What’s Up This Weekend?

What are you girls up to this weekend? It’s a big Jackson and Annabeth weekend for my man and me. Amanda and Curtis are celebrating their anniversary away till Sunday so we are officially ON in every way. And mighty happy about it. AB’s already down for a nap and Jackson has been helping Paw Paw clean the boat. This was something Amanda and Melissa loved to do when they were little, too. The difference was, the girls didn’t want to actually go fishing in it but mark my word. Little man does. If I’ve heard, “Paw Paw, when I’m a bigger boy…” once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. He melts my heart. I guess Bibby’s going to have to break down and go fishing when that time comes. I don’t think I can bear to take my eyes off of him in real fishing water. We’ll see. Jesus could come back by then. Keith just asked if he could take Jackson with him to the boat store to pick up some supplies. Would you believe I have never let the boy out of my sight when I’ve had him in all this time?? What a danged control freak. Keith put up with me saying, “But can you promise me you won’t let go of him for one single second?” so I guess I’m going to have to give it up. I have butterflies. What an idiot.

I love how so many of us who have been around Siestaville a good long time really have made some true, flesh and blood sister-friends, especially if we’ve attended some of the events. Georgia Jan is one of mine. Same age. Kids same age. Grandkids same age. Been married forever. (None of those are prerequisites for friends but it just throws us years forward into a relationship.) Both love Jesus. Over our happy heads in women’s ministry. Flawed but trying. Anyway, she’ll have her grandboy Zeke this afternoon and we wish like mad we could have them together. They are exactly the same age and they’d have such a big time.

Do tell! Anybody else made a real friend on here? This would be such a fun time to hear about it. If you haven’t had the time or opportunity, just tell me what you’re up to this weekend. Chat a while, Siestas.

I sure love you guys.


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  1. 101
    Sandra says:

    My Dad is coming to town so I get to spend Saturday with him. My parents are actually coming to town to attend their youngest niece’s wedding tomorrow afternoon. My youngest cousin, the one getting married, is younger then my oldest son by two months. After they leave Sunday morning we will be headed down to Roanoke to eat at Babe’s. Our son will meet us there for a celebration. LOVE BABE’S

    I have a new friend from actually the Siesta Celebration, even though we didn’t meet there, we met on Facebook afterwards. Her name is Lichelle. We share the same birthday. We both have son’s named David, both born in November and I think the same year or maybe a year apart. My David lives not too far from her so I hope to meet her soon when I get to go visit him in the months to come. I know we both LOVE to study with Beth Moore.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day. May we all celebrate with God the Father.

  2. 102

    I am actually writing from my blackberry cause I am
    So happy to take a moment to write my response:)

    Georgia Jan a.k.a mama moonflower, was my
    Very first siesta I ever met face to face:)
    Jax LPL:) If u didn’t think I was random enough,
    I held a sign up ” any siestas out there?”
    And Jan said from directly behind me ” I am!”

    Janice Henderson, Fran Thomas,
    Jennyhope, Kate Stoker,
    Pam Case, are ones I am in constant weekly
    Contact with and great for accountability
    On both sides:)

    I am sure I missed many, but just know
    That there are many:) and they all rock:)


  3. 103
    Amy Storms says:

    I did last summer’s study with a siesta I met on the blog. We’re doing Ruth together this summer, too! Love it!

    My parents and in-laws both celebrate 40 years of marriage tomorrow. They were married on the same day, same year. Isn’t that the craziest? And my husband and I celebrate 13 years on Monday. So my weekend is filled with happy anniversaries!

    And speaking of Amanda’s anniversary…my husband and I went to Galveston after the Scripture Memory thing last year, and loved it. (Yes, he came to Houston with me. I made him bring me because I’m directionally-challenged.:))

    Have a great time with your sweethearts!

  4. 104
    Kay says:

    Alas, no siesta friends–yet! Spending this weekend with our youngest at our lake house. Entertaining her college roommate & her family tonight, attending a wedding for another family friend tomorrow and then celebrating my sweet husband on Father’s Day with two of our three kids. Spent an hour yesterday on Skype watching our long-distance almost-two grandson and his folks as they prepare for their beach vacation. There’s just nothing like that sweet little voice calling for his Nana & Papa!!!

    • 104.1

      Kaye — those friendships will happen soon enough!

      And don’t you just adore Skype. We don’t have any grands yet, but looking forward to that part of life.

      • Kay says:

        I can’t imagine how we communicated when long distance phone calls cost so much, mail took days to travel, and plane tickets were always expensive…wow! It’s good to stop and think about what the benefits of technology are now and then. Thanks, Mary, and grandbabies are the bomb!

  5. 105
    Pam says:

    i haven’t actually met any ‘blog’ friends yet, but sure need to! i’ve just become a 100% empty-nester and having a VERY hard time dealing with it…both my grown kids (and new grandson) live in towns too far away from me and i’m just finding it very difficult recovering from the fact that my mommie days are over! i LOVE my dear husband to pieces and am so thankful to have him to help me get through this ‘recovery’ period! πŸ™‚ his fun car is a corvette and he just sent me a text from work that read, “vette trip tomorrow” which means we will be hopping in the corvette and heading off for the day…. somewhere, thankfully! am i the only one here in blog world experiencing this emptynester syndrome and struggling?? anyone got any advise??

    • 105.1
      Martha Salters says:

      Wish I had some good advice for you.. my last chick flew the coop five years ago and I still struggle with it. Like you, I adore my husband and we enjoy being together, but gosh I miss my girls and their noise! They are 32, 30 and 28 now and have blessed me with 6 wonderful grandchildren. I really have a hard time when all or some of them come “home” for a few days and then leave again! The house is just so very quiet. Anyway, no advice but I can commiserate with you!

