What’s Up This Weekend?

What are you girls up to this weekend? It’s a big Jackson and Annabeth weekend for my man and me. Amanda and Curtis are celebrating their anniversary away till Sunday so we are officially ON in every way. And mighty happy about it. AB’s already down for a nap and Jackson has been helping Paw Paw clean the boat. This was something Amanda and Melissa loved to do when they were little, too. The difference was, the girls didn’t want to actually go fishing in it but mark my word. Little man does. If I’ve heard, “Paw Paw, when I’m a bigger boy…” once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. He melts my heart. I guess Bibby’s going to have to break down and go fishing when that time comes. I don’t think I can bear to take my eyes off of him in real fishing water. We’ll see. Jesus could come back by then. Keith just asked if he could take Jackson with him to the boat store to pick up some supplies. Would you believe I have never let the boy out of my sight when I’ve had him in all this time?? What a danged control freak. Keith put up with me saying, “But can you promise me you won’t let go of him for one single second?” so I guess I’m going to have to give it up. I have butterflies. What an idiot.

I love how so many of us who have been around Siestaville a good long time really have made some true, flesh and blood sister-friends, especially if we’ve attended some of the events. Georgia Jan is one of mine. Same age. Kids same age. Grandkids same age. Been married forever. (None of those are prerequisites for friends but it just throws us years forward into a relationship.) Both love Jesus. Over our happy heads in women’s ministry. Flawed but trying. Anyway, she’ll have her grandboy Zeke this afternoon and we wish like mad we could have them together. They are exactly the same age and they’d have such a big time.

Do tell! Anybody else made a real friend on here? This would be such a fun time to hear about it. If you haven’t had the time or opportunity, just tell me what you’re up to this weekend. Chat a while, Siestas.

I sure love you guys.


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  1. 351
    Charlene says:

    started out this am with a pity party. I am recently divorced. Was reading So Long Insecurity and got to the affirmation prayer to be clothed in strength and dignity. Prayed the prayer and am claiming strength and dignity in JESUS name. You see, I was the one who filed for divorce and could not let go of self condemnation. With God’s grace I will be able to. He is leading me every step of the way. I have been set free from mental and emotional abuse. Thank you Beth for this book. I think it is timely in my healing process!

  2. 352
    Sandee says:

    Father’s Day is always a little hard around here…my two boys, now 12 and 9, daddy left when they were 5 and 2….and my two girls (adopted) don’t have a daddy in their life. It is a bittersweet holiday, as we miss what other’s celebrate, yet honor my papa and are grateful for our heavenly Father…..Daddy to the fatherless.

    Blessings to all out there, who have committed husbands and daddies…and to those, like me, that are raising sons to be committed daddies.

    We are laying low and atching Tinkerbell.

  3. 353
    Elisabeth says:

    Queen Beth,
    Sounds lovely! This weekend my best friend and I went to a cabin and made our own retreat with a DVD of you from Women of Faith a couple years back. The Asher/happiness topic. It was EXACTLY what I needed. I am home and trying to finish your birthday present. It’s been 6 months in the making. You will love it! I love you so!
    Princess Beth

  4. 354
    Erica says:

    My 3 little ones(ages 5,5,2) and myself drove over 7 hours today to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for our 2nd annual “Moms and Kids” beach trip!!! By the grace of God, I survived the drive. My great friend is arriving tomorrow with her 4. We will have 7 kids, ages 6 and under for the week. YIKES! But what awesome memories God is providing for us and the kids. We are both co-leading the Siesta Summer Bible study at our churches, in different cities in VA. We are excited to be together for the first blog post. And get our groups going a week after the online group starts.

  5. 355

    I have met soooo many wonderful siestas. When I fist logged into your blog…2006 I believe, I made a comment and Holly Smith sent me an email from it. We met online here, but met in person at a WOF where you were going to do the Day with Beth Moore. Btw…do you know when you came to Denver, your key word was “happy” (Asher) and when you came this time your key word was “glad”…is this a theme? πŸ˜‰ Holly lets me invade her family for weekends to play games and bake cookies at Christmas time…I so love being Kate Stoker-Smith.
    Anyhoo, I met a ton of women at the Siesta Fiesta, but one I became friends with was Brooke Smith. She was out Geocaching and talked to me :). I am so painfully shy when it comes to meeting people, but if people talk to me first, they are my friend for life. Umm, met Patti, Georgia, Fran, my now dear friend Elizabeth (who was just finding Jesus at the fiesta…great testimony), Tammy (Grateful in GA) whom I stayed with in GA at SLI event…she worked my tail off, but I love that woman (and her overstuffed library chair with snotty soggy bible next to it) woman takes a lickin’, keeps on tickin’. Also at SLI, I met Lora Lovin Osburn (incredible woman!), Janice (sweet lil friend) Angie (knew her through LONG LATE night chats, but hadn’t met her), Jennie Hope and I met at Fiesta but didn’t connect ’til SLI when we sat together and laughed through dinner. Deborah D of course, and Yolanda (met her, didn’t connect with her until after the event). At Denver DS I met Molly πŸ™‚ can’t wait to get to know her better). This is getting long, and I know I’ve missed some, but have to mention Melana…she stayed at Chez Kate for Denver Deeper Still…she is so wonderful, blessed my heart, put up with me jumping out of her car while on a highway entrance without telling her where to go (did I apologize? oh yeah, only 100 times), bad directions…etc…and she loves me still Hee Hee.
    One more person…I have a friend that I lost contact with 25 years ago. We went to school together, and were sent to a home for homeless & throwaway teens about the same time, we left there together and lost each other. I recently reconnected with her over Facebook and she was so hungry for the Word, so I told her of Deeper Still and she came! We reconnected as if there was no time lost. You came over and hugged Melana and shook our hands (I held on and wouldn’t have let go if had not been taught to share hee hee). Debbie said “wow, she knows you guys???” She was so impressed…so, while she was not a siesta before, she is one now. πŸ™‚ And constantly talks about the Siesta’s she met.
    I am so very grateful for connections with women of God! Thank you Siesta Mama!

