Siesta Summer Bible Study 3: Second Gathering

Hey, my Dear Siestas! It’s time for our second gathering of SSBS3! As promised, below are your written instructions in case you have trouble with the video greeting. REMEMBER, your comments to this post are meant to come AFTER your small group gathering or your solo experience to tell us how your time went. We hope all of you participating will check back in with a comment at some point over the next several days. (One leader checks in per group and each solo participant checks in.) This is part of the accountability process and will immensely help you stay with it through the very last page. As always, please put your city at the beginning of your comment. Thanks so much for joining in!

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Week 2 from LPV on Vimeo.

Your discussions in this gathering will revolve around different points in your homework. Two from Week One. Two from Week Two:

1.    Look back at the middle of page 12 where Kelly had us look up Deuteronomy 23 and Judges 3 to get some background on the Moabites. Read Deuteronomy 23:3-5 together if you’re not watching this as a small group. In your small group, I want you to talk about a few things that have happened in your lives that Satan would love to use to curse you. You can think of it conceptually more than literally if that helps. At the end of class today, I want you to claim that fifth verse together in prayer and believe God to turn those curses into blessings!

2.    Turn to the middle of Week One, to the bottom of p.21 and the top of p.22. I loved Kelly’s discussion about her friend “weeping forward.” What do you think that means? Several of you share a season in your life when you feel like you wept forward and several others might consider sharing a season in your life when you wept backward. Most of us have done both at some point in our lives.

The next two are from Week Two:
3.    OK, Day Two has a portion that is vintage Kelly Minter and one reason why I love her writing so much. Look at the second paragraph on p.42 where she tells about her sister, Megan. If you were writing a novel that was secretly about yourself right now and right in this season and you had to name it in the form of a question, what would it be?

4.    Turn to p.45 and review the part of your homework concerning Psalm 126. Please read the psalm together then discuss your answers to the “Personal Response” question: Practically speaking, how can you sow in your weeping? Don’t miss how much this section has to do with your second discussion question today.

In closing, one of you read the Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote at the end. Let it lead you into prayer and don’t forget to claim those blessings from our first discussion question today!

For all of you participating in the fellowship meal, consider the recipes on pages 62-63 and either do them or some Italian equivalent.

I am so happy to study with you! Stay in the Word and I’ll see you in two more weeks!


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  1. 151
    Angela says:

    Portland, OR. 5 women.

    What to say, what to say. I was so blessed by these women who sat in my living room tonight. We shared brownies and blueberry lemonade but also shared our hearts. We prayed over one another and spoke truth into one anothers’ lives. All conversations pointed back to our gracious Lord and to His word. People lingered and laughed, who wants to leave rich fellowship? My favorite book title of the night: “What the heck?” 🙂 Can’t beat great time with great women.

  2. 152
    Dani says:

    Solo in Denver, Colorado

    1. One of the ‘curses’ that I am currently going through, my parents divorced when I was really young and my mom raised me and my siblings by herself, after a few years she separated from my younger brothers dad, when I was 21 she remarried and I thought she was finally going to be happy, and that she finally had someone. I am now 24 and two weeks ago she called telling me she would be filing for divorce, she is in PA so I am not around to know all that is going on, along with that my older sister just got divorced and is now a single mother of 2 precious little boys. Ever since I was a kid I kept relationships at a distance and only till recently did I realize it had a lot to do with all this, and I always thing that because of my family background the same is going to echo with me, so I keep a distance with most relationships. And although it had not become a blessing yet, I am not going to let my family past control what will happen to my future. I am going to trust that God will lead me in the right direction, and guide me in the right decisions.

    2. I think weeping forward means that although there will be pain and crying, and possibly hurt, rather than turning into that, and allowing it to capture all your attention, to focus on where you supposed to be headed and what direction you should be going in. Its still going to hurt but you’ll learn more about yourself and where you are supposed to be going.

    This is about weeping backward and weeping forward. Because of my job, I am the leader of a team of ten 18-24 year olds in a residential program where we travel through the US working on service projects. Our program is ten months and each project runs about 6-9 weeks, during our second project my team was really coming down on me, and everything that I failed to do, or the little things that I could do wrong (such as forgetting the tomatoes at the store) after 2 weeks of this I allowed it to get to me so much that I ended up being pulled off of my worksite by another team leader and crying on the phone to my boss who was three states away. I allowed what my team was saying get to me and believe all of it rather than getting to the bottom of everything and finding where their comments were really coming from. As a Team Leader most of the stuff said to us comes out of the stress of the program and them seeing us as the leader not necessarily as human. Our next project was a shuffle, the one round where we have a different team, my boss worked it that I had none of my old members on my team, and I was able to have a fresh start and the project was one of the best ever because I was able to get back on track with God. After the project I returned to my old team, yes I was nervous and very afraid to be back with them after everything that happened, I wasn’t sure how to even go into our final project, but we were able to make things a little less terrifying by keeping me on a local project so that I had a support system that was a lot closer as well as go into a project refreshed. Its been a hard project, we’ve had our problems, have had a team member sent home, but through it all we’ve moved forward and will finish an amazing project thats challenged us all in 2 weeks.

    The next two are from Week Two:
    3. Dear God, Where do I go next?

    4.You can sow in your weeping by keeping focused, and pay attention to what you are you should be learning from the experience, focus on what God is showing you in the moment, and how after the time of weeping, what you learn, and how you’ve been challenge and the value that will come from the experience.

    • 152.1
      Michelle says:

      I would suggest the “Breaking Free” study by Beth. If you could do it along with your mom, that would be awesome too.

      Your job sounds fascinating? How does one go about getting that kind of job?

  3. 153
    Tanis says:

    Thank you, Beth, for leading us through this study. Kelly has taken a very small book in the Bible and has broken it up so it is understandable. We have found gold in this study so far and are looking for more. God is so good. We had six ladies meet together this evening and we discussed the questions you gave and a couple of questions from the book. Some good discussion took place.

    When we talked about weeping forward we thought that we did this because we are moving into the unknown. For example, moving to a new town and how this will affect us and our family. Sometimes things that are happening are bitter sweet and that it is easier to move through something when we find the positive in it. Weeping backwards we discussed as regret.

    A few novel names for the season we are in:
    Should I stand up Lord, or should I sit down?
    What should I do with the rest of my life?
    What do I do now?

    We can sow during our weeping by staying faithful to God and trusting him.

  4. 154
    Brenda C says:

    There were 9 women in our gathering tonight, in Greenbrier, TN.

    We had a salad night and shared some awesome food!

    In our discussion of weeping backward, several mentioned how they kicked themselves because during extremely hard times, they doubted or complained to God. But we agreed that even in the worst of it, when it was over, they saw God at work. And that although they felt they had not gone through it right, they still kept going. They learned lessons they would not have learned if they had not gone through the trial. God turned it into a blessing because they are now able to help others going through the same things.

