What’s Up This Weekend?

What are you girls up to this weekend? It’s a big Jackson and Annabeth weekend for my man and me. Amanda and Curtis are celebrating their anniversary away till Sunday so we are officially ON in every way. And mighty happy about it. AB’s already down for a nap and Jackson has been helping Paw Paw clean the boat. This was something Amanda and Melissa loved to do when they were little, too. The difference was, the girls didn’t want to actually go fishing in it but mark my word. Little man does. If I’ve heard, “Paw Paw, when I’m a bigger boy…” once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. He melts my heart. I guess Bibby’s going to have to break down and go fishing when that time comes. I don’t think I can bear to take my eyes off of him in real fishing water. We’ll see. Jesus could come back by then. Keith just asked if he could take Jackson with him to the boat store to pick up some supplies. Would you believe I have never let the boy out of my sight when I’ve had him in all this time?? What a danged control freak. Keith put up with me saying, “But can you promise me you won’t let go of him for one single second?” so I guess I’m going to have to give it up. I have butterflies. What an idiot.

I love how so many of us who have been around Siestaville a good long time really have made some true, flesh and blood sister-friends, especially if we’ve attended some of the events. Georgia Jan is one of mine. Same age. Kids same age. Grandkids same age. Been married forever. (None of those are prerequisites for friends but it just throws us years forward into a relationship.) Both love Jesus. Over our happy heads in women’s ministry. Flawed but trying. Anyway, she’ll have her grandboy Zeke this afternoon and we wish like mad we could have them together. They are exactly the same age and they’d have such a big time.

Do tell! Anybody else made a real friend on here? This would be such a fun time to hear about it. If you haven’t had the time or opportunity, just tell me what you’re up to this weekend. Chat a while, Siestas.

I sure love you guys.


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  1. 301
    Peggy says:

    We are having a great, relaxing weekend. My man rides a Harley (wild! he is actually very conservative) and rode to the Del Mar Fair today with a big group of bike riders. Tomorrow my daughter (31) and her boyfriend are taking us out for a Father’s Day brunch after church.

    The weather here in San Diego is beautiful. What a nice weekend!

    • 301.1
      Bobbie says:

      Peggy, You live in an incredibly beautiful city!! We were at my SILs in Vista the first of this month and had nothing but SUN. Love it!!! Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Luckenbach, TX but we decided to stop by one weekend and while sitting by the river enjoying the ‘quiet’ we began to feel the rumble of thunder!! It was the sound of about 100 Harleys–talking about the sound of freedom! Someone later told us it was a group of doctors and lawyers out of Austin that ride through the Hill Country on weekends. It was a fun sight! Enjoy your lovely city πŸ™‚

  2. 302
    Kay says:

    We are chilling at home this weekend. A “quick trip” to Home Depot this morning for outdoor insecticide turned into refrigerator shopping, then clothes shopping for hubby for our upcoming trip to the Pacific Rim area. Our lives are busy so we have loved our day at home today.

    Tomorrow after church, we’ll have lunch with our local kids and grandkids and take calls from the others.

  3. 303
    Heather Smith says:

    I just got back from my first Kid’s Camp…..my first EVER (as I did not grow up in church) with m 10 year old daughter…..am I emotional or what?? I had not idea kids could “go deep” with God the way that they did. It was SUCH a blast, I can’t wait to go back! My only regret is not going the past 2 years, I was chicken, not knowing how good it was…God, you are SO good, and I am SOOOO in love with you!!!! …and so is my 10 year old!!!! πŸ™‚

    • 303.1
      Kelly says:

      Heather, I’ll bet you got your socks blessed off! Seeing kids worship the Lord is amazing. My man and I used to participate in a ministry through our church where we went into the community-sort of like a Sidewalk Sunday School pretty much every weekend during the summer. It is amazing to watch the Lord move in kid’s lives. I had to stop when I became pregnant with my youngest daughter and was put on bedrest. I loved it though. So, I know what you are feeling right now. It’s like you rehearse over and over again how He moved in their lives. Amazing, really. Thank you for sharing.

  4. 304
    Julie Elrod says:

    Hi Siesta Mama,

    This has been a whirlwind w/e so far! Yesterday, Father’s Day shopping practically all afternoon with my sweet girl and mother-in-law. Today, a baby shower for my second baby…a boy…Jesse. It was wonderful! So blessed by my friends and family. I LOVE the body of Christ. After unloading the gifts from the shower, went shopping with Mother, Daddy, (who are spending the night tonight) and said girl. We left no stones unturned: Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, and Publix!!! Now I am pooped (and pregnant so make that double!). Tomorrow, church and then Father’s day cookout for the entire family at my house! But guess what…vacation starts on Monday!! Whoo hoo!!!! Love you bunches!