  6. 356
    Deirdre says:

    oh yes Beth, I have made some wonderful friends on here and even stayed in the home of one of my Houston blog buddies when we had the SSMT event. Missy (from it’s almost naptime) She is actually the person who first got me to do a Beth Moore Bible study.

    When we came out for the SSMT weekend I brought my hubby and toddler with me as well, and our HUSBANDS hit it off as well. All that’s left is for one of her sons to marry my daughter in 18 years or so.

    hugs to you and yours,
    Deirdre Russell

  7. 357
    Sara says:

    My weekend was a lot of things but how it is ending is filling me with anxiety… I just got a call from a pastor at my church who is looking for a single woman to go on a missions trip with 13 other people to help out at a camp in the Bahamas. He heard about me from some other people and is looking for someone who has a heart for children and serving. My heart does leap at helping the children and having an opportunity to serve alongside members of my church that I don’t know; however, I can’t afford the $600 cost right now. Plus that same weekend I was going to go visit an aunt in NYC. I’m torn as the cost is quite frankly scaring me. I’ve never done this before–asking a bunch of women I don’t know and who don’t know me to pray for me, but could you? I have to make my decision by Monday late afternoon. Pray that I don’t make a decision out of selfish ambition or just because it is “safe” and/or I don’t know how I’m going to pay for it. Thank you ladies…I’m so blessed to have this forum where I feel comfortable in doing this.

  8. 358
    Rachel says:

    The weekends are usually full of traveling to & from the softball fields for my daughters fast-pitch team. The game was cancelled last minute. This gave us an opportunity to continue organizing. One of those areas has been the walk in closet. Trust me it has been more like a “reach in closet” ha ha
    Sunday we celebrated Father’s day by eating our “fake In & Out burgers” They were yummy!!

  9. 359
    Kim B. says:

    This weekend my Mom did her first Triathlon in Fernandina Beach, Florida at 67 years young!! Not kidding! SHe is checkin’ off her Bucket List! I was amazed!
    Shocked acutally, that she did it. She’s never done anything in the sports arena that required so much time and dedication and ability. AND…she’s had two knee replacements!! Not only did she finish (that was her first goal) but she finished with a Personal Best Time! My precious 4 & 7 year old nephews, and my sweet sis-n-law helped cheer Grammie to the finish line!

    I want to be my Mom when I grow up.
    She is the COOLEST.

    Kim B., Orlando, Florida

  10. 360
    T_Marie says:

    I baked a lot this weekend, making my son’s birthday cake and a Father’s Day cheesecake for my husband and father-in-law. (If you really love creamy, smoothe cheesecake, bake it in a water-bath.)
    We went to the swimming pool and I witnessed both my children jump off the diving board and swim to the side of the pool without incident. We’ve been working on swimming for what seems like their entire lives, and I think they finally got it! It is such a praise to God. They stand at the edge of the diving board and yell, to all ears who care to hear, “I AM STRONG IN THE LORD AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT!” Then, they jump off. I pray until they make it to the ladder. Then, they go again. Whew! Crossed a parenting finish line of sorts on that one. They can swim. Praise, Jesus, they can swim! (And, we used memory verses to get them to focus on Jesus instead of the fear of going off that board.)

  11. 361
    Whitney says:

    I don’t know what it is like to have any children, but if it is anything like having a nephew you are the luckiest person in the world to have them the full week! I am a fool when I’m around my nephew and I don’t even care- I’d do just about anything to see that smile:)

    I had a fantastic weekend with my family for Father’s Day. I recently moved 5 hours north to a city where I didn’t know a soul- these moments with my family are so very precious.

  12. 362

    It has been a weekend of spending time with the family. Both my children are here with there children and my parents will be joining us…..I will have 4 generations in my little tiny house before my daughter moves to Greece. What fun it has been playing in the water, watching my kids play with their nieces and nephews….eating, telling on each other…..it truly has been a “Walton’s Mountain” experience in West Texas……

  13. 363

    I just had something sweet happen right here in my bedroom, so I had to come leave a comment about it.

    Beth, one of the college girls who comes to Life Group at my house each Monday night lost her father to a disease a few years ago. She has been in her hometown this summer, but came up for the weekend to stay with me and some of the other girls to hopefully help make the weekend of Father’s Day not hurt so bad. It’ll still hurt her; no girl of 20 wants to be fatherless.

