What’s Up This Weekend?

What are you girls up to this weekend? It’s a big Jackson and Annabeth weekend for my man and me. Amanda and Curtis are celebrating their anniversary away till Sunday so we are officially ON in every way. And mighty happy about it. AB’s already down for a nap and Jackson has been helping Paw Paw clean the boat. This was something Amanda and Melissa loved to do when they were little, too. The difference was, the girls didn’t want to actually go fishing in it but mark my word. Little man does. If I’ve heard, “Paw Paw, when I’m a bigger boy…” once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. He melts my heart. I guess Bibby’s going to have to break down and go fishing when that time comes. I don’t think I can bear to take my eyes off of him in real fishing water. We’ll see. Jesus could come back by then. Keith just asked if he could take Jackson with him to the boat store to pick up some supplies. Would you believe I have never let the boy out of my sight when I’ve had him in all this time?? What a danged control freak. Keith put up with me saying, “But can you promise me you won’t let go of him for one single second?” so I guess I’m going to have to give it up. I have butterflies. What an idiot.

I love how so many of us who have been around Siestaville a good long time really have made some true, flesh and blood sister-friends, especially if we’ve attended some of the events. Georgia Jan is one of mine. Same age. Kids same age. Grandkids same age. Been married forever. (None of those are prerequisites for friends but it just throws us years forward into a relationship.) Both love Jesus. Over our happy heads in women’s ministry. Flawed but trying. Anyway, she’ll have her grandboy Zeke this afternoon and we wish like mad we could have them together. They are exactly the same age and they’d have such a big time.

Do tell! Anybody else made a real friend on here? This would be such a fun time to hear about it. If you haven’t had the time or opportunity, just tell me what you’re up to this weekend. Chat a while, Siestas.

I sure love you guys.


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  1. 1
    Casi says:

    This weekend we’re in recovery mode as the 10-year-old just returned from preteen camp at Mt. Lebanon. My man picked her up and I’ve already gotten a tearful phone call indicating that “he won’t leave me alone and keeps telling everyone I didn’t do the zip line.” This leads me to believe a 36-hour nap is in order.

    After that, who knows? We’ll be lovin’ Jesus and celebrating the dads in our lives!

    • 1.1
      Brittany says:

      As one of the shepherd-leaders at Mt. Lebanon this week, I too am in recovery mode this weekend. But what a blast we had! There is nothing like hearing 1000 preteens singing praise to their Father…brought tears to my eyes every night. I pray your daughter was blessed this week and knows Jesus more because of it…even if she didn’t do the zip line. πŸ™‚

      • Casi says:

        She did have an absolute BLAST at Mt. Lebanon and is back to her sweet self after some quality rest. That’s awesome that you were a shepherd leader – small Siesta world, isn’t it?

        Though she didn’t do the zip line, she did conquer the Alpine Tower. We’re working our way up to the big stuff, I suppose πŸ™‚

  2. 2
    rhonda says:

    Keri. She actually used to volunteer at LPM. Oh – she loved it so! We met over the internet, she sent me a LPM devo, and well, we have been friends ever since. Love her to pieces and am going to miss her knowing she in on another continent soon.

  3. 3
    Pam Mundy says:

    Hi Beth, I;m getting ready to take a quick nap before work. I work the second shift so think I need to nap πŸ™‚ also working the weekend . But in the morning my friend and I go to the Farmers Market with our wears . We make hypertufa pot and things. so fun.Just got back from vacation with some other girl friends to Sedona Az. That is a beautiful place. Like being in the west. We hiked to see the ruins etc went to the Grand Canyon too. I’ve gone with these ladies for about 10 years now. After my husband went on to be with the Lord I went on to vacation every these ladies πŸ™‚
    Ok need to get a nap so I don’t get sleepy at work.
    Have fun boating,with the little ones.
    love ya
    Pam M
    Campbellsburg In.

  4. 4
    KB says:

    I haven’t met them YET…but we met on here and now follow eachother’s blogs! We pray for eachother and it’s just stinkin’ cool!!

  5. 5
    JLI says:

    The weekend so far has few plans. As for me, I’ll be recovering from my first-ever week of teaching VBS! I’ve always been afraid of teaching the little people – I don’t have kids of my own and don’t feel as skilled as others appear to be, but as it turns out, they’ve taken quite a shine to me and vice versa. Guess I’m more cut out for it than I thought! 1st graders no less! Kids with attention spans no longer than that of a fruit fly! But it’s been great fun and we had 15 children pray to receive Christ on Wednesday!

    If hubby & I are up for it, we’ll be doing the homeless outreach ministry tomorrow night – taking socks, water, Vienna sausage and first aid kits to those living on the streets, loading docks, grassy knolls and steps of St. Louis City. We’ve done it a couple times now and absolutely LOVE it! We pray with them and love on them. It’s such a great way to serve our Mighty God!

    Next weekend will be the homeless ministry again, plus our church is packaging meals for starving children in Haiti through the Feed My Starving Children organization (www.fmsc.org). We also have a Sunday School BBQ fellowship time..

    Gee whiz! Our lives really aren’t all that busy, but we sure do have a lot of great things coming up! Sounds like you’ll be quite busy too!

    I haven’t really met any ladies through this site yet. The LPM event is coming up next weekend, but it would stretch our budget a little more than we can afford right now. I’m sure I’ll feel the love of all the ladies there! PS – dress cool. It will be in the mid to high 90’s and I promise you, we can’t get temps that high without the humidity to boot!

    Enjoy your trip to St. Louis!

    • 5.1
      Kristi Walker says:

      JLI, you made me laugh out loud with your VBS story! I directed our VBS for a few years at a church of over 1200. And Sister, I have kids and it still scared me almost stiff! πŸ™‚ Turns out, I could just about eat ’em up, and I think they loved me, too. I think that’s the first time that serving God not only scared me, because I so want to honor Him, but made me realize that He’s just flat fun! Have a great Father’s Day weekend.

