What’s Up This Weekend?

What are you girls up to this weekend? It’s a big Jackson and Annabeth weekend for my man and me. Amanda and Curtis are celebrating their anniversary away till Sunday so we are officially ON in every way. And mighty happy about it. AB’s already down for a nap and Jackson has been helping Paw Paw clean the boat. This was something Amanda and Melissa loved to do when they were little, too. The difference was, the girls didn’t want to actually go fishing in it but mark my word. Little man does. If I’ve heard, “Paw Paw, when I’m a bigger boy…” once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. He melts my heart. I guess Bibby’s going to have to break down and go fishing when that time comes. I don’t think I can bear to take my eyes off of him in real fishing water. We’ll see. Jesus could come back by then. Keith just asked if he could take Jackson with him to the boat store to pick up some supplies. Would you believe I have never let the boy out of my sight when I’ve had him in all this time?? What a danged control freak. Keith put up with me saying, “But can you promise me you won’t let go of him for one single second?” so I guess I’m going to have to give it up. I have butterflies. What an idiot.

I love how so many of us who have been around Siestaville a good long time really have made some true, flesh and blood sister-friends, especially if we’ve attended some of the events. Georgia Jan is one of mine. Same age. Kids same age. Grandkids same age. Been married forever. (None of those are prerequisites for friends but it just throws us years forward into a relationship.) Both love Jesus. Over our happy heads in women’s ministry. Flawed but trying. Anyway, she’ll have her grandboy Zeke this afternoon and we wish like mad we could have them together. They are exactly the same age and they’d have such a big time.

Do tell! Anybody else made a real friend on here? This would be such a fun time to hear about it. If you haven’t had the time or opportunity, just tell me what you’re up to this weekend. Chat a while, Siestas.

I sure love you guys.


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  1. 151

    Oh my goodness, if only I had the chance to share about a friendship God has put together in my life through siestaville. It’s nothing short of a miracle. And now the Lord is leading us into a brand new ministry together. Please say a prayer as we’re starting from scratch with a huge God idea! What a wild ride!
    Thanks, Ms. Beth (and Amanda!) for this blog that God works through so mightily.
    Happy weekend to all!

  2. 152
    Barbara Mitchell says:

    Although I have not been able to attend any activites or met the Siesta’s in person, I have developed friendships with Angie Bayliss and Annette Geffert through their blogs and also FB… it’s wonderful how God knits us together into His family in love.

    p.s. I’m from Canada, and I was one of the gals at the FarGODome in North Dakota who attended your conference, and have taken probably about 6 of your studies.

    Love you Beth

  3. 153
    Shirleen says:

    Love this blog….has really encouraged me to know that God is using the internet to band women together to love and know Him, and to pray for, encourage, and challenge each other. Thank you Beth!!

    I am excited to hang out with my 19 year old daughter and go to Toy Story 3 with her. It is such a blessing to enjoy each other’s company after a few rough teenage years. (Having her boyfriend out of town helps too!)

    Still contemplating on whether to do the “Ruth” bible study….lost my sweet, godly mother-in-law a month ago to cancer. Miss her so much.

    Enjoy your grandbabies Beth!

  4. 154

    Hey there Beth!

    Your weekend sounds fabulous with the two little ones! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been in Siestaville since February 2007, and truly thought I made some IRL friends–but I’m not so sure about it all anymore.

    My very first time at an LPL was in Feb of 2007 in Detroit The lesson was on friendship (Tas Philas). That weekend you encouraged us to remember that “truest friendship takes place face to face.” Shortly after that LPL I started my blog, became a Siesta, and “met” some wonderful women through the comments on your blog! I attended the Siesta Fiesta, So Long Insecurity, and also met some women during our travels. I’ve had fun, and some heartache along the way–but I’m still here, hoping what’s here is real, but still guarded. (Just being real.) I’ve got numbers in my cell phone, email addresses in my address book, friends on facebook, and pictures in my albums–but I’m not sure where it all leads or what it means. (Seems like when I quit “tweeting” everyone quit on me!) This is not the testimony of many others, who’ve found their BFF’s in Siestaville–but it’s mine.

    I am thankful for the Living Word, and thankful for your authenticity–which keeps me coming back. πŸ™‚

    • 154.1
      moosemama says:

      Teri, I’m so sorry for your Siesta experiences. And I’m betting more than one of us could tell you about situations with Siestas that were not all “flowers and harp music”. I was hurt very badly by a couple siestas at the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio LPL. Just little stuff like stealing, lying, betrayal… Unfortunately, we are all women on a journey and for some of us the journey is hard and rocky. I sure am praying that your walk in Siestaville will bring you the joy of Godly women whom you adore and who adore you for the treasure you are in their lives.

      Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desire.