    This weekend, we’ve done everything from road trips to afternoons by the river and, tonight, the girls are all collapsed on the beds in my bedroom, talking while I finish something for work. The girl who lost her father happened to see one of my copies of SLI (oh yes, I have a couple) sitting by my bed and started flipping through it. About 20 minutes later, I asked the girls what they were going to do the rest of the night and that one spoke up quickly and said “I don’t know about you all, but I’m spending tonight with Beth Moore” while everyone started laughing.

    You just never know when the right book is going to be on the right nightstand on the right Father’s Day, now do you? πŸ™‚

  14. 364
    heartheldhigh says:

    The weekend is all but over, but I thought I’d share a little bit of the goodness of God with you as it ends. I had a fantastic time with my little man. We got arts and craftsy and painted plates to give to his dad and grandpa for Father’s Day. We had so much fun, got so messy, and the plates turned out to be masterpieces like only a 5 year old can make. Needless to say they will be treasured.

    I was also blessed with rest and quiet time with my Savior as my son went off for his “daddy day” this weekend. How good it felt to curl up with my Bible and journal in my favorite chair and watch the hours wile away as I prayed and drew near to Jesus.

    When I picked my little sweetheart up from his dad’s today we had the most fun playdate with friends we haven’t seen in too long. Us mom’s got to share our hearts while the kids played their hearts out. God is so good.

    We came home happy and tired, snuggled up to read the Bible together, and a little bit of Black Beauty, which we’re in the middle of. Then my little snuggle bug fell fast asleep in the middle of our prayer time.

    We have had a blessed weekend indeed. My heart is grateful. My cup runneth over.


  15. 365
    Bev Brandon says:

    I am sitting in a sea of tears over here this weekend closing a chapter of my life. I am surrounded by 24 family albums and 12 boxes of family photos. Putting together my daughter’s slide show for her wedding in a couple of weeks.

    I found this blog when we lost our church family cause my husband wasn’t the right fit anymore—he had been on that church staff for 27 years. So I was kind of a mess. Started blogging March 2006—didn’t know what I was doing. I took a big risk and invited Holly to come to my home in Fort Worth to attend LOI Wednesdays with Beth at James Robison’s studio. We became friends forever.

    Went to Siesta Thing in San Antonio the same weekend we moved to Austin. I am head over heels in love with Abby and Jenny Hope and Lindsee Lou—those twenty-something year olds who are way wise beyond their years!!!! I’ll text them forever.

    I had the time of my life at the Siesta Fiesta with Fran and OceanMommy Steph and Kim and Jen and Kate and the Preacher’s Wife and Patty and Georgia and The Simple Wife… and it’s funny how you slip back and forth between code names and real names. BOO MAMA!!!! BIG MAMA!!!! I love them so ! I think meeting Abby and Linds for the first time shook me to the core. They’re my lifelong friends.

    There’s a group of six that I text a lot. And when I meet siestas— like meeting Amanda and Georgia for the first time— at the SMT thingy, I can’t explain what God does for me. It’s people you care about and read about and pray for—it’s a taste of heaven, our real home.

    God has used blogging in such a huge way for me in my loneliness of losing so many friends. It was like instant friends again. And it keeps happening!

    Annette and I became really close through blogging and met on the side of the road in Houston at a Starbucks as I was passing through. Kind of weird as you hope it’s a legit person. Our kids were worried about us meeting strangers on the side of the road. Wow! Was she ever legit. She’s my lifelong friend. She even let my missionary daughter and her 15 college girls whom she ministers to descend on her place. Amazing.

    Twinkle and Sylvia and Annette and Ang B. and a few others will all meet up in a month or so in Houston to share our hearts and what God stirred up through our reading of 66 Love Letters and reading through the Bible together. These women have impacted my life for eternity. And, no book has touched me so deeply concerning change.

    LSOF Ang just IM’d me and told me to come over here! She’s so precious to me.

    Unexpectedly, I was diagnosed with cancer exactly one year ago and all the people I mentioned above God used to carry me through a really difficult time. Who would have ever thought that blogging would be a demonstration of the Spirit of God, the power of God?? 2 Cor. 1:2-4. And to you Beth and Amanda and Melissa and Travis and Angela—I’ll really know you all in heaven. A huge thank you for making this blog happen for it is a Beautiful God Who stirs you up—no formulas with you girls and Big Daddy/Fry Daddy—Psalm 50:2 Perfect in Beauty is the God Who pours out of you! You’re my bloggy friends!

    Why did I make this so long—should have stopped! Sorry.

  16. 366
    Bev Brandon says:

    Ooops. It’s I Cor 2: 4-5 I think my blogging friends are a demonstration of the Spirit’s power so tht our faith rests not on man’s wisdom but on God’s power.

  17. 367
    TeaTot says:

    Well, since now my weekend is officially over (considerating it is late Sunday night)! I have posted a few times but am so busy (work, school, church, life) that I have not made any friends and do not get to visit here often. I do love however to visit when I get the chance to so, I usually leave with a smile!
    As for my weekend, it was spent preparing for two sign language classes I will be teaching this week (I love teaching sign language), and also preparing for story time (signing of course) at some local libraries! Also since it is so hot hot oh so hot here in SouthWest Louisiana I had a little pool time!!!