  5. 305
    Elisabeth says:

    Well, Queen Beth,
    this weekend my best friend took me to a family cabin in a small cute historic town where we’ve stayed up til 4 watching movies and been watching u on DVD together. Blessing and refreshing me!!!!! I love you!
    Princess Beth

  6. 306
    Lora says:

    I found out about this blog not long after we had moved and I was seeking new friendships. I have been so blessed by the real life friendships the LORD has allowed me to make from this precious community of Siestas.
    Melanie (Big Mama)has a heart as big as Texas and has been such a blessing to me.
    Nesha and I met at the Siesta Fiesta and even though we are 7 hours apart, our families have become friends – they have 2 boys and we have 2 girls. It was a treat to have them here last New Year’s and to meet them before Thanksgiving this last year.
    Brittney (Lopsided Halo) has become my exercise accountability partner. If it weren’t for her text messages, I’m certain there would be a layer of dust on the treadmill and bike in the garage. She motivates me. Her enthusiasm for serving others is contagious.
    Kelly is sweeter than molasses. She is the real thing. She is a woman of prayer and I love the times we pray together in person or over the phone.
    Georgia Jan has such a mother’s heart toward me and I feel so outlandishly blessed by her. Dang, I’m gonna cry writing this; but my own dear mother has been alive with Jesus for almost 21 years now and Jan has sown more encouragement in my heart than anyone has since my own dear mother was alive here on earth.
    Twinkle is a kindred spirit. Many times what I hear her speak are words of confirmation that have only been whispered to me by our Father. We are praying about doing a trip together this fall.
    Tammy -Grateful in Ga – oh, my heart is so grateful for her! Tammy is like a cheerleader to me, she rallies me on toward the goal of being Christlike.
    My Greensboro Siestas hold a most tender spot in my heart: DeAnna, Tammy, Carolyn, Judith, Susan and KristieB. God showed us His favor that e.n.t.i.r.e. weekend.
    Melana cracks me up. Kate is my poetic friend. Yolanda, Patty, Georgia, Stephanie, Fran, Alaina, JennyHope, Cindy, Joanne, Adrienne, Michelle, Alexia, Miranda, Nikki, Angie, Lavonda, Lisa, Holly, Sophie and Emmy…
    My heart has been blessed by these and oh, so many
    Real life friends God’s allowed me to make through this computer box
    And all because our Savior Jesus rocks!
    Our common denominator is Jesus and the LPM blog
    Where we love Jesus, (and also fresh guacamole, chocolate, Starbucks & dogs)
    Siestas pray for, encourage, hold accountable, and build each other up
    Because of this blog as our common table, we feast and sup
    Thank you LORD for the Siesta community
    Where I feel so loved for just being me
    Thank YOU for Siestas from the North, South, East & West
    I think LORD, these sweet Siestas, are real jewels, the very best.

  7. 307
    heather says:

    Just got in from a long day and night of preparing for a spaghetti dinner at our church~I never cooked a meal for 60 people before! It was a fundraiser to help raise support for our 14yob to go with YWAM next Sunday for Joshua Generation. We raised just about every dollar that he needed-Praise the LORD! He is so excited. I am cooking challenged and found the most awesomest recipe for meat sauce-everybody loved it and came back for seconds!! They were impressed I made it from scratch. Yeah! I cooked something yummy! If anyone lives in the Lancaster, Pa area and wants some spaghetti for dinner tomorrow you can come get some-we have plenty of leftovers πŸ™‚

  8. 308
    Heather says:

    Today I spent the day honoring my husband for Father’s Day…

    I had a really cool photo framed of him and our son in a tender embrace. God showed me THE COOLEST scripture to write around it…

    2 Tim 1:13 NLT (let’s see if I can write it from memory)..”Hold on to the pattern of right teaching you learned from me. And remember to live by the faith and love that you have in Christ Jesus.” (almost πŸ™‚

    I made him a steak dinner and we sat at the GOOD table; and I had his car washed and filled up the tank.

    Phew! I’m a good wife. Thank you God for your patience in teaching me how.


  9. 309
    Sarah M says:

    Oh this weekend…I’m not sure where it started, nor where it will end…

    One of my precious friends from when I was a wee thing got married today. We had pre-wedding/wedding festivities since Thursday. Tomorrow there will be church, a short break for my wonderful father, then back to church to set up/decorate for VBS which will start Monday…which I am director of. Overwhelmed much? That’s me.

    So for now, I’m sitting here trying to chill out. Listening to Kari Jobe and trying to let go of some singleness insecurities that tend to creep up when I go to weddings.

    “Here before your alter
    I am letting go all I’ve held
    Of ever motive, every burden
    Everything that’s of myself.

    And I just wanna wait on you my God.
    I just wanna dwell on who you are.”

  10. 310
    revjen says:

    This weekend I went to see Chonda Pierce in concert with my very best friend. She’s had a rough year with her church splitting and it was good to see her laugh again. Love me some Chonda Pierce!!

    Today was my daughters dance recital. She brings tears to my eyes every time I see her dance. She’s been dancing for 9 years now and is so amazingly talented. I know it’s from the Lord because I can barely walk a striaght line- let alone dance! It was a beautiful show and a fun time with my girl.

    Tomorrow after church I’m making a father’s day cake for my husband (a great dad!) and letting him sleep on the couch as long as he wants. He’s a pastor, so Sunday mornings really wear him out. A nap on Sunday afternoon is all he ever wants, and rarely gets. I may even turn his phone off (shh, don’t tell anyone that).

    Happy weekend everyone!