      Melana πŸ™‚

    • 154.2

      I’m sorry. I wish I could be a better siesta for you. It is kind of hard to keep up with people or let them know you care about them frequently; but, I have all your status updates go to my phone so I can keep up with your studies, your family, and all your “LML” remarks. I rarely comment, but I love seeing what you are up to…and trust me…there are only a few people who’s updates I have go to my phone (I always look forward to yours).
      I’ve had bad things happen too and was even openly rejected at an event from someone I highly respected…I hurt, but I just let the Lord deal and move on.
      You are special to me! I’ll be your friend forever, I just can’t let go that easily. πŸ™‚

      • Kate–you’re the bomb.com! πŸ™‚ You don’t have to apologize ONE bit! This really isn’t about y’all–it’s more about me. I think I have a hard time keeping up in relationships that aren’t face to face–unless they were once in real life, face to face friends who’ve moved away–then for some reason it’s easier. So, I’m trying to navigate my way through this interesting state of caring for people but not knowing if they’re really who they portray themselves to be in this community. (And in some cases I’ve just found that people are different in real life.) That’s all. I’m happy to “know” you Kate and appreciate this post-you’re a gem. (Wish we could’ve spent time together at SLI…grrrr!!!)

    • 154.3
      Donna says:

      Teri, I have had some similar situations as you have had. I have replied to several comments on Beth’s blog and never gotten any responses and I have been following her blog at least over a year. I have made two wonderful email friends from last summer’s Bible study and we stay in contact but that is it. I pray that things will change for you…hang in there Siesta girlfiend.

  5. 155
    Bethany says:

    Hi Bethie!
    Sounds like a good weekend full of fun with the grandbabies. I miss my niece and nephew so much! They are the same ages of Jackson and Annabeth…just live too far away now….
    Anyway, I am going to a bbq at a friends house tomorrow. A friend from work who has been a blessing to me through the loss of my job…still need to feel connected to these gals as they have truly been a “family” for the past 8 years….my heart is torn and they are a balm to it right now. Amazing as they are not Christians but are loving me with the love of Christ, they just don’t know it πŸ™‚ Then I have nursery duty at church on Sunday…I love the 3rd Sunday of every month!!!!!!! Baby fix!
    I have made some sister-friends on this blog. Gals that I love immensely and deeply. Gals like Yvonne in Fresno and Jen in Turlock (2 so close to home…total God stories how we met!) and Katie (as in katiegfromtennessee) and Deidre, Tracy, Traci, and Tammi. All these gals I met in Houston for the SSMT Celebration. I love this blog because it is such a wonderful place of fellowship…thank you for creating it!

    • 155.1
      joyinthejourneys says:

      Bethany! I loved meeting you…hearing your heart…praying with you…eating with you…laughing with you…
      January seems like forever ago, doesn’t it??? I wish we could do it all over again πŸ™‚

      …and I love your blog~
      …and I’m praying for you, my sweet faith-filled friend. love~ Traci

  6. 156
    Hilary says:

    I have just recently made Siestaville my home away from home, so I haven’t made any friends yet, but I do feel like I already have a bunch of sisters!

    This weekend is household catchup weekend, followed by Sunday… I am helping in my first Sunday school class ever at my new home church… Long story, but I just came home to church this year after years of hiatus. I swore I would never walk through the doors of a church again. I was wrong! πŸ˜€ So I am very excited to be serving in my body as preschool helper for this summer, to give the regular helpers the summer off. My oldest daughter is in the preschool class and she has been asking all week to go to church… When I told her I get to help in her class she about flew through the roof she was so excited!

    So much to be thankful for, it would take much more time than I have right now… God is doing a major work in my life and the lives of many of my loved ones… Amazing love!!!!

  7. 157
    Alexis R says:

    We started our weekend off by going to see Toy Story 3 at the movies!! My boys are huge Toy Story fans….my youngest thinks he is Buzz! Tomorrow it will be off to the park with the boys before it gets to hot in Hotlanta. Sunday it will be some church and then some volunteering at church and hopefully a nap. I love me some Sunday afternoon naps!! Have a great weekend all!!
    (I haven’t met me some seista friends yet either but that’s because I usually lurk and don’t comment! :))

  8. 158
    Tonia says:

    Hello there. I’m new to this blog. Found my way here after So Long Insecurity Simulcast. Looking for a place to connect and Godly women to connect with. Seems like I found such a place.

    This weekend is a pool party/bbq for my middle son. He’s sure looking forward to that. Father’s day is Sunday, but my boy’s father isn’t involved in their lives. (His choice) I encouraged them to pick out a card to send to him…though part of really didn’t want to. Then Sunday evening is the first night of VBS and I signed up to be a crew leader of pre-k. I love that age group. Since my middle son is too old this year (7th grade) I signed him up to help also. Told him it’d be good for him and build character. πŸ™‚ He protested just a little, but then realized he will get to have fun since he’ll be doing everything he would’ve done if he was a participant.

    I am so into the Esther bible study. I love learning more about the bible and God the father. Several years ago someone mentioned to me a Beth Moore bible study and she said it was indepth. I heard that as, you aren’t smart enough, or worthy enough of doing a Beth Moore bible study. Insecurity- Check. Now I realize she meant it’s indepth as in you dig deeply into the bible. I’m praying that Christ will help me break these chains so I may have freedom in Him.