      • Pam says:

        martha, you sound so much like me…i LOVE THE NOISE when they are all home! and it’s way too quiet when the leave…. πŸ™ my husband and i even joked about offerring to GIVE one of our kids our big ole empty house…whichever one will move back home with us, entire family in tow, can have the house! haha i just miss my mommie days! these young gals need to enjoy their hectic times with the little ones, it goes way too fast! thanks so much for sharing my pain from a distance, at least i know i’m not alone in this world! wishing you joy today!

        • Martha says:

          Good Monday Morning Pam! Nope.. you are definitely not alone! Had my youngest and her family here all weekend. They left yesterday afternoon and this ole house was SO empty again. Thankful that I am getting my two oldest grandchildren Wed for a few days! How far are yours from you? Two of mine are 2 hours away but the 3rd has been 5 hours for the last two years. We got great news a couple of weeks ago though.. they are moving back south! YAY.. so they will all be about 2 hours now. Hope you have a good week! Take care….

    • 105.2

      Pam!! I’m one year out from empty-nest…. and I often feel like the old chick around all these young Mommies. But that’s okay… no advice for you since I’m not there yet, but I do know the Lord has me involved in some incredible new stuff that is keeping me so busy. I feel I’m in this new place and entering a new season.

  6. 106
    Brenda says:

    Hello fellow Siestas!!! I have not officially made any friends on here, but I do enjoy reading the blogs and posting from time to time.
    Tomorrow, my 6-month old and I are going to get Daddy’s Fathers Day card, and get ready for the big day on Sunday! So blessed that my husband is a great Daddy!!!

    Have a great weekend everyone!!

  7. 107
    Carrie says:

    God has been so so good to my family this week. My sweet baby brother (27) had major surgery to remove a tumor on his adrenal gland yesterday (very dangerous) yet he is out of ICU!! Let me repeat out of ICU and is possibly going home tomorrow!! God is so good siestas, even the doctors are shocked out the outcome and how well everything is going!! His sweet little wife (they have only been married 2 1/2 months) has been such a trooper through the last few weeks and she will get to take her man home tomorrow!!
    So all this to say girlfriends this weekend my family is giving Jesus some praise!!!
    I love you all and treasure this group in a way I never thought possible!! Can’t wait to start Bible study next week!!!
    Have a awesome weekend girls!!

  8. 108
    sisterlynn says:

    Hi Siestas,

    I haven’t met any of you in the flesh but I feel I have made some new friends here!

    This weekend is packing and getting ready to go to St. Louis. I will get to spend time with my family and celebrate father’s day a little late and go to the LPL EVENT!!! whoop!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Blessings! Sister Lynn

    Hope eve

    • 108.1
      Bobbie says:

      Sister Lynn, I always enjoy your posts and I wish you a fun, relaxing weekend with your family in St. Louis. You’ll love the LPL event–it’s so awesome how God fills these events with His presence. I hope Travis does ‘In Christ Alone’–my favorite!! Any chance you’ll be do another retreat in Aggieland this year?

      Blessings, Bobbie

    • 108.2
      Yolanda says:

      Sister Lynn,

      I so hope and pray, that I get to meet you face to face this side of heaven. You have encouraged me and caused me to laugh and to cry. You are a gem!


    • 108.3
      Redeemed says:

      Sister Lynn, I SO enjoy reading what you have to say. Have fun in St. Louis!

    • 108.4
      rene sandifer says:

      Hi Sister Lyn,
      I will also be there! Coming from Overland Park, KS!! If you feel comfortable, email me so, that just perhaps, we could say hello!! My email is [email protected] . rene : )

  9. 109
    Debra says:

    Oh how I’d love to have a personal sista friend. My first and only grandbaby is coming and I can’t wait. Have a wonderful weekend

    • 109.1

      OOh, Debra darling you only have to reach out for that friend! God has taken my prayer for friendship and blessed me 1000 fold. I could go on and on about the joys He has poured out on this very unworthy soul, but let me just say that i’m the least of these and yet He sees fit to bless me. Amazing God we serve! amazing!

  10. 110
    Jen says:

    Would you believe I made a friend in the Will-Call line at the LPM Live event in Stockton CA? We chatted for a bit and went our seperate ways, and after the event I found her in the comment section of this blog and felt the Lord pressing me to contact her. That entire week prior to the event, the verse that says the Lord sings over me had been running through my head- so much so that I was talking about it to my mom on the way to the event! Would you believe that Bethany’s blog was called “Singing Over Me” and she was my new friend from the will-call line!? God is SO cool.

    • 110.1
      Bethany says:

      Hello my sweet Jen!!!!!
      I love you girl! Yes, our meeting was amazing to say the least. The way that God has ordained the friends that I’ve met on this here blog has just blown me away.
      I am sooooo thankful for you and can’t wait to spend more time together since we are so close now!
      I’ll give you a call soon πŸ™‚

      • Georgia Jan says:


        Did I meet you in the lobby at the hotel in Houston during the Siesta Scripture Memory Team celebration?

        You are so beautiful!

        Love, GA Jan

        • Bethany says:

          Yes you did Miss Jan!!!!
          It was such a joy to meet you. Our time in the lobby was one of my most favorite of the weekend, I still think about that weekend so much! Thank you for your sweet comment…truly, it means so very much to me as I am not a gal who often feels “beautiful” πŸ™‚
          I just added your blog to my blog list so that I can keep up with you.
          Much love to you!