  11. 311
    Lisa McGriff says:

    I have decorated a bridesmaids luncheon cake, a little boy’s 1st birthday cake and a little boys 3rd birthday cake… But the most special one is the cake that my step-daughter and I made tonight for her daddy for Father’s Day!! I’m so blessed!

  12. 312
    Emily says:

    So, hello Ladies! I’ve not posted here before, but I’ve been reading off an on for a while. Want to connect here more.

    I love, love, love Beth’s studies. And, have actually written you a letter, Beth, about the way God used you to bring about an awesome miracle…have been holding onto it for some reason…I’m just gonna send it!

    It’s 1:22 in the morning and I’m winding down from a 12 hr shift as a Labor and Delivery nurse, not much planned for our weekend. Church in the morning, naps in the afternoon for my hubby, and kiddos, and thanks be to God!, me. And then maybe a date with my man in the evening. =)

  13. 313
    Texas in the Mountains says:

    Oh, I missed the party, didn’t I. πŸ™ My honey took me out for dinner last night, and the today we went ‘over the mountain’ to find him a grill for Father’s Day.
    I lived in the MidWest for 20 years. It was there I met my hubby, birthed my boys, served in several ministries, and had such a great life. I had the BEST Bible study group & the most WONDERFUL girlfriends that ever existed.
    Then, the LORD gave my hubby his dream job in Wyoming. It has been my nightmare. We’ve been here 4 years and I have yet to meet my ‘Wild Women’; (you know: encourager, exhorter, someone to challenge me in my walk with Jesus, someone to laugh and cry with). My BFF’s from MN and WI still call, bless their loyal hearts, but there is something to be said for flesh and blood sitting across the kitchen table. My hubby and two teenage sons ADORE me. But they don’t “get” me. They don’t want to watch a girlie movie with me. (Hubby will sometimes, but it’s not as much fun when I know he’s merely tolerating it.) They don’t want to sit and have a long lunch and discuss silly things like hair products. Or deep things like feelings. I know I am REALLY blessed, but this little sanguine heart is REALLY lonely. I met a super group of women after LPL in Laramie last May, but Moose Mama is the only one who remembers me. And who could ever forget someone named “Moose Mama?”

  14. 314
    Bethany says:

    Ok, I just have to jump on here one last time before hitting the sack and say that this has been, by far, the most fun post ever!!! I love seeing how all the siestas know each other and how new siestas are getting connected. I love the body of Christ! Nighty night πŸ™‚

  15. 315
    obnursemomma says:

    ok, just made an avatar account and trying it out, hope it’s not too annyoing to post a test comment.

  16. 316
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Howdy! I’m in Colorado w/ my sister and our families-so much fun! She told me how she met you last week at the Denver Deeper Still and you wondered if she was me! We’re trying to eat out in as many great restaurants as we can before heading back to Alaska late tomorrow night. Our little corner of the world may be replete with bear, moose and mountains, but we’re sorely lacking on the “eating out culinary” front. I will only be too thrilled if we can squeeze in a visit to PF Chang’s before boarding our flight.

    In terms of Siestaville girlfriends, well I dearly enjoyed the Siestas I hung out with in Houston in January! And I do kind of consider myself a charter member of the Siestaville PR Department because I’m always inviting other girlfriends in “real time” to join us online!

  17. 317
    J. says:

    Looking forward to church with my friends/ family and then a town celebration (I love small towns!) with my man and kids afterwards. I return to the mission field in a few weeks for 4 more years, so I’m savoring every drop of church in English, time with family, and slices of life in my passport country. Hope you each have a great Father’s Day! πŸ™‚

  18. 318
    Kelli says:

    Hi all, Just wanted to follow up on my previous comment. We are in the midst of IVF- had the second procedure done yesterday so we’re now waiting for two weeks to find out whether or not I’m pregnant. OF course that’s a big prayer request but my main request is to ask you guys to pray for my doctor, Dr. Gina. She’s a Muslim (we’re in Lebanon) and I’ve been able to share with her several times through this whole process. Specifically that we are not concerned about the medical “odds” because we know that God is ultimately the giver of all life. Yesterday after my procedure I was able to give her a pamphlet that our team here had developed for Mother’s Day about God’s love for women. It has several stories from the New Testament about Jesus and how he relates to women. THis is huge here since women are basically second class citizens at best. I was also able to share with the lady in the bed next to me having the same procedure and give her the same pamphlet. SHe actually had IVF last November, got pregnant and lost the baby at 5 months. Please pray for these women especially now that they have the Word of God in their hands. Thanks girls!

    • 318.1
      Rockin' My Freedom says:

      Kelli, I am so proud of you. Just this week I’ve been asking God for more boldness to share Christ with my mom who’s been in ICU for over a month now. You inspire me.

      I’m putting a prayer post-it on my desk that reads “Siesta Kelli-IVF & Dr. Gina.

      Siesta Christian

      • Kelli says:

        Siesta Christian,
        Definitely praying for you and the boldness to share with your mom. Anytime I share (which is not near as often as it should be), I always have to just get over myself and pray that all of Him and none of me comes out- cause Lord only knows how I in my own strength would botch things up! God will speak through you girl- praying for boldness!