  9. 159
    Patty says:

    I have been blessed so much from this special community that it is hard to put into words. Abby and Shelley were the first Siestas I met Boone, NC.:) There is Lichelle,(very close friend,love her!) Yolanda(love her heart and she has commited to pray for me for 2010, love her!) Melana, GJ, Kim, Fran, Stephanie, Twinkle(we go way back to Believing God forum) Lisa, Jenny Hope, Lora, Kelly

    Beth, I don’t know if you remember but from the BG forum we were called(Cybersisters) and we met each other at your church in the Summer of 2004.

    Dori, we go way, way back..like 25 years.lol Miranda, Nikki Poppins, and so many others…I truly love my fellow Siestas.

    I have been on here since it started and what a blessing from God!!

    Happy anniversary Amanda and Curt!!

    Have fun this weekend Bibby!!

  10. 160
    sepik-meri katie says:

    no real-life siesta buddies yet, but sure look forward to making some…! anyone in western washington?! πŸ™‚ this weekend so far, i have taken myself to our local park/beach and caught some rays… got a little bored and started climbing trees! got a few girlfriends & cousins coming over tonight for pizza and laughter, enjoying my new -BETH stinkin MOORE, i swear i just looked out my window and saw your twin marching by on the sidewalk!!! i almost ran out and yelled your name! hilarious! -anyway, us girls are breaking in my new house (new-to-me/rented!)… as for tomorrow, brother’s got a baseball game and going to hit up the downtown farmers market… spend some extra special time with my Jesus… sunday, dad and i are going for breakfast, and then i’m going to church (he won’t be bothered with it, he’s a pre-believer) and afterwards we’re heading up to the olympic peninsula for some hiking around! have LOADS of FUN with sweet jackson and AB!!! jealous! they are so flipping adorable i don’t know how you stand it. you must be the best bibby in all the world! πŸ™‚ love you mama B!!

  11. 161
    Sheila says:

    newbie to LPM…
    going to D.E.W. Animal kingdom in Wilton Maine with my grand-nephew 2 years old……this is gonna be a blast!

    I participated in “Breaking Free” and “So Long Insecurities”. I had been away from God for a long time. But I kept feeling the pull. One day, about ago 4 months someone from the church I had attended came into my office. We got talking about things, she recommended I join the group that was doing Breaking Free. It was wonderful!!! I was always feeling like I was not good enough, not doing things right, of course I wasn’t putting all of me into it either.
    I have continued with the small group and am thinking of getting baptized. My friend got baptized last month and I wanted to but I have muscular dystrophy and was afraid of how I would get in and out of the pool so I didn’t. Well guess what….. Our church will be doing it in a lake in August!!!!!! God is good, I believe He had planned the lake baptism just for me πŸ˜‰

    Have a fabulous week-end

  12. 162
    Johnna Renee says:

    This weekend, our 11 year old daughter is going to our beautiful church camp in the mountains of West Virginia for a week. Our older daughter who is 16 and our son who is 17 are also going to camp as junior counselors. That means that beginning this weekend, my husband and I will be spending an entire week at home without children. This blessed phenonemon hasn’t occured in 17 years, since before our first child was born!

  13. 163
    Vivian says:

    This weekend finds us helping my 16 year old son deal with the break up with his first love. He agonized over saying goodbye but he knew in his heart that things weren’t right. My heart hurts for them both but I am so proud of the man that he is becoming.
    On Father’s Day we are going to one of my favorite places…the beach! (It was also one of my Dad’s favorite places. I always feel very close to him there. I have many memories of that white sand and that beautiful water!) We are planting a church and will celebrate together with our core team.

  14. 164
    campbell6 says:

    This weekend….we’re taking our kiddos and one of our bff families and going to the drive – in to watch Toy Story 3 – woo – hoo! We can’t wait! It’s a celebration for us: 14 years of marriage, our oldest son is 9 and our youngest is 4 – all this week! And, on a much more unenthusiastic note, I’m spending as much time as possible with my Grandpa who is 91 years old. His cancer has spread to his liver and he is in the final days of his life. He doesn’t know Jesus and he doesn’t care to. It breaks my heart and I’m so sad. πŸ™

  15. 165
    playsforHim says:

    Tomorrow, my dad and brother are going to be working on rebuilding part of the house. My mom, sister, and I will be working to keep my three year old nephew from helping them!! LOL

  16. 166
    Fran McCurry says:

    Hi Beth,
    I have been amazed at how God has brought friends into my life through this blog. When I was a girl, we had “pen pals” (that dates me!); now I have Siestas who are also face book friends. Making friends with Jesus as our primary common bond has been so encouraging, affirming, and uplifting, and fun! Last year’s summer study brought Donna Garvin(Texas) and Lynn Feist(Canada)into my life. Kim Safina (California)was my first friend, and Fran Thomas (Tennessee) is my most recent. These awesome Godly women are very precious to me. We are in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s- I think that is very cool, too.
    This weekend will be quiet for me, as I celebrated Fathers’ Day early with my Dad. He lives 4 1/2 hours away; his lovely assisted living facility had a Fathers’ Day luncheon on Thursday that Daddy wanted his two girls there for. It was a very special time for the 3 of us to share our love and our memories, and make a new one!
    I’ll be flying out your way next Thursday, Beth! I am going to see my younger son Sam who is a grad student at UT-Austin! It has been way too long since I have seen him, and I am more than excited!
    Happy belated birthday, dear, and have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    Gulf Shores

