, even in the midst of difficult and trying relationships.

      If you want to talk further, email me. 🙂 hilliebee19 at hotmail dot com.


    • 151.4
      Shari says:

      Luke 18:1 Keep on praying, never give up!

  2. 152
    Traci Rivard says:

    Hi Beth…this is random, but I just finished watching the video (I know, a little late).I noticed you had to juggle the book when trying to find the page, or keep the page open. I wanted to pass along a tip for all the girls out there doing the bible study….you can take your book to a staples or office max and have them bind it. That way it’s easier to handle and write on. Someone told me that and now I do it for all my bible studies! Thanks again for being SO cool and a terrific role model to follow Jesus!

  3. 153
    Kristi says:

    I’m SO MORE THAN BLESSED by ALL the people in my life! I’m just about
    to cry! I’m OVERWHELMED! Also, YOU are NEVER boring! FUNNY, but NEVER BORING!
    You and I are SO MUCH alike, I TOTALLY understood why you put that there! You’re
    silly to think that though

  4. 154
    Chelle' says:

    I attended LPL in Pittsburgh last June. The very day Kevin (the first Kevin in the picture) proposed to his dear sweet beautiful fiance (now wife).

    Worship with that crew was amazing.

    The same group led us into the presence of God at Deeper Still Orlando last September. An artist also joined in the worship while Travis led- In Christ Alone/Solid Rock. When the artist revealed his workmanship (Christ’s hand with a sprouting plant in the palm) Travis sang the words, “No power of hell, no scheme of man, Can ever pluck me from His hand. Til He returns or calls me home, Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand”

    It changed me. Both conferences changed me. Jesus through your ministry and Travis/worship band’s ministry changed me.

  5. 155
    Judy Lynn says:

    Hi Denise!

    My husband is also not saved, but is very supportive of my faith (he used to be a Christian when he was in his 20’s and tells me that he “tried to believe”.) I go to a Monday night BM (Revelations) study and my small group is on Wed nights and I go to church on Sat or Sun and do my Bible study homework on the weekend mornings. He knows I am most at peace when I am doing my studies and will even have conversations about what I am studying. I try to be an example for him and when I do or say something that isn’t in line with Gods word, he doesn’t hesitate to say “that wasn’t very Christian like”. I say it to myself usually before he says it out loud. So you see, people watch us. I keep him on every prayer list I can find and pray for him every morning, so I know it is only a matter of Gods timing before his conversion. It will be a glorious day. Ours may be an unusual situation because he is so supportive of anything I do, and he knows that whenever Beth comes to CA…my daughter and I are going. I will pray for him each day as I pray for my husband. Its alot easier to not be a Christian than to be one! Most people want to do what they want and when they want! Be patient…as Beth said this weekend, no prayers go unanswered!!!!

  6. 156
    Kevin Perry says:

    As one of the Kevin’s in the picture…I’d like to provide a little context.

    The process of actually putting on those wetsuits was the true story. It felt like what i imagine a big tube of toothpaste feels being squeezed from bottom to top. And it perhaps gave us a new appreciation of panty hose….if said panty hose were manufactured by Goodyear and were 2 sizes too small. All 3 of use initially had them on completely backwards….one of us (who shall go unnamed) put his legs in the sleeves. By the time we finally suited up, the only way we could cope with our battered egos (and lightheadedness from circulation being cut off) was to pose as superheroes.

    With our ‘Super-Wetsuits-of-Humility’ finally on, we attempted to surf. I can’t begin to explain how cold the water was. I tell you this: if that water was not moving, there would be a solid block of ice on the coast of San Diego. Add fruit of your choice and you have the worlds largest Paleta.

    It was a great weekend….love ya Mrs. Beth!

    Kevin (technically the guitar player, but as one humbled by the above photo, I can’t be too picky)

  7. 157
    Miranda says:

    Hahaha!!! That’s so awesome. My friends and I are the same way. We’re always making fun of each other’s poses in pictures. Good times, good times.

    Too, I work in television and everyone says you have to have a “neutral” accent. Well, I’m from Southern Georgia, so my accent is anything but neutral…so I get made fun of a lot for that at work. It’s all in good fun though! Love it. Haha!

  8. 158
    Katie says:

    Hey Siestas
    I know this is out of context, but please pray for my niece who tried to take her life this evening. Thank you so much.

  9. 159
    Yanna says:

    Siestas, can anyone recommend a Bible Study for my 17yr old son and his few friends that are meeting weekly? Right now they are studying on their own (just reading from the Bible and discussions which is good/no adult and all this is their idea) in addition to structured church type classes. My son is a baptized follower, one young man is a new convert and the other is still searching. I love Beth and Kelly’s format and know they would learn from them, but I think a “guy” study would be more appealing if I knew one to offer. Of course I love they have committed to their own study, but I know how much I have learned from Beth’s and Kelly’s homework and lesson format. Beth, anyone, any suggestions? In addition, Beth and Kelly nothing gives me greater joy when they are here just hanging out by the computer and I am in one of my studies (Ruth and Fruit of the Spirit) and they will stop and want to hear what I’ve just discovered as I exclaim ahh ha!

    • 159.1
      Pamela says:

      Oh Yes! Try Mark Batterson’s studies: In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day and Wild Goose Chase. Perfect for older teens. We used it with our youth in Sunday school and they could really relate to it!! Kay Arthurs precept ministry has a lot of good studies we have used in our youth leadership training session.


      Believing Him~Pamela

  10. 160
    Chrystie says:

    Oh, I so love that quote from Spurgeon! Thank you for sharing it with us. And the guy on the far right in the picture absolutely cracks me up. He looks like the olf super hero Aqua Man!