  11. 111
    Jen says:

    Hey guess who I would like to meet and what I did? I submitted to Oprah’s Facebook Fanpage where a producer asked who would you like to meet in the whole world for a future show. I said YOU!

    You would have died with your name next to oh….thousands of names like the President, Simon Cowell, the Pope, Oprah and Beth Moore!!! Wouldn’t that be great for you to be on her show and give that audience a glimpse of Jesus!! I wrote something fabulous of course about you being a best selling author, teacher…

    So, forget Oprah…I’ll ask you (ask and you shall receive ;)) Can I meet you? How about in St. Louis in a few weeks at your event? I live in Chicago and can get to St. Louis pretty easily. I have 4 kids and finally everyone sleeps through the night, isn’t potty training/nursing and can stay with grandparents without them losing their minds! Haha! I have always wanted to go to your events but always had one child in some season mentioned before.

    I can’t wait to meet you in person! A friend of mine heard you speak at Tyndale about your Insecurity book and she said you just lit up the room and you even called her on the phone to thank her for the gift she gave you. She nearly died by the way! It was very sweet of you…spoke volumes to being “Living Proof.”

    Hugs and Smiles Beth! πŸ˜‰ So how about it?

    • 111.1
      Melissa Ford says:

      Jen that is hilarious! I am going to hear Beth in Richmond this August and have continued to miss her time and time again due to nursing and lack of sleep…oh how I can relate!! We are finally at a place where mommy can leave for a couple of days. Have fun in St. Louis!!

      • Hi Melissa,

        Just wanted to say HI! I too live in Richmond VA and will be seeing Beth this August. Just got my bracelet in the mail today so excited!

        Are you doing the summer siesta bible study on Ruth? If you don’t have a group I’ll be hosting one at my house would love it if a fellow siesta from the blog joined in πŸ™‚

        ~Amanda Taylor
        [email protected]

        • Melissa Ford says:

          Hey Amanda!
          I got my bracelet this week too!! I almost cried when I saw it…crazy but true. I’m doing the online Ruth study w/ my sisters (one is in MI and one is in UT) it will be a very low-key approach b/c we are all kind of new at liking each other at the same time. Maybe I’ll see you in August!!

    • 111.2

      Jen – you’re post so made me smile! I don’t usually post comments but had reply to yours. I can totally relate to the seasons of children you were talking about. I just completed the “season of nursing” with my youngest. He actually went to a couple Beth Moore Bible studies (one study & one simulcast) tied to me with a Moby wrap! However, I’m headed up to Lexington (I live in SC) in August to hear Beth without him attached! πŸ™‚

      • HoosierMama says:

        I will be in Lexington, too. I’m so excited as it will be my first LP event. Many blessings !

  12. 112
    Kay S. says:

    This has sorta absolutely nothing to do with your post today, but I just wanted you to know that I have listened to your “Jars of Life” CD over the last 2 days (intently!)and Our Mighty God lifted me plumb up to smiles-ville from head to toe on that one. I needed it Beth. Been empty. Been settling for fine. Got me some “wine” over that teaching. “Anybody get what I’m talking about?” πŸ™‚ I love ya so much. Praise God!

  13. 113
    Tina says:

    Haven’t really met anyone new…but I’m new to the whole blog thing. As far as this weekend, we started it off with a bang watching Toy Story 3 at Studio Movie Grill for lunch today. We all LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! Even my big teenage girls. Then we will swim and hang out in the pool. (I mean what else can you do when it’s so HOT outside!) Also, probably the youngest will beg her daddy to go fishing:) She begged him last weekend and they got up early to do that before we left for out of town trips. That just tickles him to death since we are all girls but him. We will also be taking our man out for Father’s Day. Probably a big steak since that’s his favorite meal and giving him gifts since he so deserves it! Happy Happy Father’s Day!!

  14. 114
    tngirl says:

    I’m at the beach! There is absolutely no place on earth that I found I would rather be! We got to see the most spectacular thunderstorms yesterday. Lightening strikes in the ocean. God just put on the best show…my other favorite thing is a good thunderstorm! Heading home tomorrow to be with my man for father’s day!

    Love the blog, love to read the comments…haven’t connected individually with anyone to this point! But pray when you siesta’s ask for me too! πŸ™‚

  15. 115
    Vera says:

    I am preparing and serving lunch to 400 people at church on Sunday, while my dear husband is in Beijing on business, (he will celebrate Father’s Day with our son who is also in Beijing doing an internship), my youngest is on a mission trip in N. Ireland and my oldest takes it easy midway through teaching summer school in Houston! Putting that down on a comment makes it seem more ominous than it really will be…

  16. 116
    Alexia says:

    My big event is finishing up preparations for my sons upcoming wedding July 3. I am also working this weekend to fill in the gap where my nurse coworkers need to be with their families. Hopefully on Sunday my siblings and I are celebrating Father’s Day with our 80 year dad, my 6 children will be with their father.

    Friends are one of the most important parts of my life, however; many of my closet friends have moved away or moved on to different churches and after my divorce 10 years ago, the relationships have dwindled. There is a huge void and lonelieness that accompanies this, so I work harder to avoid the pain. I so much thought I meet very close friends on here(but have not yet) and maybe even Beth, (we have girls the same age and granchildren), but I know this is probably a dream. Sometimes I just think I’m not normal even though I am one of the sweetest ladies and love the Lord my God with all my heart. Ladies in Siestaville I need you and love you bunches.