    When we talked about weeping forward, one friend told us about her dad. He had cancer and kept telling his family he had been healed. They didn’t believe him. But had to when his doctor’s said he no longer had cancer. He was weeping forward. What a miracle.

    Some of the titles for our personal novels would be:
    Why me God?
    What’s the Next Step?
    How did I get Here?
    How Can I be Less Critical?
    Will You Help Me Get Out of this Mess?

    At our next meeting we are doing a Baked Potato Bar!
    Can you tell we love good food? One of the husband’s mentioned to his wife on the way out the door tonight, “Man, for a Bible Study you sure do a huge spread!”

  5. 155
    Margaret says:

    Going solo in East Tennessee!

    1. My mother was a very critical person when I was growing up, and I believe Satan tries to use that to curse me by replaying her words during vulnerable times. I have tried very hard not to do that with my sons – to speak encouraging words and instruct them with love, so that they don’t ever wonder if I love them just for who they are. Probably not always successful at that, but God has still blessed me with those boys – we genuinely enjoy being together, and they are so loving and so much fun. I think of the verse in Joel 2:25 – “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten”. God has repaid me many times over.

    2. When we left the church I had grown up in, I was heartbroken becuase of all the amazing experiences we had had and the “family” we were leaving behind (not that we couldn’t still be friends, but it wasn’t the same). I didn’t want to leave, but we knew God was telling us it was time to go. So I wept forward, not knowing what would happen, or where we would land. This was years ago, and to be honest, we’re still not at a place where I feel “at home”, but God has taught me during this time that it’s not about how I “feel”, but about being where He wants me.

    3. “Why Do You Make Lists of Your Lists?”

    4. In reference to the situation in #2, I’m somewhat inept socially, so as soon as my husband and I found a church, I looked for volunteer opportunities so that I could get to know people and feel more a part of the church. I was still mourning the loss of my other church family, but I was determined to move forward. Everything that I chose (notice that “I” chose), I ran into obstacles, even to the point of being sequestered 200 miles from home on a jury for a murder trial during VBS week, which I had volunteered to help with. At that point, I decided to stop forcing the issue and told God to let me know what He wanted me to do when He was ready for me to do something. God has a marvelous sense of humor, because shortly after that, someone called and asked me to teach the 2-year-old Sunday school class. What an unexpected blessing! It’s amazing how much children learn at that age, even in the midst of chaos!

    • 155.1
      Donise says:

      I love that book title….so do you write things on your list that you have all ready done so that you can cross them off?

    • 155.2
      Lauren says:

      I can totally relate to the List Making. I have a friend at work that says I make lists for her, too… I’m trying really hard not to be quite so compulsive! You’d think my house would be clean, but I guess I am too busy making lists of what needs to be done!

  6. 156
    cathy oconnor says:

    Mobile, Alabama (solo)
    Working the summer in Jacksonville, Florida working for Pearson grading National Board. Study has been a blessing!
    1. God turned my addiction into a blessing. What satan meant for harm God has used as a blessing. Return ground locust had eaten.
    2. Dec. 2001 – when I left my home in Pensacola to break free from unhealthy relationships and begin a season of healing.
    3. Why am I and my motives misunderstood? Why do people think you are “super spiritual” when you do not parade it but try the best in grace of God to live it?
    4. Good testimony of hurting but not losing faith or blaming God.
    Thanks for the opportunity! Beth, thanks for saying “yes” to God!

  7. 157
    Laura Beth says:

    Erwin, Tn. Small Group
    In our small group we were amazed and comforted to know how God can use this study to uplift and encourage us in any situation.
    We are choosing to weep forward and encourage one another in that in each of our situations. It was wonderful to talk about “curses” becoming blessings and claiming that together in Jesus’ name!
    We are so enjoying this summer siesta Bible Study!

  8. 158
    Rachel says:

    Columbus, MS; group of 5 ladies
    We had a most wonderful time last night. We ate, went over all the questions and shared a lot about weeping forward and backwards. We also learned about each others’ curses and heard a wonderful story about one ladies’ son being recently saved. We laughed, we cried and we encouraged and prayed that our curses will be turned into blessings. It was really great and I am already looking forward to next time!

  9. 159
    marci in amsterdam says:

    Amsterdam, NL (but only for 2 more days! See you soon mom!)
    1. One of the biggest was when we had been on the mission field here in Amsterdam only about 7 months planting a church and the pastor had to move back to the US suddenly. Satan would have loved to see this young church die out, but instead God used it to raise up two young men to lead the church, one of those men being my God fearing husband. It was truly a time of clinging to God.

    2.Weeping forward for me means allowing hard situations to point me in the right direction without forgetting what I’ve learned in the past. My biggest struggle here is seeing people we love move away. I had a Goldy woman challenge me when I was weeping backward, reminding me to live fully where God has placed me.

    3.Really God? That lesson? AGAIN? Shoot, I thought I finally got it the last time.

    4. I loved studying this Psalm in Stepping Up. I’ve claimed verse 8 for a journey of personal healing I am on. I think sowing tears means staying open before the Lord and applying what he teaches me and then allowing others in on that process that God is taking me through.

    • 159.1
      Candice says:

      Macri- I love your phrase! Made me smile and laugh a bit. I have been there for sure…Praise the Lord for his faithfulness to us. What a praise about the ministry you have been involved with!!

    • 159.2
      God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

      I would SO read that book!I’m right there with you!

  10. 160
    Jennifer says:

    Jennifer, Niceville, FL; we had 11 ladies last night for a wonderful Italian feast with Lasagna,Shrimp Fettucini, Tiramisu and Hazelnut Cream Cassata! My group did not need to discuss the concept of “weeping forward” much. Why? I am an ob/gyn physician and most of these ladies are my patients who I have delivered their children or we work together in labor and delivery. Three of the ladies have lost children; two to second trimester stillbirth and one to death shortly after birth due to a chromosomal abnormality. Because we have shared joy and suffering these women have become my dear friends. Each one of them chose to weep forward and were HUGE witnesses for Christ during their ordeal;(one started a blog about her journey with 8000 hits the day after her son died)! We all sowed during our weeping by praising God despite the circumstances. We talked about how near God feels during those times and we are all hungry for Him to feel that close during times of blessing as well. Our group has a private Facebook page just for us that we use to encourage, post discussion topics, and announce what we are bringing for dinner in between our meetings. Just a suggestion for everyone else in Siestaville!