  18. 368
    Rebecca says:

    This week end is gone now but what a packed full weekend I had. I had to work Saturday but after work I went to my garden (which is the first one I planted in 7years) had to tie up my tomatoe plans next week will be time to pick the green beans .I’m planning on canning them (1st for me ). Sunday what a wonderful morning . My nine year old niece and my nine year old step niece was baptism . Brianna was saved at home a couple years ago and I can so see the love for Jesus in her . I so want to teach them to study gods word . I was never thought that as a child. Conner my nephew was saved just a couple of weeks ago in vacontion bible school and for all you sister that take the time to be a teacher to these young people thank you . So I have to work six more days this week but planning for five days off around the 4th . I guess I will be canning beans . Wish me luck on that cause I don’t have a clue . My oldest sister is going to help
    I’m excited at it . I got to get off here and get ready for work hope everyone had a blessed week end.
    Rebecca from tennessee

  19. 369
    Maryellen says:

    Well it’s Monday and with all that was going on this weekend I never got on here. It was busy and crazy with the whole gang home and my darling husband having to work on Father’s day. We gave him a new power thingy hammer that he needs to rebuild the balcony we lost in the storms this past winter…I got the blog written and meals served. We saw Toy Story 3 at the drive in last night so everyone is still sleeping now…oh, and I rested as much as a mom of five with a cat and a dog can. I am down with pneumonia like I have never seen in my life. Rest is relative around here but I am doing my best. It’s the last week of school here, so just four more days of up at dawn.
    I have not met anyone on the blog yet. But that’s okay. I get a wonderful feeling about meeting you all in Glory as we walk around the New Jerusalem! XOXO

  20. 370
    Karen Scott says:

    Hi Beth and everyone! First time blogging! Beth, I hear Jesus so loud and clear through your sessions on Life Today and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following your heart for Jesus.
    You set my day straight….
    Thanks.. xo
    Until next time.

  21. 371
    Fiffer says:

    Well hey there sweet siestas! I love this blog. I don’t get a chance to check it regularly but when I do it’s like I’m with this big circle of girlfriends who love Jesus…and even though we are all different that common bond of sisters in Christ is the biggest breath of fresh air and a respite from this crazy world!

    So what I did this past weekend is go on a college recruiting trip. My 17 year old daughter Elly is a pretty amazing volleyball player and getting recruited for a volleyball scholarship and it’s exciting but also kind of scary, to find the school that’s the right fit for her.

    Here’s specifically how you could pray…and also I’d love your advice. We live in PA and she is being recruited by a secular school in Jacksonville, FL. She loves the area and amazingly enough, the coaches are strong believers. However, most of the girls on the team are not. Another school that wants her is a VERY evangelical Christian school — we know there she’d have so many like-minded friends but she’s just not nearly excited about their volleyball program there.

    So I’d love to know three things — above all if y’all could just lift her up that God makes His will abundantly clear to her. Secondly, if any of you are from Jacksonville I’d love to know of some good evangelical churches down there. If she goes there I’d love to get her hooked up with a church. I know she’s going to be all kinds of homesick so if there were fellow believers she could meet…that’d be awesome. Third thing is are we crazy to send her to a secular school when she could be immersed in a Christian environment?? I’m really struggling with this…feeling like her heart is with the JAX program but are we feeding her to the wolves by sending her there?

    Thanks siestas! Would love your advice and covet your prayers more than you know. And I very seriously plan to come to a siesta gathering in the future so let’s get to know each other! Happy first day of summer from the heart of Lancaster County, PA!

    • 371.1
      texatheart says:

      Does the school have any kind of Christian Campus program? One of our young people from church goes to a big state school and she has been very active leading others to Christ and then spent the summer in the Florida area with beach ministry. I went to a small church college and loved it. I am a big believer that we are called to be in the world just not full of the world, if you know what I mean. The campus programs might give her a starting point to hook up with some like minded friends.
      I will keep her in my prayers.

      • Fiffer says:

        Thanks Jan! Your prayers mean so much. Yes there is a campus ministry which I’m sure she would get involved in. I am really feeling that God can use her here — the “safe” option is the Christian school but then I remember…there is no safer place to be than in the center of God’s will. We are so diligently seeking this, and I truly appreciate your prayers!


    • 371.2
      Ina says:

      Hi Fiffer,
      I also am a long time reader of this wonderful blog but don’t get to comment often. But I had to say hello as I’m also a resident of beautiful Lancaster county. Greetings to you from another Pennsylvania siesta!

      • Fiffer says:

        Well hey Ina! Nice to “meet” another Lancaster County siesta. I live in the Penn Manor School District…you?

        Have you ever been to any of the siesta gatherings? Maybe sometime we’ll have to travel together to one of them! How fun would that be!


  22. 372
    Debbie says:

    We were house hunting this past week-end. God has been stirring in my husband and I to move to a certain town. He started in the Spring and then our home church announced a new extension of the church in the same area. The existing church is much smaller, and we feel led to step up and help with the transition. We also want to put the kids in a smaller christian school in the same town. We are very excited and just praying through it right now that it is His will not our desire. We have several variables that will have to happen (mainly financial provision), but we are ready to make the move once we hear from Him. πŸ™‚

    PS … I am with you on the control freak and not letting Jackson out of your sight. My poor kids are teenagers now and I still have to know where they are every second and who they are with. I learned years ago to pray a power of protection around them when they were not in my sight.