  17. 117
    Sherry says:

    This weekend we are going to church camp. We have over 100 kids. 8 girls cabins and 4 boys cabins. Yes cabins. No air or heat or tv or cell phones or video games. Nothing to distract from God. The kids absolutely love it. My husband is the head cook. Homemade biscuits & gravy, eggs, fresh fruit every morning. Full lunch and dinner! That’s my man! I do the Tribe games. We divide the kids up into the 12 tribes of Israel and they compete against each other in various games all week. They get extra points if they memorize the bible verses and this year they will get super extra points if they learn the names of God! So, that’s what my family is up to this weekend and next week. Hope you have fun with the grandkids!

  18. 118
    Fran says:

    Oh sweet Beth….I could write a book on the real live deep amazing precious BEST friends I have met all because of this blog. You know there is a bunch of us in the southeast across TN, AL, GA…etc etc and we have met, laughed, cried, texted, emailed, called, prayed, laughed the whole nine yards. Its the real deal Beth. The real stinkin deal.

    I love way too many to count or name accurately without hurting peoples feelings of leaving someone out but I’m thankful to every last one of them who are here for me in a minutes notice to encourage and do life with.

    I’m so blessed. We have some real life fun outside this blog and God is just blessing us all left and right in these friendships.

    I love all these girls so very much. You know who you are!

    • 118.1

      Mascara running meetups…one thing to add,
      meeting siestas are amazing, but it’s like cheesecake;
      you can never really take in it all because
      it’s so beyond awesome:)
      and we could all spend more than a wknd together
      and it wouldn’t feel like enough time,
      which is why it’s clear these are God given

    • 118.2

      Fran — I love you! I was thinking the same thing…. oooh, what if I leave someone out?
      You are a darling thing! Love your heart more than you will ever know! And love the rest of you too!

    • 118.3
      Yolanda says:

      Fran, I feel the way you do, so many sweet and precious ladies and not wanting to hurt feelings. So it looks like I wrote a book! YIKES!! Enjoy those boys and the grocery bills. I remember those days, and now our son lives in Florida…a long long way from home. Love to you!

    • 118.4
      Kelli says:

      We live overseas but will be in TN and GA starting this fall for 10 months- would love to be able to connect with some of you!

      • 3GirlsMom says:

        Well, you just come on and join our little SouthEastern community! We are glad you’re headed to our neck of the woods. (I’m from Alabama, but it’s all relative, right?)

      • Kathy B says:

        Hey Kelli,
        Would love to hear about your travels. I’m northeast of Nashville and oh, so easy to find.

    • 118.5
      NikkiPoppins says:

      Fran! I will never forget the first time we met in SA…good times were had and they have just kept on a comin’! I loved road trippin with you to SIL! Love you lots!

    • 118.6
      Georgia Jan says:

      Yes – we know who we are and we love you Frannie! You were one of the best helpers EVER at the LPM Product table at So Long Insecurity!!!

      We sold out of “that session” of Beth’s Proverbs study because of YOU!!!

      I will laugh out loud just thinking about it!

      Love you friend!

      Your mother-of-sons-older-woman-mentor-friend,

      • NikkiPoppins says:

        Mrs Jan, you totally made ME laugh out loud with this comment. I was there for the big selling of “that” session by the one and only Mrs Fran! It was great fun!

      • 3GirlsMom says:

        Laughing at Fran selling OUT “that session” too! I was working the credit card machine for that one!!! She was LPM employee of the month that day! πŸ™‚
        Love you all – Fran, GJ, Mary, Nik…..SO thankful for you!

    • 118.7

      I wish I had read this before I named names…lol…’cause as I continued to read other comments I realized I left people out. You are so sweet Fran, I’m glad I got to meet you.

  19. 119

    I have met many friends on here….in fact, I think most of the people I know so well today, I met because of Amanda and beginning this blog! Thanks, Amanda!! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your Fella!

    One friend, Bev, invited me to a Life Today taping and didn’t even know me. Now she treats me like a dear friend and daughter. Every mother’s day I get a card from her…and it means the world to me, since my own mother is so broken she can barely bless anyone. I was so afraid I’d lose Bev to cancer last year, but praise God, she is in remission.

    Also, I am so tickled to be able to meet one friend from here this September–Dori! We even sponsored her nephew as a cadet here in Colorado. And Dori and I have talked on the phone and prayed on the phone. We’ve shared so much! And now, we get to meet in real life…may I say, I am so grateful for this community? I love you all.

    And Mrs. Jan? She’s my friend, too. I love her. And I have been blessed by her wisdom and love. I am a better person for knowing her.

    I could write a novel…and have–ha! Blessed weekend to you, Beth!

  20. 120
    Happy Heart says:

    I just finished up our VBS! I fell madly in love with thirty three rising fifth graders. I totally loved the theme this year! The music and dancing were the best ever. At last count I believe we had 39 get saved. I got to pray with a girl in my group today! If you get a chance go over to my blog and read their questions for God.

  21. 121
    Melissa says:

    Not yet! Am new to the blog, but not new to “Beth studies”! Would love to make some new friends! Peace and Blessings everyone!

  22. 122
    Sherry Macy says:

    Just finished the Esther study today at lunch with a friend, so my weekend will be glowing with God’s providence thoughts.

    Clearing out the storage locker of an older friend who suffers from dementia. She never married or had children, so all of her tangible memories are in my possession. I pray for wisdom about what is important to keep for her memorial service. It’s quite a sad mission, actually, so the God’s providence thoughts will carry me through.

    Thanks for asking.