  6. 6
    Brandy says:

    Going to spend the weekend with my amazing in-laws. Isn’t it nice to have in-laws you get along with?! It is a blessing to me. We will be going through my mother-in-law’s garage and attic-it needs to be organized in a huge way. Something I love to do!The men will be watching the U.S. Open. Boys will be boys. I can’t wait till Sunday to celebrate my father-in-law and my hubby – who is the best step-father (I strongly dislike that word) to my daughter. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  7. 7
    Pam Mundy says:

    Well After rereading what I wrote looks like I need a nap πŸ™‚ Lots of type os !!!


  8. 8
    Monica says:

    Not good at connecting, mostly just a reader, but very much feel a part of the community…

    We’re doing church this weekend, the kind of church I grew up with, small, 30 members or so, pouring ourselves into our community tomorrow afternoon: cooking hot dogs, throwing water balloons, painting some faces and praying like crazy we’ll see a whole bunch of kiddos come to our registration party and then to VBS next week. Oh how we want them to experience the love of Jesus!! I’m so excited!

    I was saved at VBS some 30 years ago, product of a Grandma who loved Jesus and wanted me to know Him and a church that invested in my spiritual life when my parents didn’t know how to do so. I love VBS! Can’t wait to see God do His thing in the hearts of these kids and their parents…

    • 8.1
      Sherrie says:

      I was saved in VBS 45 years ago last Friday! It was on my tenth birthday. You and I certainly know the importance of VBS, don’t we? Thanks to all of you who work so hard every year. Lives are truly being changed. Monica and I are living proof of that!

  9. 9
    JLI says:

    PS – sorry for being so long winded, but it’s like talking to a close friend! πŸ™‚

  10. 10
    Rebecca says:

    This weekend my hubby and I are hosting a going-away party for some friends of ours. They are a Coast Guard family and moving to Boston, and will be very missed at our church. We will have a good time swimming and having fun though!

  11. 11
    Sharon says:

    I love it that you are so open with sharing about your family. Thank you…. really.

    We are celebrating our niece’s graduation from nursing school and watching the corn grow (we farm). πŸ™‚ My hubby is outside pulling down trees away from the bike path along our property and taking care of the cattle we raise. You’ve inspired me to see if the fish are biting in our pond this weekend, too!

  12. 12

    Hi! I just recently have been reading the blogs and I LOVE them! I am currently leading your Revelations Lecture Series and my group and I LOVE IT!!! This Monday will be our last session and through our Savior and you we have been truely BLESSED!!!! We have a church ball game tonight so we will go and cheer them on. We really need to pray them on! They are NOT doing good! I just want tO THANK YOU for sharing your lives and your heart. I am also interested in the scripture memory, is it too late to start? Are you doing a specfic book? Please let me know. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND with those babies! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CURTIS AND AMANDA!!!

    • 12.1
      Beth says:

      Welcome, Denise! We’re so happy you’re stopping by. We will officially start another year of the Siesta Scripture Memory Team in January 2011. It’s quite consuming (like it should be) so we don’t plan to do it every year. By all means, find somebody to hold you accountable on your own memory work till then and we’ll all pick up together in seven months.

    • 12.2
      Heather M. says:

      Hello Denise,

      I was new to the blog when Beth started the 1st Scripture memorization group. You are in for a treat! God did such amazing things in my life that year. Whether you have memorized Scripture on your own before or not its truly a blessing to do it together in unity.

      Oh, and I am very envious that you are already doing the Revelation series. It looks like a great study. Have a good weekend,

  13. 13
    Sharon says:

    Oh… and my man and I will celebrate Father’s Day for the first time without our kids at home. (Bittersweet) Our son is working Nebraska on an internship for school (ag econ/farm management) and our daughter is staying in Kansas to keep flying for Civil Air Patrol and Kansas State. We’ll miss this so much, but they make us proud!

  14. 14
    Rebecca says:

    We are finishing VBS tonight, so the only plan for this weekend is REST, REST, REST! We have had a ball this week though. We had several children accept Christ! Y’all have fun, Miss Beth!

    • 14.1
      JLI says:

      Wow, Rebecca, it sounds like we’ve had a similarly exciting week! So happy to see how God is working in the lives of His little ones, no matter where they are!

  15. 15
    Lindsay says:

    My hubby is coming home tonight! He has this terrible job that has him traveling all the time. Leaves Sunday nights and gets home Friday nights, then leaves Sunday, gets home Friday. He’ll finally be home for 2 straight weeks! We got married in October and this is NO way to spend your first year of marriage! Distance DOES in fact make the heart grow fonder, though. Maybe it’s good for us! God knows what He’s doing πŸ™‚

    • 15.1
      Brandy says:

      Lindsey, I pray you enjoy this time with your husband home! That does sound hard on the first year of marriage! Two weeks should be very nice!

    • 15.2
      Heather says:


      I can relate. My hubby went to heavy equipment school for 2 straight months in our 2nd yr of marriage. He didn’t get to come home at all and it was very hard to endure even when we talked almost every night. But you are right, distance makes the heart grow fonder. I will pray that God brings him home to work for good when the time is right. Enjoy the time with your man!

    • 15.3
      texatheart says:

      Do you skype? It is almost like being there in the room. Well, at least you can see each other’s faces.

  16. 16
    Tammy says:

    My husband and I are heading out from TN in the morning on our wY to Edisto Beach, SC….with a 4 year old and a 2 year old! We will take 2 days to get there but will meet my parents, niece, nephews, aunt, uncle, cousin, her husband, and their five kids there on Sunday for a week long vacation. Pray for travel safety and health (my 2 year old was just diagnosed with strep yesterday!) and patience in the car! πŸ™‚

  17. 17
    twinkle says:

