Siesta Summer Bible Study 3: Second Gathering

Hey, my Dear Siestas! It’s time for our second gathering of SSBS3! As promised, below are your written instructions in case you have trouble with the video greeting. REMEMBER, your comments to this post are meant to come AFTER your small group gathering or your solo experience to tell us how your time went. We hope all of you participating will check back in with a comment at some point over the next several days. (One leader checks in per group and each solo participant checks in.) This is part of the accountability process and will immensely help you stay with it through the very last page. As always, please put your city at the beginning of your comment. Thanks so much for joining in!

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Week 2 from LPV on Vimeo.

Your discussions in this gathering will revolve around different points in your homework. Two from Week One. Two from Week Two:

1.    Look back at the middle of page 12 where Kelly had us look up Deuteronomy 23 and Judges 3 to get some background on the Moabites. Read Deuteronomy 23:3-5 together if you’re not watching this as a small group. In your small group, I want you to talk about a few things that have happened in your lives that Satan would love to use to curse you. You can think of it conceptually more than literally if that helps. At the end of class today, I want you to claim that fifth verse together in prayer and believe God to turn those curses into blessings!

2.    Turn to the middle of Week One, to the bottom of p.21 and the top of p.22. I loved Kelly’s discussion about her friend “weeping forward.” What do you think that means? Several of you share a season in your life when you feel like you wept forward and several others might consider sharing a season in your life when you wept backward. Most of us have done both at some point in our lives.

The next two are from Week Two:
3.    OK, Day Two has a portion that is vintage Kelly Minter and one reason why I love her writing so much. Look at the second paragraph on p.42 where she tells about her sister, Megan. If you were writing a novel that was secretly about yourself right now and right in this season and you had to name it in the form of a question, what would it be?

4.    Turn to p.45 and review the part of your homework concerning Psalm 126. Please read the psalm together then discuss your answers to the “Personal Response” question: Practically speaking, how can you sow in your weeping? Don’t miss how much this section has to do with your second discussion question today.

In closing, one of you read the Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote at the end. Let it lead you into prayer and don’t forget to claim those blessings from our first discussion question today!

For all of you participating in the fellowship meal, consider the recipes on pages 62-63 and either do them or some Italian equivalent.

I am so happy to study with you! Stay in the Word and I’ll see you in two more weeks!


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  1. 101
    Dawn says:

    Hello dear siestas 🙂

    We are in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, three women in their 20’s.

    We decided to do the food thing, and I made the enchiladas and mexican ice cream sundaes this week – can I say yum?!

    We had a great discussion in between dinner and dessert and talked about a lot of great things.

    1. Satan would use these things to curse us:
    family history & relationships, other people, guilt, fear

    2. The weeping for us was similar. Two of us had difficult first years of college with homesickness and wanting to quit and one had a summer job in Canada very far away that wanted to come home at first. All three of us wept forward by staying where God had placed us and later couldn’t believe we had ever felt like weeping.

    3. Our novel titles:
    Where do I go from here?
    Why do I have to wait?
    What am I waiting for?

    4. how can you sow in weeping?
    Continue going to God even through the pain, fear, doubt…, be aware of your circumstances when you are weeping – may actually be a blessing, and There’s a season for everything – hopefully look back and see the blessing.

    We think on the same lines in so many things, which has been helpful for us. It’s also been a time to talk about things going on in our lives right now and keep each other in prayer.

    We all love this study and the way Kelly writes – thanks for choosing this study.

  2. 102
    Stephanie says:

    Solo in Maryland

    LOVE this study already and so grateful to Beth Moore & Kelly Minter for doing this Summer study…keeping us girls in the WORD.

    1. Satan would love to curse me with a fear of death. My Mom died of breast cancer 9 years ago. She was a licenced minister and taught womens bible studies for years at our local Church. I’ve had to learn how to be a Godly Mother without her physical presence in the lives of my 3 children…but her spiritual presence lives on. God reminds me daily of her zeal for His WORD and her character. My Husband survived testicular cancer at age 18 and shortly after his ordeal we got married. We were high school sweethearts. This would be curse from the devil has been flung back in his face through the lives of my 3 healthy kids and my Husband’s powerful testimony and faith in God as his healer. He’s had countless health problems, all random and unrelated, and gets stronger every time! I can speak truth to the 5th verse that it is because the Lord LOVES us…he turns those curses into blessings!

    2. “Weeping forward” means to allow ourselves permission to feel the pain we are in yet forbidding that pain to hinder our relationship with the Lord. I’ve wept forwards, backwards, and right where I was frozen in place and making no progress. If we can allow painful trials to move us to His arms and realize that satan is our enemy—and the cause of the pain we are in—then we will no doubt move forward into His will for our lives.

    3. “Out of the pit, now what?”

    4. The best way to sow in our weeping is to force ourselves to think of someone else in our lives that is struggling in an area and do something to lift their load.

  3. 103
    Michelle says:

    Flying Solo in Arizona

    1. So many times God has changed a blessing into a curse. When my brother passed away almost 8 years ago, I believed in God but was not actively plugged into a church. With a little time and healing God has lead me back to his house and guidance.

    2. Weeping forward to me is when I know that path won’t be easy but I am trusting God to lead the way. After my brother’s death I was not sure of what direction would be best but God lead me through it and back home to a place I swore I would not come home too. Funny how anytime I say never, I think God laughs a little and uses it as a teaching moment.

    3. So many blessing but now what direction? (My life is so blessed but I just feel like I am missing something right now.)

    4. Whenever there is weeping and hardships, God is preparing my heart for something greater than I can imagine.

    Great study so far, looking for meeting up in two weeks.

  4. 104
    Tanya says:

    1.) I absolutely love children. I have been a kindergarten teacher for 5 years and for 10 years previous to that I was a nanny. I have been married for 5 years and for the past 2 years my husband and I have been trying to start a family. I finally got pregnant in January of this year and in February I discovered that the pregnancy was ectopic. I was absolutely devastated. I couldn’t help but think that satan is testing me. I wanted to ask why, but once I realized that I was being tested, rather than turning against God and asking why, I turned toward him and asked why not?

    2.) In the time following my ectopic pregnancy there have been MANY times that I have been able to do nothing but cry. In crying out to God I have been able to weep forward knowing he has a plan and I know that one day I will be holding the child he has hand picked for me. And only God knows whether that child will be of my own flesh and blood or a child who needs a loving home.

    3.) How long must I wait?

    4.) In the months since my experience I have encountered other women who have also experienced loss of pregnancy. I realize that though my experience was horrible, I am able to take it and witness to others through it. God always has a plan and I have to trust that his plan is greater than anything I can imagine. With this attitude I am able to help countless others who believe they are in hopeless situations.

    (Going Solo in Michigan.)

    • 104.1
      Sarah says:

      Am so sorry for you loss. Longing and waiting for a child is one of the hardest things I have ever faced.

      My husband and I did IVF in 2006, after trying for 2 years, and God allowed us to conceive a little boy. In 2009 we had a miscarriage after doing IVF and it was one of the most heart wrenching experiences of my life! God has used this to increase my faith and I now know what “sowing in tears” truly means. He has also opened the door for me to speak with and minister to other women who have suffered the loss of babies before birth and struggled with infertility.