  23. 123
    Melissa says:

    p.s. Going to have “girls’ night” tonight with a group of dear friends with whom I’ve been doing “The Patricarchs” study. One friend just put in a pool and it is HOT in West Tennessee so we are in for some swimmin and gigglin! Good times!

  24. 124

    mmm….have I made any friends on here?
    Well I did meet a siesta in the flesh when we were doing scripture memory and posting our cities. I live in a place she comes to frequently and when she does she attends the same church as I do. So one day when I was in church, this sweet beautiful lady walked up to me and said …are you Michellemabell? It was too funny.
    I don’t see her often, but we both attended the Scripture memory celebration. It was nice to know someone there and whenever she is in town visiting.
    I also met Traci/joyinthejourney through this blog and got to meet her at the Scripture Memory Celebration too!
    There are so many other women that I love to read on here or on their blogs, jennyhope for sure comes to mind; and CarollivinforGod and fuzzytop, moosemama, and the beach bug, Redeemed, oh and many others.
    So I don’t know if this really counts as friends but one thing for sure, this blog is and has been a blessing to me!

    Have a great weekend.

    michelle in VT

    • 124.1

      To Michellemabell this is CarollivinforGod
      as I read the comments and came accross yours a dong came to mind
      Friends Are Friends Forever
      I do not know whos sings that
      But when I saw my name mention my heart leaped for joy I will be your friend forever Thank You Lord for these Dear Seista’s Lord bless each one of them and Lord Rock there world .
      Love you seista Michellemabell
      I made a new friend this a.m.


        Whoops that should have read song
        Iwas thinking of my dog when I wrote that I had to give her treats and she was right here looking at me like please lady get off that darn computer and give me my treats LOL .
        Sorry for the mis type

        • Redeemed says:

          And CAROLLIVINFORGOD, Hi there! Obviously I understand the whole “dog” thing…mine is usually sitting at my feet waiting for the computer to ‘ding’ off so he can get his walk! πŸ™‚

        • Carol,
          You are so sweet and an inspiration.
          I hope you have a great day!
          I also get the dog thing too. haha What a blessing dogs are!


    • 124.2
      Redeemed says:

      Michelle! I always recognize your name and posts! Good to see you on here!


        I just had to hop on here again this is great to see all the seista’s respond to each other and welcome each other. I love this blog and by the way I feel like I am part of the Moore family as well thank you seista mama for welcoming us seista’s into your life .
        Can you you just picture what heaven will be like with all of seista’s we will just keep chatting till our heart is content.
        This is to Redeemed love your name , love the picture of your dog mine is a lab to and some dalmation in her and boxer and she is chocolate
        she is the best dog but is getting up there in age she is very spoiled I could go on and on about her.
        Anyway thanks for understanding the dog thing they are smart.
        Have a blessed day seista redeemed.
        There is a song that pop into my head now
        Let The Redeemed of the Lord say so talk talk about, I am not ashamed I am not ashamed Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so.
        Love Carol

        • Redeemed says:

          Love that song! Love Travis Cottrell’s “Jesus Saves”, too.
          “The redeemed will sing forever….Jesus saves!”
          Really, we’re ALL redeemed!
          Have a wonderful day!

      • Thanks Redeemed!
        Have a blessed day!

    • 124.3
      joyinthejourneys says:

      I was so excited when you stood up in Houston in the back of the room and shouted out “VERMONT”!! I knew it had to be Michellemabell :)I had wanted to meet you since finding your blog and reading your writings…so honest and thought-provoking!!! I’m so glad we could talk a bit and just wished there was more time in that weekend! It went too fast πŸ™

  25. 125
    Kim B. in AZ says:

    I have not met anyone with the exception of Amanda. In fact I am not even sure anyone would even recognize my name. I know a bit insecure. I have been reading the blog since June of the first year it was started. I also went to the San Antonio. I attended the one big celebration after LPM. I was not able to do any of the other events or to attend the memory event last year. Sure wish I could have.

    This weekend is just a normal one for us. Which means we have youth group tonight, getting reading for Sunday. On
    Sunday we have church and bible study. So this PW is going to be busy with ministry. I will probably do some thing creative and clean house. We have all 4 kids at home which we are totaling loving.

  26. 126
    Spiritmom says:

    Well….we had big weekend plans with NO KIDS, but just found out my 13 year old son has a baseball season ending shoulder injury. He is so devastated (just made all stars last week!), and I can’t bear to leave him. We’ll just order lots of pizza and watch funny movies and try and make him laugh. Prayers would be appreciated if any of you think of him…

  27. 127
    Yolanda says:


    It has been such a joy for me and my heart the friendships that I have come away with, due to the LPM Blog. Like your relationship with Georgia Jan, I’ve been so blessed with one super duper extra close Girlfriend, Beth. She and I made a point to meet up on Vacation last summer, as we’d already been communicating via phone calls, text messages, the U.S. mail and e-mails. The reason…because we were going to meet up at the SSMT celebration. We also were going to be room-mates, and it did NOT dissapoint. We just know, we are Girlfriends for life!

    Other’s that I have had the honor to meet correspond with are:

    Pamela, Rachel, Misty, Valerie, Kristen, Deborah, Georgia Jan, Emmy, Miranda, Cristina, Janice, Nancy, Lichelle, Patty, sorry, but I just have to say this entire name, because it just so goes together….LORA LOVIN OSBORN, Sharon, Lisa, Debbie, Nesha, Adrienne, Melana, Kate, Sherry, Lisa the Preacher’s Wife, Fran, Nikki, Becky Jo, Jenny Hope, Robyn, Lavonda, Angie & Angie, Brittney, Abby, Leah, Teri, Lindsee, Karen,Cindy, Kari Ann, Kim, Molly, Tiffany, Holly & Holly.