  17. 167
    lori says:

    Well, plans for the weekend include going to a fund raiser for a sweet 17 year old girl who was critically injured in a car wreck in April. It is by God’s hand that she is alive and currently learning to walk and talk again. She did not get to graduate with her class, but I know God has something REALLY BIG in line for this girl because her Mom has been posting things from her journal – and she is wise beyond her years with her walk with our Savior, her Healer. Please pray for an awesome turnout to raise money and also pray for her – her name is Jordan Oliphant.

    Also have plans for a 9/10 year old district baseball tournment in the blazing heat!

    Like some of the ladies here, my father has passed away. It was in 2002. The sadness of his death gets more faded with time and memories begin to take the place of the sadness. I can now laugh at the bagpipes sounding horrible at his funeral…. it was raining outside……

    So I will be spending the day with a wonderful father of three and one in the oven!

  18. 168
    Valerie says:

    This weekend I am attending annual required training for School Board members in Texas. As a mother of four children who either are graduates of or currently attending a Texas public school, I make my contribution to their education as an elected member of our local School Board. It’s one of my favorite things….learning how to improve the lives of children. Just being salt and light where God leads me….
    Thanks, Beth, for your influence on us all. What a blessing to know of your sweet family time. Blessings to you all this weekend!

  19. 169
    Jane says:

    Gearing up for camp beginning on Sunday. Teenagers are so excited and we are expecting the Lord to work in mighty ways!

  20. 170
    Tammy Elrod says:

    We are doing a mix of things this weekend but most of them involve homemade pizza, salad, and key lime pie (my husband’s favorite dessert in honor of Father’s Day). Tomorrow we start the day with a service project to clean up a section of our local park that our church adopted a few years ago as part of our Better Together series. We invited our Sunday School class to participate as part of our service project initiative and then as a reward for their donation of time/energy, we invited them to our house for dinner. On Sunday, we are hosting my husband’s family for mid-afternoon meal for Father’s Day and to visit with his sister who is in town from Alabama (we haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving so we are EXCITED). All in all a lot of work but so much fun mixed in we won’t notice!


  21. 171
    Terri says:

    I guess I haven’t made any real friends here in Siestaville yet, at least not any that I’ve met. But on the other hand, I feel like I have a whole community of friends here on-line. I guess in some ways it feels a little impersonal and I would love to be a little closer and able to attend some of your events. But it still is fun to be a part of this community.

    My man and I and our 3 boys are preparing for a camping trip to Yellowstone. We are so excited to get out and see another part of this country God has created.

    Happy belated birthday Mama Beth! I hope your day was special! Enjoy your cute little grandbabies! Thank you for sharing your life with us. God shines through you so brightly!

  22. 172
    ULCARDSFAN says:

    My husband and I have been “rocking out” at the Ichthus Music Festival in Wilmore Ky. this weekend. Ichthus was started in 1970 as a response to Woodstock. Tonight they brought the original banner out on stage and one of the original attendees said when he was in NY recently the only thing left at the Woodstock Festival grounds was a sign saying Woodstock was here. Ichthus has been going strong for 40 years with over 20,000 in attendance each year for the last several years. So far we have heard Matthew West, Newsboys, TobyMac, Addison Road, Fireflight, Stellar Kart, as well as great speakers. Tomorrow wraps up the festival with Casting Crowns and my favorite thing…..communion on the grounds with 20,000 people all partaking at once. Thank you Jesus. We give you ALL the glory. We may be fifty somethings but being with these teens and young adults keeps US young.Wishing you and all my fellow Siestas a wonderful weekend. Love, Linda

  23. 173

    Hi Beth,

    I’ve been following your blog for about a year now. I’m just now starting to make some friends on here. I love reading your blogs and talk to my girlfriends all the time about it. It really does feel like we get to know you and your a part of our lives.

    I’m so excited to participating in the summer Ruth bible study. This will be the first time I’ve ever hosted a bible study so I’m really nervous but excited at the same time. I put the word out that I live in the Richmond, VA area and will be hosting it and one of the other Siestas on here has just moved to my area and might be joining in so that will be awesome if that all works out.

    What am I doing this weekend? Tonight me and my husband went to the science museum and saw a live view of our nights sky at the planetarium. I don’t know how anyone cant’ look at the night sky and not know and sense that our God is a real and living God. I love it! It reminds me of how BIG our God really is!

    Over the weekend we will be celebrating Father’s day with dinner and some family time with my husbands parents and then having a friend over to play games. He just lost his Dad last month and I wanted to make sure he had someone to spend Fathers day with.

    Oh and side note I just got my ticket to see you in August her in Richmond. I’m beyond excited. I might even get to help out volunteering with my church.