      I pray that God blesses you with a little bundle and hope that you cling to Him until that day comes. He is so faithful!

      • Sarah says:

        I realized how selfish my response was!?! I apologize for making it all about me. My point in sharing was to let you know that you are not alone in your struggles. And I just praise Him that you are seeking Him through it all. He is our hope! Again, I pray that God blesses you exceedingly, abundantly beyond what you can ask or imagine!

  5. 105
    Kristi Brewer says:

    Hey Beth

    Just wanted to let you know that I felt well enough to lead our small group Ruth study! PTL! We met for the first time today so we will be behind, but there are six of us committed to meeting every week. I will be leaving our comments, so our responses will show up later on the blog. Hope that is O.K.

    This is such a great study!

    Love ya!

  6. 106
    Karen Huber says:

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    OK, I told you two weeks ago that the five women meeting at my house were smart! To prove that, one brought up that the curse turned blessing reminded her of the chiastic structure we studied in Esther (4 of us have done Esther). That was a “WOW” moment for us! One who had not done Esther thought she said “kayaking” which made sense when we had defined it as flipping!

    Examples from our group on curses that turned out to be blessings were multiple. Some involved relationships which did not work out at the time and which seemed like a curse, but turned out to be Oh, Such a Blessing! This discussion flowed right into the weeping backward/forward question (It’s almost like Beth knew that would happen in our discussion, huh?!).

    We all agreed that weeping forward seems to be more prevalent as we have aged and matured, both physically and in our faith. One person defined weeping backward as drowning in it, whatever “it” is. We talked a lot about grief and how it seems to involve weeping backward at first, then at some point, it moves (or should move) to weeping forward. We had two examples of Arkansas parents who lost children and who turned it for good (the Morgan Nick Alert and the Thea Foundation) – both excellent examples of weeping forward (and sowing in weeping).

    Some questions we would use as titles for our books included:
    • What Were You Thinking?
    • What Else is Going to Happen to Me?
    • Where Does This Road Lead?
    • You Want Me to Do What?

    It is obvious that we all have uncertainty in our lives, whether to do with relationships, jobs or health. We know we have to focus on the blessing that we know will come from God, either amidst or after our current confusion.

    How do we sow in our weeping? Get up and go and do for others! Focusing on someone else is the best way to pull us out of our sorrow and also sows seeds of love in others, or “the blessing is in the doing.” Ruth was a perfect example of this – she came to Judah as a foreigner and a widow and with plenty to be sorrowful or resentful about, but she gets up and goes to the fields, in order to provide food for Naomi and herself. As one woman said, she “sucked it up and got it done!”

    Another example of sowing in weeping is how we deal with the tough times in our lives – do we whine and moan and even curse God, or do we keep the faith and know that God works all things together for good for them that love the Lord? One member said that at her dad’s funeral, she (an only child) and her mother left the service with big smiles and tears streaming down their faces. Two people commented on their faith example, just from those smiles at a difficult time. For us to realize the joy in our tears and the blessing in our curse – that’s where we all want to be Lord!

    Kelly is new for all of us, but we all agree she is a great Bible Study writer and teacher. We are so enjoying the study and our time together, even though we are not doing the recipes or food (other than a little fresh watermelon tonight). We love that Beth is giving us the discussion questions, which gives us some structure, but leaves lots of room for great sharing. We are all blessed by this summer siesta adventure! Thanks be to God!

    • 106.1
      Karen Huber says:

      It’s a small world. I ran into Thea’s dad (from the Thea Foundation) and although I’d never met him before, I just went up to him and told him we had talked about them in our Bible Study this week! I explained (very quickly) weeping backward and forward and how their example of doing something so good to honor Thea is weeping forward, as I know they are still sad. I told him I had lost my husband last year, so knew a tiny bit about grief and he said grief is grief. He encouraged me to take what I learned from Randy (husband) and do for someone else. He said that’s all they’ve done with the Thea Foundation – take what they learned from her and do it for others. This was a great GRACE encounter for me!

  7. 107
    twinkle says:

    Kelly Minter, if you are reading this…thank you. This study is a blessing to me as I walk through a very difficult time in my life.
    Beth, thank you. I just love you.
    Vangie! You are so beautiful! Your prince is one blessed man to have you as his future soulmate. Praying for a gorgeous wedding and many years of bliss!

    I’m Deborah and I’m solo in middle Georgia.
    Here’s what I discussed with Teddy Bear (I was lonely) as we watched your video…by the way, he’d like a taste of that Bible if y’all don’t mind.

    1. DIVORCE…very painful time in my life. God drew me close and taught me very many TRUTHS. Only the Scarlet Thread of Christ’s Love can mend my heart. I am so dependent on Him to get me through every day. And He is my Hope.

    2. WEEPING BACKWARD…true testimony here.

    I had to leave a very bad marriage…abusive…escaping in my houseshoes and bathrobe. I went through a time of weeping for what I was losing…I didn’t want to give up on the fairy tale ending to our situation. I cried and I cried. One day I felt God tell me, “Remember Lot’s wife.” Luke 17:32. I didn’t even know it was a verse! Let me tell you, the minute I heard the Spirit say that…I never looked back. I kept my eyes on Jesus. I was longingly looking back at evil. Those three words changed my life. Remember Lot’s wife.

    3. Here’s the title to my novel…


    4. Sowing in tears to me means not to give up when I hit the hard times in life. Go ahead and cry but keep believing Him for good. I have remained faithful in my relationship with Christ. I never gave up on Him. I cling to Him more. I’ve been able to minister to others going through their own hard times and testify to God’s immeasurable grace and mercy. I am a work in progress…in fact I must have more to learn because I’m going around that mountain again. But I will not lose hope. I will not let go of my Jesus. My God is a good God and He will turn my suffering into a blessing.

    I wrote this the other day to someone going through cancer tests and it is so true…

    “Accept life not as our reward but as our schooling.”

    I have learned more through the suffering and pain and perseverence Christ has dragged me through than anything else I’ve ever experienced.

    You know the poem “Footprints in the Sand” where God carries us when the times get hard? There’s another poem called “Buttprints in the Sand” where He’s dragged us through the hard times. That’s me. I don’t go willingly through suffering, but He calls me to it and He walks it with me.

    • 107.1
      rene sandifer says:

      You will come forth as gold…I will keep praying for you. You are an inspiration!(butt dragging and all : )
      xoxo rene

      • twinkle says:

        Thank you, Rene. You probably won’t see this but I love your heart. Praying for your daughter. I feel a kindred link to her with all I’m going through. Plan A. I’m sticking with God’s Plan A.

        We really must do lunch sometime!

    • 107.2
      Lauren says:

      butt dragging… too, too funny, but totally true!

  8. 108
    Matia says:

    Knoxville, TN and Fort Worth, TX – meeting by webcam

    1. My sister and I thought of a couple of things from our youth that Satan could have used as a curse for both of us, but God turned them into a blessing – parents’ divorce, step-parent relationships, and high school friendships dissolving. As adults, there are sinful choices we have made in the past that God can redeem and use for good to warn somebody now.