    Too many to count!
    Georgia Jan…did you know she and I were at your Patriarch’s taping in Baltimore? We drank in every drop of Living Water you poured into us that W.E.E.K…love me a week of bible study with you.
    Nikki…and her Mary Poppins tattoo. How I love her!
    Adrienne…my sweet Fuzzytop friend and secret Easter siesta sister…I could be a kid again with her!
    Wendy and Emmy and Joni and GeorgiaMom…met them flying to the Siesta Fiesta and they are my FOREVER Soul Sisters through this site! Wendy and Emmy were with GeorgiaJan and I in Houston for the Scripture Memorization Team Celebration. We will nevah forget Pappasitoes(sp?) and the friends we made there…including the waiter who gave us FREE Dessert!! We could have taken him home with us to Georgia he was so sweet.
    Patty…and Georgia…Patty and I go back to the time of the Believing God Community Forum on Lifeway’s site. The bible study ended but the chatting on the forum went on forever. I moved to blogland but still love all those girls too too much.
    Bev, my sweet Bev. No words.
    Annette and Ang and Sylvia…making plans to see them again to celebrate our through the Message Bible in one year with 66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Crabb. I LOVE THESE WOMEN!!!
    Miranda, Lora, Angie, Lisa, Melinda, Mary, Fran, Robyn, Gayle, Kim, Tammy…GratefulInga, Holly and Holly and Christy, and Spicy Magnolia and Yolanda, Kate…it felt so good to hug her at So Long Insecurity in Woodstock.
    I’ve been a little bit withdrawn as I cocoon through my marriage crisis. But these women and other’s I’ve met through this blog have been treasures to me. I know they are praying me through and I feel their prayers.
    And JennyHope. If we were Indians we would all be blood brothers forever.
    But better than that, we are Spirit sisters bound together by the love of our Daddy, ABBA…He smiles as beautiful as a rainbow over His girls.
    Beth, I will always count you and your beautiful team at Living Proof as friends I’ve met along the way here.
    Even in suffering we are beyond bliss because we share with each other to encourage and life each other out of the ditch. Boy, do we need to lock arms around each other through these turbulent times.
    Blowing kisses to all of you, seen or unseen, hugged or to be hugged. You are my sisters and I love you…

    • 17.1
      Beth says:

      I love this!! What a tremendous blessing! Thank you for naming so many of our dear Siestas. I love all those same ones and the rest of them, too.

      Listen, Sister. Most of us on here who have been married any length of time have experienced crises. We totally get it. Praying you through. It is worth the work.

      • twinkle says:

        Thank you. I’m going to have my name written in the Hebrews Hall of Faith. At least in my heart it will be written there.
        Love you for all the wisdom you’ve shared with me.

        • fuzzytop says:

          Deborah – you know that great cloud of witnesses…? I believe with all my heart they are cheering you on! You are right about the hall of faith. You amaze me.
          Love and hugs,

    • 17.2
      Siesta OC says:

      What a blessing! Can’t wait to hug you one day!

    • 17.3

      Sweet woman! I’ve prayed for you and loved lifting you up before our Lord. I’ve missed your sweet face in our Facebook world and what a joy it was to see you in Atlanta. you are a dear blessing.

    • 17.4
      Cara says:

      I have so enjoyed getting to know you through your blog! I hope we get the chance to meet face to face someday πŸ™‚

    • 17.5

      Girl, you KNOW I love ya!! And I’m still praying while you’re cocooning. But we miss you all the same. <3

    • 17.6
      Lora says:

      You are a treasure to me dear kindred spirit.

    • 17.7

      Twinkle…Deborah, I so loved hugging you too!!! I made up a whole scenerio of how we were gonna talk all night and pray together; but, bawled my eyes out when I heard you weren’t staying with us and had to leave.
      πŸ™ I’m praying from afar…you are so amazing and strong, I adore your faith in the midst of hard times.

    • 17.8


      Now, I remember the forums and that is going way back. I’ll write more of my story in my own comment – but I want you to know how special you are. You shine brightly among God’s lights in this world and I just love you to pieces – even if I don’t stop in and visit anymore or have a weekly connection fix through a forum I think of you and all my online-bloggy-forum-sisters along the way. You were with me through some of the hardest times.

      You’re a gem and a blessing to all who know you.

      Love You, GIRL!


  18. 18
    Kathy B says:

    Chat awhile? Never had to be told that twice. I worry that instead of making friends, I’m just irritating yours. Sound insecure to you? Hasn’t stopped me from chatting yet.

    I really enjoy the comments and love that I’m beginning to know some of you by name (even if the names are OC, Moosemama, missbyclesomething, and momofohsomany).
    Weekend activities? Probably crafting. I know: what a nerd! But me and Tennessee summers have never really gotten along. As long as my air conditioner works, nobody gets hurt. Those of you south of me, forgive my whimpiness. And just so you know, I throw a mean snowball.

    Thanks again for inviting our participation. Whether I should or not, I feel honored.
    Love to Siestaville
    (hopefully peppered with a few smiles)

    • 18.1
      Beth says:

      Never an irritation, young lady.

    • 18.2
      twinkle says:

      Amen! Never an irritation.
      We make ice cream out of snow here in Georgia. You should see some of the pitiful snowmen we attempt to make out of 1″ of snow. πŸ™‚

    • 18.3
      Siesta OC says:

      Awesome!!!! I love the air conditioning comment! AMEN SIESTA! MY HAIR AND I AGREE! So glad you are here!

    • 18.4
      Redeemed says:

      Me and Oklahoma summers don’t get on too well either. Loved your post!

      • Kathy B says:

        You absolutely darling girls! Bless every last one of your hearts for encouraging me. I’m so glad to be here.

        • Donna says:

          Kathy, I loved reading your post…I am with you, sister, on the air conditioning. I live in Texas and the temp. hit 100 today and it is just June!! I don’t make many comments but have followed the blog for over a year so I don’t know anyone really..recognize a few names. Hang in the, dear one, and keep those comments coming…I will look for you…take care & God bless…

    • 18.5
      Sylvia says:

      I too will be scrapbooking in my air conditioned santuary. Missouri summers are hot and sticky. I am too much of a wimp to be outside these four walls for too long at one time.

    • 18.6

      Girl, how do you think the rest of us got to know each other?! It all started with blog names:)
      Have a great day!

    • 18.7
      Deanna says:

      Kathy, I always enjoy reading your posts. You are so encouraging to others. Glad you are on here. Stay cool!!! 96 is the hi in B’ham AL today.