    • 160.1
      Marilyn says:


  11. 161
    Living4Him says:

    Riverside,PA – solo
    1.I think Satan will use anything we let him, that is what it is so necessary to give everything over to the Lord for His glory.
    2. “weeping forward” means to me that despite a broken heartfelt lack of understanding, I will press on in His strength because His ways are always better than mine.
    3.Where are you going?
    4. Every time I have gone through a season of weeping, I have sown because I have grown like no other time.
    Loved Kelly’s quote about “God carves our paths, authors each stroke, and weaves our courses into others’ lives.” GREAT!

  12. 162
    Casey says:

    Henrietta, TX
    We had 3 last night and had a wonderful time of fellowship and study!
    1. Our areas where we feel a curse is with Fear and Guilt. They just seem to continue to pop up and bring us down. Also, we spoke of how it is sometimes much easier to accept His forgiveness than to forgive ourselves.

    2. Our areas of weeping forward were from divorce (either personal or parents) and when making a move to a new place after you say “I Do”.

    3. Here are our book titles.
    Cindy-“Why Do I Have to be the Adult?”
    Jennifer-“Why Me God?”
    Casey-“Who are these children and Why are they calling me Mom?”

    4. We talked about the sowing and weeping for a while and agreed that it can bring Joy when we remain faithful to God and continue to worship and pray to Him through the good and the bad.

    Looking forward to next time!

  13. 163
    Rebecca says:

    Chattanooga, TN

    Forgive me for any typos I am commenting from my iPhone. Seven of us enjoyed the fab tomato pasta and flatbread last night! We spent a lot of time wrapping our heads around weeping forward or backward. We had wonderful testimony of what could have been curses that are truly blessings with 2 mothers of adult sons with autism and all the things that they have accomplished that they were told were “nevers”. We did enjoy a few titles – Who is the real Claire? (which we all thought sounded like a must read), What am I going to be when I grow up? and When is it going to be my turn? Most of all we all are gleaning so much from this study and find the Lord speaking to us all in different ways. We feel very blessed to be in this grou together!

  14. 164
    Judy says:

    Myrtle Beach, SC & Fort Mill, SC-
    We have a “virtual” group of 3, interacting with each other by email and phone. My daughter, in Fort Mill, SC, has just had my second grandchild, so I am enjoying the role of grandmother for a few days, weeks, whatever, during our summer break from school.

    1. Specific situatioins were discussed of how God made good of situations that were initially seen as devastating. In our family, my sister’s first child was born with Down’s Syndrome, after losing several much-wanted pregnancies. The child, now 22, has been a huge blessing to all of our lives, and has opened avenues of ministry to many of us within the family. In fact, his very existence led to my dad’s marriage after mom’s death, and my step-mother has been an angel to all of us, and especially to dad.

    2. We love the concept of “weeping forward”. It reminds me of John Maxwell’s idea of “failing forward”. We were able to discuss many situations where we felt we had wept backwards, and fewer where the direction was forward. One of us discussed a time in her marriage, when grief led her to a deeper relationship with her husband, rather than divorce. Another instance was a job situation, in which the unforseen loss of a job & the grief attached, led to her current job, in a place she loves.

    3. still working on these… will get back to you

    4. The concensus among our group was that the most important way to “sow in your weeping” is to continue to acknowledge God as the giver of all things and in control, and to always continue to serve Him in the way He calls us. This farming analogy is a great reminder that the only way to harvest is to sow. We must trust God that the harvest is on the way, even when we see no green poking out of the earth.

    We are so enjoying this study. It is a blessing, and I thank God for choosing it for us this summer.

  15. 165
    Lindsey Amick says:

    I was blessed by a group of 10 in my living room last night and we enjoyed the chicken enchiladas recipe from Kelly. Our theme was very much focused on the weeping forward and discussing the practical how to of that. As minister’s wives we all confessed we feel like we don’t have the freedom to weep and walk we are just expected to walk so we all found freedom last night in letting ourselves work through emotional things. We met for 3 hours and only got through week one… i think we may have to meet every week instead of every other 🙂

  16. 166

    Woodstock, VT solo

    1. This question…what curses that have been turned or used for blessings…hit me like a freight train.
    I am so incredibly blessed I almost can’t take it. No, my life isn’t perfect but when I see the fingerprints of God over certain situations or frightfully terrible decisions I have made…it’s almost too much!
    But simply my life if written from where I started out at from birth, who I was raised by, I should not be able to be sitting here today as the woman I am today.
    Oh Praise God!

    2. Weeping Forward brings to mind the verse Psalm 37:24…
    When he falls he will not be hurled headlong for the LORD is the one who holds his hand.
    I just picture going forward no matter what holding onto God or rather the LORD holding onto me. I can get through anything with HIM. He won’t let me go.

    Weeping Backward…my first thought was not backward but I would rather just fall and not want to move or get up. Turning to alcohol for twenty years to hide or help me get through I think felt like I was just wanting to become numb but when I would ‘wake up’ I would see how far back I actually went or was.
    Now thankfully for two years I have not had a drop or desire to drink. But the regrets of my alcohol abuse that sometimes I allow to creep in want to take me backward but I know God is holding my hand, walking with me forward.

    3. -Am I bearing much fruit yet?
    -Does a sunrise really come with this cup of coffee??

    4. I just love the verse she uses a little farther down on page 45. Galations 6:9 which is basically…don’t give up no matter what. It’ll be worth it!

    Beautiful poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

    I also laughed out loud at the hairbrush microphone…and then thought of Larry the Cucumber’s rendition of “Oh Where is my Hairbrush?”

    Blessings to all,
    michelle in VT

    • 166.1
      Sarah says:

      Now I have “Oh Where is my Hairbrush?” running through my head!?! Don’t you just love a God who holds on to us even when we don’t deserve it! Love that visual! Thanks for sharing!

  17. 167
    Norma says:

    Raleigh, NC

    Signed in as solo the first week, but now five of us are studying God’s Word together through the summer. We met face-to-face for the first time last night,after having done the questions for the first meeting electronically. (We had a group inbox message on Facebook to which ladies replied.)

    One of the nuggets we mined from the questions was that when we weep forward we are going toward God. While we might be headed into foreign territory, we know if He is there, it will be “home.” It was neat hearing examples of how we had all suffered times of confusion and sorrow and loss, but our Heavenly Father propelled us forward in His wonderful plan. Jobs, parenting issues, and submission to our husbands were common themes.

    What a sweet time!

  18. 168
    Jane says:

    We had a group of 10 who met last night in Houston, TX. We spent a long time on Q1 discussing some of our “tests” or “challenges” that God has turned into blessings (most of us agreed we did not like the word “curse”). We then turned to our discussion of weeping forward and hopefully helped a friend realize that she is weeping FORWARD and that she will soon be in the harvest season!