    2. When my sis was going through fertility treatments, she dealt with many things from her past. While pouring out her heart to God for healing, she was “weeping forward,” healing, repenting, and repairing. I think you can be “weeping forward” when you are going through a maturation process in overcoming sin.

    3. Who will set Katie free from her body of death? What now that my longings lie open before you, O Lord?

    4. Words of wisdom from my godly sis – you can sow joy in your sorrow by sowing godly sorrow and reaping repentence then joy.

  9. 109

    Rachel going Solo in Fullerton, CA
    **I’m soooo thrilled by this study. God is absolutely meeting me where I’m at and answering my prayer written in the front of this book. Praise HIM!!**

    1) My father lost his job right after a transfer. I was a freshman in High school and we were about to lose the house my parent had built. God provided jobs for both my parents, in the same company for the same boss. Who happened to love Jesus. I met his son who invited me to his church. I started walking with Jesus there. A year later, my parents were transferred with this new boss back to his home city. We all went to his church. My sister started walking with Jesus and then so did my parents. Later, I married this Boss’s son (who took me to his church where I met Jesus) Now, my family of origin continues to pursue hard after him, even through some CRAZY circumstances these last 17 years!!! Talk about a turn around for the glory of God!! Praise Jesus!

    2) I think I’m trying to weep forward right now. Living in a new place so far from the old, I feel like all I can do is put one foot in front of the other and take it moment by moment, day by day. I know God has a wonderful plan and purpose and ministry here in our new home. But I loved the old one so much. I want to please Him and serve Him. My grieving is, I pray, part of the healing. A year from now, if I’m still weeping the same way, I think it’ll turn from weeping forward to weeping backward. And I sure have wept backward in my life too. No desire to do that this time around.

    3) “When will this month long cold end so I can enjoy what so many people do in Southern California?!?!”

    4) Oh! Sowing in this time of weeping for me means doing Bible study and pressing into Him, serving my new church by baking cookies for their VBS this month, and being a good listener to people around me as I get to know them (praying I’ll reap wise and godly friendships!)

    I am so excited to see pics of that Bridal shower celebration! Vangie, we are so DELIGTED to rejoice with you over this appointed time in your life. How incredible is our God?! May you relish each and every moment the next 23 days! Love you, girl!

  10. 110
    Ruined 4 Him says:

    Solo, Littleton Colorado

    1. My mom died in January; She and her Mom had Alzheimer’s. God used the last 5 years to draw me into His Trust with her finanaces, health issues, nursing home; all of the decisions I had to make. Satan tries to use the disease to give me a spirit of fear but what he doesn’t know is God was blessed and exalted the day she went to be with Him. And, if I end up with it; God will be exalted and blessed.
    2. “weeping forward” means taking what was meant for evil and all of the tears shed over the thing and using it for His glory. 31 years ago I had an abortion and this last year I finally found healing, grace, forgiveness and most precious of all, my child. I now facilitate “Surrendering the Secret” Bible study to help other women find grace, healing, freedom from shame and guilt. That’s weeping forward, for me.
    3. Am I doing this season of rest, right?
    4. Psalm 126 “God was wonderful to us; we are one happy people” (the Message)…that’s how I feel now; He’s been so wonderful and I am one happy person. Father, I love you, too.
    The timing of this study has been all God…I just love His amazing, perfect timing.

    Joni Leahy

  11. 111
    Lauren says:

    Solo in Jackson, Kentucky… This is my first Bible study online and I am loving it… Kelly makes wonderful points, things I had never thought of before!
    1. One thing I can think of that Satan could use as a “curse” to me is some of my former behaviors. I was raised in church but never really committed… I am blessed that I have never really had any “bad” things happen to me, but I’m doing the Revelation Bible Study as well and the church at Ephesus really struck with me…losing their first love. I think my complacency in the past is something that Satan throws up in my face a lot… as in, “Well, you’ve never really been serious about this before… what makes you think you can stick with it now?”
    2. I loved the phrase weeping forward. Going along with my “curse”, in my past I often found myself weeping backward, giving up in the face of adversity. I now see that trials are really growing pains… I love the thought of refining through fire.
    3. “I’m me, but who do You want me to be?”- I’m just now starting to accept me… for so long in my life I made changes to conform to what others wanted from me. I know that I need to seek out God’s purpose, though, so that I fulfill the “me” He wants.
    4. I loved this verse when I completed the Psalms of Ascent study… in fact, in my Bible I have it circled! It is wonderful to know that what man will use to curse us, God will give us a greater blessing… and sometimes it is only through true sorrow that we realize what great joy we really have. God never fails to show us a rainbow through the storm clouds!
    I liked the EBB poem on pg. 51, too… as Kelly says, I want my eyes to be open. Seems like I’ve been trying to pay more attention to the little things… sunshine, rain clouds, the moon… how can a person not believe and trust in God when you look at the awesomeness that He has created?
    Hope I’ve not bored you to tears. Love and prayers to each of you!

  12. 112
    SJ says:

    Solo in South Mississippi! I am loving this study!

    1. Second guessing decisions and judgments is the way Satan tweaks me. In weak moments it is so easy to believe him. It is a choice to turn my back on these whispers from the enemy move on.

    2. Weeping forward is being tenacious when faced with doing something I hadn’t planned or wanted to pursue and following hard after God’s will for me. I have learned that if I follow God’s path for me and his plan that blessings abound and lessons emerge that I can use to minister to others.

    3. My book title at this moment in time: “Lord, I Followed You To This Field Of Service, Why Do I Only Smell Skunks?!” (subtitle: Ministry Sometimes Stinks!)

    4. Like “The Little Engine That Could” sowing while you weep is walking the narrow path strengthened by Christ and moving forward. It is persevering under difficult circumstances and celebrating an impossible victory and knowing that you were the instrument that God used for His glory. Yielding is rarely easy but the blessings you receive are so worth it!

  13. 113
    Joan says:

    Solo in Hudson, FL

    1) My brother lost his first child when I was a senior in high school. He was born with multiple medical problems & did not live to see his first birthday. Although this would have ripped most marriages apart, they were the example of faithful trust in the Lord. In those times I think my life is “ridiculous”, I am reminded of the peace the Lord brought them and the beautiful blessing of two awesome, God loving other children! The “curse” of the loss of a child became the example of faithfulness to many – including me!

    2) “Weeping forward” to me means although the sadness seems overwhelming, this difficult life situation will only move you forward. Just recently my best friend endured a divorce. I have cried many times for her and the sadness of the loss she is suffering. But, she moves forward with a new life free of manipulation and emotional stress – for that I am grateful.

    3) “When will I ever get this Jesus thing?” – Strange, I know. But, I always feel like I “just don’t get it.” I guess that’s part of my life curse too, so therefore, I keep studying and learning and praying….

    4) Sow in your weeping reminds me of the saying, “If you have lemons, make lemonade.” There is something to be learned in every situation, we just have to be open to see it and accept it.

    Thanks for this great study and the opportunity to connect with others. The transparency has been inspiring!

  14. 114
    Pamela in Rock Island IL says:

    Solo in rock island – also doing with a group A Women’ Heart God’s Dwelling Place – I love your studies and have grown through them so much – thank-you Beth – I pray for you.