  19. 19
    Rebecca says:

    When you did the first Summer Siesta Bible Study, I looked through the comments for someone else in my state to pair up with via email to do the study with, found one a couple hours away, we hooked up and as it turns out, we’d attended the same Christian school in elementary (a couple grades apart) nearly three decades ago… that was a fun LPM connection to make. :o)

    • 19.1
      Beth says:

      So fun, Rebecca! I hope that happens for someone new to our Bible study this summer.

      • Barbra Keeler says:

        I hope that happens to me! I’ve already started doing my Ruth homework, cuz I wanted a headstart (for when I get behind later!) I don’t have a small group to study with this year, so I’ll be checking thru the roll call for someone else in my corner of Pennsylvania. I love reading everyone’s comments, and even though I haven’t really established a personal connection with anyone, I feel like I “know” some of you! You can just feel the love on this blog… thank you all so much!

  20. 20
    Redeemed says:

    We’re heading our youngest off to Colorado for a mission trip. They do a kids’ sports camp up there in an underprivileged area. They come home pumped up about what Jesus has done over the week and with the mountains in their blood. *sigh*, they say there’s snow up there…..it’s danged hot here in Oklahoma.

    I’ve been on here long enough to recognize some Siesta names….Sister Lynn, Georgia Jan, Moose Mama to name a few. I haven’t been to an event yet, and haven’t been blessed to meet anyone face to face but I know their names and Gravatars! Fellowship can come in all kinds of ways, huh?

    Have a blessed weekend with your babies!

  21. 21
    Jody says:

    At the Siesta SMT Celebration I met lots amazing women. Two in particular have become dear friends of mine, even though we all live in different states! I’m from NC, Sarah is from MO, and Karessa is from IL. But we email-chat like we’ve known each other forever and are planning our own little reunion of sorts as soon as two of our hubbies get jobs and our purse-strings aren’t drawn so tight.

  22. 22
    rachel h says:

    We’re taking our daughter to her very first movie. Toy Story 3 here we come! (And of course she’ll be sporting a Toy Story t-shirt, we have to dress the part!) Every day she asks if it’s time to wear her shirt and “see the movie.” We’ll see how she does…

    Have fun with your grand-babies!!

    • 22.1
      Brandy says:

      Rachel, hope that goes well! My daughter fell in love with her first movie – Finding Nemo – and we watched it for two years straight! She’s 8 now so we did eventually make it past that stage..but I had no clue! Have fun..Toy Story is a great series.

    • 22.2
      Sandy says:

      My son and daughter and in-law are taking my granddaughter to see Toy Story 3 in the morning, too. They are all looking forward to it. They have been watching the first 2 a lot. I think that must have been one of my son’s favorite childhood movies! I’m going to comment again when I get to the end of all these.

  23. 23
    Sandie says:


    My aunt, twin sister, niece, a friend, and I are heading to the beach tomorrow for vacation. While we are there, my friend (a 15 yr old who I mentor) and I will be working through your Insecurity book. I did do the study with the Siestas a few months ago, but I am excited to actually be doing with this young lady.

    Have fun with those grandkids.

    • 23.1
      Sandie says:

      Forgot to say that we just finished a week of VBS at my church, so the vacation will help me get rested up.

      • JLI says:

        I’m in hysterics! This is the third comment that included these words: “VBS” and “rest”! We definitely need it! Tending to the little people is exhausting, but so well worth it! I have fallen in love with the 13 in our class! They are all so precious!

        We had a petting zoo yesterday…boy was THAT fun! Even for us grown-up kids!

        • rachel h says:

          keep up the good work vbs siestas! I was saved at vbs as a child, I love vbs and never would have been able to attend if countless volunteers had not served. may God bless you all in your efforts!

  24. 24
    Michele says:

    Hi MamaBeth! I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday!

    It is supposed to be 92 here tomorrow, which is nothing for y’all but hot for central NY. But I love the warmth!

    This weekend I’ll prep the kitchen for painting with your brother Ben!
    (Benjamin Moore paint – hahaha)

    Other than that, I’ll just be putzing around the house with my sweet old dog. I’m trying to figure out a friend’s video camera to get some movie clips of my Cindy while she is still here. Love that dog so much! <3

  25. 25
    Gina says:

    Simple activites this weekend. This is the first Father’s Day that I will spend not being able to celebrate my husband as a father. Many tears of great sorrow for the loss but extreme joy for a chance at a new beginning.

    So…I am continuing to fix up the darling porch of my apartment. Potting hybiscus (my favorite!) and a tiny dieffenbachia that I bought yesterday for $3.50. Plan on hanging metal signs that say…’laughter leads to a happy heart’ and…’laughter’ – signs that mimic how I am handling the tragedy that life has given me recently.

    Also… tryin’ to find the book of Nathan and the book of Gad that are mentioned in I Chron. 29:29. Will the internet deliver? I hope so!

    Living is good…the Lord is good!

  26. 26
    Robin says:

    Beth, my man and I are keeping our grandson, 8, this weekend while his mom is away also. I laughed when you said you want to keep him in your sight, in this house, grandpa is his real buddy and they go to Chikfila to eat and play on the playground, or play a round of golf (at the par 3), or just work in the yard together. But, his mom and him have lived with us his whole life (daddy moved out when he was 3) so it’s a bit different. I just finished my email for my summer siesta sisters group that’s meeting at my home, we’re really looking forward to it!

  27. 27
    Cindy R says:

    Hey, I have been reading; not posting much, on the blog for awhile. I met a few gals in San Antonio having flown in from Chicago all by my lonesome. We have kept in touch occasionally through email and this blog. It has been an “interesting” last 9 months; dealing with anxiety and depression that was not even in my realm of thinking before it came about. Scary and a little freaky. Just starting to come out the other end of the tunnel. This blog has kept me going many times on some dark days. Anyway, very grateful. This weekend we are going to Ft. Atkinson to watch “dad” run a 1/2 marathon. He’s done many full marathons and we have watched all of them. Then we are heading to Atlanta for some R and R with family and cousins. The neighborhood pool is calling my name (with book in hand since the kids are older now – hallelujah) Pray for us as we transition this summer to a new community. The real estate market is cruddy here and we are under a time limit for the kids to get into school…thanks!