    Happy you had a wonderful week-end with those grandbabies.

  23. 373
    Vicki Moore says:

    Does the Bible study start tomorrow? What time will you post the video so I can schedule when our group can get together????

  24. 374
    Stargazer says:

    Your blog posts always make me feel better, Beth.

  25. 375
    Sandy Corbin says:

    Shout out to KRISTI! I have to know more about the Pineapple Casserole you mentioned! You cannot just say oh by the way…pineapple casserole and leave it at that. Sounds absolutely yummy!

  26. 376
    Jaime says:

    Can I just tell you what I did this last weekend instead?!?

    I traveled 5 hours to Telluride (Telluride Bluegrass Festival) with my 18 month old son. I am not sure whose idea that was, mine or my husband, but let me just say…not a good one. My son has two speeds, running and sleeping. And since he can’t run in the carseat and wasn’t in the mood to sleep either, it was a long trip. And that very next day we went to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. We spent the majority of the day chasing our son around the festival like we were trying to catch a chicken, because you see, he had even more energy to burn since being the in the car the day before. After about 6 hours of this, my son had a monumental melt down. At which point I decided I was going to rock my son to sleep, not a bad decision but probably not a good one considering the last time I rocked my child to sleep he was about 9 months old, right before he discovered his two feet could take him places. Anyhow, I clenched my child while he flailed about, crying and screaming for an hour until he finally got tired of fighting me and he fell asleep. And he slept…for a hour. That’s right mothers of toddlers…one stinkin hour. Then it was back to the races. But for that one hour, my hubby and I got to sit and enjoy the music. After another couple of hours chasing the chicken, we decided to call it quits. We packed up our tarp, our four bags, our cooler and chased our sweet son two miles and a gondola ride back to our car.

    And if we didn’t learn our lesson…we just booked a 3 hour plane ride to CA for a wedding in a couple of weeks. It’s going to be a rough summer.

  27. 377
    Missy June says:

    I haven’t met any of you in real life – but hope everyone had a fantastic weekend~!

  28. 378
    KMSmom86 says:

    This weekend my husband and I attended his family reunion. It was great seeing members of his extended family. On the way home we stopped to see some friends and had a great visit with them. We were all in the “young marrieds” class almost 25 years ago. Time has flown by!

    As far as the blog goes, I read it often and post frequently, but I really haven’t connected with anyone. I’d like to!

    Today my bff and I will make a quick trip to Lubbock to pick up more copies of Ruth, and do a few more errands. Then tomorrow the study group (15 of us I think) will meet at my home at 10:00. WooHoo!

  29. 379

    Carload of 6 heading to St. Louis this Friday for your event there. I’m so excited! My daughter and I haven’t missed a year since 2007. We were in Omaha, Minneapolis, Springfield and now St. Louis. The best part about New Year’s Eve is that we get to turn the calendar to the new year and look forward to the Living Proof Event with you and another summer bible study of yours,Beth. Our faciliator of your Bible Studies will be with us. You would just love her, she does such an awesome job of presenting the video and follow up afterwards. We’re doing “Breaking Free” and are on week 4. Can’t wait to see you, Travis and group.
    Excited from Iowa, Linda A.

  30. 380

    Hi Beth, I just started my seventh Bible study “Living Beyond Yourself”. I have one comment about your mission trip to Kenya. I went on a mission trip to Kenya two years ago this month and one thing you didn’t show in the video was the “other facility”!!!! Just couldn’t help but think about how you would describe that! I have pictures:)

  31. 381
    texatheart says:

    I’m packing up my house this weekend. Trying to be done before Thursday so I can get everything out and go to St. Louis on Friday. I am heading to Texas on Sunday after I say goodbye to my church friends. Hoping to relocate for good in the Dallas/Mesquite area with a new job. It will be fun to actually get to meet some siestas. I think I am the only one I have seen from Topeka. Though I did meet some at the Omni last January from KC. Not looking forward to the heat but am loving the idea of the Texas winters!!
    My first grandchild is due in August. I’m getting a little excited even though it has not happened the way way every mom dreams it will. It is a special blessing from God none the less and will be loved by this Granny J!
    Love this blog and all the siestas. I have grown so much from reading comments and listening to the wisdom you all share. (Can’t wait to start the scripture memory again! I’m doing it this year solo. It’s a little harder to do, but desperate times bring desperate measures. I can’t make it without. Beth I did not know what wielding scriptures was all about, but I’m at least an Orange Belt in it now!) Thanks for sharing your walk with me. I’m better for it.
    Love ya’
    (soon to be texagain!)

  32. 382
    Wanda says:

    This weekend I was in your neck of the woods…Houston…helping my daughter Kindall, with a garage sale. The proceeds will go towards a mission trip scheduled this July to Africa that she is going on with her Sunday School class. We had about 5 young adults helping so it was all good, but boy was it HOT.

  33. 383
    HFridelle says:

    Ok, my new friend that I met on this blog already commented but I wanted to add to it! I met Beth through the blog and I feel God was tugging at my heart to befriend her. And since then she has been such a blessing. It’s so nice to get emails and encouragement from her. God does know what He’s doing! We haven’t met in person, but we will one day!! And I think that I am going to try to make more friendships on the blog. I normally just read what others are saying, but it sounds like everyone has fun!! God is so good!!