    Satan has tried to swift us like wheat – we loss our business in 2007 only after we put our entire investments and retirement in it, which lead to us having to give our dream home away before foreclosure took place (short sale no fun), 30 people loss thier jobs including my husband, our daughters and myself. It seemed like satan was having his way with us. But God provided the blessings our daughters have good jobs now (with the experience that had working at our business)and all the employees too. We have more time to spend with family, 4-gorgeous grandsons and for me TAWG. He lifted the heavy weight off our shoulders and blessed us with time, learning to be thrifty again, more volunteer time at church and events and we appreciate each other more. The business had consumed us and now we are free in Christ. What the enemy meant as harm God made good.

    I wept forward in fear, anxiety, loss but God has shined His light on me – not to look back on the what could have beens but focus on the future He has planned for us to prosper us and give us hope and a future.

    The novel title would be as I have opened my heart to the Lord to serve in whatever He sends my way – “The answer is yes Lord now what is the question?”

    Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy – I keep my focus on the Lord – I am here to serve Him and walk faithfully through the doors He opens up for me. I am trusting Him and walking by faith.

  15. 115
    Missy says:

    Glen Allen, VA – 11 ladies gathered at Panera tonight. It seemed unanimous that we all love the study and are learning things we never have put together, despite many “seasoned” Bible studiers. We prayed. We discussed the questions. We shared secrets, tears and scars. We griped about our middles (ironic, I know, given our meeting place). We marveled at how we ever got along without current technologies. We were honored to peek into the mind of a soldier, especially so, on the heels of this Independence Day weekend. We spent considerable time recounting special people in our lives that have been models of sowing during their weeping. The world is watching, Satan is watching…we are called to be like Ruth and weep forward. Praise to God for examples!

  16. 116
    Toni says:

    Forsyth, MO
    Six of our seven were present.

    1. Our curses included an unplanned pregnancy and having absent parents due to divorce. One siesta remembered a song that had the phrase “turning my desert into a garden.”

    2. To us weeping forward meant that it is ok to be sad, but don’t let it rob you of future blessings. Seasons where we wept forward were losing a husband and going through a divorce.

    3. Our titles were: I’m retired now. What’s next? Why does getting old have to be so hard? When will my children listen/grow up? Why do I keep thinking I can fix things (broken family relationships) when I can’t?

    4. Thoughts on sowing in your weeping: When it’s hard do it anyway. Doing what God wants is good for you and a witness for others. Weeping lasts for the night, but joy comes in the morning. What is sad for you may be a blessing for someone else. “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

  17. 117
    Melanie Toups says:

    Bridge City, TX

    Meeting in my home, our group of 12 expanded to a sweet group of 15 tonight, again from at least 8 different denominations/congregations and ranging in age from 20s to 70s. We are weeping forward in the death of a child, divorce proceedings, terminal illness, death of spouse, loneliness, choices of adult children. Our town was devastated by hurricane Ike–only 14 homes were livable out of 3500. We can all relate to having wept forward in the rebuilding of our homes and lives. Every precious woman here is hungry for His Word! Ready to put the burden of their hurts on His Word. We do love Him.
    This study is just amazing! Thank you, Beth, so very much for facilitating this particular study this summer. We prayed for you and Kelly tonight.

  18. 118
    Melissa says:

    Solo in Michigan and learning a lot:)

    1. More things than I can list here, but mostly just burdened by abuse and abandonment as a child that bred isolation and complete workaholism, that I believe God used it to save me from many more destructive “isms”

    2. Walking toward the future through the tears, instead of burying my tear stained face in a pillow.

    3. “Making Good My Escape…But seriously, does it have to be this hard?”

    4. Sowing while weeping happens for me, when I don’t give up. When I keep on keeping on even when it is hard, and even when it hurts. ( I like the deathcrawl scene from “Facing the Giants”)

  19. 119
    Grace says:

    Charleston, SC – going solo

    1. My sister died when I was 8 years old and she was six months. I had a hard dealing with that for awhile, but I can see how God worked through it to help some other people live (my parents donated her organs). Lately, it’s been job loss and my living situation.
    2. My most recent weeping forward moment would be over moving and I didn’t even move very far (less than 20 miles)! I have a hard time trusting that things will work out. I had to move recently and was offered a place to live for free for a year while her husband was deployed. I work two part time jobs since I lost my full time job a few years ago and was worried about how I was going to afford an apartment but God provided!
    3. Seriously, will the waiting never end?
    4. Even though times are tough, God will see us through. We just need to have faith and trust in him because his plan is so much bigger than ours (I have to remind myself that A LOT!)

  20. 120
    Peggy says:

    Peggy in San Diego~

    Oh Wow! How fun to see Evangeline! I talked with her on the phone when I placed an order at Living Proof and she was soooo sweet and encouraging and godly! I wanted to call again just to be encouraged in the Lord! (I’ll be praying for you over the next few weeks Vangie!)

    I’m not doing the study this summer. I’m going through the Revelation videos in preparation for leading that study. But just had to get on to say thank you Beth for interviewing Vangie with your round brush!!!

  21. 121
    Cheri says:

    2 in Cincinnati, Ohio

    1) Satan would love to curse us through our weaknesses, for example, lack of organization. Also, through our relationships with non-Christians in work settings.

    2) Weeping forward means going ahead with God in spite of tryng circumstances, pushing through the sadness to get to the other side.

    3) Our book titles:

    Why Does Everybody Else In the World Seem So Self-Absorbed?

    Is This What I Meant To Do With My Life?

    4) To weep forward, it helps to believe that your tears will help enrich the soil allowing new life to grow. Keep praying, keep believing, keep doing what you need to do even if you don’t feel like doing so. Weeping forward is an expression of faith, not allowing feelings to override what you know to be true, keeping you from progressing towards God’s promise for your life.

    We’re loving the Ruth study and can’t wait for more!

  22. 122
    Carole Anne says:

    North Myrtle Beach, SC & Cleveland. NC – solo but in two places: What a great study this is shaping up to be!

    1. My most recent “curse” or attack from Satan that has turned into a real blessing from God involves my search for a church home in North Myrtle Beach. Just as I was set to join a church, I was stopped because the church took up an activity that was once a real stronghold for me. (Call me weak, but I didn’t want to risk getting caught up again.) This caused me much disappointment; it meant saying goodbye to the best and most supportive Sunday School teacher I’ve ever had. But within a week of my final decision I could see my Christ at work. This lovely, anointed teacher whom Jesus has used to help push down my stronghold announced her family’s departure from the church as she sets out to obey a fresh calling from God. Christ has blessed me with the privilege of getting to help her as she begins her new journey.

    2. The stronghold mentioned in the above paragraph is still a source of temptation for me. Sometimes my memory goes back to the sights, the smells, the sounds associated with it and – to be perfectly honest – in those moments I miss the lifestyle. In that way, I’m ashamed to say, I weep backward. But the reality is that for 3 years I grieved the Holy Spirit by enjoying that lifestyle…and I would absolutely rather die than grieve His precious Spirit again. I’m serious, Siestas. I’ve repented and turned from the stronghold in order to move ahead with Jesus, and in that journey I’m weeping forward. Praise His Name!