    A few of our novel titles were: Why do I feel like I am chasing my tail? Who is the mom? Why is my garage door open? This led to some great discussion time. We finished up with sharing some of our responses to how we sow while we are weeping. We discussed how important it was to stay in the Word, continue going to God with your prayers, and hopefully the practice of doing so will lead us into the harvest. Another comment was to literally think of it as the action of gardening – getting down on your knees, digging up the old stuff, planting the Word of God and then watering the Word with our tears. We ended with a beautiful prayer by one of the ladies and then some delicious cookie brownie and fellowship – yum!

  19. 169
    Ann says:

    Solo/Austin TX
    I have to really think and get my thoughts together before I reply to this sessions’ questions…what great replies from everyone and what an encouragement to all of us! In the meantime, wondering if any of the other solo girls from the Austin area would be interested in forming a study group…?

  20. 170
    God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

    I just wanted to jump on here for a minute because I am jumping for joy! I am no longer doing the Bible study solo! My wonderful neighbor has courageously offered to do this with me. We have lived next door to eachother for 15 years! She is COMPLETELY new to anything like this(never done a Beth Moore study,or Kelly Minter, for that matter). We are both in our 40’s and our kids are close in age. She is more tenative because we do not have the same religious views, but in the past that has not hindered our relationship at all. We will meet tomorrow, so I will post our answers then. I’m SO excited!(Can you tell?!)
    Beth, I also wanted to say that God spoke to me through the Life Today message. I have SO been struggling with the teenage issue lately. You had me in tears, but that is a good thing. Have a wonderful day, Siestas! Joan

  21. 171
    Emily says:

    Chesapeake, Va.

    I am so delighted to be studying my favorite heroine of the Bible. Though I identify most with Mary Magdalene, Ruth is the picture of the Godly woman I strive to be.
    I just wanted to comment about the weeping forward even though we’re now onto week three. I’m up to my elbows and digging in to God’s word with fervor and joy in the things I”m discovering.

    My weeping forward moment came last year on March 17th when my father passed away at 62. His death has been difficult to describe to people because it wasn’t expected and though he was ill, it was not an illness that should ever have resulted in death. He was badly neglected by my mother who among many other addictions and mental diseases, is a drug addict. She lives in such a fog that the daily care of a man who often could not get to the kitchen to feed himself, or to the bathroom to go to the toilet let alone shower, and just general care and compassion became a burden she couldn’t and wouldn’t shoulder.

    I tried for years to intervene and to help and had to have my mom committed for overdoses and a miriad of other traumas and dramas that seemed would never end. Daddy’s death was almost a relief in knowing that God had finally had enough and brought him home to care for him Himself. Though it has been an awful few years living in the midst of those trials and mourning the loss of my father and really my mother too, I know God has been right in the middle, weeping and mourning with me and carrying me when the load was too heavy. He is with me still in the moments where the grief seems to overwhelm me and the homesickness to be with both of my fathers is consuming. I weep for my loss but I walk forward in the blessings knowing my dad is safe and my life has a purpose and that whatever comes, God is here, now, and I am in His care above all.

  22. 172
    Janet says:

    Solo in South Dakota

    1. God has turned broken relationships into a blessing of a new life with Godly friends.

    2.Weeping forward is very hard for me. I do not want to feel the pain so I avoid the weeping altogether. When I do let the pain in and have a good cry, I seem to be able to go forward a lot quicker.

    3. Whose in charge here?

    4. I share about my journey with others who have suffered loss of a spouse and let them know how God has been faithful to his promises.

  23. 173
    Sue Heimer says:

    Solo,Colfax, IL
    The Title of my Novel would be: I am willing,Lord.

    Weeping forward? In situations, that God has allowed in my life, I have been able to see his hand, even while weeping over the circumstances. I have wept both forward and backward during God’s continualy gracious pursuit of me. My husbands leukemia and heart attack, at ages 28 and 47, and the heartwrenching desision, to separate our rebellous teen, from our family, for a season, are 2 examples that quickly come to my mind. As Ruth,I have found myself, stumbling forward, weeping, not knowing what the future would hold.
    God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams with a speaking ministry. And by His grace I have been able “sow” from my weeping. And during those times of sowing, I too, hope Satan wishes he would have never messed with me!!!

  24. 174
    Misty Kempson says:

    Florence, SC The Beloved Beauties!!
    We had 9 Beautiful Beauties in our group last night. We enjoyed the Chicken Enchiladas, Parmesan Flatbread, and of course the wonderful Mexican Ice Cream Sundae.

    1) Some of the curses we talked about were the ways we used to live: not going to church and maybe partying to much. Family situations and how satan looks for weaknesses. We also talked about how we turned them around and made them blessings. God has shown us that we can use our experiences to witness to others about what we have lived through and why some of the ways we lived were wrong.

    2) Weeping forward we talked about despite the storm and struggles we move forward and learn from them. We know there are somethings that we don’t want to do but we know God has a reason for us to be going through this. Knowing that something is hard but right.

    Weeping backward we talked about falling back into old habits. Grieving the loss of something and not moving on and dwelling on it.

    3) Some of our book titles
    Why can’t I ever get a shower?
    Why is there a lock on my refrigerator door?
    Why can’t I learn this lesson already and move on?
    What’s next?
    When will things seem easier, God?
    What’s the big plan for my life?

    4) We have talked in our group for months now about being transparent and open so that we can hold each other accountable for our actions to be better christian women and friends. We think that we can sow in our weeping by being translucent so that we can witness to others that are maybe going through the same type of things and they can learn from our trials.

  25. 175
    Cindy says:

    It happened again… the God thing. Since my first Beth Moore Bible Study ten years ago, the Lord has used these studies to sustain me in the faith and to bring glory to His name through my trials. He never fails to speak clearly through these studies.

    In the last six years I have been hit with divorce, the loss of my brother to lung cancer, loss of my mom to West Nile Virus (after a miracle victory over a rare cancer), and the loss of my dad. I also have been blessed with a wonderful husband who loves the Lord with all his heart. Tomorrow will be our first anniversary, we got married last year on 7/8/9 at 10:11 in the morning.

    I had just signed up for the study and was going to organize our usual Bible study group together for summer when we got the news that my precious, darling husband has a malignant brain tumor. We have been in and out of the hospital ever since. I have been thankful knowing the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf. I am having trouble finding words…

    Summer Bible Study was not even on the radar anymore. While my husband was resting this morning, I decided to open the LPM Blog (which I had been ignoring). I listened to Beth’s video… I feel the Holy Spirit’s urging. I am going to try this solo. Maybe through this study, He will once again provide the manna needed to travel the most difficult of seasons.

    Much love and many thanks Beth. You have kept me pointed in the right direction through so much.