    Many of these ladies, have become more than just acquaintances. We call one another, we mail notes & cards, we love one another deeply and ask one another to pray.

    It is also such a joy to come together again after our first meeting, because it is like a big reunion. I pray that those of you that haven’t been able to meet some of the others here at Siestaville, that God would see fit to allow that to happen for you in the very near future.


    With love,

  28. 128
    Amy says:

    This weekend I’ll be puttering around and setting up for the coming of our firstborn little one. πŸ™‚

    I haven’t been able to connect any flesh-and-blood faces to the fabulous Siestas on here yet, but a couple weekends ago I almost thought I had, Mama Beth! I was reading through So Long, Insecurity at the bookstore and started on a story that sounded oddly familiar… in a “wow, I didn’t know that happened to anyone else!” way.

    Well, I got finished reading the paragraph and it suddenly hit me like a brick wall that the story was MINE. No one else could see what I was reading but I jumped about a mile high in my seat and blushed up to my ears. πŸ™‚

    So there you go… though I haven’t been able to make it to any gatherings, I’ve certainly visited Siestaville outside this blog. And almost made friends with my own reflection on the printed page.

  29. 129
    Michele says:

    Well, I’m waiting on my husband to get home from Middle School Camp (he’s a youth pastor). I’m sure he will be ready for some rest, but I can’t wait to see him!!!

    Other than that, we will probably go watch some of our youth in a tennis match tomorrow and then get ready for teaching Sunday school on Sunday. Then, the countdown begins for our high school mission trip to NYC in a couple of weeks! (i get to go on that trip) Can’t wait πŸ™‚

    As for finding a siesta friend, I’m not very good at posting often, so I haven’t met anyone specifically. But I love this whole community! I love that I can still feel a part of this group. Miss Beth, when you write, it seriously feels like I can hear you talking out loud. I love it!!! You crack me up πŸ™‚

  30. 130
    Julie says:

    We are transforming our church into a “High Seas Adventure” to get ready for Vacation Bible School on Monday!!

  31. 131
    Sweet Anonymous says:

    Dear Siesta Mama,
    I am working all weekend and trying to keep my head above water. My health is falling apart and I’m so scared. But I’m hanging on to Jesus with all I’ve got. The scripture God’s given me is from Deuteronony 33:12 Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him, for He sheilds him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders. Isn’t Jesus awesome…Love you Siesta Mama

    • 131.1
      sepik-meri katie says:

      wish we could all lend you a hand this weekend and take care of you! “he who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty”… may He tuck you in under His wing and be your Rock!

    • 131.2
      Melissa Sue says:

      Psalm 73:26 (NIV)

      “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

  32. 132
    Laura says:

    There is a group of siestas that we met when you did the 1st Kelly Minter bible study..we started our own forum and there was a group of ladies that got together last July. I haven’t been them IRL yet but I feel like I know them..We chat on our forum and just are such an encouragment to each other. All because of bible study we’ve been brought together..GOD is so good!
    I love you girls! Debbie, Linda, Kim, Sheryl, Julie, KB, and so many more..
    I’m doing the Breaking Free Updated Version and wow GOD is doing some great things in my heart. Its with a group of ladies that I don’t even know. The leader is one of the nurses that I work with.
    I love Living Proof Ministries and excited what GOD has in store for us all.

    • 132.1
      ULCARDSFAN says:

      Love you too Laura and our “meeting” via the NOG Study on the Siestas for Him forum was certainly a GOD THING. We have laughed, cryed, prayed together and 6 of us were lucky enough to meet in the flesh last June in Gatlinburg. Thanks Beth for giving us this opportunity.

  33. 133
    Karen says:

    Tonight and tomorrow my church choir is going to be recording a CD. Sunday I am going to go to church, record the Indy Car race at Iowa, and then either Sunday or Monday I will watch the race.

  34. 134
    Monica says:

    My man has been in Bolivia leading a missions trip this week, so I spent the week at my in-laws so they could love on the kids. (Voluntarily, I might add – I hit the jackpot in in-laws!) We returned home today and are going to spend the rest of the weekend getting ready for Daddy’s return on Sunday morning, where we’ll celebrate Father’s Day properly, by surprising him with some amazing new photos of his beautiful children!

  35. 135
    Nicole says:

    I will be spending my 2nd weekend in a 35 day RV trip with my man and 5 kiddos! What an adventure! We have been to Palo Duro Canyon, Grand Canyon, Santa Barbara, the Redwoods and now in Crescent City,CA. This weekend we should land in Oregon and then head back through Yellowstone then Mt Rushmore. While it’s all been beautiful, I will be delighted to step foot back in the hot, glorious state of Texas!

    Funny story, yesterday we stopped at the Trees of Mystery where a huge Paul Bunyan and Babe his blue ox greet you. A guy talks to you from inside the store as the giant Paul is really talking. He asked my kids where we were from and they shouted Texas. He proceeded to ask them to finish this song, “The stars at night are big and bright…” Well I was scared they would shame me and not know the rest so I belted it out..right there in front of a big crowd! I think my man was slightly embarrassed πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful weekend with your two precious babies!

    • 135.1
      Sharon says:

      What a fabulous trip!!! two years ago my man and I did the coast of Oregon down into the Northern California redwoods. and GOD provided us with a convertible!!! What a trip! I highly recommend a convertible for the redwoods. Such a draw dropping view of God’s creation.