    3. Question as the title of a novel for this season of my life: “Who Died & Left Carole Anne in Charge?”

    4. Everyone has her own method, I think, for sowing in her weeping, but this is the scenario that works best for me. I try never, ever to grow weary in giving God thanks and praise for the blessings I do have. Logically, the blessings are always there, even when I have to search them out. At such times, it also helps me to take pen and paper and make a list of these blessings.

    “Wednesdays With Beth” tomorrow on Life Today…YES!

  23. 123

    Iowa – Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Anamosa – 3 friends gathered together by phone to discuss this Bible study. None of us finished our homework – but agree that we are going to push for the next two weeks that what we did finish was very powerful and engaging.
    Our topics that really hit bome tonight included
    – Guilt that Satan plays over and over again in our lives
    – Perspective on a situation (listening to God or Satan)
    – picturing ourselves as a gift (somewhere in John it talks about we are a gift from God to Christ — we need to do more research on this)
    One final picture that was very powerful that 2 of us had not heard of before was a picture of creating a very visual picture of Christ bruised and beaten people throwing things at Him with the cross behind Him ….He turns and cannot see past the T in the cross ……..Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for us wiped away our past of sin and shame …..Christ doesnt look at our past why do we bring it up over and over again
    We spent a great hour talking and enjoying each others company in a way we really have not done in the past – so getting to know each other on a spiritual level vs just a friendship level is very powerful

  24. 124
    Ginger says:

    Humboldt, Iowa… 13 lovely ladies present this evening.

    1. My son was diagnosed with autism at age 2. He is now 9 and God has turned the entire situation into a huge blessing! He’s a wonderful, artistic, passionate boy, and he is loved by many. Another siesta endured a very serious and painful foot injury one year ago. God used her situation to teach her children how much work a mom does every day!

    2. Weeping forward means to continue loving and trusting God through difficult circumstances. Do our lives look different than the lives of unbelievers?

    3. “Can You Hear Me Now?”
    “What’s Up, God?”
    “Where Are You Going with All This?”
    “Do I Have To?”
    “Why Me?”
    “Haven’t I Done My Share?”
    “What’s Up with All the Mosquitoes?”

    We found it interesting that none of us came up with the title, “What Can I Do for You, God?” Our titles were all self-centered. 🙁

    4. Be more compassionate, more empathetic. Have hope. Be Christ-like… show people Christ is your strength.

  25. 125

    Monument, CO

    We added a new one to our group tonight! So we are four!

    One, who is 63 (and may I say she looks 47?) shared that she felt like she was under a curse of spiritual barreness…in a season when she felt God doesn’t really like her. She is faithful through it, but it has been hard.

    One shared that she is in a season where her words are being valued and asked for prayer for wise words.
    (I loved that!)

    One shared of struggles in her marriage–trying to bring it all before God. She said on the day when Kelly talked about Hannah’s prayer, Beth, you were on Life Today and shared from the same verses. It was a MOMENT for this friend, who needed to pour it all out and not grow in her resentment.

    I shared that I have wept and sown in tears of trust for three years now over our financial state and just recently we have been seeing a harvest from it all. We are currently asking God, “What dream do you have for us here in this place?”

  26. 126
    Donna Benjamin says:

    Donna Benjamin
    Lynn Haven, FL (for 16 more days)

    1. Satan would’ve just loved to destroy me as a result of: generational curses resulting from heartbroken parents who were brought up in broken homes; shame from childhood victimizations; insecurities resulting from the former, which led to poor decisions in my early days of college. While my parents were far from perfect, in fact, they were pretty dysfunctional, they’ve managed to stay together and in ministry for 53 years and I’ve worked through the hard parts of my childhood and youth. That’s not to say that the devil still doesn’t try to haunt me with ghosts of my past. But by the grace of God, I’ve been married 22yrs to a God loving patriot, and together we’re raising three precious young Christian ladies.

    2. Losing 2 sisters, an uncle, and most recently an 18y.o. cousin, over these past four years has been especially trying for me. While I know they are at home in heaven, the veil that separates us seems heavy sometimes, that’s where I have to rely on Christ to help me grieve forward and not backwards. Working through the grief can be tricky. Feeling guilty for wanting to be with them or wanting them to be back here, knowing that the Lord isn’t through with me here, and then the thought of not watching my girls grow up, well that just gets me going forward every time! Once I’m moving forward, I look for ways to serve the Lord either in ministry at my church, at home, or in the community. Which leads me to my book title…

    3. “Lord, What Have You Gotten Us Into Now?”

    4. I can sow in my weeping by still acting on God’s will for my life.

  27. 127
    Kristi Brewer says:

    Quick question. Are we supposed to tell our city, a little about our group composition, and where we met each time we reply?

    I don’t think I put my city. Raleigh NC.

  28. 128
    Kristi B. says:

    Cedartown, Georgia (two of us)–We are enjoying this so much!!

    1. God has turned to many curses into blessing for us! One thing we can agree on is being hurt by so many of our “so called friends”, but the loss we felt brought us together as friends. That’s one curse turned into a blessing that we can agree on!!

    2. Weeping forward to both of us means making good out of a bad situation. Being stronng even when you can’t see where you are going!!

    3. Our two questions were, “What’s the use?” and “Which way to go now?”. We are both young college students trying to find direction in our lives thru God’s guidance.

    4. we can sow in our weeping by staying close to God thru the hard times and not letting the bad situation get the best of us. My friend put it best by saying “I think that thru your weeping it makes you stronger, it builds like a house. It gives you foundation, walls, doors, windows, roof etc, they build on each other thru your weeping which in turn allows you to sow.” So true God will not let us weep in vein! He will provide a way for his children!!

  29. 129
    Jennifer says:

    1. I think that Satan would really love to use my job and all the negativity of the situation I am in to make me a person who is bitter, self seeking, unhappy, and a gossip. I’m in a working situation where because of the economy things are tense with cutbacks and program changes. Well, you know how people love change so you can imagine what a breeding ground it has become for negative influence and attitude. However, God has really been speaking to me lately about His placement in my position and how it was no accident. I’m positive God wants me to use that less than ideal circumstance to create growth in me. I believe that our God who loves us is always seeking to bless us, even if the thing we’re facing seems like a curse, all things for good to those who love Him.

    2. I think of weeping forward in the context of a death. When someone we know is a Christian dies we weep, we miss their physical presence, however it’s hard to be sad when we realize what a glorious promise of God they are experiencing in Heaven so we’re able to move forward in our grief. It hurts but we’re moving. Weeping forward is living in obedience to Christ, even when it becomes difficult. We’re not bailing out on God, we’re following where He is leading, but we may be grieving the loss of family, friends, children, communities, the life we know. I think in my life God is still working on what He wants from me so I haven’t been in a position where He’s asking me to move forward with Him even in difficulty. I can think of a certain season in my life where I’ve squandered opportunities that God has presented and I’ve wept many times thinking what the Lord could have used me for.

    3. Why Can’t I Do It All?

    4. When we weep forward we are sowing seeds showing our faithfulness to God. We’re saying Lord I’m willing to walk this garden with you and I’m willing to surrender to you even when I’m watering my faith with tears. We trust God because we don’t know any other way to grow.