    • 27.1
      Siesta OC says:

      Dear Cindy R – I know that dark tunnel. A little over 6 months ago, I walked out the other side. JESUS IS FAITHFUL – HE WILL REBUILD FROM RUBBLE. HE HOLDS YOU IN HIS HAND.

      Isaiah 43:2-4 (New International Version)

      2 When you pass through the waters,
      I will be with you;
      and when you pass through the rivers,
      they will not sweep over you.
      When you walk through the fire,
      you will not be burned;
      the flames will not set you ablaze.

      3 For I am the LORD, your God,
      the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;
      I give Egypt for your ransom,
      Cush [a] and Seba in your stead.

      4 Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
      and because I love you,
      I will give men in exchange for you,
      and people in exchange for your life.

      I LOVE THE MESSAGE (v.4)
      That’s how much you mean to me!
      That’s how much I love you!
      I’d sell off the whole world to get you back,
      trade the creation just for you.

    • 27.2
      KImberly says:

      Cindy R
      We don’t live too far from Ft Atkinson, we seem to have routine visits to the hospital there πŸ™‚ I have 4 kids, 2 with health issues, so we’re regular’s (we were there today infact). I’ll keep you in my prayers Cindy R.

    • 27.3
      Sandy says:

      Dear Cindy R, I am praying for you!

  28. 28
    Michele says:

    p.s. – don’t worry about being protective of those adorable grandchildren. I am the same way with my dog now that she is old and weaker – she is rarely out of my sight and there are few people I trust to watch her. I even moved my bed next to the door so I can see her easily at night as she sleeps in the hallway.

    • 28.1

      I agree with you seista don’t worry about being protective with those adorable grandchildren I am that way with my dog to I don’t trust to many with her as she is up in age to I rarely leave her for long.
      I even wake up at night to check on her she sleeps with me she’s my baby.
      Blessing to you sweet seista

  29. 29
    Anne Zapanta says:

    So sweet! I love hearing about your family.

    My husband and I are celebrating 13 years this weekend. Both sets of parents are coming to our house but not because of our anniversary… My 4th grader is in an all star soccer tournament and my kindergartner is in a dance recital. You know how it is… all about the grand kids!

    BUT…my husband and I will get a date out of it at some point during the weekend, of course. We do have 4 eager babysitters, after all.

  30. 30
    Sarah says:

    With my wonderful girl off for the summer with her father who lives in CA, I find this weekend will be long. πŸ™‚ However, I do have a bbq tomorrow.

    I do have a praise!! My best friend in the whole world found out she was pregnant a few weeks ago. She then took a turn for the worse and the devil struck her hard with depression. She was not herself. I was very worried that she could take her own life this week or worse, take that little baby before it’s time. Well, with LOTS of prayer and faith, she met with her dr today. I prayed that God would give her a dr who was intune with depression and the danger it causes. God answers BIG. I am at work and trying not to bawl all over my desk. God gave a great dr and my friend is going to be ok and that little baby will be too. God is so good ladies. We think we can’t get thru something yet we can do ALL things thru Christ who strengthens us. He is FAITHFUL. Gosh, I love him!!!


  31. 31
    Crissy says:

    I have not officially made any friends but I do feel like ya’ll are friends just by reading your posts. Well I guess more like sisters! This weekend we will celebrate Father’s day with my in-laws and my family. My sweet daddy died 8 months ago due to cancer. He was 60 years old. I miss him so dearly! I am choosing not to think and dwell on what I do not have know or what my children do not have but what God so blessed me with for 37 years! I have the best daddy in the world and I will honor him and my Heavenly Father! I can’t wait to see them both in Heaven one day! Love you all!
    Crissy Nashville, TN

    • 31.1
      Beth says:

      Give it time on finding a sister-friend here, Crissy! I bet you do. I’m so happy you’re here.

      • Crissy says:

        Thank you Mrs. Beth. I have followed since the beginning but with two small ones and carrying for my daddy (we were privileged for him to live with us)I haven’t been able to keep up with comments. I am also not very computer literate. I actually got to meet you at your book signing in Nashville. My youngest is named Anna Beth also. Thanks again. Much love,
        Crissy, Nashville, TN

    • 31.2
      Siesta OC says:

      I am sorry for your loss Crissy. Bless you and your family this weekend. And you have made a friend today. We are siesta friends! Welcome!

      • Redeemed says:

        Oh, Crissy, so sorry for the loss of your dad. My heart goes out to you.
        I haven’t made “friends” with anyone, either, but I feel like I know so many of the Siestas. Even if I never see anyone face to face, I know we’ll all be having so much fun when we meet in heaven. One big Siesta Fiesta with Jesus right in the middle of it all! So, welcome!

        • Siesta OC says:


        • lori says:

          Speaking of heaven, I was listening to a sermon by Alaster Beg (sp?) on heaven today…. Very interesting stuff! Has anyone out there read a really good book that describes how the Bible represents Heaven?

          • Crissy says:

            Randy Alcorn book Heaven. I was able to read it/listen to it when my dad was sick and was able to share it with him. Wonderful book.

      • Dana Dodd says:

        And you have a friend here too! This will be my 18th fathers day w/o my dad. God is so faithful to fill the void. May He bless you beyond belief this weekend

    • 31.3
      Sue Bragg says:

      I’ll be your friend. I haven’t been reading the blog very long, but have completed several of Beth’s studies. I was privileged to attend one the So Long Insecurities simulcast. Like you, my daddy is in Heaven, but he’s been there nearly 7 years. My mom joined him 6 years ago. Father’s Day offers a time to reflect on the wonderful daddy my Heavenly entrusted me to while on this earth.
      Sue Kingsport, TN

    • 31.4

      I am so so sorry for your loss. I talked to a woman that worked at Belk the other day and she had just lost her mother (her mom was 86 and she was in her early 60’s). Her mom lived with her for years and she just broke down in tears at the register telling me about her. Some people had the audacity to tell this precious woman that it was her time…a loss is a loss no matter the timing so my heart aches for you! We will be your friends! =)

    • 31.5

      Crissy — so sad for your loss. May the Lord comfort you this weekend. And darling girl, welcome to the wonderful world of online friendships! God has blessed me so much through the online world and I know he’ll do the same to you!