  36. 136
    Karla says:

    I am so excited for the weekend. I have a date with my hubby tomorrow night to see the Broadway show Beauty and the Beast. My hubby is willing to go even though he know people will be dancing around and bursting into song. I am so very blessed.

    Beth, I pray you will have a wonderful weekend with the kids and that they would minister to you even more then you can to them.



  37. 137
    Melissa says:

    I have been enjoying the blog for about a year now, but this is my first post. Excited about joining in the Bible study this summer as I am away from home.
    This weekend I am work the Secret City Festival in Oak Ridge TN with TN State Parks. We have an information booth and are programming with an Eagle, Owl, and Red Tailed Hawk. If anybody is in the area stop by and see us.
    I am really glad I found ya’ll, thanks for all the sharing you do it’s an encouragement!

  38. 138
    Bobbie says:

    This will be a quiet weekend for my man & I–however, we spent a week in Colorado with our son and on to California with our daughter and their families the last week of May and first week of June. It’s so hard to live so far from our grandgirls, but he loved his time with all of them and we’ll celebrate the wonderful “HeyHey” he is by long distance!! Now is when I wish we had a pool–it’s HOT in Aggieland this week!

    I’ve met/corresponded with several of our Siestas since the beginning of Siestaville, just wish we lived closer. Beth you’re an amazing woman of God, connecting so many of us who love Him and benefit greatly from your teaching. I look forward to meeting many more!!

    Have a great weekend with Jackson & Annabeth!

  39. 139
    Heidi says:

    We are doing respite care(watching foster children for another foster family for them to have time down) for 3 children beginning this weekend for a week. My oldest (16) is having a couple of friends over tonight. Three of my children are leaving right after church Sunday to go caving/canoeing with their youth group. I hope to do some weeding in the garden. Some of us may go and help clean out a new building our church recently acquired for mission field work since it’s due to open in a couple of weeks. My husband is going to have a cook-off with some of our children on Sunday. The children actually LOVE it. It gives them a chance to cook as well as be judged by other family members. Their creativity never ceases to amaze me yet it’s scary too LOL!

  40. 140
    Michelle Harrell says:

    I haven’t been part of Siestaville long enough to make friends, and I’m technologically challenged and wouldn’t know how to put a picture of myself on here if I had to save my life!! But, praise God, I have many precious friends but 2 that have been around since I was very young. They are dear to my heart and we’ve come a very long way in Jesus together!
    This weekend, I am making a KRISPY KREME BREAD PUDDING for my man and my father-in-law for Father’s Day! It’s my man’s favorite dessert! Slap some frozen vanilla yogurt on it and it’ll make you want to slap your grandma!!
    The Fireman’s Lady

  41. 141
    April says:

    Well lets see!!! I am NOT new to the Blog sadly though I did fall off the bandwagon for awhile there and didnt check it. We are military and just PCS’d to Ft. Leonard Wood in MO ( that being a shock cause we are Air Force being stationed at a Army installation ) Our plans our to enjoy the family. Thinking about going to the movies to take my 3 girls to see the new Toy Story 3 and maybe a picnic with the family….of course we will celebrate my awesome Husband on Father’s Day!!! I am bias but he truly is the BEST FATHER EVER!!!!!!

    BTW I just love seeing pics of you Grandbabies and your family in general. The Lord has blessed you so much. I also have to say that I am reading So Long Security and I cant put it down. It is sooo awesome. I am learning as I am reading that i have actually struggled with insecurity in areas that I didnt even know I did……God Bless you Beth and I hope that Amanda and Curtis have a great celebration and that you enjoy your time with Annabeth and Jackson!!!


  42. 142
    Angie says:

    I am a mom of two young boys, and I LOVE grandparent weekends. Grin.

  43. 143
    moosemama says:

    Have I made any REAL friends here???? HA…

    Most are friends I’ve met in real life at different events…some, more than once, and I love them!!! Some I have gone to visit and stayed in their home, some have visited me. And some are ones that I can’t wait to meet but we have texted, fb’d, chatted on the phone or emailed, or….well, you get it… They aren’t just names to me. They are women I love!

    Let the list begin…

    Adrienne, Tiffany, Lavonda, Kathryn, Yolanda, Molly, Holly, Nikki, Patty, Georgia, another Georgia, Lora, Valerie, Nesha, Miranda, Angie, Lori, Karen, Janice, Kim, another Kim, Fran, Hollie,……

    Oh Beth….there’s so many…it just makes my heart so happy. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It doesn’t matter where I think of …I know a siesta there.

    Of course it helps that I have this Moose πŸ™‚ Cuz otherwise I’m so shy….hahahahahaha


  44. 144
    Snowbyrrd says:

    I am writing a paper for one of my summer classes. I have been going to school for what seems like forever. Looks like I am finally getting close to the end. My husband is at the hunting cabin(shack)getting ready for next season and my daughter is at work. Both dogs are in the living room floor being lazy and I am enjoying the quietness of the house. So that’s my weekend. Thanks for being a blessing to us!!

    p.s. I am looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham, Alabama, in December!!

  45. 145
    Lacey C. says:

    99.9% sure that we are selling our minivan tomorrow – PRAISE HIM! What a sweet relief that will be – you have no idea! I was supposed to work, too, but I have an insane virus and am just now sitting up in bed for the first time all day (7:30pm). So no work tomorrow. Just resting while my wonderful hubby takes the reins with the kids for a while.