  11. 161
    Ramona of OC says:

    I had the fortunate blessing of attending the Irvine event. I attended with my 21 yr old daughter, Heather and a few other women friends from our church. Everything about the event was heaven sent…from the location, to the worship, the teaching, the fellowship before and after…Thank you Abba Father…You knew exactly what I needed and You more than provided…as only You can do, and always do.
    Beth…we all feel like we know you. We were so hoping we would run in to you and ask you to join us for some Mexican food! Perhaps another time…
    I also had the privilege of meeting Mr. Travis…my all time favorite worship leader. Truly! Such a humble and personable man. This worship team the Lord has put together here is phenomenal…our Abba Father blessed this team with tremedous talent and we are in awe of having these precious moments to worship in such a way that makes our Spirit explode with exuberant love and joy like nothing else.
    Look forward to seeing ya’ll again…Until then…
    Hugs & blessings to you all!

  12. 162
    Denise P. says:

    To all of the wonderful women who responded to me- Thank you so much! I am encouraged and would also like to thank you for the scriptures you thought would help me. I have the Power of a praying wife and need to start praying those prayers again. I know that the only one who can draw my husband to Christ is God himself. There is nothing I can do in my flesh that will change his mind. He is a true skeptic and history buff who needs rock solid proof to believe anything. I will continue to stand on God’s word and draw myself closer to Christ who is the true lover of my soul!

    • 162.1
      Hilary says:

      Yes, God is the only one who can draw anyone to Himself, but know that He uses people and circumstances to do that – people like you! Your behavior and your quiet witness to your husband will bear fruit – that’s what 1 Cor. 7 and 1 Peter 3 are all about!

      My husband just told me three nights ago that he is proud of me for finding my answer to my unhappiness – finding what I needed to heal my heart – which is my relationship with Christ. How would he know this was what healed me unless I showed that I am healed? How would he know that Christ is my healer unless I say so? Unless I give God the glory, my husband would just think I was on another self-help kick! (And believe me, I had tried everything from yoga to professional therapy to find my happiness) But THIS time, my husband knew it was all about God, because I gave witness to that in my life, my speech, my behavior, my everything. I did not push it on my husband, I just overflowed with it in my own life, and my husband saw the fruit of it – I didn’t nag him, demand of him, tell him he needed to do things differently or do more things or whatever… stuff that had been major issues between us ceased to be major issues to me as I made Christ my major issue. 🙂 (And, blessedly, I am CHRIST’S major issue! Praise Him for that!!)

      The biggest witness to my husband was my joy – utter, complete joy in my Savior and my salvation. I had always been a very moody and depressed person, and when my husband would do something hurtful (on purpose or not on purpose) my mood was the window to my hurting heart. I am so thankful that God has changed my mood! Early on in my new walk with Christ my husband commented to me that I seemed so happy lately, and he couldn’t figure out why because nothing much had changed. Nothing external had changed at all – he was right! But the change was INTERNAL, which made my external existance not matter to my state of mind. No longer controlled by circumstances – I count it all joy in ANY circumstance! Such freedom!

      NOW, last night my wonderful husband came home from a grueling day at work in the extreme heat and humidity, and said “You know what? Today was a hard day, but I am really in a good mood. I think it’s because I rededicated my heart to Christ. I think it’s because of church. I think it’s because of God!” and I smiled and said “Yeah… God can do that.” 🙂

      Sister, God can do that. Stay faithful to Him. He is the only one who can.

      I love you!


  13. 163

    California Living Proof Live, coolness, Siesta Mama Beth!:) You had a fun time, I can tell:) It made you happy:):) I feel that way too sometimes after certain experiences of sheer happiness, and then the next day or next moment even, all is not well in my soul, and I’m thinking, “Was what I was feeling before even legitimate?” Yes, I think it was. I really liked the Spurgeon quote. Consistency of character, even consistency of mood as a woman! That is our longing as women!:) I’m with ya there. Love for Him and His Word!



  14. 164
    Lydia Glasman says:

    I attended the LPM weekend in Irvine and it has changed my life! I was called by God personally and was blessed to meet Beth. I have accepted the Jesus as my Lord and Savior and it was there that a ton was lifted from my shoulders. God is good all the time!!!!! I haven’t stopped talking about my revelation to all who will listen and even those that won’t!
    I thank God for Stephanie, Marilyn, Myrna, Jenn, Mandy, Susan (of LPM), and Beth Moore, and the other 3,600 beautiful women who were there last weekend to witness my life changing experience! My daily prayer is that the Lord use my mind to learn about Him, my eyes to see Him, my mouth to glorify Him, and my heart to love Him.
    I can’t get enough!!!!

    • 164.1
      Debra says:

      “….there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Luke 15:10

      Rejoicing with the angels over your conversion experience. May you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

  15. 165

    What a brave thing to pray that He put you in circumstances to love Him more and more each day, Beth! I agree that it is scary and requires such a step of faith.

    Thank you for taking the time to be so transparent, and to show us the beatiful journey you are taking with Jesus.

  16. 166
    Laura says:

    Miss Beth, you were such a doll up there on stage on LPL and God gave you a fantastic Word for us. The praise team, as always, rocked the house and made me want my hands to lift on up through the roof. You are all so appreciated by this fellow sojourner in Christ.

  17. 167
    Deirdre says:

    don’t know quite why, but this post makes me want to cry. Happy tears really.

    Such a cute, random post.
    The only way I will ever be able to tell you what you mean to me is to wait for heaven. I will hug you and hand you a cup of perfect coffee as we each take possession of one end of a couch and begin a looooong conversation.

    You bless my heart. May God bless yours.

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