    I might be facing major surgery this year having to have both my hips replaced and was thinking that because I’m in a wheelchair I wouldn’t be able to help out but my wonderful ladies at my church said they would make sure I could volunteer and help serve. So I’m really excited! Counting down the days till the end of August!


  24. 174
    Hope365 says:

    I am writing this in a middle of a severe thunder storm here in Southeast MI…I hope I will be able to finish the post before the power goes!!! This weekend Anna and I will go to some training for our mission trip(Dominican) together in July. I mentioned it in another post but I would like prayer while this mother and daughter embark on this trip together..July 22-30…On Sunday we start VBS at church. Egypt is the theme. Our church has turned back the sands of time and has been transformed into Ancient Egypt!! The best part is all 4 of us are volunteering. Bryan is finally in 7th grade and can be a leader…It is such a blessing to me that our core family is serving together…A dream come true!!! Have a great weekend Siestaville!!!


    PS…Happy Belated Birthday Beth!!!

  25. 175
    Barb says:

    Hi all,
    How fun to play with your grandchildren!!! So hard to let go, isn’t it?! πŸ™‚ They are so precious!

    No, I haven’t made any friends really on Siestaville, but I have been truly blessed by reading many Siesta’s comments and the way you share your life with us Beth, Amanda and Melissa!

    (Happy Anniversary Amanda & Curtis!)

    Going to plant some flowers this weekend and pull weeds!!! Which is always a great time to repeat my memory verses!

    Enjoy your weekends everyone!

    lovingly, Barb

  26. 176
    ULCARDSFAN says:

    If I can post one more time, I would have to give a shout out to Sheri, Jackie, and Charlotte. I was waiting for the elevator at the Houston Omni when I saw two ladies wearing pink feather boas. I asked if they were going to take a cab to the church on Friday thinking they might want to share a ride and Sheri said “I think we have room for you in our car” and the craziest thing was Charlotte lived in my hometown but I had to come to HOUSTON to meet her. Anne ate dinner with us and I met Carolyn ( warm in Alaska) while I was waiting for my airport shuttle.
    I just KNOW there will be a SIESTAVILLE in Heaven. Love you all. Linda

  27. 177
    Georgia Jan says:

    Oh Beth – This blog community (as Fran said so well) is the real deal. I have so many REAL GENUINE friends in what my husband so fondly calls my “sub-culture.” That is for Robyn (3 Girls Mom)!!! I remember telling your Amanda at the Siesta Fiesta how real the friendships among siestas are, because I’m still so appreciative to her for starting the blog.

    I actually bonded first with your first-born. We chatted a while at the Siesta Fiesta and a friendship formed! Melissa is the most delightful combination of beauty and brains ever, and she just makes me feel hopeful about the next generation of women. I often remember our meal at that quaint little French restaurant in Macon – we could have talked for HOURS…I love your girls.

    I consider my friendship with you as straight from God – there is no way I could have “set it up.” But I’ve loved you for a long time! Every time I think about you being in that Presidential Suite at the Governors Mansion and telling God where you were when you woke up – I roll with laughter. Your sense of humor is one of the things I love about you the most.

    My siesta blog friends and I share prayer requests, we text, we check on each other all the time, and to think we all met as a result of this blog and the Living Proof Live events and the Siesta Fiesta and the Scripture Memory Team are so much fun to me!!!

    My siesta buddies are precious to me – Deborah, Angie, Holly, Tami, Nikki, Fran, Robyn, Abby, Lindsee, Patty, Lisa, Emmy, Wendy, Brittney, Karen, Lora, Kelly, Yolanda, Kim, Melana, Melinda, Stephanie, Jenny, Miranda, Mary, Joanne, Roxanne, Becky Jo, and more – these I’ve all met in real life. Some I just recognize their names on the blog and feel like I know them!

    The bond is Jesus, YES, but a little glue from Bibby Bethie and our love for you keeps us “tight!”

    Your friend, GJ
    Come see me soon – your room is ready!
    You can visit Melissa and then swing south for a day or three!

    Zeke has been so much fun – we played so hard. He is sleeping in the same bed his Daddy slept in. Be still my heart. Isn’t it GRAND to be Gran Jan and Bibby?

    • 177.1
      Beth says:

      We were up bright and early! Were you, Gran Jan? I bet Annabeth won’t be the only one taking a nap today! I love you, my friend!

    • 177.2
      Georgia Jan says:

      Beth! YES!!! I tip-toed in the bedroom where Zeke was sleeping, (hopefully)…and eased close to the bed, and he said, “Hey Gan-Jan, I want a cancake.” I jumped because I thought he was asleep!!! It was VERY VERY early, but we had blueberry pancakes and he helped… “Oh Lordy what a mess.” I love the Saturday mornings when we wake up with him in the house…

      My daughter-in-law is not quite ready for little Madie Ruth to spend the night, but that day will come too – she’s too little yet.

      I already decided a NAP will be in order for me too. But I really want to go see Toy Story 3 – I have loved the Toy Story movies – my favorites!

      I love you too my friend, have a WONDERFUL day Bibby!

      Happy Father’s Day to Keith and Happy Anniversary to Curt and Amanda!