  34. 384
    Denise Ferrell says:

    I haven’t met anyone on the blog, but sure enjoy it.

  35. 385
    Martha says:

    Had a great week-end in Branson,Mo. with my younger son,daughter-in-love,and two granddarlings. Roger is 4 and big sis turned 10 last Saturday.
    We stayed at a water park and the kids loved it. Think we could have saved our money on the shows and lived @ the park!We all had a blast playing miniture golf and arcade games. And would you believe God gave us 2 rainbows; one in the morning and one that evening ……….warmed my heart that both kids knew what the promise is! A funny the 4y/o loves Krispy Kreme donuts and the morning rainbow looked like the end was @KK.

  36. 386
    Valerie says:

    I love you too & I thank you for the precious prayer you prayed with me at the Scripture Memorization Event that Saturday back in January. Little did you and I know at the time, but God knew….just 3 weeks later Kristen would tell me she was expecting.
    And yes, it was God who had us meet in the first place when your nephew was so critical, and definitely God who saw to it that we sat right next to each other in San Antonio.
    Thank you for your continued prayers. You are a very special blogging friend.

  37. 387
    Kim Safina says:

    Sweet Beth,

    And HI GEORGIA JAN ~ I send you a big ((( HUG ))) and love you! I Love the Hydrangea photos & those precious grandbaby blessins of yours ~ I have kept the little ones & their beautiful parents (we have goodlookin sons ~)in my daily prayers.
    Jan,we are going to have to get together for some tea, talk, and tilling the garden with flowers together!! I guess I am going to have to fly you and Beth (your BFSF) out to the central coast for some girl fun!! although I haven’t any grand little ones, ( gotta get these boys of mine graduated, law schooled and married first) I can keep up with you two talkin about those precious little bundles of love!! There is NOTHING like talking about babies!!! And believe you me, you and Jan have lots to talk about with the looks of your little ones!!! πŸ™‚

    Because of this LPM blog, My heart has opened up for many, many Siestas. If I had an hour to share, I would tell about each one of these precious Siestas that have tugged on my heart and given me such a joy to be online and not afraid of computer friendships.

    Roxanne has been such a bright light & prayer warrior to me. Roxy, I love you so much my Texan friend!!
    Dave and I will be seeing your family with JO & VO soon. πŸ™‚ I love your sisters ~
    Jan is just down right precious,loves her family.
    Melana, my moose friend who is such a joy to me!
    Angie who takes little steps of faith and loves others from her head to her toes.
    Holly brings joy and laughter.
    Kelly is such a delight with music and writing skills.
    Fran & Fran are both authentic and genuine loving Siestas.
    Lindsee brings a bright and lively perspective to me.
    Yolanda,I love your heart.
    Mary, You are my computer teacher.
    Tammy, priceless
    Lisa, sweet
    Patty an inspiration to me.
    Jenny brings me hope Williams ~ you gorgeous thang!
    Nikki, Tammy, Holly and on and on …
    Beth ~
    Both of your daughters have been a blessing to me too!

    I love you!

  38. 388
    Kim Safina says:

    I forgot to mention my dear sweet Lichelle!!
    I love you too Siesta!!! As soon as the remodel is complete lets have a Siesta fest!!!

    • 388.1
      Yolanda says:

      I think that would be such a blast!! You are so gracious, and love just oozes from you. Kim, we share some MIGHTY FINE FRIENDS, and the most important one of all, is…JESUS CHRIST.

      Love you sweet Siesta!!

  39. 389

    I met a sweet girl named AJ through this here blog. I love her to bits and have loved every minute we’ve gotten to spend together in person.

    The Siesta Scripture event was a-ma-zing. I got to hang out with people I already knew (AJ, Kelli, Melanie) and meet new friends as well (Anna, Missy, Meghan and so many more). I heart Georgia Jan too!!

  40. 390
    Lori says:

    Her name is Beth. We “met” through the Living Proof blog during Scripture Memory. She’s from NJ, and I live in the Houston area. We follow each other’s blogs and we correspond through email. We’re doing the Ruth Bible study together, and will talk for the first time on the 22nd via Skype.

  41. 391

    Hey Siesta Mama, I have enjoyed reading the posts about your weekend with the grandkids!:) Great fun, and the pics are the best:):) I did get to meet up in person with Elaine@peaceforthejourney after “meeting” her through this blog. She has had a journey for sure, being a Methodist minister’s wife. She has prayed for me and for my fertility treatments and for my baby girl:) I wish to meet Miss Bethany one day, although my older sis got to meet her at the Houston Scripture event:) I would also like to give you and Amanda and Melissa the biggest hug if I were to ever meet you all in person:):) Gigi, Deirdre, Nancy@oliveleafministries I would love to meet them face to face too!: Soo many siestas I’d love to meet on this blog!