    • 31.6
      Sandy says:

      I am praying for you this Father’s Day. I began my post saying that I am praying for ones like you, in my post Forever Family Friday-Part 5-Cherishing Our Dads.

    • 31.7

      I agree Crissy with everyonelse…it personally took me 4 yrs to meet my siestas face to face:) and it will happen for you! Pray it does, and it will:)

    • 31.8

      Me too, Crissy. This will be my 42nd Father’s Day without my Daddy. I was 16 and he was 48 when he went to live with JESUS. I am longing for the day to see JESUS and my Daddy. But for today, this weekend and until then and forever, we are loved. What’s that song? You got a friend in me.
      Holy hugs, Kat…

    • 31.9
      Maryann says:

      Dear Crissy

      I too have not made any official friends yet on the blog, but maybe we can be friends! I will say a prayer for you this weekend; may the memories you shared with your sweet father bring you comfort. My daddy died when I was 25, and now almost 27 years later, I still miss him every day. I take comfort that he is with our Lord and that he will be there for me to “bring me home” when my time comes.
      Do something nice for yourself tomorrow! For me and my family, we are going golfing (even though I just ride in the cart! LOL)

      • Crissy says:

        I am just in tears! Thank you so very much for your love and encouragement! It means more than ya’ll will ever know!Ya’ll are just too precious! Ya’ll have made a difficult day much easier! I pray for all the people who aren’t able to be with their dads tomorrow!
        Crissy, Nashville, Tn

        P.S. Anyone doing the Summer Bible Study in the Nashville area?

    • 31.10

      You’ve got a friend and siesta right here. πŸ™‚

    • 31.11

      Oh, Crissy. I’m so sorry about your daddy. Prayed for you just now. My friend Whimzie (Amy) lost her daddy last year (same age as yours), and she writes about it on her blog. I’ll bet she’d be an encouragement to you.


  32. 32
    Annette says:

    My husband and I are hosting my nieces and parents for an old fashion barbque in our backyard. My 18yr old son just finished mowing the yard and we are set to celebrate Father’s Day. I have a heavenly Father but never knew my earthly father. So this is a big holiday for my family!!! I’m blessed to have an awesome husband who is an awesome father!!! Just started working and didn’t know how I would do without my Beth Moore Bible study and I found this on the internet!!! Wheew, what a relieve. I think I can do this now!!! Much love and thank you Beth and girls for keeping us connected. Love the post and photos. I’m a Siesta and proud of it:)

  33. 33
    Leah says:

    Have a great weekend spending time with your precious grandchildren, Beth! What am I doing during this weekend? In a hour, I’m going to a dress rehearsal and then tomorrow morning, I will be going to a wedding to watch my younger brother getting marry to his lovely future bride. It’s going to be an exciting weekend!

  34. 34

    I get to spend a few hours with my oldest daughter tomorrow. Woohoo!! Don’t get to do it too often since she lives nearly 6 hours away. Boohoo! πŸ™‚

  35. 35
    Jen Mc says:

    I too love hearing about your family, Beth! Some of my girlfriends think I am nuts because I speak of you as though we know one another. Don’t get a restaining order, I am harmless. πŸ™‚

    For the most part, our weekend will be a relaxing one. Lounging around our pool, barbequing and having some study time. We have had a busy few weeks, so I am so grateful for some quiet family time.

    Tomorrow afternoon our family is heading to downtown Detroit. Once weekend a month we and another family pack backpacks full of food, supplies and the gospel message and hit the pavement in Detroit in hopes of ministering to the homeless. We are so blessed by the experience every time and feel like we are ministered to more than the meager offering we pour out. Please pray for the people of Detroit, dear sisters. There are so many who are hurting and lost, this economy has really taken it’s toll.

    As always, we will round out our weekend on Sunday praising and worshipping our might God! Lord, You are so good!

    • 35.1
      Kathy B says:

      It will be my privilege to lift up the hurting in Detroit and you as you minister to them.
      I so know what you mean about the restraining order. Whenever I visit some relatives who somehow know very little about Beth, I always find myself saying, “…and Beth’s study says this,” or “I heard Beth say…” Then I have to stop mid-sentence and say, “No, I am not in a cult!”
      Same relatives have recently borrowed my Breaking Free tapes. Thanks Lord.

  36. 36

    I am currently at the beach trying to get my darling four year old cousin to go down for her afternoon nap. I hate to admit defeat this early in the game, but it appears that she has outwitted me yet again when it comes to the saga of nap time.

    Tomorrow I’ll be in South Carolina to photograph the wedding of one of my college girls. She’s one that I met when she started volunteering as a college freshman in the ministry I used to direct and I’ve loved her ever since. I’ve watched her go through college, meet the man of her dreams and, tomorrow, I’m honored to be the one she’s asked to photograph her on one of the biggest days of her life.

    Other than that, I’m just spending the summer wrestling with God over my singleness. So far, I’ve tried begging, pleading, pouting, bribing and, in a last ditch effort, giving Him the silent treatment. For my next trick, I’m going to attempt to do something crazy like, oh I don’t know, maybe trust that He has a plan for my life?

    I remain,

    gratefully yours,


    single as a slice of cheese,

    amy beth

    • 36.1
      JLI says:

      Dear, sweet Amy Beth. I’ve been reading your blog for months and months. I know it must not help to read this, but God is still preparing the perfect man for you. You’re SO special and SO wonderful that He wants to put much effort and care into the person who will love you forevermore because He knows you deserve nothing less!

      PS – as an aspiring photographer myself, I very much appreciate the talent behind the lens!

    • 36.2
      twinkle says:

      Have you tried “the invisible husband” yet?

      I believe God is being a little bit greedy right now in a godly way…He just wants you all to Himself. Hold tightly to your Beloved’s Hand. Learn everything you can right now and just hang on.