      • Beth says:

        If I just had Jax, I’d go see Toy Story 3 today, too! I got him a new Toy Story 3 t-shirt from Target yesterday. Annabeth is not at the age for movies yet. She’d try to amuse herself by eating popcorn off the floor. Eeeeewwww. Y’all have fun!

        • Unfortunately, Sydney did JUST that when we went to the matinee today…GOOD CALL!!

          Love you BOTH! And SO VERY glad you have each other.

        • Georgia Jan says:

          Beth – I just imagine if we had been there together we may have gotten in trouble from laughing so much! I laughed so hard and I tend to talk too much, but with all the children in there this afternoon, it wasn’t as annoying.

          When Ken started the fashion show for Barbie, I had a fit – it was HILARIOUS! That may have been my favorite part.

          I want to go back and my husband said he would take me (he didn’t go today – too much fun to be had with his John Deere at the deer land).

          Love you much,

    • 177.3
      3GirlsMom says:

      I do love my GJ – the little ring-leader of this sub-culture that we love so much! Between the Sub-culture and the “salsas”, I have plenty of LOL moments when I think of you.

      I miss you, dear friend. Thinking a trip to GA might need to be in my near future. Maybe you can teach me how to grow flowers, since I have an Olympic gold winning medal talent for killing them.

      Love you SO MUCH!

  28. 178
    Alaina Ivey says:

    So GA Jan sent me a link and said I needed to read this. She really is a gem and wonderful friend. Although I am a young mom with 3 young boys, I love her dearly. But I do understand about those friends that God gives. My husband is a traveling musician and it is hard for most to relate, but I have one friend who completely understand, same age, has a child the same age as my oldest. It just makes things easier.

    Well this weekend we are all traveling with my husband. We want to be with him on Father’s Day. I am beyond blessed!

    • 178.1
      NikkiPoppins says:

      I know you!! You’re that super sweet surprise from Pappasitos! πŸ˜‰ I am so very glad you came with Mrs Jan to meet with us that day! You are super sweet and I hope we get to see each other again soon!!

      • Alaina Ivey says:

        Seriously Nikki,
        Could you be any sweeter. You are a true gem. Thank you for being so welcoming. Love you sweet friend.

  29. 179
    neenah2some says:

    Our grandsons from GA are staying with us for a month. Today we drove over the Beartooth Pass in MT/WY and did some sledding in the snow. Tomorrow they are participating in our church fishing tournament and already have their fishing gear set out. Their ages are 8, 4, 10 months. Our grandson that lives close by is 2. Lots of fun and noise!

  30. 180

    I have loved the way we siestas read each others blogs — keeping up with the “goin’ ons.”

    As for me and my weekend, I had all 3 of my kids home with their spouses tonight — and THIS mama rode her son’s motor bike all by herself quite to the amazement of her children. Of course, my husband walked out the door just as I was putting on the helmet and my daughter yelled, “Busted!” So I just calmly drove off like I knew exactly what I was doing!

  31. 181
    God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

    My best friend and I have been best friends for about 31 years. Like you and GJ, we have an uncanny amount of things in common. We’re both the babies of our family, we’re both the only girls in our family(she wins that contest,though, because she has 5 older brothers and I only have 3.) Our husbands are both named Doug and they are 6 years older than we are…

    When I went to the SSMT celebration in January, I talked for a while with Sherry from LPM. I feel terrible for not sending her a thank you for her encouraging words…maybe something I could amend soon:)

    I am working tomorrow, and on Sunday we are getting together with my family to celebrate my man’s birthday which is this week. Have a wonderful weekend, Siestas! Hve fun with those grandbabies, Bibby! Joan

  32. 182
    Andrea S. says:

    I love your honesty Beth! What a great Bibby you are! We are actually planning on doing a family fishing day this weekend. We fish right along the edge of the River and there is not a more beautiful sight….I love hearing the water rush by and have the sun beating down on me! I don’t actually fish…..but about the time I get settled in my chair deep into my book….EVERYONE catches a fish and then its a mad dash for the camera and I have to take over the baiting station….EEEEWWW!!! Would you believe that I have gotten good at it!?!?!

    It truly is a great time for all of us and we feel truly blessed with what my boys call our “honey hole”….and I feel truly blessed that we have two teenage daughters that wouldn’t miss fishing with the boys for anything in the world….God is indeed GOOD!

    I love you ladies and thanks for letting me share a little piece of me with you!

    In Him,

  33. 183

    YES! And it’s so funny you asked this question today- because Mrs. Drama Queen invited herself to my house last night to make cupcakes with me because I was in a funk, and she totally lifted it (with Mr. Jesus’s help I know) and we had such fun- we shopped, made cement out of sugar and water, and finally mastered caramel, had a little bit of Pioneer Woman cooking worship, filmed a silly video, and giggled like middle schoolers- such a salve for the soul. Jesus is such a cool guy that he lays things on our hearts at the same time- I met Leslie (aka Southern Drama Queen) through the blog world because of LPM and we became fast friends through some not so fun circumstances- she’s 1.5 hours away and a few years younger- but OH MY WORD- it’s like finding a sister I never knew I had! I LOVE being a girl- we are sooooooooo cool! Give me a day or so to edit our baking video and then check us out at http://totalmomsense.net – we’re loving Jesus, our families, and being girls. It’s a sweet life He gave us!