    • 175.1
      Delaney says:

      You are not solo, Cindy. We are here with you and so is our Heavenly Father.

    • 175.2
      Michelle says:

      You go girl! I’m so glad you joined this Bible study. It will keep you in the presence of the Lord during this trial. All I can say is you have one mighty testimony and I know you will use it for God’s glory!

    • 175.3
      rene sandifer says:

      I am finding it hard to find words, too. Add me to the list of seistas that will be praying for you.Lord Jesus, please hear our cry….thank you that you heard before the words were on our lips.

    • 175.4
      Summer says:

      Glad to have you joining us! I’m praying for you and your hubby. :o)

    • 175.5
      Lauren says:

      Prayers for you and yours!

    • 175.6
      God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

      Praying for you and your hubby,Cindy!

    • 175.7
      Sharon says:

      You are in the right place. Praying for your husband and you.

  26. 176
    Mary Anne says:

    On a soggy farm near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

    I am loving this Bible Study and really wish I would have twisted some of my friends arms to take it with me. I don’t know why I continue to be amazed that God so often has a timely word for me when I do these studies. I awake in the morning with a specific need and by the time I’m done my homework God has spoken about it. Thank you Kelly Minter, and Beth Moore for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way.

    1. I have walked through the very dark valley of an anxiety disorder and suffered from bouts of depression. What Satan would have used to curse me, my heavenly Father turned into a beautiful experience to offer hope to women who are fighting that same battle.

    2. All of 2008 I wept forward. I have a strong desire to be in control of every aspect of my life (hence the anxiety issues). God had to open my fingers that were clutched so tightly around the things I didn’t want to give Him control over. My husband had serious health issues, my daughter cut herself regularly and made some poor choices in her dating relationship, along with other situations that were just so completely bizarre that only God could have orchestrated them. Each trial drew me nearer to God, and though I wept, I clung to the promises in God’s word for dear life.

    3.On good days my novel would be called “Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, that you have brought me this far ?” (thanks to Beth for sharing it in the last Bible study I did) and on bad days it would be called “How do godly women survive PMS ?!” (how I wish there was a bible study on that !!)

    4.I think that we can sow in our weeping by acknowledging that God continues to be sovereign, and that He is always good, even in times of pain. We submit to His will and know that He has a plan for each trial.

  27. 177
    Amanda Carter says:

    We have 6 of us in our small group in Sheridan, WY! We are all stay at home moms with young kids. We are enjoying the Ruth study and are beginning to dig a little deeper in our discussions. It’s amazing how quickly in just the first chapter we are already below the surface in our own spiritual walk. Some are dealing with addictions with spouses, others with tough choices in regards to our families. It is such a diverse group but very precious. Thank you Beth for you little videos. We love it! And a shout out to Kelly Minter, what an awesome study she has written. Thanks for the recipes!

  28. 178

    Charlotte NC, 12 women at Caribou Coffee! We have an amazing mixture of single women, young moms, grandmas and everyone in between. My prayer is that it is a great encouragement to everyone else in the group to be surrounded by so many different women, some like them and some not-so-much!

    We laughed over our book titles. One mother said her’s would be “Can I have Four More Hours in My Day, Please? (subtitle – Preferably When My Four Kids are Asleep!)”. A single woman who travels in her job said hers is, “Why Is My Flight Always Late?”. Mine was “How Long, O Lord, Must I Continue to Wait?” (not that I’m impatient or anything!).

    We also all agreed with Kelly’s assessment that it seems easier to run to God, to crave that time with Him, when we are needy. When things are going smoothly, it’s easier to put off spending time in the Word and at His feet. One member of our group shared some words from a friend about how the same storm can hit two different houses and one will stand while the other falls flat. The only difference is the foundation and we all had to ask ourselves what our foundation is really built on. This was encouraging to us as we shared about weeping forward and looking for how God is working in all our circumstances.

    We laughed, we shared, and we left feeling refreshed. Can’t wait until our next session!

  29. 179
    Marcy says:

    I am doing this study solo from Amarillo Tx
    This has been such an amazing study for me. Sometimes when we’ve been in the word for awhile we get the attitude of I really know this word and then a study like this comes along and it really humbles you. I have learned so much from this study of just how amazing God’s word it.
    1. I have watched Satan’s curse move from generation to generation in my husband’s family. He comes from a line of alcoholics and when we got married it was many years into our marriage before we began to seek the Lord for guidance because we had seen this curse being passed down and knew that we didnt want it coming onto our 2 boys so we began to pray for them fervently. We speak life over them and that the curse will be broken in Jesus name. I am already seeing the fruit of this coming to pass in our oldest son who is reading the word more & more each day & putting his trust in God.

    2. I have been weeping forward for about 15 yrs of my marriage as my husband has battled with addiction as well. It has been a hard process but I knew from the beginning that the Lord was our only strength and that he
    would get us through this time in our lives. I have wept many a night as I prayed for this season to end but I never gave up on God. I knew he was my refuge & my strong tower and I pressed forward and now after all these yrs we are seeing spring move into our lives as the Lord is doing a mighty work in my husband. I will be forever grately for what the Lord is doing.

    3. It’s a new season, it’s a new day!!

    Thanks Beth for keeping us in the word through the summer with this study. I am also doing your Revelation study with my church and Wow am I being blessed by it. You are so annointed in this study and I can see the spirit all over you through each session. Thanks so much for being so faithful to do God’s will & what I love the most about you is that you are so humble giving God all the glory.

  30. 180
    Lynda says:

    Group of 3 (Mom and 2 grown daughters), geographically challenged (2 in Lex, KY, 1 in Boulder, CO).

    Just wanted to let Beth and the rest of the Siestas know that chewed on Bibles can be duct taped to last longer! We know this from experience as our Mom’s little 4 y.o. Bichon (Lily) loves to chew on Bibles. We tease that she really has a “hunger for The Word”! We knew right away what had happened to Beth’s Bible as Lily has chewed on a number of Mom’s Bibles and a few of mine.
    Of course, a new Bible is ALWAYS a wonderful thing!
    Using my cell phone on speaker mode, we had our group discussion last night. What a Blessed time for mother and daughters!
    We concluded by discussing an awesome example of how God changed what Satan meant for a major Curse to Christianity into a huge Eternity Blessing, and that is the life of Saul (Powerful Christian Persecutor) transformed into Paul (the Powerful Christian Evangelist). The fact that Paul considered himself “the worst of sinners” was a powerful tool by which God used Paul to spread the Gospel far and wide! How awesome is that??!!!!!!
    So, God can and does change what Satan means to be a curse into the most amazing of blessings. Praise His Holy Name!!!