  30. 130
    Joy says:

    Party of Four
    Ringgold, GA

    Loving it! Loving it! We had a wonderful time together tonight. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. God has called some beautiful women to share this journey of study with me. I just wanted to share our answers to question #3, the title to our novel. We shared quite a bit of laughter over this.

    1)”Really? Why aren’t you listening?”
    2)”Do I really have to do this?”
    3)”Why can’t I get this?”
    4)**these are mine.*** “R we there ye?” “Can we go now?” & “Can this train go any faster?”

    BTW, Beth, loved the hairbrush!!!

  31. 131
    Lindsay says:

    Irving, TX
    Our group was half the size as last week, but we spent longer talking! 🙂 Who doesn’t love girl talk with God in the middle? A lot of our discussion revolved around our marriages. From 5 years to 9 months, we are all at different parts and this study definitely brought out struggles for us all. We got into our pasts with how Satan used things to curse us and how it eventually got us to where we are today. God was stronger! We talked about how weeping forward in our marriages can be such a strong tool. We also talked about how we have all read the book of Ruth a few times each and NEVER EVER got as much out of it as we are now. We spent time praising God for learning through this study and getting so much out of it instead of just going through the motions. This study has been a blessing to us all. From growing in the Word to fellowship with WOMEN! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS BETTER?

  32. 132
    Leona says:

    We had 5 women for study tonight. We lost a young soldier from our church, yesterday in Afghanistan, and some women went to a prayer time at the church too. We had a “good” time praying and weeping for the family.

    We discussed the curse question, alcoholism and depression were two of the curses.
    We had a few answers for the the novel name, it seemed like we could come up with chapter titles too.
    We discussed the weeping forward and backward and shared some examples. We liked the terminology about weeping forward and backward and it made us examine what we did in different seasons of our lives.
    We answered with ideas of sowing while weeping.
    Two of my favorite ideas from the week were continuing to walk while you cry and the addict saying: staying dry was a long term obedience in the same direction.
    I also love the hesed definition. What a kind, loving, Father we have. We talked a bit about work ethic and how He is orchestrating our lives for our good and for the good of His kingdom.
    Grateful for His word, grateful for this study. Trusting in Him for growth in our lives.

  33. 133
    Leona says:

    Forgot to say that we are meeting in Wahpeton ND.

  34. 134
    Shelby Spear says:

    Our second siesta gathering was rich and authentic. The discussion on weeping forward or backward lasted over 30 minutes. With 12 women all sharing their perspectives on what weeping both directions looks like, gleaning wisdom tonight was an easy task. One of my favorite comments of the evening was the question from the back of the book which asked us to think of a time in our ife when we had to practice obedience for a long time in the same direction. My mother-in-law, my Naomi, immediately answered, “raising a family”. So true!

    And keep an eye out for the following novels that may be hitting the bookshelves in the near future:

    “Which Way Do I Go?”
    “Are We There Yet?”
    “Where Is The Love?”
    “Do Things Ever Change?”
    “Is It Me, Or What?…Please Don’t Answer”
    “Is This Thing On?”
    “Can You Give Me A Sign?”
    “Will You Help Me, Lord?”
    “Could You Hurry Up?”
    “How Will I Be Watered?”
    “Which Comes First, A or Z?”
    “Why Can’t I Plug In?”
    “Could It Get Any Better?”

    God Bless all of you and prayers for the journey…

  35. 135
    Suzanne says:

    Decatur, Texas Was solo and now we are a duo!! My siesta sister Gail and I met @ Verona’s (Italian) for lunch and discussion. Will definitely try Kelli’s recipes soon!
    1.Curses into blessings… We are going to ask God to turn those curses into blessings. We talked about how Naomi and family had left “the promised land” to a “foreign land” and did not wait for the Lord to provide for their needs.
    2 Weeping forward through several trials. Keeping on through the tears and the why God now?? the loss of my parents through heart disease and lung cancer, my car accident caused by an undiagnosed brain tumor, followed by surgery that was a complete healing! Staying in His Word and knees bent in prayer! Keep following Jesus!
    3. Novel? How could I ever live without You, Lord? and Will I ever be a grandmother?? My daughter 28 and son 25 are still single.
    4.As we sow in weeping, God restores our lives beyond our comprehension. He will, in His time, bring good out of our sorrow and heartaches. He restores our souls and we will find joy. I can continue to be obedient to His Word and remain faithful through the tears. I can reach out to others and encourage them.
    Thank you Kelli for writing this study and thank you Beth for challenging us !

  36. 136
    Kathy says:

    Tonight we were 7 seven strong, plus Baby Noah. We enjoyed sour cream pound cake with fresh peaches along with the fellowhship and encouragement. We discussed each question posed by Beth and gleaned from each other’s experiences and insights. At the end we discussed our own personal revelations from the past two weeks. One key word kept coming up: obedience. We were awed by Ruth’s obedience to God, and the way it compelled her to do things that many people would consider too difficult or scary. We were also impressed by God’s intervention in her life and how He cares for each of us the same way.

  37. 137
    Melanie says:

    Auburndale, FL

    1 God turned what felt like a curse during the death of R’s mom’s into an opportunity for blessing in that she was able to witness to her sister who turned out to be extremely receptive for the first time. God broke walls down in that conversation. Seeing God move like that gave R hope and promise she needed to get her through.
    For me, I come from generations of alcohol abuse including my dad. Satan lined up circumstances perfectly for me to fall prey to it as well but God turned the curse to a blessing when my sisters and I all got saved. He allowed my father to suffer a minor heart attack that scared him enough to stop drinking and therefore also the violent abuse. By the time my father died, everyone in my family was saved, incl him, and the curse from alcoholism was, at least in our line, broken.

    2) Both of our answers were about moving. R has moved once and while it broke her heart, being confident God was behind it allowed her to “weep forward”; I’ve moved numerous times, the first one being the hardest because I was leaving everything and everyone I’d ever known. I spent years weeping backward over it. My biggest regret is the amount of time spent looking back instead of trusting God & allowing myself to bloom where I was planted. I’ve also wept forward during other moves particularly the most recent last year.

    3) “You Got Me Here, God, Now What?”
    “What Else Could Go Wrong?”

    4) Pour your heart and soul into what you know to do. God will provide the how and fill in the missing pieces (a lesson learned during Beth’s Esther study earlier this year).

    Do what you know to do and stay plugged in to the Lord no matter what. Listen to Truth over emotions. Casting Crowns’ “Voice of Truth” has been a great blessing and reminder during times like that.

    We’re loving this study and so appreciate this community of Siestas and especially our Siesta Mama Beth!

  38. 138
    Ruth's Bootcampers says:

    We are a group of ten in Iowa, amazed at how Kelly can make us think of parallels and depth!
    After discussion and sharing of curses-to-blessings, we agreed that sometimes we weep backwards to gain a perspective and to find an approach to try again.

    Some book titles offered were “Really?!?” “Where do I start?” (chapters include “where do I start forgiving” etc) and “Will my children love God?”
    (I was too busy enjoying and participating in the rich discussion and I didn’t take such great notes – Sorry! I promise to be more deliberate in 2 weeks!)
    Our best discussion was about sowing and the many ways to sow: Mercy, kindness, forgiveness, friendliness, financial, attitude. We will see opportunities to sow that are small and large, but none is ever wasted or unfruitful. It’s up to us to sow and let God determine when the harvest will take place.