    • 318.2
      Kathy B says:

      Lord, please take Your Word and accomplish what You desire and achieve the purpose for which You sent it to the hearts of Dr Gina and the lady in the bed next to Kelli. Please Lord may they know that it is for You that their hearts yearn. Bless Kelli with this new life to love. “Main request” πŸ™‚ I think God might just be bragging on you.

  19. 319
    Rockin' My Freedom says:

    I mentioned earlier today in my post that my mentor (2nd mom to me) was dying of cancer. I didn’t know she would pass TODAY. So what am I doing this weekend? Thanking God for this most special relationship. I had to deliver the news on her “Caring Bridge” website. A comment I made there is actually quite appropriate for what is happening in THIS blog:

    “As I was typing the entry earlier, the name of this site just sort of floated around in my mind. …Caring BRIDGE. –I was reminiscing earlier this evening with one of Mary’s closest friends. We found it amazing how one person, Mary, could BRIDGE so many friendships/relationships all of which never would have formed without her. Think of the friends you have in this community. I wonder if some of the special people in your life are there because of her?”

    Dear Siestas, This applies to our sweet Beth as so many testimonies reflect that very same “Bridge” effect here. Praise God for the friendships represented here…tangible or cyber.

    • 319.1
      Kelli says:

      Love this! It’s a true gift that not many people have. So thankful for you Beth and Amanda and Melissa too and your commitment to this blog community!

  20. 320
    Kelli says:

    Sorry if I’m talking too much- an obvious side effect of bedrest… I’m filling my time this weekend by trying to update my blog- I’m not so good at regular posts. Anyway, I was just able to post about an incredible experience my husband and I had going on a hike in Jordan ( I don’t mention the exact country on the blog for security reasons). I thought of you Mama Beth and all the ladies who joined you in your trip to Israel and the things you were able to see. Because of the country my family and I serve in, I may not ever be able to travel to Israel (we actually refer to it as “Dixie” in our conversations here and tell our volunteers to do the same- Dixie because it’s “down south” from where we are). Sadly it is truly THAT offensive to the people we work among. Anyway, I was so thankful for this hike and the beauty God showed us in this portion of the promised land and I wanted to share it with anyone who might want to come by my blog and take a peek.

    • 320.1
      Kelli says:

      Sorry I meant to say that the post I am referring to is called “Wadi Walk” in case I get on a posting frenzy today (entirely possible)- I don’t want it to get lost in the mix…

  21. 321
    Candace says:

    Today we will all go to my daughter’s house for a Father’s Day potluck, all 25 of us, including my SIL’s family who are visiting from Canada! We are blessed with 12 grandbabies, all living here in CO in the same town…..I never tire of marveling at God’s grace that from the wreck that was our marriage he brought such joy, and we will soon celebrate 42 years of marriage….

  22. 322
    Emily says:

    I met Heather at the Siesta Scripture Memory Celebration. We were fast friends. Hit it off because we were both living far from family and it was new to us. She gave me a ride to the airport which was out of her way. We had a fun lunch together and shopped for a bit. It was so fun meeting a kindred spirit and hitting it off in such a short time.

  23. 323
    beckyjomama says:

    Some of the best friends in my LIFE are on here – and this is WHERE we met. teri~Facedown lives about 20 minutes from me and I LOVE her, Angie Baylis – XOXOXOXO, Dedra (Just a Chick) Herod is my workout/fitness accountability friend and BFF, Melissa @ MCADesigns is my hero in so many ways, Kate Carlson – well she is just the sweetest thing that ever popped up! NikkiPoppins and I share a brain and I love that sweet thing to pieces! Fran Thomas is the most precious person a-stinkin-live!, Dori Cook … well, now I just wanna hug her neck again! Amy Beth is my girl – as much my girl as my two sweet babies are! This could get real long if I keep goin, so let me just say Robyn, Kate, Lindsee, Abby, Jen, Mary, Georgia Jan, Rach, Angie, Connie … I know I am forgettin someone – if it’s you, you know I love you!

    I am BEYOND thankful for this community! Thank you sooooo much for the opportunity to love on these women!

    (PS – YOU, sweet mama Beth, are my Pbff!!!!)

    (PPS – that would be PretendBFF – cause, in my head, you and I are like this … holdin up two intertwined fingers … LOVE ya!)

  24. 324
    Judy Hand says:

    My sister Carolyn and I went to the bar-b-que restaurant in Greensboro last August when Kristi B invited Siestas to meet up there before Deeper Still. We became fast friends there with Lora, Nesha, Judy, Lori, Susan, Haley, DeAnna, and Tammy. Then we met Brittany while waiting in line from 3:00pm in front of the colliseum door. Since then we added Kelly in Houston when we went and prayed on the grounds of LPM headquarters after the Scripture memory team event. Now we keep in frequent contact on facebook, too and some of us are even going to sleep-over at Nesha’s house this August when we attend LPM in Richmond, VA, YAY!!!! Can’t wait. I love you all like real family.

  25. 325
    Ada - Lovin Him says:

    I just love this blog – wish I was a speed reader because it’s rare I can make it through all the comments and I would dearly love to read & respond to them all – don’t know how you do it Beth! I recognize the familiar names and put some faces with them at the Siesta Scripture Team celebration but haven’t met any real friends through the blog yet but count you as a dear friend Beth even though we’ve never met face to face! You are a treasure to me and I always thank God for you.