  31. 181
    Mandy says:


    We had a great time sharing prayer concerns yesterday. We love you Beth and are falling in love with Kelly through this study. God is so good to us and we were especially affected by the day on work as a blessing/Ruth’s example of hard work, character, integrity. Looking forward to what God has for us through the remainder of the study.

  32. 182
    Kelly says:

    I’m a day late but I am just loving this study & want to try to stay connected to the larger whole (Siesta-ville!:))
    1. I come from a family of addicts- drugs & alcohol…& while myself & another sibling don’t struggle with the former the effects of these 2 substances has been staggering. Mostly a legacy of anger, impatience, insecurity. Since the start of my own family (I am married to an incredible, non-addicted, very patient man & have two beautiful boys ages 2 & 4). David is an answer to prayers from deep within- Holy Spirit groanings as I don’t think I really knew what I wanted or needed in a husband but God sure did! I recently started seeing a Christian counselor who has been INCREDIBLE as some of the patterns of my birth family started really plaguing me- certain things came to the surface more with the birth of my 2 boys! 🙂 I’m seeing how the anger & some other stuff is really just Satan’s warped, ugly twist on some giftings— I am passionate for one thing & that can really hurt people if I don’t harness it & allow for others opinions & ideas. Overall, I know I am to be the generational sin BREAKER. I’m still right in the middle of all this but I know God is right in the middle of creating an amazing testimony.
    2. Weeping forward/backward….John Piper wrote an amazing entry on this- based on Psalm 126 & it’s long been a favorite so this hit a tender spot in me. What first came to mind was after after college graduation…In my mind I was suppose to meet my husband in college, that did not happen. I thought I would never find a great, Christian man. Long story short (really it’s just me whining to my Mom about how God had forgotten about me:))- I knew pouting & sitting in my room & neglecting the fact that I knew in my heart of hearts that God was for me, not against me & all his great character traits were still in effect regardless of how I felt— I moved fwd. I started volunteering in the college & career group & developed an amazing community- God was using all the training I had in college & it felt soo great! Then lo & behold, I was filling out some substitute paper work & in walks David- we dated for 11 months, engaged for 4 months & got married!! It’s now been a little over 7 years.

    3. What to do with all the Dirt?
    4. There is a lot of upheaval in my life right now- a lot of surfacing of sin really. Although I do weep I feel more empowered than anything. I know I need to focus on what GOd is doing & not miss out on the healing He wants for me in some specific areas- I don’t want to gloss over things He means for permanent change.

  33. 183
    Suse says:

    a prayer specifically the girl who needs loving on today:

    A Prayer About Marriage to Jesus
    As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you. Isaiah 62:5
    Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: “Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready. Revelation 19:6-7
    Dear Lord Jesus, like every day, this day is no different. I need the gospel… and I need the power of the gospel even to believe the gospel. For sometimes the good news seems just too good to be true. So I pray for grasping power today—power to grasp the multi-dimensional love that is ours in you… a love that surpasses knowledge but will never diminish through eternity (Ephesians 3:14-21).
    Lord Jesus, you are the bridegroom who rejoices over your bride. You’re not just committed to us… you’re not just faithful to us… you’re not just a great provider, you actually love and enjoy us. You’re glad to be married to us. You have no doubts or regrets. You haven’t discovered something recently that makes you wonder what you were thinking when you chose us. You’re not bored with us. You were never just infatuated with us. You don’t look longingly at some other spouse and think, “If only…”.
    If your great affection for your Bride wasn’t so chronicled in your Word, I’d never believe it was true, or even possible. Continue to free me from my unbelief and under-belief.
    As I meditate on John’s auditory vision of our coming wedding Day to you, I totally get the thunderous sounds of heaven extolling the wonder of it all. Where can a greater reason for unfettered rejoicing be found? What other hope could possibly generate such unabated gladness? Come, Holy Spirit, come… and stun my heart afresh with this good and true news! Renew, refresh, restore to me, and my friends, the joy of this glorious salvation!
    Jesus, I’m ready for that Day only for one reason. You died to make us yours. We wear the wedding garments of your grace—your perfect righteousness freely given to us because of your costly sacrifice for us. That is our only hope and our only boast. May your marriage to us and great love for us, profoundly alter and affect every other relationship in which you’ve placed us… every one of them. So very Amen, I pray, in your glorious name. (written by scotty smith)

  34. 184
    Lisa says:

    Kansas City, MO – solo

    Loved the first 2 weeks of study and had to slow myself down so I didn’t get ahead of the game!

    1. curses into blessings – my parents had a shotgun wedding, if you get my drift, and I’m so proud of the family that resulted. It wasn’t easy for them, but by the grace of God they are still married and love each other. My brothers and I are the recipients of blessings through them, and my parents would say that we are their blessings (plus the grandkids, of course!).

    2. Weeping forward is all about taking smallest steps forward even when you can’t see clearly because of the tears.

    3. As a SAHM to a 5 year old boy whose days seem to be all the same, my story title would be “Will it always be like this?”.

    4. How can you sow while weeping? Serving.

  35. 185
    Shelle says:

    Wow, I don’t know how to put it into words but we showed up for Bible Study and the Lord and the Holy Spirit met us there!– All different ladies with different situations, but somehow the same. I think our questions sort of sum up the things we as women are asking God everyday.

    1. How do I let go?
    2. How do I strike a balance?
    3. Where are you God?
    4. Is that a raincloud coming my way?
    5. What is on the horizon?

    God be praised–He knows us, He knows the answers and He has it under control!

  36. 186
    Carol says:

    Tuttle, Ok 3 ladies

    Can I just say, the pasta dish was awesome!! And we had more of the cinnamon whipped cream!!

    1. the best one we discusses was the dreaded curse of my mother! Each time I posed to be too much for her she would shout, “I pray one day you will have children worse than you!” I think Satan could have used that (and did on my sisters). But I have 2 amazing boys that challenge me to be a good Christ-like example to them everyday. God turned that curse into a great blessing!

    2. weeping forward seemed to come in times of our lives when we have each experienced a time of cancer in our lives (me with my husband, Lynda in herself, and Heather with her 6 week old–now he’s 2 and dealing with it again). We have each had to take it and continue forward with God while weeped in fear of what the future held.

    3. Our titles consisted of:
    “Does this end in therapy?”
    “Am I doing enough?”

    4. sow while weeping forward?
    take every opportunity given to you to praise God through you trials! James 1:2!!! It will show and people, especially those that dont know God, whill question you cheerfulness in your situation! Let God have control and follow His lead!