    Blessings to you all!

  39. 139
    Tammy says:

    I’m solo in Lawrenceville, GA but loving the study — and the blog postings! To answer the questions:

    (1) The thing that first came to my mind is not as “serious” as many of the postings here, but since I love dogs and kids, it always sticks out in my mine. My two dogs had gotten out of the yard earlier in the day and I hadn’t been able to find them. I finally quit the search because I needed to get to the church and help them set up for a yard sale we were having the next day. While we were working, a friend came in and said she had seen one of my dogs out but he wouldn’t come to her. I left and a couple of the kids from church (I’m one of the children’s church leaders) came with me. We foundone of my dogs and took him home. Then we prayed we would find my other dog. We backed out of my driveway and hadn’t gone more than 50 yards when we saw a car pulled on the side of the road and my dog sitting happily in the passenger seat. A lady and her daughter had found him earlier in the day and were putting up signs looking for his owner. The kids were so tickled and amazed at how God had answered our prayer. They still bring it up today.

    (2) Every emotion I have comes out in tears – sadness, hurt, anger, joy, laughter, etc., so I feel like I weep forward, backwards and sideways. But I think weeping forward means trusting God even (and especially) when things get hard. I go to a very small church and have always been very close with the last three pastoral couples and their families and it is very hard for me when God calls them to other ministries because I feel like members of my family are being taken away from me. Looking back now, I can see how God used them for a season in our congregation and is now using them in other places.

    (3)When are you going to learn?

    (4)Weeping forward is a lovely concept, but is not always easy. It’s a day-by-day, moment-by-moment decision. I love the idea that someone shared of their mother sitting at the piano and praising God. I want to be that strong.

  40. 140
    Jane Herring says:

    Solo in Effingham, IL

    Awesome study!

    1. Satan tried to use alcoholism to literally kill me. In my distress I cried to the LORD and He heard me. Ps 120:1 My Jesus saved me and set me free. Satan has been sorry he ever messed with me since then because God loves me. This spring He allowed me to lead the Bible Study “Stepping Up – the Psalms of Assent by our Siesta Mama. When I read the very first verse, Psalm 120:1 above, of the study I actually jumped up and lept around the house “scaring my poor cat half to death”. Then I fell on my face and worshipped our faithful LORD. At that season I had been seeking the Lord hard, and I was reassured through that verse again, that He heard me. Oh how I love You Jesus!

    2. I recently wept forward as I was leaving Houston to come home to be an up-close, godly grandma. What a joy but oh so hard to leave other family and a beloved church family.

    3. “Is it any time soon yet?”
    Kind of a running joke between Jesus & me. He has promised me something in the future and once I was pondering on it and He told me, “Jane, not any time soon.” We’ll after a respectable little bitty fit, I said, “Alright Lord, Your timing and will, not mine.” That was almost 6 years ago and every now and then I ask Him with a smile if it’s any time soon yet.

    4. I’m sowing many prayers in tears and trying to allow God to live through me so others see Jesus.

    The Lord bless you my dear Siestas!

  41. 141
    Melissa says:

    Solo Maynardville TN

    1. In the town where I live(Niota,TN),and in my family, it’s important that you get married as soon as you get out of school, that’s how your life is defined as being “on track” or “there must be something wrong with them”. For a long time I struggled(and still often times)with being in the latter group. Recently God has been showing me how effectively one person’s ministry can be although loneliness is still an issue, I know that God will put the man he wants in my life in his time.

    2. Weeping forward-> even when it hurts keep your “crying” eyes on Jesus. He knows our hurts, and tears are a language God understands.

    3. Are you kiddin me??

    4. God is able to bring good from tragedy and sorrow. In the middle of our “battle” we have no idea at the good it may be doing someone on the outside to see our faith. Sometime the smallest thing we do or say has the greatest impact on other peoples lives even when we aren’t aware.

  42. 142
    April says:

    I am doing this solo in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

    1. There is alist of things that the enemy has tried working in my life…I was abused in all forms by my mother’s husband from the age of 8 til I was a teen. I was molested by my youth Pastor at the age of 16. I have never known my father so I went about my life searching for that “manly” figure in my life and at the age of 18 left home moved to Seattle with a guy met off line. Got into drinking, sleeping around and ended up marrying some guy at the age of 19, Did drugs with him and had a baby girl with him….Finally after trying it “my” way for so long I married my husband and came back to the Lord. After being married for just about 1 year or so my husband got wrapped up in Pornography and that completely SHATTERED my trust and our marriage. PRAISE THE LORD though cause its been a trial but we will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary in about 2 weeks and our marriage is healing still to this day but I have already been able to use my Testimony in sooo many ways and I can see the Lord just moving throughout it all. I know that Satan was working and I truly feel that he still try’s now but I know that if I just cleave to the Lord, even if its just barely hanging on to his robe, I can and will succeed.

    2. For me this part of the study reminded me about a book that I own called “Your late again Lord”…LOL hilarious title, but anyways in the book the author made a comment that in our life as a christian we will have many times when we are in “waiting mode”. Now we can either kick, scream, fight, etc with the Lord or we can use that time and wait productively and move closer to the Lord. Well this part reminded me about that. Even if I am weeping I can weep moving forward in life cause I know that 1. I have the Lord with me to strengthen me at any moment and 2. if I just press forward there is a greater blessing awaiting me…..

    3. Not this same old place again?!?

    4. Trusting God in EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Even if I dont understand what he is doing but keeping my eyes on him. If I am upset and discouraged to focus on him and be comfortable enough to cry to him cause he knows what I am feeling anyways…

  43. 143
    Natalie says:

    Checking in from Spring, TX! 10 of us for enchiladas,key lime pie and Ruth! 3 50 yr olds and 7 20 somethings. Good discussion tonight. Thanks Beth for the lead in which makes it so much better to get things rolling! Some of our girls are really hurting right now with family issues and job troubles. They are only opening up a little but I do think that tonight’s time discussing what we learned from God’s Word was a blessing!

  44. 144

    Charlotte, NC, solo —

    Forgive me! I got started late and am still behind, but I will do the week 1 questions now and hopefully catch up in the coming weeks.

    1. Satan tries to curse me with anxiety about those I love. My mom is having major surgery tomorrow, and I worry about that and about my Dad’s health and job situation. I’m prone to worrying, and it seems that is a prime vulnerability to evil in my life.

    2. I loved this point too! Two times I discussed in my notes this week were during my Dad’s trial with cancer and a big move. During my Dad’s cancer, I felt stronger growth and trust in the Lord than I’ve ever felt — there was no way was as humans could simply make the disease disappear, so we had to rely on God. That reliance and trust grew my faith.

    Another time I “wept forward” was when God led me to move to the coast to study for a semester. I prayed He wouldn’t send me unless He had work for me there, and send me he did. I was terrified to leave my family and boyfriend behind, and disappointed when I got there and couldn’t find His work of my own volition. But I stayed in His word and in prayer and His work found me — a girl going through a turbulent time in her family life who, though once antagonistic to Christ, was now searching. She got saved that semester and has since been on mission trips around the world in service to Him. What a blessing!! How glad I am that I “wept forward” instead of allowing my fears to guide me!