    I’m in Michigan and the weekend couldn’t be more beautiful – clear sunny skies, beautiful trees and flowers, celebrating the Father of our four children and my man of over 30years and celebrating(long distance) my middle son’s first Father’s day as he is beside himself with joy, awaiting the November birth of our first grandchild!I can get a serious case of PLOM’s disease (poor little ole me) as I mourn how far away that child will be but have to trust God will help me find a way to know and stay connected to that new life.
    Also celebrating the 20th birthday of our third son, Gabe, and the treasure he is to us! Praising God for the perfect job He provided for him and trying not to fret about the restaurant hostess job our 16 yr old, only daughter is just starting – I know clearly God opened the door for this but it’s hard not to worry about my precious, lovely young woman out with the wolves!

    Hope you have a wonderful time fishing with Jackson, enjoying Annabeth, and celebrating the Father of your children! Thanks you so much for sharing your lives, I just love you and your family!

  26. 326
    Rhonda says:

    Good Morning ladies!

    This is the only blog that I regularly visit…….because here I find Real Women……seeking a very Real Jesus!! I also love being inspired/challenged by the great diversity of women and personalities here. I’m a Northern European MN……married[27 yr] to a native born Scandinavian……and we’ve been blessed with 5 beautiful, mostly calm : ) children[11-23] So I enjoy the contrast of the “Moore girls” and every personality I meet here. Even if we never meet……you all have put an exclamation point on my enjoyment of womanhood. God has used this blog and it’s been a beautiful thing!!

    This weekend…………yesterday………coffee with my man……a weekend visit with my sister and lots of chatting : )……plant some flowers…….small projects around the house. My husband manages a farm, so Saturdays are rarely a vacation, just a different pace. The usual Saturday night homemade pizza, …….along with a pie made by my daughter…….mulberry/rhubarb………all while watching a movie together……..lastly fireworks at midnight…..a small show by father and son.
    Today…….we honor the man we call husband and dad with some of his favorite foods and then a treasure hunt to find his favorite food……..chocolate : )

    Thanks girls!! I’ve been on the anvil of life the past few years. Visiting here has often been a breath of fresh air and motivation to keep looking to the One who binds us all together. Blessings from the north!

  27. 327
    valerie says:

    Funny you should mention fishing….last night our family got together for dinner and had fried fish we caught a few weekends ago. My son, daughter & her husband, and our daughter’s inlaws all enjoyed a wonderful evening together last night celebrating Father’s Day. My daughter is expecting our fist grandchild (a boy!!! in Oct.) and she bought my husband, who LOVES fishing, a little Mickey Mouse fishing pole. It even lights up. I know my husband is going to enjoy many fishing dates with his grandson.

    Sorry so long, but I’ve got to mention how the LPM blog has blessed me. I’ve made a ton of great friends through the blog. I’ve been so fortunate to have met several in person. I met Georgia Jan this past Janurary. She is a precious woman.
    I can’t begin to name all who have blessed me, but another precious friend, Melinda drove two hours (one way!!) to meet me last October when I was visiting my niece in Virginia. We had lunch and shopped and had the best time!
    I have become very close friends with a lady I met on the blog. She commented on my blog after I had attended the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio a few years ago. She said she was also from Oklahoma. Long story short, she lives 10 miles from me and is a pastor’s wife AND I have known her daughter-in-law and her family for years. Sherry and I have become such good friends. We meet for lunch often and we both memorized Psalm 139 in 2009 and traveled to the Scripture Memorization Event together this past January. Good fruit is being produced from this ministry!

    Last, but not least I must comment on how blessed I’ve been to have an earthly dad who raised me to love Jesus & to love & grace others. He’s the best dad ever.
    God also blessed me with a godly husband who is also a wonderful father to our children.

    Love to all of you Siestas out there!
    Love you Beth!

    • 327.1
      Emmy says:

      Valerie! I will always hold a special place in my heart for you! You were so precious to pray for my nephew, Chas, after his brain injury in 2008… and you had no idea who I was! Then… how cool was it after all that when we ended up sitting next to each other at the Siesta Fiesta! Only God! : ) So excited about that Grand baby!

  28. 328
    Jene6kids says:

    Loved seeing that picture of Jackson in the boat ready to go!! My little man(5) got to go on a Father/Son camping trip this weekend with my dad(who has waited YEARS to do this…had 3 girls)…….sweetest thing ever to see them pack up their man stuff!! LOL

    We will be trying to celebrate Father’s Day quietly…even since our 6yo son Noah died of leukemia in 2004, these days are tough. There’s nothing like having to visit your child in the cemetary that kind of ruins a Father’s Day….will do my best to make it special for him though.

    I don’t post very often, but I read this blog faithfully and feel that I know some of you and love you!!!

  29. 329

    Hey, Beth…know what you mean about the grands. I have a 12 year old grandaughter who is with me for the summer (from Mobile)and a 4 year old grandson who wants to be here with Sissy but is at home with mom. They both love their Pop and the fishing thing. Lexie caught her first fish about 3 years ago when we were camping and the picture captured all of her excitement and ours. Too precious for words. The pic is in our study as I type! Nothing like the grands! I just wish I had mine more. We moved to Houston 5 years ago and I still miss those “youngins” so. I work around the corner from the LPM offices and am so tempted to drop in some time. Looking forward to the fall Bible Study!