  42. 392
    Sheree Poole says:

    Hi Beth…This is my first SSBS and I’m so excited to begin this Bible study on Ruth!! I have 4 grandkids..2 girls and 2 boys, and I had to laugh when I read how you just can’t let go of them, because I know exactly what you mean when you say you can’t “take your eyes off of them for one min.” I’m exactly the same way…once when my oldest grandson was 4 yrs. old (he’s 11 now), we were at the beach and I took him shopping at a mall. At that age, he will not stay in a stroller so I knew it was pointless to take it. We were in a ladies clothing store, and I turned my head only for a second, and would you believe he disappeared that quick?? I immediately began to panic, calling out his name louder and louder and praying in between shouts. I had everyone in the store to stop what they were doing to help me search for him (and they did). My biggest fear was that he wandered out of the store. But would you believe he heard us calling him and was hiding in one of the clothing racks laughing? I heard this tiny little giggle coming from a pair of slacks hanging on a round rack beside me, and when I slid back the row of ladies wear there in the middle sat my grandson with the biggest most innocent-looking grin peering up at me. I have never been so terrified in my entire life..I thought I was going to have a heart attack right there in the middle of the store!!! I was so relieved and, of course, couldn’t get mad at him and all I could do was hug and kiss him over and over and over while praising Jesus for answering my prayer. We had a very long talk later about how he scared his Maw-Maw to death. He never pulled this prank again, but needless to say, it was a very long time before I would venture out alone shopping with him. I still get cold chills when I think about that day!!!

  43. 393
    Kim Young says:

    Thank you Thank you and Thank you again! I always smile when you share with us.
    Luv you and feel like your family.

  44. 394
    Stacy says:

    I was blessed to return to a beach condo that my parents owned during my teen years. Well, 30 years later, I wrote to their website and shared my fond memories of spending weeks living there at the beach. A wonderful woman, Lynne, contacted me and offered the chance for my family to spend the weekend in her condo as her guest. I was so taken with her kindness and generosity (given to a complete stranger)and touched that she was able to make time stop, so that I could relive the best time of my life! My husband put the sunrise on the beach on DVD, so that I can always see it on Hutchinson Island! Blessings to Ms. Lynne! God is good! Stacy

  45. 395

    I just got home (literally 10 mins ago) from a mission trip with the young people from my church. We went to minister to the people of Brazil, but as God takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary, we were the ones who were ministered to. That is another blog……..

    What an absolute delight and joy this blog has been to me! I never would have known or guessed in a million years that “true” friendships could blossom and be formed from a computer. Please indulge me a few moments to tell you of one in particular. Before I do, I must give a big Siesta Shoutout out to Melissa Moore Fitzpatrick!! I love you!! Gran Jan, I love lurking on your FB page and looking at all of your photos!! and Lichelle….you came to me via Kim and I am so thankful you did!! I can’t wait until you come back to town and we can go to church together again!

    My Siesta BFF, but I think my real life BFF too, is KIM LOUISE REECE SAFINA. (Not Kimberly, just Kim) We met via this blog last year. Thank you, Beth! But then we became Facebook Buddies and got to know one another a little better by chatting it up. I remember when we decided to exchange phone numbers… That was so weird and so fun all at the same time! Our friendship started and grew over the computer and the phone, but it was Divinely Ordained by none other than the MASTER of RELATIONSHIPS HIMSELF – KING JESUS!!!

    Kim is a prayer warrior like none other I have ever known. I am an intercessor for many people, but have missed having one constantly interceding for me since my sweet momma went to live with Jesus full time a little over 5 years ago. Kim has filled that void. Kim knows me more intimately than any other friend I have. I can share with her all of lifes ups and downs, its joys and sorrows with her and still feel safe and loved. We have laughed together, we have cried together, we have prayed together and we have played together. Kim knows each of my 10 brothers and sisters and their needs. Some of my wonderful sisters had the joy of meeting Kim face to face the same day I did this past April. They fell in love with her just as I have. Oh yes, and her “Miesta” named Dave is an absolute doll in his own right. Pleasing to the eye and the soul. πŸ˜‰ That is definitely a match made in Heaven!!!

    Kim is the kind of friend I want to be and also the kind of friend I pray that every gal on this blog finds and keeps. She loves with all abandon; she is such a ray of sunshine; she loves to laugh; she is a giver; she lives life to its fullest; she is crazy about Jesus and enjoys being His hands and feet to all with whom she comes in contact. She is a Proverbs 31 woman if ever there was one.

    My Dear Kim,

    “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”

    I pray the Lord gives you the reward you have earned! Thank you for being one of the greatest yet unexpected blessings I have ever known.

    I love you forever!
    Philippians 1:3

  46. 396
    Kim Safina says:

    To my “3” dear Sweet Siestas

    1. Precious Mama “wanda” Beth,
    (we have awesome hunks ~ Ivan is NOT the Terrible & David is NOT the shamed King) πŸ™‚

    2. Loving & Beautiful Amanda, (enjoy the gifts)

    3. Dauntless ~ Brainiac & Gorgeous fb Melissa,

    I am LOST for words!!

    *sitting here for over 10 minutes staring at this screen with big raindrop tears.

    The reason for the loss for words?

    While reading over the blog comments from this past week I was reading the Siestas “What’s Up This Weekend?”
    I came across my Roxanne “roxy” Worshams heartwarming and touching comment about me.

    *Still sitting here at the computer with tears streaming down my face while MY HEART & SPIRIT IS SO HUMBLED THAT I CAN HARDLY BREATHE!!!