  37. 187
    Bobbie says:

    Beth, I had to add another comment this morning! I’ve been a Siesta since the beginning and have grown so much through each one of your studies. What a community we have here–loving, Godly women will to love on and pray for and encourage each other. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  38. 188
    Lori says:

    Wow…our small group time has been so amazing both weeks! I am the pastor’s wife, two of us are shepherd’s wives and one is the men’s ministry leader wife…all of us are usually focusing on ministry to others – this time is really helping us to develop a new vision for what ministry the Lord has for us at this time. With book titles such as: “Holly, Why Don’t you Shower Every day?”, Why can’t I Spoil my Davey-Do Still?”, “Is Short Term Memory Essential for an Abundant Life?” and “Lessons from God on Levi” you can see we are all working hard to run the course:) We shared how the Lord turned Satan’s curses of family alcoholism, abandonment and disbelief into blessings beyond belief. How “weeping forward” has brought with it new friendships, ministries and love we would never have imagined. We also reviewed the questions of sowing with tears…but reminded ourselves that before the tears we must actually sow the seed:) We love Jesus!

  39. 189
    Amanda says:

    Houston, TX
    12 ladies from early 20’s to 40

    1) Curses included many broken or dysfunctional relationships with parents. One sister said that after her father was just not that into her, she delighted to have a Savior who was all up in her business. Another sister’s father had left early in her life, but the Lord had spared her from suffering terribly from that loss. Another sister had been deserted by her parents during her college years, but God had provided an amazing husband for her during that time. The blessing was that God lifted her out of an unhealthy family situation and eventually restored those relationships. Another sister had gone through a time of conflict with her parents over her engagement, but eventually she and her husband became even closer to her parents because they worked through it. Praise Him!

    2) One thing we discussed was that when you become a mother, you can weep backward for your old life, or you can cooperate with the need to die to self and weep forward.

    3) How long O Lord? Will my 2-year-old grow up to be like my mother?

    4) Being open with your friends about what you’re going through and receiving their encouragement can help you sow while weeping.

  40. 190
    Robin in Florida says:

    Since our group of four is now a group of two, we decided to move our meeting place to a coffee shop that has free wifi (and great bold flavor coffee). We met yesterday and stayed for 4 and 1/2 hours!! I think the workers thought we might be going to start a church there. 🙂

    We did have a great discussion on how God has used what meant to be curses on our families for the good. We both shared how God has released us from bondage. We began our journies at different stages of life. God called me to begin letting Him set me free of these generational curses about 5 years before I had my only child and my friend began her journey after her children were in their late teens. It is so exciting to know that the chains can be released and do not have to be fastened to the next generation. Praise God for that!! and praise Him for the hard work and the many, many, tears that have been shed through the process. But is so worth the pain to be healed from the wounds.

    This brings us to the weeping forward or weeping backwards. Being faithful through the process of allowing Him to heal us is sowing seeds that will reap a harvest.

    Our books could be titled, “What now, God?” and “Seriously, God?”

    We want to take our shoes off and enjoy!!

    p.s. Loved the hairbrush microphone interview. You’re a hoot, Beth!

  41. 191
    Kathi Crowder says:

    Going solo in Yorktown, VA. Oh my, I am so wordy when I write, so I will apologize in advance 🙂

    1. I am having a struggle choosing a literal event or events in my life over the past 10-12 yrs. Because quite honestly there has been one right after another, and/or on top of the other…well, you probably get the picture. Not to mention sharing any details on cyberspace…eek!!! I am such a private introverted person. Which is why I will choose to share conceptually and which is how Satan tries to curse me…private, introverts don’t have a great appreciation for the public eye or any kind of “recognition”, be it good or bad…particularly bad. This is always amusing to me because God, with His characteristic sense of humor, has called me into full-time ministry and not just any ministry, but Music/Worship ministry. Can you say “spotlight?” Needless to say, inevitably Satan’s “curses” come in a form that requires some possibility of public display or revelation. Seriously and humbly, let me say that many are the curses, taunts, and temptations that Satan throws in the direction of those in full-time ministry, and I am certainly not minimizing his threat on other church leadership and Christians, period…he desires to destroy us all…but if he can curse and take down a minister, he takes with him a family, a church, community, city, schools, former churches…the devastation is far reaching. Unfortunately, I have witnessed this in a minister as well as a volunteer church leader, both of whom are currently serving prison sentences. For me the curses have been internal as well as external…fear, insecurity, as well as being uneducated, divorced, financially insecure, having an abused child, among others. Each curse has carried with it a full frontal confrontation with the Almighty and the recurring question has always been…”Is it time for me to leave full-time ministry?” Thus far, the answer has been, “No, my child, the evil one meant this for harm, but I am working it for good.” So I say, “Get thee behind me, Satan! My God, the Lord Almighty, loves me, and has faithfully turned your curses into blessing. Glory to His Name!!!”

    2. Weeping…In August 2007, I resigned from my church after struggling for almost a year with morality issues surrounding the Senior Pastor. One day, I was supposed to be at a staff lunch, but found myself instead weeping by a river (and weeping rivers…of tears)…questioning God…What do I do? How much longer do I endure? I need the job, the money, the benefits…I am a single mom (like He didn’t know that!). The wind rushed through the brush around me and I heard that still, small voice, very clearly say, “Flee from it!” Again the questions (Yes, I am such a questioner, if that is even a word)…Is that You, Lord or just my emotional heart? You see, this was not just ANY church, this was the church where I was born and raised and the roots ran deep. What will I do? Where will I go? The only response was again, “Flee from it!” Peace washed away the turmoil in my soul that very moment and I knew that was my answer and what I needed to do. So, at age 47, with a 3 yr. old mid-life son, a textbook abused 16 yr. old daughter, with no job prospects in sight, no money saved in the bank, I resigned the following Sunday. In the weeks following, as I worked out my notice, I wept, sorrowfully, angrily, in fear, but also with anticipation…forward. Leaving behind lifelong friends, family, security, the familiar, and in obedience going forward to a new life, new people, new journey…but same God, Who I knew from past experience was “for me” and truly the only One Who have never deserted me or let me down…and Who had ALWAYS provided for my needs. Which He did by providing within weeks, a part-time job teaching elementary music and a part-time job as an Interim Worship Director. Both jobs have run their course as of a month ago and again, I find myself…weeping forward…

    3. “Can I do it this way ‘cause I never have before?”

    4. Weep forward, sowing as we go. Funny a little “ditty” just started running through my mind, to the tune of “The Farmer In the Dell”
    “A sowing we will go,
    A sowing we will go,
    Weeping forward, songs of joy,
    A sowing we will go!”
    Silly, I know! Now that that is out of my system, my verse for 2010 keeps coming to mind while thinking about practically sowing as I weep…”So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (1 Cor. 10:31 ESV). I will loosely translate “or whatever” for right now to include weeping or sowing, or just add them in there after eating and drinking…so that we weep and sow “all to the glory of God.” Regardless of our circumstances, live an undivided life, dedicated and obedient to the Lord and seed will be sown…and bear fruit…and be harvested…and sown again…:-) Let it be so!