  46. 146
    AbbyLane says:

    well hey lady lady! i’m doing the same as you this weekend!! i have my nanny kids, twin 3 1/2 year old blonde haired/blue-eyed girls, this weekend while their mama has a show! they are a mess and i adore them (most people in town think they are mine when we go out, and i just smile and nodd….i’d claim them any day) but they do drive me a little bananas on occasion. :o) it is an odd thing to be a mom during the day (having no children of my own) and then be a single 25 year old at night and any rare weekend i have off. i almost forget what people my age do. πŸ˜‰ we have a full day of craziness planned tomorrow complete with a birthday party for one of my other nanny children (i have 4 full time) who just turned one!

    and blog sisters?! i think you know my first ever, favorite, and most special siesta to me–Shelly…i will never be able to thank God enough for that woman. she is such a gem. i steal her anytime i can when that Nate is out and about with you fine people. my last roommate and i (‘nikki poppins’) met on this very blog as well! and mentors out the wazoo–i can’t even go there. too many precious faces to name.

    going for a run before duty calls!!! have fun, mama! :o)
    love you lady…

    • 146.1

      I wish God allowed teleportation:)

      Abby, Shelly and myself were the three youngest
      of the siestas in the beginning.
      Shelly was the first to my blog,
      met sweet girl at DS sept, who blessed my heart
      by askin about my mom
      right away; and sweet Abby I
      met at SLI- which I didn’t even need to
      introduce myself- thx Abs:)
      planning my TN trip
      for next spring to try to see everyone
      (since most of my favs are in TN)

    • 146.2

      Hey there sweet Abby Lane! You know I adore you and claim you has my third girl child!!

  47. 147
    kathy armstrong says:

    Beth, Enjoy, have Fun with these precious grandchildren, I can’t think of a better gift than to “babysit” for the parents- I am fortunate to have many girl friends who have been friends for over 40 years- yes, we have experienced life together(heartaches,children’s issues, loss…..), amazingly we are all married to our original husbands- Your ministry has been a great encouragement to me- I consider all of you a great blessing and Sisters in Christ- Much appreciation Kathy, Austin

  48. 148

    Well my weekend started Thursday I went uo to Jemez Nm to go fishing I love to fish and eat the fish they sooooooooo soooooooo good on the grill yum yum.
    Anyway I always call my mom on fathers day and tell her happy fathers day because she has been my mom and dad since my dad was never there for us.
    Also before my dad passed away a couple of yrs ago him and I had been talking for about 1yr before he passed on he never lived in the town I live in so I never saw him but maybe a couple of times thru my life. Anyway I will get off of that subject.
    I have not met any seista’s here in person but I feel if I ask for prayer I have 100’s of seista’s praying for me at that moment.
    So I feel like I have a ton of sister’s here on this blog in Christ.
    I have emailed a few seista’s like seista OC
    and another one in Oklahoma can’t remember her name.
    Anyway all you seista’s out there have a blessed weekend
    Happy Anniversary to Amanda and Curt
    Happy Weekend to Bibby and Paw Paw watching the grandkids
    I am sure you all rock being grandparents
    and are awesome grandparents
    I am sure Jackson and Annabeth are enjoying themselves
    you all have fun.
    Bless you all
    Love you sweet seista mama


  49. 149
    Jeanne Messer says:

    Hello Beth, I have not been on here very long…maybe only a few weeks. So I have not met any people/friends, YET! Since recently moving to Hawaii from the St.Louis area, it has been hard to meet others. When I discovered your blog, I felt like I had been reconnected with the outside world!!! Even though I left a great group of ladies in Illinois(which is where we lived, but only about 12 miles from St. Louis), I have not really found that connection here in Hawaii, so this blog is helping to fill a void.

    I have done almost every one of your studies and have led quite a few. I met you in Germany in ’98 when you came to do a women’s conference there. You spent about 45 minutes talking and praying with/for me. Since then, I have felt more drawn to God and His word, as you said at that conference that all we have to do is ask for the LORD to give us a hunger for His word and He will. Praising HIM, that is what He done for me. HE also started calling me into women’s ministry there in Germany, despite my fears and young age. Even though I am only 37, I have now been involved in Women’s ministry to adults and youth girls since then.

    As far as what I am doing this weekend.
    1st I am recovering from taking my 10.5,9, and 7.5 year old children to the midnight showing of TOY STORY 3. We normally don’t let our kids stay up this late but we made an except to take them to the very showing of this movie. Since I homeschool, it was such a treat for them to be able to this as a family activity,even if it was so late. They have literally been counting down the time for 18 months. MUST SAY, it was a great movie but the 3-D
    made me sick. haha. We are also having some friends of my kids spend the night tonight(Friday) and my Wonderful Man is going to watch all 5 of the kids in the morning so that I can go to the Hawaiian swap meet with a girlfriend of mine. The Hawaiian swap meet is like a big outdoor market/flea market where all kinds of things are sold/traded(including live animals.) Then on Sunday, we will attend church and celebrate FATHER DAY’s for my amazing man/dad.

    Thanks for your posts and encouragement. I am looking forward to finding and meeting some friends from this blog.
    Teaching for HIM,

  50. 150
    Laura says:

    I am new to this blog, and to blogging in general, but I couldn’t think of a better group to join. Women seeking God and trying to do the thing right. I praise God for all of you Siestas. My boys (10 & 7) and I will be at the park most of the weekend. We have 3, maybe 4, games to play (baseball/softball). Spending Father’s day with my dad and the taco man πŸ™‚

    Hope you have a great weekend Siestas!

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