Happy Monday and Heads Up for Bible Study!

Good Monday Morning, My Dearest Siestas!

I hope you had a great and God-filled weekend. I cannot express to you how much I loved watching your interaction with one another in response to Friday’s post. It was one of the most rewarding moments of my, how shall I say?, blog life. I am so honored that God would allow AJ, Melissa and me to be a part of this community of sisters. May He find much joy in what takes place here.

I had a very busy weekend doing one of my favorite things. Jackson and Annabeth stayed with my man and me from Friday morning till Sunday noon while CJ and AJ had an anniversary weekend away. We played, sang, danced, watched movies, read books, and ate snacks for meals for the better part of three days. Wedged in there tightly, we got a little sleep. The kids are super active but so good. AJ and CJ are terrific parents. Both children are affectionate and appreciative and surprisingly polite for their young ages. That’s saying a lot these days. When I went to bed last night, I replayed our sweetest or most memorable moments. I could hardly go to sleep for thinking about them. I took a few pictures with my I-phone which means poor in quality but rich in love.

Jackson is just like his mommy in that he loves to swim. I knew Keith would be gone all day Saturday and I’d be on my own with them so I chickened out of taking them to a public pool. Too many people. Jackson has had two summers of swim lessons but I still wanted him in plain sight at all times and where I never had to take my hands off Annabeth. I asked my dear friend and coworker, Sabrina, if I could bring them to her house because she has a really fun pool in her backyard and she was gracious enough to welcome us.

AB has serious Bibby-itis right now but after about an hour she let Sabrina’s daughter, Kelli, hold her in the water and I got to play with Jackson. This is us. He splits my heart in two.

This is all four of us – Jackson, Annabeth, Kelli, and me – before we called it a day. I do not know what I would’ve done without Kelli. She spent every minute out there with us. I’ve known her and her older sister, Hayli, since they were little girls and they are God-nieces to me. I’m blessed to be called “Aunt Beth” by them.

When Sunday morning rolled around, I knew the big question was upon me. Was I woman enough to get both of those kids to church? And ON TIME??? Some of you saw this picture on Twitter. (Yes, I Twitter now because AJ set me up for my birthday – @BethmooreLPM. I’m limiting myself to two tweets or less a day. If I start misbehaving with it or getting addicted to it, I’m firing myself from it.) I can’t resist showing the picture here as well. This was how AB woke up:

Killed me. By the way, she is a clone of her mother right now. When she was an infant, she looked just like Jackson who looks just like CJ but the older she gets, the more she looks like AJ when she was her age. Anyway, despite the hair malfunction, we did make it to church, bathed, dressed, ON TIME and with all our shoes on. BUT, for the first time in my entire memory, I forgot my Bible. Hahahahahahahahaha. I had to use one of the complimentary copies in the pew. I took no small amount of flack. I even gave it to myself with great glee. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then nobody seems funny.

OK, enough of the weekend recap. TOMORROW IS OUR BIG DAY!! SSBS (Siesta Summer Bible Study) III launches with our first Tuesday gathering. I will give you instructions for our roll call tomorrow. You will also have your regular video-greeting plus written instructions for your group discussion in case you have trouble with the video. Bar some kind of technical problem, you will always find it posted early in the AM for those of you who want to meet mid-morning or over lunch. If you can’t rally a small group, you are welcome to go solo but our hope is that you have some Godly fellowship and accountability this summer. As well, you can meet on any day during the week, but our aim is for as many of us as possible to meet on Tuesdays. Within 24 hours of meeting, we are asking a designated person from your group to write a comment to that post with a brief summary of your time together. This is the accountability part. You’ll understand more about it tomorrow.

I just wanted to give you a heads-up that it’s time to begin! You do not need to do anything in preparation for tomorrow’s gatherings in your small groups. No homework is due. You’ll get your assignment for the first two weeks tomorrow.

This is so exciting, Ladies! Let’s get ourselves in some Scriptures!

Your mama loves you.


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  1. 101
    Kristi B. says:

    Love the pictures! Looks like a cool pool. Glad you had such a fun time with those two adorable grands!

    Can’t wait for Bible Study! I must confess that I have already started reading the first chapter. This is going to be a good one!

    Love ya!