  42. 192
    Erin Kaschub says:

    Praise God that He turns curses into blessings!! I just praise Him today that we don’t have to succumb to our emotions when we think something is a curse in our life. God is so good to use even things that appear as a curse. This is such a good teaching. Thank you for the wonderfully true insights!

  43. 193
    Becky says:

    Sowing and reaping are extremely close to my heart.
    In the season I am in right now I have the privilege of soaking Him up….storing up all I can from Him. And in doing so I am reaping His nuggets and blessings daily.

    Life isn’t always like this for me…..
    the first real sowing and reaping I did was in Oct. 2008 when I took a class “Forgiven and Set Free”. A burden I had sowed with many tears. What an honor to “know” Jesus Christ.

  44. 194
    Cath says:

    Solo in San Bernardino, CA

    1. A few of Satan’s curses would be financial setback, health, and family relationships.

    2. I love the term “weeping forward”, it has been a great word picture for me. When things started happening I was “weeping forward” clinging to God. He has been so gracious, supplying all our needs and more.
    Sometimes I will forget my focus on God and catch myself saying “if only…. “. That could be weeping backward.

    3. What!?, Are you sure I can handle this!!?

    4. I was not sure how to answer this question in the study and I was happy to know I would be able to see other siesta’s answers.

  45. 195
    Kathy says:

    Shattuck, OK

    Seven of us met together. We had a good discussion. Several of the book titles had to do with “What now?” Several of us are waiting for the Lord to show what the Lord wants for our lives now. We also had a lively discussion about the Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote.

    We enjoyed homemade fresh peach ice cream.

  46. 196
    Monica Ciampa says:

    Doin study with my mom= New York & Tenn.

    1.) The enemy has tried to curse through generations of alcoholism, fear, pride, bitterness, instability. God is turning it around & giving moments & eyes to see others who may be going through that & seeing it in my own life. The enemy wanted me to be a bitter, angry, fearful, unstable person my whole life, but God has replaced & still is replacing with His Freedom, Security,Humility, Forgiveness, & Peace. I always think of that song ♪When I think about the Lord, How He picked me up & turned me around place my feet of SOLID ground…Thank you Jesus!♪ Thank you for Loving Us with “HESED” Love! Thank you LORD that You’ll fight for me & died for me!

    2.) Wept forward when leaving things you loved in order to be obedient to God. Going on but not knowing where you’re going & giving up things in order to go forward with God. Weeping backwards when you’ve left the things of God & clung to the things of the world or regrets or just staying in that same comfortable place.

    3.) Where is the Joy?
    Why do I keep putting on the brakes?

    4.) Sow while your weeping by giving thanks to God for the coming harvest. Loved pg. 45″Not our weeping that brings the harvest but our sowing.”

    I don’t want to miss the divine for blackberries. Oh Lord, give me eyes to see! I ask the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to see what I could never see on my own.

  47. 197
    heather says:

    Heather in Lancaster, Pa-going solo

    First of all I am SHOCKED at how much this study has been EXACTLY where I am at and what my husband and I are experiencing. I had no idea it would. I thought it would be a great study but not so much pertaining to life right now.
    #1-curses turned blessing-we were just talking about curses the other day. I think we(my husband and I) are trying to figure that out at our present stage of life and what we could be “doing wrong” or have done wrong to allow the enemy to keep us here for so long. I know the Lord is on our side and am resting that this is all for His glory.
    #2-my weeping forward would consist of Jesus deliverling us from our current situation and secondly for our children. That Jesus would grab hold of their little hearts and draw them in for the rest of their lives. That they would desire nothing less then Him.
    #3-How long Lord must we endure?
    #4-my sowing would be to keep in the Word no matter what. Continue to sow in worship and prayer because despite everything that is going on around us-God is still who He says HE is and He is worthy, regardless.

    This has been AWESOME-I am so excited to keep it up and see what us Kelley has to share with us. This is my first Siesta summer study-what a blessing to be a part of one of the groups and have all that delicious food 🙂

  48. 198
    Julie says:

    Thank you Beth. I am flying solo and enjoying every minute of it. I was so glad to see your video this morning. The Lord is dealing with me in a serious way. This book is helping me find great Scriptures that are encouraging me.

  49. 199
    Lisa says:

    Missouri City, Texas – We had five out of eleven in attendance.

    We started the evening with a wonderful dinner. I made the amazing dessert recipe on page 33. After putting the wonderful whipped cream and almonds in our coffee and on our desserts we headed into the living room for our discussion time. You can imagine surrounded by the Holy Spirit and all the amazing and rich comfort foods around us we were sitting quite comfortable and that made for an exceptional time together.

    1. I shared with the group some things that have held my family captive and how they were passed down to me as a curse, but how God has revealed these things to me and I no longer live in that oppression. God has been really working on me through Beth’s study of Daniel, Esther, and Stepping Up. Right about three quarters into Stepping Up, God said enough is enough, and I allowed myself to let go and be healed. He has done amazing things in my marriage, and in our relationship with our children. This is a perfect example of how God can use a curse and turn it directly into a blessing. Oh, and by the way, my husband and I did the Breaking Free study with two other couples. I would recommend that to anyone looking for healing in a relationship.

    2.One of the girls in our group shared about how she is weeping forward and walking with God through a very hard recent situation. She shared how she saw God’s compassion for her through all the people around her(even though she felt unworthy)and how he has brought favor and mercy in a tough time. He is bringing healing to her day by day as she seeks Him. This is her first Bible study and she is a perfect example of how we weep forward in the hard times.

    3.We have a women in our group who is going through a very hard season in her life. She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and on top of that found out her husband is engaged in an affair with another women and has moved out. Through all that she shows and demonstrates great strength and has peace that only God can give you. This spoke magnitudes to our group. She was a big part of our discussion of how your can allow God to work even through the hardest times. We are all praying that she will continue to sow seed through her weeping.

    This has been an awesome study! I have now fallen in love with Kelly(her love for God, her music, and her love for good food)the same way I love Beth and appreciate each of them for their obedience to God. You two women are such a blessing and encouragement through your ministry to so many. Your ministries Rock! Remember, we are praying for you as much as you are praying for us. Keep up the good work!

  50. 200
    Rachel in Arizona says:

    Going solo in Tucson, AZ.

    I tend to be a “weeping backward” type of person by nature. I guess you’d call me the whiner who likes to wallow in her self pity. I really struggle to not be that way. I know it’s not pleasing to God and not beneficial to the family. Since we moved 3 weeks ago I’m really being put to the test on that. My kids need a positive example right now and I need to trust that God has something good for us right where he put us.

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