    • 36.3
      Siesta OC says:

      Well said twinkle! It is not easy to be single, but you are never alone. From a 31 gal who has never even had a boyfriend, let alone a husband, I know the pain of looking out and wondering “why can’t I have that?” All I can say for sure is that GOD dosen’t play with your heart, he prepares it. Trust HIM and learn from HIM. And I will want to be invited to your wedding! I am a photographer, I’ll take your picture!

      • Yolanda says:

        “God doesn’t play with your heart, he prepares it.”

        AMAZING TRUTH in all areas!

      • Karen says:

        Siesta OC

        It was good to read your comment! I’ve just gone through a hard week struggling with my singleness. I changed churches 5 years ago and even though I’ve been outgoing and involved, I haven’t made any close friends. I know God is with me but I still struggle with loneliness.

    • 36.4
      Sarah says:

      Amy Beth,
      I will take a look at your blog. I am wrestling with my singleness too!! Your not alone sister.

    • 36.5
      Gretchen says:

      Hi, Amy Beth,

      I’m right there with you in the single thing. It’s not easy, but take heart from one of the wisest things my brother once told me when I was lamenting my singleness. He said, “Gretch, it’s a 50/50 thing. 50% of the time you love having someone to snuggle with and 50% of the time you wish they’d get the heck out.” For some reason that has been a great comfort to me. There is no perfect state, but there is a perfect God with perfect plans for us. He knows, He sees, and He cares. And what do you say we just revel in our 50% of it this weekend? πŸ™‚

      Much love,


    • 36.6
      sepik-meri katie says:

      i know girl, i know! i’m 27 and not a glimmer of a man on the horizon… whoever said God doesn’t play with your heart… thank you! you start to wonder at times, but thanks for bringing us back to earth! God does not mess with us! one thing that helps keep my little attitude in check is this: you are going to get through it either way; you can kick and scream and fight the whole way, or you can walk the dusty path with your hand in HIS, and actually HONOR Him instead… everyone’s happier that way and you get to bless Him heart in the process… talking to myself!

    • 36.7

      Oh Amy Beth, I’m wrestling with singleness too…AND my clock is almost on it’s last tock. I just don’t get it; however, I’m trusting with you…it is a crazy thing!

    • 36.8
      HFridelle says:

      I hear ya!! I wrestled with being single also, but God has finally brought a special someone in my life. I think he has us single so we can grow and learn, by ourselves. I know in my case, I probably would’ve depended on someone more than I should and not have gotten as close to God as I have. God is so amazing and he has your best interest in heart. Don’t get discouraged, he loves you!

  37. 37
    Shalom says:

    My grandkids live with me, but they are gone for the weekend… out of my sight. Drives me crazy, even though they are with their very wonderful parents. Good thing that God’s eyes are always on them isn’t it? Don’t know any of the siestas but feel a little like I do. Love them all though… such a sweet bunch if ever there was one. I have an unusual women’s ministry as I minister and teach a group of ladies that are recovering from drug and alchohol addiction. They are the most precious group I have ever worked with… problems and all. I have led church groups, prison ministry, teenagers, and even Sunday School but these ladies are my fave. Thank you for all you do, I frequently use your material and you are a favourite of my ladies too. Looking forward to the summer study and think I will do it with my ladies. Have a blast with those grand grandbabies, they are your heritage and the best reward God can give! Shalom

  38. 38
    Amy Knowles says:

    Well, we will be laying low – last day of school today and my little one (9years old) has strep. Kept thinking it was “end-of-year-itis” for two days. Ooopsie!

  39. 39
    Wonder Woman says:

    From one control freak to another…how did you ever let your kids drive. My daughter is driving and I just try not to look. She is a great driver. I am a terrible passenger. I can’t leave mommy mode! But, now my twin boys are starting to learn and I am afraid I will not survive!!!!

    Let’s just pray the Lord comes before I become a Bibby!

    I met Diedra in Houston in January and we keep in touch through each others blogs. She doesn’t live too far away, and now that summer is here, I hope we can visit in person some.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Fort Mill, SC

    • 39.1
      Beth says:

      That was the NUMBER ONE hardest thing I ever had to let my kids do. Lord have mercy. That one nearly made me physically ill.

      • Shalom says:

        It was crazy hard for me and I live in a small town, I cannot imagine Houston Texas! Any woman that can do that is a mighty mountain of faith in my book. Shalom

    • 39.2
      twinkle says:

      It was hard for me, too. Listen, kindergarten was hard. QVC was my therapy. No buying…just the constant chatter kept me sane.
      But when they started driving…I had to get really serious about my fears and I started journaling ALL my fears to God. Grew me up so much…
      Praying for moms of new drivers right now.

    • 39.3
      Kim B. in AZ says:

      Wow, I can totally relate about ones kids driving. My husband taught them because I just knew it would just about kill me and they were a whole lot better off with out my constant dribble. I do ride with them( my three oldest ones) and sometimes I just have to bite my tongue. I don’t know what my problem is they are all very good drivers.

    • 39.4
      Chris in PA says:

      haha! I MUST comment even though its a day late. I taught my oldest daughter and her younger twin sisters to drive. It was like being at Hershey Park on the roller coasters every day! Here it is 6 years later and they tell me that they feel like that now when they are ridin while I’m drivin : )

    • 39.5
      Melissa Ford says:

      Hi Tracy,
      Just introducing myself and letting you know my family and I travel to Fort Mill from ole Virginny often. My parents are not far from Lake Wylie. My husband and I came to hear John and Staci Eldredge promote their book on marriage. I wonder if you were there too?!
      Take care and see you during the next flood of comments.:)

  40. 40
    Siesta OC says:

    Meeting Siesta’s was one of the thrills of the Deeper Still event this past weekend. I have been emailing for about 2+years back and forth Yolanda and this weekend, I got to meet her for the first time. The coolest thing was I wasn’t sure if I was going to because, GLORY be to GOD, HE signed me up to be an encourager from when I had walked in. I had not been designated a volunteer – JESUS had other plans! I stood near the stage and looked up as women started to come thru and prayed, “oh LORD I hope I see Yolanda, let me just see her.” I KID YOU NOT – less than 20 seconds later, a woman that resembled her walks down the stairs and I yell out “Yolanda” and she smiles back the biggest smile with sparkling eyes. GOD IS SO GOOD.