    On a separate note, I wanted to say that Minter’s characterization of Naomi’s feelings toward Ruth and Orpah on page 21 wasn’t really how I thought of them. Minter says Naomi was “bitter at God” (pg. 19), and had “two trailing d-i-l she wishes would just leave her alone already” (pg. 19) and finally, that Naomi seemed to say, “The only reason you’re following me is because I’m your only hope for another husband” (pg. 21). I know these are just extra-biblical suppositions and wouldn’t mention it except that I really think Naomi’s relationship with Ruth and Orpah is beautiful and shouldn’t be mischaracterized.

    I’ve always felt like, rather than bitter and irritated, Naomi had such a profoundly beautiful love for her d-i-l. A love so strong that she was willing to send them away for their own good (for husbands) even if it meant she would be all alone. A love reflected poignantly in how they weep for her. I don’t think she thought they were following her for husbands, but that she recognized they were following her IN SPITE of the fact they would have no husbands, and wanted better for them. It’s such a sweet picture.

    • 144.1
      Denise says:

      Julie- thank you! I had the same thoughts as well about Naomi and her daughters-in-law relationship, especially having read Unshaken by Francine Rivers. I like the viewpoint she offers on their relationship.

      • Thank you for that recommendation, Denise!

        • Denise says:

          You are welcome- I loved that series- she made them come alive for me and gave me such insight into what their situations really might have been like. I’ve always struggled with Mary asking Jesus to perform His first miracle, I just couldn’t understand how she could bear to set that plan into motion, knowing what it would lead to. I think Francine did such an excellent job portraying her as a mother of a very special son.

  45. 145
    melanie says:

    Houston, TX. There were 14 of us tonight. We spent alot of time talking about how we “wept forward” through relationships or broken relationships with parents, brothers, husbands, etc. We also spent some time talking about the seasons of life we each are in, and how we are struggling and growing in them. already looking forward to our next meeting!

  46. 146
    Tammy Elrod says:

    We met tonight for our 2nd session and had great discussion around all 4 of the questions/assignments. We particularly liked the one where we created a book title as a question to define this season in our lives. We had some great ones (I wish I had written more of them down). The titles included, “Are we there yet?” “Will I ever be smart again?” (from the mother of a teenager) and “Will I ever be cool again?” (from the late 40’s premenopausal leader – this was made even funnier when the hostess asked if that was cool as in heat or as in Fonzie-type coolness!). We all agreed that we are learning things about and from the study of Ruth that were new for us and we all really liked that Kelly makes her points using various other scriptures to drive home her point and to set the context.

    While we didn’t have all members attend for this 2nd session, we were still 12 strong tonight. After our study, we shared delectable refreshments including homemade cake and peach tea. We are all looking forward to our next 2 weeks of study and our 3rd session.

    Tammy Elrod
    Mechanicsville, VA (near Richmond, VA)

  47. 147
    Vanessa says:

    Bremen, GA. 6 of us met tonight.
    We have definitely decided that you should only require one or two questions answered for groups! We got almost through the first question and realized we had been there for 2 hours and 45 minutes! 9:00 pm was fast approaching and we decided to end with the one.
    1. We began with infertility which as you know can be such a heartache in a family. The procedures, the waiting, and then the miscarriages. She feels that all this was God’s preparation to really treasure her children when they did arrive. She has two beautiful children ages 2 and 4. This then led to some of us who have children and grandchildren with challenges. As most of you know our children with challenges come in all forms and they have truly and literally blessed our lives. As for myself, my daughter was born with several abnormailities that required surgery. We spent many days in hospitals over the years. Today, she is married, has (birthed naturally because she couldn’t have epidural because of her back surgeries) my two precious grandboys and most people would never know anything had ever been wrong with her. She does pottery (even without all of her fingers) raises her boys who will soon surpass her in weight even though they are only 6 and 8 and she is stronger than I could ever hope to be. Another of our members has a grandchild who suffered through her early years with stomach disability and had to be fed with a feeding tube. She is now an adult, married, and involved in Youth ministery. Another of our members has a daughter who has never really received a clear diagnosis but is basically developmentally delayed. She is a young woman now and we pray that one day she will be able to live independently. Her faith is so very strong and mom says that whatever she prays for happens! Another part of our group survived losing her grandmother’s home through divorce and is now in a better place with a better man! Another wonderful woman survived a car accident that placed her at home for at least a year. During this time she felt God telling her to “BE STILL”, she was and is growing closer and closer to God.

    So can you see why we did not get past the first question?!?

    We have a couple of absentee members who are watching the video from the blog and the videos from Kelly Minter on Lifeway’s site and doing the homework. Schedules are crazy but they hope to join us next time.

    BTW The Chicken Salad with Strawberries was fabulous as well as the Banoffi Pie. Just be ready for a sugar high after the pie.

  48. 148
    Missy S says:

    Missy; Winston-Salem, NC; Flyin’ Solo for the Summer

    1) Some problems that my parents went through early on in their marriage could have utterly destroyed my family, but thanks to the immeasurable grace of Jesus and my parents’ willingness to persevere, God has turned what could have been a blessing into a curse!

    2) I think “weeping forward” means that in spite of our temporary grief, and perhaps even through it, we enter a new level of intimacy with and victory in Christ. Several years ago, God temporarily removed a friendship from my life. I was devastated at the time. But, during that time of sadness, I landed on Oswald Chamber’s devotional for July 13 in My Utmost for His Highest. It was immeasurable comfort to me, and it gave me perspective on that temporary loss so that I could “weep forward.” It says (I’m paraphrasing), “Over and over, God has to remove our friends in order to bring himself in to their place…It must be God first, God second, and God third until no one else is of any account whatever…In all the world, there is none but thee, my God there is none but thee.” The sweetest part of it all is that after I had come to a place where I could truly repeat Chambers’ words and mean them, God brought that friend back into my life. He is now my husband. 🙂 But, it’s only because of that season of “weeping forward” that I can truly say that my husband does not come before my God!

    3) “God, can this really be my calling?” (Subtitle: There’s Gotta Be More Than This)

    4) One practical way I believe we can sow in tears is to make a set of Scripture index cards that speaks exactly to our need during that season. And, when the despair threatens to overtake us, we can read and reread those cards until they sink into the marrow of our bones.

  49. 149
    Rachel says:

    Watseka IL
    11 Ladies

    1. We don’t know each other in the room all that well yet so there was that awkward silence where you can only hear a cricket chirp to start with, haha, but one of us shared the beauty of coming from a broken home and now being able to be a full time stay at home mom.

    2. We discussed how weeping forward is sometimes that continual obedience that has to be repeated day in and day out. Choosing to take a step forward even amongst the trials.

    3. Another cricket chirping moment, but finally came out with a few: “When will I ever get back into my skinny jeans?” “How many day are left? “Where is he? -the future hubby that is…”

    4. More discussion about obedience, and choosing to trust God.

    So excited to keep diggin’ in and getting to know these women who love Jesus! Thanks for hosting us!

  50. 150
    Heather says:

    Our group was 7 tonight. We all shared about what it means to weep forward, and to sow forward. Most surprising was the discussion following the Browning quote. Choosing burning bushes over blackberry bushes!

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