  2. 102
    wendy banning says:

    I am so excited for the study! I have to confess, I’ve aready done the first few days of homework! I am so looking forward to doing the study with a long time friend and client. I’m so amazed at the women God puts in my path(chair)at the perfect time and season in my life! I have most always been on the recieving end of these little treasures. I now hope that I can be an encouragement to my sweet friend as we go through this study together. We had the opportunity to attend Deeper Still together. It was her first time to see you beth and the first time for us to see Priscilla and Kay. I was so excited for my girlfriend to be blown out of the water by Gods presence at this event! We had a wonderful time of fellowship and friendship! Thank you!!!!!!!!1

  3. 103
    KMSmom86 says:

    I don’t think it’s time to post about the Bible study groups yet, but I’m sooo excited I can’t wait! Tomorrow morning at 10:00, approximately fifteen women are coming to my home to begin the study of Ruth!! We will have a diverse group of retirees, moms of teens, and moms of little ones. I had to make a quick trip to Lifeway in Lubbock today to get more books! We haven’t had a ladies’ Bible study group in awhile. Due to my teaching job, I haven’t been able to participate in several years. We are ready to delve into the study!!!

  4. 104
    Joelle says:

    You look like you enjoy your grand babies like me mom does. My little boy started calling my mom “happy” almost as soon as he could talk. It was such a great name that fit her so well, we had to keep it. Now almost the entire family calls her that!

    I hope to do the study, even though I will be alone.

    Praise to Him!

  5. 105
    Alaina Ivey says:

    Any of my girls doing this study?

  6. 106
    Joni Leahy says:

    Hi Siesta Mama,
    It’s been a while but i’m back…took some time off from Scripture Memory Team last year. This has been the most interesting year with God; having to totally rely on Him for EVERYTHING! There were times when I thought I wouldn’t make it; He was ever present and overwhelmed me with His provision.
    Right now, I’m in a season of “rest”…rest from my calendar being jam packed but not rest from ministry. So, I’m too excited to join the study this year; on my own as He takes me through this season. I don’t want to miss anything He has for me and want to serve Him out of what He’s done for me…Amen!
    Just know I’ve missed writing but havne’t missed reading…Ruined for Him, Joni Leahy, Littleton Co.

  7. 107
    Joni Leahy says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention we had our 4 year old Granddaughter this weekend…she just slays me with her random “Grammy?” “yes, sweetie?” “I just love you”…I wish there were words for what that does to me! We went to the pool, too and I had to keep my eyes on her the entire time; she LOVES the deep end and knows no fear. Being a Grammy is the best! Thanks for sharing so much about your life and your family with us…transparent people are my favorite kind…Joni

  8. 108
    Tracy says:

    I am so excited! I have been reading the blog regularly for a couple of weeks and have just now gotten to the part of reading the comments! (ok, it took me awhile) What an awesome group of Christian women and what a great way to share with each other! My usual bible study partners aren’t around for the summer, so I will be going solo, but can’t wait!

  9. 109
    Laura Jordan says:

    Though I’ve already posted this story to my Facebook page, Beth’s GRAND-children weekend post makes me want to share it again!! Last night we were preparing to leave our older daughter’s house, saying good-bye to her and her husband and kissing our grandgirls when the older one (now 2 1/2 years old) very dramatically and somewhat tearfully proclaimed, “I need more Lolly!”…and because I am her Lolly, I couldn’t agree with her more!!! Since I’m an educator, I’m thinking this summer is the perfect time to improve that situation for both of us!

  10. 110
    Julie says:

    Whoo hoo, Yippee!
    Boy do I need this….

  11. 111
    Lora says:

    So thankful for your mama love. I love you too!

  12. 112
    Kelly S. says:

    I am so glad you enjoyed those sweet babies. Grandmothers are very special 🙂 My children are blessed to have both of their grandmothers living close enough to visit with every week. Mama’s glad too….ahem.

    I won’t be doing Ruth, but is sounds like such fun! I’m doing When Worldviews Collide by Ergan Caner this summer. Good stuff!

    love you!

  13. 113
    Ruined 4 Him says:

    I realize I hit send email and need to undo that…I’m a 51 year not-so-sure how all of this works, yet.

  14. 114
    Robyn says:

    Ready to do Bible study and I am flying solo as well. This is my first one to do online, but have done many at my church. I am hungry for the Word of God. Thanks for your straight forward approach! 🙂

  15. 115
    BJ says:

    Thank you. This will be a random comment, but I want to say thank you for reminding me of my first love. I am 29 and single, which in the Midwest is an uncommon thing. I have been discouraged with the men in my life and have come to think that I can EITHER have someone that I “click” with, OR a godly man. I recently became interested in a man who is incredibly intelligent, handsome, and so much fun to be around. He gew up in the church, but as far as I can tell, that’s where it ends. For the last week or so, I have been entertaining scenarios where it would be OK for me to allow the relationship to develop, knowing that he wouldn’t be the spiritual leader I desire, but that he would still be a good man.

    And then I came to your website and was reminded of my first and my true love. I desire to have someone who understands and supports my love and my committment to my Jesus, someone who’s passion at least equals mine if not surpasses. And because I have been distracted by all the other good qualities of this man, I have been willing to put what I cherish the most in the back seat.