  34. 184
    Donna says:

    Beth, Yes, I made friends with two of the Siestas last summer during Bible study. We have never met but have stayed in touch through email & Facebook. I pray that someday we will be able to meet in person but for now we are friends through “cyberspace.” Lynn lives in Canada and Fran lives in Alabama and I live in Texas. God does use the internet for good!! Have a wonderful, blessed weekend with your precious ones.

  35. 185
    AvA says:

    you’re funny, and i love it. the mother-hen thing really get bad sometime for me too.

    i think probably the same crazy fear creeps into all mommies thoughts when our little ones are gone for a few days w/their grandparents. it’s not that i don’t trust their grandparents, but feel like i sometimes have to explain in detail things that they are thinking in their heads, ‘yeah, i know, have done this before, remember?” i think every mother must feel she is the ONLY person who can care for her child/children. there is some truth to that, but i know i have to trust the grandparents too. last weekend i had a wedding to shoot and my mother was coming up for the boys. i couldn’t wait, honestly, for some alone time and for them to soak up their grandmother. they were getting stir crazy in the house, raining all day, and i was feeling a little crazy myself putting out little testosterone rumbles. but, it never fails, as soon as they’re gone i want them to come right back and never let them go…. NEVER! but i know i cannot and i know that isn’t healthy either. i wonder, does the mother/child attachment grow stronger as they age or does it somewhat subside and loosen a little over time? motherhood, i love it. my husband and i already speak of what we will do when we have grandchildren and ours are still young! i know i hear my mom tell me over and over again that being a grandparent is the most incredible feeling and that there is no way to describe it until i am one.
    so great of you and keith being involved grandparents who adore their grandchildren. have fun this weekend! we are going boating too, whoo-hoo!

  36. 186
    Helen says:

    I love this community! I am often inspired, thrilled, and moved, as I read about the different journeys!! I am also one who has read for years but has just now begun to respond. I was soooo blessed by the Scriptue Memory year and am doing it on my own again!!

    I am working day shifts this weekend and am so thankful for a job that I love and the pay is simply a bonus!! We are being taken to another level of trusting for after two months of unemployment my husband got work and now (after 5 months) he will be cut down to two days a week, which is simply not enough for us to live on. But I know the job is not our provision, the Lord is, and He is greater.

    I must admit that my heart aches when I read letters talking about spending time with grandchildren. When our adopted children went back to birth family and turned away from the Lord and because of sin our relationships are strained it is hard not to long for what we had dreamed for them.

    But I know God is bigger and there is no pit too deep for Him!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey and your family.

    Love, Helen

  37. 187
    Jana says:

    Moving our daughter into her own apartment 3 hours away. She got a “big girl job” after graduating from college last December and she’s excited to settle into a day to day routine out on her own. We are also celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary on Saturday! Praise God! And our son turns 23 on the 24th, big weekend and week ahead!

  38. 188
    Pam says:

    Just got back from seeing Chonda Pierce. Hilarious!!!

  39. 189
    Charlene says:

    My girlfriend and I are getting up early to drive three hours to have lunch with our friend who moved away back in March. I am SOOO looking forward to a “girls day out”.

    I haven’t really made any friends on this board, but do enjoy keeping up with everyone. Happy weekend, everyone!

  40. 190
    Tori says:

    I need a real friend on here!

  41. 191
    Becky in Indy says:

    Friends I’ve met:

    Vicki and I met while traveling together to Houston for the memory verse celebration. I love how her family called me her “BMBFF” – “Beth Moore Best Friend Forever”! Loved it!

    Also, Raeleen, who now attends my church in Indy (who we also met in Houston).

    I don’t spend a lot of time here but it’s a great place to visit when I can.


  42. 192
    3GirlsMom says:


    I have said so many times that I hope and pray that you have some sort of idea how many friendships have been created because of this blog. And I mean real life, go on vacations with, get to know each other’s husbands and kids, BEST FRIENDS kind of relationships. Yes, we meet up mostly at LPM events, but we also drive hours to have a cup of coffee or celebrate a birthday. It is a blessing that I cherish, and one that I can’t even begin to describe to people who think that meeting people online is creepy (you know, like I WAS before I became a part of this community).

    Amanda, the brain child behind this blog, you rock my face off. Beth, the brain child behind this ministry, you rock my face off. Dear Lord, the brain child who created all of this and is smiling over the entire thing, praise your Holy name!

  43. 193
    Kim says:

    I let my husband decide how he wants to spend Father’s Day each year. To no surprise it involves playing golf but for the last 2 years (now that our kids are older)he has picked our family of 4 going to play golf together. The kids and I don’t really play golf much but when he asks us to on Father’s Day we all do it and enjoy it! Then we treat him to dinner where ever he wants! So blessed to have so many great family memories from these special Father’s Day outings!