  30. 330
    Miranda says:

    OH my goodness…I don’t know how I do it, but I ALWAYS seem to get in on these fun post so late! I miss everyone’s commenting back and forth. Who is gonna see my comment 555 comments later? Haha!!!

    Well, it doesn’t matter if you girls see this comment or not, but I sure love me some siestas! I have met some of the neatest women on here….some my age (Janice) who came to celebrate her birthday with me in Atlanta and also came to watch me speak at my graduation. Some ladies who have made it clear that I am not to call them “Mrs. so-and-so” because we ARE friends, Melana, LaVonda, Adrienne.

    This could be my favorite…there is one lady who specifically started a “Miranda Brown fan club” and even made me a poster that said it when I met her in Houston and ever since she’s been such an ecouragement to me in the Lord… Lichelle!

    Yolanda, was one of my first Siesta friends, and the cool thing? We both have braces! So we’re always talking about feeling “old” in the orthodontist’s office. Too, we send each other random texts all the time about random things. I love this woman!

    Then the Delightful Siesta Dozen, or whatever it was that Mrs. Jan named us for the Atlanta SLI conference, I had a time with Nikki, Mrs. Karen, Fran, Mrs. Jan, and several more women that were that that you just can’t help but be friends with!

    It is such a great community, I feel like I have friends all over the nation, and I do! Bless the Lord. I’ve had so many seasoned women help teach me, grow me, and expand my love for our sweet Savior.

    I love y’all!!!! Mrs. Beth, I know that we’re meant to sit across a coffee table one of these days and have a laugh fest…. you totally rock.

    • 330.1
      fuzzytop says:

      Love you Miranda. You are such a joy! Rachel says to tell you “hello”! Let me know if you’ll be driving our way on your way to Nashville again soon. It would be so much fun to see you again….


      • Miranda says:

        I am due a trip to Nashville!!! It’s been to long, I will DEFINITELY call you! It will be fun to share a dessert with Rachel again. Ha! Love you!!!!

    • 330.2
      Yolanda says:

      You are THEE most beautiful female w/braces that my eyes have ever landed on!! You have so much heart, that it grows my heart. Our love for Jesus is to be contangious….and I pray that our love for Him and one another is contangious, Girlfriend!!!

      In my eyes….and my heart….you’re a KEEPER!

      • Miranda says:

        You’re a keeper, too!!!! I still love our first time meeting in person…. that was one of the longest hugs ever!!!! Love it. Love it. Love it.

  31. 331
    Michele says:

    weekend hasn’t been going as hoped. sometimes it’s just hard, you know?

    lookout, i feel an “ugly cry” coming on

  32. 332
    Lisa Curtis says:

    My weekend has been filled with loving on our sweet precious 3 week old grandson. I mentioned our daughter delivered twin boys on May 30th and our little Ryder was placed in Jesus’ lap but Wyatt remains with us. Our joy and sorrow seem to continue to overlap. During the weeks before their delivery the Lord would not let this Summer Study of Ruth out of my heart. I had read a bit in the hospital room after the delivery and could not believe what I was reading. Wow, or as you would declare: GLORY. GLORY!!!!!!!!!!! There are 3 other friends joining me for this study and I now only pray that He would equip me to lead. Our time with Wyatt this weekend has been so special and we are looking forward to every minute we spend with him. Much love, Lisa

  33. 333
    Colleen Delbridge says:

    It is 8.30 pm in Cape Town, South Africa. After Church my eldest son cooked breakfast for his dad. I spoke to my youngest son last night. He is in Buenos Aires on a rugby tour. Due home on Thursday – thank you, Father. And we are in the middle of the World Cup Soccer Tournament!
    I haven’t made any friends in Siestaville, YET. I am also so disappointed that I won’t be able to join the Summer Bible Study. Just impossible to get the book here! But, that’s life isn’t it?
    Love you all!

  34. 334
    Linda says:

    It’s Father’s day and my husband it out of the country on business and my teenage children are at work. Standing in the kitchen, I asked my Abba Father how He would like me to spend the rest of the day. I told Him I would sing and dance for Him but I am a horrible singer and cannot dance. He immediately reminded me of the following:

    There is a precious young woman at our church who is childlike. She sings each Sunday with all her heart very out of tune! It blesses me so much because I can’t carry a tune either, although I have always yearned to be able to sing beautifully. One Sunday as our congregation was singing, this precious women’s out of tune voice rose above the rest – that’s when I realized that maybe my out of tune voice is a gift, so that God can hear me out of the rest of the voices that are raised to Him.

    So today as I told Him I would sing and dance for Him if I could, I just felt this gush of His Father love – that He wants to hear me sing to Him today as a Father’s day gift, even if I think I can’t. So through raised arms and tears streaming down my face ( which makes singing even harder). I sang to Him, “I love you Lord and I lift my voice to worship you, O my soul rejoice. Take joy my King, in what you hear, may it be a sweet, sweet song in your ear.”

    Ladies, we have the BEST FATHER ever – join me in singing praises to Him this Father’s day!