    Yolanda procedes to take me over later to meet Holly, Moose mama (I have a picture with the Miesta – oh yes I do!) and Kathryn…what a thrill to see these women that I have read their comments numerous times before.

    What just blew my mind though, Beth, they checked on me thru out the event. Walking to the other side of the room, and checking in to see how I was doing, and then I’d walk over to see them. I am THRILLED by the siesta’s and I KNOW I will be friends with them forever.

  41. 41

    OH MY YES!!! My husband and I are looking at moving to Denver and I actually interviewed for a job. We’re in the process of selling our house right now, and I saw where Sara left a message on one of your blog posts and she was from Denver so I checked out her blog and left her a comment…this was in February and we have talked almost EVERY DAY since!!! We found out that the place where I interviewed is literally TWO MILES from her office!!! This is ONLY GOD!!!! So whenever we finally make the move, I already have a sister in Christ to meet me when I get there!!!

  42. 42
    Angie Cortes says:

    Beth, I work a half day on Saturday but Sunday my man will have his day at the beach. Our family is headed to New Smyrna Beach here in FL. Any other Siestas in Florida? To all a blessed weekend. Beth have fun with the little ones too.

  43. 43
    Bridget in Phoenix says:

    Hi Siestas – “living it up” so to speak this weekend (movie, dinner…) because i’m scheduled for surgery Monday to fix a broken big toe (karate sparing gone wrong).. God has provided an excellent doctor, my mom and mother in law to care for me next week, and a wonderful husband to love and baby me πŸ™‚
    I have to tell you Mama Siesta – I keep thinking of you taking your Spiral with verses into the hospital with you – that’s my plan Monday. May God receive the glory out of all this!

  44. 44
    Dana says:

    I have to confess that I am envious Georgia Jan – being able to communicate with the siesta mama. I haven’t made any friendships on this blog YET. I’m not givin up either. My 50th birthday is next week, and my son goes to his dad’s this weekend so I’m driving to Kentucky to spend time with my mom. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with mom and child? I love the water and plan on spending time in the water after Church on Sunday…good Lord willin’ and the creeks don’t rise. Happy Anniversary Curt and Amanda! Happy Bibby and Paw Paw time with AB and JJ Mama Siesta! Glad your birthday was fun! Never heard of a painting place like that.

    • 44.1
      Shalom says:

      Happy BD Dana, I hope you have a blast and your mama too! Of all the women in the world I love to spend time with my little mother who is failing fast. Redeem this time and keep on blogging, we are all friends here even when we can’t directly talk. I like you I am pretty sure I do. Shalom

  45. 45
    JR says:

    My girlies and I will be hangin’ out trying to keep cool while Daddy finishes building/setting up for our VBS. It starts Sunday and is our first VBS in our new building. We’re very excited πŸ™‚

  46. 46
    Dana Dodd says:

    I’m hanging with my man this weekend making a short ride up to North Georgia to our favorite North Face Store to get a NEW Pair of Flip Flops!! My kind of shopping!! We will be celebrating Father’s Day with His Dad….mine is already with our Heavenly Father and I guess everyday is Fathers day up there!! Oh….had to start the Ruth study a little early so as to be ready to lead our Fall study mid August (your Revelation study….can’t wait) and Ruth is GREAT!! Not only can you write ’em….you can pick ’em too!!


  47. 47
    Momtotyandow says:

    Our big plans for the weekend is Toy Story 3!!! My two year old is just busting and telling everyone that he is going to a moooovie! My 9 year old is excited too, he grew up on Toy Story 1 and 2. As for siestas, I have a freind who is a siesta, but we have not met anyone on the blog.

  48. 48
    Roselawyer says:

    I am off with my husband of almost 30 years to celebrate Father’s Day at my parents’ house.

  49. 49
    Tammy says:

    I am meeting my sister and nieces for a day of shopping tomorrow. We live more than 100 miles apart so we plan a mall day every several weeks in Annapolis, MD. It is just about half way for all of us. I will head to church on Sunday morning and then celebrate Father’s Day with my husband. We have four grown children and one adorable, almost 2 year old granddaughter that will add to the fun.

    I enjoy the blog community very much and have been blessed by all the “siestas”. It is an encouragement and a way of building one another up even if we never meet face to face.

  50. 50
    Kristi Walker says:

    Oh, we’re gonna have fun times this weekend! We’re having my sweet cousin, her man, and their two girls over Saturday to grill and swim. I just love her kids. They are sweet as pie and my three youngest are their BFF’s. Love that!

    THEN, on Sunday we’re having the family get together at our house! David’s family(that’s my hubby)and mine are all coming over. We’re having glazed ham, pineapple casserole, creamed corn, mac and cheese and homemade ice cream. (PEACH!!!!)

    When I first got married, I was completely cooking impaired. But, I’m fairly certain my family got together with David’s family and they decided that they’d teach me (I’m convinced it was a conspiracy). From pretty much year one we’ve been the “designated holiday house” (which I LOVE), so that meant I had to learn to cook. Thankfully, they didn’t laugh too hard the first couple of years. πŸ™‚ I’m proud to say that while I’m not Mario Batali, my food passes for more than just palatable now.

    I can’t wait to celebrate father’s day with my Dad, my man’s Dad, and my sweet children’s daddy…and of course, our Heavenly Father. Such fun, sweet times! As an aside, this post made me think how blessed my husband and I are to both have parents that have been married for so many years. My parents just celebrated their 56th this month, and David’s parents will celebrate their 47th in December. Such yummy blessings our Father has sent our way!

    Much love siestas! I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!!!

    • 50.1
      Siesta OC says:

      Yummmmm, I’ll be there!!!! What a blessing for you all, soak it in. I love those yummy GOD moments.

      • Brandy says:

        Wow! That is a blessing! My parents and my husband’s parents have been married almost 35. Since we are only going on our 3rd year we find that pretty awesome. Peach ice cream sounds delicious!

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