    Roxy is such a woman of God. She gives from her heart.
    Because of this SIESTAVILLE location, I am blessed beyond words! Thank you for Siestaville!

    My dear SBFF= Roxanne has the gift as an intercessor as well as a heart for giving ~ She is a “FIRECRACKER” and I just Love her to pieces!!
    She makes me laugh more than anyone I have ever known. And the girl can HUG!!!!!!
    My husband ~(the one she calls “an absolute doll” but would prefer the absolute STUD instead) received our text/cell bill which has the most minutes or txt messages coming from our college son. However, GUESS WHO wins for the most txt messages the past 3 months???
    I have been blessed to share a new found Siestaship with Roxanne. I text her more than I have text messaged in my entire life! I love you Roxy, Mills & Rob !!!!!

    My heart is overflowing with compassion for other women.
    I love to PRAY for all who make requests.
    I take it very seriously.
    I am not one that says I will pray for you and then not do it. I DO IT!!!!!

    I truly love You Beth ~

    All the Siesta’s, (including myself)feel like WE KNOW YOU & YOU ARE OUR VERY DEAREST FRIEND.
    I have been told by some Siesta’s how they get a little “pig natured” & jealous when you share about other Siestas on the blog and not them. Cracks me up!!!

    I want you to know that it has been a privilege and an honor to study the WORD OF GOD with you at LivingProof & Deeper Still conferences,watching you on Wednesday’s With Beth, DVD/VHS, and in photographs.
    Beth, There have been women before you and there will be women after you ( melissa hint,hint…. and Angie hint,hint) that are anointed in the teaching,preaching of the GOSPEL OF CHRIST JESUS OUR BELOVED.
    This is the generation that you have been called.

    YOU ~
    SIESTA’S ~
    YOUR FAMILY = immediate and extended (dogs included) ~ TRAVEL MERCIES ~ REST ~ MONIES ~ WORKERS ~ DONATIONS ~

    With “Heaven Bound” blessings,
    Kim Louise Reece Safina (as Roxanne calls me!!) πŸ™‚

    Laughing Out Loud with Joyful Tears!!!
    NEHEMIAH 8:10

  47. 397

    Hey Beth… It seems these days I’m always late to the party. I jump on and catch a read between assignments – that is ministry assignments.

    I, like others around the block, came on over from the Lifeway Forums a few years back. I was online for the Believing God study and the Living Beyond Yourself study there. Those forums became a place that sharpened and hewned me as I made friends there that carried on over here.

    A number of the gals here at the forums were online there when I was posting through the season after my son passed away. One of the women there posted his obituary which had the address of our church and memorial donation information. I was tremendously blessed to know these people I only knew from an online community would bless our family and me with letters and financial support in our time of need.

    Making the leap over here has been incredible. I went to the Siesta Meet-up in San Antonio in 2008.

    I was floored… I ended up riding down with TIFFANY and we had a time making the road trip. I met my IM and Blog buddy – JenMom there – she is miles away in Florida, but we had been chatting online and connected through LPM to be sure. I prayed with her as she sought God’s favor and blessing to come to the Siesta MEET UP. God so came through for her.

    The first night, at the conference while we waited to go in to get our seats, so many of the women came to me and shared they had read about Justin at LPM or online – they knew that I would be marking the third anniversary of his death at the Siesta Meet Up and well… They loved on me and comforted me. THEY ENCOURAGED ME and said, I ENCOURAGED THEM.

    While in San Antonio, we met Gayle and Cindy – Gayle happened to be on the same bus with us after lunch on Friday without her group and so we struck up conversation and visited as we all found our way back to the hotel together that Friday afternoon. She and I talked on Saturday morning and well… God connected our hearts.

    LORA, ALEXIA and NESHA were my roomies. We had neither had much communication nor had we laid eyes on each other prior to that meeting in San Antonio. We had full on church in the hotel room those two nights. It was incredible. God loves us. I get a call or email from the girls now and again – especially sweet are the ones that say I’ve been thinking about you and you are on my mind.

    Nesha has sent me cards for so many special occasions. She is just a precious encourager and I love the way God prompts her to let us know He’s thinking of us through her sweet, kind heart.

    Lora and I used to talk on the phone often… But, I got a new phone and well… I lost her number. Lora — If you are reading this would you email me your phone number again… I’m miserable at keeping up with stuff. πŸ™

    Oh and then well… Twinkle, GratefulInGA, Patty, Melana, All those gals I love even far apart. YOLANDA…I got to give a shout out to my Kansas friend. It has been more than a year since we’ve exchanged personally, but I love her just the same. She and I became email pals in ’08 and ’09. The Siestas have walked me through two of the toughest times of my life and they have praised the Lord with me when I shared my joyful news and prayed and grieved with me when I was in the valley of the shadow. They are my heart friends for sure and I love them to pieces – even if we don’t visit much anymore.

    I love you, Beth. My final Siesta story is this: At the San Antonio meet-up we got to visit with AJ and have our pictures made. When I shared my name she said, “I know that name.” I know you guys read our comments and such… But, AJ reminded me that you really do care and you really make us feel special.

    Love you,

  48. 398

    I think that you’re writing ability is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing this with the world.

  49. 399
    noi that oto says:

    Having read this I thought it was rather informative. I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this information together. I once again find myself personally spending a lot of time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

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