  35. 335
    Melody Reid says:

    So glad it’s Father’s Day! My mom and dad and my niece and nephew are coming over to swim and to cook out. Just sent two of my girls to church music camp for the week. Already missing them. Happy Father’s Day to everyone, especially you moms who will be doing all the cooking!

  36. 336
    Michelle says:

    My kids are with their dad this weekend so I’m catching up on sleep and doing some reading. Our women’s group is doing “The Inheritance” (love it! πŸ™‚ so I always preview the next session before we meet so that’s what I’m doing today. Just waiting for the kids to come home.
    And Beth – it’s okay to be a bit of control freak with the grandkiddies – that’s your job! πŸ™‚

  37. 337
    Ola Mae says:

    Not consistent enough to make friends! And I am obviously missing out! Maybe I will change that…:)

    Friday and Saturday my sweet hubby laid Pergo flooring for me in our hallway in our new house!!
    And because he would rather me cook for him than go out to eat. Me and our girls (11 and 8) cooked him a Saturday Steak feast and a Sunday Corned beef feast. Now we are bouncing around between he and our 7yr old son playing video games and watching the World Cup!

  38. 338
    aubrey says:

    We are spending time with our fathers this weekend. DH and I are both lucky enough to still have our fathers with us so we are blessed.

  39. 339
    joyinthejourneys says:

    Hi Beth!
    I’m happy you get your little ones this weekend. πŸ™‚ It’s been so fun reading about how God so uniquely works in all our lives. Here’s how He worked in mine at one special event.

    MEETING people I had read on the blog was what I thought would happen in Houston at the Scripture Memory Celebration.

    I had no idea that I would leave with heart connections.

    I was so thankful for Amy when she said she would give me a ride from the airport. Little did I know when we set up the plan weeks before, that I would get on my plane and hear from the pilot I would not be going to the airport I thought I was going to. She was so gracious with my mistake…and I loved getting to know her and Teresa, my buddy who spoke scripture into my heart and encouraged me through tears as I spoke mine to her.
    Meeting sweet Audrey, our “cruise director” πŸ™‚ and rooming with her was too short, but so great.
    I met Deidre on her blog before we actually met. Her heartbreak drew me to her and I was so hoping she would decide to come. How happy I was to see her across the room Friday night πŸ™‚ I wish I had another weekend to get to know her better~
    I was also lucky to meet your kind daughter Amanda, Bethany, Tami, Bridget, Melissa, and Tracy…and love finding their comments tucked into the many on this blog.
    And I mention Yvonne last…the way God used her in Houston affected me so deeply. This is a woman who shines Jesus like no other woman I have ever met. Yvonne spoke life into my soul and will be my forever friend.

    I’ve heard a few people mention how this community is special, but can feel strange at the same time. Living life in cyberspace is sureal. But God is the great orchestrater…and as many have testified, He can cross people’s paths in whatever way He wishes. I’m so glad I have met the few people, out of thousands, that I have. Divine friendships, for sure~ And even though I didn’t get to meet you, Beth, I’m still hoping our paths will cross someday so I can tell you face to face how much you have helped me grow closer to Jesus.

    I am so grateful for this blog,and an idea to memorize scripture together. I can’t wait for SSMT 2011!!

    • 339.1
      joyinthejourneys says:

      Michellemabell…I had just commented to you somewhere else and didn’t mention you here!! It was such a treat to meet you and your daughter in Houston πŸ™‚

      • joyinthejourneys says:

        and Shana…my minnesota friend πŸ™‚
        That weekend was such a whirlwind for this introvert…I met so many wonderful women!

  40. 340
    Siesta Mary from MN says:

    Hi there!
    I haven’t been on here for awhile and I sure have missed you all…. For me it’s been nothing but work and more work trying to pay bills. Hopefully I’ll get to play soon. I wanted to say Amanda, you are my inspiration as I’ve just joined Weight Watchers! I know I’ll never be quite as lovely as your sweet self, but I hope to be a close second! Grin..
    Love you Siesta Mama and Siesta’s!

  41. 341
    Shelly says:

    One of my many real friends here in Siestaville is Miss Abby Lane Hinton. We started talking to each other 3 years ago when the Lord knit our hearts together. She made the suggestion of meeting at the LPL in Boone, NC. Neither one of us told our Mama’s that we were driving for hours to stay with a perfect stranger (each other) so that we could meet. Meet we did – God was already there waiting on us!
    That dear girl moved to Nashville before Nate and I were even engaged. We constantly text and try to track each other done for the 5 hour coffee dates we’re privileged to have about once a month. I love her to pieces.

    And as for what I did this weekend, I’d have to say the following: I wish someone had been video taping my first time EVER to pot a plant. Nate’s gone, and no bicep weakness in the world was going to keep me from getting it done. I wrestled with that plant, my deck is a mess, and potting soil covered me like I’d rubbed it on, but I got it done πŸ™‚

  42. 342
    Rachael says:

    Had a youth camp this weekend called Creation Camp. It was an awesome time focused on getting back to how God created us to be – free to live life without the guilt of sin weighing us down. We ate without utensils, slept in tents, went rafting (so much fun) and hiked until we couldn’t lift a finger without aching…it was fun!