  44. 194
    Jen says:

    My husband and I will be celebrating our third anniversary this weekend, although we are celebrating it late. On our real anniversay, June 2, I was a thousand miles away in an ICU room with my mother. (She is now out of ICU and in a regular room, but facing a very serious and risky surgery.)

    I am thankful to God for a man who realized that my place at that time was with my mother.

    We will be going to Longfellow’s Wayside Inn and to Walden Pond!

    Praying God’s best for all of Siestaville!

  45. 195
    Doreen Phillips says:

    Tomorrow I’ll be slaterin on the aloe due to getting burnt at the water park today. But on Sun I’ll be takin my man to a Pizza tour in downtown Chicago. It’s his favorite food and I got a really good deal on Groupon. Can’t wait to surprise him with that. D

  46. 196
    Kelly says:

    Oh Beth!! I love that you don’t let Jackson out of your sight! Our little people are just so dear to us. My boy(who is my first born) just graduated from high school and went to college orientation this week. We saw Toy Story 3 tonight and I boohooed. I am so tender about boys growing up right now. I would like to not let him out of my sight if he’d let me! I am such an idiot too!

  47. 197
    Patty says:

    This weekend my boys (husband & son) are away on a Cub Scout campout. So I have the weekend to myself! πŸ™‚ We’re building a cabin in the Sierras and so I will drive up there to check on the progress.

    Tons of fun!

  48. 198
    shannon says:

    Funny enough, Melissa and I became friends on here and carried it over to Facebook and finally real life. We were both raised at First Baptist but in a church of 20,000, you can miss a few.

    I’m recuperating from the first week of our summer youth program in the Third Ward. We have one little boy who, to put it delicately, lacks impulse control. Always in trouble. Can’t sit still to save his life. But, thanks be to God, he is enthralled by the World Cup right now. So every day when he is supposed to be in class, he comes and sits with me in the back of the room and we watch World Cup soccer on my laptop. Doesn’t matter who is playing, it can be Mauritania vs. Bosnia, he is excited. “Miss Shannon, who do we like?” He’s not learning a single thing but at least the other kids are because he’s not rolling on the floor or trying to fight them!

  49. 199
    Amanda says:

    I’m having a very low key weekend! It has been a CRAZY week with work, and other things, so I’m ready to relax. I am going to be volunteering tomorrow at the Christian pregnancy center I work with. I do prenatal education with ladies who find themselves in crisis pregnancy situations. It has been such a blessing! Other than that, just hanging out, going to the pool, and spending time with my dear roomates πŸ™‚

    If any of you Siestas would like to pray about something…you could pray for my grandpa. He has a nodule on his lung, and just underwent a biopsy of it today. We will know by Wednesday if it is cancerous or benign. My grandma, his wife went to be with the Lord 6 years ago from cancer, and my whole family is really not wanting to relive the horror of cancer again. We are hoping and praying for benign results, but I’m trying really hard to trust the Lord no matter the outcome. Thanks, Siestas for the prayers!

  50. 200
    Marie says:

    Hey, all,

    I haven’t made a flesh and blood friend here on Siestaville, but I’m mostly just a lurker who posts the occasional short comment. I do have an answer as to what I am doing this weekend, though.

    I will be trying not to worry. You see, I have some issues going on. It’s my 4th wedding anniversary, but I’m unable to enjoy physical intimacy with my husband because…well, I’m in a lot of pain. Long story short, I could have an endometrial infection or something worse that I’m trying not to think about. The big C-word. Lots of testing going on, no answers yet.

    I don’t know any of you, but I know you’re my sisters in Christ. So I’m just putting this out there and asking that you’ll join me in prayer. I find such encouragement from this blog, and I feel honored to be able to share my need and know that I’ll be lifted up, and that I get to participate in praying for you all, too. That’s so cool.


    • 200.1
      Redeemed says:

      Oh Marie, absolutely holding you up in prayer!!!! The enemy sure messes with us in times like these. Keep holding on to the promises God makes us…..

      “[She] will have no fear of bad news; [her] heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD. [Her] heart is secure, [she] will have no fear; in the end [she] will look in triumph on [her] foes.” Psalm 112:7-8 gender changed but it’s still the truth! I memorized that scripture last summer when I had a similar health scare. It quieted me right down.

    • 200.2
      jackie says:

      praying for you right now, dear sister. glad you shared your need with us. Try to rest, not worry. it’s difficult, i know. God’s got ya.

    • 200.3
      Sandra says:

      Praying for you sister. God is the great Physician and Healer. “Cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills His purpose for you.” Ps 57:2 NIV

    • 200.4
      moosemama says:

      Father, heal our sister Marie.

    • 200.5
      Kelli says:

      Marie, I’m so glad you shared- lifting you up in prayer now and in the days to come. I know all to well how difficult the days of waiting and uncertainty can be from my husband’s bout with cancer. Remember that God will give you exactly what you need for each day (Proverbs 30:8). In the midst of all the uncertainty and unanswered questions remember that God is unchanging, steadfast, constantly aware of your needs and constantly holding you up.

      Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

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