    So thank you for speaking your passion in such a tender way that reminds me of mine. And I know this post isn’t even necessairly related to the train of thought it spurred within me. But just visiting the website, joining in a community of believers, and feeling the Love of God and our love FOR God leak through my computer, my hope is replenished.

    I don’t have to settle. I would rather wait forever than fall for a man who does not love my God with passion. So thank you for the gentle reminder. Your heart is lovely and today, you have encouraged me beyond words.

    Much love and many blessings 🙂

  16. 116
    kimberly says:

    Our group started last night because our friend Rachael is a chef, and Monday is her day off! So we will meet on Mondays!We are in Houston,Tx and there are 5 of us! We meet in Ashley and Ashley’s apartment. Our group consist of 5 darling,25/26 single,young women and 1 married,and honored to be apart of their group, 50 yr. old Mom. The main part of our discussion, was realizing where we were in our season,and what we each hoped to accomplish from the study. Eager participation,and a desire to grow was the theme. WE all look forward, to the homework we will have! 🙂

    • 116.1
      Beth says:

      Y’all, Kimberly is one of my staff members and, honestly, the all-campus favorite at LPM. She not only is doing the study with our staff group. She is leading it with her daughter and her friends. This woman right here is a STUD.

    • 116.2
      Beth says:

      Y’all, this is one of my beloved staff members at Living Proof. Honestly, she is the all-campus favorite. The embodiment of delight. She is not only doing the Ruth study with us on staff, she is leading it for her daughter and her daughter’s friends. She is a STUD. You would love her so much.

    • 116.3
  17. 117
    Sherry says:

    I bet you were proud as punch to have made it to church on time with your precious little ones!

    About forgetting your Bible, suggestion: if you have not already, download a Bible app on your iPhone. It’s great!
    I always have my phone with me, therefore, I always have a Bible with me, too!

    Looking forward to the Ruth Study!


  18. 118
    cdrosenbalm says:

    Beth, you need to download a bible app on your iphone. I love using mine when I forget my bible or for traveling purposes. You might get looks of “why is she looking at her phone in church” but just ignore those and enjoy the modern way of having another bible. Mine has all the available translations.

  19. 119

    Beth, you need to download a bible app on your iphone. I love having mine handy when I forget my bible or for traveling purposes. You will have to contend with the looks of “why is she looking at her phone in church?” but ignore those and enjoy. My app has all the available versions on it to choose from.

  20. 120
    Robin says:

    Love the pictures!

  21. 121
    ThirtyLittlePiggies says:

    I love these recent photos of your darling family! Thanks for sharing.Can’t wait to get this summer Bible study started! Be blessed today!

  22. 122

    My baby Morgan hope will be FIVE thurs. I can’t believe it. Anyway, I have said before how strong willed she is. She loved seeing you in Bham at the book signing. What is funny is that you have been invited into our home so much via bible study, books, cd, internet, tv, and dvd that she also feels as if she knows you so she was like no big deal when she met you ha ha! Anyway, when she was born she had a red mark in in the shape of a “J” on her forehead that stayed for about a year. It still shows up when she cries (like the hypercolor t-shirts of the 80’s). Anyway, in revelation you were talking about being marked and sealed unto the day of redemption in Christ and she seriously (If I am lying…I’d dying) listens to whatever I am listening to and asks questions. So, I have just been telling her since she was 2 about that J for Jesus. Her cousins were over last night and the whole thing from the Rev. study was fresh on her mind. She looked at her cousins and said: “What’s on your head? I have a “J” for Jesus?” They were clueless. She told them how she believed in Jesus and had a “J” on her head! CRACKED ME UP!

    Then she was being “rude at them” (that is how she says it) and I told her how when we feel like being rude…which mommy feels like that plenty…that we needed to pray and ask Jesus to help us since we can’t do things without His help. So she prayed. Later, I said “hey bratty” and I was just kidding. She said, “mom, I already prayed to Jesus and asked Him to help me…please don’t call me bratty!” It pierced my heart and I recalled your lesson on Lazarus and his grave clothes and how the others were told to take off his grave clothes. I quickly apologized to her and asked the Lord to help me not to discourage anyone in the Lord. I feel that way so often…like I am working with the Lord on something and the enemy will shoot a fiery arrow toward my head to try to keep me bound in discouragement or grave clothes. Lessons learned.

  23. 123
    Elizabeth says:

    Any siestas planning to go to the St Louis LPL event? 🙂 I might…but am not sure if I can find a friend to take with me, and not sure I’m brave enough to do it solo. 🙂 I might though!

  24. 124
    Denise Ferrell says:

    Stillwater, Oklahoma, solo, Next? wondering about it and excited about being a new grandma in December

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