  43. 343
    Chesney says:

    this weekend the internet was down at my house so i went to Panera, bought a diet Pepsi so they wouldnt kick me out for using their free wi fi without buying anything, and sent messages to all my girlfriends inviting them to join me in joining you for the Ruth study…i want to do something ministry someday and am excited that the Lord has given me a heritage of godly parents so i can start early doing Bible Studies with my high school friends. Praying God will provide a way for the girls to be able to come do it with me!

    ps:our friends have the same boat as you and it is my favorite to go on because although it may be good for fishing, it is EXCELLENT for tanning πŸ˜‰ the big flat front is just perfect!

    love you. dearly.

  44. 344
    Nana J says:

    Well it seems it must be the weekend for babysitting. Our two married children and their spouses left this afternoon for a two night float/camping trip. Papa and I have the three baby granddaughters, ages 4, 2 and 1. Isn’t life grand. Ask me that question Tuesday afternoon when mom and dad come home.
    When you talk about Jackson and Annabeth I understand completely, mine are Ellen, Kate and Sophia.

    Nana J

  45. 345
    Kate Hawk says:

    Good Sunday Afternoon Siestas!

    It’s been a busy weekend! Lots of great family time out at the lake and in the pool…cause it’s so stinkin’ hot here in Virginia!!!

    I’ve also been preparing for RUTH! I need some prayers Siestas!!!! All my contacts, ideas, and friends ideas for babysitters for this study have fallen through. I NEED these sitters, because I have some women who aren’t believers who are seeking with hurt hearts, coming to the study. I know the Power of the Holy Spirit is going to move in mighty ways in these sisters lives…but I need help in the ole’ childcare department!! Our Father is ALWAYS faithful – Amen!!

    Thank you in advance sisters! So looking forward to this time with all of you~

    kate in charlottesville

  46. 346
    Amber Dawn says:


    I have needed some time away with my FATHER and when I found out I had a three day weekend WITHOUT asking, I knew that time was in store. I came up her to ol’ Niagara Falls! NEVER been here and I am loving every second!!!

    I have been pouring over His word…completed a LOT of the Ruth Bible study and have been reading Above the Line part 3 by Karen Kingsbury…

    I dunno if it is possible but that piece of fiction has spoken loads into my life this weekend…

    I have a room with a view of both falls, I am staying on the Canada side, and I am NOT sorry! I have loved lying in the grass, next to a pond with lily pads that are blooming while squirrels and seagulls all approach me. I think they are hoping for a treat but as of yet, I have disappointed them!

    My dad died about 4 years ago and I have been noticing girls and their dads everywhere…I just keep thinking ABBA for being mine!

    God bless you and those precious kiddos! ENJOY!

  47. 347
    Meli says:

    Oh how I wish I could find some Siesta’s in my neighborhood, but I’ve made some friends despite the miles! In fact, I mad a friend (Yolanda) who just happens to live near to where I grew up in Kansas. Now I live in Alaska, so it made me laugh to discover we knew the same places!

    This weekend was a spontaneous trip to Homer (fun little tourist town with spectacular scenery), and back for our outdoor church service and a bbq later with some of my heathen friends! God loves them just as much! Have a great weekend!

    • 347.1
      Yolanda says:

      Melisa, I firmly believe, that God is going to orchestrate our “face to face” time together this side of heaven. I’m so looking forward to that!! Much love, Yolanda

  48. 348
    Emily says:

    Just got in from a few days at the beach with the in-laws. What a wonderful time we had with our 3 boys riding go carts, playing in the pool and on the beach. We ALL look forward to this time every year. Thank you GOD we were able to do it again this year.

  49. 349
    Penny says:

    I am just sitting in my recliner thinking about how blessed I am. I spent the weekend with the ones I love the most in this world. One of our three sons came from Georgia here with his (hope to soon be wife….pray) and two precious kids since Saturday. Chris is his name, and he came to live with us about 10 years ago as our foster son. He had hard times, but was a precious young man who blessed our lives beyond measure. He left our home (not our hearts) when he was about 17. He made a few bad choices then that caused DSS to move him to a children’s home. He later became a single dad and a GREAT one I must add. Since then, he has had a 2nd child with a sweet young women who is a great mother to his first child. After Chris left our home all those years ago, we thought we would never love another child as much as him. Well, God knew better and sent us two more sons. They were 9 and 10 years old when they came to us, and they are now 17 and 18. So, we have a 23 year old, 18 year old and a 17 year old son. My husband, is a precious man and father to all three of them, had the most precious Father’s Day ever sitting in church with all of his boys this morning. Thank you God, my father, for my many blessings, but most of all………….thank you for giving my husband a priceless Father’s Day.

  50. 350
    Beth says:

    This weekend I went on my very first camping trip. We stayed in a cabin, but still it was more outdoors than I ever experienced as a kid. My daughter has been begging to go camping and I wasn’t about to let her go without me. It was fantastic! God certainly smiled on us and blessed us with the most wonderful trip a family could ask for.

    As for friends on here… I normally don’t comment. But I am going to the Beth Moore conference this weekend in St. Louis, so who knows who I will meet. Totally thrilled to go… my name is also Beth Moore and I have been waiting for the opportunity to see the REAL Beth Moore in person.

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